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Science; Fringe Science; Cosmology; Big Bang; Holographic Universe; Astronomy; Black Holes; Dark Matter; Buckyballs; Milky Way; Stars; Exo-Planets; Comets; Sun; Solar System; Asteroids; Meteors & Meteorites; Planets   Pluto   Neptune; Uranus; Saturn; Jupiter; Mars; Venus; Mercury; Moon; Full Moons; Eclipses; Earth; NASA; Technocracy

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011413-87-66 Science: Clarified; Encyclopedia; Top 10 Most Influential Scientists (not including Nassim Haramein), 2/24/9; Big History - Big Bang to the Internet in 18 minutes, 4/11; 20 big questions in science, 8/31/13; From Ancient Egypt to Modern Science: The Forgotten Link, 4/16/14; Lost in Space Without a Clue, 5/9/14; 10 Great Popular Science Books, 7/2/14; How much do YOU know about science? Take the interactive test that researchers used to find the average American only gets a C grade, 9/11/15; 13 Scientific Terms, 11/25/15

Macrocosm & Microcosm: Into the Vast and then into the Tiny; Global Scaling Theory Compendium, 7/15/17

090313b Very Small: John Lloyd: An animated tour of the invisible, 9/28/12; Sand Looks Unbelievably Cool Under a Microscope, 3/28/14

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120716r59 101815y57 091916g55 011414-59-54 031116v52 112914m49 090816w37 042816k32 062916n31 Fringe/ Cutting Edge Science: Sacred Science Institute; Magnetic Forces, Sacred Sciences, Anti-Gravity, 10/9/12; Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen, 12/17/14
Donald DeGracia: Beyond the Physical^
James DeMeo: Orgone Acumulator Handbook^
Eric Dollard: Longitudinal Energy, 12/26/11; Misconceptions of Electricity, 3/25/12; Eric Dollard Talks Bach, Tesla and The Church Organ, 1/14/13; Tesla Round 2: Mission of Eric Dollard, WardenClyffe 2.0, 1/22/13; Sun is Not What We Have Been Told, 1/26/13; Truth what HAARP Really Is, 1/30/13; Theory of Anti-Relativity, 4/15/13; Origin of Energy Synthesis, 4/18/13; Tesla & Marconi Wireless Electricity, 4/23/13; Tragedy of Eric Dollard and the Fall of Aaron Murakami, 7/20/13; History and Theory of Electricity, 10/1/13; SUN is an Inter-Dimensional Energy Generator and portal, 10/15/13; Eric Dollard live interview, 11/10/13; Is Eric Dollard Tesla 2.0?, 12/28/14
R. Buckminster Fuller: Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
John Keel: Our Haunted Planet
William Lyne: Occult Ether Physics^; Occult Science Dictatorship^; Pentagon Aliens^
Jan Pajak: Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems^; Oscillatory Chamber - Arkway to the Stars^; Thought Pyramid^
Pete Peterson: Interview, 6/9; transcript; Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson - part 1 of 3, 9/2/9
Louis Proud: Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: Science of the Unexplainable, 12/5/14
Wilhelm Reich: Reich; American Odyssey^; Cosmic Orgone Engineering^; Listen, Little Man^; Mass Psychology of Fascism^; Sex Economy^; Bramhall: Not a New Problem; How To Rid The World Of Negative Energy With Orgonite, 11/18/14
030316t68 Walter & Lao Russell: Glenn Clark: Man Who Tapped The Secrets of The Universe; wikipedia; Sculptures; 1983 Lao Interview; Divine Iliad, 1949; Secret of Light, 1947, Universal One, 1926; Unslaved Podcast - Mystery Of Light (Matt Presti, Darren Colomb), 3/26/17
Immanuel Velikovsky: Before the Day Breaks^; Dark Age of Greece^; WORLDS IN COLLISION^, Worlds in Collision, 50 years after^; Earth Without the Moon, 12/3/11; Deluge, 12/10/11; Origin of the Oceans, 1/5/12; Saturn’s Golden Age, 1/27/12; On Prediction in Science, 3/9/12; Was Velikovsky right? Lunar rocks indicate that the Moon was created when a body the size of Mars smashed into the Earth, 10/17/12
Harun Yahya: Design in Nature^; Miracle in the Eye^; Secret of DNA^
Gary Zukav: Dancing Wu Li Masters^

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011517n 112616h 081917l 081917w 091615l 081917n 112116j48 101716h46 050714f42 012116n42 091615i42 013117d41 120216u33 031116w33 Cosmology: Thunderbolts of the Gods; CERN scientists eye parallel universe breakthrough, 10/20/10; Quantum Buddhism, Awakening to the Great Field^; Is the Universe Infinite?, 11/23/10; Scientists: Our basic cosmological perception of universe may be wrong, 10/3/11; 3 win Nobel for showing universe is speeding up, 10/4/11; 10 Mind Blowing Mysteries of the Universe, 10/28/14; New model of cosmic stickiness favors 'Big Rip' demise of universe, 6/30/15; Is the Universe a Gigantic Living Organism!?, 7/9/15; Models of the Cosmic Web that Connects Galaxies, 4/25/16; Scientists discover the universe grows like a Giant Brain : WOW WE LIVE INSIDE THE MIND OF GOD, 12/6/16

