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093016z62 072916r56 071116m49 082216z49 051416p49 100815x44 032314d-39 101716d38 111416t37 061314c37 022715z32 072316w21 Conveyances: Skylifter, 11/12/10; Dean of Invention- The Puffin - Personal Flying Machine, 12/7/10; How a Boat-Plane Hybrid Shattered the Sound Barrier of Sailing, 1/17/13; International students create next-gen electric rickshaw, 4/19/13; 10 Futurist Predictions in the World of Transportation, 6/17/13; First hoverbike will go on sale in 2017, 5/14/14; Boats, trains, planes: How technology is making old transportation new again, 10/14/14; Belt Scooter provides a wearable mode of transport, 10/30/14; Who Needs Flying Cars When You Can Have A $200,000 Jetpack?, 12/18/14; World’s First Pentacontakaitetracopter Takes Flight, 9/12/15; Students create a human-carrying multicopter, 12/4/15

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111217d 120817i 010815n61 082415z56 100316j56 021815a56 103116w42 010215z40 Airplanes: BLUE ANGELS - Insane Footage Inside the Cockpit; Inside the World’s Most Opulent Private Jets, 9/15/10; Student flies like a bird, powered only by himself, 9/23/10; What Happens When You Slam On the Brakes in a 747?, 5/9/11; Flying strip propels itself by turning inside out, 4/20/12; Man who invented the airplane before the Wright Brothers, 9/15/12; Hypersonic Flight ‘Breakthrough’ Could Have Us in Tokyo by Lunch, 11/30/12; Are You Fascinated by Really Big Airplanes?, 6/28/13; Planes That Never Need To Land, 7/3/13; How to Survive a Plane Crash: 10 Tips That Could Save Your Life, 7/30/13; Now that's a paper airplane!, 2/2/14; How to Steal an Airplane: From 9/11 to MH370, 3/19/14; 10 Surprising Secrets of Modern Airliners, 4/5/14; Spy Plane Fries Air Traffic Control Computers, Shuts Down LAX, 5/2/14; ‘Unprecedented’: 13 aircraft mysteriously disappear from radars in heart of Europe, 6/13/14; Amphibious Plane Camper Will Be Here In 18 Months, 8/19/14; How to Make the World’s Best Paper Airplanes, 9/16/14; Is this proof mysterious bangs heard on both sides of Atlantic WERE caused by a top-secret US jet? Footage of hypersonic engine in action reveals it sounds almost identical to unexplained noises, 12/1/14; 5 Airbus A350-900s in formation; Watch an F/A-18C go supersonic right in front of your eyes; Sky Canopy Concept Is An Airplane With A Viewing Deck, 12/11/15; Breathtaking Time Lapse Video From the Cockpit | Baba Recommends - BabaMail; World's largest aircraft gets ready for take-off: 300ft-long Airlander 10 is put through its final preparations ahead of next month's flight, 2/9/16; Is this the world's best private jet? The Boeing 787 that's an airborne penthouse apartment, 10/5/16

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042116y69 022214z2-55 121214u49 103014g49 010917m45 Balloons: Balloon Flights Bring Near-Space Exploration to Masses, 3/7/13

122213-27 031915m42 Blimps: Pentagon's New Blimp Could Change Everything From The Battlefield To The Boardroom, 10/19/12; 300ft-long 'airship' unveiled in Britain is the world's longest aircraft, 2/28/14

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062816w71 010217x68 110716n59 010417n59 072216t56 072614zc27 Boats & Ships: How ships are launched, 11/5/9; World's Largest Cruise Ship, 11/13/9; $1B Streets of Monaco yacht is a floating city, 1/17/11; Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic & Positions; Personal Sub Could Be Easiest, Safest Yet, 2/22/11; This Incredible Yacht Concept Is Basically A True Floating Island, 4/2/12; Incredible mile-long floating CITY - complete with schools, a hospital, parks and an airport for its 50,000 residents, 11/28/13; World’s Largest Mega-Ship Launches, 12/4/13; Super-yacht not big enough? 'Seasteads' offer libertarians the vision of floating cities for the future, 12/26/13; Time lapse of cruise ship stretched 99 feet; World's largest capacity container ship embarks on maiden voyage, 12/7/14; Ghost ship mystery as oil tanker washes up on remote beach with NOBODY on board, 5/9/16

