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Dental Health

120915a Dental Health: To begin with - Avoid Fluoride, Mercury Amalgam fillings, Root Canals, totally; and, Dental X-Rays as much as possible. Holistic Dentistry News; How to Take Care of Your Teeth (Hint: There’s More to It Than Brushing), 6/2/11; SHTF Survival: 7 Vitamins That Help Prevent Dental Emergencies, 7/5/11; Top 10 Foods that Naturally Clean Teeth, 10/27/11; Galvanic testing prevents dental disasters, 11/5/11; Avoid costly dental bills with natural remedies, 7/13/12; Seven questions to ask your dentist if you want to reduce dental toxins, 7/19/12; Stop gum pain and tooth decay with sustainable dentistry, 12/20/12; Do you know that 80% of chronic degenerative diseases originate in the mouth?, 1/7/13; Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, 2/4/13; Dramatic Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, 2/25/13; Banish osteoporosis and tooth loss with these superstar teas, 7/24/13; Getting braces for crooked teeth is evidence of modern day malnutrition, 7/29/13; Turmeric is an effective medicinal herb with many applications in dentistry, 11/20/13; Prevent Cancer With Good Oral Hygiene, 3/7/14; From jewel-capped teeth to golden bridges – 9,000 years of dentistry, 3/8/14; Laser therapy could replace dental drills and fillings forever, 5/30/14; Ramiel Nagel speaks with Clive de Carle about a dentist free life - You can heal your teeth!, 8/2/14; Naturally maintain dental health with the amazing toothbrush tree, 2/7/15; Fight cavities and gingivitis naturally with homemade DIY Oral health, 3/5/15; #1 Weird Way to Remineralize Teeth and Heal Cavities, 6/7/15; 4 Powerful Ways to Optimize Your Morning Routine That Work, 7/2/15; How to treat your teeth like a DENTIST: Don't brush up and down, use strawberries to whiten, and NEVER chew gum for more than 10 minutes, 7/6/15; Stem-Cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth in Your Mouth, 8/25/15; 34 dentists reveal suppressed breakthroughs in holistic dentistry and oral health, 9/3/15; Oral infections cause cancer, neurological and autoimmune disease, 9/12/15; Stage-4 cancer cured in 7 weeks without chemotherapy, says remarkable patient, 9/18/15; Survival Dental Kit, 1/15/16; Learn about holistic dentistry for better health, 10/24/16; Biological dentistry - Solving disease symptoms holistically, 10/27/16; Dental dangers – How to protect your health, 3/22/17; An unconventional approach to dental health that works, 11/8/17; A Startup Designed a Cheap Alternative to Braces. Orthodontists (Naturally) Want It Regulated, 5/7/18
Murray Dickson: Where There is No Dentist^; again

Teeth Brushing: Want fewer bacteria when you brush your teeth?, 9/18/14; Brushing and Flossing are Good for your Brain, 11/14/14; Are YOU cleaning your teeth all wrong? From making small circular movements to brushing the tongue, experts give their 6 step guide to getting the perfect pearly whites, 4/20/16; Unexpected Health Benefit of Brushing Your Teeth, 5/3/17; Brush gums, not teeth, 6/9/17; Automatic, hands-free toothbrush cleans your teeth in only 10 seconds flat, 7/12/17

Toothpaste & Powders: Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda; Herbal tooth powders heal teeth and gums, 5/7/11; 6 Alternatives to Toothpaste, 10/27/11; Homemade Toothpaste Recipe for Tooth Remineralization, 5/24/12; Seaweed toothpaste stops tooth decay, 7/14/12; Blizzident "toothbrush" is claimed to clean your teeth in 6 seconds, 10/2/13; Chocolate Better for Your Teeth Than Fluoride, 11/25/13; Is your toothpaste harming your health?, 2/6/14; Forget Fluoride! Make Your Own Toothpaste with These 3 Easy Recipes, 3/18/14; Heal cavities, gum disease, and whiten teeth with natural homemade toothpaste and diet, 9/5/14; How to make all-natural herbal toothpaste and toothpowder, 3/19/15; History of toothpaste teaches us how to make healthy toothpaste, 7/21/15; Make Your Own Toothpaste, 9/16/15; This Toothpaste Fills Cavities Without Drilling, 9/24/15; Homemade toothpaste recipes - better oral health for less, 11/2/15; This Homemade Toothpaste Reverses Gum Disease and Whitens Teeth, 4/6/16; New toothpaste formula said to fix cracked teeth, restore tooth enamel, 12/7/16; Natural homemade toothpaste heals cavities while whitening teeth, 1/26/17; DIY/homemade TOOTHPASTE with CS, Salt, Essential oil, etc., 7/2/17

