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Earth; Aurora Borealis; Poleshift?; Sunups & Sundowns; Hollow Inner Earth; HAARP; Earth Changes; Earthquakes; Tsunamis; Volcanoes; Yellowstone; Sinkholes; Weather; Weather Modification/ Geoengineering; Storms; Lightning; Flood; Drought; Fire; Climate Change; Ozone Hole; Global Warming; Global Cooling; Flat Earth


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120717x 120515q56 100815o55 Earth: The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust. Is Earth a crystal planet?; Intrigue of Giant Rock; Neal Adams - Science: Part 01 - Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!, 3/2/7; Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field, 12/16/8; Magnetic Portals Connect Sun And Earth; At Night; Record Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere Puzzles Scientists, 7/15/10; Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere, 7/15/10; Solar Tsunami of 8/1/10; Due to earth's gravity it is impossible for mountains to be higher than 15,000 meters. Earth's Dust Tail Points to Alien Planets, 11/12/10; Earth is Growing; Scientists Race To Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok, 2/5/11; Potato Earth: Gravity satellite reveals what our planet REALLY looks like, 3/31/11; Earth Has an Orbital Companion Stuck in a Horseshoe-Shaped Orbit Around the Sun, 4/5/11; NASA Announces there is a space-time vortex around Earth, 5/4/11; Antimatter belt surrounds Earth, 8/8/11; Setting the Stage for Life: Scientists Make Key Discovery About the Atmosphere of Early Earth, 11/30/11; Top 10 Spectacular Natural Phenomena, 2/8/12; Mariana Trench first-ever look: Cameron releases video from 7-mile deep Abyss, 3/29/12; If you dug a hole to the center of the Earth and dropped a rock down, it would take 45 minutes to reach the bottom. Balloon Test Shows Space Tourism on the Horizon, 11/27/12; A Huge Burst Of Gamma Rays Hit Earth - And No One Noticed, 1/21/13; Coming Soon: Free Streaming Video Of Our Planet, From Space, 6/26/13; Earth, as seen from 900 million miles away, 7/22/13; Top 5 Places More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle, 4/7/14; 10 Misconceptions About Modern Earth, 9/24/14; Earth's 10 Most Mysterious Lost Worlds, 10/25/14; Now, Anyone On Earth Can See A View Of Our Planet From Space In Real Time, 11/26/14; SEVERAL OCEANS UNDERNEATH THE EARTH’S CRUST, 5/7/15; CIA ends information sharing with scientists on climate and earth changes, 5/27/15; 5 Most Mysterious Lost Worlds Ever Discovered, 6/13/15; Companies are flooding Earth’s orbit with satellites, but no one’s directing traffic, 7/23/16
Dictionary of Gems and Gemology 2nd ed^; McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Earth Science 2nd ed^; C. Donald Ahrens: Essentials of Meteorology^
080416u58 Flat Earth: Looking at the Flat Earth Society; Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth, 5/24/14; Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary, 12/19/14; Flat Earth Clues | Full Documentary Movie, 4/25/15; They Are Hiding GOD With The Greatest Lie EVER!, 6/27/15; Why the Great Flat Earth Deception in under 5 minutes, 11/10/15; Missile expert confirms Flat Earth, 8/11/16; Voted "BEST FLAT EARTH INTERVIEW 2016, 4/27/17; Are Flat-Earthers Being Serious?, 5/30/17

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010217n 100416c49 071316t49 072916s49 070616k42 040517d32 Night & Day

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013116i56 101516z54 100716w50 Fall: Two folk tales and the secret lore of the Fall

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120217h 072817q 120717b 022717m 072917g 010117w69 122916w47 072216c46 112116y42 Winter: Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’ – Low temperature records set to be SHATTERED, 11/30/16

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011316k63 011016v56 122915u55 041715g48 111114v45 051215c39 111214b30 Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights; White Northern Lights in Finland; Aurora as Seen from Space, 10/10/11; Breathtaking View of Earth from Space, 11/15/11; Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition (4K), 4/17/16

Ley Lines?: An Invisible Grid Stretches Across Our Planet - What It Does Will Amaze You, 12/23/14

Earth's Magnetic Field: NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field, 1/3/15

Poleshift?: Pole shift has begun , 10/31/10; Sunset and rise position has changed over 30 degrees?, 12/12/10; Main street media says it is happening, 1/7/11; Shift in magnetic north pole affects... Tampa airport, 1/7/11; Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is On the Move, 1/12/11; Greenland two day early Sun, 1/13/11; Sun rises two days early in Greenland?, 1/13/11; Pole Shift: North Races, South Crawls, 1/21/11; Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms, 2/4/11; Pole Shift Threatens To Cause Weather Chaos, 2/7/11; Drunvalo Melchizedek: What Will Happen During the Shift; Fresh produce prices to double or triple following freak freezes - is Earth in a magnetic pole shift?, 2/14/11; Magnetic polar reversal may have started; Magnetic north shifting by 40 miles a year, might signal pole reversal, 3/7/11; About Geomagnetic reversal and Poleshift, 3/15/11; Clear evidence of the sinking-Rice fields submerged in water as almost 1.5M, for nearly six months!, 3/23/11; Severe Wobble-Unseasonal Snow Gives Backpackers a Shock in Vietnam/Record cold in Thailand, 3/23/11; Documenting the New Northern Sunrise, 6/12/11; What's The Difference Between A Geographical Poleshift And A Magnetic Poleshift?, 8/12/11; European Space Agency: Magnetic north wandering south toward Siberia, 6/23/14; Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Faster Than We Thought, 10/17/14; Inuit Elders Warn Earth HAS Shifted, 12/5/14; Eskimo elders speak about the sun not in the same position as before, 12/14/14; Inuit Elders tell NASA Earth Axis Shifted, 3/8/15; Nibiru 5st August 2017 Message To The World as The System Will Affected US, 8/5/17