071113h 041016p71 103014d67 050214w62 120616i60 060316_w_illo_02 011315z42 Big Bang: Scientists excited by Big Bang machine experiments, 9/22/10; Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a 'mini-Big Bang', 11/8/10; Penrose claims to have glimpsed universe before Big Bang, 11/23/10; No evidence of time before Big Bang, 12/10/10; Crunching the Big Bang With the Greatest Supercomputer Ever Built, 4/2/12; Where Is The Center of the Universe?, 4/20/12; Big Bang Didn't Need God to Start Universe, Researchers Say, 6/24/12; New Map Made of First Trillionth of a Trillionth of a Second After Big Bang, 3/21/13; Inconsistency In The Big Bang Theory Resolved, 6/6/13; Big Bang find sheds light on universe’s early jump-start: ‘You can see back to the beginning of time’, 3/17/14; How the Biggest Scientific Discovery of the Year Was Kept a Secret, 3/20/14; Big Bang aftermath: Ancient stars from birth of the universe, 5/28/15
Rainbow Gravity: Forget the Big Bang - 'Rainbow Gravity' theory suggests our universe has NO beginning and stretches out infinitely, 12/11/13

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Holographic Universe

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072716f42 060916t37 042215x37 Panorama 080615k37 milsc78w6Q1qajuar

120817d 090217y 082317r Holographic Universe: Holographic Reality & Spiritual Science; Bousso: World As Hologram; Our world may be a giant hologram; Does Objective Reality Exist?; Matrix Matter Creation; Illusion & Reality, pt.2; World’s Most Precise Clocks Could Reveal Universe Is a Hologram, 10/28/10; Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene Thinks You Might Be a Hologram, 5/16/12; Holographic Disclosure, Pt.1, 5/27/14; ‘Holographic Duality’ Hints at Hidden Subatomic World, 7/8/13; Are we living in a HOLOGRAM? Physicists believe our universe could just be a projection of another cosmos, 12/12/13; We may be living in a Holographic Projection, 12/16/13; Black Whole Dynamics: Foundation of our Fractal-Holographic Universe, 5/11/14; Attention, Intention & the Universe as a Conscious Holographic Information Processor, 11/1/14; Conscious Cosmos: A Blueprint Of Infinite Love – Icke and Sagan (Video), 11/12/14; Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe, 1/30/17; Cosmic Hologram with Jude Currivan, 11/12/17
David Bohm: Implicate Order^; Wholeness and the Implicate Order^; Cosmic Plenum; Bohm's Gnosis: The Implicate Order; Essential David Bohm; Mathematical Structure for Electromagnetic Frequencies that May Reflect Pilot Waves of Bohm’s Implicate Order, 2018
Susskind & Lindesay: Holographic Universe^
Michael Talbot: Talbot: Amazing Holographic Universe; Holographic Universe^; Michael Talbot: Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe - Thinking Allowed, 12/12/12


