Food Control

Food Rights; Food Freedom Laws; Evil Food Laws; Codex Alimentaris; Police State Food Agencies; ADA; FDA; USDA; Police State Food Aggression; Government Raids; War Against Natural Farming; Urban Gardening; Limiting Food Abundance; Food as a Weapon; Food & Depopulation; Food Prices &Availability; Toxic Food; Antibiotics; Pesticides; Factory Farms; Processed Food; Not so All Natural   Not so Organic; Deceptive Food Companies; Food?; Soy; Grain; Gluten Intolerance; Meat; Chicken; Eggs; Seafood; Fish; Animal Cruelty; Dairy; Milk; War against Raw Milk; Seeds; Arctic Doomsday Vault; Supplements & Vitamins; Food Additives; MSG; BPA; Sweeteners; Fake Honey; Sugar; Artificial Sweeteners; Aspartame; Neotame; High Fructose Corn Syrup; Sucralose (Splenda); Fast Food & Junk Food; McDonald's; Soft Drinks; Alcohol; Radiated Food; Microwave Cooking; Teflon; GMO; Monsanto; Toxic Water

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as a sorry state as the souls who live under tyranny.”   - Thomas Jefferson

Food Control: Secrets of Food Marketing, 5/12/14; Control the Food, Control the People, 9/8/14; Biggest lies told by the food industry, 9/16/14; Boosting Your Immune System: What NOT to Eat, 10/30/14; 10 Companies That Control Almost Everything We Eat, 12/12/14; 10 corporations have a monopoly on almost everything you buy at the supermarket, 12/5/16

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Food Rights

Food Rights Movement: Become a Part of the Food Rising Revolution; In Vonderplanitz Affair, Sharon Palmer Is Left to Wonder If She's a Main Actor, or Bit Player in More Intricate Plot, 7/6/10; Iowa Secretary of Agriculture race pivotal for national food and farm freedom, 10/28/10; Wyoming Defeats, Georgia Introduces Food Freedom Act, 1/20/11; Maine town becomes first to declare food sovereignty, 3/11/11; Join the Rally for Food and Farm Freedom in DC on May 16, 5/10/11; Will Allen's Food Freedom, 8/23/11; Hershberger Lives to Fight Another Day…and Be First Signer of Declaration of Food Independence, 3/3/12; Global Activism is Taking Down the Poisonous Corporate Food Industry, 3/17/12; How the Food Movement Is Gaining Strength, 12/14/12; New England Town Declares Food Sovereignty, 3/30/13; 'Let Them Eat Grass' documentary to expose massive government tyranny against small-scale farmers producing real food, 6/4/13; Join the Slow Food Movement – Stepping Toward Food Sovereignty, 10/12/13; Your freedom to choose your food is sacred, 1/6/15

Food Freedom Laws: Vermont drafts food sovereignty resolution to protect health, food freedom, 12/24/10; Vermont Takes Action to Resist FDA Take Over With a Resolution All Should Adopt, 1/13/11; Wyoming, Maine introduce food freedom legislation to combat S. 510, 2/5/11; Interactive Food Sovereignty Map tracks states, localities that have passed food freedom laws, 3/25/11; Organic dairy farmer Francis Thicke promotes House File 394, the Iowa raw milk bill, 3/28/11; Blue Hill becomes third town in Maine to pass food freedom law, 4/20/11; San Francisco votes to allow small-scale commercial farming in residential areas, no conditional use permit needed, 4/25/11

Evil Food Laws

Evil Food Laws: UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet, 6/2/10; Multi-national corporations destroying agriculture, 11/11/10; Feds order farmer to destroy his own wheat crops: Shocking revelations of Wickard vs Filburn, 12/21/10; EU ban on top herbal supplements signifies crackdown on natural health, 5/6/11; American Dietetic Association passing legislation to seize control over nutritionists, 5/31/11; Disgruntled neighbor spurs New Jersey town to cite backyard organic farmer for growing vegetables, demands crops be left unattended to die, 6/10/11; Federal Fish Fascism, 7/2/11; Criminal Gardening; NZ food bill to make growing food a government privilege rather than a human right, 12/7/11; Obama administration proposal to prevent children from doing farm chores, 4/25/12; Feds criminalizing small family farms under ridiculous 'labor laws' that target children, 4/27/12; Labor Dept. withdraws farm child labor rule after Daily Caller report goes viral, 4/27/12; Food Police State, 12/25/12; H.R. 193 would force farmers to pay a fee on saved seeds and register them, 1/7/13; European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government, 5/6/13; Why are taxpayers subsidizing bad food choices?, 3/2/14; Obama administration set to roll out massive new food regulations, 3/18/14

Codex Alimentaris: WHO: Understanding the Codex Alimentarius; Codex Alimentarius: how it all began; History of the "Business With Disease"; Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins & Herbs; Codex Guidelines for Vitamins and Minerals - Optional or Mandatory?, 3/04; How Codex Alimentarius ranks as one of the grossest violations of human rights in history; Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines , 7/21/9; Codex Threatens Health of Billions, 7/30/9; From Arbeit Macht Frei to Codex Alimentarius, 9/14/9; Executive Order 13544, 6/10/10; Elephant in the Room that They Don’t Want You to See, 7/7/10; Control The Food, Control The People, 8/30/10; U.S. Is Adopting Codex Alimentarius, 9/13/10; G. Edward Griffin Weighs In On Obama’s Executive Order and Codex!, 9/24/10; Ultimate Evil, 11/16/10; Canadian Government Advances Codex Alimentarius with New Laws, 12/16/10; Language of Health Tyranny: Decoding the Codex Alimentarius Guidelines for Vitamins and Supplements, 12/17/10; Europe to ban hundreds of herbal remedies, 12/30/10; Hundreds of herbal products to be outlawed across EU in early 2011, 12/30/10; Codex Scam. Or, How To Make Billions in the Name of “Food Safety”, 1/1/11; Problem is: Most people still don't get it, 2/20/11; Codex Alimentarius and Food Irradiation in the U.S., 3/25/11; Codex Alimentarius Irradiated Food Cover-up, 3/28/11; Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe, 5/13/11; UN Food Securitization Scheme, 7/9/12

HR 875: food police, criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, and violation of the 10th amendment; Federal Ban on Organic Farms/Gardens, 3/11/9; Monsanto's Dream Bill, 3/9/9; Change We Can Believe In?, 3/9/9; Banning Organic Farming & Regulating Home Gardening; Lose your property for growing food?, 3/16/9; When Is It Going To Be Enough, America?, 3/15/9; HR 875 Could Result in Arrest, Imprisonment of CEOs of Processed Food Companies (if enforced), 3/19/9; How to Criminalize Seeds, 3/19/9; What Might the So-called "Monsanto Bill" Really Do?, 3/26/9; Controlling Food from Growth to Table, 3/26/9
HR 2749: Totalitarian Control of the Food Supply, 6/16/9; Martial Law via Food Control, 6/28/9; Seizure of the US food supply and production passed the House, 7/31/9
HR 4173: Congressman Waxman Slips Obscure Anti-Supplement Measure into Wall St. “Reform” Bill Passed by the House, 4/27/10; Health freedom alert: Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill, 4/30/10
HR 5577: Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act and the Organics Loophole, 8/1/10; Welcome to the Global Plantation, 8/13/9
McCain's S.3217 Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA): New Bill That Attacks Your Access to Supplements, 2/4/10; Restoring American Financial Stability Act: also known as the “Buggering America One More Time Act”, 5/3/10
Leahy's S.3767 Food Safety Accountability Act:Guillotine for Supplement Manufacturers?
S 510: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, now H.R. 2751: Hissing in the Grass, 4/24/10; Most Dangerous Bill in the History of the US, 4/26/10; ...Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food, 4/26/10; again; again, 8/6/10; Fake Food Safety: Forcing the collapse of domestic agriculture, 8/18/10; How many Wisconsin DATCP goons does it take to inventory the personal food from a family’s private refridgerator?, 8/24/10; CODEX: Congress continues to ignore the people, 8/26/10; Control Of Food Supply To Be Handed Over To Department Of Homeland Security, 8/31/10; Congress moves against the people once again. Who will protect America from Congress and the USDA/FDA?, 9/1/10; Your government welcomes you to the new “nationalized agriculture” system!, 9/2/10; S510 Has Farmers and Ranchers In the Crosshairs!, 9/3/10; Making of America’s own “holodomor”, 9/15/10; US Congress: “misbranded and adulterated”, 9/16/10; Last gasp of the independent and family farmer: Durbin makes a last ditch effort to sell out American family farms and ranches, 9/23/10; A citizens Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Federal Government, 9/26/10; Dear Senators’ Levin & Stabenow: Did you even read S.510 The fake food Safety Bill, 11/8/10; MN Gov. Pawlenty's Response, 11/9/10; Fraud behind Locally Grown and Sustainable, and it’s continuance as per the Testor Amendment to S 510, 11/10/10; Food system isn’t broken: The government just won’t get the hell out of it, 11/12/10; Stop S.510, the fake food safety bill, at your state line, 11/12/10; Burning Goodwill: A reply to a consumer organization regarding S.510, 11/13/10; In the wake of S.510 Fake food safety….it won’t be a matter of what’s for dinner….but will we have dinner?, 11/14/10; Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds, 11/16/10; End of America’s farms? This could be the future of farming under S.510, 11/16/10; Senate bill S 510 vote imminent – procedural vote passes 74-25, 11/18/10; US Senate debate on S.510 Food Safety bill could extend into the weekend, 11/18/10; Death knell sounds for America’s farmers and ranchers: The US Senate convenes at 10:30 on November 19th to vote on S.510, the fake food safety bill, 11/19/10; Reid stalls out S.510 fake food safety bill until Monday as backroom dirty deals are struck, 11/19/10; WHAT SENATORS GOT PAID OFF TO SUPPORT S.510, 11/19/10; Senate Bill 510 vote delayed until after Thanksgiving - Take action now to oppose food tyranny, 11/20/10; Senate Bill 510 Food Safety? The FDA has killed far more people than contaminated eggs or lettuce, 11/20/10; S.510: Buy Your Seeds Now If You Like Eating, 11/27/10; S.510: Bribery, Graft and Conflicts of Interest, 11/29/10; US Senate passes the Patriot Act for Food, S510, by a vote of 73 to 25, 11/30/10; Industry bought Congressional votes to pass S. 510 food safety bill, 12/1/10; US Senator caught admitting that lame duck session is 'rigged', 12/1/10; Top ten lies about Senate Bill 510, 12/1/10; Food safety bill passes Senate, but dead in the water because..., 12/1/10; S 510 Food Safety bill now dead in the water due to blue slip mistake, 12/1/10; U.S. Passes Most Restrictive Legislation Yet Against Health Freedom, 12/1/10; Another Patriot Act...for Food, 12/3/10; S.510 Blue Slip; S 510 Food Safety bill is still alive and may unleash a new army of FDA agents, 12/9/10; Betrayed again: S.510 fake food safety loaded into government funding resolution, 12/9/10; Food Safety on Life Support?, 12/19/10; Food Safety Sneak Attack! Passed by Unanimous Consent, 12/19/10; S 510 Fake Food Safety bill passed by Senate in late-night sneak attack on small farmers and food freedom, 12/20/10; Tell REPRESENTATIVES to Vote "NO" on H.R. 2751 & Stop the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, 12/20/10; Bribery and Graft abound as Reid attaches S.510 to clunkers, 12/20/10; Vote Is In: Congressional Mafia Rams Food Safety HR 2751 Down Our Throats!, 12/21/10; Thanks to “Dirty Harry” Reid: An overt act of betrayal by both Houses of Congress, 12/22/10; Congress sticks it to U.S. farmers with passage of food safety bill that will actually cause fresh produce to be more dangerous, 12/22/10; With food safety bill, U.S. government will spend nearly $1 million per person to prevent food-borne illness deaths, 12/28/10; Food safety bill invokes Codex harmonization and grants FDA authority to police food safety of foreign nations, 12/29/10; S.510 Food Safety Modernization Bill and Codex Alimentarius, 12/30/10; How the Food Safety Modernization Act will destroy American jobs, farms and local foods, 1/14/11; With superbugs contaminating fresh meat, the truth comes out about the FDA Food Safety Bill, 4/17/11; Obama tells farmer no need to worry about government over-regulation of agriculture, 8/18/11
Durbin's S.1310 Dietary Supplement Labeling Act: Durbin 'Dietary Supplement Labeling Act' to reward FDA for failures and punish responsible supplement producers, 7/6/11
Other Governmental/ Political Bills: Canada's Bill C-51: Illegalizing Food?; HR 814 Supports CAFOs and Restricts Individual Animal Ownership

