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Chocolate, Cocoa & Cacao

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Chocolate: Chocolate shown to lower blood pressure better than drugs, 11/22/10; Chocolate can be healthy, as long as it is the right kind, 11/29/10; Cacao - An ancient medicine validated by modern science, 12/3/10; Cocoa-rich treat is HEALTHIER than fruit, say scientists, 2/8/11; Discover the amazing health benefits, 8/23/11; Huge protection from heart disease and stroke, 8/30/11; Chocolate and cocoa polyphenols vindicated in the war against heart disease, 9/7/11; May Help Slash Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease by 37%, 9/22/11; Chocolate reduces stroke risk in women, study finds, 10/26/11; Chocolate consumption lowers stroke risk and heart disease incidence by a third, 11/7/11; More Reasons to Indulge in Chocolate, 11/8/11; Chocolate eaters are slimmer, 3/27/12; Dark chocolate shown to protect against heart attack and stroke in at-risk individuals, 6/13/12; Cocoa butter is not just for chocolate anymore - Discover the healthy secrets behind this sensuous food, 11/10/12; Hot chocolate - Food of the gods! The soulful, superfood that's good for you and deliciously sinful, 11/26/12; Another reason to eat chocolate: it may cure your cough, 1/17/13; 7 Dark Chocolate Health Benefits, 7/20/13; Hot chocolate could help combat dementia, 8/9/13; Chocolate may prevent memory loss and Alzheimer's dementia, 9/16/13; How to best enjoy and buy delicious, healthy chocolate, with its fascinating healing history, 2/12/14; Chocolate might be the healthiest indulgence ever, 3/7/14; Chemists discover secret to dark chocolate's health benefits, 3/18/14; Yet another amazing benefit of eating dark chocolate, 4/16/14; Dark chocolate found to enhance blood flow to legs, 7/9/14; Ebola threatens chocolate, 10/12/14; 10 Quick Reasons to Love Chocolate, 12/23/14; Dark chocolate increases attention and alertness while improving blood flow, 5/15/15; Dark chocolate, olive oil combination found to protect the cardiovascular system, 9/2/17

Cocoa: High-flavanol cocoa powder and spirulina could prevent senile dementia, 12/19/13; Top health benefits of cocoa, 4/13/14

Bee Food

072716e Honey: To make half a kilo of honey, bees must collect nectar from over 2 million individual flowers. Honey Medicine; Honey and Cinnamon: Natural Medicine!; Honey, garlic, vinegar home remedy; Honey, I killed the superbug, 6/18/9; Works Better than Drugs for Herpes!, 8/7/10; Heal with honey, 11/1/11; Top 10 Unconventional Uses of Honey; Use raw honey for health, skin, hair, and more, 4/30/12; Many Health Benefits of Raw Honey, 7/23/12; Nature's sweetener, 8/21/12; Many benefits to overall health and wellness, 9/5/12; Seven ways to use honey for whatever ails you, 10/6/12; Top survival food, wound healer and all-purpose health tonic, 12/17/12; Researchers discover amazing honey that kills all bacteria, 2/1/13; Raw Honey: Liquid Gold in Your Pantry, 3/28/13; Cinnamon and honey's healing properties, 4/18/13; 14 alternative uses for honey that you may have never thought of, 5/16/13; Can manuka honey prevent cancer?, 7/27/13; How to lose belly fat and maintain a healthy weight, 10/12/13; Magic of Manuka honey, 1/28/14; Eight unique ways to use honey beyond the kitchen, 2/22/14; Scientists discover why honey is still the best antibiotic, 4/11/14; Today’s Science Has Found That Mixing Honey and Cinnamon Cures Most Diseases, 4/17/14; Four surprising uses for honey outside the kitchen, 7/18/14; Bacteria From Bees Confirmed as Possible Alternative to Antibiotics, 9/11/14; Top 5 Medicinal Foods for Super Immunity, 10/7/14; Turmeric Golden Honey – The Strongest Natural Antibiotic, 10/27/14; Raw Honey and Coconut Oil: 5 Fantastic Uses of This Superfood Duo, 2/23/15; 39 Ways to Use Honey and Why It’s Good For You, 4/29/15; Conquering cigarette addiction and eight other ways raw honey can improve your health and your life, 1/10/16; Deadly infections from medical devices could be ended by using Manuka honey, 10/10/16; Evidence shows honey can be used to treat various eye diseases, 10/3/18

bee pollenBee Pollen:  Bee pollen contains all the essential components of life and has remarkable rejuvenating qualities. Ours comes from mountainous British Columbian wildflowers and bee hives that are not moved. The bees walk over a screen which causes some of the pollen to fall off their legs and plenty of pollen gets through to support the hive. This pollen is low moisture dried, does not require refrigeration and is packaged to keep well for many years. See Healing Food; Amazing bee products that cure and protect, 11/23/11; Bee pollen: One of the world's most perfect superfoods, 11/27/12; Healing power of bee pollen, 11/11/13; Three bee products that make great health supplements, 11/24/13; Bee pollen can improve skin, increase fertility and more, 1/17/14; Three superfoods that deliver unbelievable nutrition, 1/15/15

Bee Propolis: Bee propolis prevents cancer, boosts immunity, and more, 5/29/13; Scientists use honey bees' propolis to treat aluminum toxicity, 1/18/14

Bee Royal Jelly: Powder acts as a brain food, 7/24/11; Royal Jelly – Bee Healthy!, 5/7/13; Studies show that royal jelly fights cancer, improves blood health, and more, 5/16/13; Discover the wondrous health benefits of royal jelly, 7/27/14


051514d 020117w 022414z1-49 Berries: Berries enhance brain signaling to prevent neurodegeneration and cognitive decline, 4/11/12; Flavonoids from berries shown to protect men against Parkinson's disease, 4/16/12; Hawthorn berries are a "great heart food", 4/26/12; Eat berries to prevent age-related memory loss, 9/19/12; Berry consumption linked to lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly, 11/22/12; Flavonoids from strawberries and blueberries cut heart attack risk in women by one-third, 1/18/13; Berries dramatically slash heart attack risk, 1/21/13; Berries, pomegranates shown to have highest anti-cancer activity of any fruits, 4/11/13; Study finds berries clear amyloid brain tangles to help fight Alzheimer's dementia, 5/5/13; Berry intake helps overweight women have healthy hearts, 10/14/13; Who knew flavonoids from tea, berries and grapes protect against developing diabetes?, 1/22/14

Acai Berries: Health benefits, 11/12/13; Six ways this superfood can change your health, 12/22/13; Acai berries can fight cancer, boost immunity and more, 3/19/14

Aronia berries: Awaken supernatural health, 8/11/11; Aronia berries: North American fruits bursting with antioxidants, 9/10/13

Bilberries: More than a gut feeling: Bilberries are good for gastrointestinal and overall health, 3/27/14