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072217e 062716v42 032916v42 011811m41 120214n36 052514f31 041016r27 Astronomy: In 1977, researchers detected a strong radio signal from space that lasted 72 seconds. It hasn't been detected since. How Big is our Universe?; NASA Harnesses Music from Stars and Planets; Extreme Gamma-ray Burst, 2/20/9; Galaxies in Gridlock, 3/17/9 ; Shadow & Substance; How to map the multiverse; Russel Croman Astrophotography; Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D; Invisible Galaxy Discovery, 12/1/9; Known Universe Scientifically Rendered For All to See; Astronomy Picture of the Day; Carter Emmart demos a 3D atlas of the universe; Mysterious radio waves emitted from nearby galaxy, 4/14/10; Vatican tied Mount Graham Observatory launches LUCIFER Telescope, 4/28/10; Weird Water in Space is Electrically Charged, 5/7/10; Southern Lights photographed by astronauts from ABOVE, 6/21/10; Planck Telescope Stitches Together Picture of the Entire Universe, 7/6/10; VERY Strange objects found in Space, 9/11/10; Enormous green blob: Hubble Zooms in on a Space Oddity, 1/11/11; Hubble Peers 13.2 Billion Years Back in Time to Capture the Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen, 1/26/11; New Model Says the Cosmos Is At Least 250 Times Larger Than the Visible Universe, 2/1/11; NASA Shuts Down Prolific Sky-Mapping Space Telescope, 2/21/11; Extreme Galaxies: Why are Some 300 Times Brighter than the Milky Way?, 2/22/11; NASA Telescopes Join Forces To Observe Unprecedented Explosion, 4/11/11; Hoyle State Calculated, 5/10/11; Anil Ananthaswamy: What it takes to do extreme astrophysics; Mysterious Crab Nebula ‘superflares’ confound astronomers, 5/13/11; VLT (Very Large Telescope) HD Timelapse Footage, 5/17/11; Strongest Electrical Current in the Universe Spotted, 2 Billion Light Years From Here, 6/22/11; Longer-Baseline Telescopes Using Quantum Repeaters, 7/23/11; World’s largest radio telescope gears up in Chile, 7/28/11; 600 Mysteries in the Night Sky, 10/18/11; Scale of the Universe 2, 3/12/12; Visible Universe, Then and Now; NASA Releases Atlas of the Entire Sky, 3/17/12; ASU astronomers discover faintest distant galaxy, 6/1/12; A Star System 12.9 Billion Light Years Away is the New Most Distant Galaxy, 6/14/12; Astronomers Discover Galaxy They Thought Couldn’t Exist, 6/26/12; Seen for the First Time: Starless Galaxies, 7/12/12; Astronauts photograph elusive red sprite, 7/13/12; Farthest Galaxy Yet Revealed by Cosmic Lens, 9/19/12; Sounds of 'Alien Birds' in Space Recorded by NASA Spacecraft, 9/24/12; 5 Ways the Brand New Dark Energy Camera will utterly Change Our Understanding of the Universe, 9/26/12; What an Astronaut's Camera Sees at Night, 10/1/12; Hubble discovers most distant galaxy ever observed, 11/16/12; First Observation of Gravitational Waves Is ‘Imminent’, 11/26/12; Space travel is harmful to the brain, 1/7/13; Warp Speed: What Hyperspace Would Really Look Like, 1/15/13; Notre Dame astronomers find massive supply of gas around modern galaxies, 1/16/13; Hawaii set to build telescope capable of viewing the beginning of time, 4/15/13; Telescope Reveals Spectacular 'Fiery Ribbon' in Orion Nebula, 5/15/13; Mysterious Deep-Space Explosions Baffle Scientists, 7/5/13; Giant Magellan Telescope, 8/25/13; IceCube Telescope Finds High-Energy Neutrinos, Opens Up New Era in Astronomy, 11/21/13; 50 Stunning Photos That Made Us Appreciate Space in 2013, 12/27/13; Scale of the Universe 2, 1/12/14; Henry Lin: What we can learn from galaxies far, far away, 2/28/14; Are these mystery radio bursts messages from ALIENS? Freak frequency from outside the Milky Way baffles astronomers, 5/16/14; Hubble captures the most comprehensive image of the universe yet, 6/9/14; This new telescope might show us the beginning of the universe, 10/14; 26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence, 11/17/14; Andromeda - NASA Has Released The Largest Picture Ever Taken. It Will Rock Your Universe, 1/20/15; Most Astonishing Things In Space, 2/4/15; Mysterious 'supervoid' in space is largest object ever discovered, scientists claim, 4/20/15; Most luminous galaxy in universe discovered, 5/21/15; Astronomers generate image equivalent to telescope 63,000 miles wide, 1/27/16; World’s Most Powerful Radio Telescope Discovers 1300 New Galaxies in Trial Run, 7/17/16; Universe May Contain 10 Times More Galaxies Than We Thought, 10/13/16; Waterloo researchers capture first “image” of a dark matter web that connects galaxies, 4/12/17

111713e 042716h46 Astronomically Speaking - Dictionary of Quotations^; Astronomy - Visual Dictionary^; Be a Stargazer A Practical Guide To Astronomy^; Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy^; Fundamental Astronomy^; MacMillan Space Sciences^; Oxford University Press Philip's Astronomy Encyclopedia^; Philip's Astronomy Encyclopedia^; Philip's Atlas of the Universe^; R. S. Ball: Great Astronomers^; Dipak Basu, ed: Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics, & Astronomy 2001^; Christensen & Fosbury: Hubble 15 Years of Discovery^; DePree & Axelrod: Complete Idiot's Guide to Astronomy, 2nd ed^; Linda Elkins: Uranus,Neptune,Pluto^; Freeman & McNamara: In Search of Dark-Matter^; Stan Gibilisko: Astronomy Demystified^; John Gribbin: White Holes^; Ron Miller: Asteroids Comets Meteors^; Patrick Moore: Atlas of the Universe^; Don Nardo: Black Holes^; Dennis Overbye: Mysteries of the Universe^; Lutz Schmadel: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names^; Roger Sinnott: Pocket Sky Atlas^; Mary Somerville: Mechanism of the Heavens^; Sparke & Gallagher: Galaxies in the Universe^; Ronald Stoyman: Atlas of the Messier Objects^; Claire Watts: Stars & Planets^; Michael Woolfson: Origin & Evolution of the Solar System^

