Composite Venus in the Composite 1st House

Composite Venus in the first house signifies a relationship that is based on love and affection. It is not necessarily based on sex, although this position is certainly good for any sexual relationship. The ultimate meaning of Venus is attraction based on the ways in which you are different rather than the ways in which you are similar. This makes for a relationship of complements, which form a whole that is stronger and more lasting than either of the parts.

Composite Venus in the first house means that the two of you form such a partnership. You were strongly attracted to each other when you first met, even if you did not immediately know the reason why, and as you learn more and more about each other, you remain strongly attracted.

The emotions aroused by Venus are quiet in their expression, friendly rather than wildly passionate. But they are intense in their own way and much longer lasting than some more intense emotions. This kind of affection will sustain a relationship for a long time. This placement enables you to forgive each other for the occasional hurts that arise in every relationship.

In some cases a first house Venus may indicate that the two of you have come together for a creative purpose. this could be anything from working at an artistic craft together to farming or simply raising children. somehow this relationship will manifest the creative drives of Venus more than most.

Composite Venus in the Composite 1st House: The two of you can't be accused of being shy. Even when you are not feeling confident socially, your smiles can hide any feelings of insecurity. People like you. Finding time to yourselves may not always be easy. You activate the gregarious instincts of friends or strangers. Though there is potential for conflict concerning your values, you share a tendency to quickly put them into action. There may be fondness for holding hands on nature trails and watching sun rises.

Buying on impulse is indicated. You tend to go directly after what you desire. Money may come and go. Your energy to make a good living is ferocious. Each of you needs the freedom to spend money on clothes, image consulting and the pleasurable items of your choice. The careers may each deal with the public. People probably see you as a sometimes self-absorbed couple. You make good mediators.

Emotions pour out spontaneously. It isn't too difficult to figure out when one of you is not happy. Your eyes are a dead give away. You can be quick to agitate one another, and just that quickly be flowing nicely. It's not hard to get centered again. Get good at knowing win-win strategies. By all means, do give each other an equal amount of attention!

Prolonged indecision has no place in your companionship. It has a way of making you feel uncomfortable. Weigh your options but do move forward. The two of you are dynamic when trusting your hunches. Others can see you as role models, representing a quality they would like to develop.

Composite Venus in the Composite 2nd House

Composite Venus in the second house indicates a love of beautiful things and a desire to have them as personal possessions. In a personal relationship in which you won property together, it simply means that you enjoy owning beautiful or artistic objects. This reflects the fact that the two of you place a high value on beauty and art. Even if you do not own property together, for example if you are just friends, there will still be this emphasis on the value of beautiful things. Venus also emphasizes comfort. As a couple you will like surroundings that are soft, comfortable, and warm as well as beautiful.

Incidentally, in any kind of relationship, Venus in the second house is a good indication that you will have these things as well as the money to pay for them. It can be an indication of wealth, or at the very least, of having whatever you need.

In a business or professional relationship, this position suggests financial success, especially in fields related to entertainment, art, or pleasure and beauty.

Composite Venus in the Composite 2nd House: You are a couple that can exhibit a smooth expression of social grace. You share a suave way of carrying yourselves when dealing with others. Stability is an ingredient that can be maintained easily if you stay clear about your purpose for being together. There is a strong sensual connection indicated. Showing affection brings you closer.

Finances and possessions are areas that require your greatest honesty with each other. You both need to feel secure in these areas. Sharing money generously with one another tightens your bond. There is much you can accumulate together. You may be committed to obtaining greater wealth. "Saving for a rainy day" might be a concern. Your business instincts are clear. They can lead the two of you to try your hand in operating your own business. Common sense in buying and selling merchandise is favored in your partnership.

Your values are probably a source of strength. There is reassurance in knowing you want the same things from life. There can be a love of nature and owning land. You are two very resourceful people. It doesn't take you long to figure out the most economical way of getting a job done. Creature comforts are probably a part of life you appreciate. If your schedules get real busy, remember to take some leisure time. It keeps you both happier.

Your energies might slow down when together. Why? You have a calming effect on each other's psyche. There might be times when you need to get your creative adrenaline pumped together to complete a project. Generally speaking, your follow through is dependable. The tendency to possess one another need not arise. Give each other the right to follow in the footsteps that seem to lead to personal growth. If you do this, love is not hard to feel for your partner.

Composite Venus in the Composite 3rd House

Venus in the third house of the composite chart signifies that together you have an intellectual concern with beauty that you may not have been aware of as individuals. You think about the beautiful in life, and you try to surround yourselves with beauty as much as possible in your home and where you work. Or you like to go places where you can find beauty. Similarly, you are fond of discussing beautiful things, such as painting, poetry, or music, and you may stimulate each other to take an interest in the arts.

Venus in the third house also means that you are in touch with your feelings, that you can discuss your relationship and verbalize what you feel. In fact, you may possibly be more inclined to talk about love and friendship than to do anything about them. There is the danger that you will deal with love on a superficial, intellectual level and not fully experience it on a deep emotional level. At any rate, do not try to subordinate your emotions to your intellect. Nevertheless, the ability to verbalize your emotions that this placement of Venus provides should prove valuable in the long run.