Meteor Impact Craters: Congo Impact Crater, 3/10/11

Hollow Inner Earth

101014j 041314d Hollow Inner Earth: Hollow Planets; Hollow Earth: Fact of Fiction; Southern Orifice; Agartha; Pratt: Mysteries of the Inner Earth; Arctic Pilots Confirm North Polar Entrance; Journey to the Hollow Earth; Traveler to the Inner Earth; World Top Secret - Our Earth IS Hollow!; Hollow Planet seismic model; F. Amadeo Giannini - Worlds Beyond Poles (pdf); Hollow Earth Confessions of a Pilot, 6/14/9; Hollow earth... Stuff they don't want you to know, 1/22/11; Hollow earth strange photos, 2/21/11; HOLLOW EARTH LOCATION REVEALED- BAFFIN BAY, 12/6/11; OneLight; AGARTHA - INNER EARTH ENTRANCE First Movie ever, 12/28/11; NASA PROVES HOLLOW EARTH THEORY, 3/10/12; Mount Shasta : Portal to the Inner Earth, 10/7/12; Inner Earth Expedition Updates, 10/10/12; North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, 2/17/13; World Top Secret - Inside the Hollow Earth, 4/14/13; HOLLOW EARTH:My encounter with a Dero, 6/5/13; Hollow Earth Reptilians & Admiral Byrd UFO Alien Encounter, 10/21/13; Hollow Earth Theory: Earth is Not Solid, 1/19/14; Hollow Earth True HISTORY , HITLER & NWO, 3/28/14; How It Works: The Inner Earth, 4/8/14; hollow_earth_5d2 Hollow Earth, Atlantis and Origin of Humans, 4/21/14; Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up, 9/28/14; Hollow Earth: the Forbidden Land of Agartha and the Thule Secret Society, 10/7/14; Real-Life Journey to the Center of the Earth That Almost Was, 10/29/14; Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - BBC Full Documentary 2015 HD, 4/19/15; Traveler to the Inner Earth: Billie Faye Woodard - USAF Colonel, 6/23/16; Deepest Water Ever Found: Huge Ocean Sits a Third of Way to Earth's Center, 11/24/16; Hollow Earth vs Honeycomb Earth & Inner Earth Civilizations – Corey Goode, 4/15/17; Hidden biosphere six miles below us, under the Earth’s crust, 4/19/17; A Voyage To The Inner Earth – Real Life Story Of Olaf Jansen – Hollow Earth, 5/6/17; EARTH'S EDGE REVEALED!! WHAT IS BEHIND one goes beyond!, 8/8/17; Is there another Sun, Inner World and lost civilization inside of Earth?, 9/10/17
Raymond Bernard: Hollow Earth^; Hollow Earth, The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History Made by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the Poles – The True Origin of the Flying Saucers
Admiral Richard B. Byrd: Rear Admiral Richard Byrd in Antarctica; Admiral Byrd hollow Earth diary; Richard Byrd: Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole; Harley Byrd Interview, 10/19/95; Diary Feb. Mar. 1947, (Land Beyond The Poles) Exploration flight over the North Pole (Inner Earth My Secret Diary), 12/30/7
Casteel, Swartz, Martin and Beckley: Best of Hollow Earth Hassle
Willis George Emerson: Smoky God (1908)
Marschall B. Gardner: A Journey to the Earths interior or have the poles really been discovered
George Hartwig: Subterranean World (1892)
David Pratt: Mysteries of the Inner Earth^
William Reed: Phantom of the poles
Warren Smith: This Hollow Earth^
Bill Faye Woodard: Traveler to the Interior of the Hollow Earth, 5/9/8; Traveler to the Inner Earth, 4/30/9; Subterranean Kingdom of Agharti - Hollow Earth - Tunnels - horrifying Predictions, 7/7/9

Earth Changes

mjmdg1248g 120214u68 092013g Earth Changes: Scientists are sounding the alarm: the mysterious cracks appear across the planet, 3/16/11; Scientists puzzled by giant whirlpools that have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean, 4/12/11; Enormous Cracks In The Earth Are Appearing Globally: International News Blackout, 6/22/11; Grand Canyon may be 60 million years older than previously thought, 12/1/12; Time-Lapse GIFs Show Earth Transforming Over 25 Years, 5/9/13; New Warfare of Unnatural Disasters: Death by Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes, 9/8/15