Flossing: How to Floss Your Teeth in One Minute Flat, 4/2/15; Everyone recommends flossing – but there's hardly any proof it works, 8/2/16

Plaque and Tartar: How to Naturally Remove Plaque and Tartar from Teeth

Gum Disease: Causes, Prevention and Solutions for Gum Disease; Clean teeth can hold off arthritis: Scientists discover link between gum disease bacteria and early onset of the condition, 2/23/14; 3 ingredient natural home remedy, 9/1/14; Gum Disease - what causes it and natural remedies, 9/7/14; How to naturally cure tooth decay and gum disease, 12/18/14; 7 Home Remedies for Gum Disease, 4/10/15; A holistic approach for gum disease and cavities - step by step, 5/18/15; How to Get Rid of Gingivitis – Natural Remedies, 9/20/15; Surprising Link Between Vitamin B12 and Periodontitis, 12/8/15; Receding Gums? These Natural Remedies Will Rejuvenate Them In No Time, 2/10/16; Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These Natural Remedies, 2/11/16; Use natural remedies to grow back receding gums, 4/1/16; Science CONFIRMS the link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular health — keep your mouth clean to protect your heart, 7/19/18; A list of effective natural treatments for gingivitis, 11/7/18

Oil Pulling: Oil Swishing To Support Healthy Teeth and Gums, 9/9/13; Oil Pulling - The Habit That Can Transform Your Health, 11/22/13; Oil pulling can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, 5/29/14; Ozone-infused oil pulling: A revolution in oral health combining modern technology with ancient medicine, 9/16/14; Effects of oil pulling, an ancient folk medicine practice, on oral health, 3/17/18; The science behind oil pulling explains how it improves oral health, 6/18/18

VitaPick: How You Can Avoid Gum Surgery and Keep Your Teeth and Save on Dental Bills; Albright Smile Method; Order

Tooth Decay: The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself. Cure Tooth Decay Naturally by Identifying the Real Cause of Cavities; How to heal a cavity naturally and nutritionally without the need for 'drilling and filling', 10/13/11; How to heal cavities naturally, 9/25/13; How You Can Reverse Cavities & Heal Tooth Decay Naturally, 4/17/16; Contrary to what your dentist may tell you, you can reverse tooth decay, 9/10/17
Cavities: How To Heal Cavities Naturally – A Bold Mom’s Statements About Oil Pulling; again; Nanocomposite Cavity Filler Reverses Decay, Killing Bacteria and Regenerating Tooth Structure, 5/7/12; New chemical makes teeth 'cavity proof', 7/10/12; Vitamin D cuts cavities in half, 12/2/12; How to heal cavities naturally, 9/25/13; How to Naturally Reverse Cavities and Heal Tooth Decay, 1/31/14; How to Cure Cavities, 5/26/14; Leftover hop leaves from beer production could help prevent cavities, gum disease, 5/26/14; Electromedicine dentistry device encourages teeth to repair themselves, making fillings obsolete, 6/30/14; New dental technique repairs damaged teeth naturally, negates need for injections, drillings and fillings, 8/16/14; DIY Dentist of You Tube, 6/19/15; Real Truth About Cavities - Use this Magical Tooth Powder to Reverse Cavities Naturally, 11/15

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil destroys the bacteria that cause tooth decay, 9/2/12; Coconut oil zaps bacteria that causes tooth decay, 9/6/12; How Coconut Oil Might Combat Tooth Decay, 12/10/12; Coconut oil halts tooth decay by attacking the bacteria that cause it, 8/29/13; Coconut Oil Is Now Called a “Miracle” Dental Bacteria Killer, 11/17/14; Coconut Oil Toothpaste, 5/8/15

Toothache/ Infection: Home remedies relieve tooth and gum pain, 12/29/11; Licorice Root: proven effective against oral infections, 1/12/12; Amazon plant yields miracle cure for dental pain, 3/14/12; Naturally relieve and heal toothaches and tooth infections, 3/18/12; Peruvian Amazon plant provides a miracle cure for dental pain, 5/12/12; 21 Home Remedies for a Toothache, 6/21/13; again, 6/29/13; Five all-natural remedies for treating toothaches, 7/7/16

No Root Canals: Root Canals; How safe are root canals?, 5/30/13; Can dental stem cell technology make root canals obsolete?, 7/9/13

