Composite Venus conjunct Composite Saturn

Venus conjunct Saturn in the composite chart can present problems for a relationship, particularly a personal one. In professional associations it is not so difficult.

Saturn represents the principle of reality, at least as most people see it. As a planetary power it represses the warm and self-expressive nature of Venus and can make a relationship very cold. Even if there are strong feelings between you, the expression of those feelings is somehow always subordinated to more practical considerations. One of you may feel that despite your affection for one another, this is not the right time or the right place for your being together. Perhaps it would foul up a personal relationship that one of you has with someone else. This aspect particularly can prevent a sexual relationship from ever being consummated, not for lack of feeling, but because of the considerations just mentioned.

This aspect can have another, quite different effect. Your affection may be expressed, and a sexual relationship may be consummated, but in a very cool and restrained manner. There is little of the spontaneity and flamboyance that is supposed to characterize a love affair. Nevertheless, the feeling is genuine, and Saturn's slowing effect may make the relationship steady and enduring rather than a love affair that burns itself out, as some do. It may turn a potential love affair into a platonic relationship. The same cooling and steadying effects will also be seen in a relationship.

There is no reason to assume that this aspect will deny a satisfactory relationship, but it will slow it down and keep it cool. The two of you must ultimately decide what you want from this relationship. If you want a cool, steady, and reliable bond, this is it. But if you want and exciting and romantic affair, you won't find it with this aspect.

Composite Venus conjunct Composite Saturn: Defining your commitment is an ongoing process. There is wisdom in learning how to make each other happy. If you make the effort to resolve problems, there can be great longevity in being together. Integrating pleasure and work is a continuous challenge. Expressing your appreciation for one another makes you feel close. Striving for success is a natural counterpart of your relationship. The two of you can build solid investments. You influence each other to have a sobering sense of reality. Being there to watch your partner reach milestones could be enjoyable. Making one another feel valued is a key ingredient to happiness. Working through your fears takes courage. Being there for each other during the good and bad times builds trust. Your relationship can become a special vintage of comfort and love for all seasons.

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Composite Venus sextile Composite Saturn

Venus sextile Saturn in a composite chart will have a certain restraining effect upon a relationship, ranging from a lasting sense of distance between you to a restrained but otherwise very affectionate bond. A love relationship with this aspect may be more durable than most, but both of you would approach it with a sense of duty as well as enjoyment. If this is a marriage, this aspect might make you stay together for the sake of the children or some such reason, when other couples would have split up.

If there is affection between you, it is quiet and without fanfare; in fact, you may not show it overtly at all. However, that should not be allowed to happen, since you seldom really know each other's feelings unless you express them in a clear cut way. With this aspect particularly you should not rely on your partner receiving your message by intuition.

Nevertheless, you can have a very positive relationship, as long as you take the trouble to let each other know that you are still there in spirit and haven't drifted off into some world of your own.

In a business or professional relationship this aspect favors such endeavors as commercial art and practical design work of all types.

Composite Venus sextile Composite Saturn: Your romantic and serious natures flow nicely together. Decisions show a good sense of timing. Knowing how to enjoy yourselves makes life together more fun. Encouraging your partner to develop work potentials is appreciated. You tend to be comfortable with your commitment rather than worrying about it. Sharing responsibility is not that hard to agree upon. People may envy how well you work together. It is reassuring to be such a valuable and comforting resource for one another.

Composite Venus square Composite Saturn

Venus square Saturn can be a most troublesome aspect in a composite chart, depending to a great extent on what you expect of the relationship. it can prevent a love relationship that is otherwise good from ever being physically consummated. Things seem to get in the way- either circumstances are not favorable or one of you blows hot while the other blows cold. In a relationship with more problems, this aspect may be the final indication that it cannot be satisfactory from any point of view.

In the first case, the relationship can be a very happy one, even though it may not be everything you would like it to be. If you can restructure your expectations, there may be sufficient reason to enter into it. In fact, whenever this aspect occurs in a composite chart it is best to proceed without any expectations, taking whatever comes as it happens. Expectations simply provide a structure to hang your disappointments on when reality does not live up to what you want. This can be a most satisfactory relationship if you do not saddle it with too many demands about what it must be in order to work. If you are willing to take whatever you get, it can be all right.

Composite Venus square Composite Saturn: Make decisions that do not exclude one another's feeling of self-importance. You can squash each other's desire for fun and pleasure by being rigid. Learning how to work together is vital. The two of you can accomplish much when you get moving toward shared ambitions. Issues over ownership, work or money need your attention. Compromises are required. You feel closer when there is a mutual expression of feelings. You can't expect to change each other into a person that better fits your needs. However, you can request a few concessions. A happier atmosphere presides when you are clear about the commitment. Use your resources for comfort and pleasure, rather than for solely practical purposes. You can become great allies in accumulating more wealth. Sharing your resources generously with one another is the way to harmony.