102914v53 Earthquakes: Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine; Sec'y of Defense William S. Cohen says military can cause earthquakes!, 3/1/10; Military HAARP & Major WORLDWIDE Heavy Seismic Activity!, 1/15/11; Lessons From Christchurch: Urban Earthquake Preparedness and Survival, 3/5/11; Prediction on Feb 27 2010, that there would be a big quake right around March 11, 2011 - 3 Point Alignment of Ellenin, Earth, and Sun, 3/8/11; Both Japan And New Zealand Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions Were Precisely Predicted Last Month By Solar Watchers, 3/14/11; Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland - A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent, 3/15/11; Geologist: Alarming magnetic field changes signal major quake for West Coast, 3/16/11; Scientists say quartz is key to understanding quakes, 3/16/11; Viscous Cycle: Quartz Is Key To Plate Tectonics, 3/18/11; Do We Face the 'Big One' and Soon?, 3/18/11; Underground lightning may cause earthquake and volcanic events, 3/22/11; Earthquake Safety, 3/25/11; Nuclear wipeout: How earthquakes may unleash nuclear catastrophe, 9/21/11; Scientists could use toads to predict earthquakes, 12/6/11; USGS: Recent Earthquakes 'Almost Certainly Manmade', 4/5/12; Ring of Fire Is Roaring to Life and There Will Be Earthquakes of Historic Importance on the West Coast of the United States, 4/14/12; Planetary Alignment/ Earthquake Watch May 10-11, 2013, 2/1/13; Nostradamus Prophecy - Great Quake in The Month of May!, 5/6/13; Global Earthquake Watch -- MAJOR Unrest, 4/14/14; Huge increase in California earthquakes has scientists baffled, 6/11/14; In midst of Alaska quake swarms, monitoring stations suddenly turned off: Why?, 7/29/14; Nibiru Approaching? Thousands Of Intense Earthquakes Rock Iceland, 8/20/14; Some Bay Area Residents Report Mysterious Flashes In The Sky During Napa Quake, 8/27/14; 5.1M Earthquake Strikes Mt. Shasta, 5/29/13; Helium is LEAKING from massive earthquake fault in LA raising fears ‘big one’ could be more devastating than thought, 6/30/15; Geographers offer advice on how to survive the earthquake predicted to obliterate the Pacific Northwest, 7/15/15; BIG EARTHQUAKE ANNOUNCED FOR THE WEST COAST, 7/16/15; When, Not If: 6 Things to Know About the Quake That Will Rock the Northwest, 7/21/15; Keshe Warns of 'MEGA QUAKE' That Will Split Two Continents In Half!!, 9/21/15; NASA Warns: 99% Chance Of At Least A 5.0 Quake Hitting LA Within 30 Months, 10/21/15; Oklahoma world's No. 1 earthquake area, 11/10/15; Cascadia Subduction Zone Drops 4 Feet/Mt.HOOD Watch, 1/16/16; How to Survive an Earthquake, 2/7/17

Japan Earthquakes - April 16, 2016: Dozens Of Large Earthquakes Strike As Speculation Mounts That Japan’s Southern Island May Split, 4/17/16; Mysterious Foam Covers Japanese City in Aftermath of Destructive Earthquake, 4/17/16

Chile Earthquakes - November, 2015: Earth Changes Accelerate As 12 Major Earthquakes Hit Chile Within The Last 24 Hours, 11/12/15

Nepal Earthquake - April 25, 2015: Nepal quake: Hundreds dead, history crumbled, Everest shaken, 4/25/15

Fukushima Earthquake - October 26, 2013: 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan near Fukushima, 10/26/13; Earthquake Hits Close to Fukushima, Tremors Felt as Far as Tokyo, 11/4/13

East U.S. Earthquake - August 23, 2011: Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC., 8/24/11; Man made and caused by a nuclear explosion deep underground, 8/25/11; 6 Strange Anomalies With The Virginia Earthquake, 8/28/11; Virginia nuclear plant shaken twice as hard as design capacity during record 5.8 quake, 9/12/11; Denver and DC Quakes Caused by Nukes, 9/17/11

New Madrid Fault: Think living in Tennessee makes you safe from earthquakes? The earthquake map of America that will make you think again, 3/16/11; 15 Nuclear Reactors on New Madrid Fault Line, 3/16/11; Kremlin: Mega-Quakes Predicted for California & the New Madrid Fault on 20 March 2011; The Sleeping Giant; Catastrophe Imminent?, Will Edgar Cayce's Prediction Come True?; HAARP rings = severe in St Louis, Springfield, Omaha, Chicago, 4/30/11; Shits about to hit the fan.....Get The Hell Out, 5/16/11; New Madrid's Giant Pipeline Bomb, 6/25/11

2011 Japan Catastrophe: Sinking Of Japan trailer, 10/30/6; Japan Quake Map; Major tsunami damage in N Japan after 8.9 quake, 3/11/11; 80 Seconds of Warning for Tokyo, 3/11/11; Japan hit by tsunami after massive earthquake, 3/11/11; Benjamin Fulford: HAARP?, 3/11/11; Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth's axis, 3/12/11; 10K dead in Japan amid fears of nuclear meltdowns, 3/13/11; Japan Earthquake: before and after, 3/13/11; Japan Earthquake And Tsunami : Strange Object Seen As Tsunami Hits Coast, 3/13/11; Tottering towers of Tokyo, 3/13/11; Help support those devastated by the massive quake, tsunami in Japan, 3/13/11; Japan Earthquake: before and after, 3/13/11; Monster aftershock could strike within days, 3/14/11; Store Shelves Emptying; Basic Goods, Water, Snacks, Meats, Frozen Food Disappear First; Millions Without Power, 3/14/11; A letter from Sendai, 3/14/11; Deadly Japan Earthquake Upgraded to 9.0-Magnitude, 3/14/11; A First Person Account From Japan's Ground Zero, 3/15/11; Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami, 3/15/11; Japan's apocalypse now: Rescuers pick their way through a wasteland of bodies, wreckage and people washing in rivers, 3/16/11; Did US secret weapons cause Japan’s earthquake and tsunami?, 3/17/11; Super Storm off the coast of Japan 2500 Miles Wide!, 3/17/11; Leuren Moret: Japan earthquake and nuclear "accident" are tectonic nuclear warfare, 3/20/11; Japan disaster: over 27,000 dead or missing, 3/25/11; Why Japan is doomed so is USA, 3/26/11; Japan was Ready to Throw out the U.S. Military & the NWO, 4/1/11; Strongest aftershock since Japan tsunami kills 2, 4/7/11; “Blinding”Blue Light/ Flash Seen During Earthquake In Japan, Nuclear Plant Loses Power, 4/7/11; Enormous Debris Field Headed for West Coast of U.S., 4/7/11; Ground is Swaying in Japan - Liquification - About to Go Under!, 4/12/11; Japan Sinking?, 4/14/11; Liquefaction major culprit in Japan quake, 4/18/11; Quake shifted Japan; towns now flood at high tide, 5/9/11; New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan earthquake, tsunami, 6/10/11; Back from the dead: Astonishing pictures show how Japan is recovering just three months after tsunami, 6/10/11; Japan not hit by 9.0 quake? False flag nuclear weaponry actually destroyed Fukushima, claims report, 6/12/11; TVs, fridges and fishing boats: How TWENTY MILLION tons of Japan tsunami debris is closing in on Hawaii, 10/24/11; Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japan’s tsunami moving toward Hawaii, 10/24/11; TVs, Fridges and Fishing Boats: How TWENTY MILLION Tons of Japan Tsunami Debris Is Closing in on Hawaii, 10/25/11; Millions of tons of Fukushima debris expected to soon wash up on Hawaii beaches, western US coastline, 10/26/11

