Composite Uranus in the Composite 1st House

With Uranus in the first house of the composite chart, your relationship will have a strong drive for freedom of expression. At the very least it will be a highly individualistic one.

It may be that this relationship will begin very suddenly. Or perhaps the two of you would not ordinarily be expected to come together. In either case, being together will have a revolutionary effect on both of you. It will reveal aspects of yourselves that you never even knew existed. By the same token, the lives of those around you will also be affected.

The danger of this placement is that you, or those around you, will try to make this relationship conform to established patterns of behavior. This usually triggers the negative side of Uranus, which results in instability and unconventionality for its own sake. Uranus means restlessness and not wanting to be trapped into predictable patterns. You both tend to be easily bored by the predictable situations and then want to get out.

Only if the two of you are willing to approach this experience with a totally open mind, free of expectations, will you get the maximum benefit from it. That benefit will be a challenging experience that will enable you to grow and expand your consciousness for as long as the relationship lasts.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 1st House: You don't like to wait around for people to make up their minds--do you? Acting on your futuristic impulses can have a tornado-like presence in your lives. You may need to maintain a watchful eye when trying to do a job together. There will occasionally be a tendency to pull in opposite directions. You will often be seen as an unusual and unpredictable couple. Your fun personalities can make you popular with others. The way you dress or wear your hair may be quite original.

Your friends better think fast if they want to keep pace with you two. A cutting-edge drive can be blazed through new trails. A don't look back attitude can define you. Be careful that you don't grow too aloof with one another. Self-absorption can make you lose sight of each other. You both require plenty of freedom to make your own choices. This makes joint decisions a lot easier to accomplish. Neither of you can expect the other to be a follower. Sameness wasn't what attracted you in the first place. It is your unique traits as a couple that makes your interactions memorable experiences.

A sense of direction is a must. It maintains your closeness. Your minds are in an ever-ready launch mode, pointing at new vistas. Surprise is a way of life. Changes are never going to be isolated events. Your lifestyle makes life react to you. Romantic impulses manifest with no warning!

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 2nd House

Composite Uranus in the second house may indicate that the two of you will obtain your resources in an unusual manner, or that the resources themselves will be unusual. It may also mean that the material and financial aspects of the relationship will be unstable. The concrete manifestations of this energy depend largely on the kind of relationship it is.

For example, in a business or professional association, a second house Uranus could simply mean that the two of you are involved in doing something in a new way, perhaps some new invention or technique, which produces income for you. In a personal relationship it can mean that the two of you have a very unconventional set of values, such that you view possessions very differently from other people. Specifically, you are likely to feel that possessions are an encumbrance to be avoided wherever possible, with the result that you will own very few things. Or it may indicate a desire to collect unusual objects that other people do not collect.

In any relationship, however, by far the most likely possibility is material and financial instability. This results from your tendency to regard material possessions and dealing with money as a nuisance. When you neglect your finances, they begin to go awry. In this case you must first recognize that you do not take care of money and material matters properly. Second, you must try to learn how to handle them so that you do not experience them as such a problem. With any planetary energy, you must recognize its effects and then learn how to flow with it.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 2nd House: You may not always be the most practical people in the world. Your stabilizing instincts may seem to delay when summoned. The idea of "saving for a rainy day", may put you into a position of feeling like fish out of water, or a retired farm horse entered into the Kentucky Derby.

Having separate bank accounts is smart. It will keep you from fighting over your individual purchases. You are not likely to appreciate having to ask for permission before buying items. The freedom to suddenly follow an urge to buy a gift for each other is another perk found here. Your possessions can make interesting conversation pieces due to their unique qualities.

Your friends more than likely find you a pair of generous individuals. Money might burn a hole through your pockets. Watch that your investments are well thought out. Haphazard hunches could prove embarrassing with twenty-twenty hindsight. The joining of your inventive forces can be turned into profit.

You may have a special way of making the other feel good about their body, and sexual performance. Your romantic instincts are refreshed through pleasurable nights out on the town and cozy moments at home.