080313i 062615v mp3t8gulwz1 050314x59 021915g56 120114e52 021216y49 021116a42 Black Holes: Biggest Black Hole; Are We Living Inside a Black Hole?, 7/23/10; Massive Black Hole Bends Light to Magnify Distant Galaxy, 7/27/10; Magnetic mega-star challenges black hole theory, 8/18/10; Imitation Black Hole Seen On Earth, 9/30/10; Youngest - ever Nearby Black Hole Discovered, 11/18/10; A tiny galaxy that hides a big secret; Twin Supermassive Black Holes Found At Nearby Galaxy's Heart, 6/13/11; Universe's Largest Water Reservoir Discovered in Black Hole, 7/25/11; Black Hole Holds Universe’s Biggest Water Supply, 7/25/11; Black Hole Caught in Act of Swallowing Star, 8/25/11; Astronomers discover biggest black holes ever, 12/5/11; Supermassive black hole will 'eat' gas cloud, 12/14/11; Evidence found for existence of intermediate size black hole, 7/6/12; 'Seeds' of massive black holes found at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, 7/20/12; Astronomers measure the radius of a black hole, 9/27/12; 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Black Holes, 9/29/12; Scientists Find the Biggest Black Hole Ever, 11/28/12; Monster Black Hole Is Biggest Ever Found, 11/28/12; Monster Black Hole Burp Surprises Scientists, 1/7/13; Astronomers May Have Found The Youngest Blackhole In The Milky Way, 2/14/13; Distant, Gargantuan Black Hole Spins At Almost the Speed Of Light, 2/28/13; Obese Black-Hole Galaxies Could Reveal Quasar Secrets, 6/14/13; How to See a Black Hole, 7/8/13; Space-Time Loops May Explain Black Holes, 7/10/13; Newly discovered black holes defy 40 years of theories, 11/13/13; Scientists find black hole spewing iron, nickel in powerful jets, 11/13/13; Stephen Hawking: 'There are no black holes', 1/24/14; Black holes grow fractal tendrils as they feed, 4/29/14; Black Whole Dynamics: Foundation of our Fractal-Holographic Universe, 5/11/14; Surprise! Monster Black Hole Found in Dwarf Galaxy, 9/17/14; Black holes do NOT exist and the Big Bang Theory is wrong, claims scientist - and she has the maths to prove it, 9/25/14; A Lab-Made Black Hole May Confirm The Existence Of Exotic Radiation Predicted By Stephen Hawking 40 Years Ago, 10/13/14; FOUND: EARLY BLACK HOLE 12 BILLION TIMES MORE MASSIVE THAN OUR SUN, 2/25/15; Scientists find brightest night light circling impossibly huge black hole, 2/27/15; Astronomers are creating an Earth-sized telescope to peer at the black hole in the center of our galaxy, 4/22/15; A nearby black hole just erupted for the first time in 26 years and scientists are ecstatic, 6/30/15; Astronomers Discover Black Hole So Large, It Defies Current Theory Of Galaxy Evolution, 7/19/15; NASA discovers ‘smallest supermassive’ black hole ever, 8/12/15; Stephen Hawking: Black holes could take us to ‘another universe’, 8/26/15; Scientists Find A Double Black Hole Inside A Nearby Quasar, 8/27/15; Black hole is 30 times bigger than expected, 9/26/15; Big Bang’s glow leads to discovery of distant black hole jet, 2/17/16; Black hole weighing 17 billion suns found in "cosmic backwater", 4/6/16; Astronomers just found something surprising in this picture of black holes, 4/14/16; A three-way collision of galaxies has given birth to a monstrous black hole, 4/27/16; Scientists find link between dark matter and primordial black holes, 5/25/16; Fastest-growing black hole in the Universe, 5/16/18; Astronomers have, for the first time, detected matter falling into a black hole at 30% of the speed of light, 12/6/18

011815a66 010215o53 082415d49 031117n37 Worm Holes: Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Universe's Wormholes, 12/13/13; Skinny wormholes could allow us to communicate across time, 5/22/14; Could wormholes allow TIME TRAVEL? Collapsing 'tunnels' could let us receive messages from the future, 5/22/14; Wormhole Illusion Causes Magnetic Field To Move Through Space Undetected, 8/20/15; Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity, 3/12/17; Teleportation and traversible wormholes are all real, 10/29/17

111113-20 040214m-56 Dark Matter: Rumors of the Discovery of Particles of Dark Matter, 12/13/9; Dark Matter; Almost a Mile Below South Dakota, A Race to Find Dark Matter, 1/3/11; Dark matter blob confounds experts; Dark Matter Theories Challenged By Satellite Galaxy Discovery, 5/2/12; Scientists finally measure cosmic ‘dark matter’, 7/5/12; Mathematician offers unified theory of dark matter, dark energy, altering Einstein field equations, 9/6/12; Twist in dark matter tale hints at shadow Milky Way, 4/11/13; MIT attempts to make its own dark matter, 10/28/13; How Do We Know Dark Energy Exists?, 3/16/15; Scientists find link between dark matter and primordial black holes, 5/25/16; Why scientists say dark energy could have just disappeared, 11/14/16

Buckyballs: Magic Molecule; Spitzer Telescope Finds First-Ever Buckyballs in Space, 7/22/10; Space [Buck] Balls Discovered in Far Away Galaxy, 7/23/10; Spitzer Telescope Finds Space Buckyballs Thrive, 10/28/10; Buckyball Solids Found in Space, 2/23/12

