Esoteric Teachers

030517r44 Esoteric; Affirmations & Manifesting; Angels; Astral Travel   Astrology; Aura; Breath; Candles; Chakras; Crystals; Death; Divination; Dowsing; Enlightenment; Enneagram; Feng Shui; Hand Mudras; Hearts; Ho'oponopono; Hypnosis; Sleep Learning; NLP; I Ching; Lucid Dreaming; Mandalas; Mantras; Meditation; Mediumship; Numerology; Occult; Palmistry; Paradox; Paradigm Shifting; Prophecy; Radionics; Remote Viewing; Runes; Sacred Substances; Symbols; Tantra; Tarot; Third Eye; Yoga; Esoteric Teachers; Uncovering the Truth; For answers to your most essential questions: Go here.

petra-s-1994154 Abraham-Hicks: Biggest Missing Piece, 9/19/12

Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya: Absolute Law of Karma^; Extrasensory Potentials of Mind^; Glimpse of Golden Future^; Sleep Dreams & Spiritual Reflections^; Spectrum of Knowledge^; Spiritual Science of Sex Element^

Acorah & Sutton: Psychic World of Derek Acorah^

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: High Ideal^; Solar Plexus^; Understanding the Aura^; Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed, 2/15/14

F.M. Alexander: Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual^; Man's Supreme Inheritance^; Universal Constant in Living^

Flower-of-Life Pane Andov: PaneAndov2012; old PaneAndov; Flower of Life Meditation; again; Expected Cosmic Events in 2012, 2/23/12

Ted Andrews: Animal Speak

031916b42 José Argüelles: Call of Pacal Votan^; Dynamics of Time^; Mayan Factor; Mayan Prophecies & Calendar^; Rinri Project^; Survival Guide for 2012^; What is the 13 Moon Calendar?; Time and the Technosphere^; Jose Arguelles Passes On; Law of Time; Discovery of the Law of Time, 12/11/13

Kevin Arnett: Mysteries, Myths or Marvels^

Sri Aurobindo: Essays Divine & Human^; Essays in Philosophy & Yoga^; Evening Talks^; Life Divine^; Record of Yoga^; Secret of the Veda^; Synthesis of Yoga^; Writings

Jean Baudrillard: Seduction^

L.M. Bazett: Beyond the Five Senses^

Becker & Selden: Body Electric^

Hakim Bey: Writings; Marco Polo of the Sub-Underground; Temporary Autonomous Zone^

Gregg Braden: Curing Cancer using our own Technology of Emotion, 11/14/10

Brown & Novick: Voices From the Edge^

Richard Maurice Bucke: Cosmic Consciousness^

Joseph Caldwell: Earth Is God's Dime Novel^

Ken Carey: Starseed Transmissions^; Starseed: The Third Millennium, 1991; Awakening Solar Intelligence

Douglas Colligan: Strange Energies Hidden Powers^

Adrian Cooper: Our Ultimate Reality^

Cosmic Awareness: Master File

Robert E. Cox: Final Event Portal

Kiesha Crowther: Answers questions, 11/20/10; In Zurich, 2/12/10

Daniel: Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP,World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Alexandra David-Neel: My Journey to Lhasa; With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet^

Bill Dayholos: Essence^

A'shayana Deane: Ascension Mechanics 1-3, 5/10

Donald DeGracia: Beyond the Physical^

David Deida: Dear Lover ^; Instant Enlightenment^; Naked Buddhism^

Dennett & Hofstaedter: The Mind's I

Tim Duerden: Subtle Energy Manual^

Theron Dumont: Art & Science of Personal Magnetism^; Power of Concentration^; Solar Plexus Abdominal Brain^

Dan Eden: Never Ending

Max Ehrmann: Desiderata

Werner Erhard: Outrageous Betrayal: The Real Story of Werner Erhard from Est to Exile, 8/1/93

Geoffrey Falk: Stripping the Gurus^

Dilys Gater: A Psychic's Case Book^

Uri Geller: Was Uri Geller a Secret CIA Spy?, 6/16/13; Declassified files reveal CIA carried out secret psychic experiments on Uri Geller and got him to to PREDICT an agent’s drawings from the next room – and the results will bend your mind, 1/18/17; CIA scientist convinced by Uri Geller's psychic powers, 2/3/17