The two of you could easily showcase a unique set of values. You may not agree with what your culture has tried to sell as the essential formula to find happiness and meaning. Your beliefs might be cut from a rare gem. Friendship is likely of equal importance to each of you. Honor what one another views as inspiring personal goals and you can't go wrong!

Composite Uranus in the Composite 3rd House

Uranus in the third house of the composite chart indicates a relationship that will revolutionize your basic ways of thinking about life. It must be remembered that the effects of Uranus, although always noticeable, are not always huge and cataclysmic; they may vary from very slight to very great. This relationship will change your thinking somehow. And the two of you may try to communicate to others your new ways of looking at the world and try to change their thinking.

As with any situation in which Uranus is prominent, you must avoid the tendency to make your relationship fit your expectations. If you try to do so, the unstable aspect of Uranus will come into play. Communication between you will become erratic and disruptive, and you will often make each other angry. After a while you might even find that you begin to make each other nervous whenever you are together, instead of being at ease as you should be, at least in a personal relationship. Of course, some relationships do exist primarily so that one person can challenge the consciousness of the other, but these are not often long-lived. Such a situation is not particularly desirable in a close personal relationship.

As always with Uranus, you must flow with the energy, and let it take you wherever it goes. In this house, especially, it is unlikely that Uranus will take you somewhere you do not want or ought not to be.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 3rd House: You think fast. This may come as no surprise to you. Your minds are accelerated into a faster lane of perceiving and learning in this relationship. Listening to one another gets easier with practice. You will tend to lose concentration when your partner's ideas activate your own. Experiencing various types of environments through travel is stimulating. Staying abreast of new technologies may be a mutual interest. Making use of a computer could play an important role in your communications.

You bring out an insatiable curiosity in your partner to explore options. The two of you can look at situations from as many perspectives as looking into a multi-viewed mirror. People may be impressed with the never-ending insights you possess. When you first met, there could have been a mutual admiration of each other's speaking ability.

Influence others to think more openly is a normal event. You have a way of being able to paint animated pictures with words. Even a group may get a wake-up call through your analysis of their thinking. You don't care to mince words. Friends and strangers are apt to hear the real you. Exchanging information with peers is a way of life. Inventive instincts surround your togetherness. You likely enjoy not having to show any pretense for your partner when it comes to being yourself.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 4th House

Uranus in the fourth house of the composite chart signifies a relationship that has an unusual home base. In a personal relationship, particularly a love relationship or marriage, this can mean that the home itself is unusual. Or there may be something unusual about the two of you living together. An unmarried couple living together might have this placement of Uranus, but only if they themselves regard the situation as unconventional or in defiance of morality. Other couples, for whom living together seems the most natural and obvious move, would be less likely to have the fourth house composite Uranus. This placement means that you express your unconventionality through the home you share.

It may also be that your home life is unpredictable and unstable, that whenever you come together, you don't know what to expect. This situation can make the two of you very uneasy, to say the least, for the fourth house represents that aspect of your lives that is the basis for everything else. It is the reliable center from which you go out to face the world and to which you return to find rest. If there is no rest for you there, your relationship can be very unpleasant.

Before setting up housekeeping together, you must first determine which effect is operating in your case. If it is the second effect, perhaps you should reconsider. Your relationship can continue, but keep your homes separate.

In other kinds of relationships, this placement simply means that you continually challenge some inner aspect of each other. This can make for a valuable learning experience, or it can simply make you very uneasy with each other.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 4th House: You each need enough room to explore your individual worlds. A tendency to need space at times from each other is possible. Your friends may think you are a private couple. People can find your concern for their welfare touching. You will find those closest to you appreciate your insights.

There aren't likely to be too many boring moments at home. Your residence can be filled with the newest advances in modern technology. Finding the right location that allows you both to fulfill your goals is a key need. You expect each other's support during major challenges. The two of you can show amazing clarity during circumstances that threaten your security. You just have to gather your wits about you. Emotional peace at home is highly desirable.

Strangers may not see you as easy to get to know. Those you confide in see your mental depth. You are a twosome that can launch a new business by understanding new trends. You may exhibit an affinity for pleasing the public.