Composite Venus in the Composite 3rd House: You are seldom at a loss for ideas. It is obvious to others that you share an in-the-moment instinct to say just the right thing in social encounters. There is an ability to help people better clarify their choices. It is probably fun to share your perceptions of situations. You can show an insatiable curiosity about life. Your versatile social natures likely bring you into contact with many different bright people.

You have sharp eyes for the value of things. Collecting items through travel can be fun. Keen business intelligence is apparent to your friends or adversaries. Communication can earn you money. It may seem just as important to you to own recreational items as much as more practical things.

Bringing new peers into your relationship adds an enriching quality. The input of others is stimulating to your companionship. There is no time to get bored, as you two like to be on the go. It is natural for you to prioritize your schedule while living it! Sitting on the fence too long makes you both feel anxious! Procrastination just prolongs the agony of dealing with a challenge. You can give each other a boost with a few encouraging words. Each of you prefers to be pushed in a tactful manner.

You know how to communicate in a way people can understand. Your way of making people feel comfortable in your presence is special. Be sure to take vacations and go on pleasurable outings. You are two individuals that can join forces to live life to the fullest.

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Composite Venus in the Composite 4th House

The effects of Venus in the fourth house of the composite chart are felt in the most intimate and inward areas of your relationship. On the psychological level you have a great concern for beauty in your most personal surroundings, and this in turn is reflected in your desire to make your home or other property that you own together as tasteful, beautiful, and comfortable as possible. Even if you don't have much money, you will probably succeed in creating an elegant home.

If you do not own a home together, the effects of the fourth house Venus will be less evident. But this is an angular house, so the planet that is in it has greater importance than it would otherwise have. A fourth-house Venus simply indicates that in this relationship the principles of love and beauty are strong and prominent, although they are expressed most clearly in your intimate personal lives rather than in the lives you share with the outside world. This placement is usually an excellent indication for an intimate love relationship.

Composite Venus in the Composite 4th House: The two of you can enjoy a special closeness. There is a need to really trust one another early on in your relationship. You respond very quickly to your partner when receiving emotional support. A feeling of being equals deepens your connection. There are times when the two of you will choose privacy over socializing. You could need this to recharge your energy. Your tendency is to be nurturing toward others. It may leave you exhausted if you don't get the solitude you need together. People probably rely on your strength a great deal.

You take ownership seriously; especially things that have sentimental memories embedded in them. It shows wisdom to respect what each other is attached to in life. Home is another area that is likely a key focus for you both and will challenge you to find compromises. It can easily become a source of harmony if discussed cooperatively. Your home could be a place others like to visit as it has a relaxed atmosphere. Peace in your private life is greatly valued. You may enjoy creating pretty landscapes.

The two of you can show patience in starting a new business or career. You have a way of helping each other tune into work ambitions. Working out of your home is possible. Each of your family roots can be a subject of interest. A special closeness with relatives is indicated. You could have friends that are more like part of your extended family. It can be hard to please others all of the time. This is a good point to remember.

You need to know you can count on one another when the chips are down. Being there for each other in the good and bad times deepens your commitment.

Composite Venus in the Composite 5th House

Composite Venus in the fifth house is one of the stronger indications that this will be a relationship of love, or at the very least, friendship. The fifth house is the house of love affairs, self-expression, and children. Venus, of course, is the planet of love, affection, and beauty and therefore has a natural affinity for this position. It denotes a relationship between two people who really enjoy being together and who make each other feel good. You share a love of pleasure, of going out and doing things together, especially attending amusements, theater, and other forms of entertainment.

The fifth house Venus is a light hearted position. Perhaps its only real flaw, which is not too difficult to overcome, is that it does not provide the energy needed for a long term, serious day-to-day relationship, such as marriage. With this position you may be reluctant to face the difficult and sometimes unpleasant work of building up a stable relationship, which isn't as much fun as the good times you enjoy together. However, if you can overcome this lack of seriousness, a fifth house Venus guarantees that this will be a pleasant and loving relationship for both of you.

If you are married, you will love your children very much and will develop a warm relationship with them.

Composite Venus in the Composite 5th House: You have a special way of capturing each other's heart. There is a creative spark that lights both of your fires. Life has a way of casting the two of you out into the public eye, whether you like it or not. Self-expression is a given in your relationship. There is a theatrical dimension in your personalities that can entertain others. A risk-taking vitality lines the soul of your being together. When you first met the romantic potential must have been obvious.

Making each other feel special brings you close. There is a tendency for the two of you to be occupying center stage at social gatherings. You make good promoters and fundraisers. Your outgoing natures can appear tireless to others. Be careful that your desire for attention does not get out of hand. You can constantly be interacting with the public. Your professions can give you plenty of people to discuss.

Gifts could be your way of showing you care about each other. You will tend to be fond of luxury items. This might be a driving force in getting you to earn extra money. Romantic vacations keep your intimacy alive. You are not the same without fun and celebration in your being together.

You like to show how proud you are of one another. There is a playful spirit that keeps you from taking life too seriously. You can display a competitive side that can be active in sports or business. Neither of you is good at losing. There is a determination to be successful.

Be careful if you bruise your partner's ego occasionally. You do better to let your anger be shown. It is better than trying to stuff your real feelings. Keep your giving and receiving balanced and you can keep enjoying the passion.

