Composite Venus conjunct Composite Pluto

Venus conjunct Pluto in the composite chart signifies the power of love as a transforming agent. In this relationship, whether it is a friendship or a love affair, you are seeking something more than love in the ordinary sense. In other words, you are hoping to find a very intense experience that will change and transform you, hopefully forever, but at least as long as the relationship lasts. Consequently, everything about your being together becomes extremely important; nothing is treated lightly.

In a sexual relationship, physical lovemaking is approached with an intensity that can make the experience very powerful and beautiful. On the other hand, it can exaggerate the importance of sex so much that the whole relationship hinges on the success of each instance of lovemaking.

At any rate this is not likely to be a casual relationship. You will be intensely involved with each other. Unfortunately, however, the intensity can sometimes take a peculiar and undesirable form. Love can be transformed into a power struggle if one or both of you tries to use the relationship as a tool for manipulating the other. The victim is powerless to do anything about it, and a strange love-hate tension is set up. Sometimes one of the partners feels degraded by the other but at the same time is held by a curious fascination. When such a situation finally explodes, it can be disastrous.

Obviously, from what has been said, this is not a relationship to play with. You must enter into it with serious intentions of making something good of it. You will both have great power over each other, so use it well.

Composite Venus conjunct Composite Pluto: A magnetic attraction brought you together. Let each other talk freely to ensure staying close. Secrets do not get revealed easily. With time, you can trust each other a great deal. You want to be accepted on your own individual terms. This takes compromise and wisdom. Passionate love is part of being together. Extreme emotions are released when you are the happiest or maddest. Happiest is easier to handle. With maddest, you need to get awfully good at not overreacting. You can empower each other. Your joint efforts can produce a comfortable and abundant life. Don't forget to keep the emotional needs regularly watered. Jealousy and possessiveness are not likely to make a showing, unless you can't talk for extended time periods. Let go of yesterday's disappointments, and you have a greater chance to find a more meaningful today. Or better yet, find out what was the source of the problem, and then move on. Your loyalty becomes ferociousness when you get to the depths of why you need each other. Allowing one another to find equal empowerment cuts down on power struggles. Share your resources, whether they are physical or psychological. A fascination with metaphysical subjects is possible. Business interests can be joyful enterprises.

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Composite Venus sextile Composite Pluto

Venus sextile Pluto in the composite chart is an intensely transforming aspect, but it works in an undemanding way. The basic significance of this aspect is that your relationship will change the ways you think about the world, as well as changing your personal objectives. You both will be changed by the relationship, but you may not be aware of the process as it is happening. The only thing you will notice is that your feelings will have a depth that is not often found in a relationship.

Even a friendship with this aspect will have a greater sense of emotional involvement than usual. Most friendships, especially between men, have a casual quality with no particular awareness of love, just a friendly easiness. With this aspect, however, your emotions will be evident, even in a friendship.

In a sexual relationship the qualities of this aspect become especially evident. The whole relationship, and particularly the physical part of it, becomes a way of transcending the ordinariness of life. But it is not an escape, for your awareness is heightened rather than diminished. The emotions you feel make the ordinary seem extraordinary, and the everyday concerns will be of great importance.

Do not treat this relationship lightly, but do not be afraid either. It can be particularly rewarding.

Composite Venus sextile Composite Pluto: You have a wonderful attitude in working together. There is no problem too big that you cannot solve. Business acquisitions can become profitable. Working successfully with the public is indicated. Versatility in relating to all types of individuals is probable. You can satisfy the romantic image each needs to find. Balancing emotional intensity with logic takes much of the tension out of personal differences. Fast impulses to have a good time are never that far out of your sight. Making each other feel special does wonders for your intimacy.

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Composite Venus square Composite Pluto

The Venus-Pluto square in the composite chart means the power of love or the power in love. This is not a relationship to be treated lightly, for powerful forces are at work here. Some very unusual and difficult emotional patterns can arise in which one of you is fascinated by the other and comes under his or her complete control. Even if the dominated one is aware of what is happening, there seems to be nothing he or she can do about it. The feelings can become a mixture of love and hate.

Usually the effect is not that intense, but still there are problems. Even in a more usual relationship one of you may use the love you share as a device for manipulating and controlling the other. This often has disastrous consequences if the dominated partner tries to break free. When such a relationship breaks up, it leaves feelings of bitterness that are greater than those in any other breakup.

There can be many good things about this relationship. Your emotional involvement is intense, and you are deeply concerned about each other. In a sexual relationship there is a strong emphasis on physical lovemaking. If you can avoid the kinds of games described above, you can have a rich and rewarding relationship. Try not to play around with each other's feelings. Although you will find it difficult to leave well enough alone, you must learn to do so or face the consequences of bad feelings and mutual recriminations.