Black Currants: Outlawed Berries Boost Brain Power and Mood. 8/16/15

Blueberries: Protect artery health, 11/7/10; Prevent high blood pressure by eating blueberries, 1/20/11; Slimming super-fruit: How blueberries can slash body's fat cells by up to three-quarters, 4/11/11; Nutrients in blueberries may hold the key to fat cell formation and natural weight loss, 4/30/11; Flavonoids from blueberries and other fruits dramatically lower risk of diabetes, 5/2/12; Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It, 8/30/13; Blueberries not only taste great but dramatically lower the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, 11/10/13; Blueberry extracts can protect against cadmium toxicity, 1/28/14; Blueberries: superfood for the heart, 5/1/14; Freezing blueberries increases availability of antioxidants - here are 8 ways this superfood benefits health, 8/9/14; One cup of blueberries per day helps relieve high blood pressure and hardened arteries, 1/23/15; Why Blueberries Really ARE the Best Food For Your Health, 4/5/16; Eating a cup of blueberries a day protects you against heart disease and cancer, 5/14/18; Stunned scientists find BLUEBERRIES are better at destroying cancer cells than conventional radiation therapy alone, 5/15/18

Camu camus: Most potent food source of vitamin C on the planet and how it can supercharge your health, 10/18/17

102113l Cherries: Seven ways to end joint pain, arthritis and gout using cherries, 12/24/11; Cherries can help reverse gout and arthritis inflammation, 1/16/12; Cherries help prevent gout, 10/19/12; Cherries a superfood? Research confirms this well-known fruit tackles cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure and gout, 7/11/13; Are cherries a superfood?, 8/4/14; Sleepless in the USA: New study finds tart cherry juice significantly increases sleep time, 8/7/14

Cranberries: Science proves that cranberries stop urinary tract infections, but it's still illegal to say so, 7/17/12; Yet another study shows cranberry juice beats bladder infections - this time in children, 9/29/12; Cranberry health benefits and natural remedies - with raw food recipe, 11/25/14

Elderberries: Beneficial in treating infections and cancer, 5/25/11; Effective treatment for the flu, 1/13/13; Want to avoid the flu epidemic? Here's how to stay healthy with elderberry, 1/13/13; Effective treatment for the flu, 1/13/13; Elderberry Extract: Nature's 'Tamiflu', 1/23/13; Black elderberry - The most antiviral substance known to man, 3/6/13; Benefits of elderberries, plus a recipe, 6/26/13; How to Make Elderberry Tincture and Elderberry Cough Syrup, 1/6/14; Great health benefits, 1/8/14; Forget the Flu Shot: Hand-washing and Elderberry Extract Are the Best Defenses Against the Deadly Swine Flu Outbreak, 1/14/14; Homemade Elderberry Syrup, 1/21/14; Elderberry Extract: Nature’s “Tamiflu”, 9/13/14

Goji Berries: Acidic Blood vs Alkaline Blood, 6/7/9; Five easy ways to add goji berries to your diet for enhanced nutrition, trace minerals and longevity, 7/20/12; Neuroprotective goji berry offers new hope in preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease, 6/26/13; Discover the healing power, 10/9/13; Amazing health benefits of goji berries, 3/15/14; Goji Berries: how much do you really know about this superfruit?, 5/20/14; Three superfoods that deliver unbelievable nutrition, 1/15/15

Hawthorn Berries: Pretty, red Boost cardiac health, 2/6/13; Hawthorn berries are very helpful for many heart related conditions, 4/9/14

Juniper Berries: Using juniper berries for urinary tract infections, 12/22/13; Juniper berries are great for your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, 3/5/14

Maqui: A rebellious little berry that tames inflammation, prevents cancer and supports a healthy heart, 10/15/12; Studies show that maqui berries are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, 7/3/13

Mulberries: Mulberry tames cancer, inflammation, Alzheimer's and more, 11/2/13; 5 benefits of mulberries for skin, hair and health, 12/18/14

Raspberries: Win the battle of the bulge, dodge cancer and subdue inflammation with raspberries, 6/8/14; Raspberries provide significant protective benefit against cancer, chronic inflammation and more, 8/4/14

022216t Strawberries: Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside. May prevent esophageal cancer, 4/7/11; Boost blood antioxidant levels and prevent chronic diseases, 7/6/11; Strawberries can counter the negative effects of alcohol, 12/20/11; Outstanding protective benefit against cancer, diabetes and more, 7/31/13; Strawberries can help cure gastritis, 3/28/14; Could the key to Alzheimer 's disease prevention be as simple as eating strawberries?, 5/13/14


111514x 050417g 120514r49 Fruits: Top six fruits for energy, 5/13/13; Where are all the fruits that provide essential nutrients to keep you alive?, 7/9/13; Whole fruit consumption is shown to lower risk of developing diabetes by nearly 25 percent, 9/22/13; Fruits and vegetables often physically resemble the organs they benefit, 10/1/13; 7 daily portions of fruits & vegetables lower all-cause risk of death 40%, 4/21/14

Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits help flush heavy metals out of the body.

mnfbz35kRF1r Apples:Eating apples helps prevent heart disease, 11/10/10; Key for increasing lifespan, 3/22/11; Compound in apple peels found to prevent muscle wasting from aging and illness, 6/8/11; An apple a day keeps the doctor away... as long as you eat the peel, 6/8/11; An apple a day slashes stroke risk in half, 9/21/11; Boost your brain power with a common almost forgotten fruit, 10/4/11; Apples prevent stroke, 10/23/11; An apple or two a day may save your brain, 11/12/11; An apple a day keeps diabetes at bay?, 9/4/12; An Apple A Day, 9/16/12; Why the Apple Is One Of The World’s Most Healing Superfoods, 1/8/13; Apple extract kills colon cancer cells better than chemo drug in latest study, 3/28/13; Organic apples can help you fight cancer, 5/16/13; Numerous Studies Show how Apples can Prevent Cancer, Defeat Cancerous Tumors, 5/29/13

apple_cider_vinegar-2 Apple Cider Vinegar: See also: Vinegar; Wonder 'Drug' of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; Go back in time for future health, 2/26/11; Do You Have Vinegar in Your Medicine Cabinet?, 7/12/11; Benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar; Three ways apple cider vinegar benefits weight loss, 10/1/11; Infographic, 5/31/12; Ten ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar, 6/12/12; Seven powerful therapeutic uses of apple cider vinegar, 3/15/13; 35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar, 5/8/13; Appealing health benefits of apple cider vinegar, 8/5/13; Consumption of apple cider vinegar may accelerate weight loss, 9/10/13; Keep yourself, your pets and your home healthier with apple cider vinegar, 2/15/14; Safely Remove Moles and Skin Tags With Apple Cider Vinegar, 3/24/14; Apple cider vinegar for acne? Folk remedy actually works better than chemicals, 6/2/14; 12 Eye-Opening Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Should Be In Every Home, 6/20/14; 8 Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Is One Of The Most Powerful Health Tonics In Your Kitchen, 8/29/14; Why You Should Wash Your Face With Apple Cider Vinegar, 10/8/15; One Of The Most Powerful Health Tonics In Your Kitchen, 10/31/14; Effective apple cider vinegar home remedies, 11/10/14; Nature's most powerful antibiotics in one bottle, 12/10/14; How to make apple cider vinegar, a natural remedy for many conditions, 2/16/15; How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life, 6/10/15; What Happens When You Mix Apple Cider Vinegar In Water?, 8/4/16; Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage for Optimum Health Benefits, 3/30/17