Police State Food Agencies

American Dietetic Association (ADA): American Dietetic Association leads Americans astray, 7/5/11; ADA Wants Nutrition Prisons, 4/7/12; Power-hungry American Dietetic Association attempting to criminalize nutritional consulting in all 50 states, 7/19/12; Nonprofit organizations exposed: American Dietetic Association and others in bed with Monsanto, 10/9/12

The FDA protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. People think that the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.
- Dr. Herbert Ley, Former Commissioner of the U.S. F.D.A.

fda-kills FDA: Hidden Harm: How the FDA is Ignoring Potential Dangers of Unique Chemicals in Irradiated Food, Dec. 01; FDA protecting us against walnuts claiming health benefits, 2/22/10; FDA: You have no natural right to food, health, or private contracts, 5/9/10; Jackboot to the throat--FDA claims citizens have no right of access to certain foods, 5/23/10; Commissioner says agency needs more authority, 8/23/10; Ignorance Is Power - exposes FDA censorship of nutritional science, 9/8/10; FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report, 9/18/10; Food Addiction: Could It Explain Why 70 Percent of Americans Are Fat?, 10/16/10; Senate Bill 510 Food Safety? The FDA has killed far more people than contaminated eggs or lettuce, 11/20/10; Now the FDA Is Going After Vitamin C!, 1/4/11; FDA outlawing injectable vitamin C to further destroy health of Americans, 1/6/11; Taco Bell beef faked? No more than the rest of the FDA-approved toxic food supply, 1/29/11; A Killer Agency, 2/8/11; Is the FDA silencing journalists?, 3/20/11; FDA says you have no right to real food unless they give you permission first, 4/2/11; Lawsuit against FDA a success! Court rules censorship of two specific health claims unconstitutional, 4/26/11; FDA claims power to seize food without evidence of contamination, 5/5/11; FDA targets supplement manufacturers, falsely accuses them of selling drugs, 5/31/11; FDA sends US marshals to seize elderberry juice concentrate, deems it 'unapproved drug', 6/7/11; FDA unleashes end game scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994, 7/6/11; Dietary Supplements Face Overkill While FDA-Approved Drugs Have a License To Kill, 7/13/11; FDA's End Game may severely limit nutritional supplements and natural products, 7/16/11; FDA to Diamond Foods: “Your Walnuts Are Drugs”, 7/18/11; FDA says Walnuts Are Drugs, 7/21/11; FDA Threatens to Seize Adulterated, "Sleepy" Brownies, 8/2/11; Timeline of FDA raids on raw milk farmers, dietary supplement makers and natural medicine practitioners, 8/10/11; Revitalized Eugenics Movement & the FDA’s Role, 8/11/11; FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg pushing to eliminate conflict of interest laws, allow paid drug company shills to fill advisory positions, 8/18/11; FDA draft guidance to cripple natural products sector and health freedom, decimate supplement innovation, 8/25/11; Take action NOW to stop FDA from turning your vitamins and supplements into unapproved 'food additives', 9/1/11; FDA May Be Getting Ready To Water-Down Your Vitamin Pills, 9/9/11; FDA Escalates Its Long War on Dietary Supplements, 9/17/11; FDA allowed oil-tainted seafood onto market, 10/14/11; FDA Kills, 11/9/11; FDA violates law by refusing to ban antibiotics from use in animal feed, 11/14/11; FDA allows conventional meat and produce to be blasted with radioactive nuclear waste, treated with virus 'cocktails', 11/15/11; FDA caught spying on e-mails of its own scientists in huge surveillance operation, 7/17/12; FDA caught running 'paranoid, retaliatory' institutionalized spying ring, 8/20/12; FDA Looking to Ban B6 Supplements, Give Boost to Big Pharma, 9/26/12; FDA approves experimental tuberculosis treatment that carries increased risk of death, 1/5/13; Global Treaty Signed to Stop Deadly Mercury While FDA Allows it Unchecked In Your Food, 1/21/13; Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare, 2/6/13; Monsanto and the FDA: Two crime families working a trillion-dollar hustle, 3/2/13; FDA requests $300 million war chest to implement onerous new food safety regulations against farmers, commercial food growers, 4/15/13; In First, F.D.A. Rejects Tobacco Products, 6/25/13; NYC allows doctors to prescribe fresh fruit and vegetables as treatment for obesity; FDA declares veggies 'unapproved drugs', 7/28/13; FDA destroys business of anti-aging supplement manufacturer by classifying amino acid derivative as 'unapproved drug', 8/5/13; FDA and EPA are Victims of the Government Shutdown – Is This Supposed to be a Bad Thing?, 10/5/13; Abolish the FDA, 10/25/13; FDA Scientists Report: FDA Unable to Protect Public Health, 11/24/13; FDA unleashes despotic food safety war targeting organic farms, 3/5/14; FDA To Ban Organic Farming?, 5/16/14; Why the FDA should be charged with murder, 5/17/14; FDA tries to destroy homeopathy - warns doctors, consumers to beware side effects of supposedly 'inert' products, 4/16/15; FDA May Start Regulating Homeopathy, 4/20/15; FDA contradicts official story about 'inert' homeopathy being ineffective, warns consumers to watch for side effects, 4/27/15; How the FDA is Is Planning on Taking Down Alternative Medicine, 4/28/15; FDA Banning Food Makers from Telling the Truth about Non-GMO Foods; Dead doctors, dead patients and corporate bullying: How FDA is the new Murder Inc, 8/5/15; FDA Is Killing Our Freedoms and Destroying Our Health, 8/21/15; Regulators' war on Americans: FDA covers up crimes for Big Pharma; EPA for chemical companies; USDA for biotech; and CDC for vaccine industry, 9/29/15; EPA, FDA quietly building secret government militias with body armor and military gear, 1/12/16; FDA responsible for rapid rise of deadly pathogens in U.S. food supply, 1/15/16; FDA is a criminal cartel: protecting the drug industry's monopoly while denying Americans the human right access to natural medicines, 4/6/16; FDA approved fraud: The FDA conducts NO scientific studies on drugs, 4/7/16; FDA admits drug, medical device approval process is a bribery system based on who pays the most, 5/9/16; Why American healthcare would be better off without the Food and Drug Administration: it causes more harm than good!, 5/18/16; 20 Things the FDA (Federal Deception Administration) Doesn’t Want You to Know, 8/31/16; American Health Under Attack by the FDA, 9/10/16; Why the Law Forbids the Medicinal Use of Natural Substances, 9/21/16; Amish Farmer Facing Life in Prison for FDA Mislabeling Infraction, 2/15/17; Statement That Should Be Included In Product Inserts For FDA Approved Drugs, 5/15/17
Margaret Hamburg: Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg named in massive conspiracy and racketeering lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson, a Wall Street hedge fund, and the Levaquin drug, 4/22/16

USDA: USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity, 7/1/10; USDA: No strategic grain reserves…they sold them!, 10/12/10; USDA’s Organic Deception, 1/6/11; Going After Vitamin C!, 1/6/11; “Roundup Ready” Genetically Modified Sugar Beets Labeled Safe by USDA, 2/6/11; USDA tells farmers to plant genetically modified crops, 2/11/11; USDA fines family four million dollars for selling bunny rabbits, 5/22/11; USDA trying to run organic leafy green growers out of business, 7/17/11; Food safety false flag? USDA waited for people to die before recalling ground turkey it knew was contaminated, 8/10/11; USDA Signs MOU with Rockefeller’s Council on Foundations to Exploit Rural America, 8/19/11; FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter - the end of health freedom as we know it, 10/17/11; USDA school lunch reform rules are a complete hoax, 2/2/13; Approved by the USDA - Common additive in organic food triggers significant inflammation and cancer, 3/7/13; USDA agricultural census program is a covert surveillance operation to compile government database of food and farm assets, 3/27/13; Farmers To Face Fines Or Prison Sentences For Selling Food Directly To Customers, 8/13/13; USDA Admits to Killing Millions of Birds and Animals, 5/27/14; Judges Approve USDA Confiscating Farmers' Harvests, 5/28/14; Monsanto is Running the USDA: Two GMO Crops Approved This Year, 5/29/15

FEMA: FEMA to confiscate food from local farms in emergencies?, 5/11/11

Police State Food Aggression

Government Raids: Police Begin "Guns Drawn" Raids on Organic Food Stores in California, 8/2/10; California Raw Food Buyers Club Illegally Raided by Government, 8/24/10; Health department tyrants raid local 'farm to fork' picnic dinner, orders all food to be destroyed with bleach, 11/11/11; Iso Rabins, San Francisco's Famed Forager, Targeted By Department Of Health, 12/27/11

War Against Small and Natural Farming & Ranching: Another Way To Destroy Natural Farmers: Seize Their Bank Accounts on Phony Charges, 4/25/12; Obama closing peoples farms - Under Gov Shutdown excuse, 10/6/13; Right to farm being stripped from Americans: Michigan to criminalize small family farms with chickens, goats, honey bees and more, 5/2/14; Dictatorial Michigan government to ban chickens, goats, honey bees on small family farms, 5/18/14; Oregon Grass-fed Ranchers Face Criminal Charges for Grazing Animals, 6/11/15; Oregon Grass-fed Ranchers Have Animals Confiscated, Face Criminal Charges for Grazing Livestock, 3/2/16

Lemon Tree Lady: 'Lemon Tree Lady' Speaks Out About USDA Threats Over TREE (this is NOT satire), 9/26/11; USDA threatens $60,000 fine, federal raid against woman in legal possession of indoor lemon tree, 10/3/11

Urban Gardening: Oakland gardener questions need for permit to sell produce, 4/1/11; Oakland officials threaten to shut down urban gardener growing food on her own land, 4/8/11; Does Michelle Obama Know About This?, 7/7/11; Bureaucrats in Michigan threaten woman with jail time for planting vegetable garden in her own yard, 7/11/11; Front Yard Gardener Faces New Charges, 7/15/11; All charges dropped against Julie Bass, the Michigan gardener threatened with jail time for growing vegetables in her own yard, 7/29/11; Health Ranger interviews Julie Bass - all charges dropped against Michigan gardener, 7/31/11; Seeds of Discontent, 9/15/11