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Composite Venus in the Composite 6th House

The sixth house of the composite chart is not the easiest place for Venus to express itself. This is the house of work, duty, responsibility, and service, which does not square easily with Venus's love of beauty, grace, ease, and pleasure. The sixth is to some extent a house of self-repression, while Venus is a planet of self-expression.

Within this relationship your concern for love and affection is kept subordinate to what you may consider to be more important or more practical matters. For example, in a marriage, this position of Venus would tend to make the two of you stay together "for the sake of the children" or perhaps to continue some business or work project you have become involved in together.

Venus in the sixth house does not indicate a lack of affection between you; it simply means that love is not the highest priority keeping you together. Just remember, however, that no personal relationship can survive for purely utilitarian motives. The lighter, self-expressive feelings must be allowed to come out too, if only to allow the relationship to survive.

One other outcome of this position should be mentioned. Your love for each other may be partly predicated on a feeling that you can do something fairly specific for each other, something that your partner needs to have done, beyond making him or her feel better.

Composite Venus in the Composite 6th House: You have keen instincts for the business world. You probably believe in making money the good-old-fashioned way. A pragmatic outlook leads the two of you through life with a nose for reality. There is a tenacity to reach your highest potentials. Your skills can join powerfully together to tackle projects, whether for pleasure or business purposes. People can see you as a down-to-earth partnership they can count on.

It can be more fun to exercise together than alone. You may prefer to do your diet and health regimens as a team. Selfless service in organizations can be a favorite pastime. When you join forces to do a job few can do it as well. Your standards are high. Be sure to give each other a chance to learn how to measure up to your criterion in your individual areas of expertise.

You may be more inclined to buy items that are practical. A conservative approach to spending or operating from a tight budget is likely. The two of you can show discipline when it comes to saving money. There can be an ability to fix broken down things. You don't like to see people be wasteful.

There might be a tendency to worry too much. You are better when you are busy. Sitting idle makes the two of you nervous. Buying something for the sheer joy of it may be needed. Exposing one another to new stimulating experiences keeps you happy.

Composite Venus in the Composite 7th House

Composite Venus in the seventh house is a good indication that this is a personal relationship based to a considerable extent on affection. There may be other reasons for this relationship, but love is certainly one of the most important. This position of Venus does not guarantee a successful relationship, but it does help. After the Sun and Moon positions, this is one of the most important elements in the chart of a love relationship.

You will have a strong sense of shared emotion and feeling and a great need to share your experiences. You will think of yourselves as a unit, a couple, rather than as two single individuals. You will want to be together and do things together as much as possible.

The only danger that you should watch for with this position is that you may tend to be too accommodating; that is, you will try to agree with each other even when one of you has a legitimate grievance. Instead of expressing it, you will remain quiet for the sake of preserving the peace and harmony of the relationship. The problem is, if you do this too often, eventually the friendly atmosphere wears thin, and all kinds of resentments boil out, with no way to control them. Do not let your desire for peace and harmony prevent you from confronting important issues. Speak your mind- it can't seriously disturb a good relationship.

Composite Venus in the Composite 7th House: Life in the fast lane is true for the two of you. Traveling through different social circles is a given. You share a drive to meet and communicate with people. There is much joy and stimulation found in mixing with others. Your relationship can often be perceived as having everything. The poise with which you handle your public relations is impressive. You have a wealth of friends. It is vital that you maintain the associations outside of your partnership. Each of you is inspired through those you know.

You have a tendency to be fair-minded and levelheaded regarding money. Financial gain is likely, as the two of you don't feel the need to take a back seat to nobody. Wanting to make each other happy motivates the buying of gifts. Your work might easily involve working with the public.

Being advocates for each other's talents is an endearing quality. Your creativity is ignited when you believe in one another. Emotions can be aroused suddenly when you are together. Get good in communicating your feelings. It makes your everyday life more flowing. The two of you thrive on being needed.

The two of you may be too nice to others. You could make compromises you don't need to be making. There are times you will need to learn to say "no".

Indulging in romantic getaways just for the two of you makes life more fun. You likely care for the same types of entertainment, or at least can find plenty of common themes. Candle light dinners and regularly celebrating your being together keeps your hearts close.

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Composite Venus in the Composite 8th House

With composite Venus in the eighth house, the love and affection between you will have an intensity that is often lacking in the other houses. This position does not guarantee that you will have a love relationship, however; it simply indicates emotional intensity concerning love.

Traditionally the eighth house is the house of death, although that does not always literally mean physical death. The eighth house has as much to do with the creation of something new as with the destruction of something old. So Venus in the eighth house represents the mingling of love and death, or more accurately, love and regeneration.

In a love relationship, the expression of love will be quite intense, with a powerful quality that will transform both of you in some fundamental way. You will experience love as a regenerative experience that makes you over into a new person. A sexual relationship particularly will have this intensity. Your love will not be light and gay but something very serious that involves both of you at all levels of mind, body, and soul.

On quite a different level, the eighth house can also refer to joint finances and property. Venus promises material prosperity within this relationship. It is often said that Venus rules money, and although some people have questioned that, Venus does produce an ability to attract money, especially in the second and eighth houses. This is an especially good placement if the two of you ever require financial help from others.