Your partner can sometimes shock you with their ability to read your moods. It could be comforting for someone to understand your idiosyncrasies. Your commitment to each other deepens with trust. You may be surprised to learn about your similarity in thinking and feeling.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 5th House

When composite Uranus is in the fifth house, a relationship may have to take an unusual form in order to express itself fully. How this works out depends on the kind of relationship that you have.

If this is a love relationship or a marriage, you will probably find that you have to give each other a lot more freedom of movement than is customary in such cases. A love affair with this position may be better off if it does not become a marriage. You both value your freedom greatly and do not wish to be restrained by the obligations that a legal arrangement entails.

If you do decide to get married, you must give each other a great deal of freedom. For example, you must not let the marriage or the agreement between you become a barrier to other relationships. Yet the permission you give each other must be genuine. Otherwise your partner will sense that you don't really mean it and will begin to hide what he or she is doing. That, of course, will destroy the relationship even faster. It is not that this placement of Uranus requires that you have outside affairs, but that the relationship must not be felt as a barrier. Either of you is free to restrict yourself to this one relationship, but your partner cannot make you do it.

Other kinds of relationships will experience this placement of Uranus as a desire to have fun and express yourself in unusual ways. You will seek out unusual forms of amusement and entertainment. For example, you might become interested in off-beat art forms together. Or it might be that when you are together you act a little crazy or wild or unconventional. This, of course, may apply to a love relationship or marriage as well.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 5th House: Your unique qualities as a couple don't take long for others to notice. There is a dramatic way the two of you enter a room. Your views about everything from world events to everyday local happenings capture the ear of people. It is hard to ignore your way of making your opinions heard. Your romance could easily have gotten off to a whirlwind start. A fascination with each other physically and mentally is likely, right from the start.

Patience might not be the strong point in your relationship. You are a forceful combination when you put your ideas into motion. A tug-of-war can occur due to the momentum each of you induces in the other. It is when you suddenly pull in personal directions in mid-stream that friction can be felt. How do you handle this? You need to listen to each other's defense of their position. Finding a win-win solution is not simple, but well worth the time. This is better than the endless fighting over who is right.

You both can excel in championing your ideas. An inventive hot zone is embedded in your shared chemistry together. You can soar to new heights with this electricity. Business ventures can be a source of excitement. Think things through before committing most of your resources to something. Use each other as a sounding board to get clear about a decision.

You have met an excellent romantic match. Many moments of surprise and elation are continuously in store. Make room for the goals that call to both of your hearts and you will be happy.

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 6th House

Composite Uranus in the sixth house is not the most congenial placement. The sixth house in a composite chart represents the duties and responsibilities of a relationship. Uranus, naturally rebellious, tends to rebel against all such impositions. The most obvious effect of this placement is that your obligations to each other or to other people are likely to be sources of disruption within the relationship. One or both of you will continually be in a state of rebellion against this aspect of your relationship.

It is also possible, however, that the two of you may carry out your responsibilities in some very unusual way. Instead of being impatient about doing what you must, you are impatient about doing it in some particular manner. In this case, it is a good idea for each of you to let your partner carry out the responsibilities in his or her own way, as long as the tasks get done.

This placement of Uranus is most helpful in a professional relationship that involves doing some scientific or technical work or in any relationship in which a new solution to a problem must be found. One meaning of this placement is work carried out in some new or unusual way. This principle also applies to a personal relationship, and you will encounter the best aspects of the sixth house Uranus if you always seek out new and unusual solutions to any problems that you have with each other.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 6th House: Insights into skills that can be developed makes for interesting topics of discussion. You both want to get ahead in the work world. Self-growth is a driving force. It is stimulating in sharing ideas about transcending limiting circumstances. You can come to believe that no obstacle is insurmountable. Try to avoid putting hurdles in each other's path when you are angry or unhappy. A spirit of cooperation will take you much faster to your shared destinations.