Buying Locally: I can’t buy local: I don’t live in China!, 1/29/11

Limiting Food Abundance

World Food Supply: A Silent Tsunami of Hunger is Coming; Global Food Catastrophe, 2/10/9; Industrialized Farming Endangers World Food Supply, 6/10/9; World Running Out of Food Before Our Eyes, 8/24/9; Food Shortage Coming in 2010; Is America Destined to Starve?, 6/21/10; Global food security at risk as crop biodiversity is lost, 1/29/11; Alarming Number of Disasters Striking World "Food Baskets", 5/16/11; 12 Signs That the World Is Running Out of Food, 7/9/11; Global famine could destroy society if Ebola outbreak isn't stopped, United Nations warns, 10/21/14; Extinction of Fruits and Vegetables in 80 Years, 3/11/15; Global supplies of food and medicine now in a state of collapse... learn to grow your own food or STARVE, 1/27/16

Government Food Stockpiling: Is the U.S. Government Stockpiling Food in anticipation of a Major Economic Crisis?, 9/24/11

Food as a Weapon: Ultimate Secret Exposed, 7/29/10; Pt.1; again; Pt.2; Weaponized Chillies, 7/30/10; Food as a Weapon with Professor Poochenstein, 10/6/10; Food wars: How European health authorities are using the e.coli scare to wage economic warfare against vegetable farmers, 6/6/11; 6 Real Examples of Food Terrorism, 6/7/11; How food is being used as a weapon, 8/17/11; From Zyklon B to GM corn: How GMOs transformed food into a globalist weapon, 9/24/12; USDA’s Suicide Seed, the WTO & Agra-Terrorism, 4/30/13; FMDs, Foods of Mass Destruction, being released across U.S. without safety testing, 5/26/13; Nanoparticles are being put in to our food by the Government to kill, 11/25/13; The Last Thanksgiving?, 11/29/13; Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it, 2/20/14

042114b-67 Food & Depopulation: Food and Depopulation, 6/8/10; Food and Depopulation: International Takeover by the UN, 6/16/10; Food & Depopulation: Scams and Solutions, 6/23/10

Food Prices, Availability: Food Freedom; Wheat Soars; Rogers Sees 'Much Higher' Food Prices, 8/3/10; Food prices set to explode this winter, 10/8/10; Here's The Massive Commodities Surge About To Send Food Prices Sky High, 11/8/10; All Evidence Points To A Dramatic Increase In Food Prices Worldwide, Possible Shortages, 12/30/10; World Food Prices Surge to Record, Passing Levels That Sparked 2008 Riots, 1/5/11; 7 Reasons Food Shortages Will Become a Global Crisis, 1/7/11; Food skyrockets to highest prices ever, 1/10/11; Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots, 1/13/11; 5 Simple Ways To Prepare For The Coming Food Crisis, 1/14/11; Food Riots 2011 – Here We Go, 1/16/11; Analyst: 'Explosive' Food Prices the Biggest Risk, 1/17/11; Authoritarian governments start stockpiling food to fight public anger, 1/28/11; Food costs at record high as U.N. warns of volatile era, 2/3/11; Global Food Prices Just Hit Their Highest Level Ever, 2/3/11; Fed Money Printing to Cover Bank Theft Is Leading to Food Inflation Worldwide, 2/5/11; Commodity speculation = hunger; Chart of record global food prices, 2/6/11; Fed's Role In Recent Food Price Ignited Revolutions, 2/7/11; Mexico's Big Freeze, Crop Devastation Worst in 50 Years, 2/10/11; "Get Ready For Higher Food Prices" Goes Mainstream, 2/10/11; Fresh produce prices to double or triple following freak freezes - is Earth in a magnetic pole shift?, 2/14/11; Goldman to blame for global food crisis, 2/11/11; Savour that chocolate while you can still afford it, 2/11/11; Mexico loses 80-100% of crops to freeze, US prices to skyrocket, 2/12/11; World Bank: Food prices at "dangerous levels", 2/15/11; 14 Ways to Save Money on Groceries, 2/25/11; Food prices to skyrocket, riots could follow, suggests USDA, 3/1/11; Of Government and Famine, 3/1/11; Wholesale prices up 1.6 pct. on steep rise in food, 3/16/11; World food supply threatened by Japan nuclear radiation, 3/17/11; Global food scare widens from Japan nuclear plant, 3/24/11; 9 Ways to Prepare for Food Inflation; Extreme weather taking a huge toll on global food production, 4/9/11; World entering era of permanent food crisis, with prices to double over next 20 years, 6/9/11; Record Food Prices Linked to Biofuels, 6/17/11; Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast?, 6/25/11; 12 Signs That the World Is Running Out of Food, 7/9/11; Food prices continue to skyrocket, even when gas prices fall, 7/11/11; Time to Stock Up: Price of Peanut Butter is set to Soar 40% in the Next 2 Weeks, 10/19/11; Proof of Staple Food Price Inflation, 11/14/11; Food inflation will affect entire globe in 2013, 8/28/12; World may be forced into vegetarianism due to food shortages, warn scientists, 8/30/12; World Food Prices Jumped 10% in July, 8/31/12; Era of cheap food may be over, 9/2/12; Prepare for a Massive Food Price Surge, 9/21/12; Two No-Brainer Ways To Play Rising Food Prices, 9/27/12; Food inflation to be driven by record-high mass slaughtering of farm animals, 9/28/12; Age of affordable food is coming to an end - Are you prepared?, 6/17/13; Ethanol to blame for higher grocery bills, 11/17/13; It Has Begun: Wise Up and Stock up as Food Shortages and Price Hikes Are Coming Before Year’s End, 2/14/14; 15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill Is Going To Start SOARING, 2/16/14; Worldwide Food Shortages!, 2/26/14; Now on your restaurant bill: Obamacare fee, 2/27/14; Real Inflation Fear - US Food Prices Are Up 19% In 2014, 3/26/14; U.S. food prices up 19 percent in 2014; increasing inflation feared, 4/14/14; Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade?, 4/18/14; Fresh produce prices skyrocketing in 2014, 4/25/14; Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”, 5/15/14; U.S. food prices rising 367% faster than inflation; chemical agriculture headed for catastrophic failure, 6/18/14; Michigan government forces farmers to destroy vast amounts of healthy food while homeless U.S. children and veterans starve, 7/30/14; Millions of Americans Are Vulnerable to Starvation: “Almost At the Point of No Return With Regard to the Coming Food Riots”, 8/22/14; By the gallon, milk is now more expensive than gasoline in America, 11/17/14; Honey, they shrank the food!, 11/23/14; Planned Starvation of America, 5/3/16; FEMA Contractor Predicts 'Social Unrest' Caused by 395% Food Price Spikes, 6/26/16; Food prices skyrocketing across USA: Top 10 foods that went up the most in the last year, 8/8/16; Europe hit by severe vegetable shortage… citizens who don’t grow their own veggies now facing empty shelves, 2/15/17


Seeds: Rapid Rise in Seed Prices Draws U.S. Scrutiny, 3/11/10; Is the future of food in frozen, seed-filled Tupperware containers?, 3/12/10; Government Has a Seed Bank Savings Account — Shouldn’t You?, 8/25/10; Great seed robbery, 4/27/11; Monsanto taking over world seed supply, nation by nation, 6/27/11; Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of world food supply, 7/27/11; Resisting the Corporate Theft of Seeds, 9/14/11; H.R. 193 would force farmers to pay a fee on saved seeds and register them, 1/7/13; Seed diversity has collapsed more than 12-fold since early 1900s, 12/7/13; European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds – Criminalize Plants Not Registered With Government, 1/6/14; Agri-Terrorism? Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania, 8/4/14; Heirloom seed proponents now labeled 'agri-terrorists' by government, 8/7/14; Extinction of Fruits and Vegetables in 80 Years, 3/11/15; Patented Life: Sharing Gardening Seeds Illegal in 30% Of US States, 3/21/15

doomsday-seed-vault Svalbard Global Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault: Hartley: Doomsday Seed Vault, pt.1, pt.2; Norway doomsday seed vault hits 1/2 million mark, 3/11/10; Seven Congressman Deliver Seeds To Arctic Doomsday Vault over July 4th Weekend, 7/4/10; Seed Savers Exchange and the Svalbard Doomsday Vault: Biopiracy by U.N. Treaty, 10/4/10; Why is Norway Prepping Underground Facilities?, 1/10/11; Discover the doomsday seed vault's secrets, 12/23/11; Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t, 5/1/13; “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic – Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t, 2/23/14; Syrian Civil War Prompts First Withdrawal From Doomsday Seed Vault In The Arctic, 9/23/15; Inside the Arctic Seed Vault Designed to Save Humanity From Extinction, 11/11/16; Svalbard Global Seed Vault: 860k seed samples stored for survival in case of a global extinction event, 12/6/16

Toxic Food

eat-shit-madam Food: 16 Cancer-Causing Foods; Food, Inc. reading list; trailer; Sparrowdancer: Mr. Potato; Mennonite Farmer Hauled Away; Melamine & Country Barcodes; Declining Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Composition; How to read food labels; Concern Over Canned Foods, 11/17/9; 7 foods experts won't eat, 11/24/9; Toxic Sewage Sludge in Your Food, 12/17/9; Supplements: Report: Herbal Supplements May Pose Health Risk, 5/27/10; again; Shiv Chopra and the toxicity of our conventional food supply; transcript; Why We Waste So Much, 10/18/10; Barton Seaver: Sustainable seafood? Let's get smart; Terrorists may poison the food supply (but the food companies already have), 12/22/10; Grocery stores erect fake "farmer's markets" in parking lots to trick shoppers, 12/25/10; Crops absorb pharmaceuticals from sewage sludge spread on farmlands, 12/26/10; 7 Foods to Avoid; Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home, 4/11/11; foodinc Hedge fund managers pour assets into farmland as doomsday food scenario approaches, 5/25/11; 25 Amazing Facts About Food, 6/8/11; No Freedom of Food - Farmageddon trailer, 6/11/11; Obama's Food Police in Staggering Crackdown on Market to Kids, 6/21/11; What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients, 7/28/11; Foodborne Illnesses in America, 8/22/11; News Media, In League With Government, Begins Orchestrated Smear Campaign Against Dietary Supplements, 9/3/11; Wisconsin Judge: We have No Right to Produce or Eat Food, 9/28/11; WI judge declares that individuals have no fundamental right to own cows, drink raw milk, 9/29/11; Confessions of a former Big Food executive, 11/2/11; Why are fried foods terrible for your health?, 12/26/11; Amazing Food Fact Machine launched by Natural News; reveals shocking facts about what you're eating, 1/17/12; Fish And Spices Top List of Imported Foods That Make Us Sick, 3/14/12; Food industry is waging war on your cells with these 10 toxic ingredients, 4/22/12; Corn Is Dying All Over America, 7/10/12; Top foods that cause depression, 8/31/12; Flawed organic foods study really just a media psyop to confuse the public about organics while pushing GMOs, 9/4/12; Busted! Co-author of Stanford study that bashed organics found to have deep ties to Big Tobacco's anti-science propaganda, 9/7/12; Real reason the Stanford organic food study was a fraud, 9/13/12; Agricultural giant Cargill and others behind anti-organic 'Stanford Study', 9/15/12; One in 10 teenagers now suffers from liver disease due to toxic food supply, 10/16/12; New York Times Admits Stanford Organic Food Study Flaws, Apologizes, 10/17/12; New York Times columnist says 'Stanford Study' bashing organics is totally flawed, 10/22/12; Yes – You ARE What You Eat, 11/28/12; Dr. Oz viciously attacks organic foods and farmers markets, pushes feedlot beef, urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO, 12/1/12; Is Michelle Obama’s “natural food” campaign designed to hide the White House attack on organic food?, 12/3/12; Peak Phosphorus and Food Production, 12/4/12; Frankenfoods, the Fraudulent Food Pyramid and Other Folderol, 12/18/12; Nine foods you should never eat again, 12/26/12; Art of Food Deception, 2/2/13; 10 Lies & Misconceptions Spread by Mainstream Nutrition, 2/27/13; What you need to know about food borne illnesses, 3/5/13; Food monopolists are taking over the world food supply, 3/6/13; Know what's In your food, 3/10/13; Mycotoxins are contaminating these 10 food staples, 4/1/13; Nine reasons to never eat processed foods again, 4/2/13; Top 10 most unhealthy, cancer-causing foods - never eat these again!, 4/18/13; 10 trickiest 'food stuff' products, 5/27/13; 9 Foods You Should Never Eat, 6/11/13; Foods we eat in America that are banned in other countries, 7/1/13; Food supply continues to sicken millions as federal regulators fail to conduct proper inspections, 7/3/13; Eight telltale signs you've eaten toxic food, 7/22/13; If you are what you eat, then are YOU cooked, processed and dead?, 10/4/13; Health Basics: Eight foods you THOUGHT were good for you, 10/19/13; Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines, 12/30/13; Top seven ways Big Food tricks you into eating cancer, 2/24/14; Great American Grocery Hoax, 4/11/14; Top 10 Destructive Nutrition Lies Ever Told, 4/23/14; We Are What We Eat – The poisoning of our food supply, 6/22/14; 3 common ways nutrients are being destroyed in your food, 7/27/14; 4 most dangerous toxins deliberately and secretly infused into our food supply, 7/30/14; New website exposes poisons in the food supply:, 2/12/15; Top 12 American Poisons disguised as Food, Drink, Candy or Medicine, 3/23/16; American's addiction to toxic, brain-damaging GMOs and processed foods are leading to a nationwide state of apathy and compliance, 6/6/16; Just a Spoonful of Sugar, 11/29/16; Top 10 POISONS most Americans eat or drink EVERY day, 10/25/17