Christian Godefroy: Mind Powers^

Elisabeth Haich: Initiation^

Robert Happé: Servindo a onda da luz, 12/21/11

O. Hashnu Hara: Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism^

William Henry: Ark of the Christos^; Blue Apples^; Cloak of the Illuminati^; Egypt the Greatest Show on Earth^; Healing Sun Code^; Oracle of the Illuminati^

Ra Uru Hu: Jovian Archive

Alloya Huckfield: Mission of the One Star^

Zhoev Jho: E.T. 101: Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution

Joao de Deus (John of God): Forceps up the nose , 5/2/8; Interview with John of God with Susie Verde , 7/27/8; My Operation in Brazil, 3/5/9; MY OWN VISIBLE SURGERY, 2/19/11

Lawrence C. Katz: Keep Your Brain Alive^

Ken Keyes, Jr.: Handbook To Higher Consciousness^; 100th Monkey^

071617z 123115m hazrat Hazrat Inayat Khan: Mysticism; Mysticism of Sound & Music; Philosophy; Psychology; Sayings

Olga Kharitidi: Entering the Circle bk,audio

Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Laura Knight Jadczyk Fraud; Éiriú Eolas: An Ancient Breathing Technique; High Strangeness of Dimensions; Judaism and Christianity, 2000 Years of Lies & 60 Years of State Terrorism; Letter About Castaneda From C. Scott Littleton to Laura Knight-Jadczyk; Organic Portals: The Occult Reason for Psychopathy Ponerology Preview

Alfred Korzybski: Manhood of Humanity; Science and Sanity

Dennis Krum: Is

Andrew Lang: Cock Lane & Common Sense^

071717b Timothy Leary: Chaos & Cyberculture^; Delicious Grace of Moving Ones Hand^; Eight Circuits of Consciousness; Info-Psychology^; Intelligence Agents^; NeuroLogic^; Neuropolitics^; Politics of Self-Determination^; Psychedelic Experience^; Psychedelic Prayers^; What Does WoMan Want^; Timothy Leary’s Transformation From Scientist to Psychedelic Celebrity, 10/1/13; Timothy Leary Explains the Police State, “Every State in the World, America included, is a Mafia”, 8/24/15

Michael Lightweaver: A Galactic Fairy Tale

John C. Lilly: homepage; Center of the Cyclone^; Deep Self^; Programming the Human Biocomputer; Quiet Center^; Scientist - A Metaphysical Autobiography^; Simulations of God^; John Lilly & E J Gold: Tanks For The Memories^

Norman Livergood: Perennial Tradition^

Jason Louv: Ultraculture Journal1^

Michael Love channeling Archangel Michael: UNPRECEDENTED COSMIC WAVE TO IMPACT EARTH IN LATE SEPTEMBER 2015, 7/27/15

Barbara Marciniak: 2008 Interview, 3/6/13

Orison Swett Marden: An Iron Will^

Marshall McLuhan: Medium is the Message^

McKinney: Last 10 Seconds of Eternity^

Drunvalo Melchizedek: Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life; v1^; v2^; Merkaba Meditation^; Prophecies^; Argentina 10/08; Birth Of A New Humanity; Serpent of Light; ETs, Historical Universal Evolution, Poles shift and 2012, 11/22/10; Plasma Beings, 11/23/10; Freedom Without Fear A Historically True Story of the Income Tax!, 12/28/10; Drunvalo Melchizedek: What Will Happen During the Shift; Mayans and 12-21-12, Pt.1; Pt.2, Pt.3; Drunvalo Melchizedek: Mayan End Time prophecies: 2007 - Jan. 1, 2016, 12/20/11

Richard Alan Miller: Dr. Richard Alan Miller exposes Iona Miller as CIA "spin writer", 6/17/15

Dan Millman: Way of the Peaceful Warrior^

Michael Murphy: Golf in the Kingdom

Miyamoto Musashi: Book of 5 Rings

Ali Nomad: Cosmic Consciousness^

S.L. Noonan: Gnosis of Kali Yuga^

Novenian Masters: Embracing the Self

Alan Orr: Natural Mind - Waking Up, v1^

P.D. Ouspensky: Fourth Way; In Search of the Miraculous; Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution; Tertium Organum; again

sarag Swami Panchadasi: Clairvoyance & Occult Powers^

Joseph Chilton Pearce: Crack in the Cosmic Egg; Evolutions End^
Wes Penre: Beyond 2012 A Handbook for the New Era
Baskaran Pillai aka Dattatreya Siva Baba: Light Body: Next Stage in Evolution; Millionaire Yoga
Pierre Pradervand: Gentle Art of Blessing