Haiti: Haiti remains devastated two years after its disastrous earthquake, 1/13/12

Cracks in the Earth: Huge Crack In The Earth In Mexico, 8/19/14

120414y49 Sinkholes: Sinkholes Groundbreaking Truth; Massive Sinkhole Swallows Buildings, 8/12/10; Brazil Port falls into the sea; 300ft Sinkhole to Blame, 11/5/10; Three sinkholes form and drain lake, 6/25/12; Pavement Collapses into Giant Sinkhole in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, 8/3/12; Louisiana Sink Hole Explained — POSSIBLE HUGE CATASTROPHE in the making, 8/11/12; Assumption Parish Louisiana (Bayou Corne) Sinkhole growing, 8/12/12; Local broadcast on Bayou Corne Sinkhole & bubbles video “Mandatory Evacuation”- Latest Flyover, 8/19/12; Massive Sinkhole Still Growing – Ohio, 12/1/12; Bayou Frack-Out: The Massive Oil and Gas Disaster You've Never Heard Of, 12/6/12; New bubbling spot: Emergency workers calls "Mother of All Bubbles" Close to Bayou Corne Sinkhole, 1/21/13; Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Continues To Grow - Now 7,500 Square Feet Of Land Has Crumbled And Fell In!, 2/14/13; Man missing, brother rescued after giant sinkhole appears under house near Tampa, 3/1/13; Toxic Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana slowly swallowing up state: another three acres of land disappear into abyss, 3/22/13; Sinkhole Swallows Neighborhood House by House in Brazil, 1/7/14; Brazil Giant Sinkhole Swallows 7 Homes Desperate Mother Throws Child In Abadetetub!, 1/7/14; Corvette Museum Sinkhole : Top Cars Retrieved, 3/4/14; Legoland Theme Park Threatened By Forming Sinkhole, 3/31/14; Yellowstone Jackson Giant Underground Cavern/Sinkhole Swallowing Mountain?, 4/21/14; Huge sinkhole near World Cup stadium, 6/22/14; Scientists Have Finally Taken A Look Inside One Of The Mysterious Siberian Holes, 11/13/14; Groundbreaking Truth, 2/12/16; Sinkholes Groundbreaking Truth, 3/19/16; What the heck are sinkholes?, 11/14/16


Tsunamis: Japanese tsunami from the point of view of a car, 3/11/11; Science Behind a Tsunami, 3/12/11; 1000 Passenger Cruise Ship almost Down by the Tsunami [from outside], 3/13/11; Cruise ship during storm [from inside], 3/13/11; Japan earthquake: eye-witness records tsunami destroying town in under 7 minutes, 3/14/11; Tsunami Arrives, People Flee, 3/14/11; Tsunami's terrifying power is revealed in new clip as fresh 6.5-magnitude quake hits Japan, 3/28/11; University students film tsunami striking Nakatsugawa City, 4/10/11; Tsunami Buoys Turned Off Around The World: Why?, 11/18/13; Terrifying Animation Shows How Chile’s Tsunami Took Over the Entire Pacific Ocean, 4/3/14; Tsunami Chile 2015, 9/17/15; Huge Tsunami Hits Brazils Coastline, 8/24/16


102914o56 120314f56 110313l 122014o49 100714i49 090914b49 030615h49

102316m mlh7sgWp 122515h 06281425 070915r 011515g 061116q 051914v 031616z49 011316y48 120314o46 050615u44 071016f42 011416m42 102914u40 060615d38 Volcanoes: Red sky at night... Sicily looks on as Mount Etna erupts in spectacular fashion, 1/13/11; Lightning and fire: Japan on alert after volcano's biggest eruption in 50 years, 1/27/11; Nyiragongo Crater: Journey to the Center of the World, 2/28/11; Many 'dormant' volcanoes could erupt at any time, 3/7/11; When all hell breaks loose: Lightning tears the sky apart above the glow of the Chilean volcano, 6/6/11; Recent Volcanic Eruption off Oregon Coast!, 8/10/11; Rapidly Inflating Volcano Creates Growing Mystery, 10/24/11; Is She About To Blow? Scientists Investigate Riddle of Rapidly Inflating Volcano; Kīlauea Lava Flows on Dec 9, 2011; kilauea-lava Mt. Shasta, Lassen Peak ready to erupt? Counties' plans provide no specifics on evacuations, 12/17/11; Air traffic alert after Alaska volcano spews ash cloud, 12/30/11; Popocatepetl Awakens, 4/17/12; Two Photographers Risked Their Lives To Get A Never-Before-Seen Shot Of Lava, 9/20/12; 10 volcanoes awaken in one week, 1/18/13; Spectacular eruption video: Mount Etna sends lava & ash into night sky, 3/6/13; Volcanoes Like To Scream Out Before They Blow Their Lids, 7/15/13; Largest Volcano on Earth Lurks Beneath Pacific Ocean, 9/5/13; Have scientists discovered the solar system’s largest volcano?, 9/8/13; Volcanic eruptions can produce a rock that floats on water, 4/5/14; Volcanoes All Over The Ring Of Fire Are Erupting Right Now – Is The U.S. Next?, 4/8/14; Peru orders 4,000 evacuated as Ubinas volcano spews ash clouds up 2 miles high, 4/17/14; Massive Indonesian volcano eruption grounds flights, 5/31/14; West Antarctic Glacier Melt Due To Volcanoes, Not Global Warming, 6/11/14; Cracking the Secrets of Deadly Volcanic Eruptions, 7/16/14; Japanese volcano awakens, Tungurahua reactivates, 8/3/14; Massive Extinct Volcano Discovered Beneath Pacific Ocean, 9/3/14; Textbook theory behind volcanoes may be wrong, 9/18/14; Volcanic Winter Coming Soon? Volcano Eruptions Increasing!, 10/1/14; Incredible Close-Up Drone Video of an Erupting Volcano in Iceland, 10/1/14; Watch the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens From Space, 10/8/14; Huge volcano eruption in Colima, Mexico, 11/21/14; Large volcanic explosions pose the greatest threat to human existence and could destroy society as we know it, 4/24/15; 40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now, And 34 Of Them Are Along The Ring Of Fire, 5/14/15; Mass EVACUATION Mexico City on alert : One of world’s MOST DANGEROUS volcanoes threatens to BLOW, 1/22/16; Forget Yellowstone... Snake River Plain’s volcano is a MUCH BIGGER threat to America, 4/28/16; 40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable, 5/22/16

Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland: Volcanic Eruption in Iceland, 9/7/14; "It Will Be Unlike Anything Ever Seen in Recorded History", 9/9/14; Iceland Volcano Shows Signs of Catastrophic Event!, 12/20/14

Hawaii: Ring Of Fire Rumbling To Life: Earth’s Largest Volcano, Mauna Loa On Hawaii’s Big Island, Awakens From Slumber… Recent Activity From Alaska To Antarctica, 6/19/14; Earth's Biggest Volcano Might Be Waking Up, 6/21/14; New Smoke / Ash Eruption at Pu’u O’o Volcano in Hawaii?, 10/20/14; Fifty residents are finally forced to leave it all behind as Hawaiian lava flow begins to near their homes, 10/29/14; Lava Flow Swiftly Approaching Hawaiian Town, 10/29/14; Incredible aerial shots show Hawaiian volcano's lava trail threatening to cut town in half, 10/30/14; Ongoing Eruption In Hawaii, In Pictures, 11/14/14

Mexico: Another Mega-Volcano Erupts, 4/20/16

Oregon: A Massive Underwater Volcano Is Likely Erupting Off the Oregon Coast, 5/3/15

Yellowstone: Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells, 1/19/11; Could an Eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano Destroy the United States as We Know It?, 2/16/11; Yellowstone About to Blow, 2/17/11; Physicist Michio Kaku Says Yellowstone Supervolcano Is Due To erupt, 2/19/11; Next Yellowstone Supereruption Is Closer Than You Think, 5/1/12; GLOBAL VOLCANISM: "Making Us Very Nervous" - Scientists Concerned Over The Future Of Yellowstone As Earthquake Activity Escalates; If It Blows, "It Could Destroy The United States As We Know It"!, 5/7/13; Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: Most Dangerous Volcano in America is Roaring to Life, 10/4/13; Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal', 12/10/13; Yellowstone super volcano eruption 'would affect the world' as scientists discover it is even bigger than they thought, 12/11/13; Hidden volcano beneath Yellowstone could wipe out human life across North America, 12/15/13; More Unusual “Activity” at Yellowstone Super Volcano! Releasing Thousand More Times Of Helium Steam Than Anticipated, 2/19/14; Yellowstone Supervolcano Rising, Releasing, And Rumbling Like 600,000 BC, 2/21/14; Animals leaving Yellowstone, 3/23/14; Bisons & Elks leaving Yellowstone National Park en masse, 3/24/14; Yellowstone: 4.8 Quake and a Rising Magma Chamber, 3/31/14; Yellowstone supervolcanoes, fleeing bison, and the ongoing battle to infect your mind with disinfo, 4/6/14; ALERT: Yellowstone Ten Earthquake Sensors Turned Off, 4/29/14; Yellowstone Volcano Eruption: Report Claims That US Has Contingency Deal With Brazil, Australia, 5/7/14; Yellowstone Supervolcano 'Turned the Asphalt Into Soup' Shutting Down Natl. Park's Roads, 7/15/14; Yellowstone 'super eruption' would cover the country in ash and shut down air travel - but would NOT make the US uninhabitable, 8/31/14; Belly of the Yellowstone beast: Scientists find huge reservoir of hot magma under the surface that could fill the Grand Canyon ELEVEN TIMES, 4/24/15; Apocalypse Not Now: Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Predictable up to 10 yrs in Advance, 7/3/15; Timebomb Under Yellowstone, 8/8/15; Geothermal Activity At Yellowstone Is Melting Roads, Signaling Possible Super-Volcano Eruption, 8/9/15; Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera by Big Horn Mountains, 10/28/15; Yellowstone Supervolcano Getting Ready To Blow Full, 10/29/15; Panic? Yellowstone Seismographs Taken Down—I Called To Ask Why and Here’s What The Seismologist Said, 4/7/16; Yellowstone Eruption In 2016? Shocking New Video Shows What Is Really Going On At Yellowstone, 4/18/16; Massive Heat Under Yellowstone/NOT MAGMA!, 2/15/17


mlcyuk9LH61 083013b 111114o55 061115j42 Weather: North Pacific Jet Stream Wind; Oily snow in La Grand, Oregon, 3/24/11; After-midnight ‘heat burst’ surprises Kansans, 6/10/11; Out of Control Weather, 7/31/11; Weather Hysteria/ Newsgasm, 8/29/11; Another Brutal Winter, 10/17/11; Get ready for extreme weather, 11/18/11; Storm reaches around HALF THE PLANET - North America to India, 12/28/11; 'A sudden increase in extreme weather events': the new Big Lie, 8/5/12; Stock Up On Firewood And Hot Chocolate -- Find A Reliable Cuddle Buddy -- It's Going To Be A Cooold One This Winter, 9/23/13; 10 Common Misunderstandings About Weather-Related Phenomena, 1/10/14; 22 Old Weather Proverbs That Are True, 5/16/16; 28 Pieces of Weather Wisdom From the Pioneer Days, 8/2/16

