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Our belief creates our ‘reality’ and the controllers know that.

Dumbed Down Society

080416r 092214q 080314d 010417i55 071216e55 072315q54 Dumbed Down Society: Please Move the Deer Crossing; ‘I Just Voted for Obama Because He’s Black’, 3/8/13; Here's why people don't understand national debt: Americans rank almost last in math skills, 10/30/13; Californians Sign Petition Allowing U.S. Troops to Commandeer Their Homes, 1/13/14; Students Sign Petition To Have Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps, 2/3/14; Clueless people blindly sign petition calling for MORE fluoride, 3/21/14; Public believes solar panels will drain the sun's energy, 6/2/14; Dumbing Down of America – By Design, 8/14/14; Scientific Proof That People Are Getting 'Stupider', 8/25/14; Average college freshmen can't read past 7th grade level, 1/12/15; Suppression of knowledge by establishment academics, 1/25/15; How Popular Music’s Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy, 5/22/15; VIDEO: Americans Refuse to Purchase 10 oz Silver Bar Worth $160 for 10 Bucks, 6/24/15; CITIZENS DON'T KNOW WHAT COUNTRY WE SECEDED FROM IN 1776, 7/2/15; Americans Choose Free Hershey Bar Over Silver Bar Worth $150, 7/8/15; Americans Have Never Been Dumber, 9/5/15; Poll: 40 Percent Of Millennials Want Speech Censored, 11/21/15; College entrance test scores collapse across America as dumbed-down liberal education system teaches “social justice” instead of thinking skills, 11/9/18

Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami as police shoot naked, mindless man literally eating the face off another man, 5/27/12; Are bath salts a prelude to a zombie apocalypse?, 5/30/12; Zombies, Deniers, Sociopaths, Schemers and Protectors: The five dominant personalities you'll encounter in a world gone mad, 6/13/12; Zombie Bees Today - Are Zombie People Next?, 10/10/12; U.S. military forces train for zombie apocalypse, 11/1/12; America has devolved into a nation of welfare zombies living on little more than brain stem function, 4/28/13; Liberal Chick Gets College Students to Sign Pressure Cooker Ban!, 4/29/13; Zombie Apocalypse in a ‘DC’ Comic, 9/21/13; 8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance, 3/19/14; Medicating childhood - An American Zombie Apocalypse, 4/12/14; Mysterious Real Zombies of Haiti, 8/5/14; Zombie Culture, 9/23/14; Science of ZOMBIES: Neuroscientists reveal the anatomy of the undead's brain - and how to avoid becoming their dinner, 12/30/14; A Scientific Model Of What A Zombie Apocalypse Would Look Like (And Where Not To Hide), 3/24/15; Read the CDC’s Unintentionally Hilarious Zombie Survival Guide, 9/12/15; Fear of the Walking Dead: The American Police State Takes Aim, 10/27/15; Pentagon's 'zombie pandemic training' teaches military nurses how to quarantine civilians, administer vaccines on massive scale, 7/10/16