Martin’ Prechtel: Secrets of the Talking Jaguar

Andrija Puharich: Beyond Telepathy

Daniel Quinn: Beyond Civilization^

Ra Material: Law of One, Book 1; Law of One, Book 2; Law of One, Book 3; Law of One, Book 4; Law of One, Book 5 Personal Material; Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarty – Ra material / Law of one study guide

H. Lynn Radcliffe: Touch of the Lord^

Swami Rama: Enlightenment Without God^

James Redfield: Celestine Prophecy^; Kenneth Moyle: Why I Hate "The Celestine Prophecy"

Wilhelm Reich: American Odyssey: Letters & Journals, 1940-1947; Mass Psychology of Fascism; Listen, Little Man

Douglas Rushkoff: Cyberia^

Samuel Sagan: Awakening the 3rd Eye^

Nicholas F. Schmidt: A Gift... From the Stars^

Jim Self: Shift — What it is… Why it’s Happening… How it’s Going to Affect You

Robin Sharma: Shine in the World^

Michael Sharp: Book of Life^

Tony Shearer: Lord of the Dawn: Quetzalcoatl and the Tree of Life; How did Tony Shearer calculate Harmonic Convergence?

Sheldrake, McKenna, Abraham: Evolutionary Mind^

Joel Speerstra: Hunab Ku: 77 Sacred Symbols

Starhawk: Earth Magic

Brad Steiger: ESP,Your 6th Sense^

Emmanuel Swedenborg: Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugal Love^; Heaven & Hell^; Schuchard: Swedenborg, Blake & the Sexual Basis of Spiritual Vision^; Wilson van Dusen: Presence of Spirits^

Thomas Szasz: Myth of Mental Illness; again; Theology of Medicine

Dave Szulborski: Immersive Gaming^

Russell Targ: Limitless Mind^<

Yorimoto Tashi: Influence^

Charles Tart: Psi Functioning & Altered States; States of Consciousness

Alvin Toffler: Future Shock^; Power Shift^; Third Wave^

Michael Topper: Magnum Organum^; Mother Book^

James Twyman: Why We Will Not Participate In James Twyman's Prayers For Peace, 1/16/2

Immanuel Velikovsky: Ages in Chaos

Neale Donald Walsch: Complete Conversations With God^

Blair Warren: No-Nonsense Guide to Enlightenment^

Joshua Sean White: Soul Therapy

Ken Wilbur: Atman Project^; Integral Spirituality^; Sex, Ecology & Spirituality^

David Wilcock: Science of Oneness^; Shift of the Ages^; Source Field Investigations The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind; Synchronicity Key; Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case, 4/16/7; 2012 Enigma; again; Project Camelot; Awake & Aware in LA, 9/19/9; What is Ascension?, 5/18/10; Japan: A Final, Desperate Attempt to Stop Disclosure?, 3/26/11; 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age -- Videos, Documents!, 7/22/11; Source Field Investigations, 8/6/11; Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed, 9/16/11; Pt.2, 10/13/11; New Fulford Interview Transcript: Old World Order Nearing Defeat, 10/31/11; Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy - December 14th, 2011, 12/15/11; Evidence Corroborating David Wilcock’s Recent Allegations: Philippine Gold, Platinum, and Cash, 12/30/11; FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time, 1/13/12; Pt.2, History, 1/13/12; Pt.3, Real World, 1/13/12; Pt.4, Occult Economy, 1/13/12; DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny, 3/28/12; Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History, 7/20/12; Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?, 8/28/12; Insider 'Daniel' Comes Forward!, 11/7/12; Personality Metamorph Program, 5/7/16; Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration, 8/2/16

Stuart Wilde: God's Gladiators^; World-renowned author and metaphysical teacher, dies, 5/12/13

Fred Alan Wolf: Awakening Your Soul; Dr. Quantum Presents: Do-It-Yourself Time Travel<

Frances Yates: Art of Memory

Wong Kim Yuen: On the Edge of Spaces^