Composite Venus conjunct Composite Uranus

With Venus conjunct Uranus in the composite chart, you will have to keep certain points in mind in order to get the most out of your relationship.

If this is a sexual relationship, it is very likely that your feelings for each other arose suddenly. This is not an affection built up over a long period of time; in fact, it happens almost immediately. Even a friendship with this aspect develops quickly.

But no matter how intense the feeling, recognize that any attempt to hold onto this relationship and make it long-lasting is probably doomed to failure. It is not inevitable that this will be a short-term affair, but if you want it to last you must give each other lots of room to move. The more freedom you give yourselves and each other, the better the relationship will be. If you try to limit each other, you will probably destroy whatever good could come from your association. You both must be very open to strong feelings for others as well as to all sorts of feelings within yourselves.

A relationship like this shakes your established thought patterns and gives you both the opportunity to find something new in yourselves. It can and probably will be exciting, but it won't proceed according to the script you have in mind. And if the moment comes when it must end, let it go, for you won't be able to keep it. Possibly it won't end like that, but that chance cannot be a factor in your considerations. This relationship may very well change your life. Give yourselves the freedom to go where it takes you.

Composite Venus conjunct Composite Uranus: Unusual. Individualistic. Experimental. Do any of these words apply to you? You activate the unique dimensions within each other without really trying. Unconventional trends excite you both. Sudden changes of direction can become a way of life. You are not followers. Being leaders does not appeal to you either, because it ties you down to the expectations of others. Your goals are essential to feeling happy. Surprising your partner in anyway possible is delightful. Treat each other as equals, and you are the best of friends and lovers. Friendships add a richness to your relationship. Your peers probably like exchanging ideas with you. People with open minds energize you. Creating unusual romantic atmospheres is entertaining. Routines grow boring. You do need to pay attention for ways to maintain a sense of stability though. You may be attracted to owning exotic items. Traveling to places that relax your minds and allow you to be true romantics is intoxicating.

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Composite Venus sextile Composite Uranus

The sextile of Venus and Uranus in the composite chart indicates a relationship that is very free and open in its expression. you each have freedom to be yourselves, and you will not consider your partner to be your property. Probably you will reach some unconventional arrangement with each other, an arrangement that others may think very unusual. And it will be, but it will express what you want, no matter what others think.

At the same time, this relationship will change your thinking, for the experience of it will cause both of you to regard the world in a new light. This in itself will make you reluctant to follow any particular set of rules except those that you set up for yourselves. Even the usual categories, such as friendships or love affairs (regardless of your sex), will not be followed in the usual way at all. if it is a love affair it will also be a friendship.

Let yourselves flow with the tide of events in this relationship. If you let it establish its own patterns, you should find it quite good.

Composite Venus sextile Composite Uranus: A stimulating social life is not hard to predict. You energize a need in one another to seek pleasure in inventive ways. It is exciting to listen to each other's future wishes. Business decisions can display your understanding of future trends. You work together with a spirit of cooperation. Adapting to change is a strength. A mutual seeking of comfort and stability along similar avenues is likely. Your differences are resolved through being able to anticipate problems before they snowball.

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Composite Venus square Composite Uranus

With the square of Venus and Uranus in the composite chart you can confidently expect the unexpected. A relationship can flare up and then die with incredible speed when this aspect is present. Any effort to make such a relationship fulfill narrow expectations is doomed to failure. Indeed, from the normal point of view, it is extremely unstable. It would be best for the two of you not to count on this relationship for anything in particular. Not that it will have no value for you, but it is not likely to be what you expect.

If you are looking for a quiet, reliable, long-term association, this is probably not it, unless you can really enjoy and appreciate an unstructured relationship with almost no rules. if you can give yourselves room for such an experience, by all means do so, but remember that you will be constantly challenged.

A relationship with this aspect is destroyed usually because one of the people tries to hold onto something within it. This makes the other person feel trapped and rebellious about the restrictions. But such a relationship does not need to have a long-term purpose; it can be an affair that goes almost as soon as it begins. And when it goes, you must let it.

Often a relationship like this has something very unusual about it and may even fly in the face of social convention. Many extramarital affairs have this aspect or a similar one. In a way, the relationship lives because of this forbidden quality. If you break off your old relationships in favor of one such as this, you will discover that making it legitimate has taken away the "zing" of unconventionality. The two of you lose interest in each other, and the affair dies. A friendship with this aspect survives to the extent that it provides each of you with an escape from the ordinary routine. In its own terms, a relationship with this aspect is usually successful in one way or another. But if you want it to be long-lasting, you must operate from a very unstructured and open position with a minimum of restrictions.