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030316t68 082116j56 052014q55 080715o25 Education: Children Learn What They Live; P2PU: Learn Anything with your peers, online & free; Kids can teach themselves, 2/7; Become a Renaissance Man for Free, 5/28/9; Sir Ken Robinson's talk on how schools kill creativity, 11/16/9; I'm a Saboteur; Stupid in America; Freedom of Education; Marble Test; Education Department buying 27 shotguns, 3/11/10; A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give, 7/13/10; Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education, 9/6/10; Why Johnny Can't Program: A New Medium Requires A New Literacy, 9/30/10; Webbrain: A Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty, 10/31/10; Shadow Scholar - The man who writes your students' papers tells his story, 11/12/10; Leave Them Kids Alone, 11/19/10; Genocide of the American Mind, 12/16/10; Young people: get ready to grab your ankles, 12/16/10; Tiger Moms and the Central Plan, 1/28/11; Making Too Many Americans Stupid, 3/17/11; Bail - It's time for domestic expatriation, 7/22/11; Could You Modify It ‘To Stop Students From Becoming This Advanced?’, 7/25/11; In Defense of the Shadow Scholar, 8/2/11; Back to school health checklist, 8/27/11; Education in the 21st Century, 9/5/11; 3 Characteristics of an Educated Man, 10/30/11; Where have all the teachers gone?, 11/12/11; Education Trap, 11/14/11; Literacy's Last Hurrah, 11/18/11; Fight continues for academic freedom in the US, 12/15/11; Dumb as a Rock: You Will Be Absolutely Amazed at the Things That US High School Students Do Not Know, 1/13/12; again; Pic of Sleeping Sub Nets Student Suspension, 1/26/12; 180 Tools for Reading and Spelling, 1/28/12; Fed To Take Propaganda To The Schoolroom: Will Teach Grade 8-12 Students About Constitutionality Of... The Fed, 3/12/12; 'A Test You Need to Fail': A Teacher's Open Letter to Her 8th Grade Students, 3/23/12; Think you're a fast reader? Take the speed reading test to see if you can beat the national average of 300 words per minute, 5/21/12; Brilliant English teacher dares tell high school grads the truth: You are NOT special!, 6/9/12; Jeff Berwick: Don't Seek Education, Seek Knowledge, 6/29/12; 8 Vital skills to teach your children that will trump an Ivy League education, 7/7/12; Teaching children to cook found pivotal in their ability to make healthy food choices, 7/11/12; Hollywood Film Pushes Flawed Corporate Education Agenda, 9/19/12; Education After the Collapse: School When There Is No Classroom, 9/27/12; Given Tablets but No Teachers, Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves, 10/29/12; Why Finland's Unorthodox Education System is the Best in the World, 11/27/12; Do You Know a Child Who Wants To Start a Business?, 12/7/12; Salman Khan on the Future of Education, 12/9/12; New school curriculum eliminating classic fiction, 12/10/12; 10 Lies Taught To Us In School, 1/20/13; Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’, 4/12/13; Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley, 5/11/13; Only Thing Children Really Need Is Freedom, 6/11/13; DoE Here’s How To Teach Reading, 8/30/13; A Radical Way of Unleashing a Generation of Geniuses, 10/15/13; Teach Your Children To Run a Business, 11/14/13; Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Having A Complete Education, 1/18/14; Raising Up Compliant Children in the American Police State, 5/1/14; Raising Competent Kids in an Incompetent World, 5/9/14; Mom, why do I have to go to school?, 5/15/14; Why My Kids Are Learning To Work, 7/11/14; 25 Websites That Will Make You Smarter, 11/28/14; Rules of Success to Adopt by Age 13, 6/20/15; Acquire Skills, Not Credentials, 8/13/15; US government teaches children that killing is the answer, 10/5/15; How Do You Prepare a Child for Life in the American Police State?, 10/12/15; A delightful way to teach kids about computers, 10/15; The Hoax, 9/20/16; Your Children Are Being Programmed, 4/3/17; Thirteen Other Reasons Why Schools Are Creating a Lost Generation, 5/25/17; Research Suggests That We Are All Geniuses Until We Enter The School System, 10/5/17; 4 Ways Kids Are Biologically Driven to Self-Educate, 10/16/17

Department of Education: Donald Trump has called for the Department of Education to be eliminated — here's how he could legally do it, 11/10/16

121614i52 Scott Adams: How to Get a Real Education, 4/9/11
Samuel Blumenfeld: Is Public Education Necessary^; Trojan Horse in American Education, 1984^; George Counts: Dare the School Build a New Social Order (1932)^
gatto John Taylor Gatto: John Taylor Gatto: Underground History of American Education; Underground History of American Education; Ch. 12 Daughters of the Barons of Runnemede; again; Ch.13 Empty Child; Ch.16 A Conspiracy Against Ourselves; Ch.17 Politics of Schooling; Seven Lessons Taught in School; Origin & Evil of Public Schools, 3/15/12; Free: Gatto’s Underground History of American Education, 2/21/15; John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018): Remembering America's Most Courageous Teacher, 10/29/18
Kenneth Goff: Brainwashed Into Slavery, circa 1940^
John Holt: School Is Bad for Children, 1/26/13
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Salman Khan: Khan Academy's Challenge to State-Certified Educators, 7/11/14
Barbara Morris: Change Agents in the Schools, 1979^
Chantal K. Saucier: Only Thing Children Really Need Is Freedom, 6/11/13; What’s Your ONE Thing?, 6/22/13; That Which Is Learned vs. That Which Is Not Learned, 6/28/13
John A.Stormer: None Dare Call It Education^