Composite Venus in the Composite 8th House: There probably aren't too many secrets you can keep from one another. You can expect to receive intense loyalty from your partner. There is a mutual desire to keep improving your earning power. You bring out a drive in each other to be masters of your own destiny. The two of you really are not comfortable leaning on others for support. An exception will be a close ally that knows you almost as well as your companion. It might have been a little scary when you first met. Why? Because you probably sensed you were in the presence of someone with a capacity to get to know you on the deepest of levels. Expect your emotions to grow more intense. The passion on a scale of one to ten is an eleven! The trust in this liaison has to be earned. The deeper your commitment, the more real it will become. This is not a relationship that likes to live on the surface of life. You instill a yearning in each other to deepen your personal power.

You are a couple that can obtain whatever is focused upon. There is great consistency to work toward your conception of wealth. Your possessions can reflect your intense desire to succeed. The sharing of resources deepens your bond. A balance of power keeps everything running smoothly. It will feel like your ship has hit an iceberg if you don't respect each other's decision- making ability. There are times when it seems your moods or emotions have carried you a thousand miles away from each other. What to do? Communicate--even if it doesn't come out pretty! Just talk. It will unlock some problems.

The two of you might encounter jealousy from others. Your happiness can bother those not seeing themselves as fortunate. Your partner, best friends and family will be enough support. Treat your lover as an equal, and you will find more harmony.

Composite Venus in the Composite 9th House

With composite Venus in the ninth house, love and affection tend to be intellectual issues that are discussed and pondered over rather than felt. The ninth house of the composite chart represents the overall life-view shared by the two of you - your collective attitudes and the nature of your intellectual exchange. Consequently there is a danger that you may overintellectualize your feelings in this relationship. Love is a more distant experience rather than something felt and shared intimately.

However, in compensation, you both examine the nature of your feelings and are more capable than most people of understanding what you mean to each other. You are somewhat less likely to behave in an unconscious and inappropriate manner toward each other. You can communicate at a very high level concerning your relationship.

Love may become a philosophical ideal in this relationship, much as it was in the medieval code of chivalry. You tend to think in intellectual terms and to devote considerable attention to bringing about your ideals.

The experience of this relationship may also make both of you see more clearly and become more aware of the world around you. Venus in the ninth house can signify love as an agent of consciousness expansion. One or both of you will be exposed to a broader range of experience because of this relationship.

Composite Venus in the Composite 9th House: It is exhilarating to migrate from one social circle to another, just as a bird instinctually flies to its winter hideaway. You have a thirst for knowledge and entertainment. Opening up new options to one another is a perk in being together.

There is excitement in exposing your partner to uncharted learning territory. The two of you have certain morals or beliefs that cannot be compromised. Respect this sacred ground, and you will find peace.

Your credit cards might get maxed out in fulfilling your interests in reading, travel and aesthetic loves. Life may seem as though it is a self-discovery class. Your idealism can influence you to donate money to causes and may even lead you to purchase certain possessions. You may be seen as a couple with eyes showing a sense of wonder and burning with truth oil. Choose your missions in life with a dose of realism. You will not be able to mend all of the ills in the world. Yesterday's routines will not be able to meet today's expectations in this relationship!

The two of you may view comfort as being on the move in new directions. You will be resting more out of fatigue than by choice. Your joint consciousness is motivated by the possibility of stimulating opportunities. Your closest acquaintances likely agree with your highest principles. Honest people can win your hearts.

A "grass is greener" philosophy can be a thorn in your sides. Why? It keeps you from being happy with what you have attained together. Patience with yourselves in the present is a strong antidote. A stable commitment might make life seem too ordinary. Yet it does keep you more grounded. Watch your follow through together. It could be frustrating to leave too many loose ends in finishing projects or defining plans. There is a potential to achieve much as you move on a few fronts simultaneously.

Together you can display a positive approach in meeting life head-on. Your companionship is a ticket to creative impulses you may never have known existed.

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Composite Venus in the Composite 10th House

The tenth house of the composite chart is an angular house, and therefore the effect of Venus is emphasized. Your experience of love within this relationship will very strongly affect the lives of both of you.

The tenth house rules the purposes for which the relationship exists, the nature of it's individuality, and its role in the larger society. On the psychological level, this relationship will aid both of you in discovering what you want to do with your lives. Loving each other should reinforce you and give you greater confidence in yourselves.

Partly because of this mutual reinforcement, you are likely to be very openly affectionate in the company of other people. They will regard you as a loving couple, or if you are friends, as having a very close friendship. This is a relationship that stands openly before the world and does not hide from the view of others.

At the same time, this relationship will teach you about the nature of love and how you relate to others on an intimate personal level. The only way you can learn what living with another person means is by doing so. That is one of the purposes of this relationship.

On a very different plane, the tenth house Venus may also mean that you have come together for some purpose connected with the arts, entertainment, or luxuries. This may be either amateur or professional.

Composite Venus in the Composite 10th House: You are two people that cannot be accused of lacking a serious drive to be successful. Your very presence has a look that you mean business. There is much you can accomplish together. Your focusing power is immense. A visible public profile is a distinct possibility. Entertaining political people or those with clout is certainly within your range of know-how. Respecting the roles each of you chooses in life is a key to the door of harmony.