Composite Venus square Composite Uranus: Excitement plus! You awaken a romantic and social frenzy in each other. Life speeds up through knowing one another. You are like two fast-moving comets that capture each other's attention. This probably doesn't sound like a stabilizing side of you--does it? A clash over money, attention or goals is possible. It's how you handle this that is more important. Diplomacy and tact are not easy when you become emotionally charged and feel you are in the right. Wait until you can talk. Objectivity has a better chance to get restored when you get out of each other's flight patterns. The individualists love you. Why? Because you are authentic sorts. The joint decisions you make are under less pressure when you respect each other's need for autonomy. You both prefer people have unconventional and progressive minds. When you truly feel comfortable together, you can be supporting and understanding of your partner's cherished aims.

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Composite Venus trine Composite Uranus

The trine of Venus and Uranus can be very beneficial in the composite chart of any kind of personal relationship, as long as you both are willing to strike out against the conventional paths and find a path of your own. For this relationship has a flavor that others would consider unusual, even eccentric. Something about being together makes you both impatient about doing things in a totally ordinary way.

A sexual relationship with this aspect is likely to be very open; that is, both partners may permit each other to have other relationships with the opposite sex. Or it may simply be that both partners are willing to grant each other much more freedom of movement than usual. There are countless other ways of being unusual as a couple. The point is that if you don't want to follow the customary script for your relationship- love affair, friendship, marriage, or whatever- then you don't have to.

There is a good quality to your relationship that will be brought out only if you do things your own way. Uranus is the planet of freedom and unconventionality, but it can also mean instability if forced to follow conventional modes of expression, because it is the planet of rebellion.

At the very least this aspect will allow you to experience a relationship that is different from any you may have known before. Allow yourself this experience, and it will be good.

Composite Venus trine Composite Uranus: Strong backing of each other's goals is music to your ears. You have a sixth sense in knowing how to please each other. Ownership and financial decisions don't produce much friction. You can see what you want and the steps needed to get the job done. Romantic escapes make you feel like two lovers living a fairy tale. It is your unending friendship that gives you a sense of self-assuredness. You are companions who can fluently see the best in one another.

Composite Venus trine Composite Uranus: This aspect between composite Venus and Uranus brings to your relationship an eccentric and unconventional method of relating to each other, with a unique ability to come together in new ways. There is something very immediate about the connection between the two of you. You tend to immediately see in each other what you need in order to justify committing to an exploration of further possibilities, whether a business or a more personal connection. In a romantic context, you will likely explore, experiment, and explore some more. You just won't be able to put what you have into any kind of box. You may find that independence is as much of a key to this relationship as togetherness, or that you swing back and forth between the two extremes. When it's hot, it's hot... and when it's not, let it go and trust it will come back around again. You may find your ideal rhythm involves sharing time in potent but irregular doses. You two are likely to be enthusiastic socially and to love the stimulation and excitement of new contacts Your potential with each other is also quite variable, making it hard to know exactly where this relationship is headed. You benefit when you can bring a more consistent focus to your many interests and activities together, and when you allow space for your shared need for freedom.

Composite Venus quincunx Composite Uranus

Something totally unexpected and out of the blue is destined to disrupt your relationship or at least cause quite a few waves. It may be that one of you has to go off and do something entirely new, a sudden desire for independence, or a craving for adventure on the part of one of you (which the other is disturbed or turned off by).

To be successful as a duo, both of you need to encourage the other’s adventurous and experimental side. If one of you desires a more conventional or predictable, steady type of arrangement than the other, it will be trouble!

Composite Venus opposite Composite Uranus

The energies of the opposition of composite Venus and Uranus are quite difficult to handle. Normally this aspect creates a very exciting relationship that lasts only for a short time. Typically it will tremendous ups and downs that give the participants very little peace or quiet. This is particularly true of love relationships. Other personal relationships are less affected, although they will be very disruptive at times. The degree of disruption is usually related directly to the intimacy of the affair.

The two of you may be very different in class, age, culture, or some such factor. And usually the unusualness of the attraction is what keeps it going. Consequently, any attempt to make the relationship normal or ordinary will cause it to die.

This relationship may flare up quickly and then suddenly die out. The two of you should not count on anything in particular if this aspect is present. Not that you cannot derive any benefit from your relationship, but it is best to take it as it comes and not try to live in the future. A marriage with this aspect in the chart will be difficult, unless both of you are willing to give each other a lot of freedom.

A friendship with this configuration is often more successful, because the roles are less ritualized and you have more freedom within the relationship. Uranus has a way of jarring people out of their ruts, which can be a powerful force in a friendship.

Whatever the nature of your relationship, let it take the course that it wants to take.

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