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I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”
 ~ H.L. Mencken

Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”
 ~ Friedrich Nietzsche



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010117a 100215y49 101414e49 092116a46 072714y46 061315t39 042316y38 I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” ~H.L. Mencken; The Right of Self-Determination; A Brief Enquiry into the True Nature and Character of Our Federal Government
Government: "Governments need armies to protect them against their enslaved and oppressed subjects." ~ Leo Tolstoi
All government is rooted in secret society. What sane human being would consent to being governed if everything was disclosed?
Randolph Bourne: War is the Health of the State, 1918; Government is Corporate; Frederick Mann: Nature of Government; Monty Python: The Annoying Peasant, 10/30/8; USA vs. US; American Form of Government; Benedict LaRosa: Democracy or Republic?; 14 Signposts to Slavery; Anti-Government Movement Guidebook; Citizen's Guide to Using the Freedom of Information Act & the Privacy Act to Request Government Documents; Treatise on Government; We're the Government & You're Not; Communist Goals, 1963; Trading With the Enemy Act; Myth of Good Government; Truth about Big Government; Proper Role of Government; Walter Burien: Where All the Money Goes; Government is Terrorism; Pirates & Emperors; Szandor Blestman: Lost Souls in the Cult of State Worship, 3/22/9; Modern Tyranny Movement, 3/26/9; 30 Little Known Facts about America, 7/17/9; again; Government Gone Mad; Madison’s Folly, 8/10/9; States Seek to Regulate Yogis, 9/2/9; Our Third Parent, 9/7/9; Disease called 'Government', 9/7/9; Tim Hawkins: The Government Can; Why Switzerland Is Still Free and America Is Not, 11/12/09; Hurting People for a Living, 1/21/10; Think Government Is Corrupt? 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We need a moratorium on government, 9/25/10; “You are either with us, or you work for the government”, 9/27/10; 14 ways to dismantle a monstrous government, one program at a time; Government Greed, 10/12/10; Regionalism - Death of the American System of Government, 10/25/10; 50 facts about America today would roll the signers of the Constitution over in their graves, 10/27/10; Government is Organized Crime, 10/29/10; Franz Kafka Would Be Proud: On America's End Of Liberty, 10/31/10; Independence Criminalized: The Great Wall of Bureaucracy Comes to America, 11/10/10; If the Government Does X, It Is Called Y, 11/29/10; Through the Looking Glass - Government's Use of Words, 12/9/10; 12 Days of Christmas, 12/25/10; American Form of Government; Deconstructing the sovereign United States: This is national security?, 1/30/11; Britain Rolls Back Some Unpopular Post-9/11 Security Restrictions, 1/30/11; All U.S. Ambassadors Worldwide Called Back to Washington!; Better Not be a FAT Kid in Pima County, AZ, 2/12/11; Naming Names: Your Real Government , 3/11; US government (priorities) in 33 seconds; American Fear, 3/25/11; Only effective protection against the government, 3/28/11; Psychopathic Body Politic, 3/29/11; The State's Ferocious War Against Us, 4/21/11; Mass. bill would require divorcing parents to obtain judge’s approval for sex, 5/18/11; Thugocracy: America's New Gangster Government, 5/19/11; Government Cannot Be Trusted To Police Itself, 5/27/11; Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban, 5/28/11; A Treatise on The Current System of Control in America, 7/6/11; Nashville Nixes Home Offices, 7/7/11; gov_vs_anyone-else Un-BEE-lievable: NYC Fines Man $2,000 For Not Watering His Hive, 7/14/11; Stop Clinging to False Hope and Face Reality, 8/22/11; What’s Wrong with Government Funding of the Arts?, 9/2/11; Larken Rose: Terrorism: A Symptom of Government, 9/5/11; Capistrano Couple in Legal Battle for Hosting Bible Study in Home, 9/12/11; Michigan to require reporting fat kids to gov't. registry, 9/13/11; Why the Major Car Manufacturers Love Mandates, 9/14/11; 'Pull'' the Federal Government, 9/19/11; $16 muffins, $8 coffee served in Justice audit, 9/21/11; Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government, 9/26/11; Americans Want Smaller Government, 10/4/11; We the People, 10/12/11; 10 Mind Blowing Facts which show how Members of Congress and Federal Employees are living the high life at Our Expense, 10/22/11; Doug Casey: Government Is a Monopoly of Force, 10/22/11; Rule Change Would Allow Government to Lie About Whether Records Exist, 10/24/11; Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Revealing Generous Salaries and Bonuses for Government Finance Agencies Staff Members, 10/25/11; Public's Distrust of Government, 10/31/11; House Votes to Reaffirm 'In God We Trust' as National Motto, 11/2/11; Treason & Terrorism: Why Americans Should Fear Their Government, 11/5/11; Government Shutdown? Companies Dependent on U.S. Spending, 11/7/11; Government by Force: Morally, Financially and Conceptually Bankrupt, 11/14/11; Government IS the problem - Government payroll devouring the economy; Had Enough?, 12/9/11; Gallup Poll: Government Threat Growing in Minds of Americans, 12/21/11; goverment-more What Government Really Is, 12/28/11; Three Biggest Lies the Government Is Telling You, 1/27/12; 10 Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship (with your government), 2/28/12; Great government hoax of public safety, 3/1/12; Government Explained; Simon Black: Government: A Disease Masquerading as Its Own Cure, 3/19/12; Trayvon Martin and the Cult of Government Supremacy, 3/24/12; Fred Reed: Welcome to 3rd-World USA, 3/28/12; Gary North: Tax Burden: 40 Million Government Workers, 4/6/12; Government Wants Us Fighting Each Other, Instead of It, 4/14/12; Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs, 4/16/12; Eric Peters: If government "services" have any value, why are we forced at gunpoint to pay for them?, 4/17/12; What's the government buying these days? Hollow point bullets, hardened checkpoint booths and radiation pills, 4/18/12; Andrew Napolitano: US government - A Vast, Lawless Wasteland, 4/19/12; Federal Workers' 2011 Salary Data Exposed Online, 5/15/12; 'To Alter or Abolish' – Questions for My Rulers, 5/23/12; Do ALL The Members Of The House Financial Services Committee Take Bribes From The Banksters?, 5/25/12; 18 Examples Of The Nanny State Gone Wild, 5/31/12; U.S. Government blocks sales of fuel-efficient cars, 6/15/12; Swedish Political Party Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal For Men, 6/16/12; All Over America Government Control Freaks Are Forcing Preppers Back On To The Grid, 6/19/12; Instead of banning soda, maybe it's time we banned stupid government bans, 6/19/12; Governments Exist to Further the Interests of "Favored Groups", 7/16/12; Bipartisan War on Individual Liberty, 7/16/12; Civics Lesson, 7/18/12; Government And Banks Make Preparations For A Financial Collapse, 8/15/12; Government employees exempted from red-light cameras, 9/16/12; Seven of nation’s 10 most affluent counties are in Washington region, 9/19/12; Ron Paul: Government Dependency Will End in Chaos, 10/10/12; Myth of Limited Government, 11/21/12; Federal Workers to Congress: Leave Us Out of Deficit Deal, 11/21/12; How Government 'Works', 11/24/12; Do You Live In A Death Spiral State?, 11/25/12; Of course, Government isn't Necessary, 12/11/12; California government wage insanity: Cop earns $484,000; psychiatrist earns $822,000, 12/18/12; Larken Rose: Government is an Illusion, 12/18/12; Ron Paul: Government Security Is Just