041815i Bananas: The banana cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of man. Blow dry a banana to return it to freshness; 9 things you probably never knew about this nutritious tropical food, 11/15/11; Banana power: Ten perks of nature's panacea, 8/24/13; Why Bananas Are Good For Weight Loss and Immunity, 10/4/13; Banana diet gives woman better mental clarity, improves her overall health, 1/10/14; How bananas are better than pills for treating depression, constipation and more, 5/11/14; Why a Banana a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, 6/27/14; 30 Ways Bananas Benefit Our Health – Even The Peels!, 6/30/14; Why You Should Never Throw Away Orange or Banana Peels, 7/6/14; Bananas driven to extinction? Deadly soil fungus spreading globally, 12/9/15; 10 Amazing Benefits Of Banana Peels, 2/9/17; All You Ever Wanted to Know About Bananas, 8/26/17

Camu Camu: True history of camu camu, nature's most potent source of natural Vitamin C, 10/2/12; Latest research, 11/13/12; An incredible source of vitamin C and flavonoids, 4/6/13; What you need to know about camu camu, 8/19/13; Eleven amazing facts and health benefits, 9/24/13

092314b Cherries: Health benefits of cherries include reduced gout flare-ups, 7/22/14

Citrus fruit: Citrus fruit significantly reduces breast cancer risk, 5/4/13

Cupuacu Fruit: Cupuacu fruit is a natural pharmacy and fountain of youth rolled into one, 8/25/14

Dragon Fruit: Enjoy the health benefits, 11/16/11; Dragon fruit: the scaly-looking food with amazing health benefits, 8/1/14

Durians: Smelly fruits with hearts of gold, 2/13/14

Figs: Is the Humble Fig More Than Just a Fruit?, 5/2/13; Seven amazing reasons to eat more figs, 7/25/13; Why figs are fantastic for us, 9/15/14

Grapefruits: Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract; Grapefruit and prescription drugs make a deadly equation, 12/19/12; Grapefruit naturally prevents formation of kidney cysts, 3/24/14; 5 Ways to Use Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal Grapefruit Seed Extract, 4/16/14; Grapefruit and helichrysum extract combat diabetes and obesity, 9/5/14

Grapes: Natural Chemical Found In Grapes May Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease by Decreasing Neurotoxins in the Brain, 7/15/11; Grape and grape extract compounds help protect against Alzheimer`s disease development, 7/26/11; Grape compound may provide natural protection against skin cancer, 8/12/11; Amazing Food Facts: Red grapes produce resveratrol as a defense against fungal invasion, 8/17/11; Anti-cancer powerhouse thanks to pro-active supplement users, 10/3/11; Grape seed extract targets cancer cells by damaging DNA repair pathway, 2/7/12; Mechanism for How Grapes Reduce Heart Failure Associated With Hypertension Identified, 5/2/13; Grapes help protect against metabolic syndrome related organ damage and diabetes progression, 5/15/13; Who knew flavonoids from tea, berries and grapes protect against developing diabetes?, 1/22/14

Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed extract kills colorectal cancer cells, 2/5/13; One Potent Natural Antibiotic and Antioxidant, 2/18/13; Prostate cancer risks are reduced almost 50 percent by grapeseed extract, 3/25/13; Health benefits, 10/10/13; Grape seed extract more effective than chemotherapy in advanced cancer, 6/21/15

Graviola: Is Cancer Cure hidden from the public?; Soursop Fruit Kills Cancer 100-Fold better Than Chemotherapy, 2/21/12; Groundbreaking new cancer study on graviola shows promise as a possible treatment, 1/10/13; Unusual tropical fruit proves 10,000 times more effective at treating cancer than chemotherapy, 11/3/13

Guavas: Guava aids the body and the brain, 6/17/14

Kiwi: Reduce your heart disease risk with kiwi, 7/6/13; Exotic superfruit: Considering the health benefits of kiwi, 8/31/13

Lemons: Healing Lemon, 12/10/11; How to use lemon juice to replace toxic chemicals in your home, 4/19/12; Natural lemon extract is cytotoxic to breast cancer cells, 12/6/12; How Does Lemon Juice Assist Detoxification?, 2/20/13; 45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off, 5/28/13; Who in his right mind freezes a lemon?, 6/1/13; Top 10 Ways to Use Lemons for Beauty, 9/18/13; Benefits of consuming whole, fresh lemons, 9/29/13; Quintessential cancer destroyer and all-around health tonic, 1/28/14; 15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning, 7/3/14; Why is Lemon Water Alkaline?, 8/9/14; Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy; Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination, 8/29/14; Why You Should Always Freeze Your Lemons, 3/13/15; 21 Extraordinary Uses for Lemons, 3/30/15; Many health benefits of drinking lemon water, 6/23/15; Top 6 reasons to drink lemon water every day, 8/5/15; Four Reasons to Start Drinking Lemon Water, 8/20/15; Lemon Water an all-day drink for energy and relief, 11/3/16

Lucumas: Ancient healing fruit from South America, 3/23/14

Mangos: Benefits include heart health, anemia prevention, detoxing and healthy skin, 3/13/13; Diabetes and cancer buster, 5/20/13; Top 5 health benefits of eating mangos, 6/13/14

Mangosteens: Use mangosteen to fight disease and inflammation, 5/1/13; Mangosteen's phytochemical components, 10/15/13; Queen of Fruits, 10/20/13; Superfood power, 10/23/13; Mangosteen fruit shown to kill breast cancer cells without causing harm, 7/21/14

Melons: Bitter melon juice potently suppresses pancreatic cancer growth with no side effects, 3/21/13; Bitter melon juice may hold the key to prevent and treat pancreatic cancer, 7/27/13; Honeydew melons play role in boosting brain health, regulating blood pressure and more, 5/20/14

Oranges: 28 Creative Uses for Orange Peels; More than just vitamin C, 11/11/11; An Orange a Day Keeps Stroke Away, 2/23/12; When you peel an orange, don't throw away the white part under the skin: Bioflavonoids help fight cancer and obesity, 10/16/12; 9 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Oranges, 6/21/13; Why You Should Never Throw Away Orange or Banana Peels, 7/6/14; Orange juice has 10 times more antioxidant power than previously thought, 12/15/14

Papayas: Fruit of the Angels, 3/26/11; Papaya and its seeds can help boost health, 5/12/13

Pears: 7 reasons to eat more pears, 2/11/14

Persimmons: 'Fruit of the gods' heals cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more, 9/4/13

021714h-59 Pineapples: Pineapple found to be five times more effective than cough syrup, 6/27/14; Health benefits of pineapple include everything from tumor reduction to digestive improvements, 9/5/14; Pineapple Compound Bromelain Trumps Colonoscopy for Colon Health, 1/2/15; Pineapple juice is 500% more effective than cough syrup, study shows, 8/17/15

Pomegranates: Pomegranates provide amazing protection against tissue damage, inflammation, 11/22/10; Pomegranates prevent infections, 12/7/10; Fight prostate cancer, 12/14/10; Pomegranate juice components block cancer cell migration, 12/29/10; Superfood power, 1/21/11; Consuming pomegranate juice regularly improves heart health, 12/4/12; Berries, pomegranates shown to have highest anti-cancer activity of any fruits, 4/11/13; History of pomegranate, 10/1/13; Pomegranates provide many health benefits, 7/1/14; Pomegranates reduce brain inflammation, helping protect against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and neurological disease, 8/28/14; Top 9 Anti-aging Antioxidants, 11/3/14; Pomegranates Can Halt Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis, 2/9/15; Cut Your Risk of This Disease With This Daily Drink, 8/10/15

Rambutan: Natural energizing powers? Why the Rambutan fruit is known for rejuvenation, 4/4/16