Public Schools

010715m 071513b 071815l49 Public Schools: Government wants kids in school younger and earlier and longer, 5/1/6 - of course they do; Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity, 6/6; Dismantle Public Education; Will Public Education be Militarized?; Weaponized Education: Controlling Tomorrow With The Youth of Today, 6/4/9; Shocking Truth About Public Schools; Government Sponsored Terrorism and the Brainwashing of your Children, 9/25/10; Hollywood film asks the right questions about what’s wrong with public education, 10/7/10; Los Angeles public schools open doors to ‘corporate brand identity’, 12/16/10; Public Education Is Going Down, 1/6/11; South Dakota schools cut costs with 4-day week, 8/21/11; In trimming school budgets, more officials turn to a four-day week, 10/28/11; Parents Furious Over Apparent Use Of ‘Scream Rooms’ Inside Middletown, Conn. Elementary School, 1/11/12; How the Public Schools Keep Your Child a Prisoner of the State, 1/31/12; Public Education: The Sick Dinosaur on Fed Life Support, 2/16/12; Kids All Over America Are Being Put on Buses and Sent to Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills, 3/29/12; Brett Veinotte on Horrors of State-Run Schools and Schooling, 4/2/12; Police State Indoctrination of the Young, 4/19/12; How To Improve the Public School Experience From an Unschooler's Perspective, 4/23/12; Truth About the Public 'Schools', 5/2/12; What If Public Schools Were Abolished?, 7/24/12; Parents Are Yanking Their Kids Out of Government Schools, 7/26/12; Obama Asks Public Schools to Ignore Bad Behavior by Black Students, 7/31/12; NSA, Pentagon Using Elementary Schools to Train Future Federal Agents, 8/27/12; War on Kids: Definitive Documentary on the Failure of Public Education, 9/29/12; America’s Schools: Breeding Grounds for Compliant Citizens, 10/16/12; Child interrogated, suspended from public school for having kombucha tea in lunchbox, 10/17/12; For DHS, Cybersecurity Education Begins in Kindergarten, 10/26/12; School district calls 12-year-old rape victim ‘negligent’ and ‘careless’ in her own abuse, 11/3/12; School Sucks: The American Way, 11/12/12; School Sucks #134: The American Way Expanded (1 of 3): The Gasoline-Soaked House, 11/12/12; School Sucks #135: The American Way Expanded (2 of 3): Pyromania, 11/12/12; School Sucks #136: The American Way Expanded (3 of 3): The Matches, 11/12/12; Public education in collapse: School commissions are repeatedly having to borrow millions of dollars to pay bills, 11/22/12; GMO company DuPont Pioneer bribing third-grade students with 'seed' money, 12/4/12; Fight Against the Total Surveillance State in Our Schools, 12/4/12; Take Your Children Out of Government Schools, 12/23/12; Ban Schools, Not Guns, 12/25/12; Dishonest Educators, 1/8/13; High School To Collect Students’ Hair For Mandatory Drug Testing, 1/31/13; Obama Pushing Aspartame on Grade Schoolers, 2/1/13; Robot Factory, 2/1/13; Majoring in Minors: Turning Our Schools Into Totalitarian Enclaves, 2/5/13; School's Open – Arm Your Children!, 2/9/13; Psycho-Therapeutic School System: Pathologizing Childhood, 4/9/13; How Government-run Schooling Contributed to the Rise of Fascism, 5/27/13; Boy diagnosed with autism has higher IQ than Einstein; thriving despite failure of public school system, 5/30/13; Institutionalizing Ignorance, 7/4/13; Police State Mindset in Our Public Schools, 8/13/13; Who Benefits from the Public Schools?, 8/13/13; Public (un)Education For All, 8/23/13; Public School Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places You Could Possibly Put Your Children, 8/26/13; Public school is now officially a prison for your children; Parents not allowed to walk kids to class, 8/27/13; Is Your Child a Student or a Slave?, 8/28/13; If You Send Your Kid to a Public School, You’re a Bad Parent, 8/30/13; Insane 9/11 Homework Assignment Highlights Trauma-based Education, 9/13/13; Time to Stick a Fork in our False Messiah, 9/17/13; Anti-piracy curriculum for elementary schools, 