Another Kind of Violence, 12/25/12; MOTHER, SHOULD I TRUST THE GOVERNMENT?, 1/1/13; Top 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Government Agencies, 1/7/13; Add 'Gun Buy-Backs' to the State's Orwellian Lexicon, 1/12/13; Bill Buppert: Government Control Not Gun Control, 1/12/13; US Government’s Proven Record of Keeping the Peace, 1/21/13; Storm Clouds Gathering: The Three Pillars of Power are Collapsing, 1/22/13; Who Is The Government?, 2/13/13; Teach Your Children Well, 2/15/13; By what legitimate authority?, 2/17/13; Government Crimes - Expect these eight steps from the government’s playbook, 3/26/13; The ‘you are the government’ canard, 4/15/13; Who Will Protect Us From the 'Protectors'?, 4/16/13; Rise of the fourth branch of government, 5/24/13; Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations, 5/25/13; Government Against the People: It Gets Worse In the Late Stages, 6/6/13; Government Will Not Save You From Corporations, 7/5/13; State Splendor and Public Poverty: From Rome to Washington, 7/17/13; Government is never of the People, by the People or for the People, 7/19/13; Evil of the National-Security State, 7/25/13; Government Is a Predator, 8/8/13; Government is now God to Many, 8/13/13; Real Terrorists, 8/29/13; Middle Management Psychopaths; The State Needs and Protects Them, 9/5/13; Running for Public Office & Civil Servant Positions- Fastest & Surest Path from Rags to Riches, 9/24/13; Obama meets with Goldman Sachs for New Line of Credit – in Violation of US Law, 10/3/13; government-truth Pentagon Warns to Expect "Radical Change in US Government Soon", 10/8/13; Alarming Lack of Pretense in Government, 10/14/13; Etymology 101: Government, 10/29/13; Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms Is the Government, 1/31/14; Rulers Are Always Enemies of the People, 2/11/14; Why Are Americans Paying to Be Searched, Spied On, Shot At and Robbed Blind by the Government?, 4/8/14; When the Government Does It vs. When Anyone Else Does It, 4/8/14; Gangster State America, 5/7/14; Government Is Always the Answer, Even if Government Was the Problem, 6/26/14; One Box of Sudafed Over the Line: Florida Woman Arrested for Trying to Relieve Allergy Symptoms, 7/28/14; 13% Trust Government – as Sirens Sound!, 8/9/14; Justification for Government Is a Fraud, 9/6/14; Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes, 9/10/14; Ring of Impunity - Tolkien, Plato, and the State, 9/15/14; Stockholm Syndrome and the State, 10/19/14; The State, A Singularity In violent criminality, 10/25/14; Deep State and the Bias of Official History, 10/26/14; What kind of authoritarian are you?, 10/27/14; Our Governments Are War Criminals Lets Arrest Them, 11/15/14; These 7 Revealing Emails Show Federal Officials Scheming to Target Legal Businesses, 12/8/14; America Is Much Worse Than a Bad Boyfriend, 12/8/14; What a bitter joke is the State, 12/31/14; America Has Rotten Government, 1/8/15; Dire State of Our Nation (What You Won’t Hear from the Politicians), 1/22/15; Bureaucrats Have Been Corrupt Since the Start, 1/28/15; Six Examples of Federal Government Overreach as we Move Toward a Total Takeover of Individual and States Rights, 3/9/15; Major survey finds record low confidence in government , 3/11/15; Americans say Government is No. 1 problem in the country, 3/12/15; Judge BLOWS THE LID OFF the Great Fraud!, 4/3/15; How much the Government cares what you think, 5/15/15; Voters Are Just Dirt on Congress’s Shoes, 5/20/15; Order Followers are Hidden Enablers Of The "Elite", 6/11/15; Can the Feds Legally Ban Anything?, 8/4/15; Government agencies do the opposite of what they say - EPA pollutes, DEA runs drugs, ATF smuggles guns, FBI plots terrorism, 8/30/15; EVERYTHING the government tells you is a lie: Fake CDC science, fake economic numbers, and especially fake projections on future social security payouts and pensions, 9/1/15; How the American government is trying to control what you think, 9/24/15; Gallup Finds Half of US Fears Government, 9/25/15; People’s Relationship With Government Is Greatly Misunderstood, 9/26/15; Regulators' war on Americans: FDA covers up crimes for Big Pharma; EPA for chemical companies; USDA for biotech; and CDC for vaccine industry, 9/29/15; No one is responsible when government agencies make mistakes, but they are quick to go after ordinary Americans who make such errors, 9/30/15; What Government Really Is and What it Does in Under 3 Minutes, 10/19/15; US government stockpiling emergency medical supplies as fears of global nuclear war escalate, 12/15/15; Propaganda at your expense: U.S. govt. is second largest P.R. firm in the world, 12/23/15; 50 Dangerous Things You Can Do that don’t bother the Government, 12/30/15; US government spends billions convincing Americans to support more government spending, 1/3/16; Playing the Government’s Game: When It Comes to Violence, We All Lose, 1/4/16; man-without-government Proof Is In: The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History, 1/11/16; Government Doesn’t Care about Your Children, 1/12/16; Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever, 1/26/16; Four Levels of Government Too Many, 3/2/16; Is there a limit to the government abuse people will accept?, 3/8/16; Why governments aren't all that different from street gangs, 3/12/16; All Government Is Evil and Laughable, 4/12/16; Why Do We Need Government? We don't, 5/9/16; American 'Free Society' is of course really a Militaristic Slave Society, 5/10/16; Freedom is free - it's government that isn't, 6/1/16; Oregon Citizen is a Genius, 6/13/16; FEDERAL AGENTS NOW OUTNUMBER US MARINES, 6/25/16; $7 Billion Strategic National Stockpile: What Is the Government Preparing For?, 6/29/16; Secret Government Warehouse Stockpiling for Pandemic: “Can’t Be Discussed Publicly”, 6/29/16; Judge Anna von Reitz: Government Flow Chart, 7/1/16; It is All Always the Government’s Fault, 7/4/16; Trying to explain government to an alien, 7/11/16; Myth of Government, 8/8/16; Public Servant Questionnaire, 8/14/16; Yes, US Government Propaganda Use Against American Citizens Is Officially Legal Now, 8/18/16; Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms: A Government of Scoundrels, Spies, Thieves, 8/18/16; Federal government is a 'parasite on society' ... new mini-documentary reveals why government CREATES problems in order to act like it's SOLVING them, 8/28/16; Globalized, Centralized, Compacted: They Cull the Population to Make Us Rely on Government, 9/10/16; Freedom is not given by the government nor defended by the military, 9/14/16; 8 Ways Control Freak Government is Sabotaging Freedom and Making Life More Difficult for Us, 10/24/16; Dates That Destroyed America, 10/27/16; Urban Criminals: America’s Scheming Local Central Planning Bureaucracies, 11/2/16; Rube Goldberg Government, 1/3/17; Not Buying Any Government Today, Thanks, 1/20/17; Rule by Brute Force: True Nature of Government, 1/31/17; This Is How the U.S. Empire Destroys Itself, 2/20/17; Department of Nice, 3/10/17; US Government Now Has Less Cash Than Google, 3/13/17; BIG LIE upon which all government is founded, 3/22/17; Useful and Useless, 3/25/17; When Government Evil Triumphs, Freedom Falls, 4/5/17; Is Your "Democracy" Actually a Totalitarian State? Take this Quick Quiz, 4/5/17; Our enemy, the Government, 6/8/17; Why Governments Treat You Like a Number, Not an Individual, 12/21/17; Fuck the Government, 2/7/18; Why Do Governments Fail? (The Exponent Problem), 22/5/18; Is the U.S. Government Evil? You Tell Me, 4/23/18; WHY DO WE NEED A NATIONAL-SECURITY STATE?, 10/31/18