Star Anise: Super power, 10/24/13

Synsepalum dulcificum: Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity? Safely Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet With The Miracle Fruit

080714z49 Watermelons: Watermelons lower abdominal fat accumulation and reduce heart-clogging arterial plaque, 11/14/11; Watermelon extract lowers blood pressure better than dangerous pharmaceuticals, 6/19/12; Health Benefits of Watermelon – Lose Weight, Lower Blood Pressure, and More, 11/24/12; Eating watermelons can help reduce blood pressure, 4/26/13; Eating watermelon rind may boost libido, provide other health benefits, 4/22/14

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts: Eating Just Two Brazil Nuts a Day Ensures Adequate Selenium Levels, 10/10/8; Eat Almonds and Walnuts to Promote Heart Health and Prevent Diabetes, 10/22/10; Olive oil and nuts in diet control heart disease better than dangerous drug therapies, 9/27/11; Nuts may fend off heart disease, 11/18/11; Abdominal Obesity, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure? Eat Nuts, 11/13/12; Nuts Decrease Cancer Risk By More Than One-Third, 11/21/13; Eating more tree nuts lowers the risk of all-cause death by up to 20 percent, 12/27/13; Tree nuts found to lower death rate by 20 percent, 2/3/14; Go nuts to significantly lower risk of obesity and diabetes, and aid your weight management strategy, 2/22/14

Acorns: How to Cook Acorns, 12/4/12

Almonds: Edgar Cayce On The Cancer Preventative Health Value of Almonds; Eating almonds could help prevent diabetes and heart disease, 12/30/10; Save your heart and reduce obesity, 11/9/11; Eat your way to weight loss with almonds, 7/26/13

Cashews: Cashew: A disease-destroying, bacteria-blasting super nut, 5/12/14

Chia Seeds: Chia craze, 3/23/12; A Tiny Powerhouse for Sustainability, 4/24/12; Chia seeds are the ultimate survival food for long-term storage, 11/11/12; Super charge your health, 5/14/13; Superfood treasure, 5/31/13; Chia seeds can treat diabetes, boost energy and more, 12/15/13; Chia seeds contain 7.5 times the omega-3 content of salmon, as well as the highest protein content of any edible seed, 4/6/14; Cha-Cha-Chia! 9 amazing uses for the ancient Inca superfood chia, 4/8/14

Coconuts: The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for Blood plasma. Coconut sugar quickly replacing agave nectar as natural sweetener of choice, 6/29/11; Coconut water shown to significantly reduce high blood pressure, 11/11/11; Help Your Heart: 71% of Those Who Drank This Lowered Their Blood Pressure, 11/29/11; Homemade Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream and Coconut Butter, 6/11/12; Why coconut oil stands out as today's most amazing superfood, 3/3/13; Benefits of Coconut Water, 3/11/13; Eight great ways to enjoy coconut and coconut oil, 7/19/13; Coconuts are the 'wonder food' with a multitude of uses, 7/27/13; Coconut provides a powerhouse of delicious nutrition, 12/11/13; Coconuts can improve brain function, boost cardiovascular health and more, 2/18/14; Amazing benefits of eating coconuts, 3/24/14; Incredible Coconut and its Many Uses, 5/13/14; Coconut butter has Big Dairy running scared, 3/21/17

Fennel Seeds: Amazing benefits, 4/11/14

Mustard Seeds: Mustard seeds deliver more nutrition than you might suspect, 9/29/11

Peanuts: Peanuts

Pecans: Promote heart health, lower cholesterol levels, 3/24/11; Pecan antioxidants prevent heart disease and lower deadly LDL cholesterol levels, 3/26/11

Pine Nuts: Amazing health benefits, 10/18/13; Lose weight and stay healthy, 11/14/13

Pistachios: Just two servings of pistachios a day improves cardiovascular health in type 2 diabetes patients, 8/7/14; Pistachios reduce the body's reaction to stress in type 2 diabetes, 9/3/14

Sacha Inchi or Inca peanut: Cultivate fierce health and a bright mind, 1/9/13; A gift from the Amazon, 10/27/13

Sunflower seeds: Health benefits, 7/29/13

Walnuts: Help manage stress, blood pressure, 10/6/10; A handful of walnuts each day significantly lowers breast cancer risk, 9/9/11; Eating walnuts improves critical thinking, 9/29/11; May help lower breast cancer risk, 10/12/12; Eating walnuts and walnut oils slashes heart disease risk by improving multiple biometrics, 5/21/13; Walnuts found to boost heart health, 5/26/13; Why walnuts are the ultimate brain food, 6/18/13; Walnut eaters reduce risk of dying from heart disease or cancer by nearly fifty percent, 7/18/13; A handful of walnuts every day can help to slow or prevent prostate cancer growth, 7/25/13; Walnuts: the perfect food for our brains, 5/1/14; Proof that Natural Foods Threaten FDA & Pharmaceutical Companies – Walnuts Deemed ‘Drugs’, 11/7/14; Walnuts, social activity and cognitive exercise help stave off dementia, 11/17/14; A handful of walnuts each day can help keep breast cancer away, 12/10/14; Anti-diabetic potential of nettles and walnut leaves, 7/10/15; Walnuts inhibit cancer development, slow its growth, and kill cancer cells, 2/10/16

Vegetables & Greens

061016q Vegetables: 12 Cool Ways to Get the Most Nutrition from Your Veggies, 4/18/14; 7 daily portions of fruits & vegetables lower all-cause risk of death 40%, 4/21/14

Alfalfa: Benefits of Alfalfa Leaf, 3/22/13; Alfalfa's high saponin content can help prevent cardiovascular problems, 10/19/13; Improving your health with alfalfa sprouts, 10/25/13

Artichokes: Artichokes boost brain health, have other incredible health benefits, 6/25/14

Arugula: Discover an obscure, inexpensive, easy to use tasty superfood, 9/17/11

Asparagus: Does asparagus help with cancer prevention?, 12/30/11; Little-known health benefits of asparagus, 3/12/14; Asparagus may make urine smell funny, but it delivers extraordinary health benefits, 7/31/14

Avocados: Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams. Avocado fat boosts good cholesterol (HDL), 1/22/11; Nutrition facts - six things about this amazingly healthy superfood, 12/10/11; Avocado oil is a key component in the fight against free-radical aging and cancer proliferation, 5/1/12; Unbelievably nutritious avocado, 12/28/12; Ten delicious health benefits, 4/25/13; Seven undeniable reasons to eat avocado every day, 7/18/13; Superfood for your health, 8/13/13; Avocado helps mediate the inflammatory effect of grilled meats to lower risk of heart disease, 8/21/13; Amazing health benefits of avocado and six delicious ways to eat it, 1/12/14; Is Avocado the Perfect Food?, 10/25/14; Perfect Food for Weight Loss and Brain Power?, 1/15/15; Avocados: 5 reasons to eat one today and every day!, 6/9/15; Avocados can naturally treat rare form of blood cancer, 6/19/15; Avocado compound holds promise for treating leukemia, 7/10/15; After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Out an Avocado Seed Again, 4/4/17; Lutein in avocados found to protect the brain from effects of aging, 8/9/17

Beans: Scientists Shocked to Discover Even More Health Benefits of Beans, 7/11/13
Black Beans: Black bean broth: Treatment for arthritis, gout and joint pain, 5/10/13