Working with the public is not much of a stretch for either of you. People tend to trust your responsible natures. Strong negotiators can see they have met their match in dealing with you. You probably value fairness and effort. Your well-disciplined skills will take you both far in life. You like people as committed to a job as you are. Be careful with responsibility, as it doesn't take much for it to land in your lap. You may wonder why the buck always stops at your relationship. Give yourselves permission to say no, when you have little time or energy. Your true friends and loved ones will forgive you.

One or both of you may choose to pursue artistic interests. Career is a major topic of interest. You can have a happy life at home and success in the world of work. When you are cooperating, the two of you can do an excellent job with managing your time. You may even wonder how you can fit so much into a day.

Whether you are rich or just making a living, you can count on a determination to purchase the things you desire to own. You are a couple that has a good grasp of how to make your money grow. Real estate investments can make you a profit. You are attracted to buying things that will last.

Decisiveness clicks in your partnership. When you are at odds over a choice, don't force the issue. Compromises are inevitable. You do better when you each feel like you have gained from a decision. It is easy to get caught up in working all of the time. Find ways to relax together. Keep your love beating strong by creating romantic atmospheres.

Composite Venus in the Composite 11th House

Composite Venus in the eleventh house is one of the best placements for an intimate personal relationship. The eleventh is the house of friendship, and at the very least, Venus here will help to make you friends. However, the emotional depth of this relationship is not limited to friendship. This position can also be a sign of a deep love affair. In some ways it is better than a fifth-house Venus, because along with "being in love" you also love each other. That is, you have a strong abiding affection for each other along with that well-known, often short-lived feeling of intoxication.

The eleventh house is also the house of hopes and wishes, and Venus here is a good indication that the two of you have harmonious ideals. Because you both are seeking the same things, being together will help you find them. It can also mean that you idealize either the feeling of love or your relationship, which can be a problem if either of you is prone to unrealistic attitudes about feelings. But if both of you are reasonably realistic about yourselves, you will experience this relationship as something beautiful and ideal, because the experience is based on truth.

The eleventh house composite Venus is one of the best signs for a balanced and harmonious relationship of any kind.

Composite Venus in the Composite 11th House: There is a wonderful ring of friendship pervading your relationship. You make good confidantes for each other. Equality is a crucial component of your partnership. A mutual support of goals is wise. One or both of you will grow upset if there is too much "take" and not enough "give." Self- reliance is something you grow to expect from one another. Though you like to think it is okay to say the magic words: "I need you." Keep your door open that is the pathway to your emotions. It is here that you find your greatest comfort and refuge.

Aesthetic interests can be quite unique. Owning exotic crafts, jewelry or clothing is possible. Inventive thinking can earn you extra cash. Your eye for progressive trends can put you out in front of others in the fields of work you love. Your erratic saving tendencies can become a source of aggravation. Anger will result if you make each other too anxious about your finances. Playing it safe might not be in your vocabulary. Buying what you desire is a sudden impulse. Surprising your partner with a party or gift is fun.

Your peers enrich your bond. There is a need for a wide range of social contacts in your lives. Groups, friends, and even strangers can find you both innovative individuals with a stimulating and insightful awareness. There will be those thinking you are a bit eccentric or unusual. You may enjoy shocking these individuals with disruptive behaviors or ideas! You are true individualists. Accept this right from the start and there will be more peace of mind. You have a partnership that is filled with experimentation. Leading each other to new paths of self-discovery is an easy prediction!

Composite Venus in the Composite 12th House

Composite Venus is one of the least difficult planets to have in the twelfth house. There are problems associated with it, but there are strong points as well.

This placement signifies that while you may have strong feelings of affection for each other, you may not be demonstrative about them. Other people may not even be aware of how you feel about each other. The twelfth house Venus can be a sign of a secret relationship.

This is also the house of your own unconsciousness, of those areas of your lives and experience that you have repressed from your conscious mind. With Venus in the twelfth, your relationship may be influenced to a considerable degree by unconscious factors in both of you. It may be difficult to understand the dynamics of this relationship, and you may do things for no apparent reason. This can be either good or bad, of course, depending on what you do. In any case, you should try to understand what lies behind your relationship, if only to gain greater control over yourselves.

On the clearly positive side, this placement can help both of you overcome your ego-drives within the relationship. It enables each of you to give way to the other when that is desirable. You are able to think of yourselves as a unit and to subordinate your personal interests as a couple. This ability can eliminate many problems that will arise.

Composite Venus in the Composite 12th House: There is a mutual admiration in your relationship. During your first encounter did you feel a mysterious closeness? Whether you did or didn't, you are kindred spirits. Your intuitive sides are strongly activated in knowing each other. You can appreciate your partner's beliefs and values. Having a similar mission statement in life is possible. Your friends can be artists, musicians, healing art practitioners or individuals dedicated to causes. Intimacy is based on your emotional closeness. You like to show explicit faith in one another. You are uncomfortable when there is emotional confusion. It makes you want to resolve your differences quickly. A trickster here is denial. This is when you choose to avoid looking at an ssue. You do better when not running away from conflict. Facing issues keeps you close in mind and body. Communication is a key. Don't assume you can read each other's thoughts. tisn't necessarily a foolproof talent. Down to earth talking is the right highway. Also, know your limits in helping each other and those you love. You can't always fix everybody's problems. Money matters might not be easy to discuss. You both can easily become emotionally charged regarding finances. Putting your cash into your dreams is a heartfelt urge. You may enjoy bringing back possessions obtained while traveling as it retains the memories of place visited. Wearing colorful clothing or owning beautiful things lifts your spirits. A love of natural surroundings is possible. You can feel very cared about in this partnership.