Putting effort into a goal is an area of common belief. You both are willing to roll up your sleeves to do what is required for success. Utilizing the most modern types of technology can boost your earning potential. Staying in touch with current developments in your chosen fields of study gives you an edge. Being an advocate for the highest aims of your partner makes you a precious person.

Worry can be quickly activated. Your brains need a lot of "B" vitamins. There is a possibility that you could become interested in alternative healing. Acupuncture, herbs, massage, etc., can become a passionate interest. You instill in one another a quest to put your own personal style into any career pursued.

Your desire to be there for one another deepens your commitment. Respect each other's most heartfelt life directions, and you will remain near the center of each other's universe.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 6th House: Composite Uranus in the sixth house emphasizes a clever and enthusiastic working team, original in thought and action and not comfortable with routine. You two are likely to share a scientific and analytical mentality. You tend to need to experience variability in your joint routine, and prefer to work from a sense of inspiration rather than demand. One or the other of you may experience health problems when the relationship becomes stressed, since Uranian energy can be fitful in its application. You may also experience difficulty with keeping things in order, emotionally and physically, during such times but this can be overcome through joint persistence. And while stress might cause a certain upheaval in this relationship, it will not tend to interfere with the unusually deep-seated support system that stands ready in place in this relationship. You two benefit from transforming your original creative impulse into a more long-lasting and concrete result through concentration and technique.

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 7th House

Uranus in the seventh house of a composite chart means that together you will strike out into new paths, whether your relationship is professional, business, marriage, or friendship. This may refer to the structure of your relationship or to what you do with it.

In a marriage, a seventh house Uranus can be a source of difficulty, unless the two of you have the courage to do things your own way and not worry about conventional notions of marriage. Uranus requires that you come to an accommodation with each other that is uniquely your own. If you try to act along purely traditional lines, you may create pressures that make your relationship very unstable. Most commonly, in fact, this placement in a marriage chart does indicate an unstable and short-lived marriage. This is also true of any other type of partnership with a seventh house Uranus.

In any partnership with this placement, you must grant each other an unusual degree of action, especially in regard to other people. Attempts to restrict each other will only increase the pressures against your survival as a couple.

It is also a good idea for the two of you to work together toward something that is new, different, and unconventional, such as a movement for humanitarian or political reform, or something similar. But whatever you choose, be sure that you are doing it that way because you want to rather than because it is supposed to be done that way. The energy of Uranus does not easily permit doing something for the sake of convention.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 7th House: Your friends are many. They are a unique assortment of individuals. You attract the free-thinkers and progressive types. Their minds beat to a wide assortment of rhythms. People like to interact with your perspectives about life. Each of you can generate a multitude of discussions in a single night. Going from one conversation to another at a party is a piece of cake. You have gregarious natures that love to drink from more than one river of ideas.

People sense your independent ways. You may have strong political opinions. A particular group affiliation may symbolize your beliefs. The two of you might have met through a friend, or by participating in a collective effort. Your relationship prospers through maintaining your connections with peers. It may feel like you were meant to share your lives with others. You bring excitement into each other's lives. Stabilizing forces you are not. Balancing a need for spontaneous action, with a need to slow down and focus, is a challenge. You can get good at stopping on a dime. But it takes determination to follow through on the goals you have in common.

Lively displays of affection capture each other's heart. It will not always be the major events that will ensure your closeness as much as paying attention to the little things that show you really care.

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 8th House

As is the case with all eighth house placements, composite Uranus in this house affects two different areas of the relationship. In the first place, it affects your handling of the major transformations that must occur in any relationship from time to time. In the second place, it also affects the way you experience and handle the resources- finances, property, possessions- that you share.

In the first area, an eighth house Uranus may signify that the two of you experience important changes as undesirable disruptions to be avoided at all costs. Such an attitude can only worsen the situation because it signifies the kind of mental rigidity that is so incompatible with Uranus. if you can be more flexible and approach changes with an open mind, you will be able to weather any difficulties that may arise. Even at best the changes are likely to be rather sudden and unpredictable.