Beets (Beetroots): Daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults, 11/16/10; Beet juice provides incredible cardiovascular benefits, 12/19/10; Beetroot juice lowers risk of Alzheimer`s disease and dementia, 1/1/11; Eight reasons why you should include beets in your diet, 8/11/11; Red beets and beet juice top the list of healing antioxidants due to polyphenol and betalain concentration, 1/20/12; Unbeetable: The humble root which fights cancer, boosts endurance and lowers blood pressure, 3/9/13; Beetroot juice is proven remedy for increased stamina, 3/22/13; Drinking beet juice daily lowers high blood pressure, 4/21/13; Improve your athletic performance naturally, 6/14/13; Over 21 years? Why taking betaine HCl before meals could benefit your health, 11/23/13; Five health benefits of beetroot, 4/18/14; How drinking beetroot juice can make you run faster, help the elderly climb the stairs - and give competitors an advantage in sports, 11/13/16; Do you want a 'younger' brain? Drinking beetroot juice before exercise strengthens it and may even prevent dementia, 4/19/17

Blue Green Algae: Benefits

Broccoli: Avoid arthritis, 10/6/10; Broccoli nutrient halts growth of cancer tumors, 11/12/10; Broccoli extracts prevent stomach disorders, 12/2/10; Natural compound in broccoli, cruciferous vegetables can treat leukemia, 12/19/12; Broccoli and crucifers fight deadly cancers, 8/6/13; Broccoli-Based Medicine—A Potent Tool Against Osteoarthritis and Cancer, 9/11/13; Broccoli sprouts: Nutritional giants, 10/24/13; Top ways broccoli helps fight cancer, 6/22/14; Broccoli can treat cancer, respiratory diseases and more, 7/29/14; Broccoli extract found to significantly improve autism symptoms; sulforaphane molecule is powerful natural medicine, 9/11/15; Broccoli sprout extract helps fight head and neck cancer by activating 'detoxification' gene, 7/1/16; Benefits of Sulfur — Why You Need Epsom Salt, Broccoli and MSM, 11/29/16

Brussels sprouts: Amazing health benefits, 12/26/13

010915c Cabbage: Natural medicine for cancer, diabetes and more, 5/25/14

Carrots: Carrots and cruciferous vegetables prevent breast cancer, 10/23/10; What’s So Special About Carrot Juice?; Health benefits of eating purple carrots, 12/8/10; Death cry of a carrot - If carrots are not dead when you pick them out of the ground, when are they dead?, 8/10/11; Discover the health benefits of juicing carrots, 12/29/11; What if I told you carrots cure cancer?, 9/27/13; Surprising facts, 10/16/13; Man and Woman Use Carrot Juice to Cure Stage 4 Cancer, 11/14/13; Carrots contain compounds that boost vision, prevent cognitive decline and more, 6/30/14

Cassava (aka manioc, yucca): Main ingredient in tapioca pudding is a tropical tuber that provides a huge portion of the world's dietary carbohydrates, 12/3/11

Cattail: Learn how to harvest and utilize this wild aquatic plant during the best and worst of times, 9/16/13

Cauliflower: Five surprising health benefits of cauliflower, 6/28/14

Celery: Celery may help kill cancer, 10/23/14

superfoods Chlorella:  Organic Chlorella is one of nature's most nutritious substances. It is a bio-chelated, whole food and a complete protein. It contains a host of easily absorbed vitamins and minerals and a large percentage of chlorophyll, which is essential in aiding digestion, cleansing the bowels, and purifying the blood and the liver. It restores bowel flora and is a powerful alkalinizing agent. High doses of chlorella have been found to be very effective for mercury and other heavy metal elimination. See: This Almost Perfect Food Gobbles Up Your Body's Toxins, 7/16/11; Superfood power of chlorella - Boost your immune system and detox, 11/10/11; Use This Superfood To Help Remove Mercury From Your Tissues in Weeks, 2/2/12; Chlorella and cilantro for amazing daily detox and maintenance, 3/8/12; Cleanest sources for chlorella, 2/19/13; Chlorella protects against cadmium poisoning, 7/31/13; Chlorella protects and detoxifies your liver, 8/2/13; Chlorella may have apoptotic anticancer effects, 10/22/13; Consuming chlorella helps reduce oxidative stress, prevent cognitive decline, 10/23/13; Synergestic miracles of chlorella and its ability to reduce high blood pressure and cerebral stroke lesions, 10/25/13; Women: Chlorella supplementation reduces risk of anemia, edema and proteinuria during pregnancy, 10/26/13; Chlorella decreases absorption of dietary fats, 10/30/13; Chlorella could improve insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes patients, 11/4/13; Antioxidative effects, 'should be included as a key component of a healthy diet', 11/12/13; Detoxifying accumulated heavy metals and toxins with chlorella, 1/8/14; Numerous studies validate chlorella's 'superfood' status, 1/27/14; Top chlorella brands confirmed to capture dietary mercury, uranium and aluminum, 3/19/14; Chlorella protects against toxic effects of heavy metal cadmium, 4/15/14; 6 foods and herbs that solve the most dangerous health issues right now, 5/29/14; Three superfoods that deliver unbelievable nutrition, 1/15/15; Chlorella: Benefits, Side Effects, and Everything In Between, 2/14/17; Chlorella Health Benefits: Everything You Should Know About this Superfood, 4/10/17

Cilantro: Contains strong chelating properties that bind with heavy metals and flush them out of the body. Chlorella and cilantro for amazing daily detox and maintenance, 3/8/12; Detoxify heavy metals and soothe chronic inflammation with cilantro, a powerful 'superherb', 5/2/12; Cilantro will help detoxify your body, 9/18/13; Cilantro may chelate heavy metals from the body, 8/12/14

Cucumbers: Good for the body and other things, 9/3/13; 14 Reasons why cucumbers should be given more attention, 10/2/13; Cucumbers contain bioactive compounds that help fight cancer, heart disease and more, 8/9/16

Eggplants: Top 3 health benefits, 8/10/13

Garlic: Garlic is highly effective in keeping the harmful effects of heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury at bay. Take garlic oil to maintain a healthy heart, 10/21/10; Heal with the miraculous powers of garlic, 11/11/11; Garlic oil compound found to offer heart protection, 11/23/11; Medical researchers suggest that garlic may prevent the common cold, 8/8/12; Garlic Proven 100 Times More Effective Than Antibiotics, Working In A Fraction of The Time, 1/29/13; Garlic: Powerful health boost in a small package, 3/2/13; Garlic kills bubonic plague and other pathogen-based disease epidemics, 4/3/13; Amazing Video of Garlic Preventing Chemically Induced Cancer, 5/2/13; Eat garlic and onions every day for optimum heart health, immunity, cancer prevention, 5/15/13; Use garlic to naturally repel mosquitoes and treat West Nile Virus, 7/31/13; As antibiotics continue to fail, use garlic instead to kill MRSA and superbugs, 8/21/13; Beat Back Cold and Flus with... Garlic!, 9/24/13; Garlic Beats Best-Selling Blood Pressure Drug In New Study, 9/25/13; Treat and prevent high blood pressure naturally with garlic, 10/27/13; Garlic may be an effective treatment for diabetes and oxidative stress, 11/17/13; Bullet proof your immunity with nature's original wonder drug, 12/1/13; How to beat cancer with garlic, 3/16/14; Assessment Of Aggregate Biological Threats & Confirmation Of Garlic As A Natural Remedy For What Ails Modern Civilization, 3/18/14; Garlic proven to kill brain cancer cells without side effects, 3/19/14; Garlic: One of nature's greatest disease fighters, 5/12/14; Amazing uses for garlic - nature's antibiotic, 5/14/14; Top 5 Medicinal Foods for Super Immunity, 10/7/14; Nature's most powerful antibiotics in one bottle, 12/10/14; Don't throw away your sprouted garlic; it's a superfood, 4/2/15; Prevent artery hardening and calcium buildup with aged garlic, 6/17/15; Garlic - DIY, recipes, and other information you should know about this amazing herb, 8/25/15; Ancient onion and garlic medicinal recipe cures drug-resistant superbug infections, 10/14/15; Eating garlic daily reduces risk of lung, bowel cancer by 40 percent, 9/11/16

