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081314b furuta_1694150 "The heavens will fold and the earth before your eyes but he who lives from the Living One will experience neither death nor fear." - Jesus Christ, from the Gospel According to Thomas

"Being admonished to return to myself, I entered into the secret chamber of my soul… And I beheld with the eye of my soul the Light unchangeable… He who knows that Light knows eternity." - St. Augustine

073113-9 "All that exists anywhere in the world, be it trees and plants, insects, reptiles, or any other living thing - their birth is indeed your birth, and their death your death." - Ananda Mayi Ma

"To be a living being is not the ultimate state: there is something beyond, much more wonderful, which is neither being nor non-being, neither living nor not-living. It is a state of pure awareness, beyond the limitations of space and time. Once the illusion that the body-mind is oneself is abandoned, death loses its terror, it becomes a part of living." - Nisargadatta

ArtXtreme101-2437472 "The profit of the knowledge of the soul is, that you understand and are sure that your existence is neither existent nor non-existent, and that you are not, were not, and never will be." - Ibn ‘Arabi

"Owing to the I-am-the-body notion, death is feared as being the loss of Oneself. Birth and death pertain to the body only but they are superimposed on the Self." - Ramana Maharshi

072713i "There is no death of anyone but only in appearance, even as there is no birth of anyone but only in appearance." - Apollonius of Tyana

"He that beholds his own Face – his light is greater than the light of the creatures. Though he die, his sight is everlasting, because his sight is the sight of the Creator." - Rumi

"When you abide in the Unborn, you abide at the source of all the Buddhas; so it’s something wonderfully precious. There’s no question of perishing here, so when you abide in the Unborn, it’s superfluous to speak about the Imperishable. What isn’t created can’t be destroyed." -Bankei

"If your bonds be not broken whilst living, what hope of deliverance in death? It is but an empty dream that the soul shall have union with Him because it has passed from the body; If He is found now, He is found then. If not, we do but go to dwell in the City of Death." - Kabir

mdb2u1rl5T "Intrinsically dead, I live. Intrinsically nonexistent, I AM. I come home to my Centre here, only to find it exploding into infinite space. I come home to my Centre now, only to find it exploding into infinite time... I am dead in me, my friend is alive in me, my God is deathless in me… Our dying is the graduated reversal of our belief that is we who live and the universe that is dead." - D.E. Harding

072913b "Watchfulness is the path to immortality, and thoughtlessness the path to death. The watchful do not die, but the thoughtless are already dead." - Dhammapada

"He who dwells on the unreal universe is destroyed." - Shankara
"While alive, be a dead man, thoroughly dead." - Bunan

"What is Life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset." - Crowfoot

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120717k 042716s61 050216j55 101516a49 092616r42 031916q42 Proper death is the purpose of life.
In truth, you are already dead. Just realize it. Right here and now.
Don't wait until your physical and mental bodies are dying or die - that would be a waste of good life and no guarantee that you're going to realize then.
Find death before death finds you
The truth is there is no you. There is no "I".
You are already free.
Let it go.
In Case The Zombies Get You…Death Preparedness, 6/16/15; 16 Manly Last Words, 3/19/12; 25 More Manly Last Words, 8/26/15; Researchers claim that humans have souls which can live on after death, 11/5/16

112713-03 mi6kclRO1J1ru Jacob Boehme: Of Heaven & Hell; G.I. Gurdjieff: Last Hour of Life^; Sangye Khadro: Preparing for Death and Helping the Dying^; J. Krishnamurti: Beauty of Death^; Ramana Maharshi: Be As You Are^; Nisargadatta: I Am Unborn^; I Am That^; Osho: Death is Divine^; From Death to Deathlessness^; Letters^; On His Death^; Understanding Death^; A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada: Beyond Birth & Death^; Richard Rose: Paul Constant: RR Quotes and Notes on Life & Death^; Gilbert Schultz: Everything Is Clear & Obvious

Funeral: Funerals Are a Giant Financial Scam in America, 12/23/15
Funeral Poetry: Miss Me But Let Me Go; again

m6zjjqQxT 112713-14 Body Disposal: Florida Funeral Home First to Debut Alternative to Cremation: Liquefaction, 8/30/11

Burial: No More Coffins – These Organic Burial Pods Will Turn YOU Into A TREE When You Die; 'Green' burials skip the embalming chemicals and synthetic casket, 4/9/14