9/24/13; Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance, 10/8/13; Sixth Grade Assignment: Destroy the Bill of Rights, 10/8/13; Ron Paul: Public Schools Look Like the Prisons They Are, 10/15/13; Population Control Agenda Is Being Relentlessly Pushed In American Public Schools, 10/22/13; Feds Order School to Ban Packed Lunches Without Doctor’s Note, 10/24/13; Break up with the Public School, 10/26/13; Police dog bites fifth grader when cops conduct mock classroom drug raid, 10/27/13; School Test Teaches Kids: “Commands Of Government Officials Must Be Obeyed By All”, 10/29/13; Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply With Demands, 11/22/13; Don’t Make Us Tell Child Welfare: Schools Insist on Forced Medical Exams for Kids, 11/22/13; State now owns your children; dad arrested for trying to pick up his own child at school, 11/23/13; Preparing America’s Children for Slavery, 11/23/13; Schools are Obamacare for Children, 11/29/13; America 'Dead Last' In Education, 12/1/13; 13 Year Old Boy Blows the Myth of "Public Education" Out of the Water, 12/9/13; How to Avoid the Mind-Numbing Weapons of Mass Instruction, 12/18/13; Public School-Military Pipeline, 1/6/14; Why Cell Phones Will Kill the Public Schools Before 2040, 1/24/14; Public School Teachers are Overpaid and Underworked, 1/28/14; Public School Teachers Are Cheaters, 2/4/14; Public Schools Are Preparing America’s Children For Life In A Police State, 2/17/14; Gates Foundation Launches Giant Database on School Children 'inBloom', 2/24/14; Schools All Over America Still Lock Children in ‘Cells’ Called Scream Rooms, 2/28/14; 'People Have a Right to Certain Weapons...': School Workbook Rewrites 2nd Amendment, 3/25/14; Mom Arrested for Not Signing in When She Went to Console Her Autistic Son at School, 3/25/14; Setting the Stage for Tyranny: Public Schools Deliberately Create a Culture of Fear, 4/8/14; Washington mom outraged over 'pay to potty' policy in classroom, 5/30/14; Don’t Send Your Kids to Public School, 8/27/14; Justice Department sides with 14-year-old girl raped while serving as 'bait' in middle school sting, 9/17/14; No Hugs!, 9/18/14; Denver area students walk out of school to protest indoctrination classes replacing real History, 9/23/14; In Colorado, a Student Counterprotest to an Anti-Protest Curriculum, 9/23/14; Denver Post: Okay AP kids, you’ve had your fun — now STFU and go back to school, 9/24/14; Obama’s Mental Health Screening in Schools Will ‘Disarm’ Gun Rights: “Databases to Follow Academic Career and Beyond”, 11/10/14; 2nd Grader's Homework Teaches 'The Government GIVES Us Our Rights', 11/15/14; With guns drawn, police stage surprise raid on school as part of psychological drill to 'protect the children', 11/25/14; Government School Totalitarians Are At It Again, 11/27/14; School curriculum for young students shamelessly promotes GMOs, vaccines, 3/31/15; Obama threatens to starve students who attend public schools that reject transgender normalization agenda, 6/21/15; U.S. schools begin scanning students' thumbprints for 'tracking purposes', 7/11/15; Public School Students Are the New Inmates in the American Police State, 9/15/15; again, 9/21/15; 13 Years of Enslavement - Truth About The School System In A Two Minute Video, 10/26/15; Kids Learn Fascist Lesson at 9/11 Memorial, 5/4/16; Portland School Board Bans Literature Denying Climate Change, 5/21/16; How Schooling Leads to War, 8/10/16; Failure of Public Schooling in One Chart, 12/21/16; Public School System Exposed for Reporting Parents to CPS for Homeschooling, 2/10/17; States Across The US Now Moving to Teach Kids How to Properly Submit to Cops, 6/26/17; Minnesota Public Schools Approve "Transgender Tool Kit", 7/27/17; 7 Reasons to Shut Down Public Schools Immediately and Permanently, 2/22/18; 65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math, 5/1/18; In the Wake of Mass Shootings, Parents Reconsider Mass Schooling, 5/21/18; Big Pharma to Use Public Schools As Biochemical Mind Control Agents for Students, 3/8/19