wheatgrassGrasses: Every single vitamin, amino acid, enzyme or mineral needed to support animal life is in grass. Total foods in themselves, they need no other food to complement or complete them.
Barley grass: Organic Barley grass contains 11 times the calcium in cows' milk, has nearly 5 times the iron in spinach, holds 7 times the vitamin C in oranges and packs 80mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams. Oat Grass $9 Oat grass has up to 30% protein, is loaded with vitamins, calcium, iron, lecithin, magnesium, pantothenic acid, phosphorus and potassium and is illuminated with rich chlorophyll - nature's blood cleanser. Improves health in type 2 diabetics and reduces cholesterol, 1/13/12; Barley Grass Indicated for Type II Diabetes, 1/16/12; Barley grass: a nutrient-rich superfood with many health benefits, 4/14/14
Oat Grass powder Oat grass has up to 30% protein, is loaded with vitamins, calcium, iron, lecithin, magnesium, pantothenic acid, phosphorus and potassium and is illuminated with rich chlorophyll - nature's blood cleanser.
Wheat Grass: Healed by wheatgrass: 74-year-old man with cancer told he would be 'dead in a matter of weeks' proves doctors wrong, 9/4/13; Wheatgrass: a chlorophyll-rich superfood bursting with nutrients, 3/3/14

Green Smoothies: Green Smoothies - Make the diet transition today, 7/12/11; Blend edible wild weeds into green smoothies, 7/13/11; Clear acne with green smoothies, 7/18/11

Green Vegetables: Green vegetable consumption stimulates immune system signaling to support optimal health, 11/2/11

Hops: Hops compounds have potential to treat diabetes, cancer, 5/18/13

Horseradish: Nature's most powerful antibiotics in one bottle, 12/10/14; Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects; choose raw horseradish or these natural remedies instead, 3/12/16

Hot Peppers: World's hottest (and healthiest) pepper unveiled in south carolina, 8/30/12; Ten ways hot peppers help you be healthy and lose weight, 3/13/13; Nature's most powerful antibiotics in one bottle, 12/10/14

Hummus: Hummus: Health benefits and tasty homemade recipe, 12/22/12; Is hummus healthy? Four reasons to include this tasty dip in your diet, 11/20/13

Kale: Here's why kale is called the 'beef' of a plant-based diet, 5/27/12; Five practical ways to add kale to your diet, 9/4/13; Four reasons to add more kale to your diet, 11/7/13; Kale is great for your sex life, 11/16/13

Kelp: Find health in this sea vegetable powerhouse, 11/4/11; Kelp empowers the thyroid gland and encourages weight loss, 2/18/14; 6 foods and herbs that solve the most dangerous health issues right now, 5/29/14

Kitchari: Cleanse your digestive system the easy way, 10/14/11

Leafy Greens: 10 reasons they are the power players on any plate, 8/3/11

Leeks: Leeks contain anti-cancer compounds, 5/24/11

Lentils: Super Food of the Prepper, 8/28/12

Lettuce: Benefits of lettuce for digestion, 3/5/13

Nettles: A super weed with powerful nutrition, 3/31/13

Okra: Health benefits, 9/19/13; Amazing health benefits of okra, 5/11/14

Olives: Eat more olives to ward off cancer, improve overall health, 5/26/14

Onions: Eat only fresh onions, place them on a window sill to absorb disease out of the air, 4/21/13; Eat garlic and onions every day for optimum heart health, immunity, cancer prevention, 5/15/13; Five research-proven reasons why onion is a powerful secret superfood, 9/5/13; Over 10 Reasons to Love Onions, 10/19/13; Onion extract exhibits therapeutic effects against cadmium toxicity, 1/25/14; Onion extract slows colon cancer growth just as effectively as chemo drug, 3/15/14; Onions are fantastic natural disease fighters, 6/8/14; Nature's most powerful antibiotics in one bottle, 12/10/14; Ancient onion and garlic medicinal recipe cures drug-resistant superbug infections, 10/14/15; Onions — A Powerful Anti-Cancer Food Staple, 11/8/16

Parsley: Parsley and other plant products halt tumor growth, 5/16/11; Disease prevention and other health benefits, 7/31/13; Parsley is much more useful for your health than it is to simply decorate your fancy dishes, 9/12/13; Healthy benefits of parsley, 12/18/13

Peas: Surprisingly good souces of phytonutrients and protein, 5/30/14

Potatoes: How to avoid inadvertently poisoning your food when making home-cooked meals, 7/19/15

Prickly pear cactuses: Prickly pear: discover the healing power of an ancient Aztec superfood, 3/1/14

Pumpkins: Trick or treat? Eating pumpkin is a treat for everything from your eyeballs to your weekly weigh-in. 9/8/12; Guys: raise your testosterone levels naturally by eating more pumpkin seeds, 6/14/13; Top 5 health benefits of pumpkin, 5/5/14; Healing benefits of pumpkin, 10/11/14

Prslane: Incredible health benefits of purslane, a common edible garden weed, 10/23/14

Sauerkraut: A spectrum of health benefits, 9/23/11; Sauerkraut promotes good health (and good fortune, too), 1/5/12

Seaweed: Natural source of bioactive peptides, shown to improve heart health, 7/27/11; Seaweed fibers boost weight loss, 1/13/12; Supercharge your health with seaweed, 6/22/13; Seaweed and sexual health benefits, 9/13/13; Wakame: an iodine-rich seaweed with impressive fat burning properties, 4/19/14

Spinach:Popeye was right: spinach really does boost your muscles, 2/1/11; Eat spinach for bigger muscles, better cell performance, 3/12/11; Health benefits of spinach to help manage general health, 7/22/13; Spinach is a great natural source of iron, vitamin K and phytochemicals, 6/10/14