Accepting each other's life choices makes it go smoother when you have to make the big joint decisions. You are natural romantics with a love of vacation getaways. Escape from everyday realities is food for your love together.

Composite Venus in Aries

Your relationship is a Symbol of Action. The social instincts of your partnership are impulsive and daring. An eagerness to deal directly with others is often displayed. Your friends are likely to be bold in nature. Take charge types of people get your attention. Your bluntness will offend the weak of heart. You don't like to wait for opportunities to come. There is an impatience to get life to respond, ahead of schedule.

Your relationship probably formed quickly. A strong physical attraction could have gotten the ball rolling. You have a chemistry together that initiates the direct expressing of how you feel. Patience doesn't always come easy. It's okay to get angry. Be sure to talk major differences through to each of your satisfaction. Neither of you likes to carry around hurt feelings for too long.

You both have a great need to establish your own unique identity. It will not do to try to live your creativity through your partner. A cooperative effort in pursuing individual talents encourages intimacy. Give enough attention to each other and you will be adored.

Money and ownership are not taken lightly. Strong feelings are aroused by each. Your joint purchases can thrill you. Spending money freely is indicated. Be sure to save a little for a rainy day. Playing it safe might not occur to you. Starting bold new careers or business enterprises are highly predictable. Others can see you as a competitive couple. Your assertiveness in trying to achieve greater wealth or ownership can be impressive.

Where are your greatest needs for balance? Somewhere in between a lack of cooperation and too much devotion to individual desires. How do you restore the peace or equilibrium? By compromising where you can. Work together in a spirit of cooperation and you feel closer. You are a passionate duo.

Composite Venus in Taurus

Your relationship is a Symbol of Contentment. People probably observe you to be comfortable with yourselves. The social instincts of your relationship are suave and warm. You make those you love feel good about themselves. Your drive to accumulate wealth together can blossom due to consistent effort. Stay generous toward one another and you will capture the essence of each other's heart.

Your values are a source of strength. You may have a love for similar types of food and aesthetics. You are more inclined to make friends with down to earth people. You likely don't care for irresponsible people. Your generosity will make people like you. The two of you might not trust people careless with money or their possessions.

Your sensual tastes can run along the same course. Maintaining your physical beauty could be something you expect from each other. Buy a surprise gift once in a while as it wins your mutual admiration. Lending emotional support unconditionally to one another builds trust.

Money and ownership are key considerations. You both have a lot of pride in these areas. Joint business ventures can be profitable. The harmony found in a shared outlook on practicality strengthens your bond. Giving one another the financial freedom to spend in the way you choose to do so is a wise policy. It increases your cooperation account. Each of you wants to be consulted before a major purchase is made. You may prefer to have a nest egg. Where are your greatest needs for balance? You might grow too resistant to change. Tolerating some differences keeps the peace. A fear of not having enough money can cause you to restrict yourselves too much. Be sure to include fun events in your schedule. Buy yourselves an item that is a wonderful reward.

Composite Venus in Gemini

Your relationship is a Symbol of Diversity. The social instincts of your relationship are lit with mental sparks. You make each other more talkative and thoughtful. Your partnership walks in a spry manner through life, in a hurry to try a new experience. There is a nervous atmosphere that needs to be channeled into creative endeavors.

The two of you like to exchange ideas with others. People are attracted to the way you are open to different ways of thinking. You can be comfortable in just about any social situation. Even if you don't speak the language, your faces can get you understood. Your ideas come across fluently and forcefully. It may have been your education and travel interests that first got you interested in one another.

A variety of peers enriches your partnership. Friends will likely be from a multitude of backgrounds. Your taste in books, entertainment, and the media can have a common thread. You will do almost anything to avoid being trapped in routines.

You can earn money in a variety of ways. Wealth is more likely to come when the two of you really enjoy your work. Your possessions can feature automobiles that match your personalities. What you own will probably reflect your interest in a wide range of subjects. A career involving communication may be desired by either of you.

What are your greatest needs for balance? It could be frustrating to make plans together. It's not so much a lack of cooperation as a tendency to see too many options. Pick a focus and go with it. It will get better with practice. You could distract each other's concentration. It can be enjoyable to talk to each other. Respecting one another's insights inspires closeness. You make wonderful advocates for each other's hopes and wishes.

Composite Venus in Cancer

Your relationship is a Symbol of Closeness. The social instincts of your relationship are sensitive and feeling-oriented. Your moods are delicate. Establishing a home might be important to the two of you. Your family ties can play a strong role in your being together. There is a strong tendency to be protective of your privacy. There will be moments you need alone as individuals to stay in touch with personal goals. Emotions run deep in this partnership.

You can show well-developed intuitive sides. It may surprise you to tune into each other's needs so accurately. You need to know you can trust one another. Why? Because it makes you feel that much more secure.

Adapting to change will put the two of you on edge. Moves to new residences or cities can make you uneasy. Finding a location that you both find fulfilling is of the utmost importance. Giving each other the time to adjust to new situations is needed.