100716u 080316c 042016k70 042716g49 110815b40 Buses: China Develops Mega Straddle Buses, 8/25/10; Straddling Bus

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082417e 110317m 030917o45 070416m34 032217w31 042815t31 120814o25 Cars: Are your car mirrors adjusted correctly?; A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air, 8/9/10; again; Electric Car Revolution Has Begun, 8/10/10; Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic, 10/9/10; Air Cars; Car Runs On Air; VW Factory; Car with Five Wheels ('50's); Hemp Electric Car: Kestrel, 7/18/11; Ralph Lauren Car Collection; All-Electric Rolls Royce 102EX, 11/21/11; ELF velomobile is powered by you and the Sun, 12/3/12; Auto Industry’s Design Maestros Envision the Cop Cars of 2025, 12/4/12; Driverless Cars Will Make Intersections So Efficient It's Scary, 2/11/13; First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Cars Roll Out, 3/5/13; A Shift Toward Natural Gas Vehicles, 5/15/13; 8 Things You Should Know About Electric Cars, 5/15/13; Driving Volkswagen’s 261-MPG Diesel-Electric Supercar Spacepod, 5/23/13; How Will Driverless Cars Affect Our Urban Future?, 7/8/13; Autonomous cars to appear on UK roads by the end of the year, 7/17/13; How will the driverless car affect the design of our cities?, 7/25/13; It looks like the inside of a private jet but this is actually the inside of a humble Mercedes van, 8/2/13; Could Electric Cars Threaten the Grid?, 8/16/13; Coming of the Autonomous Car - the end of the autonomous driver, 2/21/14; Car Technology in the Future - Mind Blown Documentary, 2/23/14; Autonomous car concept is really a tiny apartment on wheels, 4/2/14; Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die, 5/17/14; MORGAN STANLEY: We Could See The 'Largest Decline In Used Car Prices In History', 9/5/14; Pictorial Essay: 22 AMERICAN CONCEPT CARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, 1/9/15; Classic Car Pros… and Cons. 1/30/15; Story behind the barn-find, 50-year-old Ferrari that just sold at auction for $16.2 million, 2/6/15; Elon Musk: In the future, human-driven cars may be illegal, 3/17/15; Mind Boggling: Unsold Cars Wasting Away, 3/19/15; Costco's Discounted Cars Are in Aisle Seven, Past the Olive Oil, 6/4/15; Google self-driving car involved in first injury accident, 7/16/15; Fiat-Chrysler recalls 1.4 million vehicles after hackers turn them into lethal weapons, 8/12/15; Study Shows Hybrids Are Not Improving US Fleet Mileage, 9/3/15; Who Will Driverless Cars Decide To Kill?, 10/23/15; Electric cars just as dirty as petroleum-powered vehicles? New study sheds light on 'zero emissions' fraud, 1/18/16; Car Biz Goes Full Clover, 3/17/16; Ancient Cars vs. Modern Cars, 8/16/16; Stunning £10M yacht-inspired Rolls-Royce Sweptail sails into record books as most expensive new car ever, 5/27/17; 5 Things Shady Car Dealers Try To Sneak Past You, 9/19/17; 50 years in the making, a restored streamliner claims the land speed record, 8/14/18