spirulina Spirulina:   Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) rests atop the green superfood pantheon. This blue-green vegetable plankton has been a source of nutrition for humans since the Aztecs harvested it from Lake Texcoco in Mexico centuries ago. It very well may have been the first photosynthetic life form created by nature over 3.6 billion years ago. Algae such as Spirulina is believed to have produced the oxygen in our atmosphere that allowed the development of higher life forms, and it still contains the rich nutrient content that supports the diversity of life we have on Earth today. Spirulina contains the highest protein and beta-carotene levels of all green superfoods.
The blue-green algae is an excellent source of folic acid and is touted for its efficacy in removing heavy metals from the nervous system and the liver.
Packed with protein, B12 and iron, 9/27/11; 5 Grams Daily of This REVERSED Severe Radiation Poisoning in Chernobyl, 11/9/11; Discover the superfood power of spirulina, 11/19/11; Spirulina explained: Here's what you need to know about this healing superfood, 6/7/12; What are the Health Benefits of Spirulina?, 1/2/13; Immune boosting, mood enhancing, protein-rich wonder food, 7/12/13; Spirulina superfood consumed during pregnancy blocks cadmium from damaging developing babies, 7/23/13; History and health benefits of spirulina, 8/14/13; 10 reasons to take spirulina every day, 10/27/13; Spirulina may help elderly patients with anemia and immunological dysfunction, 10/29/13; Spirulina supplementation improves academic performance in schoolchildren, 11/1/13; Oral consumption of spirulina extract enhances antitumor natural killer cells, 11/4/13; High-flavanol cocoa powder and spirulina could prevent senile dementia, 12/19/13; Truly is an exceptional food in every imaginable way, 1/16/14; Dietary spirulina reduces copper toxicity, improves blood and growth, 1/29/14; Spirulina can help prevent cancer, boost brain function and more, 2/5/14; Spirulina's antioxidant effects help protect against lead acetate-induced damage, 2/13/14; Spirulina - the ultimate ocean protein, 2/27/14; Health benefits of taking spirulina daily, 3/12/14; Spirulina fusiformis reduces damaging effects of toxic mercuric chloride on kidneys, 3/24/14; Study touts spirulina as functional food for diabetes management, 3/26/14; Study shows live spirulina effective at removing lead from wastewater, 4/1/14; Spirulina can help treat pancreatic cancer, 6/5/14

Sprouts: Highest Concentration Of Nutrition Per Calorie Of Any Food; An ideal emergency preparedness food, 3/23/11; So fresh, they're still growing!, 8/7/12; Leafy Greens Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution, 4/11/13; Sprouts boost energy, digestion and immunity, 1/16/14

SproutGarden Mix:   An organic, freeze-dried, fresh-sprout powdered concentrate blend of broccoli, water cress, daikon radish, alfalfa, kale, mustard, red clover and cauliflower sprouts. Sprout phytonutrients can promote maintenance of healthy organs, support healthy anti-inflammatory conditions, reduces the effects of certain toxins and help fight the effects of age-related free-radical activity.

Sweet Potatoes: Nine reasons to eat more, 3/1/11; 6 amazing facts you need to know, 11/12/11; 5 huge health benefits of sweet potatoes, 5/2/12; Carotenoid-rich tubers that boost vision and fight disease, 7/11/14

Tomatoes: If tomatoes are technically a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie? Cooked tomatoes 'as good as statins' for battling cholesterol, 5/20/11; Tomatoes prevent strokes, 6/7/13; Advantages of this succulent produce, 9/13/13; Tomatoes may lower stroke risk, 9/29/13; Tomatoes can help prevent breast cancer, 12/22/13; How tomatoes help prevent cancer, 1/5/14; 10 reasons to eat more tomatoes, 8/7/14; Newest study reinforces the prostate-cancer fighting abilities of a tomato-rich diet, 8/29/14; Tomatoes lower prostate cancer risk by one-fifth, 8/31/14

VitaVeggie Mix:   An organic, highly concentrated blend of 100% low heat dried vegetable antioxidants, rich in vegetable phytochemicals, such as glucosinolates, sulphoraphane, lycopene, lutein and chlorogenic acid. It supplies the nutrients and health benefits of broccoli, broccoli sprout, tomato, carrot, spinach, kale, brussel sprout, and onions. Just 1 gram of provides 5000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) units.

Watercress:Prevents cancer, 9/27/10; Watercress: A garnishing green that provides bountiful health benefits, 9/11/11; Watercress Turns Off Breast Cancer Cell Growth, 10/1/13; Watercress gets perfect score of 100 in study that ranks foods by nutrient levels, 6/11/14

Weeds: Are Weeds Healthier Than Farmed Veggies?, 9/4/13


Grains: Are Traditionally Prepared Grains Healthy?, 8/3/11; 6 Best Alternative Grains, 12/3/14

Cereal: Which cereal brands are truly committed to producing clean, organic food?, 10/21/11

Freekeh: Grain that combats type 2 diabetes and boosts overall health, 6/5/14

Oats: Are Oats Healthy?, 8/17/11; Health benefits of colloidal oatmeal, 10/3/13

Quinoa: Why quinoa can help you lose weight and improve your health, 11/10/11; Health Benefits of Quinoa, 7/12/13; Quinoa's nutritional benefits, 8/9/13; Quinoa is a high source of protein with tremendous health benefits, 11/7/13; Quinoa's many health benefits, 9/15/14

Rice: Black rice rivals blueberries as source of healthful antioxidants, 9/14/10; Why You Should Start Cooking With Black Rice, 6/17/13


122715a49 Meat: Eatwild's Directory of U.S., Canadian and International Farms & Ranches; Healthy meat consumption 101 - How to distinguish good meats from bad meats, 9/4/12; Eating A Juicy Steak Is Good For You, 3/11/13; First ever non-GMO meat and egg product label hits the market, 7/11/13; Soaking meats in beer makes them safer to eat from the grill, 4/21/14; How to make a nutritious superfood for survival that lasts decades, 12/22/15

Beef: Grass-fed beef is more nutrient dense than poultry, 12/20/11; Four great reasons to eat organic, grass-fed beef, 5/8/12
Beef Liver: Liver is a shockingly potent superfood, 11/3/12

Pork: World's largest pork producer ditches Big Pharma's chemical feed additive, angering drug-pushing FDA, 7/1/13

Seafood: Farmed Seafood: What’s Safe and Nutritious, 5/11/11; Grocery Store Seafood: What to Eat and What to Avoid, 5/18/11; How to Fillet a Fish: An Illustrated Guide, 9/17/15
Salmon (Wild): Wild Alaskan Salmon Is a Powerhouse of Nutrition that May Help You Live Longer, 4/17/13
Shellfish: A Guide to Crustaceans, Bivalves and Molluscs, or Why You Should Be Eating Exoskeleton-Bearing Aquatic Invertebrates, 6/23/11
Squid: Squid ink - A unique health food that challenges cancer and dangerous pathogens, 11/28/13

012617r 011316o49 Eggs: Antioxidants in eggs help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, 7/11/11; Organic Egg Wake Up, 7/19/11; How eggs prevent cancer shows vast healing power of foods, 8/2/11; Another Reason To Ignore the Warnings About This Super Food, 9/3/11; How to Cook Better Eggs, 10/27/11; Eggs offer many health benefits, 1/3/12; Study that sought to disparage health of eggs was authored by scientists with financial ties to Big Pharma, 9/4/12; First ever non-GMO meat and egg product label hits the market, 7/11/13; Organic, Cage-Free, Free-Range or Pastured... Sorting Through the Confusion on Egg Labels, 1/16/14; Which type is best - Organic, free-range, pastured or cage-free?, 1/29/14; Eggs are a great source of protein, minerals and carotenoids, 2/20/14; Health Benefits of Eggs - Perfect Sources of Protein and Choline, 2/27/14; Myth exposed: Do eggs really cause high cholesterol?, 3/1/14; 9 Secrets to Achieving Hard-Boiled Egg Perfection, 6/9/14; Top 10 Better Ways to Cook an Egg, 11/1/14; Egg-White Eaters — Yolk Is No Joke, 11/12/16; How Can You Tell if Eggs Have Expired?, 12/18/17