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070416o73 051516g70 050216n56 091316v50 092414a19 Death: When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is sight. Dead Man's Switch; Encyclopedia of Death & Dying^; Death Library; Defining Death: Medical, Legal & Ethical Issues in the Determination of Death^; E.A. Wallis Budge: Egyptian Book of the Dead; Papyrus of Ani; Tibetan Book of the Dead^; Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Book of the Dead^; NY-born twin friars die on same day at age 92, 6/3/11; Avoiding the Top 5 Deathbed Regrets, 2/7/12; Statistics show people more likely to die on their birthday, 6/12/12; Nature Has A Formula That Tells Us When It's Time To Die, 1/22/13; Erasing Death, 2/26/13; Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a good end of life, 5/22/13; Can You Get Electrocuted by Peeing?, 7/9/13; 'Vampire' Graves Uncovered in Poland, 7/12/13; Doctor claims new medical breakthrough will allow corpses to be revived within a day of being dead, 8/22/13; Stephen Cave: The 4 stories we tell ourselves about death, 12/14/13; Scientists looking closer at what happens when body dies, 12/18/13; Most Common Ways People Die In Every State, 6/4/14; Death in Your State: Map Shows 'Most Distinctive' Causes, 5/14/15; 10 Possible Ways To Die when the SHTF (and How to Prevent Your Untimely Demise), 9/24/15; Dead could be brought 'back to life' in groundbreaking project, 5/3/16; Quantum Theory Sheds Light On What Happens When We Die: The Afterlife, 1/20/17; What Pictures of a Monk Praying for a Dead Man Can Teach Us About Life, 6/3/17

100513e 090213c 081516g mjkcdwlwbp1 021915i64 mn2x3rW0Lq Suicide: On March 23, 1994, the medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus, and concluded that he died from a shotgun wound to the head.
Mr. Opus had jumped from the top of a ten-story building intending to commit suicide. He left a note to that effect indicating his despondency.
As he fell past the ninth floor, his life was interrupted by a shotgun blast passing through a window, which killed him instantly. Neither the shooter nor the deceased was aware that a safety net had been installed just below the eighth floor level to protect some building workers, and that Ronald Opus would not have been able to complete his suicide the way he had planned.
The room on the ninth floor, where the shotgun blast emanated, was occupied by an elderly man and his wife. They were arguing vigorously and he was threatening her with a shotgun! The man was so upset that when he pulled the trigger, he completely missed his wife, and the pellets went through the window, striking Mr. Opus.
When one intends to kill subject 'A' but kills subject 'B' in the attempt, one is guilty of the murder of subject 'B.'
When confronted with the murder charge, the old man and his wife were both adamant, and both said that they thought the shotgun was not loaded. The old man said it was a long-standing habit to threaten his wife with the unloaded shotgun.
He had no intention to murder her. Therefore the killing of Mr. Opus appeared to be an accident; that is, assuming the gun had been accidentally loaded.
The continuing investigation turned up a witness who saw the old couple's son loading the shotgun about six weeks prior to the fatal accident.
It transpired that the old lady had cut off her son's financial support and the son, knowing the propensity of his father to use the shotgun threateningly, loaded the gun with the expectation that his father would shoot his mother.
Since the loader of the gun was aware of this, he was guilty of the murder even though he didn't actually pull the trigger. The case now becomes one of murder on the part of the son for the death of Ronald Opus.
Further investigation revealed that the son was, in fact, Ronald Opus. He had become increasingly despondent over the failure of his attempt to engineer his mother's murder. This led him to jump off the ten-story building on March 23rd, only to be killed by a shotgun blast passing through the ninth story window. The son, Ronald Opus, had actually murdered himself. So the medical examiner closed the case as a suicide.
Midlife suicides on rise in baby boomer population: Chronic illness and depression plague America, 5/12/13; Golden Gate Bridge hits milestone in 2013 with 46 suicides, 2/26/14; Between 300 to 400 doctors commit suicide in the United States every year, 7/11/14; Blood test identifies changes in gene which are linked to suicidal thoughts and behaviors, 8/15/14; Failed GMO promises have caused nearly 300,000 suicides in India, 11/25/14; Why Are American Doctors Killing Themselves In Record Numbers?, 4/6/15

070713-04 Acharya: Life Beyond Physical Death^; Mitch Albom: Five People You Meet In Heaven^; Tuesday with Morrie^; Tom Antion: Eulogy Book^; Dolores Cannon: Between Death & Life^; Andrew Jackson Davis: Death and the After- Life^; Max Heindel: Light Beyond Death^; James H. Hyslop: Life After Death, 1918^; Stephen Jenkinson: GriefWalker; Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: On Death and Dying^; Robert Lanza: 5 Reasons You Won’t Die; Do You Only Live Once? Experiments Suggest Life Not One-Time Deal; Does Death Exist?; Is Death the End?; What Happens When You Die? Evidence Suggests Time Simply Reboots; Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End; Julia Lawton: Dying Process^; C.W. Leadbetter: Life After Death^; Leary, Alpert & Metzner: Psychedelic Experience - A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead; Stephen Levine: At The Heart Of Healing; Great Balancing Act of Healing & Dying^; Letting Go Meditation^; Who Dies? An Investigation of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying; Leonard Orr: Breaking the Death Habit^; Wellesley Tudor Pole: Private Dowding^; Edward Randall: Dead Have Never Died^; Kirpal Singh: Mystery of Death, 1968^; W.T. Stead: After Death, or Letters from Julia^; Blue Island^; Philip J. Swihart: Edge of Death^; Margaret Vivian: Doorway^; J.S. Ward: Gone West -Three Narratives of After-Death Experiences^; Craig Waters: Quest for Eternity^; Harun Yahya: Death, Resurrection, Hell^