You both tend to cling to possessions. It's hard to part with things from your past. Collecting antiques is in the realm of possibility. Money concerns can push your worry buttons. Be patient when it comes to joint purchases. Eventually you will likely see that you are not that far apart in what you want to own. Taking financial risks may not come easy for the two of you. You are more apt to play it safe.

What are your greatest needs to balance? More than likely this involves knowing that you can show your true feelings. Your anger builds if you can't talk honestly. If you need some space say so. Your emotions get very charged in being together. Supporting each other's most cherished ambitions is endearing and tightens your connection.

Composite Venus in Leo

Your relationship is a Symbol of Confidence. The social instincts of your relationship are outgoing and dramatic. You probably enjoy being the center of attention at social gatherings. A love of people brings new friends easily into your life together. The two of you benefit through having solid allies in your corner. Showing that you are proud of each other is an essential component of your happiness.

You can easily display a vivid sense of humor. Your vivacious spirits are contagious. Others can find new inspiration by citing your successes as an example. Your passion to express yourselves knows no limit.

Wealth is a by-product of your shared talents. Concentrate more on what makes you happy, and you will get everything you need. Your ability to pick the right investments is lucky. Taking a chance is a path that often calls to you. Showering one another with gifts is predictable. You know how to make each other feel important and valued. The two of you can excel in sales, advertising and promotion. Your belief in each other and those you love makes things happen. Abundance may occur through meeting influential people. The public likes you.

You might enjoy playing in a sport or simply being spectators together. You need physical activity as it helps channel your tremendous energy. Love is as essential as food to your being together. What might be in need of balance? Stealing center stage! Do your best in being in the spotlight together, or in taking turns. There is enough room for the two of you to be in the middle. Bossiness and create anger and distance. You both need to be leaders. Share the power and you will remain lovers.

Composite Venus in Virgo

Your relationship is a Symbol of Efficiency. The social instincts of your relationship are humble and even somewhat shy. When in the social circles that you are accustomed to, you can be more outgoing. Each of you respects people willing to work hard for what they want in life. You are probably in most instances a well-organized couple.

Putting your skills together to increase your wealth is possible. There is a service-orientation that can be put to good use. Running a business together can be accomplished. You tend to be attracted to possessions that have practical value. Luxury items might need negotiation to keep you both happy. You certainly can excel in maintaining what you own.

You may both be interested in diet and health. Keeping your lives organized might be seen as good for your nervous systems. Staying busy is a good way to keep you from worrying too much. Neither of you likes to be corrected. You might even prefer to work separately from each other for this reason.

People likely feel they can trust you. You have a responsible attitude in fulfilling obligations. Be careful in picking your causes so that you don't go overboard in your devotion.

What might be in need of balance? There is a tendency to indulge too much in perfection. Let each other make a mistake without critiquing it. You will never change each other--face it! Treating one another as equals preserves your closeness. You might get carried away with the work ethic. Watch the overtime. Make plans for some good old-fashioned romance!

Composite Venus in Libra

Your relationship is a Symbol of Soul Mates. You could be perceived as being just right for each other. Your social instincts exude confidence even when you are feeling unsure of yourselves. There is extra sensory perception in knowing how to fit into any social setting.

You like to bring out the romantic in one another, and can do so in many instances! Sharing your life with a whole host of significant friends is probable. It may even be hard to go to an event by yourselves. Others like to be in your company. You have an upbeat way of expressing yourselves.

Each of you may enjoy owning the items that reflect your aesthetic interests. Art, music and other entertainment possessions require a lot of extra living space. You tend to be fair in agreeing what is worth spending your money on. You hate to say no to one another. There is a natural ability to earn money. The two of you are willing to give it your best effort to make any purchase you desire. There could even be financial gain through legal battles. You do have a strong sense of justice and will fight if pushed into a corner.

Getting tired at times will not stop the two of you from living busy lives. You have multiple interests and can be affiliated with several groups. There isn't time to be bored--is there?

You can make each other feel at ease even when life is in the fast or worry lanes. It is difficult to watch your partner be unhappy. Each of you can be real creative in getting the other out of a low mood. Showing affection openly can please you both. There are instances when you make each other nervous. If you put your ideas into action you are better off.

What might need to be balanced? You can try so hard to please your partner or others, that it makes decisions hard to make. Practice will make perfect, or at least you can get more decisive. Hiding emotional needs delays you in being understood. You can be diplomatic but do talk straight. Your relationship is fun and exhilarating when you both speak up.

Composite Venus in Scorpio

Your relationship is a Symbol of Magnetism. You make a strong impression on others and aren't easily forgotten. You have social instincts that are extroverted on one hand, and introverted on the other. Much probably depends on your mood and the people in your company. You can have an emotionally tight partnership. There is the potential for a deep bond. When you first met, the attraction was likely intense with passionate fires burning.

Your love of privacy may sometimes find people feeling you a hard to get to know couple. This includes even your closest friends and loved ones. You tend to trust people showing they care about you.

Obtaining greater wealth is a possible desire. Each of you may be willing to make sacrifices to realize a dream. You are able to manage your spending better than most. There is even business savvy indicated. Getting too attached to what you own may be something to notice. There is a shared determination to overcome obstacles to reach the financial security you desire. You are "show me" kinds of people in the financial area. Trusting one another when it comes to money may take time and work.