Senior Executive Service (SES): SES File Dump Ongoing, 3/24/18

government-jobs 062816f55 071815l49 Hiring Government Thugs and other people: Working for the Government; Want a job putting people into camps?; U.S. to provide $1 billion to hire cops, 7/28/9; “Be all that you can be…”, 8/2/9; National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs; Need a Job? The Government is Hiring–and How!, 2/7/10; Department of Education Posts Order for Police Shotguns, 3/10/10; Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise, 5/26/10; 10 States Where An Absurd Percentage Of The Population Works For The Government, 6/6/10; DHS delivers job offers on pizza boxes; Washington DC Named Highest Earning City While Rest of Country Struggles, 7/19/10; Firing State Thugs and other people: Local Governments To Cut 500,000 People In 2010 And 2011, As $400 Billion Budget Shortfall Brings State Economies To A Halt, 7/27/10; Federal Fiefdom; We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers, 4/1/11; Government IS the problem - Government payroll devouring the economy; Army Job Ad: Internment/ Resettlement Specialist (31E); White House proposes 0.5% pay increase for federal workers, 1/6/12; California government wage insanity: Cop earns $484,000; psychiatrist earns $822,000, 12/18/12; Obama Grants Pay Increase For Members Of Congress, Federal Workers In Executive Order, 12/29/12; Carpe Brutality, Carpe Corruption: Prime Time For Government Crime, 10/24/13; Quit for Peace, 11/6/13; barbed-wired-Amerika Cheating students more likely to want government jobs, 11/18/13; Is It Wrong To Work for the Government?, 11/18/13; 41% of Net New Jobs in November Were in Government, 12/6/13; Fastest-Growing Classes of Millionaires in America, 5/19/14; State Needs You to Do Its Dirty Work, 3/1/15; 21,995,000 to 12,329,000: Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1, 9/8/15; Equal pay? Try feeding at the trough! Government employees earn 78% higher wages than private sector, 10/8/15; Confessions of a Public Servant, 10/24/15; Bureaucracy In America, 10/27/15; Most Government Workers Could Be Replaced By Robots, 2/8/17; So-called “minimum wage” for federal workers hits $100K as bloated government loots America, 1/6/18

Government Shutdown: 91% Of The IRS Has Been Furloughed: Here Is Who Else Got The Government Shut Down Axe, 10/1/13; Please Don't Let the Government Reopen, 10/4/13; Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Almost Everything Is Still Running, 10/7/13; Eerie Similarity between Government Shutdown and V For Vendetta Scene, 10/8/13; Extreme Hypocrisy! Obama Orders Federal Workers To “Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can”, 10/8/13; We’re not gonna take it! Americans use 1st Amendment to storm shutdown barriers, 10/9/13; Obama's government shutdown is entirely contrived; 83% of government still running, 10/11/13; Here Are The Sleaziest Things Congress Has Done During The Shutdown, 10/14/13; 10 Lessons from the Government Shutdown, 10/18/13; Total insanity as furloughed government workers receive DOUBLE pay during time off, 10/20/13; 'Government shutdown’, 10/21/13; National Parks Could Close Again: Another Government Shutdown Set for Next Month, 12/4/13; Go Ahead and Shut Down the Government, 1/19/18

California Government: California's takeaway plan: Take away your medical choice, pensions, guns, gold and freedom, 8/11/15; California's list of coming seizures: Vaccine seizures, gun seizures, pension seizures and gold seizures, 8/15/15


Comprehensive Annual Financial Statements: All 50 states have been overcharging their citizens with taxes "in excess of needs" .. and hiding it in the Bank of New York in multiple accounts. The information about the Investment accounts are available to the Public via the State Treasurer's Office in what is entitled, "Local Government Investment Pool". Legislators VEHEMENTLY deny they exist . . even when one hands them a copy of the State's own publication. So . . there is a big lie by state governments told against their own people . . the states are not bankrupt. Their funds are hidden. No one has accountability for the interest made off the Bank of New York, nor do they use the money for the citizens. America, your money to save the nation is over $64 TRILLION and is in the Bank of New York: Index of /STATES
Thank you, Walter Burien.
CAFR: States are hiding billions, 1/28/8; Dust in the Wind, 1/13/9; Biggest Game in Town; again; Where all the money goes - two sets of books; CAFR1 Trailer of "The Only Game in Town" - The Way Our Government Can Be! 2010; CAFR Network; WB Explains The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 5/27/10; Cities, States to default soon? A Felony Fraud on the Taxpayer!, 1/11/11; CAFR - The Comprehensive Annual Financial Statement, proof the American Tax System sole purpose is to subject the American citizens; Don't be a Pawn, be a Knight - NY Protests: "Shut Down Wall Street", 10/3/11; Why governments are always 'broke' - Comprehensive annual financial reports revealed, 11/7/12; Great California tax hoax: $577 billion in hidden assets never revealed to voters, 12/8/12; Mr. Smith (CAFR1) wants to go to Washington, 1/25/13; Greatest Financial Conspiracy In American History, 9/18/13; Black Budget Spending with CAFR Expert WALTER BURIEN, 3/6/14; Unmasking The CAFR Scam In Every City, USA, 12/14/14

Foreign Aid: Here's how much aid the US wants to send foreign countries in 2015, and why (INFOGRAPHIC), 8/18/14

State Lotteries and Government Gambling: Duplicate Mega Millions lottery tickets raise questions, 3/30/12; True Source of Monopoly, 6/25/12; Laurence M. Vance: Should Christians Support Gambling Laws?, 1/7/13

Liquor Control: ABCs Of State Liquor Control, 6/23/12

Government 'Regulations'