Tooth Regeneration: Functional Tooth Regeneration Using a Bioengineered Tooth Unit as a Mature Organ Replacement Regenerative Therapy, 7/12/11; Scientists figured out how to regenerate teeth and eliminate root canals, 7/6/16

Teeth Whitening: How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally; Naturally whiten your teeth with these five tips, 8/22/11; Swallowing chemicals from teeth whiteners is common and very dangerous, 10/24/11; Tooth whitening 101: Flash a gorgeous smile with these natural methods, 7/10/13; For a Beautiful Smile: 7 Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies, 8/29/14; Hydrogen Peroxide For Stunningly White Teeth, 8/1/14; Hydrogen Peroxide for Stunningly White Teeth, 2/21/15; Easy and effective natural teeth whitener, 4/1/15; Naturally Whiten Teeth With This Homemade Toothpowder, 10/8/15; Whiten your teeth naturally, without chemicals, 8/31/16; Top 9 Natural Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth That Won’t Destroy Your Enamel, 2/13/17

Wisdom Teeth: Scientists discover new value in wisdom teeth that could one day save your life, 11/7/10

Teeth Grinding: Causes and Natural Solutions, 8/18/15

522 Tongue: Your tongue's appearance can reveal disease and nutrient deficiencies, 1/13/15; What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health, 8/6/15; Tongue Color can Reveal Your Health Problems, 4/26/16; Your Tongue is s a window to your health, 6/17/17

Bad Breath: Fight bad breath naturally, 5/16/11; Stop bad breath and body odor with chlorophyll, 7/7/11; Caveman Breath, 4/9/12; Five natural ways to cure bad breath through diet, 2/5/13; Beating Pilau Breath, 2/23/13; Use Korean red ginseng to fight bad breath, 5/4/13; 10 Causes of Bad Breath, 6/11/13; 7 Best Herbs for Bad Breath, 6/19/13; Bad breath cures revealed: Top 7 ways to overcome severe halitosis for good, 6/18/14; Natural bad breath remedies revealed: 7 ways to go from horrific to terrific, 6/21/14; Halitosis solved? These six strategies end bad breath forever, 6/27/14; How bad breath could be a sign of liver disease and mouth ulcers could indicate cancer, 10/24/14; Curing bad breath in 5 easy steps: How to halt halitosis forever, 3/23/16

Orthodontics: Parker: Orthodontics - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Guide to Internet References^

Criminal Mainstream Dentistry

071815l49 Modern dentistry is the root cause of many 'incurable' diseases, 7/12/13; Drill, fill and bill: Dental industry fraught with over-billing and false diagnoses, 9/5/13; Four Things Thyroid Patients Should Know When They Go to the Dentist, 10/9/13; Dental UnProfession and ObamaCare, 10/24/13; Connection between oral pathology and the development of cancer, 10/27/13; Mouthwashes increase heart attack risk, 1/26/14; Avoiding your dentist can save your life, 2/10/14; 4 reasons dental problems are causing illness in your body, 6/24/14; Mercury, root canals, cavitations - Is your mouth killing you?, 11/13/14; Two ways dental work destroys your health and how to repair the damage, 3/10/15

ADA: The American Dental Association cares as much for our dental health as the AMA and CDC and World Health Organization care for our general health; as much as the American Cancer Society cares for our avoidance and healing of cancer; as much as the FDA cares for our freedom and ability to consume healthy food and herbs and natural drugs.
Are you seeing the dentist too often? Pointless X-rays and needless check-ups could be adding up to a rip-off, 4/22/11; Fluoridation doublespeak from the American Dental Association, 5/4/14; American Dental Association now recommends drugging infants with toxic hydrofluorisilic acid despite known health dangers, 7/17/15; American Dental Association threatens manufacturer of mercury detection equipment to stop talking about toxic levels of mercury in dental offices, 1/15/16

BPA: Your teeth: Latest victim of toxic BPA exposure, 6/27/13; Hormone ravaging BPA also found to damage your teeth, 7/1/13

Dental X-Rays: See Radiation; Dental x-rays can cause brain tumors, 4/20/12; Hand-held dental x-ray machines linked to cancer risks, emitting 10 times the radiation of normal x-rays, 12/12/12

Toothpaste: Triclosan, chemical in toothpaste linked to cancer, bone malformation and hormone disruption, has been in toothpaste for 17 years, 8/20/14; Best-Selling Toothpaste Contains Hazardous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical, 8/28/14; Harmful polyethylene microbeads are found in popular toothpastes, 10/2/14; What Horrors Are Hidden in Your Toothpaste?, 1/27/15