Vehicle: How To Jump Start a Car, 9/11/8; 13 Things a Man Should Keep in His Car, 12/17/9; Vehicle Emergency Preparedness, 1/24/11; How to Make Your Car Last Forever … Or At Least, For As Long As Possible, 5/3/11; Status Symbol Cars Targeted by Vandals, 5/4/11; Five Things to Consider Before You Buy a New Car, 6/10/11; Fixes on the Cheap, 6/11/11; To Cheap Out – or Not Cheap Out?, 6/25/11; 5 Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesman, 7/6/11; Little Things You Can Do to Make Your Car Look New, 7/15/11; Cars Must get 54.5 Miles Per Gallon by 2025, 7/28/11; Some Used vs. New Car Buying Pros and Cons, 7/29/11; DIY Don’t Do’s, 8/3/11; Commando Car Buying, 8/9/11; SHTF Vehicles, 8/19/11; Some More DIY Don’t Do’s… Learned the Hard Way, 8/27/11; Pushbutton Devil, 8/30/11; Auto Troubleshooting: What’s Leaking from My Car?, 9/6/11; Live Long and Prosper, 9/12/11; Winter Driving Survival Tips, 10/4/11; When Is It Not Worth Fixing?, 10/12/11; Always Read The Fine Print, 10/15/11; Gas Saving Reality Check, 10/28/11; Old Car End Run, 10/31/11; Used Car Checklist, 12/8/11; Some Car Q&A, 12/16; How Not To Save Money, 1/11/12; Eric Peters: Want To Learn To Work on Cars?, 3/15/12; Eric Peters: Fed, Safety Nazis and the price of your car, 3/17/12; Eric Peters: Ticking Time Bomb in Your Dashboard, 3/26/12; Pros – and Cons – of Keyless Car Keys, 4/9/12; Young Americans Couldn't Care Less About Owning A New Car, 4/12/12; Changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles is a SCAM!, 5/11/12; Recommended oil change intervals for most vehicles; Eric Peters: Routine Maintence Often Not Routinely Done, 5/13/12; "Social Costs" of Buying New, 6/1/12; Eric Peters: Some Random “Car Stuff”, 6/10/12; Shop Like a Car Reviewer, 7/5/12; Flat Tire Reboot, 7/17/12; A Lesson From The Past... About the Rip-Off Of Today, 7/19/12; Using Your Senses… To Save Money on Car Problems, 8/19/12; Dealer Douchebaggery, 9/4/12; What’s Worse?, 9/18/12; Time to get a good used car?, 10/12/12; Every Man Should Know How to Drive Stick, 10/17/12; Vehicle Everyday Carry, 11/6/12; A mom’s guide to getting ready for winter travel, 12/6/12; Used Car Shopping – and Shun – List, 1/15/13; Never Endure a Car Dealership Again, 1/17/13; Cold Weather Crutches, 1/25/13; Oil & Filter… It’s a Start, 3/27/13; Car Maintenance You Can Still Do Yourself, 4/2/13; It Never Makes Sense to Buy a New Car, 4/15/13; Automotive Preps, 4/26/13; Spend Less on Driving, 5/23/13; Four-Wheeled Fine Print, 5/26/13; Next Mandate You’ll Be Paying For: Brake Assist, 6/11/13; An Old VW For Everyday Use?, 10/17/13; Things-In-Car How to Create a Vehicle Emergency Kit, 3/12/14; It’s Not Hard To Buy a New Car, 3/24/14; Auto Dealership Scam, 3/27/14; If You Hear This Sound, 7/5/14; What Might That Smell Mean?, 7/13/14; New device opens up ALL CAR DOORS!, 7/16/14; What Might That Leak (or Puddle) Mean?, 7/17/14; Things Everyone Should Have in Their Car, 2/5/15; What The Car Salesman Won’t Tell You, 2/10/15; Car Stuff 101 - 4 things you must know, but may not, 3/13/15; Meanings Behind These 15 Symbols On Your Car's Dashboard; “Government Wants to Control Your Car” and Prevent You From ‘Tinkering’ Under DMCA Copyright, 5/8/15; Eight Car Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, 7/8/15; 5 Common Roadside Emergencies and How to Deal With Them, 7/24/15; How To Buy A Used Car Cross-Country, 7/24/15; How to Find the Right Repair Shop, 7/28/15; Buy Gold? Buy A Used Car Instead!, 8/13/15; Selling Your Car On Craigslist, 9/8/15; Tires: Critical To Your Safety On The Road, 11/26/15; Car Cliffs Notes, 12/31/15; 46 Must Have Items for Your Emergency Vehicle Kit, 1/16/16; Pros and Cons of Buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller, 6/4/16; Morgan Stanley: Used Car Prices May Crash 50%, 3/31/17