070717r 032217e Government Statutes/ Codes/ Ordinances: Chicken Man kills himself after long fight with Roswell government officials, 3/27/12; Regulators Gone Wild, 6/2/12; Code Enforcement Officer Walks Into Home, 7/2/12; The 619-page building code: What's Not Forbidden Is Mandated, 7/23/12; 19 Examples Of How Control Freaks Are Killing America With Their Completely Ridiculous Regulations, 7/28/12; Mothers To Regulators: We Will Not Comply!, 8/16/12; unsupervised Zombified government workers and regulation enforcers use these 'obedience phrases' to demand your compliance, 9/4/12; Is everything illegal in America?, 11/4/12; We don't need this much regulation, 11/4/12; Discrimination isn’t a crime, but seeking to punish it certainly is, 11/17/12; Just When You Thought the Nazi York City Food Nazis Couldn't Get Any Worse, 11/21/12; California fitness insanity: City demands 15% of fitness instructors' revenues for training people in public parks, 1/8/13; Police state gone wild: Couple facing 60 days in jail for rescuing injured baby deer, 1/29/13; Businesses: $1 of every $3 goes to compliance, regulations, 1/29/13; California passes sweeping new 'animal abuse' laws that give government massive new powers over animal ownership, 2/2/13; Man faces five years in prison for releasing balloons on beach as a romantic gesture, 3/13/13; Government Prosecutes Homeowner For Backyard Chickens That Produce Organic Eggs, 3/18/13; Police Restrain Hundreds of People As Food Trashed, 3/29/13; Modern Day Robin Hood Story - No Victim, No Crime, 5/21/13; Police Barge into Home, Make Arrest over Length of Grass, 6/21/13; Secret flower planter threatened with arrest if he doesn't stop planting flowers, 6/28/13; Metro rips out Phantom Planter’s flowers at Dupont Circle station, 7/6/13; Gestapo cops in Pittsburgh forcefully barge into woman's home over uncut grass, 7/12/13; U.S. Agriculture Department: Marty The Magician Must Submit Disaster Plan And Other Paperwork for Casey The Rabbit, 7/19/13; Appeals court slaps down Bloomberg's soda ban as unconstitutional, 8/8/13; REGULATION NATION: Obama oversees expansion of the regulatory state, 8/19/13; A New US Government Regulation Now Every 2 1/2 Hours, 11/18/13; Video Goes Viral After Garden City Cop Threatens To Ticket Man Washing Car In Own Driveway, 12/20/13; In San Francisco, It’s Illegal to Store Your Own Stuff in Your Own Garage, 1/7/14; In Denver It’s Now Illegal to Sit Down in Public, 4/16/14; California City Will Fine Couple $500 For Not Watering Brown Lawn, State Will Fine’em $500 If They Do, 7/18/14; Over-criminalization of American people, 8/5/14; New ordinance allows police to ban smelly people from city buildings, 9/15/14; Seattle Passes Laws to Keep Residents From Wasting Food, 9/24/14; Failure of Government Regulations: On the Deliberate Crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 and a Chilling Thought for All of Us, 3/27/15; How Cities Stifle Upward Mobility Through Street Vending Regulations, 1/4/16; Oregon Citizen is a Genius, 6/13/16; Soylent CEO Criminally Charged for "Unpermitted" Off-Grid Tiny Home, 8/14/16; Busybody Regulators Set a New World Record, 11/30/16; Regulation Nation: Where Independence Is Illegal without a Permit, 12/14/16; Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or 'maybe more', 1/23/17; Government Statutes Destroy Real Law, 3/22/17; Hall-Pass Nation, 8/12/18

082116k Licenses, Permits, Fees & Fines: Licenses; Americans Should Be Able to Sell Stuff Without a Permit, 8/29/11; Amish men jailed for refusing to pay buggy fines, 1/12/12; Burnsville Man Arrested, Jailed for Siding Code Violation, 3/18/12; Getting the Government’s Permission to Work, 5/10/12; licensing San Diego citizens could soon face prison sentences for washing their cars using city water, 11/16/12; Eco-couple told to pull down their 'hobbit home' made entirely out of natural materials . . . but without planning permission, 8/2/13; Utah Police Shut Down Dance Party Because People Were Dancing Without a “Dance Permit”, 10/28/14; How Government Takes Away Your Right to do Something and Sells it Back to You as a License, 5/15/16; GOVERNMENT LICENSING OR PRIVATE CERTIFICATION?, 11/22/16; Government licensing of service professionals kills jobs and costs tens of billions per year, 12/16/16; More and More Americans Need a License to Make a Living, 1/25/17; 5 Ways Occupational Licensing Laws Hurt (Almost) Everyone, 6/7/17; Why Not Revoke The Government’s License To Issue Licenses?, 10/30/17; New Bill Will Force People to Register With the State and Pay a Fee to Watch Porn, 1/31/18; Regulated States Of America: Occupational Licensing Gone Wild, 4/23/18; Age of Petty Tyrannies, 5/15/18

Other Government Charges: Denver to start charging groups who do yoga or fitness in public parks, 7/17/13; FOOD POLICE ON PATROL: Seattle to start inspecting residents' trash and fining them for food waste, 2/26/16; Man who rescued 'dying' baby bear may face charges, 3/30/17

Animal Registration: Register chickens for your own safety?, 9/11/15

Barbering: Criminal barbering? Raids at Orange County shops lead to arrests, raise questions, 11/7/10; Barbering without a license

Begging: Criminalizing begging in Michigan unconstitutional, court rules, 8/14/13

Building Codes: Government Mandated Building Codes, 6/19/14

Feeding Homeless and others: City puts a stop to homeless outreach, 1/13/11; Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless, 6/2/11; Cops arrest charity workers for illegally feeding homeless, 6/7/11; Farmer Faces Possible 3-year Prison Term for Feeding Community, 2/24/12; Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless, 3/19/12; Louisiana Forces Homeless Shelter To Destroy $8,000 Worth Of Deer Meat, 2/25/13; Farmer Faces Over 2 Years Jail, $10K Fines for Feeding Community, 5/11/13; Police Threaten to Arrest Volunteers Feeding Homeless Without Permit, 8/26/13; New Alabama food truck regulations prevent local churches from feeding the homeless, 3/30/14; So, It’s Illegal To Feed The Homeless Now, 5/19/14; Undeterred by arrest, 90-year-old Florida man gets another citation for feeding the homeless, 11/6/14; It is now illegal to share food with the homeless in Florida, 11/26/14; Norway planning to JAIL people who offer food, money or shelter to homeless people with new laws that also make begging illegal, 2/4/15; Warrant Issued for Mother’s Arrest for Selling Homeade Tamales to Her Neighbors, 8/14/16; Unhappy Holidays: Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food, 12/28/16

Being Poor: It’s Official: Being Poor in America Has Been Outlawed, 8/5/14

Being Homeless: Now (in Nevada City) a license is required even to be homeless, 11/16/12; B.C. woman fined for renting garden shed to homeless couple, 12/9/12; One Lawmaker Is Literally Smashing The Belongings Of The Homeless With A Sledgehammer, 11/20/13; A Town in Florida Has Made It Illegal for Homeless People to Cover Themselves with Blankets, 2/12/14

