Composite Venus conjunct Composite Mars

With Venus conjunct Mars in the composite chart you will find that feelings run high between you. This is a passionately intense relationship that is likely to be based at least partly on sexual drives, even if you are of the same sex. This is not to say that it will be a homosexual relationship, but that something of the emotional intensity that arises in relationships between the sexes will be present in your relationship also.

If this is a sexual relationship, it will be intense, with a strong need for physical expression; it is very unlikely to be platonic. Venus and Mars are the feminine and masculine symbols respectively of sexuality. When they are conjunct, it means that the feminine and masculine principles are working together.

All the emotional reactions between you are heightened considerably by this conjunction. Anger, sadness, and above all, love, are more intense. It is very difficult for people who have this aspect in their composite chart to remain indifferent to each other. Even if you should become enemies, which could happen, you would be intense enemies. The strong attraction between you prevents you from being detached in any way about each other.

Composite Venus conjunct Composite Mars: It isn't long before you make your likes and dislikes known to one another. You expect instant responses to your needs. You are a passionate pair. A patient duo you are not. You will need to let minor arguments be part of your relationship. Why? Because there is no way around them. It's the major battles that require diplomacy and negotiation. Conflict might even bring out your creativity and courage. It's more fun when the two of you are directing this energy elsewhere--isn't it? Instant gratification will find you buying on a spur of the moment. You can be lucky in finding bargains. Treating your partner to a fancy dinner or to tickets for a special event are ways to the heart. Your sensual natures travel along the same wavelengths. You both might demand attention. You may even feel competitive with other couples. There is excitement in being together that is hard to leave. You are movers and shakers.

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Composite Venus sextile Composite Mars

Venus sextile Mars is a good aspect to have in the composite chart, for it indicates a good balance in your relationship between your drive to express yourself fully as an individual (Mars) and your need for relationships with others (Venus). Often these two needs are in conflict, and the fulfillment of one results in the denial of the other. For example, some people can relate to another only by suppressing themselves, and some can express themselves only by trying to dominate the other instead of relating on an equal basis. With the Venus-Mars sextile, however, you have the ability to express yourselves by means of the relationship rather than in spite of it. This is most helpful in any relationship.

This aspect produces its greatest benefits in a personal relationship between the sexes, however. It relates especially to sexual self-expression, for sex is the form of self-expression that requires a relationship with another person. And Venus and Mars are sexual planets. This aspect in the chart of a love relationship helps to ensure sexual compatibility and makes physical lovemaking easy and pleasurable.

Even in friendship, where sex is not an issue, the Venus-Mars sextile indicates a complementary balance of energy between you, which helps keep the relationship going.

Composite Venus sextile Composite Mars: Romance is never that far from your minds. You motivate each other to create romantic moments together. Disputes are usually not that hard to settle. Your business sense can take you far. Taking well-calculated risks can be profitable. Adventurous actions make you both feel more alive. You know how to have a good time at social occasions. Each of you can be at home in dealing with the public. People can feel at ease in your company.

Composite Venus square Composite Mars

Venus square Mars in a composite chart has potential for both good and bad. In a sexual relationship it can make physical love-making better and more satisfying than usual. It often makes people of opposite sex feel irresistibly attracted to each other. But it does not guarantee that the relationship will be easy and peaceful. The problem this combination presents is that sex can easily become a device for one person to dominate the other. It is very important that this does not happen, because such domination can make great difficulty in a relationship that has much potential for mutual satisfaction.

In other relationships, the main challenge of this aspect is that you will find it hard to strike a balance between your individual egos and your desire to relate to each other. Competitiveness may sometimes interfere with cooperation. You will arouse in each other strong feelings that will sometimes be difficult to cope with- feelings of anger, sadness, happiness, or whatever.

It is possible that one of you will assume a dominant Mars role, while the other assumes a more passive Venus role. This is perfectly all right if both of you are satisfied with the situation, but be sure that you really are. It would be better for each of you to alternate the dominant and passive roles. That would express the symbolism of the aspect in a benevolent and constructive way.