012617z 010216a 011414-30 112113c Milky Way: New 'Alien Invader' Star Clusters Found in MW, 2/26/10; NASA'S Fermi Telescope Discovers Giant Structure In Our Galaxy, 11/9/10; Bubbles of Energy Are Found in Galaxy, 11/10/10; Spitzer Telescope Sees Busy Galactic Center In a New Light, 3/18/11; Now 2 billion alien earths estimated to exist in our galaxy, 3/23/11; New Models Find that Gliese 581d is the First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet, 5/17/11; This Time Lapse Video of the Very Large Telescope At Work is the Coolest Thing You'll See Today, 5/26/11; Found - the missing arm of the Milky Way, 10/28/11; New Insight into the Bar in the Center of the Milky Way, 1/3/12; 9-Billion-Pixel Photo of Milky Way’s Center Is Full of Stars, 10/24/12; Giant Milky Way bubbles blown by black hole merger, 3/7/13; How Big Is A Galaxy? Milky Way Shown To Scale, 4/4/13; NuSTAR captures mysterious high-energy X-ray glow from the center of the Milky Way, 4/30/15; New map reveals a third of the stars in the Milky Way have dramatically changed orbit; An ‘unknown force’ is pulling the Milky Way towards it at 12 MILLION miles per hour, 9/1/16

ml04eydy891r m8jdgmtI47 101513-04 mj5q0k0rzM 111113-09 mn95hnW2d 010513f 120713-17 011514i 032614c
111714b 101014r 06281408 111314r 090814s 060114k 112414d 112714b 121414q
082714p49 032214v-49 042015t49 010815c49 051315l48 052715i48 042015c46
020514g-57 080115g57 072215z53 lwxds2sb 022714e-53 080115f49 120114l46
120915p 121114s 040615x 030615z 011416g 122815f 042815c 011716i 021116m
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020117q 110317q 090217l 031416f66 102013s 041215d40 111514y38 022715w37 Stars: If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day. Because it takes so long for their light to reach Earth, many of the visible stars are long gone. Star System Sirius; Scientists Discover Most Massive Star, 7/21/10; 300 solar masses: Scientists find most massive star ever discovered, 7/21/10; Exploding star 'viewed in 3D', 8/1/10; Scientists Capture 3-D View of Exploding Star, 8/4/10; Star Size Comparison; Hubble Helps Fast-Forward the Motion of Stars, 11/5/10; Probing the Origins of Extreme Neutron Stars, 6/1/11; A Star with Spiral Arms, 10/31/11; Astronomers Catch A Crazy Spiral Structure Around Dying Star, 10/10/12; Strange Star Spiral Offers Clues to Sun's Fate, 10/10/12; Universe Is Almost Done Making Stars, 11/8/12; From Google, A Breathtaking Interactive Journey Through The Stars, 11/16/12; Oldest star in the universe is right in our stellar neighborhood, 1/14/13; Newfound Star System Is Third-Closest to Sun, 6/20/13; New Type of Quasar Found, Baffling Scientists, 11/12/13; Universe as You’ve Never Seen it Before: Incredible 360 Degree Panoramic Time-lapses Show Stunning STAR TRAILS Set Against ALL The Night Sky!, 6/24/13; 15 Constellations Every Man Should Know (And How to Find Them), 7/16/14; What Cities Would Look Like if Lit Only by the Stars, 11/13/14; Star Buzzed Earth During Neanderthal Times, 2/18/15; This is the best explanation yet for that 'alien megastructure' 1,400 light-years away, 10/27/15; Scientists discover roundest object ever spotted in universe, 11/16/16
Betelgeuse: New supernova may light up sky by 2012; Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012, 1/22/11; Eta Carinae: Scientists: Deadly star could kill humanity next year, 10/18/11; HD 164595: Is Earth being contacted by ALIENS? Mystery radio signals coming from a sun-like star baffle scientists, 8/29/16

Hypervelocity Stars: Fast-moving exiles of the Milky Way, 2008; HE 0437-5439, 1.6 million mph; Speeding Star, 7/22/10

Pulsars: Space-Time Warp Has Temporarily Made a Pulsar Disappear: Scientists, 1/11/15; Scientists predict stellar ‘fireworks’ in 2018, 7/4/15

073113-13 Time-Supernova-1987a 112615b41 Supernova: A Re-evaluation of the Eastern and Western Records of the Supernova of 1054, 8/29/56; Notes on Translations of the East Indian Records Relating to the Supernova of AD 1054, 9/6; Brand-New Supernova Spotted Within Hours, Will Be the Most-Studied Star Explosion Ever, 8/26/11; Brightest supernova in decades serves up cosmic clues for astronomers, 9/2/11; See a supernova from your back yard this weekend, 9/2/11; 2,000-Year-Old Supernova Mystery Solved By NASA Telescopes, 10/24/11
ASASSN-15lh (supernova designation SN 2015L): wikipedia; Possibly the most powerful supernova ever seen, 1/14/16; Resurgence of the Brightest Supernova, 5/13/16; NASA Speechless! ENORMOUS Mystery Space Object Outshines Galaxy!, 6/16/16

Binary Stars: Binary Stars; Do We Have A Binary Star System?; wikipedia; Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets, 3/13/10; Sun's Rumored Hidden Companion May Not Exist After All, 7/20/10