Giving Water: Phoenix official orders woman to stop handing out free water during extreme heat wave, claims she needs 'permit', 8/18/12

Home Bible Study: 60 Days In Prison And A $12,180 Fine For Hosting A Home Bible Study In Arizona, 7/9/12

Lawn: A Weed Grows in Tucson, 2/12/16

Lawnmowing: Children Now Face Fines & Arrest If They Don’t Get a Permit to Mow Grass for Money, 5/31/17

Gardening: City of Tulsa destroys woman's edible landscaping with over 100 varieties of medicinal plants, 6/20/12; Lady Sues City of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Home Garden, 6/20/12; I Say Tomato, You Say No, 6/23/12; Register Your Business, Your Car, Your Gun, Your Child, Your Life, and Your … Garden?, 8/14/12; City of Toronto Workers Destroy Free Community Food Garden, 9/30/12; Orlando man fights to keep vegetable garden in front yard, 11/8/12; Florida man resists government tyranny by refusing to uproot front yard garden, 12/6/12; Couple facing $500 a day fine for home garden in their own yard, 1/11/13; Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA, 3/6/13; My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom, 4/16/13; Kansas couple illegally raided by heavily-armed government agents for purchasing hydroponic garden equipment, 4/22/13; Police stake out hydroponics shops, harass customers who grow their own food, 4/29/13; Four-year-old girl living in subsidized housing gets to keep vegetable garden, no thanks to USDA, 9/5/13; Florida city uproots couple’s 17-year-old garden, over new ordinance, 11/19/13; Florida Couple Forced to Dig Up 17-Year Old Organic Garden, 12/19/13; Town Mortified As Govt Cuts Down, Destroys Community Fruit Forest Over Permit Issue, 6/2/17

Collecting Rainwater: Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail - for Collecting Rainwater on His Property, 7/26/12; Oregon Man Facing Jail Time for Collecting Rainwater … Because It Belongs to the Government?!, 7/30/12; Government Claims It Owns All The Water, 8/4/12; Oregon man convicted of collecting rainwater on his own property surrenders and begins serving 30-day jail sentence, 8/14/12; Government criminalizes rainwater collection from your own property - outrageous assault on freedom in America, 8/31/12; again, 9/2/12; Maryland Governor Taxes Rain, 4/10/13; Oregon man serving prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property, 8/7/14; CO Senator Sonnenber says collecting rain water is "stealing", 6/19/15; Rain Barrels Are Illegal in These States, 2/18/16; Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on Their Own Property Because Govt Owns the Rainwater, 12/26/16; Oregon’s criminalization of rainwater collection is now complete: Saving water runoff will get you thrown in jail, 1/3/16; Oregon Couple Forced To Destroy Their Pond Because Government Ruled It Illegal, 3/12/17

Collecting Sunshine: Spain Privatizes The Sun: Multi Millon Dollar Penalties For Collecting Sunlight, 7/22/13

Selling: New Castle, NY councilman Michael Wolfensohn calls cops on boys' bake sale
Kid's Hot Dog Stand: Shut Down by City Officials Before It Even Opens, 7/26/12; Boy Whose Hot Dog Cart Was Shut Down by the City of Holland Now Homeless, 8/10/12
Lemonade Sales: Police in Ga. shut down girls' lemonade stand, 7/15/11; Selling Lemonade is Not a Crime, 8/4/11; When Life Gives You Lemons..., 8/21/11; Children defy police in Washington, purchase lemonade at Capitol, 8/22/11; Jerry Seinfeld Hilariously Trolls Cops After they Shut Down his Son’s Lemonade Stand, 8/27/15
Tea Stand: Massachusetts State Police Shutdown Twelve-Year-Old’s Green Tea Stand, 8/25/11
Yard Sales: Woman’s yard sale to pay medical bills gets shut down, 8/17/11; Government tyrants fine Oregon woman for holding yard sales to pay for cancer treatment, 9/1/11
Flower Sales: Utah woman jailed for selling flowers from her home

Photographing Nature: Forest Service says media needs photography permit in wilderness areas, alarming First Amendment advocates, 9/23/14; Forest Service Requires Permit to Take Pictures of Wilderness, 9/25/14

Smoking: Public Health Proposal Considers Mandatory ‘Smokers License’, 11/15/12; Don't Roll Your Own Cigarettes in Michigan - It's Against the Law, 11/26/12; Bill proposed in Oregon would make cigarettes prescription-only drugs, 1/23/13; Oregon Legislature passes ban on smoking in car with kids present, 6/3/13; California City Bans Smoking at Home, 11/24/13; It Is Now Illegal To Smoke In Your Own Home In San Rafael, California, 11/25/13