Composite Venus square Composite Mars: Intensity plus! People can see the passionate sparks ignited in your relationship. It is highly predictable you will argue. Seldom is there a winner. A truce will signal the fight is over. You may talk better after venting your feelings. Territorial needs are well stated between you. Honor the separate borders needed, and the shared turf produces less volatile clashes. Physical and emotional energies are on fire. Dancing, aerobics and exercise are good releases. You can acquire greater wealth through enterprising moves. Watch impulsive buys that get you into trouble. People with a sense of adventure are fun to be around.

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Composite Venus trine Composite Mars

Venus trine Mars is one of the better aspects to have in a composite chart. Much like the sextile, it means that there is a balance between your individual ego drives and your need for the relationship; that is, you can get along together without feeling that either of you is losing your individuality. In fact, you will find that this relationship helps both of you to express yourselves more fully- unlike many relationships, which act as barriers to self-expression.

This aspect fulfills itself most clearly in relationships between the sexes, for the sexuality of the two planets is then expressed easily. The trine of Venus and Mars strengthens the need for physical sexual expression and makes it satisfying. You both will be greatly fulfilled by sex, and you will work together to make it even better. There won't be the differences of timing and style that make many sexual relationships difficult. You truly complement each other.

Complementarity is one of the benefits of this aspect for any kind of relationship. Each of you is strong where the other is weak, so together you will be stronger than you are alone.

Composite Venus trine Composite Mars: You make no bones about your feelings for each other. Positive regard emanates naturally between you. You enrich the other's life materially and emotionally. Getting out to movies, dinners and other social events is good for you. Participating in a competitive activity together might be fun. You may have a team you cheer for in common. There may be a hurt ego if you don't receive enough compliments. People will likely see the two of you as affectionate and full of life. You can give one another a confidence boost just in the nick of time.

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Composite Venus quincunx Composite Mars

This aspect between composite Mars and Venus indicates fireworks in your relationship that will inevitably show up, especially when there are other solid links in place between you. In a romantic relationship, you are likely to feel a strong animal magnetism toward each other. You tend to activate deeply held desires within each other and offer the means to fulfill them. If you are friends or colleagues rather than lovers, there still remains a noticeable air of charged chemistry around you. You may find that your desire energies complement each other or there may perhaps be potential conflicts between you in gratifying the ego needs that you each have. No matter what the nature of your relationship may be, the lesson of this placement is to let go of future wants and instead to stay very present with what is happening between you right now. You benefit when you learn to enjoy that which quietly arises out of the present, and let the situation build from there.

Composite Venus opposite Composite Mars

Venus opposition Mars in a composite chart creates great magnetism between two people, especially if they are of opposite sexes. Even if you are of the same sex, there is likely to be a kind of magnetism, which if examined closely would be found to have a somewhat sexual quality. You each might feel that the other has some tremendously important quality that you lack.

This aspect often creates a strong bond between people, but it does not guarantee that the relationship will be smooth. For one thing, it can create expectations that are very hard to live up to, so there is a constant sense of striving rather than just letting things be. At the same time, getting what you think your partner has may become such an ego-issue that you are not willing to cooperate in making the relationship work. Unless you are very careful, you may find yourselves trying to get something out of each other, rather than creating something with each other.

In a sexual relationship, what you are trying to get from each other is sexual fulfillment, for Venus-Mars in opposition is a strongly sexual aspect. But this tendency to regard sex as something to be gotten from the other will become a barrier to getting it unless you force yourselves out of that thought pattern. If you both recognize that sexual fulfillment is something you will get out of the relationship by working together, then you will get what you want and it will be good. With this aspect, physical sex is a very important factor in a relationship, even more so than it ordinarily is. If can keep in mind the need for true cooperation, you should be able to find what you seek.

Composite Venus opposite Composite Mars: The two of you may feel like you leapt into this relationship. The romantic atmosphere is more likely one of worrying about the details later. A passionate attraction can make you leave your hesitations behind. You are a couple who can seize the opportunity of the moment. Anger results when you feel discounted. The more included your partner is on big choices, the less friction there will be. An adventurous streak surfaces without too much temptation needed. Others may find you too direct for them. Your best friends will be charmed by your smiles, and moved by your courage.

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