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Optimum Health

051716l71 Life demands:
1. Proper breathing (through the nose);
2. Adequate clean drinking water;
3. Adequate nutrition, including, these days, appropriate supplements;
     [See also: Limitless Pill];
4. Adequate exercise; and
5. Adequate sleep (in the dark).
Without any one of these things, it suffers. The foundation is well laid if all of these items are met.

Of course, attitude is important, but it is demonstrated by the above. If particularly one's exercise is up to schedule, attitude is of little concern. There is no need to feel guilty about not handling the body's needs (and drained and/or scattered because of it).

Maintenance & Remedy:
1. Practice good dental hygiene;
2. Don't smoke or at least cut down or keep moderate and be moderate with alcohol and any other substances.
3. Regularly or when necessary, clean out;
   3a. Do a liver/ gallbladder flush and kidney cleanse;
   3b. Purge heavy metals and parasites [See Cure for all Diseases];
4. Get Sun whenever convenient and possible;
5. Have first hand working knowledge of herbs, essential oils and other sacred substances, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver and baking soda.
6. Drink your pee. It is good for the body/ mind on all levels.

Avoid like the plague:
1. Big Pharma;
2. Doctors;
3. Hospitals and Iatrogenesis;
4. Chemotherapy and the criminal mainstream cancer industry;
not_sure_why 5. Big Pharma drugs, especially Big Pharma psychiatric drugs;
6. Vaccines:
7. Fluoride;
8. Mercury Amalgam fillings; Root canals and the criminal mainstream dental industry;
9. GMO foods; MSG, BPA, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, microwave cooking, teflon;
10. Cell phones, wireless radiation and smart meters;
11. Cops

Maintain a healthy skeptism, if not outright denial of whatever the ADA, AMA, CDC, EPA, FDA or any other government agency and the mainstream media report. See: Fixing Healthcare From A-Z, 1/31/17; Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure, 2/13/17; Patients found to recover more quickly once they remove hospital gowns, 4/22/17; Daniel Dunphy: [SAMA] Episode 81: Your Self Healing Body – The Holography of Healing, 12/12/18

Optimum Inexpense and Minimal Rabbit Hole Risk:
Avoid even holistic doctors as much as possible. Just as an experiment, if you go to 10 chimney sweeps to get their opinions on whether or not you need their services, even if you don't have a chimney, how many do you think will still find some way to try to convince you that you need their services? You know when you need a massage or a chiropractic adjustment or some acupuncture.
See also: Ailments from A to Z; Louis Pasteur, Antoine Bechamp and the True Causes of Disease; and Avoid Unnecessary Medical Procedures and Prolong Your Life - Annual Physicals May Do More Harm Than Good, 11/6/15

Keep up to date with Health 2 and Health 3. Be calm, grateful and happy.
Optimum Health

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