Antibiotics: Farm Animals Get 80% of Antibiotics Sold in U.S., 12/24/10; Our Big Pig Problem, 3/30/11; No Matter What the FDA Says – Clear This Out of Your Fridge, 1/19/12; FDA refuses to ban antibiotics in livestock, resorts to voluntary phase out that will be ignored by industry, 4/30/12; Antibiotics infused into processed meats promotes growth of deadly bacteria, 9/26/12; FDA: 30 million pounds of antibiotics given to conventional livestock annually, 10/9/13; Antibiotics Have Turned Our Bodies From Gardens Into Battlefields, 4/3/14

Herbicides: New EPA-approved DuPont herbicide linked to widespread killing of trees, authorities unconcerned, 8/2/11
Atrazine: Same progressives who believe glyphosate causes cancer refuse to believe that atrazine causes changes in gender expression, 3/9/17

Mercury: In 55 brand name foods and beverages; Global Treaty Signed to Stop Deadly Mercury While FDA Allows it Unchecked In Your Food, 1/21/13

Pesticides: Pesticides give rise to mutant bed bugs, 1/22/11; "Unscientific" is secret code for anyone who opposes GMOs or pesticides, 1/24/11; Three new studies reveal children are dumbed down by pesticide exposure in womb, 4/22/11; GMO pesticides linked to birth defects, disruption of male hormones, cancer, 4/27/11; Are you eating pesticides? Canola oil, soybean oil used as key ingredients in pesticide products, 6/29/11; Interview with "Pesticide Sheriff" about deadly pesticides, 7/25/11; Guide to Pesticides in Produce - EWG releases new edition, 7/29/11; California officials manipulated safety data on methyl iodide, ignored scientist warnings against approving deadly strawberry chemical, 9/16/11; FDA violates law by refusing to ban antibiotics from use in animal feed, 11/14/11; Pesticides are one of top three 'worst toxic pollution problems' on planet, say non-profit groups, 12/5/11; Local residents sue DuPont for GMO pesticide 'dust' blowing on homes, children, 12/26/11; Legalized killing of every person on earth (with pesticides), 3/8/12; EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain, 4/9/12; UN warns of global collapse due to pesticides; Agenda 21 is pushed as solution, 6/14/12; Common crop pesticide is a public health threat causing diabetes, 6/29/12; Scotts Miracle-Gro busted for illegally using pesticides on its bird seed, falsifying documents and killing wild birds, 9/12/12; Low-level pesticide exposure damages cognitive ability, 12/12/12; Top 10 ways humanity is being murdered in the name of 'evidence-based science', 4/4/13; Systemic pesticides are penetrating deep into plants tissues, destroying beetles, trees, bees, and human hormones, 5/17/13; Why do we allow pesticides in baby formula?, 5/31/13; Neonicotinoids are the new DDT, and they're destroying our world, 8/14/13; Failure of GMO crop technologies leads to huge increase in herbicide, pesticide use, 8/19/13; Neonicotinoid pesticides not just a threat to bees; humans also at risk, 1/5/14; How much pesticide does the average American consume in a day?, 1/9/14; Chemical companies now adding untested nanoparticles to pesticide formulas, 1/13/14; Pesticide formulations up to 1000 times more toxic than active ingredients tested for safety, 2/11/14; EPA Approves New Bee-Killing, Food-Poisoning Insecticide, 7/30/14; Vaccines, pesticides and chemtrails are the top three weapons of mass destruction, 8/15/16; World's most heavily used pesticide set to wipe bees off the face of the earth, leading to mass human starvation, 8/28/16; Warning for humanity: The madness is spreading by design as the masses are deliberately poisoned with toxic pharmaceuticals, pesticides, 5G wireless, hormone disruptors and toxic vaccines, 11/24/18

Factory Farms: Conventional farmers won't eat their own food, 4/29/11; Dehumanization of agriculture: New robotic farming devices eliminate need for human farmers, 9/27/11; Corporate foodopoly is heading us toward farmagedon, 10/26/11; Food MythBusters: Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World?, 10/26/12; States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms, 1/30/13; Big Ag's factory farming solution to its own pollution: GMO 'Enviropigs', 7/6/13; Factory Farm Model Fails Again—Produces Virus That Has Wiped Out 10 Percent of US Pig Population in One Year, 6/17/14; Why conventional agriculture should be banned, 2/26/15

Processed Food: Many processed foods are made with a coal tar derivative chemical that causes hyperactivity in children, 2/17/12; Modern-day America spends most of its grocery money on processed foods, 6/17/12; Top 10 Packaged Foods You Shouldn't Buy, 12/11/12; Processed Food – Or How the Food Companies Conspire To Kill Us and What To Do About It!, 5/15/13; 10 Things the Processed Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know, 6/24/13; 80% of the packaged foods on our grocers shelves are banned in other countries, 7/7/13; 9 Ways That Eating Processed Food Made The World Sick And Fat, 1/16/14

Food Labels: Understanding the misdirection of food labels, 2/17/14

Not so All Natural: Log Cabin All Natural Syrup not the real deal, 9/9/10; Girls now reaching puberty at age nine, thanks to chemicals in the food supply (milk and plastics), 10/30/10; Blueberries faked in cereals, muffins, bagels and other food products, 1/18/11; again; U.S. food companies caught faking blueberries with artificial colors and liquid sugars, 1/19/11; Chinese companies mass producing fake rice out of plastic, 2/15/11; Conventional farmers won't eat their own food, 4/29/11; Law firm investigation under way into faked blueberries in name-brand cereals and breads, 5/25/11; Japanese scientist creates edible meat alternative made from recycled human waste, 6/16/11; Many 'natural' foods are loaded with GMOs, 10/5/11; CSPI to file lawsuit against General Mills for selling 'fruit' snacks that contain no fruit, 10/19/11; Redefining the Natural, 11/22/11; Orange Juice's 'Secret Ingredient' Worries Some Health-Minded Moms, 12/16/11; Woman files class action lawsuit against Frito-Lay for marketing genetically-modified snacks as 'all natural', 1/5/12; Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple!, 1/8/12; Popular orange juices flavored with secret "flavor packs" not listed on the label, 1/20/12; Whole Fraud: Exposing the myth of so-called 'natural' foods, 2/14/12; Beware of 'natural' food fraud, 6/3/12; 100% false labeling - and it's legal!, 6/11/12; What's really behind the ingredient 'Natural Flavors?', 6/27/12; The great olive oil fraud - Why your extra virgin olive oil may not be virgin at all, 7/18/12; Did you know that 'natural' foods can still contain GMOs? The main difference between 'organic' and 'natural', 7/26/12; Artificial food is really a taste of chemotherapy, 9/8/12; Natural Products Association allows GMOs in its Certified Natural Products, 9/21/12; 50% of people falsely believe 'all natural' means no GMOs, 12/4/12; If a goat won’t eat it, why should I?, 12/6/12; Dying to be healthy - Many protein powders laced with heavy metals, MSG, 8/8/13; Don’t Eat These 5 condiments, Ever, 8/13/13; Kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, natural and organic: Top twelve things you probably didn't know about food label claims, 9/13/13; Three claims to ignore on food labels, 10/12/13; All-natural: Does it mean anything?, 10/14/13; Grocery Manufacturers Association pushing FDA to allow GMOs to be labeled 'natural', 1/8/14; Natural's Best Friend, 1/28/14; GMO's and God's Work, 1/28/14; A Funny Video That Makes You Never Want To Fall For This Natural Lie Again; 'All Natural' means absolutely nothing, 2/20/14; Yogurt buyers beware: 'All Natural' yogurt products found to contain aspartame and artificial colors, 6/30/14; GMOs: the “natural foods” industry is not your friend, 12/22/14; Reminder: "Natural" Food Means Literally Nothing, 1/5/16

Not so Organic: Organic Processing Industry Structure, 6/09; Organic Consumers Association Funded by Big Pharma!, 1/24/11; Organic Elite Surrender to Monsanto: What Now?, 1/27/11; USDA National Organics Program – Testing for GMOs NOT Required!, 2/28/11; USDA refuses to enforce organic standards, allows synthetic omega-3s in Horizon organic milk, 3/23/11; Many types of organic compost are really packaged human sewage, 5/6/11; Fraudulent organics from China spell safety hazards for U.S. consumers, 5/31/11; Organic Spies Find Lies – Organic Trade Association Corrupted by Mega Corporations, 6/3/11; Organic Trade Association "Modified" By GMO Interests, 6/10/11; German E-Coli Outbreak: Accident or Planned "Genocide" for Organics?, 6/12/11; 32% of organic produce contains this toxic chemical used by the military, 7/6/11; Top Organics and Non-GMO Guys Back Monsanto and Halliburton Affiliated Company, 9/1/11; Horizon organic milk fraudulently marketed, 9/17/11; Many popular organic brands now owned by large industrial food processors, 9/30/11; Joseph Mercola: Why Is This Organic Food Stuffed With Toxic Solvents?, 4/2/12; Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations Like Coca-Cola, 4/7/12; The corruption of the Farm Bill, and why clean, organic food remains more expensive than conventional, 7/6/12; Key Ingredient In Rocket Fuel Found In Food And Water, 7/16/12; Did you know that 'natural' foods can still contain GMOs? The main difference between 'organic' and 'natural', 7/26/12; Organic Brands Backing the Campaign to Defeat GMO Labeling, 8/9/12; When is organic still GMO?, 11/12/12; Majority of organic companies owned by mega corporations, 11/15/12; 'Organic' from China exposed: shocking truth about 'organic' foods grown in the world's worst environmental cesspool, 2/21/13; Approved by the USDA - Common additive in organic food triggers significant inflammation and cancer, 3/7/13; Certain organic foods not stored in plastic may still contain BPA, 3/10/13; Is your organic produce really pesticide-free?, 3/30/13; GMOs in USDA Organic Food, 4/21/13; Hain Celestials – Not so “Organic” or Healthy – High Pesticide Content in Tea, 6/18/13; Organic baby food manufacturers pushing for permission to use toxic, synthetic ingredients, 7/10/13; Organic Loophole – Feed Brokers’ Exemption, 8/13/13; New USDA rules further degrade integrity of organic certification, 10/14/13; California lowers organic standards in face of historic drought, 3/31/14; Corporate Clout Chips away at Organic Standards, 4/6/14; How corporate influence is subverting the Organic Standards Board in favor of industrial profit, 9/8/14; Big food corporations committing massive organic fraud – investigation, 12/17/14; Colossal Hoax Of Organic Agriculture, 7/29/15; Are your organic foods being doused in fracking chemicals? Probably so, if they come from California, 8/1/15; Fears mount that the USDA's organic certification process is being hijacked by corporate interests, 9/23/15