Composite Venus square Composite Pluto: You can become as passionate as much as you can cause each other emotional upsets. Being on opposite sides of the fence regarding finances and power results from unclear expectations. When you are clear on these matters, you might be surprised what can be put into motion. Don't blame one another for what goes wrong. Focus more on why you are valuable assets. It's hard to hide how you really feel about situations, so why not speak up in the here and now. Money and wealth are more likely to be realities when you are truly on the same side. Your business expertise and management abilities can be key allies. The two of you tend to trust each other more when you reveal some of your secrets. Balancing a fascination for extremes with a calmer life style serves you better over the long haul.

Composite Venus trine Composite Pluto

Like all composite Venus-Pluto aspects, the trine produces extremely intense feelings in any kind of relationship. But with this aspect it is perhaps easier to control the energies and still keep the strong points of such a relationship.

In a love relationship between the sexes, you will find it easy to demonstrate your feelings for each other. You will enjoy loving and being loved. The experience will transform you and make your world and your perception of it into something new. You may not be able to see how your life has changed, but there will be a change. Most likely, it is your point of view about life that will change, which can be a very important change. Your point of view determines how you respond to the world.

With a Venus-Pluto trine, love has an almost psychotherapeutic effect on you both. Even a friendship with this aspect has a transforming quality.

Sexual love is very important in this relationship. In a marriage, children may assume a greater than usual significance. They are seen as a tie to the future, which somehow ensures that the two of you will never die. Parents usually have this notion, unconsciously, of immortality through their children, but in this case you are likely to very aware of it.

The Venus-Pluto trine confers an intense quality that can bind two people together and give the relationship more than ordinary importance.

Composite Venus trine Composite Pluto: A polished way of dealing with others takes you far together. You can tune into the deepest emotional needs of one another. Responding with poise to unexpected events is a shared talent. Ownership and money dealings can be based on mutual trust. You are strong advocates for each other's talents. A desire to make others happy wins their support when you need them. Joint hunches could make you lucky. Following romantic impulses pumps you with a desire to keep falling in love.

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Composite Venus quincunx Composite Pluto

Deep forces from within both of you will complicate your interactions with one another. You trigger deep feelings in one another, including those you may be accustomed to hiding, such as powerful passions, extreme possessiveness, an urge to dominate (sexually or otherwise). Avoid manipulative plays such as guilt, emotional blackmail, jealously, or threats of abandonment - at all costs!

Your connection with one another will have a deeply transforming affect on you both, and even your seemingly casual interactions will somehow influence or change you. That is, if you do not get entangled in some of the subterranean power struggles mentioned above.

Part of the purpose of your relationship is to bring up aspects of yourselves and of your attitudes towards loving others which you have kept in the dark until now.

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Composite Venus opposite Composite Pluto

With the opposition of Venus and Pluto in the composite chart you will have to be very careful. Your relationship has a peculiar intensity that makes both of you experience and display strange, usually unconscious feelings. Somehow this relationship dredges up all kinds of deeply buried emotions that you may not really want to cope with. At its best, this power can cause you both to become new and more authentic people than you have been. But at its worst you will just play around with each other's feelings, and what comes of playing around will make both of you feel quite bad about yourselves.

This is not a trivial relationship. If you are lovers, your feelings for each other, both good and bad, are very strong. If you are friends, your friendship is very deep and moving. Even if you are enemies, which is a possibility with this aspect, you will affect each other profoundly and quite probably in a positive way, although that will not necessarily be obvious at the time.

Whatever your relationship, with such intense emotions you should not trifle with each other, for you can help or hurt each other tremendously. Typically, one of you may play God or psychotherapist and use the insights that you gain to threaten or manipulate your partner. But it isn't a good idea to fall in love with your psychoanalyst, or to be a psychoanalyst to your lover. Instead, try to just experience your love. The feelings between you can be powerful forces for good or bad, so use each other wisely.

Composite Venus opposite Composite Pluto: A desire to get to know each other on deep levels is possible. You may be attracted to the mystique of this relationship. There is an occasional air of mystery that you might enjoy projecting to others. The way you met might have seemed destined. You can be great sources of comfort to each other in times of lack or plenty. Your loyalty can be ferocious. When you both feel empowered your business drive intensifies. Sharing your resources with one another clarifies your connection. The passion you awaken in your partner is intense. Expressing your feelings opens up the communication.

Balancing work and play is a must. The two of you carry yourselves with a self-assured nature. It could be a choice to keep others in the dark about you. You can find that forgiveness gives a rebirth to your closeness. The love you share can be based on a bond of impeccable trust.

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