072716d Dairy: Eating butter and cheese 'doesn't increase risk of heart attacks', 5/20/11; Full Fat Dairy May Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes and Other Health Problems, 10/1/14

Butter: You have been lied to, 1/14/11; Why Butter Is A Health Food, 3/26/13; Why Butter is Good For You, 7/17/13; Butter consumption up as margarine health hoax finally collapses, 2/1/14; Butter Consumption Reaches a 40-Year High, 3/25/14; Why butter is better and ways to eat more, 6/11/14; Butter Is Back—Processed Foods Are Identified as Real Culprits in Heart Disease, 6/24/14; Making real, natural butter in the comfort of your own home is easy, 3/29/15; Butter Is Better, 11/5/16

Cheese: Enjoy the health benefits of raw cheese, 10/15/11; A Nutritional Powerhouse that Can Help Protect Your Heart, Brain and Bones, 6/18/13; Full-Fat Cheese Has Many Health Benefits, Including Weight Loss, 10/4/16

Ghee: This is butter that is good for you, 11/18/11; A clarified butter rich in essential fats and vitamins, 12/4/13

Goat's Milk: Is goat milk better than cow milk? Here’s a list of health benefits, 9/6/11

Kefir: Super Food Power, 7/4/11

052714g62 Milk: Know the real milk story, 10/14/11; Raw milk is remarkably safe, 7/2/13; Top 5 substitutes for conventionally produced milk, 7/29/13; Health Benefits of Raw Milk • White Blood of Life, 8/15/13; Arkansas legalizes sale of raw milk directly from farms, 9/13/13; Reasons why you should drink raw milk (and avoid processed milk), 10/5/13; Is full-fat milk best? The skinny on the dairy paradox, 2/21/14; Raw Milk on the Rise — No Illness Seen, 2/27/14

Other Foods

Brewer's Yeast: Brewer's yeast is rich in protein, B-vitamins and beneficial bacteria, 3/16/14

Bugs: Dutch scientists push for bugs to replace meat as food source, 1/26/11; Insect Eating Culture, 2/18/11; Bug banquets to end world food crisis, 3/7/11; Is Insect-Eating Really the Future of Food?, 8/10/11; Hungry? Lacking protein? Eat an insect, UN says, 5/14/13; UN: Eat more ants and grasshoppers to avoid starvation, 6/18/13; 7 Savory Ways To Eat Cicadas, 6/20/13; Canada puts insects on the menu, 7/1/13; Academia rolls out insect-based flour to feed malnourished populations in developing countries, 10/4/13; Caterpillar Cuisine, 12/25/13; Benefits of eating bugs, 3/1/14; Insect cuisine coming soon to a store near you - Can bugs feed the world?, 1/30/15

GlycoBerry Mix  The world’s first product (Ambrotose by Mannatech is a more recent other) that provides standardized, scientifically-validated levels of all eight essential monosaccharides (plant carbohydrates) or glyconutrients: mannose, fucose, xylose, galactose, glucose, N-acetylneuraminic acid (sialic acid), N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylglucosamine in combination with other functional ingredients. There are over 200 carbohydrates (sugars) but only these eight are essential to bodily function. These glyconutrients not vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes, but are in a class of their own as nutritional supplements derived from plants. They have been studied for their ability to contribute to: supporting healthy immune system response, promoting cellular communication, supporting healthy glucose metabolism, promoting healthy inflammation response and supporting healthy joints. These sugars combine in the body with protein and fat to form glyconutrients, which are crucial for cellular communication, including that of immune cells. All 600 trillion cells in our body need glyconutrients and glyconutrients cannot form in the absence of these eight monosaccharides.

Guyabano: Miracle cure for cancer, 8/19/13

Hemp: Nature's Forgotten Superfood; Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils

Ketchup: Improve your diet with nutritious homemade ketchup, 12/2/11

maca root powder Maca powder:   Maca is an herbaceous perennial crop grown organically in the central highlands of Peru at elevations of 12,000 feet and higher. The Quechua Indians native to the area are the principle producers and consumers of the plant, and the oldest recorded date of maca use in Peru is around 1600 b.c. Peruvians traditionally have used maca root to promote mental acuity, physical vitality, endurance and stamina. Maca helps women with the symptoms of PMS and menopause. The herb also is well-known as an aphrodisiacal tonic that enhances sexual desire and performance and is especially reputed to increase fertility in men and women, as well as in domesticated animals. A highly nutritious food, it contains carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, fiber and lipids, as well as iodine and anticancer compounds similar to those found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage. It also contains antioxidants, such as catechins, which also are found in green tea, and sterols similar to those found in echinacea. See Peru’s Natural Viagra; Maca enhances libido, increases sperm count, and reduces post-menopausal symptoms, 3/18/12; What is Maca?, 5/10/13; Maca root improves libido, boosts stamina, and lowers cholesterol, 5/20/13; Superfood power, 10/24/13; History behind the ancient and powerful Maca, 11/8/13; Powder power: Woman with PCOS uses maca root powder to balance menstrual cycle, 11/17/13; Three superfoods that can help treat depression, 12/3/13; This Superfood Can Replace Caffeine & Viagra: Meet The Maca Root, 1/8/14; Maca root can increase libido and help treat sexual dysfunction, 4/29/14; Maca can help counter sexual dysfunctions and maintain a healthy prostate, 5/15/14; 6 foods and herbs that solve the most dangerous health issues right now, 5/29/14; Maca: the perfect food for balancing our hormones, 11/17/14

Mayonnaise: How to make fool-proof, healthy mayonnaise, 9/20/12

mesquite powder Mesquite powder:   Used as a staple and power food for centuries by the hardy inhabitants of South American deserts, Mesquite has many health benefits. Organic, raw, wildcrafted finely ground Mesquite powder is high in protein and lysine content, and is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels. It has a sweet, rich, molasses-like flavor with a hint of caramel which blends well into smoothies or other drinks, especially those made with cacao and maca. Mesquite flour: A nutritious, gluten-free substitute to white flour, 4/9/13

Moringa Oleifera: Health benefits of superfood moringa, 12/9/13; This Shrub Is Quickly Becoming the Favorite Superfood of Doomsday Preppers, 4/6/15

Mushrooms: Medicinal Mushrooms; Dallas & Burgin: Among the Mushrooms: Guide for Beginners; Stamets: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World; Mushroom compound heals cancer stem cells and prevents tumors, 6/1/11; Eat mushrooms to improve your health and happiness this winter, 12/24/11

Mustard: Surprise! Why common mustard is one of the healthiest cancer-fighting foods you'll ever discover, 4/13/14

Natto: Organic natto is extraordinary food for your heart, 9/24/11

Noni (Morinda citrifolia): Noni stimulates the immune system to reject tumor cells, 8/16/13

Nori: Nori is a high-protein plant source of vitamin B-12, 3/4/12

Vinegar: See also: Apple Cider Vinegar; 23 Ingenious Uses For White Vinegar; How to Make Red Wine Vinegar, 1/22/11; Vinegar technique used in rural villages helps prevent cervical cancer, 10/12/11; 35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar, 1/21/13; Vinegar provides immediate sunburn relief, heals other skin conditions, 7/11/14

Worms: Chinese Space Team Survives on Worm Diet for 105 Days, 5/24/14

Yeast: Find health with great-tasting nutritional yeast, 10/21/11; Nutritional yeast is an excellent vegetarian source of protein and B-vitamins, 5/20/13


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