122213-06 031414y-45 Weather Modification/ Geoengineering/ Warfare: U.S. Code CHAPTER 9A—WEATHER MODIFICATION ACTIVITIES OR ATTEMPTS; REPORTING REQUIREMENT; Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and Climate Change, 12/5/9; US Navy Physicist warns of possibly 'several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine'; Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon, 7/30/10; Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?, 1/3/11; No myth: Scientists engineer thunderstorms over Abu Dhabi, 1/13/11; Owning the Weather in 2025: Still think they can’t alter the weather?, 1/13/11; Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather, 2/2/11; Mysterious Woman on Coast to Coast - Is all the weather being controlled?, 2/5/11; Mysterious Caller on Alex Jones - Chem Trail Proof?, 2/5/11; pdf referred to, 5/5/8; Chinese Government Plans to Cause 10% More Rain By 2015, 12/12/11; 'Geoengineering' And 'New World Order' Pushed On Sleeping Sheeple, 9/26/12; Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: "Owning the Weather" for Military Use, 9/28/12; Archive Gallery: A Century of Weather Control, 10/29/12; Unknown Force Changing Cloud's Shape, 7/5/13; Mad science: In the name of 'geoengineering,' delusional scientists may destroy human civilization, 10/31/13; Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around the Globe, 12/7/13; Geopolitics of Geoengineering, 12/17/13; Geoengineering Global Cooling: 'Insane, Utterly Mad and Delusional', 1/16/14; Kristen Meghan: Geoengineering Whistleblower, 1/27/14; Geoengineering and the Collapse of Earth 2014, 2/5/14; United States Is Experimenting With Drones To Control The Weather, 6/15/14; How to stop geoengineering in your community - and why you should care, 6/24/14; Researchers develop cloud-seeding drones to automatically manipulate weather, 2/26/15; 100 years of patents reveal secret history of U.S. weather control programs, 7/30/15; Prominent Scientist Issues Direct Challenge To Humanity To Ban Geoengineering, 10/8/15; NASA expert: El Niño is 'too big to fail', 10/10/15; BOMBSHELL: Leading climate scientist admits geoengineering 'experiment' is going on right now, 1/6/16; Geoengineering programs to accelerate methane release, pushing planet toward doomsday, 1/26/16; Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People, 5/9/16; 'Death of winter': Jet streams cross equator, 'chaos' predicted, 6/30/16; It's Official: Sky Will Be Sprayed in Geoengineering "Experiment," Blocking Sun for Climate Change, 3/26/17; Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the World’s Weather, 7/3/17; 175 U.S. patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL, 9/10/17; Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades, 9/11/17

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072315b67 122615t59 051516f57 020416j42 052715d42 Rain: Strange Rain: Mysterious Gray "Milky" Substance Reported In Washington & Oregon - Is The US Undergoing Full-Scale Weather Warfare?, 2/7/15; Upside-Down Rainbows And Their Meaning, 5/28/17


062514e 080913-02 082916x 020914r-63 101014w52 041115t49 040615h49 012315b42 010916i37 090915o35 Storms: Astronauts photograph elusive red sprite, 7/13/12; Survival Story Of The Only Known Person To Parachute Through A Thunderstorm, 1/29/13

082313c 111113-04 052816w 050814c 011815e 110916u 012914g 123115g 050814b 051415f

021617u 061315u49 122713h-41 Hurricanes/ Tornadoes: Footage shows massive tornado touching down in Tuscaloosa, Ala., 4/28/11; Malevolent Wind - How the free market saved thousands from tornadoes, 5/4/11; Wiped off the map: Shocking before and after images reveal how giant tornado ripped apart Joplin's city landmarks, 5/25/11; Six-block scar: Amazing satellite photos pinpoint devastation of Joplin, 5/26/11; Deadly fungus killing Joplin tornado survivors, rescue workers, 6/14/11; Tornado Tosses 18-Wheeler Trucks, 4/3/12; We Are All from New Orleans Now: Climate Change, Hurricanes and the Fate of America's Coastal Cities, 10/30/12; 10 Amazing Facts About Hurricanes, 6/15/15

Hurricane Patricia, Oct. 23,2015: Worst hurricane ever: Tourists evacuate as catastrophic category-five Patricia with 200mph winds and 40ft waves barrels towards Mexico, 10/23/15