Cloned Food: Milk from cloned cows given green light by Defra, 2/23/11; Cloned animals – Consumers shall have no choice, 3/3/11; Clone food could be sold without warning labels as Eurocrats force change in the law, 3/4/11

Deceptive Food Companies

Celestial Seasonings: 91% of Celestial Seasonings' 'all natural' teas found to have dangerous levels of pesticides, 6/27/13

Earth Balance: Betrays Consumers With False Non-GMO and Organic Claims, 4/23/13

whole_foods_monsanto Whole Foods: Whole Foods Market okays GMO coexistence, 1/27/11; A response from Whole Foods Markets about the alleged compromise with Monsanto, 2/1/11; Organic giants Whole Foods, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield accused of compromising on GMOs, 2/11/11; Whole Foods admits its organic foods contain genetically modified ingredients, 6/7/11; Organic consumers rally at Whole Foods to demand GMO labeling, 10/6/11; Whole Foods Market supports 'pink' breast cancer awareness campaigns that fund drug industry, 10/11/11; Whole Foods knowingly engages in massive GMO deception, says undercover video by 'Organic Spies', 9/26/12; Whole Foods knowingly engages in massive GMO deception, 9/27/12; YouTube censors 'Organic Spies' video exposing Whole Foods employees lying about GMOs, 10/3/12; Whole Foods confirms it knowingly sells products containing Monsanto's genetically modified corn: Don't ask, don't tell!, 10/4/12; Whole Foods caught in GMO marketing deception, false advertising, 10/8/12; Whole Foods censors the truth, hides undercover GMO exposure by pulling videos from YouTube, 10/9/12; Whole Foods Market and GMOs: The Whole Truth?, 10/9/12; Organic Spies video released: Is Whole Foods systematically training employees to lie about GMO?, 10/12/12; Whole Foods announces mandatory GMO labeling by 2018; here's how it happened, 3/9/13; Can you trust Whole Foods?, 3/14/13; Whole Foods and the GMO Blame Game, 3/18/13; Trader Joe's eliminated GMOs from its private-label products back in 2001 - what's taking Whole Foods so long?, 4/3/13; Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience, 2/23/14' Whole Foods sued over false 'all natural' claim on baked goods, 6/18/14; Whole Foods Market (WFM) continues to knowingly sell poison to its customers: Natural News seeks class action law firm to pursue legal action, 7/14/14; Whole Foods sued for false non-GMO labeling, 12/23/14; Organic industry in shock as Whole Foods pushes new rating system that promotes chemical agriculture as better than organic, 6/16/15; Whole Foods Market pushes new rating system that promotes chemical agriculture as better than organic, 6/16/15; Whole Foods goes ROGUE... partners with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America and replace with fake labeling deception... SENATE VOTE PLANNED AS EARLY AS TOMORROW, 6/29/16


Almonds: USDA seeks to poison consumers by contaminating almonds with neurological poison, 11/2/13

Baby Food: Baby food makers sued over trace levels of lead in their products, 4/17/13
Baby Formula:10 Things You May Not Know, 9/23/10; DHA used in infant formula products comes from genetically modified algae, 12/9/11

Carrots: Baby carrots

Grapefruits: Scientists deliberately remove natural compounds from grapefruits to accommodate pharmaceuticals that cause negative interactions, 12/3/11

Oils: Depopulation Oils: Soybean, corn and Canola oils are derived from genetically modified plants. Palm oil is an environmental killer. Cottonseed oil is a male sterilizer.
Safe Oils: Olive oil is healthy for salads. Sunflower oil is healthy for cooking.
Grapeseed, peanut, sesame and coconut oils are safe but relatively expensive.
Cooking Oil: 10 Percent of China's cooking oil could be 'gutter oil', 11/27/13
Processed Oils: Processed Oils Including Canola, Soybean and Corn Oil Can Cause Lung Disease & Asthma, 5/23/14; Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and the Depopulation Program, 12/14/17
Canola Oil: Canola oil: The #1 hidden health 'danger' at the prepared food bar, 2/17/14; 5 Reasons you should NEVER use canola oil, even if its ORGANIC, 6/24/17; Scientists finally issue warning against canola oil: Study reveals it is detrimental to brain health, contributes to dementia, causes weight gain, 12/22/17

Pet Food: Horrors of Commercial Pet Food, 6/28/11; Pet treats imported from China can cause severe illness, death, 12/3/11; Chinese Dog Treats Linked To Hundreds of Deaths and Thousands of Sick Animals, 10/23/13; Conventional kibble could be slowly killing your pets, 5/14/14

Popcorn: Do you know what's in your popcorn?, 8/22/12

Salt: Iodine in Salt: Why Is It Added?, 3/29/11; See Real Salt

Soy: Dark Side (Unfermented), 9/18/10; Eating This "Healthy" Food? It Could be Slowly and Silently Killing You, 12/4/10; Source of Aggression, 1/20/11; Doctor Mercola: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older, 2/3/11; Dirty Little Secret Hidden In Many ‘Health Foods’, 3/2/11; Detective Pig Investigates “Responsible” GM Soy, 4/5/11; GM soy destroying children, 5/12/11; Organic Consumers Association boycott forces Silk soymilk to get honest with Non-GMO Project, 6/29/11; Hexane may be lurking in the soy protein found in popular food bars, 6/30/11; Feeding prisoners genetically modified soy products may be 'cruel and unusual' punishment, 11/13/11; Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older, 12/9/11; Falling for the soy ploy, 10/18/12; Soybean Oil: One of the Most Harmful Ingredients in Processed Foods, 1/28/13; Soy products linked to cancer in lab tests: Four very convincing reasons to cut soy from your diet today, 7/16/13; 10 Reasons to Avoid Soy At All Costs, 10/17/13; Should you consume soy products?, 12/11/13; Does soy cause cancer?, 6/24/14; Soy protein found to deplete testosterone in men, 7/17/14; Soy consumption linked to tumor growth in breast cancer, 9/19/14


Grain: Top five reasons why you should remove grains from your diet for good, 9/5/12; Watch out: 'whole grain' labels may be deceptive, 1/24/13; Dangerous truth about grains, 3/29/13

Cereal: Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal from General Mills contains no blueberries and no pomegranates, 1/19/11; General Mills imitation blueberries story keeps spreading; Total cereal exposed as deceptive, 2/5/11; 'Natural' breakfast cereals loaded with pesticides and GMOs, 10/11/11; Don't be fooled by GMO-laden 'natural' cereals that pose as organic, 12/2/11

Wheat: How Bread May Be Killing You, 8/24/12; Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison," doctor says, 9/3/12; Modern-day wheat is a 'chronic poison,' says doctor, 9/10/12; Say goodbye to gluten: Over 200 clinically confirmed reasons to avoid wheat, 10/17/12; Problems with Modern Wheat, 10/18/12; Wheat: 200 Clinically Confirmed Reasons Not To Eat It; Modern Wheat Really Isn’t Wheat At All, 1/23/13; Wheat contains over 23,000 potentially harmful proteins, 5/29/13; Dirty Side of Wheat, 5/29/13; Research Proves Wheat Can Cause Harm To Everyone’s Intestines, 10/25/13; Why 80 Percent of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat…or Die, 1/8/14; Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten), 11/18/14

Bread: True fact: A common ingredient in commercial breads is derived from human hair harvested in China, 6/16/11

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White Flour: Want an Easy Way to Feel Better? Give This Up, 1/8/11; Hazards of bleached flour

Wood Cellulose: There's wood in my food? Wood-derived ingredients common in processed food, 10/4/11


Meat: Eating processed meat boosts diabetes risk by 40%, 12/2/9; Meat tainted with deadly bacteria is being sold to consumers; government forms 'work group', 9/27/10; Hottest Photo on Internet: Mechanically Separated Meat, 10/7/10; Surviving Ground Meat, 3/22/11; Meat Glue; Industry-Wide Use of Meat Glue Sticks Together Scraps of Meat To Sell You Prime Cuts, 3/29/11; US meat and poultry widely contaminated with bacteria including superbugs, 4/16/11; With superbugs contaminating fresh meat, the truth comes out about the FDA Food Safety Bill, 4/17/11; Exposed - Dirty little secret of the meat industry, 5/7/11; Meat Glue: Separating Fact From Fiction, 5/25/11; Ensure your organic meat is truly organic, 6/28/11; Scientists propose growing fake meat in labs to cut 'emissions', 7/4/11; Fresh meat versus processed meat: Here's why it matters, 7/4/11; World to be force-fed test tube meat after livestock failure, 7/10/11; Know the true cost of your beef, 7/16/11; Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger, 2/19/12; Blind, Footless Chickens for Future CAFOs, 2/23/12; Iowa passes outrageous law demanding total secrecy over factory meat filth and cruelty practices, 3/4/12; 'Pink Slime' Finding Its Way Into Nation’s Ground Beef, 3/12/12; USDA plans to keep feeding 'pink slime' to your kids, 3/15/12; Pink slime factories shuttered after massive public backlash, 3/29/12; 'Pink slime' is now found in 70 percent of the ground beef at our grocers, 4/2/12; Health Victory: McDonalds finally removes pink slime from hamburgers, 4/9/12; Ammonium hydroxide, health effects of "pink slime", 4/10/12; Beef 101: A Guide to What 25% of Americans Eat Everyday, 4/10/12; Red meat consumption increases risk of death from heart disease and cancer up to 20%, 4/14/12; States demand secrecy over meat filth and cruelty practices, 4/24/12; Busting the Myth: There are No Happy Cows, 6/2/12; Unraveling food industry lies - Your salmon and meat are artificially dyed to look more appealing, 9/10/12; Test Tube Hamburger Is Closer Than You Think, 9/17/12; Unraveling food industry lies - Your meat is held together by 'meat glue', 9/18/12; Antibiotics infused into processed meats promotes growth of deadly bacteria, 9/26/12; Cutting red and processed meats slashes chronic disease risk by 10 percent, 9/28/12; Some U.S. farmers now feeding their cattle gummy worms, marshmallows, and ice cream sprinkles in response to skyrocketing feed costs, 9/28/12; Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics, 2/8/13; Horsemeat Scandal Goes Global As World’s Largest Food Maker Pulls Tainted Pasta From Spain And Italy, 2/19/13; Toxins in processed meat cause serious food-borne illnesses, 2/24/13; Tyson, Cargill among others now drugging meat with Merck's new Zilmax, 2/27/13; Processed meat 'early death' link, 3/7/13; Don't want to die before your time? Stop eating processed meat, 3/11/13; Inflammatory bowel disease linked to higher rates of processed meat consumption, 3/27/13; USDA caves to food industry pressures, approves three new toxic meat preservatives, 4/5/13; Judge: Iowa State U. Must Shield 'Pink Slime' Data, 4/10/13; Chemical additives lurking in fresh cuts of meat, 6/8/13; Regular consumption of red and processed meats boosts diabetes risk by nearly 50%, 6/24/13; USDA approves horse slaughterhouse to produce meat for human consumption, 6/29/13; Coming soon to a restaurant near you: Lab-grown synthetic hamburgers, 8/1/13; Men: Eating conventional, chemical-laden bacon could destroy your sperm, 10/24/13; Cows Eat What?! 6 Surprising Things Fed to US Cows, 1/20/14; Genetically-Engineered Meat Isn’t Tested for Human Safety … Because It’s Treated as an “Animal Drug”, 3/28/14; Meat industry uses chemical 'meat glue' to trick consumers into eating food scraps, 10/30/14

