Composite Venus conjunct Composite Ascendant

The conjunction of composite Venus and Ascendant is a particularly good aspect for any kind of personal relationship, especially a love affair or marriage. it signifies that the two of you are extremely complementary in many respects and that as a couple you are a whole that is stronger than the two parts.

Love and emotion are very strong in this relationship. Even a casual relationship will become loving. A professional or business association with this aspect will also be a friendship, without the difficult personal entanglements that can sometimes destroy a professional relationship. In any kind of relationship, the two of you can cooperate, and each makes up for what the other lacks.

People around you will be aware of the way you feel about each other, and this fact will improve your relationships with others. A loving couple makes other people feel good, and they will enjoy being around you.

Under some circumstances, the conjunction of Venus and the composite Ascendant can attract money and other kinds of property. In all, this is an excellent indication for any relationship.

Composite Venus conjunct Composite Ascendant: Being at a loss for words doesn't pose much of a problem. The two of you can glide in and out of social gatherings with ease. People likely see you as affable. You have a comfortable way of making others feel at home. Interest in the arts is possible. Your flair for knowing how to please others serves you well in business dealings. Indecision can result if you like too many options. Showing affection to one another warms your hearts. An appreciation for style may be something you share. Having fun out on the town together is exhilarating.

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Composite Venus sextile Composite Ascendant

The sextile of composite Venus and Ascendant is an excellent aspect for a personal relationship. First of all, it is a sign of a loving friendship, whether you are lovers or simply friends. It is easy for each of you to indicate your feelings to the other, without the hesitancy or shyness about revealing emotions that can make a relationship difficult from time to time. You always feel comfortable and easy with each other.

When stressful times occur, you are both primarily concerned about the survival of your relationship, so you willingly make the necessary compromises to ensure it. The only problem to watch for is that the energy of Venus may be so accommodating that one partner will give way when he or she should take a stand in order to save self-esteem and respect. Fortunately, however, you both are inclined to do this, so at least it is not always the same person who gives way. Even so, don't allow your desire for a smooth relationship to make you hold back tensions and energies that should be expressed, even if they cause some trouble. This problem becomes more severe if there are other indications of trouble in the chart.

This relationship may possibly become associated with some artistic or aesthetic activity involving music or the arts or a branch of the entertainment industry. Certainly the two of you will be attracted to such activities, especially if you had an interest in them before.

Composite Venus sextile Composite Ascendant: You both know how to have a good time with fine dining and getting out to other events. Sitting at home will not usually be your first choice unless exhausted. People perceive you as easy going and having fine taste as indicated by what you wear. Financial and business decisions will often find you in agreement. Buying items to please one another is a mutual drive. Sudden urges to be spontaneous romantics are bound to occur. Your ways of seeking comfort run along the same trails.

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Composite Venus square Composite Ascendant

The square of composite Venus and Ascendant is not a difficult square. On the contrary, it is a very beneficial aspect in a composite chart. This Venus-Ascendant aspect is a sign of a deeply loving relationship.

This combination will manifest itself particularly in your home. If this is a relationship in which you have a home together, it will be an expression of your feelings for each other. It will be a place where the two of you can retire from the outside world, not as an escape but as a refuge where you can prepare yourselves for the next day. You will do everything you can to make your home pleasant and comfortable, with beautiful art and decor, comfortable furniture, and good food. And these comforts are not simply an indulgence, but an honest expression of your desires to make each other feel as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes the energy of this square operates outside the home as well. Instead of expressing itself in your personal world, your home, this energy may be expressed through your social and public lives. Instead of keeping your love to yourselves, you may make your relationship very public and open, so that others will sit up and take notice of two people who feel strongly about each other.

In a professional relationship this aspect can mean that you are engaged in an occupation related to art and beauty or the entertainment industry.

In a relationship that has no clearly identifiable home, this aspect means that the two of you feel that your love for each other comes from a strong similarity in your pasts. Many elements of your lives before you met have given you something in common, and this binds you together.

Composite Venus square Composite Ascendant: Emotions are not easy to hide. It is in your faces whether you are happy or not. Money issues can create tension if there is no compromise. It might be that your choices in entertainment or in finding comfort are different. Allowing for unique tastes to be expressed makes you both happier. There is the potential of being a powerful, creative force together. Putting your values into motion may be more to your advantage than sitting on the fence with them. Each of you can crave attention. Your negotiating skills will not get rusty from not being used in this relationship.

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Composite Venus trine Composite Ascendant

The trine of composite Venus and Ascendant is one of the best aspects to have in a composite chart, especially for a love relationship or marriage. It indicates that the two of you enjoy each other and that your love is founded on the ability to be yourselves in each other's company. Each of you accepts your partner for what he or she is, without making endless demands that the other change in ways that are impossible. You both understand that the other is what he or she is, not in a spirit of resignation but of joy.

Because of this attitude, you are tolerant of each other's faults, and you let each other alone instead of causing conflict. It is not just that you have good feelings for each other, but that the way you feel about each other broadens your understanding of life in general.

On another level, you enjoy having good times together. You like to get out and attend the theater, nightclubs, and other amusements. If you have come together for business or professional reasons, you would succeed quite well in profesions relating to these fields. In an individual, this aspect may be a sign of artistic ability, and in a relationship it may mean that the two of you are somehow involved with the arts.

Under any circumstances this aspect should help to make your relationship pleasant and worth having.

Composite Venus trine Composite Ascendant: Pleasing one another is a heartfelt feeling. Good-natured personalities make you well received by others. You encourage each other to make use of talents. Sharing your resources with each other is an endearing quality. Showing affection brings you closer. Your romantic and business natures blend easily. You will root for each other know matter the odds. A mutual love for beauty is a common theme. Your abundant attitudes attract good things.

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Composite Venus quincunx Composite Ascendant

Composite Venus opposite Composite Ascendant

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