Fluoride: See Water Control; Christopher Bryson – Fluoride Deception; Adding Death to Water; Barbara Peterson – Don’t Swallow, 9/27/7; How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body, 7/13/9; ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies, 10/21/10; CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride, 11/13/10; again, 11/15/10; US says too much fluoride causing splotchy teeth, 1/7/11; Does topical fluoride really protect tooth enamel? Study suggests NO, 3/6/11; Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, 7/11/11; Hundreds of brave dentists speak out against water fluoridation, 10/12/11; Fiji government bans all non-fluoridated toothpastes, threatens legal action against anyone who violates new restrictions, 1/13/12; Joseph Mercola: Fluoride Can Damage Your Brain, Disrupt Your Bones, and Stain and Pit Your Teeth, 4/26/12; "An Inconvenient Tooth", 9/26/12; Toothpaste Blasts Kids with 5,000% More IQ-Crushing Fluoride than Heavily Fluoridated Areas, 12/10/12; ADA recommends using fluoride to poison infants as young as six months old, 2/20/14; Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows, 6/30/15; New Scientific Review: ‘No Evidence’ Water Fluoridation Prevents Cavities, 7/1/15; Why don't dentists promote adding ARSENIC to the water alongside FLUORIDE? They're both 'naturally occurring,' after all, 1/21/16

Mercury Amalgam Fillings: Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit, 6/5/8; Why 80% of U.S. Dentists are 150 Years BEHIND the Times… Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas, 9/24/10; FDA to reexamine metal dental fillings, 12/13/10; FDA reconsidering safety of mercury fillings, but panel may be rigged from the start, 12/15/10; Toxic Teeth Mercury Amalgam Fillings off-gassing vapor, 12/15/10; Smoking Teeth - Toxic Fillings; Phase-down of silver amalgam fillings may just be an attempt to hoodwink the public, 5/19/11; FDA's Warnings About Mercury, 3/9/12; FDA admits mercury in cosmetic products is extremely toxic - so how is it safe in dental fillings, vaccines?, 3/13/12; Finding a holistic dentist to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings, 11/20/12; Why you should replace your amalgam fillings, 3/28/13; Dentistry holocaust: How America has been mercury poisoned by an industry in denial, 9/24/13; Study shows curcumin protects against mercury exposure, 10/14/13; Dentist speaks out about the dangers of mercury, 11/21/13; 10 Shocking Facts about Mercury Amalgam, 12/20/13; Avoiding your dentist can save your life, 2/10/14; Mercury Poisoning in Dentistry: Dentist writes of mercury's health hazards in new book, 3/26/14; A holistic dentist talks about her nightmare with mercury, 4/1/14; Amalgams ruin lives; here's what everyone should know about mercury fillings, 11/10/14; Obama wants to poison children! Proposal to stop using toxic mercury fillings on children, pregnant women shot down by feds, 8/19/15; Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones accelerate mercury release from dental fillings, 1/19/16; Mercury found at alarming levels in the air at dental offices from the drilling of mercury fillings, 3/3/16; Mercury Fillings: Toxic Material That Should Be Banned, 10/18/16

Composite Fillings: Dental Composites for Kids: Even Worse Than Mercury Amalgam?, 9/27/12

Root Canals: Dangers, 6/25/10; Why You Should Avoid Root Canals Like the Plague, 11/23/10; 97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure, 2/18/12; Avoiding your dentist can save your life, 2/10/14; Why and How to Say No to an Unnecessary (and Dangerous) Root Canal Procedure, 4/21/14; 97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure, 6/19/14; How root canals lead to a diseased body and what you can do to about it, 11/9/14; How Root Canals Could Spark Autoimmune Diseases, 2/28/15; Root Canals: The Horrible Truth Revealed , 5/7/15; Toxic Tooth—How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick, 6/1/15; Gary Larsen warns about the risks of root canals, 9/13/15; Root canals increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and diseases of the brain, 8/29/16; Facts about root canals and their link to cancer, 10/19/16; 97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure, 8/23/17; Only procedure that leaves a dead-body part attached, 3/4/18; Root canals: How safe are they, really?, 6/30/18

Overzealous Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Teens keep dying while getting wisdom teeth removed by overzealous oral surgeons, 12/27/11; Wisdom teeth surgery a deadly dental scam: Young mother falls into coma following visit to dentist, 3/23/14


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