School Lunches: U.S. Schoolchildren Now Subjected to Sack Lunch Searches by Government Agents Who Enforce Nutritional Insanity, 2/15/12; School Lunches Are Sickening, 11/26/12; Michelle Obama's Orwellian School Lunch Program, 2/11/14; Nebraska school district scans student fingerprints for lunch program, 12/4/14; Black Market in Food Items Springs up in US Schools, 6/27/15; A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch, 6/28/15

Common Core: Abbott & Costello Explain Common Core, 1/7/12; Obama trying to take over public education with 'common core' curriculum that teaches socialism, 5/3/13; Ron Paul: ‘Common Core’ Nationalizes and Dumbs Down Public School Curriculum Even More, 5/27/13; Look Who Funded and Developed Common Core, 8/8/13; New Common Core Obama Math Standard: “3 x 4 = 11″, 8/20/13; Common Core: 'Pimps’ And ‘Mobstaz' For 4th Graders, 9/20/13; Common Core: A Lesson Plan for Raising Up Compliant, Non-Thinking Citizens, 9/24/13; Common Core: The Battle For Our Children & Our Country, 9/26/13; Common Core Leads To Home School Increase, 11/14/13; Arkansas Mom Totally Flattens Common Core, 12/18/13; Arkansas mom destroys Common Core in four powerful minutes, 12/18/13; Charlotte Iserbyt – Common Core – Save Long Island Forum, 1/18/14; How Career Training Has Replaced Public Education, 3/3/14; Common Core math education intentionally designed to make America's children mentally ill, 3/17/14; Globalist Brainwashing of Your Children, 4/1/14; Common Core Wants Children to Rewrite Bill of Rights, 4/10/14; Common Core tests laced with corporate slogans: are children being indoctrinated?, 5/5/14; Can You Solve 32 – 12 = ?, 5/22/14; New Technology Development Pushed by Feds Allows for Data Collection on Every Child, 5/22/14; Liberty Rising: Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Signs Bill Repealing Common Core, 6/6/14; Common Core Is Majorly Harming Our Children, 6/22/14; Common Core Tests: So Difficult, Bureaucrats Had to Implement a Curve Under Which Kids Can Guess Randomly and Still Pass, 6/27/14; If Common Core Math Is The Problem What Is The Solution?, 9/26/14; Common Core Drives Home School Surge, 11/10/14; Common Core education: the insane bottom line, 4/4/15; Education departments, textbook publishers now spying on students' social media accounts, 4/15/15; Common Core Or "Communist Core", 9/8/15; How the feds shoved Common Core down the throats of America's citizens, 10/6/15; Textbook Exec Reveals Greedy Truth Behind Common Core: ‘It’s never about the kids’, 1/14/15; Government using Common Core propaganda to indoctrinate children into vaccine compliance, 9/26/16

Universal Preschool: Obama Bypasses Congress Again to Fund Universal Preschool, 8/14/13; Is this a Preschool or a Prison?, 8/21/13

Truancy & Tracking: GPS To Track Truant Students In Anaheim, 2/18/11; For chronic truants, a GPS program can help them make the grade, 2/25/11; When students don't go to school, parents go to jail, 4/24/11; A Florida School District is Taking Attendance by Scanning Students’ Fingers, 10/7/11; Cracking Down on the Pupil Personnel (Suspected Skippers), 1/14/12; Public School Surveillance of Inmates, 1/15/12; Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips, 8/30/12