Chicken: Was this chicken inspected?; FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic, 6/9/11; Unraveling food industry lies - Your chicken is full of liquid fillers and chemicals, 9/11/12; Arsenic being intentionally added to conventional chicken, 5/30/13; Factory chicken slaughterhouses using super-strength chemicals to cover up extreme salmonella contamination, 8/8/13; For the USDA, Chicken is Just Politics, 9/9/13; FDA targets free-range, pastured poultry and eggs with ridiculous new draft guidance pushing for all chickens to be raised indoors, 9/10/13; Nearly all conventional chicken meat is intentionally contaminated with arsenic, 9/12/13; New USDA rule allows hidden feces, pus, bacteria and bleach in conventional poultry, 9/29/13; USDA to allow U.S. to be overrun with contaminated chicken from China, 11/13/13; Widespread health violations at Foster Farms chicken factories, including mold, fecal matter and roaches, 9/19/14

Eggs: FDA uses massive egg recall to push for egg pasteurization, 8/21/10; FDA exploits salmonella eggs recall to pursue food sterilization agenda, 8/23/10; Did Hen Vaccine Cause Salmonella Outbreak?, 8/25/10; War on Food: Eggsactly What Is Going On Here?, 8/25/10; How to avoid salmonella contaminated eggs, 9/1/10; 'Grade A' on eggs doesn't mean what you think it means, 9/2/10; Inspections found recalled egg farms filthy, full of maggots and manure, 9/3/10; Where Are Your Organic Eggs Really Coming From?, 10/11/10; Egg carton claims not all they're cracked up to be, 6/6/11; Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs, 11/21/13; Disturbing Video Exposes Exactly How Modern Factories Produce Eggs, 8/30/16

Duck: 'Foie gras' duck meat produced by force-feeding ducks, geese until their livers expand, 7/10/12

Pork: Majority of U.S. pork supply tainted with deadly drugs, bacteria, 12/13/12; A few good reasons to avoid eating pork, 7/19/14

Seafood: Something's Fishy; Toxic Seafood Warning; Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers, 10/12/12; Farmed seafood you're eating may have been raised on animal feces, 10/17/12; Imported seafood is full of chemicals, drugs and feces - yet the FDA inspects hardly any of it, 2/13/13; One-third of all seafood sold in the U.S. is mislabeled, 3/7/13

Fish: "Dirty Waters, Dangerous Fish"; FDA Won't Test Alaska Fish for Radiation - Don't Worry, Be Happy, 4/21/11; Government regulations set to destroy fishing industry in New England, 5/14/11; Pharmaceuticals are in your fish, 6/17/11; Eco-labels on fish may have little meaning, 12/18/11; Mercury Levels in Tuna 'Higher than Ever', 10/13/12; Sky-high levels of radioactivity in fish from Fukushima means inedible seafood for at least a decade, 11/13/12; Oceana investigation uncovers massive consumer fraud in mislabeled fish, 2/27/13; Push now underway to vaccinate all fish raised in aquaculture, 11/22/13; 7 Types of Fish You Should Never Consider Eating, 3/11/14; Tuna is the #3 cause of food poisoning in the United States, but not because of bacteria, 4/4/14

earthlings Animal Cruelty: Earthlings is about humanity's absolute dependence on animals and also complete disrespect for them. It is possibly the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the correlation between nature, animals, and human economic interests and selfishness. It cries to be seen. See also Cruelty of Food Animals; Meet Your Meat, 9/7/9; Undercover at Smithfield Foods, 12/15/10

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072514n Raw Milk: The Criminalization of Raw Milk; Deputies, inspectors make early morning visit to raw milk supplier, 6/10/10; America! Big Brother Is Even Going After Your Freedom to Drink Milk, 6/26/10; Police Raid Health Food Store, 7/28/10; Louis Pasteur and the Myth of Pasteurization; Food police target organic foods in California!, 8/4/10; Ron Paul on Colbert, 10/6/10; Rawesome Foods raw milk co-op raid conducted by criminal elements of local, state and federal law enforcement, 10/22/10; FDA and Milk Regulation, 12/15/10; Raw milk farmer wins victory against county over 'illegal' sales, 1/11/11; California county allows marijuana, but not raw milk, 1/18/11; Several states consider loosening raw milk restrictions as FDA tries to tighten them, 2/25/11; Organic dairy farmer Francis Thicke promotes House File 394, the Iowa raw milk bill, 3/28/11; Fed Sting Against Amish Raw Milk Producer Results in Federal Case, 5/1/11; Milk Police, 5/17/11; Amish Hate Us for Our Pasteurized Milk, 6/11/11; End the War on Milk, 6/16/11; My Experience With Certified Raw Milk, 6/17/11; Feds raid Amish farm for the crime of selling raw milk, 6/30/11; Kentucky co-op members defy government quarantine on their raw milk, 7/11/11; Raw Milk Unfreedom and FDA Propaganda, 7/24/11; Repulsed by raw: FDA, CDC lies about unpasteurized milk, 8/5/11; Proof that the FDA's assault on raw milk has nothing to do with consumer safety, 8/16/11; Things the government approves that are more dangerous than raw milk, 8/17/11; Orwellian Truth - Raw milk under attack precisely because it is safer and healthier than pasteurized, 8/19/11; Raw milk is so healthy it needs to be attacked by the sickness industry, 8/19/11; FDA wages secret war on raw milk farmers using KGB-style spying and infiltration techniques, 8/25/11; Failure of Raw Milk Prohibition, 9/6/11; Freedom to Buy and Sell Raw Milk, 10/14/11; Raw Milk Freedom Riders - The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized, 11/1/11; CDC admits not a single person has died from consuming raw milk products in 11 years, 11/16/11; Maine officials violate local food freedom ordinance by suing man for selling raw milk from farm, 11/18/11; FDA Escalates War Against Amish Dairy Farmers, 12/19/11; Army of loyal customers helps Organic Pastures owner Mark McAfee get vindictive raw milk quarantine lifted, 12/21/11; Amish Dairy Farmer Selling Raw Milk Won’t Be Cowed by FDA; Judge who Ruled against Raw Milk in Wisconsin quits to work for Monsanto law firm, 2/7/12; Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk, 2/13/12; Feds succeed in destroying entire business of Amish raw milk farmer, 2/17/12; again, 2/17/12; Where are raw milk sales still legal in the USA?, 3/23/12; LA County health enforcers conduct door-to-door raw milk confiscation operations, 5/17/12; Mothers To Regulators: We Will Not Comply!, 8/16/12; Raw Milk Co-Op Farmer Acquitted Through Jury Nullification, 10/1/12; Texas forces raw milk dairy to pour 700 gallons of perfectly good milk down the drain, 2/14/13; Iowa on verge of legalizing raw milk; resistance to food tyranny is rising, 3/1/13; raw-milk Farmer Faces Jail Time Over Raw Dairy Sales, 5/22/13; In Defense of (Raw) Milk, 5/24/13; Raw Milk Acquittal: A Victory for Freedom, 5/25/13; Hershberger Victory for Private Food Rights Sends Message That People Can, and Will, Fight Overbearing Regulators, 5/29/13; Jail time for selling raw milk is greater than jail time for raping children, 10/4/13; Reasons why you should drink raw milk (and avoid processed milk), 10/5/13; CDC uses shady math to drastically overinflate statistics on raw milk illnesses, 2/10/14; Momentum builds in Congress to end raw milk prohibition nationwide, 5/5/14; Fight for Raw Milk Heats Up in Wisconsin and Illinois, 10/22/14; European study finds raw milk boosts immunity, prevents colds and infections, 11/29/14

Ice Cream: Pasteurization Police March On, 8/8/11

Raw Butter: "Unsafe" Food Labeling, 8/14/11

Raw Cheese: Gestapo government orders family farm to commit financial suicide by destroying 50,000 pounds of cheese, 10/23/10; FDA uses flawed analysis to target raw milk cheese, 2/23/11

Rawesome-Foods Rawesome Food Store Raids: Trio of Los Angeles raw food advocates reportedly charged with raw milk conspiracy, 8/3/11; Breaking news: Multi-agency armed raid hits Rawesome Foods, Healthy Family Farms for selling raw milk and cheese, 8/3/11; Massive public protest announced against government-sponsored terrorism of Rawesome Foods in California, 8/3/11; Rawesome Food raid videos begin to emerge from the scene where federal terrorists vandalized raw milk business, 8/3/11; Rawesome Foods raid search warrant reveals government agents violated search guidelines, 8/3/11; Rawesome Foods Raided In Outright Attack On Raw Foods As Massive Protest Planned, 8/3/11; SWAT Team Raid Organic Food Seller, 8/3/11; Photos from Rawesome Foods raid prove government agents illegally stole entire inventory of buyer's club, 8/4/11; Post-raid video features interviews of Rawesome Foods members; sense of dismay over police state destruction of natural food, 8/4/11; Rawesome Foods raid victims stripped of First Amendment rights with court gag order, 8/5/11; Join the social media revolt against government raids on raw milk, 8/5/11; Setting the record straight: Why Rawesome Foods does not need a license - a Civil Rights issue, 8/7/11; Government agents stole $9,000 in cash during Rawesome Foods raid, 8/8/11; Record of $9,000 in cash stolen from James Stewart found in warrant paperwork mysteriously left at his house by government agents, 8/10/11; First they came for the raw milk, and I didn't speak out because I drank no raw milk..., 8/10/11; NaturalNews publishes names of government agents who masterminded Rawesome Foods raid, 8/14/11; Rawesome Foods & Gibson Guitars: Victims of the Police State, 8/28/11; Court documents reveal LA County prosecutor Kelly Sakir used infiltration agents, hidden cameras, extreme surveillance to target Rawesome Foods, 10/9/11 Rawesome Foods' James Stewart arrested in $1 million warrant, 3/3/12; Shock claim - NaturalNews exclusive - LA 'authorities' in Rawesome raw milk raids were impersonating public officials, 7/19/12

morningland_dairy Morningland Dairy Raid: Howell County Sheriffs Department aids Milk Board in the destruction of Morninglaand Dairy, 1/27/13; Another Family Business Destroyed: Morningland Dairy Raw Milk Cheese Raided, 1/28/13; Morningland Dairy destroyed by feds, $250,000 inventory stolen by government thugs during armed raid, 2/1/13; Owners of now-defunct Morningland Dairy speak out against rogue police state that illegally destroyed their family farm, 2/13/13

