Composite Venus conjunct Composite Jupiter

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Composite Venus sextile Composite Jupiter

The sextile of composite Venus and Jupiter indicates an affectionate relationship. It is especially good in the chart of a friendship, love affair, or marriage. It is a sign that the two of you genuinely like each other and feel positive about yourselves and each other. Jupiter is the planet of growth and Venus is the planet of love, so the combination can be read as growth through love. The intensity of feeling signified by this aspect may range anywhere from a friendship to a very intense love affair, but it is not an especially sexual love. It is love as a positive feeling of warmth between the two of you, with no other motivation for existence.

On another level, the sextile of Venus and Jupiter opens up opportunity. The two of you are able to do the right things at the right time in such a way that events work out well for you, both materially and emotionally. To others this may appear to be luck, but actually you are creating a favorable environment for happenings that are nice and pleasant. These cannot happen unless you give them a place to exist. In other words, you must feel the optimism that allows you to recognize opportunities when they arise. The sextile of Venus and Jupiter signifies that together you have that kind of optimism.

Composite Venus sextile Composite Jupiter: It isn't difficult to see you are more of an asset than a liability in each other's life. You incite optimism even when things are tough. The encouraging gazes you exchange are rays of sunshine to bask your minds away from worries. Sharing your resources makes you pals and lovers. Travel through frequent flying miles or through the world of books is a common desire. Your thirst for expansive growth keeps you on many of the same paths. The electricity your faith and beliefs generate makes you popular with numerous people.

Composite Venus square Composite Jupiter

The square of Venus and Jupiter in the composite chart is one of the easiest squares to deal with. Jupiter and Venus are so compatible that it is almost impossible for their influences to be combined in a negative way. The square is an active aspect; that is, it signifies actions that are taken. In the case of these two planets, it suggests that together you will actively seek out pleasure and ease in order to enjoy yourselves and each other's company. You will be fond of beautiful and elegant surroundings and will go to great lengths to acquire them. The only potentially negative attribute of this combination is that elegance, ease and pleasure can become greater priorities in your relationship than other, more important elements.

Another difficulty that sometimes occurs with this combination is that its very great energy brings together two people who are unsuited to each other. The Venus-Jupiter square has an undiscriminating quality and does not in itself tell whether your relationship is appropriate or not. All it signifies is that there is likely to be a great attraction between you.

Nevertheless. you can expect an affectionate and loving relationship, no matter what the original reasons for your coming together. And this affection will hold you together even in times of difficulty.

Composite Venus square Composite Jupiter: Being careless with each other's possessions could grow irritating. You will need to regard what one another owns with respect. Spending money in a frivolous manner won't win mutual admiration either. The news isn't all bad here--honest! You can encourage your partner to believe in their ability. Self-confidence comes when the two of you see your truths become realities. Patience helps! Give life a chance to meet your immediate expectations. A ferocious desire to meet new friends and to rise above limiting circumstances is never far from your sight. Travel and seeking knowledge send exciting sparks through your minds. You dislike living by rules.

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Composite Venus trine Composite Jupiter

Venus trine Jupiter in the composite chart is one of the aspects that really helps to make a relationship successful, particularly a personal one. In fact, a professional association is very likely to become personal as well. The Venus-Jupiter trine is a strong indication of a warm, affectionate feeling between you.

In particular, this relationship will have a strong idealistic force that will make you optimistic about yourselves and each other. And this optimism will help bring about the ideal state of affairs that you expect. You will find that the relationship will help both of you grow as individuals, for it continually brings out your best qualities. There is a feeling of ease and peacefulness with this aspect. Neither of you seems to make unreasonable demands upon the other, but that can sometimes present another problem. If one of you must make some really important changes, the other may be reluctant to raise the issue for fear of disturbing the peaceful atmosphere.

Nevertheless, this is a relationship in which you will feel that you can relax and be yourself with your partner. This relationship ought to be successful and rewarding for both of you, whatever the reasons for your coming together.

Composite Venus trine Composite Jupiter: Optimism is never really a stranger in being together. You are probably attracted to the upbeat attitude you see in your partner. Your romantic fires stay lit through travel and a bit of adventure. Humor, and a positive philosophy that guides you through obstacles, are fun to share. Keeping life from growing complicated is a key desire. You enjoy treating each other to experiences that are comforting and rewarding at the same time. People are inspired by your willingness to live your beliefs.

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Composite Venus quincunx Composite Jupiter

Here we find passivity and a degree of laziness or love of ease. There is a subtle, latent dissatisfaction, a niggling feeling that there must be something more than what we are getting out the relationship.

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Composite Venus opposite Composite Jupiter

This Venus-Jupiter aspect is one of the easiest oppositions, for it creates strong attraction between the two of you that makes a good relationship the more likely. The only difficulty to watch for is that sometimes you do not get exactly what you expect from the relationship or from the other person. However, what you do get should be perfectly satisfactory, so is not a great problem.

A personal relationship benefits the most from this aspect, for it signifies feelings of warmth and affection between two people. But even professional associations will have the same good feelings, which will make your relationship more personal. In this case, however, a situation can happen in which the personal feelings conflict with the original purpose of the relationship. At that point you may have to decide which is more important to you, the personal relationship or the professional.

Even when you disagree or when, as may happen, you get into a friendly kidding kind of competitiveness, you will retain your basically good feelings for each other. You won’t let disagreements spoil your relationship.

The most important point about this aspect is that it does create a strong attraction between you. Because of the active nature of the opposition, both of you will very probably take the initiative in starting the relationship and make it grow and be of benefit to both of you.

Composite Venus opposite Composite Jupiter: It wasn't complacent behavior that got you to notice each other. It must have been something more dramatic or theatrical! You can see the potential of each other probably better than anyone else can. This makes each of you a valuable commodity. Believing in one another raises self-confidence immensely. You felt an instant connection through shared values and a longing for similar adventures. Honesty and principles are important to you both. You are lovers and philosophers rolled into one package. Rebelling against rigid expectations will result if you don't cut each other slack. Be careful with sudden impulses to move in new directions. Your partner needs a clue ahead of time to comprehend this latest chapter of your life. Seeking individual meaning must be satisfied to relax into this partnership. You are romantics wanting to have your highest ideals understood by each other and the world at large. Celebrating your memories with your closest friends and loved ones is a lifelong desire.

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