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032217s 101716e66 072215g63 112814b59 091615g58 032115u48 112116x46 080115j42 062714j42 053015g37 Planets outside the Solar System: Astronomers Get First Images of Exoplanet Orbiting its Star, 6/11/10; Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Says, 9/29/10; Alien Planets: First Alien Planet From Another Galaxy Discovered, 11/18/10; 500th Alien Planet Discovered, With Hundreds More to Come, 11/23/10; Free-Floating Planets May Be More Common Than Stars, 5/18/11; Rogue Planets: Billions of Jupiters on the Loose in the Milky Way, 5/18/11; Unbound planets could abound in the universe, 5/19/11; Astronomers Find Planet Made of Diamond, 8/26/11; How to Rate the Habitability of Other Planets, 11/23/11; NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone, 12/5/11; Planet in sweet spot of Goldilocks zone for life, 12/6/11; US Military Seeks Alien Signal From Earthlike Planet, 12/8/11; Kepler Discovers Earth-size Exoplanets, 12/20/11; 'Waterworld' super planet confirmed, 2/22/12; Five potential habitable exoplanets now, 7/20/12; First planet with four suns discovered, 10/16/12; Super-Earth in 6-Planet System May Have Oceans, Life, 11/8/12; A New Earth? Potentially habitable planet discovered orbiting nearby star similar to our sun, 12/19/12; How Scientists Will Know They've Found Another Earth, 1/10/13; There Could Be A Habitable Planet Just 13 Light Years Away From Earth, 2/6/13; Extreme Exoplanet-Hunting Telescope to Go Online This Fall, 2/23/13; Researchers Discover First Earth-Sized Planets That Could Support Life, 4/18/13; Hubble finds dead stars "polluted" with planetary debris, 5/9/13; Never-before-seen alien planet just 300 light-years from Earth, 6/3/13; Astronomers determine a nearby alien planet is blue…just like Earth, 7/12/13; First Planet Discovered Orbiting a Brown Dwarf, 7/29/13; Astronomers Find Evidence Of A Rocky Exoplanet That's 26 Percent Water, 10/10/13; Planet Without A Star Found, 10/10/13; One In Five Sun-Like Stars Have Earth-Like Planets, 11/4/13; Our solar system’s “twin” discovered, 11/29/13; Massive planet is breaking the rules, 12/9/13; Alpha Centauri B may have "superhabitable" worlds, 1/27/14; Kepler strikes exoplanet mother lode, 715 new planets discovered, 2/27/14; NASA discovers most Earth-like planet in 'Habitable Zone', 4/17/14; Two ancient worlds found just 13 light-years from Earth, 6/4/14; GJ 832c is just 16 light years away, 7/1/14; Astronomical First As Ground Telescope Observes “Super-Earth”, 12/17/14; Plan to broadcast messages to alien worlds leaves cosmologists worrying , 2/13/15; Mystery 'noise' could be an Earth-like world: Strange signals suggest habitable planet exists 22 light years away, 3/6/15; NASA just discovered 'Earth 2.0', 7/23/15; Planet with 900,000-year orbit lies a staggering 1 trillion kilometers from its sun, 1/25/16; Three Habitable Planets Are Hanging Out Around This One Ultracool Star, 5/2/16; Kepler Spots 100+ More Exoplanets, Some Potentially Habitable, 7/18/16; Scientists Studied the Atmospheres of Earth-size Exoplanets For the First Time, 7/20/16; 7 Earth-size planets were just found orbiting a nearby star, 2/22/17

031516o56 112414a55 042116e48 Comets: A comet's tail always points away from the sun. Day the Earth Froze, 4/6/10; Comet Lovejoy defies death, brushes up to Sun and lives, 12/16/11; Death-defying comet wags its tail during solar embrace, 6/6/13; Long Tail of Comet Lovejoy, 12/19/13; Once in million years: Comet buzzing Mars on Sunday, 10/16/14; Earth is in grave danger of being hit by a catastrophic comet shower triggered by the sun, warn scientists, 10/23/15; A rare comet is zooming past Earth right now, and you should be able to see it with binoculars, 12/31/16

Halley’s Comet: Halley’s Comet may be seen in Britain’s skies this month – 47 years early (sort of), 10/7/14

112414e57 Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko - Philae & Rosetta Spacecrafts: Europe's Rosetta Spacecraft Makes Historic Arrival at Comet, 8/6/14; Rosetta comet landing date selected, 9/29/14; Check Out This Huge Rock On The Surface Of Rosetta’s Comet!, 10/9/14; How did this mysterious 'pyramid' form on comet 67P? Rosetta images reveal striking 80ft-structure on surface, 10/14/14; Here's How We'll Touch Down On A Comet This Week, 11/10/14; European scientists make space history by successfully landing probe on a comet after 10-year mission - but reveal Philae BOUNCED on the surface as harpoons supposed to tether it did not fire, 11/12/14; Incredible New Photos Taken From the Surface of a Comet, 11/13/14; Rosetta's Philae Lander Is In Trouble, 11/14/14; Philae Comet Landing and It’s Dark ISIS Esoteric Connections, 11/14/14; Philae completes it primary mission before hibernation, 11/15/14; Comets Ison & Rosetta and the island of Isis - watch just two minutes starting at 12:20, 11/22/14; ALIEN BUILDING FOUND on ROSETTA COMET, 12/3/14; Rosetta sheds light on origin of Earth's oceans, 12/11/14; Philae Comet Lander Just Woke Up After Seven Months, 6/14/15; ESA Extends Rosetta Spacecraft's Comet Exploration Mission by 9 Months, 6/23/15; Rosetta spacecraft finds massive sinkholes on comet's surface, 7/2/15; Philae comet could be home to alien life, 7/5/15; Rosetta mission ahead of perihelion, 7/16/15; Comet 67P and Rosetta make their closest pass of the Sun, 8/13/15; Rosetta reveals what keeps comets "alive", 9/25/15