Supplements & Vitamins

Supplements & Vitamins: Invasion of chemicals in vitamins and supplements, 9/27/11; California mandates ridiculous, untrue warning labels on natural bioidentical hormones DHEA and pregnenolone, 10/8/11; Media hoax exposed: Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign, 10/16/11; Vitamins are deadly? Media hoax exposed, part two, 10/17/11; ANH exposes blatant lies in latest anti-vitamin study, 10/29/11; Iron supplements cause more harm than good, 10/31/11; Children's vitamins largely made of sugar and corn syrup, 11/2/11; Synthetic 'alpha tocopherol' vitamin E supplements linked to increased risk of prostate cancer, 11/12/11; Dietary supplements are fast becoming an endangered species, 11/22/11; Dietary Supplement Label the FDA Doesn’t Want You To See, 11/24/11; Senators Intervene To Halt Wellness Ambassadors Who Recommend Dietary Supplements Instead of Drugs at Rite-Aid Stores, 3/13/12; Hammer Ready To Drop on Supplement Industry After Presidential Election, 3/23/12; Bogus vitamin E study used single-form, synthetic variety to claim nutrient causes bone loss, 3/27/12; How the media lies about supplements, 6/21/12; Is US government setting stage to outlaw Vitamin D like raw milk?, 6/26/12; FDA Looking to Ban B6 Supplements, Give Boost to Big Pharma, 9/26/12; Shock finding: Most probiotic supplements made with genetically modified flow agents, fillers, 1/22/13; Six crucial things to watch out for when buying vitamins and supplements, 2/27/13; 10 worst toxins hidden in vitamins, supplements and health foods, 3/26/13; Synthetic vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, kills beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut and cannot confer vitamin activity in the body, 5/1/13; What's really in your vitamins?, 5/2/13; Government's War on Your Vitamins & Supplements, 6/20/13; Top children's vitamin brand chock-full of GMOs, aspartame and other deadly ingredients, 6/20/13; Real healthcare reform or sneaky government backdoor? New legislation would allow health savings accounts to cover nutritional supplements, 7/19/13; Most common vitamins, including children's vitamins, found to contain GMOs, 7/30/13; How the vitamin industrial complex swindled America, 12/18/13; Cheap, synthetic astaxanthin derived from petrochemicals flooding the natural products market beginning this month, 2/11/14; Beijing smog hits 'apocalyptic' alert levels as arsenic and heavy metals fill the air ... Is this where your dietary supplements are being grown?, 12/4/15; Big Pharma and the FDA vs. Nutritional Supplements, 3/25/17

Herbs: What’s In Your Tea? Toxic Truth, 10/26/13

Food Additives

Food Additives: Comprehensive List Of Companies That Uses Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavor, 4/28/12; Top 10 ways humanity is being murdered in the name of 'evidence-based science', 4/4/13; 'Safety assessments' on nearly all common food additives found to be manipulated by processed food industry, 8/20/13; Top 16 chilling food additives, 11/5/13; 7 Worst Ingredients in Food, 12/31/13; Bugs, Butt, and Other Weird Food Additives You’ve Probably Eaten Today, 1/2/14; Xanthan gum is mutated corn sugar fermented with bacteria, 3/2/14; 70,000 food additives approved by the FDA - What you don't know will hurt you, 6/26/14; How do food preservatives cause cancer?, 7/13/14; Over 170 harmful chemicals are legally allowed in food packaging, 7/18/14

Carrageenan: Popular natural ingredient that may compromise health, 3/19/14

Confectioner's glaze: Made from the bodily excretions of an Asian beetle, 8/3/11

Coffee Creamer: Powdered coffee 'creamer' isn't food, it's processed chemicals, 5/6/12

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein: Prepare for what may the largest food recall in North American history, 3/11/10

Listex: Bacteria-eating combo virus sprayed on meats, cheeses and organic foods, 6/13/14

msg MSG: Slow Poisoning of America; What is MSG?; MSG is being sprayed right on fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetables as they grow; MSG is sodium on steroids - Beware – "Organic" Doesn’t Mean "No MSG", 5/23/11; MSG hidden in variety of foods and contributing to illness, 8/1/11; Yeast extract is hidden source of MSG in your food: Here's where its found, 9/13/11; Why MSG is unhealthy , 11/2/11; Veggie burgers often contain hidden MSG, 12/2/11; Frightening link connecting MSG & Alzheimer's - Prevention, treatment and what you need to know, 1/31/13; MSG: More Sure Grief, 2/11/13; MSG and aspartame are the two leading causes of central nervous system damage in the United States, 2/22/13; Why you should be concerned about MSG, 4/15/13; Bitter truth about MSG, 7/10/13; Common toxin lurking in your pantry causes obesity, diabetes, infertility and a range of unpleasant side effects, 9/10/13; Ginger may protect the brain from MSG toxicity, 9/22/13; Monosodium glutamate induces kidney, liver damage, 10/3/13; MSG Proven Highly Toxic: 1 Dose Causes Headache In Healthy Subjects, 2/17/14; Common ingredient 'yeast extract' is functionally identical to MSG, 3/27/14; Four most dangerous toxins to the brain, 6/10/14; Monosodium glutamate and all its hidden forms: yeast extract, TVP, hydrolyzed proteins and more, 6/26/14; What is MSG? Side effects explained, 7/1/14; Warning: MSG could be hiding in many of your family's food choices, 7/31/14; Truth Behind Notorious Flavor Enhancer MSG, 8/31/14; 30 Names of MSG No One Told You About, 1/6/16

Textured Vegetable Protein: Trace levels of toxic chemical solvent, 9/29/11

Sodium Benzoate: A preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells, 9/29/11

BHA & BHT: "For added freshness" label claim really means "added chemicals" when it comes to BHA and BHT, 12/16/11

BPA: BPA - What is it? How is has been hidden in our food supply; Canada survey finds vast majority of people loaded with BPA, 8/21/10; How to Protect Yourself from these Five Pervasive Toxins, 8/25/10; Waiter, There's BPA in My Soup; Major producers to ditch BPA from packaging, 11/1/10; Even glass jars can contain BPA chemical due to lid lining, 11/6/10; Europe to ban BPA in baby bottles in 2011; Study finds money contaminated with BPA, 12/9/10; Drastically decrease your exposure to BPA by eating less packaged food, 5/2/11; Plastics chemical in packaged foods linked to asthma in babies, 5/6/11; Cash register receipts still poisoning us, 5/7/11; BPA plastics chemical found to feminize males, 6/30/11; Global hormonal disruption - BPA contamination now consuming world currencies, 8/3/11; EPA finally considers investigating BPA, 8/16/11; BPA exposure before birth linked to breast cancer, 10/5/11; How canned foods are poisoning us, 10/9/11; BPA levels in humans far higher than previously thought, 10/9/11; Susan G. Komen for the Cure openly denies science by claiming BPA exposure has no connection to breast cancer, insists chemical is safe, 10/11/11; BPA may cause severe retardation in future generations, 10/19/11; Study finds connection between prenatal exposure to BPA and aggression during toddler years, 12/1/11; Global food giants are moving away from BPA in packaging, 1/1/12; BPA may cause arrhythmia, heart attacks in women, 1/3/12; FDA Keeps BPA in Food, Fails Public Health Again, 3/30/12; BPA Makers to Gross $8 Billion Thanks to FDA Rejecting Ban, 4/2/12; Thanks to BPA and other chemicals the new age of puberty for girls is 10, 4/9/12; BPA causes changes to your brain, not just your body, 9/19/12; BPA exposure predisposes children to kidney damage, heart disease, 1/14/13; BPA is deadly to the developing brains of babies in utero, 3/1/13; Chemical BPA linked to increase of childhood asthma, 3/7/13; Certain organic foods not stored in plastic may still contain BPA, 3/10/13; FDA declares BPA exposure is safe! Don't worry about gender-bender chemicals, 4/24/13; Your teeth: Latest victim of toxic BPA exposure, 6/27/13; Hormone ravaging BPA also found to damage your teeth, 7/1/13; BPA may cause 'low T' and other male reproductive health problems, 7/16/13; BPA causes devastating metabolic changes inside the body, 7/17/13; Fetal exposure to BPA has now reached 100 percent; Plastics chemical contaminating everyone, 9/4/13; BPA found to function as a malignant breast tissue carcinogen, 9/17/13; BPA found to promote breast cancer, 10/4/13; Fetal BPA exposure increases risk of prostate cancer, 1/13/14; FDA releases flawed study proclaiming BPA to be safe at low doses, 2/25/14; Even low levels of BPA exposure significantly alters fetal development, 3/24/14; High levels of BPA associated with prostate cancer, 4/8/14; FDA study claiming BPA safety 'borders on scientific misconduct,' scientists say, 4/21/14; BPA makes breast cancer tumors resistant to chemotherapy, 7/2/14; Bisphenol A (BPA) Causes 100x More Harm Than Previously Imagined, 12/28/14; BPA plastics chemical causing sperm count decline, 2/26/15; Even low doses of BPA can damage your reproductive health and nervous system, 8/11/16

BPS: Worse than BPA? Toxic BPS chemical found hiding in receipts, recycled paper, 7/17/12; Many BPA-free bottles contain a chemical that causes arrhythmia, hyperactivity and brain changes, 8/9/14

BPA Alternatives: Are BPA alternatives potentially just as dangerous as Bisphenol-A?, 5/24/11; BPA-free products still toxic, 1/28/13

Sulphites: Sulphite preservatives in wine and food can cause significant health issues, 6/14/12

Aluminum: FDA GRAS Neurotoxin, 1/9/11; Why I’m Concerned About the Dangers of Aluminum, 12/27/12

Ammonia: Ammonia used in many foods, not just "pink slime", 4/4/12

Carrageenan: Six reasons to avoid carrageenan in your alternative milk products and food purchases, 9/1/13

Dioxin: It’s Whats For Breakfast (and Dinner and Lunch and Snack and Supper), 1/18/10

Food Coloring/ Dyes: Warning: Christmas colored chips, cookies and treats may be poisoning your children, 12/17/10; Are You or Your Family Eating Toxic Food Dyes?, 3/7/11; Artificial food colors cause hyperactivity in children, 4/4/11; Dangers of artificial food colors, 5/25/11; Hidden sources of food coloring chemicals in your diet, 10/9/11; Beware of artificial food coloring chemicals in pickles - it's what makes them appear more yellow, 12/5/11

HBCD: Flame retardants found in common grocery store foods, 6/10/12

Other Food Additives: Anti-caking food additives lower nutritional content of foods, 10/11/11; Foods, cosmetics and vaccines all widely formulated with toxic smoothing agents, 10/21/11; Is yeast extract (a taste enhancing additive) lurking in your 'natural' foods?, 11/7/11; You may be eating food additives without even knowing it, 11/17/11; Food and Additive Causes for Arthritis, Gout,Fibromyalgia, 1/23/12; Beaver butt used as 'natural flavoring' in your food, 11/17/13; Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods, 4/15/15