Composite Venus square Composite Saturn: This aspect between composite Venus and Saturn brings a potential blockage to your relationship, as well as a deepening and a concentration of your powers. With this placement you may notice you don't get what you want from your partner. You may feel as though you were working at cross-purposes with each other. Especially in a romantic relationship, obstacles to do with distance, age, lack of availability or the like, tend to crop up on your joint path, making it difficult for you get to where you want to go with each other. Even in a business-oriented partnership, these types of issues may present problems and keep you from ever feeling as though you were truly on the same page with each other. You may seem cold or uncaring to each other at times, or express jealousy or other feelings of inferiority, which may also manifest as a nagging discontent with life in general, and this of course causes difficulty in the relationship. Together, you have an opportunity to rise above these circumstances with concentrated effort over time toward inner integration and balance, building a relationship more fully explored and felt.

Composite Venus trine Composite Saturn

The trine of Venus and Saturn in the composite chart can affect you in either of two ways. On the plus side, it creates a steady feeling between you that changes very little from day to day. While you may not be the most unrestrained and demonstrative couple, your feelings for each other are real and reliable. This is true of either a friendship or a love affair.

In a professional relationship this trine can actually be quite beneficial. Saturn rules business, and the combination of Venus and Saturn by a trine literally means a business relationship. There is a balance in your association between the function of self-expression- this is something you both do because it suits you- and the function of accomplishing some specific purpose together. And this sort of balance also applies to other kinds of relationships. You can work together and enjoy life together, which is a very decided plus.

On the debit side, this aspect can cause you to be caught up in repetitious patterns. The other side of the steadiness of feeling is a tendency to get into a rut, so that the relationship becomes dull and routine. With a Venus-Saturn trine, whatever you get into together is hard to get out of. If you find this happening, you must try to get out of the pattern you have created and discover a new point of view about yourselves and your relationship.

Often it is a good idea to separate for a while- take separate vacations, for example, and get away from each other so that you can see things differently. Don't worry that this will bring the relationship to an end. Chances are, the factors that brought you together in the first place will bring you back again. And if not, that will be all right, too.

This aspect can hold two people together very well. Your relationship may not be one of the most exciting, but at least you can count on it in a positive way.

Composite Venus trine Composite Saturn: Being comfortable with your closeness deepens your commitment. Putting in the same effort to make your relationship work finds you in a mutual admiration society. You care that each other finds happiness in the work or key roles chosen. There is a nice blend of your more practical and pleasure-seeking sides. If your ambition goes to sleep, it only takes a slight push to get you moving again. Celebrating the milestones achieved and the memories created, makes this an especially warm, heartfelt collaboration.

Composite Venus quincunx Composite Saturn

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Composite Venus opposite Composite Saturn

The opposition of Venus and Saturn in the composite chart means that there is a significant barrier to the expression of feelings between you. This does not make a relationship impossible, but it does make it difficult. Maybe you just do not like each other, but if you do, you find it difficult to say so for some reason. Perhaps one or both of you has inhibitions, or you are simply too shy. Or perhaps some external circumstance has created this barrier. For example, if this is potentially a sexual relationship, one of you may have another commitment that makes it difficult to acknowledge your feelings to your partner.

It can also be the case that you have strong emotions about each other, but at different times, so that whenever one of you is interested, the other is not. A sexual relationship with this aspect in the chart is usually not consummated, and if it is, there is likely to be some other serious defect in your way.

A relationship with this aspect is most likely to be successful if the two people do not really want to be terribly close. that is fine, but be aware of that fact and do not try to make the relationship into something it cannot be. It is very important for you both to be willing to take whatever comes. Do not saddle your relationship with all manner of expectations; it may become very good or it may amount to nothing at all. Certainly there will be some restrictions on it, but if you go along with an open mind, you will get whatever good it has to offer. If not, you will get only that side of the relationship that seems difficult.

Composite Venus opposite Composite Saturn: You can either form a serious commitment, or stay dreadfully afraid to get too close. Don't let this bother you. It may be that taking it slow will allow you to warm up to each other. A deep loyalty can develop through getting to know what one another values. Lessons learned in previous relationships might be important to remember to avoid repeating old behaviors. Showing affection is wise, as is expressing feelings. Balancing romance and business can be accomplished. Be careful with a tendency to become too controlling. Live, and let live, might be a good motto for you both. Wisdom can be shown in the handling of money and in the ownership arena. Supporting each other's serious ambitions is a gateway to the heart. Your friends and colleagues probably perceive you to be a couple knowing what they want. Investment strategies come alive through your mutual wanting to get ahead. A magnetic attraction to leadership and responsibility is part of being together.

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