What might need to be balanced? Forgiveness is good to keep in mind. You can get each other mad in an instant. Don't let the anger bother you. It's better to get it up and out. It makes it easier to let go, and get on with your lives. The power needs to be as equal as possible. You will have more fun together when each of you feels empowered. There can be a great loyalty between you that can withstand anything that comes along. Learn to enjoy the simple things.

Composite Venus in Sagittarius

Your relationship is a Symbol of Adventure. There are probably many places the two of you can think of traveling to. Your social instincts are ignited by a strong impulse to meet people from different backgrounds. There is a confidence that leaps out of your affable personalities. You might even seem like gypsies to others. There is a desire to seek new learning together.

A desire for money and possessions may be in second place to living out your values. You can accumulate your fair share of money due to the luck that seems to come your way. A positive belief in the abundance of life tips the scales of success in your favor. You are likely generous with what you own. Be careful in choosing the people you trust. Blind faith could lead to trouble. Taking trips together in mind and body does wonders for your relationship. You are two lovers that must utilize those restless spirits. Your outgoing natures make you popular with your friends and business associates. Enthusiasm is never too far out of your reach. Your determination to be happy will keep you above feeling blue much of the time. There is no end to the ways you will discover to broaden your horizons. You enjoy each other's philosophy about life in a big way.

What might need to be balanced? You could get carried away in haphazardly spending money causing tension to arise. Exercise moderation if you go on too many spending sprees. You are broad-minded sorts of people. This means that you can't demand your partner follow ideas that are too narrow in focus. If you will tolerate individual differences life is full of peace and fulfillment.

Composite Venus in Capricorn

Your relationship is a Symbol of Determination. The social instincts of your relationship are flavored with a drive to meet influential people. There is a focus on fulfilling your ambitions. People could be jealous of the stability the two of you have together. Commitment is something you need, and yet you may fear it. When first meeting, you may have seemed somewhat reserved to each other, until getting to know one another. You are a couple that makes use of a reality-based approach to life.

Reputation is of importance to you. A visible public profile is very possible for one or both of you. Your friends and work peers could respect the capability displayed. There is durability in your partnership that comes with the passage of time.

There is a tendency for your acquisitions to be practical and long lasting. A clear business sense influences how you relate to others. You can show patience in working together toward a goal or purchase. Delayed gratification is in your chemistry together. You know what you want and can create the right plan to get there. The two of you respect people willing to follow through on their promises. Responsibility is a cornerstone of your partnership.

What might need to be balanced? You may be working too much. Make sure you allow enough time in your busy schedules for each other. Talking about responsibility - you two attract it! Rigid expectations make for hard feelings. Lighten up. Flow. You both like to think your own ideas are worthy of respect. Acknowledge the leadership and creative ability in each other and you are in loving territory.

Composite Venus in Aquarius

Your relationship is a Symbol of Freedom. The social instincts of your relationship point you in exciting directions. You are curious to meet people with individualistic tastes. Your life together is full of surprises--you probably like it that way! Unconventional people are attracted to you. Certain groups can benefit from your unique value system.

Friendship may have been the first step in getting to know each other. Equality is a key theme running through your togetherness. Support each other's goals and love is everywhere present. Others may perceive you both as coolly rational. You may keep people at an arm's distance until you really feel comfortable with their company.

There may be no real pattern to what you buy due to a desire to own the unusual. Your possessions can denote your unique interests. Life is more peaceful together when each of you feels free to spend monies as needed. Separate bank accounts are wise. You can stimulate each other to buy on a whim. Immediate gratification can possibly causes you a bit of anxiety.

Your romantic ideas may be unconventional. Tradition is a concept to rebel against. The two of you like to create an original script. It is stimulating to sidestep the example of someone else. What might you need to balance? Regulating the closeness and distance takes practice. You both likely need to exert your independence. There could be times this causes an argument.

Integrating your personal needs into your relationship will take careful negotiation. Becoming too self- absorbed in your own goals may irritate your partner. Pay attention to the direction you want to pursue as a couple, and you will remain close.

Composite Venus in Pisces

Your relationship is a Symbol of Unity. Your social instincts could lead you toward artists, new age practitioners, and the company of people with similar spiritual beliefs. Friends and family may see you as the perfect couple. The main thing is that you experience harmony on a daily level. How do you achieve this? No easy task even for saints! Start with believing in each other. Show your faith not just in words, but through your actions as well. Did you feel a mysterious closeness when you first met? It might have seemed like rejoining an old friend.

You probably rely greatly on your feelings when it comes to making major purchases. It may be an effort for the two of you to totally agree on some items. Your idea of ownership could be vague. There is likely an attraction to aesthetic possessions. Colorful things and nature scenes seem like they belong in your home.

Your values and ideals must have played a major part in bringing you together. You have a shared idealism that can inspire dedication to a cause. Your tastes in art, music, and food can run along similar veins.

A romantic escape renews your commitment and love. Visit landscapes that capture your imaginations. Too much reality in your lives is hard to take. Reward yourselves after putting in your best effort to a pleasurable experience.

What might need to be balanced? Keep your expectations reasonable. Don't ask the impossible. Guilt can fog your clarity. It only serves to alienate your hearts and minds. Talk things out without blaming. Denial does not solve your problems. The more you communicate, the more intimate you will become. You can fill one another with an intuitive zeal that makes life seem like magic.