Fruit and Vegetable Stickers: Deadly!!, 12/13/13


Fake Honey: Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey, 11/7/11; More than 75% of all 'honey' sold in grocery stores contains no honey at all, by definition, 11/8/11; Don't waste your money and risk your health with "funny honey" illegally imported from China, 11/11/11; Your Honey Isn’t Honey, 8/17/12; Biggest US honey supplier admits to laundering, mislabeling Chinese honey, 5/9/13; 75% of honey bought at the supermarket isn't real honey, 5/28/13; Most honey contains glyphosates, the main ingredient in Roundup, 2/17/15

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Advantame: Newest artificial sweetener approved by the FDA, 7/16/14

Aspartame-10-Worst-Sources dd06-66 dd07-57 Aspartame: Formaldehyde in My Sweetener; My Aspartame Experiment; Timeline on how it became legal; Splenda; Societal Hidden Poison; Aspartame has been Renamed (AminoSweet) and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener, 2/15/10; How a nerve poison became "food"; Aspartame to be Added to Following Foods (Codex!), 11/8/10; Caution: Do This and You'll Likely Gain 15 Pounds Next Year, 1/4/11; GM Bacteria used to create deadly sweetener, 1/5/11; Not So Definitive Guide to Diet Soda, 1/26/11; Artificial sweeteners may be to blame for inflammatory bowel disease, 7/28/11; Aspartame as been renamed AminoSweet and is now being marketed as a natural sweetener; What is Aspartame?, 12/4/11; Top 10 worst sources of aspartame, 3/4/12; Health Ranger releases new infographic listing the top ten worst sources of aspartame, 3/22/12; Methanol toxicity from aspartame may cause autism, spina bifida, preterm delivery and more, 4/18/12; If You Drink Artificial Sweeteners You Must See This Movie, 10/11/12; Aspartame is linked to leukemia and lymphoma in new landmark study on humans, 10/31/12; Natural News launches Diet Fluoride Aspartame Soda, 11/1/12; Why Aspartame Is So Dangerous to Your Health, 11/12/12; Obama Pushing Aspartame on Grade Schoolers, 2/1/13; MSG and aspartame are the two leading causes of central nervous system damage in the United States, 2/22/13; U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream, 2/25/13; Milk Machine Aims to Hook Kids on Chemical Sweeteners, 3/2/13; This is your brain on NutraSweet, 3/5/13; Patent confirms that aspartame is the excrement of GM bacteria, 8/24/13; 5 Shocking Facts About Aspartame, 9/24/13; Dairy industry pushing to hide aspartame in new definition of 'milk', 11/17/13; What is aspartame? Five surprising facts you never know about this chemical sweetener, 6/23/14; Huge Study Links Aspartame to These Major Health Problems, 1/22/16; Red Bull - Girl Died From A Fatal Heart Attack, 1/25/16; Aspartame is a hidden schedule II narcotic, 5/31/16; WikiLeaks emails mention aspartame, acknowledging it puts holes in mice brains, 11/12/16

Aminosweet: Aspartame’s Name Changed to Amino Sweet: A Toxin By Another Name is Still a Toxin, 4/10/14; Corporate Tricks Against U.S. Citizens: Aspartame Renamed – AMINOSWEET – Now Marketed As A ‘Natural’ Sweetener!, 10/23/14; Aspartame now being marketed as natural sweetener, name changed to 'AminoSweet', 11/22/16

Neotame: Monsanto's Neotame molecule allowed in USDA certified organic foods, 12/22/11; USDA Certified Organic’s Dirty Little Secret, 12/31/10; Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves, 2/8/11; Joseph Mercola: Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves, 2/14/11; Inventing sweeteners - Meet neotame, the cousin of aspartame, 3/20/11; Toxic artificial sweetener 'Neotame' now being added to your food, 2/18/12; Is Neotame Hiding in Your Food?, 3/29/12

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Fast Food & Junk Food

Fried Food: Fried foods are more harmful than you think, 1/23/14

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Why_so_Happy_Meal McDonald's: How Nasty Are McDonalds Fries?; You want flies with that? McDonald’s Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after SIX MONTHS, 10/12/10; Why McDonald's Happy Meal hamburgers won't decompose - real story behind the story, 10/17/10; again, 10/21/10; What's in Fast Food? What's in the Non-Chicken Half of the McNugget, 1/13/11; McDonald's dumps McMuffin egg supplier after investigation reveals 'significant' and 'serious' health violations, 11/22/11; McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers, 2/1/12; Health Victory: McDonalds finally removes pink slime from hamburgers, 4/9/12; Bleaching agent used in foamed plastics like yoga mats and shoe soles found in McDonald's McRib sandwich, 9/28/12; McDonald's serving up 'restructured meat technology' - you want fries with that?, 12/22/12; Watch The Video That Coca-Cola And McDonald's Hope You Never See; McDonald's hamburger from 1999 looks exactly the same today, 5/1/13; Fast food fluff: Why the McDonalds 400 calorie menu is a joke, 6/20/13; McDonald's frantically shuts down website for employees after dietary advice embarrassment, 12/31/13; McDonald's urged its employees not to eat its own food, 1/3/14; McDonald's poised to embrace new GMO potato farming in 2014 and beyond, 1/7/14; This Is What A Big Mac Does To Your Body Within One Hour Of Eating It, 9/24/15; Nanotechnology In McDonald's Food; Under The Microscope:Mike Adams, 12/25/17

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Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks: A can of Diet Coke floats in water, but a can of regular coke sinks. Cancer causing chemicals found in cola coloring ingredient; 2/17/11; Play-By-Play of what Happens in Your Body when You Drink a Soda, 3/22/11; Studies Show Diet Drinks Not Fit for Man Nor Beast, 4/22/11; Study: Drinking diet soda actually causes weight gain, blood sugar spikes, 7/24/11; Vitamin Water exposed as sugar water, 8/21/11; Soda consumption linked to teen violence, 10/26/11; Sports drinks loaded with liquid sugars, 10/27/11; Flame retardant chemical found in US soft drinks, 12/20/11; Pepsi's lawyers say Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse, 1/9/12; Sports and energy drinks irreversibly damage teeth by 'bathing' them in acid, 5/11/12; Biologist calls sodas and fizzy beverages 'evil', 8/4/12; Five-hour energy drinks linked to death, convulsions and spontaneous abortion, 11/20/12; Just ONE soft drink a day increases prostate cancer risk, 12/1/12; Daily soft drink serving boosts aggressive prostate cancer risk by 40 percent, 12/13/12; Diet soda increases the risk of diabetes, 2/19/13; Soda companies rake in $4 billion a year of taxpayer money via the government food stamp program, 4/10/13; Cigarettes or diet soda: Which gives you cancer sooner?, 4/10/13; What the soda pop industry doesn't want you to know, 4/22/13; Just one can of soda raises diabetes risk by 22%, 4/30/13; One can of soda a day makes you substantially more prone to diabetes, strokes, 5/13/13; What happens if you boil Coca Cola?, 6/8/13; Pepsi still contains cancer-causing ingredient, 7/10/13; Does drinking soda turn kids into bullies? New research links sodas and aggression, 8/20/13; Minnesota lawmakers ban formaldehyde in children's products but allow the neurotoxic chemical in vaccines and diet soda, 9/12/13; A Viciously Honest Coke Commercial You’ll Never See, 11/20/13; How much sugar is in a Coca- Cola supersize cup?, 11/27/13; Sugar-free fizzy drinks make people eat more food, 1/17/14; Energy Drinks Contain Ingredient Extracted From Bull Urine And Semen, 5/18/14; SODA NATION: Half of America now has type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, 9/24/15; Eye-opening infographic reveals the extensive destruction Coca-Cola unleashes on internal organs, 10/13/15

Adya Clarity: Imported as battery acid and sold for internal consumption, 10/28/11; Adya Clarity response: Label to be modified for full transparency, no internal use marketing without clinical proof, 10/28/11; Adya Clarity - how to intelligently read the label and calculate possible toxic exposures to excess iron and aluminum, 10/30/11; Adya Clarity caught deceiving Health Canada in licensing scam that hid aluminum content, 10/31/11; Adya Clarity's top distributor issues full apology, product recall, 10/31/11; Adya Clarity (black mica extract) concerns answered in revealing interview with Roy Dittman, integrative medicine scientist, 11/2/11; 12 striking contradictions between Adya Clarity and the core health principles of raw foods living, 11/3/11; Urgent health warning issued over Adya Clarity detox liquid containing aluminum, sulfuric acid, 3/25/13

Radiated Food

Irradiation: Hidden Harm: How the FDA is Ignoring Potential Dangers of Unique Chemicals in Irradiated Food, Dec. 01; USDA Food Irradiation Plot; Eversole: Danger of Food Irradiation; Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods, 4/14/8; Both Ineffective and Detrimental , 7/12/9; Codex Alimentarius and Food Irradiation in the U.S., 3/25/11; Codex Alimentarius Irradiated Food Cover-up, 3/28/11; Harmful if swallowed - The dangers of food irradiation, 9/1/13

Microwave Cooking: Microwave Cooking Worse than What's Known - It Causes Chronic Disease and Cancer; Hidden Hazards; 10 Reasons to Throw out your Microwave Oven; Is Your Microwave Cooking Making You Sick?; Microwaved food is not safe. The DNA of the food is altered, 4/13/10; Microwave popcorn contains dangerous chemical, 11/22/10; Why and how microwave cooking causes cancer, 12/8/10; Research links consuming microwaved food to cancer, 12/9/10; Microwaved water kills plant in home grown experiment, 4/2/11; Microwaves - A Dangerous Convenience, 9/29/11; Microwave containers leaching toxins into food at alarming rates, 11/9/11; Microwave popcorn gives off a toxic, lung-damaging gas, 12/12/11; Man awarded over $7 million for microwave popcorn-induced lung damage, 9/28/12; Why cooking with a microwave destroys cancer-fighting nutrients in food and promotes nutritional deficiencies, 3/8/13; When a microwave oven is running, you should be too, 5/8/14; 12 Facts About Microwaves That Should Forever Terminate Their Use, 7/23/14; This Is What Microwaves Do To Your Food (and Why You Must Kill Them…Before They Kill You), 2/14/16; Is Your Microwave Leaking Radiation?, 3/31/16; Years ago Russia researched the biological effects of microwave ovens... then banned them, 8/24/16; Microwave popcorn gives off a toxic, lung-damaging gas when cooked, 11/26/16; Microwave Ovens are Dangerous to Your Health, 3/22/17; You Know Microwaves Are Bad For You But This Is What You Didn’t Know, 3/27/17

Toxic Cookware Items: Seven common cookware items that can poison your food, 9/16/16

Teflon: Dangers of Teflon Pans; Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware, 19/9/10; Non-stick cookware chemical PFOA linked to high cholesterol in children, 9/7/10; Nonstick cookware chemical causes ADHD in children, 10/22/10; Cookware chemicals disrupt hormones, lead to early menopause, 3/26/11; Cookware chemical linked to causing arthritis, 7/25/11; Deadly Teflon chemical - Decades of cover-ups, 8/21/12; Teflon and related chemicals linked to arthritis, 2/27/13; DuPont sued multiple times as court-backed science panel finds chemical C8 used in Teflon is linked to cancer, 10/29/13; Exposure to non-stick cookware linked to delayed menstruation, 1/29/14; Teflon: Killer in the Kitchen, 4/3/14; Is Teflon a Killer?, 9/17/14; TEFLON TOXIN - DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception, 8/11/15; Using a Non-Stick Pan? You May Want to Read This, 8/24/15; Teflon Dangers, 2/1/15; PFOA Teflon chemical has poisoned nearly the entire world, 5/13/16