072913d Francis Bacon: History of Life & Death^

Tom Pinkson: Practicing Death; Serpent & the Sun, 9/4/9; Robert Anton Wilson: Cheerful Reflections on Death & Dying^

090415s 497014445 Near Death: See: Coma; Howard Storm's Near-Death Experience; Near-Death Experiences: 30 Years of Research - Part 1, 10/4/11; Eben Alexander on the Medical Mystery of Near-Death Experience, 10/23/12; Near Death Experiences: Proof of Consciousness Outside of the Brain … Or Byproduct of a Dying Mind?, 11/14/12; Man Clinically Dead For 40 Minutes Brought Back To Life, 5/14/13; Near-Death Experiences Have Been Recorded Throughout History; Children who have near-death experiences - then lead charmed lives: Study reveals youngsters as young as six months can have lucid visions, 1/27/14; Life-Altering Near Death Experience of Dr. Lani Leary, 4/9/14; What Does Death Feel Like? Earthquake Survivors Report Pleasant Feeling, 5/20/14; Royal Airforce Pilot - Near Death Experience - "It's Impossible To Die", 7/27/14; Neuroscience of Near-Death Experiences, 9/5/14; Australian Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Fluent Mandarin Proving Again the Brain is a Wondrous Thing, 9/9/14; Startling Near-Death Experience of Author Anita Moorjani, 10/13/15; Mental Clarity During Near-Death Experiences Suggests Mind Exists Apart From Brain, 8/7/16

122915z 123015a 123015b Afterlife: Afterlife of Billy Fingers; Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap!, 3/30/14

091715t mig0lotz4X1r1w4 120817g 120116h mn8xs9giQT1 mnrbvxwGAG1q 102314e73 072614j59 011016n42 120713-50 Reincarnation: China bans reincarnation without permission, 7/18/7; After Nicolas Cage and John Travolta... here are the OTHER amazing Civil War celebrity doppelgangers, 10/1/11; PAST LIVES - YOUNG BOY STUNNS SCIENTIST WITH HIS MEMORIES, 11/22/13; 25 Past life Reports, 1/2/14; 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body, 5/18/14, 5/18/14; Boy, 5, Claims He Lived Past Life As Woman Who Died In Chicago Fire, 2/20/15; How To Exit The Reincarnation System, 4/14/15; Children who swear they've lived a previous life... and the details they give which are so astonishing they're hard to dismiss as make-believe, 12/28/15; 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Reincarnation, 1/10/17; White Light Reincarnation Theories (Dr.Raymond Moody – Val Valerian – Edgar Cayce), 5/21/17

Famous Last Words

ml0lp6lOpK1 Real Last Words From Famous People; Dying rock stars' famous last words

Max Baer: "Oh God, here I go..."
John Barrymore: "Die? I should say not, dear fellow. No Barrymore would allow such a conventional thing to happen to him."
Henry Ward Beecher: "Now comes the mystery."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning: "Beautiful." (In reply to her husband who had asked how she felt.)
Lord Byron: "Goodnight."
Kurt Cobain: "It's better to burn out than to fade away."
Joan Crawford: "Damn it . . . Don't you dare ask God to help me." (To her housekeeper, who had begun to pray aloud.)
motleyjustmotley_2261198 Aleister Crowley: "I am perplexed. Satan Get Out."
Salvador Dali: "I do not believe in my death."
Richard Feynman: "I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring."
W.C. Fields: "Goddamn the whole fucking world and everyone in it except you, Carlotta."
George Harrison: "Love one another."
Aldous Huxley: "LSD, 100 micrograms I.M." (Said to his wife. She obliged and he was injected twice before his death.)
Steve Jobs: "Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow."
070713b-26 Robert F. Kennedy: "Is someone hurt?" (to his wife directly after he was shot and seconds before he fell into a coma)
Timothy Leary: "Why not? Yeah."
Karl Marx: "Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough."
Eugene O'Neill: "I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room - and God damn it - died in a hotel room."
070713b-15 Pablo Picasso: "Drink to me."
François Rabelais: "I owe much; I have nothing; the rest I leave to the poor."
Dylan Thomas: "I have just had eighteen whiskeys in a row. I do believe that is a record."
071113g Hunter S. Thompson: "Relax - This won't hurt."
Henry David Thoreau: `Have you made your peace with your God?' `I never quarreled with my God.' `But aren't you concerned about the next world?' `One world at a time.' (Discussion with his aunt on his deathbed)
010216w Voltaire : "This is no time to make new enemies." (When aswked on his deathbed to forswear Satan.)
George Washington: "It is well, I die hard, but I am not afraid to go."
Oscar Wilde: "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do."

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011517q 062714k38 120314a37 In truth, there is no death.