Comet ISON: Many different images of comet Ison or its orbital path were drawn in crops, long before that comet was discovered by astronomers on Earth in September of 2012: why is it so significant to the crop artists?; Coming to the night sky, the comet fifteen times brighter than the moon, 9/26/12; Comet 'shining 15 times brighter than moon' will fly by our planet in 2013, 9/27/12; New Comet Discovered—May Become "One of Brightest in History", 9/27/12; 'Brighter than a full moon': The biggest star of 2013... could be Ison - the comet of the century, 12/27/12; 'Comet of the Century' Could Create New Meteor Shower, 4/29/13; How to See Comet ISON Live Online Today, 4/30/13; 'Comet of the Century': Comet ISON Stars in Mother's Day Webcast Today, 5/12/13; Comet ISON WTF NASA?, 7/21/13; WoW! Newest Pics Show Comet ISON As 3 Piece Body!, 8/18/13; They are lying about comet ISON, 8/20/13; It Turns Out Comet Ison is Planet X NIBIRU, 8/23/13; If The Sun Doesn’t Blast It, Comet ISON Will Soon Light Up The Sky, 9/10/13; A COVER UP? Comet I-son may be as big as a dwarf sun!, 10/30/13; China's Radar Cameras Capture Amazing Pictures of UFO's Circling Comet Ison, 10/10/13; Perihelion 28 Nov, 11/16/13; Daylight sighting of 'once in a lifetime' event possible, 11/20/13; Comet Ison grazes past Sun's surface, 11/29/13; What Is Behind ISON? Sun Sized Object Or Anomaly?, 12/1/13; Large Debris Moving Fast, 12/4/13; Nibiru and Comet Ison Are Here, 12/29/13