Government Seizure of Assets

armed-robber Asset Forfeiture: US Government Asset Seizures on the Rise, 8/24/11; again; Civil Forfeiture: The War on Your Wealth, 9/29/11; Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Try to Take Family Motel from Innocent Owners, 10/3/11; Law of Prize and Prize Courts, 10/30/11; Do You Know How To Defend Your Property?, 11/11/11; Here’s Your Car Back, 12/29/11; Idaho OKs Seizure of Protesters' Property, 2/27/12; Under Asset Forfeiture Law, Wisconsin Cops Confiscate Families' Bail Money, 5/20/12; Chicagoans should think twice before permitting passengers., 7/27/12; Federal government now ruthlessly stealing thousands of dollars from small farmers' bank accounts via 'Bank Secrecy Act', 8/7/12; Military Asset Forfeiture, 8/12/12; DOJ gives ATF orders to commit civil forfeiture against medical marijuana gun owners, 9/6/12; Nita Ghei’s Column On BATFE’s New Asset Forfeiture Authority, 9/7/12; Feds seize gold coins worth $80 mln from Pennsylvania family, 9/7/12; Feds probe Bal Harbour Police Department over seized millions, 10/27/12; Policing for Profit: Outrageous Civil Forfeiture Case Begins Next Week, 10/31/12; Illinois Cops Seize $1.5million in Cash from Woman in Traffic Stop, 1/30/13; ‘This motel is hereby under arrest’, 1/30/13; Police STEAL $160,000 from man during Traffic Stop, 5/13/13; Be Careful About This, 5/28/13; Federal Prosecutors Seize Creamery’s Accounts Under Terror Financing Law, 6/28/13; Civil Forfeiture of Cash: It Could Happen to You, 6/29/13; Asset Forfeiture, the Cash Cow of the Drug War, 7/15/13; Taken, 8/12/13; Cops nationwide stealing cash, jewelry, valuables from innocent citizens under 'civil forfeiture' laws, 8/29/13; Philadelphia Family Loses Home Over A Single Drug Charge, 9/10/13; Another Drug War Forfeiture Outrage, 9/24/13; U.S. Supreme Court ponders pre-trial asset freezes in criminal cases, 10/16/13; Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Robbed of Every Penny, 10/17/13; Tennessee Hearings Demonstrate Absurdities Of Asset Forfeiture, 11/22/13; State Can Seize Your Assets to Pay For Care After You’re Forced Into Medicaid by Obamacare, 12/17/13; Revenue Generators: Feds Steal $27K from Traveler and Keep It Forever, Even Though No Charges Were Filed, 1/24/14; Privileged Poacher on the Police Payroll, 2/3/14; Kaley Forfeiture Decision: What It Looks Like When The Feds Make Their Ham Sandwich, 2/27/14; Surprise! Under Obamacare, states can seize assets to recoup Medicaid expenses, 3/7/14; Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets, 3/15/14; New Executive Order: “Obama Has Just Given Himself the Authority to Seize Your Assets”, 3/20/14; Heavy hand of the IRS seizes innocent Americans’ assets, 4/30/14; Man’s Las Vegas casino winnings confiscated by police without any criminal charges, 5/4/14; Cops Steal cash from innocent drivers in the name of “drug interdiction", 5/7/14; Judge allows feds to keep cash seized at MN airport because it smelled like weed, 6/4/14; How Cops Steal Millions From the politically powerless, 6/5/14; Federal judge says U.S. government can steal unlimited money from anyone at any time under the U.S. Patriot Act, 7/27/14; FL woman caught trying to board a flight with more than $20,000 stuffed in her bra and girdle, 8/8/14; Government seizes elderly woman’s savings when she tries to fly with cash, 8/11/14; Philadelphia Police Seize Family Home Without Homeowners Being Charged, 9/5/14; Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes, 9/6/14; Forfeiture Curmudgeons, 9/20/14; Police State USA: Civil Forfeiture Under Presumption of Guilt, 10/9/14; Asset Forfeiture and Perverse Incentives, 10/26/14; Small Town Deploys ‘Military-Style Maneuvers’ to Collect 75-Year-Old Man’s Debt, 10/27/14; Asset Forfeiture as Cop-Shopping, 11/10/14; “IF IN DOUBT…TAKE IT!” Behind Closed Doors, Government Officials Make Shocking Comments About Civil Forfeiture, 11/10/14; Why It's Nearly Impossible To Get Your Stuff Back After The Cops Seize It, 11/12/14; Cities Budget Civil Asset Forfeiture As Part of their Funding, 11/22/14; Police departments seize assets from public based on department 'wish lists', 11/25/14; Cops Are Sacking Their Own Cities To pay for their gold-plated pensions, 12/23/14; Business of Civil Forfeiture, 1/6/15; Audit: State cops botched tracking of seized assets, 1/10/15; U.S. Justice Dept. says police can no longer steal assets from the public, 1/30/15; Eric Peters on the only way to deal with civil asset forfeiture, 3/16/15; Land of the Unfree – Police and Prosecutors Fight Aggressively to Retain Barbaric Right of “Civil Asset Forfeiture”, 6/5/15; Why Do Americans Accept Police Seizing Money Without Any Charges Filed?, 6/10/15; Highway Robbers Assemble To plan more “civil forfeiture, 6/15/15; College student had his life savings seized by the cops even though he was never charged with a crime, 6/17/15; 10 Egregious Abuses Of Civil Asset Forfeiture, 6/29/15; Road Piracy, False Flags, and the State's Crime Cartel, 8/19/15; States go after unclaimed property, use it to patch budgets, 10/18/15; Cop Theft Exceeded All Burglaries in 2014, 11/19/15; Federal government argues that merely ACCUSING you of a crime allows them to seize all your financial assets, denying you funds to afford a defense lawyer, 11/25/15; Feds Stop Sharing Stolen Cash & Cars with Police Depts, Setting Off Nationwide Cop Tantrum, 12/24/15; Police Stole His House Over $40, 1/18/16; InJustice Department Resumes Armed Robbery Sharing Program With Local Cops, 3/29/16; Oklahoma Police Can Seize Your Entire Bank Account on a Traffic Stop Without Any Charges, 6/10/16; U S GOVERNMENT now CONFISCATING Homes, Cars and ASSETS, 7/18/16; Here's how the government is stealing more than ever before, 8/12/16; Proof the U.S. government plans to seize food and medicine from citizens during a collapse, 8/26/16; Your Money or Your Life: What’s Behind the Latest Government Scam to Rob You Blind?, 9/13/16; We'd Return Your Seized Property, Except We Already Sold It, 9/28/16; Where Local Governments Are Paying the Bills With Police Fines, 10/1/16; Trump questions lawmakers' efforts to curb asset seizures by police, 2/7/17; Highway Robbery Gets Presidential Seal of Approval, 2/8/17; Stealing from the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind, 3/20/17; Jeff Sessions Announces Plan for Cops to Steal More Property by Increasing Civil Asset Forfeiture, 7/19/17; End Federal Asset Stealing by Legalizing Drugs, 7/19/17; Do Not Help U.S. Cops Seize your Assets, 7/28/17; How a Dog Named Brutus Was Used to Steal $36,000, 8/5/17

Gibson Guitars: Federal Government Raids Gibson Guitars Under Indian Law, 8/25/11; Guitar Frets: Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear, 8/26/11; Gibson Guitar Corp. Responds to Federal Raid, 8/26/11; Rawesome Foods & Gibson Guitars: Victims of the Police State, 8/28/11; Federal gestapo illegally raid Gibson Guitar factories, arbitrarily confiscate millions of dollars worth of wood used to make instruments, 8/29/11; DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar, 8/31/11; THiS MaCHiNe KiLLS FaSCiSTS...aND THaT ONe KiLLS JoBS, 9/2/11; CEO of Gibson: Feds Told Us to Leave U.S., 9/3/11; Guns vs. Guitars, 9/5/11; Gibson Guitar raid part of government effort to extinguish American workforce, outsource remaining jobs to foreign countries, 9/5/11; Feds to Gibson: Hand over more wood, 10/4/11; Feds demand 25 more bundles of Indian wood from Gibson Guitars, 10/4/11; Great Gibson Guitar Raid: Months Later, Still No Charges Filed, 2/23/12; Gibson Guitar’s new line is a middle finger to Holder’s unjust Justice Department, 2/3/14


