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Charities: Many of the Largest Charities in America are Giant Money Making Scams, 6/19/13

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Adidas: 'How would a Jewish person feel if you put a swastika on a shoe?' Adidas under fire for unveiling new trainer with orange 'shackles' like those worn by black slaves, 6/18/12

Ajinomoto: Meat glue is made by the same chemical company that manufactures MSG, 6/29/16

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120217x 120914r 010315v72 122314z56 Coca-Cola: To this day, Coca-Cola still imports coca leaves which are used to manufacture cocaine in the United States, 6/9/11; Coca-Cola partners with drug maker Sanofi to make sketchy 'beauty-enhancing' beverage, 10/27/12

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Halliburton: profit soars 83% in Q2, 7/19/10; Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War, 4/7/13; Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence, 7/25/13

HJ Heinz: How HJ Heinz Turned His Bankrupt Horseradish Business Into A Billion Dollar Ketchup Conglomerate, 2/14/13; Berkshire and 3G Capital to Buy Heinz for $23 Billion, 2/14/13

Hershey: Hershey takes wraps off new corporate logo, 8/29/14

Hewlett Packard: The first "technology" corporation to move into California's Silicon Valley was Hewlett-Packard, in 1938. Stanford University engineers Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started their company in a Palo Alto garage with $1,538. Their first product was an audio oscillator bought by Walt Disney Studios for use in the making of Fantasia. HP Way, and How It Completely Screwed HP, 11/21/12; Chubby Checker Sues Hewlett-Packard Over App To Measure Penis Size, 2/14/13

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Pepsi-Cola: Obama agency rules Pepsi's use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes 'ordinary business operations', 3/17/12

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062514v Sears: Closing more stores as holiday sales slide, 12/27/11

Solyndra: FBI at Solyndra Headquarters, 9/8/11; Feds raid Obama-touted solar panel company, 900 American workers lose jobs after company files bankruptcy, 9/11/11; Uncovered emails reveal Obama administration knew Solyndra was risky, lied to public, 9/17/11

Starbucks: Tell Starbucks to stop serving Monsanto: no more GMOs in our lattes, 4/9/14; Four solid reasons to avoid Starbucks, 6/26/14; Starbucks stirs up extreme racial animosity with condescending corporate public relations FAIL: #RaceTogether, 3/19/15

Supreme Group BV: Supreme Owner Made a Billionaire Feeding U.S. War Machine, 10/7/13

Tesla Motors: Tesla Made More Than The Entire US Oil Industry Last Quarter, 11/12/16

Tyson's Foods: Tyson Foods dumps more than 18 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America's waterways each year, 6/30/14

UPS: UPS agrees to pay $40 million for shipping illegal prescription drugs, 3/29/13

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Michael Moore: Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange, 12/14/10; Michael Moore Backs Call to Re-Open Investigation of 9/11 Attacks, 9/29/11; Dave Hodges: My 20 Minutes With Globalist Whore, Michael Moore, 12/18/12