winged-Nibiru Comet Elenin/ Hercolubus/ Nemesis/ Nibiru/ Wormwood/ Planet X: Planet X and Astro-Planetology; NY Times, 1/30/83; Avebury; Planet X Nibiru on FOX News, 4/10/7; Surviving 2012 and Planet X, 9/3/7; Japanese scientists eye mysterious 'Planet X', 2/28/8; Dr. Robert S. Harrington - Planet X Nibiru, 3/2/8; Nibiru Arrival Date [5/20/12] Confirmed in a Crop Circle!, 8/19/8; Planet X Nibiru, 8/20/8; Anunnaki Aliens of Planet X Nibiru, 2/3/9; Debunking the Planet X Debunkers, 2/17/9; Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Theory; NASA admits that is tracking Nemesis, 3/22/10; Is this Planet X or Nibiru?; Return of Planet X; 2012 Warning - Nibiru's Path; Is Nibiru's Approach Path Hidden in the Avebury Crop Circle?; First Direct Photo of Alien Planet Finally Confirmed, 6/29/10; Animation of Wormwood Orbital Path; OSTP letter, 10/15/10; ROBERT HARRINGTON WAS HE KILLED FOR CONFIRMING NIBIRU'S COMING?, 11/18/10; Dark Jupiter May Haunt Edge of Solar System, 11/29/10; Massive dark object 'lurking on edge of solar system hurling comets at Earth', 12/8/10; Astronomers claim dwarf sun lies beyond Pluto; Winged Disk, 1/8/11; Texe Marrs: Planet X & The Secret Doctrine, 1/9/11; Why is Norway Prepping Underground Facilities?, 1/10/11; NEMESIS IS ON IT'S WAY AND THE N.S.A IS CENSORING THE FACT, 1/28/11; Two Suns by 2012, 1/30/11; Destroyer: Our Binary Partner and Why You Will Not See It Coming, 2/6/11; Blue Kachina - Red Kachina, 2/15/11; Astrophysicists: Strong evidence gigantic 'Planet X' does exist, 2/17/11; Hercolubus inbound, 2/21/11; NASA Shuts Down Prolific Sky-Mapping Space Telescope, 2/21/11; Planet X/Nibiru/ELEnin Brown Dwarf Event Timeline, 2011, 3/1/11; Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth, 3/1/11; again; NASA Buzzroom: Comet Elenin Video - Possible Impact?, 3/3/11; Planet X NewsLetter - Issue #14, 3/3/11; 'Two suns' spotted in China defy explanation, 3/5/11; Photography of Planet X?, 3/6/11; Our Binary Star - Nibiru, The Red Kachina and Planetary Changes, 3/12/11; Tail length of comet Elenin exceeds 900 000 km, 3/12/11; Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy, 3/14/11; NASA tracking/orbit data for the Elenin Comet is a psy-op cover story for a brown dwarf 2.5 Jupiter mass sizes; 2012 The End, 3/20/11; Seeing the Approaching Planet X With Your Own Eyes, 3/21/11; Something very wicked approaches quickly and secretly ... and if it smells like the Destroyer of old, 3/28/11; Comet Elenin may produce greatest meteor showers in history, 4/2/11; Planet X Movie; What's Coming, 4/26/11; Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth, 5/4/11; September 27, 2011 – Comet Elenin – Nibiru Orbit Path, 5/5/11; Comet Elenin: White House letter addresses "US Must Prepare for Comet Collision", 5/15/11; Planet Elenin - Nibiru - Dwarf Star - 2011, 5/15/11; France banknote has Elenin on the back of it; Comet Elenin Fulfill 2012 Maya and Hopi Prophecy?; White House letter addresses "US Must Prepare For Comet Collision With Earth"; 'Dragon in the Sky: "Planet X," Aliens & Beyond'; ELEnin Things to come in 2011-12, 5/18/11; Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth, 5/20/11; ELEnin Dwarf Star Warning September 26, 2011, 5/21/11; Red Devil Planet Revisited, 6/29/11; South Pole Pics & Interview w/Nibiru Insider, 7/2/11; Leaked C.I.A. Information, 7/3/11; Is Comet Elenin an incoming spacecraft heralding a New Age?, 7/3/11; Top US Space Expert Issues Catastrophic Warning On Comet Elenin, 7/8/11; NASA, White House, operatives pushing psyops meme around Comet Elenin, 7/8/11; Does Planet X Exist? Is Nibiru Inhabited and Inbound?; Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood Is Here! Say Hello!; Jordan Maxwell - Get Ready For Planet X; Annunaki Nibiru Connection In Prehistory: Photos & Archeological Finds, 7/24/11; Dutchsince on Comet Elenin Sighting, 8/5/11; Diameter of the comet Elenin’s coma confirmed by visual observations from the Earth, 8/20/11; Nibiru Elenin Jesse Ventura - Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport, 8/21/11; Comet Elenin Forecast for 9/2011 to 1/2012 and the Hopi Blue Star Kachina, 8/23/11; Is Nibiru Now Visible From Southern Continents?, 8/29/11; Comet Elenin Over Melbourne Sky, 8/29/11; Comet Elenin disintegrating and breaking up as it approaches the Sun, 8/30/11; Andromeda Council Update on Elenin, brown dwarf, Nibiru, earth changes, 4D Earth, 9/11/11; THIS is the Elenin Niburu Video I'm going to send to my family and friends, 9/20/11; World Leaders Will Be In Recess During Elenin Alignment on September 26-27, 2011; Obama will be at the Denver Airport; Major Terrorism Drill “Operation Mountain Guardian” In Denver Near Elenin Alignment Dates, 9/21/11; Is There A Nibiru Coverup? Two Suns Now Visible Worldwide, 9/24/11; KAMERAN FALLY - PLANET X & ASTRO-PLANETOLOGY, 3/13/15; Nibiru And The Illuminati’s Secret Agenda; Secret Space War III: Marduk Lands In Africa?, 7/14/13; Planet NIBIRU will shake the Earth at December 2015, 11/13/15; Nibiru and Comet Ison Are Here, 12/29/13; NIBIRU PLANET X - Russian Troops Preparations 'East Coast Event Imminent' Dec, 2015 TSUNAMI EXPECTED, 3/28/14; Nibiru Planet X The Shocking Reality! End Times Deluge Is Approaching, 7/27/14; NBC News Reports Nibiru - Planet X System Update No. 2, 4/22/15; Nibiru Orbital Update by Gerald Clark, 5/8/15; Winged Planet Found!/Nibiru/NASA, 6/24/15; ILLUMINATI DECLARE WAR & PLANET X 2016 - KAMERAN INTERVIEW TWO, 9/8/15; NIBIRU INCOMING NOW CLEARLY VISIBLE FROM INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION!!, 11/15/15; Nibiru's moon traveling at 2 o'clock position compilation, 12/15/15; Nibiru's moon sunrise time lapsed, 12/18/15; NIBIRU IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE SUN - LOOK INSIDE, 12/22/15; Nibiru on Live News! & Nasa Infrared Telescope shows Planet X , 12/23/15; New Scientists Rediscover Planet X, 12/26/15; NIBIRU GREATEST RECORDED IMAGES TO DATE S.AMERICA, 2/9/16; Alleged CIA agent leaks inside knowledge of Planet X after viewing it through Hubble Space Telescope, 3/6/16; US Scientist Confirms "New Planet" NIBIRU && Warns It Will Affect Earth Soon, 4/16/16; Planet X-Binary System Enters Earth's Orbit, Government Suppresses Evidence, 4/28/16; Will a stolen alien planet wipe out life on Earth? Expert explains what we know about the mysterious 'Planet Nine', 6/6/16; Niburu Planet X System and Its Potential Impacts on Our Solar System, 7/12/16; PENTAGON INSIDER: ANUNNAKI ARE RETURNING SOON FROM NIBIRU PLANET X, 7/23/16; TRUTH ABOUT NIBIRU (Planet X) Must Watch SHOCKING!, 8/3/16; NIBIRU, PLANET X, WORMWOOD ~ The BEST EVIDENCE to DATE ~ SIGNS FOR 2016, 9/2/16; PLANET X Nov 14th PLANET X NIBIRU Officially confirmed in MAINSTREAM media Uncovers NASA cover up, 11/15/16; Physicist Thinks Brown Dwarf in Inner Solar System, 3/13/17; Dr Michio Kaku Predicts the End of World from Nibiru Planet X, 6/9/17; Nibiru 5st August 2017 Message To The World as The System Will Affected US, 8/5/17
James McCanney: Surviving Planet X Passage^