liberty_on_break Congress: 545 People Responsible for America's Woes, 10/17/8; Congressional Members' Personal Wealth Expands Despite Sour National Economy, 11/17/10; Bill seeks to wrap Congress in actual bubble, 1/11/11; Congress should divest from defense stocks, Bush appointee says, 12/19/10; 545 vs 300,000,000 People, 4/25/11; Video Congress Does Not Want You To See, 7/11/11; Congressional members net worth up 3669%, 7/27/11; 81 Members of Congress to Visit Israel: Preparing for War?, 8/8/11; Congressional Junkets to Israel - Power of the Israeli Lobby, 8/14/11; Disapproval of Congress Hits All Time High of 84%, 8/16/11; 12 Facts About Money and Congress That Are So Outrageous That It Is Hard To Believe That They Are Actually True, 11/10/11; Abramoff: Congress Members Took Part in Insider Trading, 11/11/11; How Can The American People Ever Trust Congress Again After Learning Of The Rampant Insider Trading That Has Been Going On?; 47% of Congress Members are Millionaires, 11/16/11; You Won’t Believe How Corrupt, Lazy And Stinking Rich Our Congress Critters Have Become, 12/28/11; again; Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms, 6/23/12; Most Corrupt Members of Congress, 9/18/12; Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria, 9/5/13; Congress’ 10 Worst Infringements on Personal Liberty, 9/30/13; Lawmakers making thousands, funding lavish trips from ‘slush funds’, 10/21/13; Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.): Congressmen are 'underpaid,' can't afford to 'live decently' in DC, 4/6/14; For The First Time Ever, More Than Half The Members Of Congress Are Millionaires, 6/2/14; Congress Members Who Approve Militarization of U.S. Police Receive 73% More Money from Defense Industry, 8/20/14; 297 Congress Members Have Earmarked $3.8 Billion for Organizations Tied to Them or Family Members, 10/11/14; Spending bill includes $1,000 monthly subsidy for Congress to pay for their cars, 12/14/14; 54 Congressmen Pulled Money from U.S. Banking System, 4/20/15; Senators Who Voted Against The Audit Of The Federal Reserve, 1/13/16; 'Screw the next generation' and 'Harry Reid's a pompous a**': Democratic congressman writes Anonymous tell-all book slamming 'nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep' as he admits he never reads bills he votes on, 5/12/16

"Super Congress": Obama, Sen. Max Baucus, Dem. (chosen by Reid), Rep. Xavier Becerra, Dem. (Pelosi), Rep. Dave Camp, Repub. (Boehner), Rep. James Clyburn, Dem. (Pelosi), Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Repub. (Boehner), Sen. John Kerry, Dem. (Reid), Sen. Jon Kyl, Repub. (McConnell), Sen. Patty Murray, Dem. (Reid), Sen. Rob Portman, Repub. (McConnell), Sen. Pay Toomey, Repub. (McConnell), Rep. Fred Upton, Repub. (Boehner), Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Dem. (Pelosi): Disturbing "Super Congress" that is being Created as Part of the Debt Negotiations, 7/24/11; We Don't Need No Steenking Constitution!,7/24/11; Council Of 13 To Rule America, 8/1/11; Congress to decide whether Super Congress could impose gun control, 8/1/11; Ron Paul Sounds Alarm on “Disturbing” Super Congress, 8/2/11; Super Congress: The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Representative Democracy And Freedom As We Know It, 8/2/11; Super Congress: Obama and the 12 Apostles, 8/2/11; Multiple Military Train Convoys Filmed In Oregon As Domestic Troop Movements Continue To Skyrocket Amid Super Congress Tyranny, 8/2/11; Ron Paul: "We Always Deliver More Authority To The Executive Branch Through Certain Commissions", 8/3/11; Obama's Dictatorship Usurps Congress, 8/4/11; Super Congress A Gift to K Street, 8/8/11; Ron Paul Slams Obama's "Monstrous Creature," the Super Congress, 8/8/11; Ron Paul: Congress just handed a huge amount of power to this hated group, 8/10/11; Deficit reduction Super Committee already bought and paid for, 8/22/11; Obama and The Gang of 12: The World's Largest Slave Auction, 9/3/11; GOP super committee member: Tax increases ‘are a reality’, 11/13/11; Arms and the Super Committee, 11/18/11; Ron Paul on the Super Committee, 11/21/11

Simplified Timeline of the U.S. Government

With the knowledge that international bankruptcies last 70 years, ten times as long as personal bankruptcies, one can understand the following:
Simplified Timeline of the U.S. Government:
1789, Republic: The Constitution secured the debt created by the Revolutionary War that the new government owed the King of England; the States were pledged as the sureties for the debt and the new American government lost its sovereignty after only seven years. The 1st Bankruptcy.
USA the Republic - How You Lost It; oregonrepublic's posterous, 4/1/11; A Republic Madam, If We Can Take It Back, 4/13/13; Trashing of a Republic, 3/30/14; Thomas Jefferson’s Forgotten Plan for Restoring a Failed Republic, 12/13/14; USA Republic Now In Charge - No Gold Fringe Flag During Obama Speech, 9/6/16; Rumors of the “USA Republic” – What It Means, Actually, 5/28/17
1859, Democracy: The States lost their sovereigny. The 14th Amendment didn't really free the slaves; it created corporate citizenship (slavehood) for everybody, securing, once again, the debt. The 2nd Bankruptcy.
1929, Socialism: The people lost their sovereignty; and thenceforth could no longer hold legal title (only equitable title) to their property. The 3rd Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy of The United States
1999, Corporate Fascism: The STATE now has the legal ability [NOTE: not necessarily lawful ability.] to control almost every aspect of a person's life. The New World Order; the 4th and Last Bankruptcy.


Democracy: What's the Argument for Democracy?, 1/25/5; Tyranny of the Majority; Oh Help, 10/12/10; Why democracy is failing America, 5/10/11; This is what passes for democracy in Greece… and America, 7/14/11; Myth That Democracy = Freedom, 7/21/11; Why modern democracy is for idiots, 8/17/11; Democracy Is Destroying Your Wealth and Freedom, 2/16/12; Andrew P. Napolitano: What If Democracy Is Bunk?, 2/23/12; Future of Democracy, 4/27/12; Alvin Lowi, Jr.: Majority Is Always Wrong, 5/9/12; False Promise of Democracy, 6/25/12; Instituting Meritocracy After the Collapse of Democracy in America, 9/28/12; Majority Rule is Ridiculous, 11/20/12; Terrible Tyranny of the Majority, 11/30/12; Ghastly Idea of ‘Equality for All’, 1/24/13; Covert Op Called Democracy: Perverse Poetry and Sentimental Music, 7/24/13; Margreet de Heer’s Great New Democracy Cartoon, 5/4/16; Collapse of Western Democracy, 7/1/16; Twenty Years of a Dictatorial Democracy, 11/4/16; Democracy, the God That's Failing, 2/23/17; Democracy Is A Front For Central Bank Rule, 6/19/17