111815w 012915d Flying Cars:Terrafugia's 'Roadable Aircraft' Receives Regulatory Clearance for the Road, 7/6/11; Burt Rutan Designs a Hybrid Flying Car, 7/18/11; New Aircraft Arises From Germany, 11/2/11; Dutch 'flying car' makes first test flight, 4/2/12; Take A Day Trip In An Amazing $279,000 Flying Car, 4/3/12; Flying Car - Pal-V One, 4/13/12; Introducing TF-X: Terrafugia's Vision for the Future of Personal Transportation, 5/6/13; Is the flying car FINALLY here? First model set to go on sale in two years - and there is even a version that can take off vertically if you get stuck in a traffic jam, 5/8/13; This Flying Car Is Real And It Can Fly 430 Miles On A Full Tank, 12/13/14; Flying cars are just TWO years away: Terrafugia claims its TF-X will be ready to take to the skies by 2018, 2/19/16

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051416h38 011516r37 042316r37 051816n24 012515s21

050116r65 100915t57 010817v44 011417c42 Cycles: Backwards, Brain Bicycle; Monocycle, 12/18/10; Inventor creates incredible flying motorcycle, 3/25/11; Cardboard Bicycle - Entirely Recycled, Water and Fireproof, Dirt Cheap, 12/1/12; This funky scooter folds down to the size of a carry-on, 7/12/13; Latest Bicycle Wheel, 12/5/13; Winter Bike Survival, 1/23/14; This One-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle Actually Feels … Safe, 1/23/14; Captain America Chopper from Easy Rider sells for US$1.35 million to become world's most expensive motorcycle, 10/18/14; Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out, 10/12/16

Flying Cycles: Watch This Insane Helicopter-Bike Fly Around, 6/12/13; Ground tests complete as world's fastest flying motorcycle seeks racing competition, 10/23/14

022214z5-60 051115p49 072216g42 Helicopters: SureFly; World's first manned flight with an electric multicopter, 10/28/11; U. of Maryland Student Hovers 8 Feet High in Human-Powered Helicopter, 8/30/12; Closer Look at Atlas, the Prize-Winning Human-Powered Helo, 7/11/13; New Military Helicopter Can Cruise At 253 MPH, 10/6/14

Hoverboards: Unveiling a Real-Life Hoverboard, 10/21/14; 'Back to the Future' Hoverboard Invented, 10/23/14; Physics of the Hendo Hoverboard, 10/24/14

Hyperloop: Pneumatic travel system faster than the speed of sound, 8/10/13

Spaceships: Watch: Take a 70,000-Foot Ride in the Sky With Virgin Galactic Test Pilots, 9/6/13; A Quick Primer On America's Spaceports, 9/6/13

Submarines: A Teenager Built His Own Working Submarine, 5/23/13; Luxury submarine is way cooler than a yacht, 6/6/13

Subways: Surge in Ridership Pushes New York Subway to Limit, 5/3/16

021214o 110313e 110514s 060516u 082414h 051616l 112614v 072216b
011416l63 012015z57 072315m56 miqthgCJOF1s

032915q50 123015p50 101714l49 091416v46 120616v42 051616r42 011216f42 Trains: Miniatur Wunderland; Largest model railway in the world; Japan Is Working On A 300 MPH Floating Train, 11/23/12; China Built A Prototype For A Train Capable Of Reaching 1,800 MPH, 5/17/14; Why The Heck Is Amtrak Still In Business After Losing Money 43 Years Straight?, 5/23/14; Train Doesn't Care That It's Winter; Animated map shows how railroads spread across America, 11/4/15; Tomorrow's Train; First 'Silk Road' train from China to Britain arrives in London after a marathon 7,500-mile journey, 1/18/17

092215w49 110716j49 010215t34 Trucks: Mercedes Shows Off The Insane Lifting Power Of Its Heavy Duty Trucks, 5/2/14

Zeppelins: Entrepreneur out to prove his zeppelin idea is more than hot air, 9/5/13