2502130 Hurricane Sandy, Oct. 29,2012: Hurricane Sandy 'FRANKENSTORM' Man-made using HAARP/Chemtrails, 10/27/12; 100mph winds set to batter East Coast in biggest storm EVER to hit U.S., 10/27/12; Worst Case Scenario, 10/27/12; Photos, 10/30/12; Video Of ConEd Station On FDR And 14th Street Exploding, 10/30/12; Mega-Storm Sandy Seen Pummeling East Coast From Space, 10/30/12; More Than A Dozen Fisker Karma Hybrids Caught Fire And Exploded In New Jersey Port After Sandy, 10/30/12; Bloomberg Issues Minimum Passenger Mandate For Cars Entering Manhattan, 10/31/12; Wave of looting and theft takes hold in areas hardest hit by superstorm Sandy, 10/31/12; Time-Lapse Video Of Sandy Shows The Moment The Lights Went Out In Manhattan, 10/31/12; New Yorkers in fuel scramble as storm-hit pumps dry up, 10/31/12; Fuel scarce, East Coast struggles to recover from storm, 11/1/12; Troopers deployed around NJ and NYC as gas shortages, power losses raise anger levels, 11/2/12; Unrest growing among NJ, NY citizens: Dumpster diving for food, fist fights over fuel, tempers flare in Sandy aftermath, 11/2/12; Chaos, panic, starvation unleashed in NJ / NY while Bloomberg, Red Cross ignore devastated victims, 11/2/12; Con Ed Explosion Is a Con Job, 11/3/12; Hurricane Sandy has been a "big f---ing deal!" in NY, NJ and CT!, 11/4/12; U.S. military, National Guard doing good things in wake of Sandy, 11/4/12; Media, White House owes preppers and survivalists a massive apology in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, 11/4/12; NY, NJ residents arming with anything they can find - shotguns, bows, bats, machetes, 11/6/12; Camp FEMA Update: 'We Feel Like We’re In a Concentration Camp', 11/12/12; Toxic Cough Hits Sandy Victims, 11/15/12; FEMA sold off emergency shelters as the East Coast braced for Sandy, 11/16/12; Continuous stream of human waste hits NY harbor following Hurricane Sandy, 11/27/12; Something Inspirational Is Happening In New York's Most Storm Damaged Community, 11/27/12; New York City Hits Sandy Victims With ‘Failure To Maintain’ Property Citation, 12/4/12; 'Sandy Bill' Becomes Mini Auto Bailout, 12/17/12; 94 Days After Sandy 1900 Homes Are Still Without Heat, Power And Water, 2/1/13; Hurricane Sandy: View from the other side of the storm!, 2/4/13

Typhoon in Japan, 9/21/11: Cat. 4-equivalent Typhoon Roke slams Japan, Fukushima live video feed taken offline, 9/23/11

Hurricane Irene, 8/27/11: Intense HAARP Ring, 8/26/11; Illuminati Playing Card 'Hurricane' - Movie Warning 'Hurricane Irene' - Strange Anomaly HAARP, 8/26/11; Live tracking map of Hurricane Irene (with a little political opinion thrown in), 8/27/11

Katrina: Oil Storm 2005 movie - Fiction Becomes Reality; Congress Robbing $400 Million From Katrina Victims To Pay For BP Gulf Oil Spill, 7/17/10; After Hurricane Katrina, NOLA cops told to shoot looters, 8/24/10; New Orleans mayor thought CIA agents were trying to POISON him after Hurricane Katrina, 6/26/11; Ex-cop says he helped cover up Katrina shootings, 7/11/11; New Orleans cops planted weapons, made up witnesses, 7/11/11; Police Convictions in Katrina Shootings, Cover-Up, 8/6/11

Haiti: France fears everyone inside U.N. HQ in Haiti dead, 1/13/10; Earthquake Conspiracy, HAARP, EISCAT Experiments on January 12, 2010, 1/14/10; HAARP Controversy, 1/14/10; What You're Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be), 1/14/10; EarthQuake HAARP; Earthquake Conspiracy, HAARP Sound Waves Listen; Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?, 1/15/10; Former US presidents lead Haiti aid appeal; Haiti Has Larger Oil Reserves Than Venezuela Says Scientists (An Olympic Pool Compared to a Glass of Water), 1/16/10; "I really, really do not like this story", 1/20/10; Fulford: U.S. Feds Invasion of Haiti was aimed at taking over the Haitian Bank, 1/21/10; Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake, 1/21/10; Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake, 1/21/10; Oil in Haiti - Economic Reasons for the UN/US Occupation, 1/22/10; What's Really Going On In Haiti?, 1/26/10; Haiti and the seismic weapon; Haiti’s Oil, Gold & Iridium Resources Explains the Post Earthquake Occupation/Invasion, 1/27/10; US Military's Haiti "Relief" Ops A Rehearsal For Troop Deployments in Latin America, 1/27/10; Did U.S. weather weapon destroy Haiti?, 1/29/10; Haiti - Still Starving 23 Days Later, 2/6/10; Deep Conspiracy; Chile: Surreal Chilean Skies, 3/1/10

Dust Storms: Phoenix Dust Storm: Video of Doomsday Scenes in Arizona, 7/6/11


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090217g 093016g 092916v 052915b70 101716t66 030416d53 031216h42 111415n42 011716u19 Lightning: Survivors Explain What It's Like To Get Struck By Lightning, 1/10/13; Scientists Detect Dark Lightning Linked To Visible Lightning, 4/25/13; What The Hell Is It? Bizarre “Organism” Appears After Lightning Strike, 5/4/13; What You Can Do to Survive a Lightning Strike, 9/17/13; How Lightning Can Kill 300 Reindeer With One Strike, 8/30/16

Arc Lightning: Causing Massive Explosions, ‘Earthquakes’ and Destruction Worldwide, 6/9/12

Other Electrical Phenomena: 10 Strange Electrical Phenomena Found In Nature, 11/27/14

Thunder: Whoa, scientists have captured the first ever picture of thunder - This is what power looks like, 5/8/15

020215v 082613l 041314s-31 Flood: Continuing Pakistani floods, 8/11/10; Toowoomba Flood, 1/10/11; More than 500 dead in Brazil's worst flood disaster, 1/14/11; US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Comparative Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone NLE 2011: What Does the Navy Know?, 1/28/11; Army Corps of Engineers to blow up Birds Point levee near New Madrid as 500-year flood slams Midwest, 5/2/11; Army Corps Blows Up Missouri Levee, 5/2/11; Nearly a million acres of prime Mississippi farmland threatened by approaching mega-flood, 5/6/11; Historic Mississippi River flood destroying millions of farmland acres with polluted, pesticide-ridden flood waters, 5/12/11; Historic Mississippi River flood prompts Army Corps to release Louisiana's Morganza levee; 3 million more acres of land to be inundated with water, 5/14/11; Louisiana (Morganza) floodgates open! What crops will potentially be lost?, 5/15/11; Record Midwest flooding to create largest ever 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico, more storms and levee releases on the way, 6/15/11; Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened, 6/18/11; Millions affected by China flooding, 6/20/11