080714f 041115u35 Socialism: G. Edward Griffin: KGB Agent Describes the Four Stages of a Marxist-Leninist Takeover Here it comes, 1/21/9; Obama Agenda; Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist; Alan Keyes rightly calls Obama a radical communist; Pravda: American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper, 5/9; Obama Takes Bush’s Plutocratic-Socialism to the Next Level; Using Cap and Trade to destroy Capitalism and bring forth a Global Government, 9/3/9; Triumph of Socialism, 11/12/09; Billboard Linking Obama, Hitler Draws Complaints, 7/13/10; Nazi Germany vs. the United States (a comparison); Trends to Barbarism and Prospects for Socialism, 7/30/10; "Marxism in America" by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin, 9/24/10; Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party - CommieTunes - Episode 12 - Communist / Marxist, 10/21/10; Lunacy of Soviet Communist Central Planning, 12/12/11; Gary North: Memory Hole: Socialist Failures, 5/23/12; Fascist Threat, 6/19/12; 'Capitalism to be replaced with Socialism 2.0', 6/28/12; Obama in 1998: "I Actually Believe in Redistribution", 9/18/12; Americans Aged 18-29 Have a More Favorable View Towards Socialism Than Capitalism, 11/3/12; socialism Equality – The Great Socialist Ideal, 11/16/12; Why the Banking System Would Make Lenin Proud, 3/21/13; Real Freedom vs. Forcible Utilitarianism: The Case of “The Tall Man”, 10/23/13; Concealing Evil, 2/18/14; How to create a socialist state by Saul Alinsky, Obama's mentor, 2/19/14; Daniel Hannan Explains Why Socialism Does Not Work, 5/23/14; Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt: Collectivism Exposed, 6/13/15; National Socialism is Nazism, 12/10/14; Human Cost of Socialism in Power, 9/8/15; Bernie Sanders and the Fraud of Democratic Socialism, 2/3/16; Lure of Socialism, especially for young people, 2/20/16; Russian Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov Smashes Bernie Sanders Socialism, 3/5/16; Socialism’s One Percenters, 6/17/16; Seceding from Socialism (Or, How to Really Make America Great Again), 7/2/16; Criminal Rip-Off Called Socialism, 7/18/16; Problem With Socialism Defined, 7/23/16; Dirty Secrets of Socialism (or, The Purpose of Political Correctness), 12/31/16; Socialism Requires a Dictator, 3/12/17; Hilarious video: College students and professors LOVE socialism … but have no idea what it is, 7/28/17; There’s Nothing Wrong with Socialism—as Long as It’s Voluntary, 6/23/18; Dear Democratic Socialists: Entitlements Are Not Rights, 8/10/18; America’s Socialist Revolution has officially begun, 2/19/19; Doug Casey: Why Socialism Is a Moral Failing, 3/30/19

081414i56 Communism: Corporate Communism; US Communism, Food, Healthcare, 10/13/9; Russia Warns US Communist Threat Endangering Entire World, 4/3/10; Obama & Dems Make Great Strides… In Achieving Communist Goals for America, 4/18/10; No, America Isn't Communist; It's Only 70% Communist, 9/29/14; Top 10 Goals in the Communist Manifesto, Accomplished in America, 5/5/18
Marx & Engels: Manifesto of the Communist Party^
Redistribution of Wealth: Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered; Hide Your Stuff!; Real Letter From CEO To His Employees; Rapacity of Odacity, 2/9/9; Wealth Destruction, 2/9/9


fascist-america 111815r Fascism: Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” - Benito Mussolini; Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism, 5/28/3; They Saw It Coming: The 19th-Century Libertarian Critique of Fascism; Obama is a Fascist, not a Socialist, 9/14/9; If Corporations Were Human, 1/22/10; Olbermann: Cutting out the Middleman; Murray Hill Incorporated is Running for Congress; Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations, 9/27/10; For US Corporations the Whole of the Law Shall Be 'Do What Thou Wilt', 9/29/10; America’s Unique Fascism, 9/6/11; First They Came for the Smokers... and I said Nothing Because I Was Not a Smoker, 10/18/11; America's Unique Fascism, 10/21/11; Lingering Stench of Fascism, 11/6/11; Twelve Days of Fascism, 12/7/11; Fascism for Dummies, 12/17/11; Jeff Berwick: USA Slipping and Sliding Towards Fascism, 2/24/12; What is Fascism? the undermining of modern civilization, 3/23/13; Just How Fascist Is the US?, 5/4/13; Hitler's Economics & Why You Should Know A Thing Or Two About Them, 1/14/14; American Fascism, 1/20/14; fascism How Government Officials are Using Bank Regulations to Shutdown Industries, 11/24/14; Are We Headed into Fascism?, 1/10/15; Top 6 Ways to Undermine Fascism in America, 1/31/15; Raping of America: Mile Markers on the Road to Fascism, 8/25/15

<p align="center" class="content">


totalitarianism Tyranny: New and worse secrecy and immunity claims from the Obama DOJ, 4/6/9; Obama Endorsing Roundups for Thought Crimes, 5/21/9; Indefinite detention?; Prolonged Detention; Obama’s Depopulation Policy Exposed; Obama’s Secret Police; Broun warns of dictatorship, 9/3/9; Obama will bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely; Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops to Prepare for Civil War, 11/28/9; Crying ‘free speech’, armed Obama protester’s arrest at Alaska State Fair sparks outrage, 8/28/10; Truth About Oppression; 10/18/10; Paul Craig Roberts: America’s Devolution Into Dictatorship, 11/10/10; again; America: In the midst of a hostile takeover, 11/21/10; Dictatership to your State coming soon, 3/29/11; Tyranny, 4/3/11; Tyranny in Full Bloom, 4/5/11; 10 Indications the United States is a Dictatorship, 5/16/11; Gordon Duff: Only Mass Arrests Can Shut Down “Government By Corporate Dictatorship”, 7/10/11; Essential Rules of Tyranny, 7/30/11; US Dictatorship and its White House Servant 'President', 8/1/11; Trickle-down tyranny - why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants, 11/22/11; Tyranny Is Stupid, Too, 12/5/11; America is lurching toward full-blown tyranny, 12/6/11; Road to Tyranny: Let Me Count the Ways, 12/7/11; Game Over: Tyranny Revealed, 1/2/12; Emerging Totalitarianism, 1/11/12; America — The World’s Newest Dictatorship, 5/6/12; 14 Signposts to Slavery, 5/23/12; BO and the Supremes Take Another Step Forward Into Totalitarianism, 6/29/12; Rewarding Idiots with Democratic Totalitarianism, 9/12/12; Government yells 'Boo' to justify dictatorship, 10/3/12; How a US President's executive Orders lay foundation for tyranny, 10/3/12; Larken Rose: It Can't Happen Here!, 4/30/13; tyranny All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama, 6/7/13; Tipping Point Against Tyranny, 8/19/13; America Has Entered a New Level of Tyranny, 11/20/13; Saxo Bank CEO Warns of Collapse Into “Totalitarian” Society, 1/8/14; When Did America Turn Into the Soviet Union?, 1/13/14; America Is Plunging Into Kafka’s Nightmare, 1/16/14; They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy, 8/5/15; State of the Nation: A Dictatorship Without Tears, 1/12/16; Stay Alert, America: Worst Is Yet to Come, 11/15/16; Is Your "Democracy" Actually a Totalitarian State? Take this Quick Quiz, 4/5/17; Tyranny at Home to Fight Tyranny Abroad, 6/23/17; This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls, 10/17/17; This Is The Beginning Of Totalitarian Government, 3/15/18

National Security

National Security State: United States of Fear, 12/2/10; $1.2 trillion for national security?, 3/1/11; Dangerous Organizations of the National Security State, 1/20/14; Truth About National Security, 1/21/16; People Are Stupid, A History of the National Security State, 8/1/16

Larken Rose: "National Security"
Jul 23, 2013
As often as politicians and talking heads talk about "national security," most Americans have no idea what they're really discussing.

Secret Government

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World Government/ New World Order

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