School-vs-Prison School Prisons: 18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent to Life In U.S. Prisons, 6/2/11; Terror Drills for New Jersey's Child Prisoners, 9/18/11; Prison-Yard America, 10/12/11; 28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps, 12/30/11; Public Schools: The War on Kids, 1/15/12; 5 Ways Public Schools Prepare Us For Prison Life, 5/25/12; Elementary School Places Unruly Kids In Solitary Confinement, 11/29/12 End the Pretense that Government Schools and Prisons Are Different, 11/28/12; Public school is now officially a prison for your children; Parents not allowed to walk kids to class, 8/27/13; U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case of Student Subjected to Random Lockdown and Mass Search By Police in Public School, 10/8/13; Can you guess which of these are school lunches and which are prison meals?, 12/17/14; U.S. schools functioning as prisons: Leg shackles and handcuffs for students, 2/7/15; Schools as Punishing Factories: The Handcuffing of Public Education, 8/6/15; Prison and Public School - Story of Two Buses, 12/14/15; Authorities Now Installing Cameras in School Bathrooms — A Predator’s Dream Come True, 11/8/17; Say No to “Hardening” the Schools with Zero Tolerance Policies and Gun-Toting Cops, 3/13/18

Arrested-Teen-Jail Criminalization of student discipline: Zero Tolerance Policies: Are the Schools Becoming Police States?, 2/17/11; Texas students sent from classroom to courtroom, 8/21/11; First Graders Handcuffed At Chicago School, Told They Were Going To Prison: Lawsuit, 9/1/11; Florida school official calls police on kissing 12-year-olds, 11/22/11; 7-Year-Old Accused of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Boy In Groin, 12/2/11; Judge sends honor student to jail for missing school, 5/26/12; Female Student Drops Cake - Assaulted by School Security, 10/22/12; 10 Year Old Strip Searched by School Official Over Lunch Ruckus, 12/12/12; NYPD Gets Their Man - Errr, Seven-Year-Old - After Ten Hours of Questioning, 1/31/13; Where "Zero Tolerance" leads; Handcuffs, Leg Shackles and Tasers: The New Face of Punishment in the Public Schools, 1/27/15; Education in a Police State -- At Least Four Children Tased by Cops in Schools in the last month, 10/1/16
Jared Marcum: 8th-Grader Who Refused to Remove NRA Shirt Faces Year in Prison, 6/18/13; This is America now: Eighth grader facing a year in prison for wearing gun rights T-shirt to school, 6/20/13; WV Court Officials Trying to Silence Media in Quest to Convict Boy for NRA Shirt, 6/25/13

Sex Education: Does Sex Ed Undermine Parental Rights?, 10/18/11; Recommended New York sex ed site offers middleschoolers tips on eating feces, bestiality, fetishes, 10/26/11; Lewd sex acts taught to 13-year-olds as part of health and science curriculum, 1/18/14; School Asks Eighth Graders How Far They Would Go Sexually, 6/6/14; California Parents Outraged Over Sex Education Lesson, 6/6/14; Nanny State Pushes Sex On Children, 6/7/14; Teaching Strapon sex in public schools to 11 year olds is OK? THIS IS WHAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE TEACHING?, 9/15/14

Charter Schools: Charter Schools Are No Better than Public Schools, 1/31/13

High School: Yes, 'anal hazing' is a thing in America's high schools - Sodomy now a rite of passage, 1/22/16; FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform on "Anti-Government" Students, 3/10/16

Tutors: Meet The Guy Who Makes $1,000 An Hour Tutoring Kids Of Fortune 500 CEOs Over Skype, 8/26/14

Graduation Speeches: Erica Goldson: Valedictorian Speech 2010, 7/7/10; Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling in Graduation Speech, 7/31/10; again, 8/5/10; Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling, 1/29/11; School Officials Cut Off High School Graduation Speech For Diverting From Prepared Text, 6/10/13; You Are the True Guardians of the Galaxy: A Graduation Message for a Tyrannical Age, 5/10/17; When Things Fall Apart: A Graduation Message for a Dark Age, 5/21/18


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