Oroville Dam: Here are answers to your questions about the crisis at Oroville Dam, 2/13/17; State water officials were warned of Oroville Dam weakness a dozen years ago, 2/13/17; California prepares for catastrophe: Battle to stop a collapse at America's tallest dam as 200,000 residents flee amid fears of a 100ft-deep flood that could stretch for 40 miles, 2/13/17; Oroville Spillway Disaster: Why You Should NEVER Wait for the Official Evacuation Order, 2/13/17; In Race Against Coming Storm, Workers Scramble To Plug Oroville Dam Hole Using Rocks: Live Updates, 2/14/17; Worst case scenario: 100 foot tsunami would wipe out entire cities if there is a catastrophic failure of the Oroville dam, 2/14/17; Oroville Dam Emergency: This Is Who and Why They Did It, 2/14/17; "OroVille Dam" 11 Secrets They Are Not Telling You, 2/14/17; Oroville Dam’s flood-control manual hasn’t been updated for half a century, 2/15/17; How full are Northern California reservoirs and rivers?, 2/17/17; Shocking Aerial Footage Shows What the Oroville Dam Looks Like Now, 2/28/17; Shocking Aerial Footage Shows What the Oroville Dam Looks Like Now, 3/2/17; Oroville Dam/Inflow Triples Outflow Over Night, 4/14/17; URGENT - ITS HERE - FEMA OROVILLE DAM & NOR CAL FLOODING, 5/5/17

Drought: Drought


062514d 102013l 062414f55 101714b49 101714a49 081414u42 091613-12 Fire: Megafires May Change the Southwest Forever, 6/30/11; Massive wildfires threaten to ignite 30000 barrels of plutonium waste at New Mexico nuclear weapons facility, EPA on radiation alert, 7/1/11; Death of 19 firefighters in Arizona begs the question: Why do we keep putting out forest fires in the first place?, 7/1/13; Burning Up the West: Feds, Greens Cause Catastrophic Fires, 8/24/13; Wildfires Burning Western US Are More Frequent And Bigger, 4/18/14; Wildfire Wipes Out Entire Suburb in Washington State and Forces Hundreds to Evacuate, 6/30/15

California 2018: Hangar view 1; Hangar view 2; Military Ray Gun • ADS Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon, 1/7/15; 2018 dew fires; California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon, 10/18/17; DEW Lasers Confirmed Again. House Chopped in Half, WTF !?!, 8/1/18; Burning Up NorCal for the Great Redwood Railway Trail Line ~ Boots and Delta Fires, 9/9/18; IS This DEW LASER Responsible For New California Fires?, 11/9/18; Woolsey Fire – Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons?, 11/14/18; Delicious Fire-Storm Recipe, 11/16/18; CALIFORNIA WILD FIRES & AGENDA 21, 11/19/18; FIRES: DELIBERATE and OUR GOVERNMENT is ATTACKING US . . . WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT, 12/6/18; CA fires are DS Genocide, 12/7/18; How the Houses Were Torched ? Interview with 30-yr. Microwave Engineer, 12/8/18

Greece: World on Fire ~ Greece Attacked With Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), 7/24/18

Bastrop Co., Texas: Fires rage across Texas, turning drought-stricken state into raging inferno, 9/4/11; Feds to assume control; volunteer firemen turned away, 9/6/11: FEMA Lets Texas Burn by Turning Away Thousands, 9/6/11; As wildfires rage across Texas, feds take control and scuttle volunteer firefighters, 9/7/11


110816f HAARP: Timeline of Secret Government Projects - LSD, Esalen, HAARP and the Cosmic Cointelpro or When You Dance With the Devil, 10/6/5; Persian Gulf Eyewitness, 12/13/8; Holes in Heaven; Chemtrails + HAARP: Weather Warfare; Is this the secret facility mentioned in 'The Event'?, 9/20/10; Huge ring appears over Australia, is HAARP involved?, 1/14/11; Unusual Rings; HAARP sky prior to bird deaths and small quakes along the madrid fault, 2/1/11; H.A.A.R.P. Was a Direct hit on Japan March 11, 2011 Causing Earthquake, Inside Government Sources Say, 3/11/11; HAARP Activity Off The Charts During Japan Earthquake, 3/11/11; HAARP wave clouds over Japan before the Quake, 3/12/11; Golden Wolf On Japan, 3/17/11; again; JAPAN EARTHQUAKE CAUSED BY US MILITARY?, 3/18/11; European Parliament issues warnings on HAARP, 3/22/11; Japan's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered?, 4/1/11; "HAARP rings" and "ghost storms" over Southern Oregon, 4/1/11; New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan earthquake, tsunami, 6/10/11; Finnish Scientist's very interesting Fukushima explanation, 8/19/11; Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP, Secret Sciences & High Tech Mind Control, 11/26/11; Government's Secret Real-Life Death Ray, 2/4/12; Destructive weather patterns and HAARP - Scientists investigate a possible connection, 11/14/12; Alaska's HAARP ionospheric research program shut down, 7/19/13; Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech, 5/14/14; Air Force Prepares to Dismantle HAARP, 5/15/14; Five pieces of evidence suggesting that California drought may be a HAARP-manufactured event, 5/21/15; Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, Killing the Pacific, 6/17/15; Red Alert: HAARP Creating Abnormal Ridge Of High Pressure, 6/25/15; Indian Government Official Says Secret US Weapon Is 'The Real Cause of Global Warming', 7/10/16; Is the United States using HAARP to devastate food supplies and cause mass starvation in other countries?, 8/10/16; 5 Reasons California’s Drought May be Caused By US Military’s HAARP, 8/11/16

EISCAT: Welcome to EISCAT; A European incoherent scatter facility in the auroral zone; EISCAT 3D