The eighth house ultimately signals growth on the most profound level, growth that results when an old attitude dies and gives way to a new one. It is the house of death and regeneration of the self- not necessarily death in the literal sense, but the passing away of some element in your lives. The more rigidly you face these situations that challenge the very core of your relationship, the more likely it is that the relationship itself will die.

In the area of joint property and resources, this placement of Uranus, much like the second house placement, can indicate that the two of you consider possessions to be a burden rather than an opportunity for growth. As a consequence, You may not pay enough attention to your material affairs, so that as a result they become a source of disruption. Either you must learn to deal with the material aspect of your lives, or you must find a way to minimize its power over you.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 8th House: Your closeness will occasionally blow hot and cold. It's the way one or both of you protect your independence. You like to know there are warm emotional fires to nurture you, yet there is a side of you that is hard to reveal--maybe it isn't meant to be. An element of mystery is surrounding you. It is a dimension of your relationship that others find interesting, even if they don't truly understand it. Life together is not simple. It gets easier when you TALK. You must let your partner enough into your world so it is clear what you need and when. Otherwise it becomes a guessing game.

When you become allies, the business terrain can be conquered. You both have ways to market yourselves. Joint purchases can be rewarding. You can acquire much together that is profitable. Owning unusual possessions, and even rare ones, is a possibility. Power has to be shared because neither of you is too good at being ruled--isn't this true?

Watch those credit cards! It is tempting to spend, whether you have the funds to cover your purchases or not. Balance your desires with reality. You need to clue each other in on the big decisions.

Passion is fun and exciting. You like making one another forget about their troubles. When you let go of your fixed opinions, the two of you flow together. Let each other's talents emerge, and you will be forceful advocates.

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 9th House

Uranus in the ninth house of the composite chart indicates that this relationship will challenge your ways of looking at the world. The ninth house represents how the mind consciously views the world and makes decisions and judgments about it, based on a higher world-view and philosophy. In the composite chart, this house signifies the ability of the relationship to expand and enlarge your view of the world, both as a couple and as individuals.

Uranus in this house is both an opportunity and a challenge. The two of you may be in considerable disagreement about your views of life, which at first may be a constant source of trouble. You both will have to learn to understand each other completely and enlarge your views to encompass your partner's. This will allow you to have a true growth relationship. But if you cannot do this, intellectual, philosophical, and even spiritual disagreements will become the largest single source of disruption between you.

If you do learn to encompass each other's views of life, the two of you will probably arrive at a position that is quite different from the views of the people around you. you may be regarded as a pair of mavericks whose ideas don't quite fit with other people's. There isn't much you can do about that, but don't worry; it is not likely to become a real problem. You may even come to enjoy the role. It is rather interesting to see the effects of new ideas on others.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 9th House: Your minds can enjoy flying around the world on the physical and mental realms. Enterprising ideas emerge suddenly when the two of you least expect it. You are able to convince others to believe in you. Persuasiveness is on the tip of your tongue whenever needed. Talking each other into pursuing a direction may not be easy, if you both don't feel the same enthusiasm. You have to win your partner over. When you both decide to move together, there are few couples with as much zeal to forge ahead. Adventure is your hallmark of being together. Without ideals or a major plan to motivate you, it can feel like driving a car with four flat tires! Your friends are a stimulating bunch of people. You need those able to communicate from their heads and hearts, woven into your lives. Self-discovery lifts your imagination to higher levels. You probably consider yourselves able to take advantage of opportunities. Education and training excite your minds. Leaving the past behind is not hard for you. Anticipating the future with all of its promises is food for your souls.

You have a wonderful capability to communicate clearly with each other. Don't become too fixed on one belief system to ensure more flexibility in relating. You are individuals who go further when not owing an allegiance to any one way of thinking. People will find you outspoken about your principles and values. Your vocal chords are filled with emotion when expressing your truths. This may be a key part of your bond.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 10th House

With composite Uranus in the tenth house, the purpose of your relationship may be to challenge and revolutionize the views and even the lives of the people around you. Such a relationship may also revolutionize your own lives as well.

The tenth is the house of social status, overall life objectives (as they really are, not as you wish them to be, which is the function of the eleventh house), and your role in society. This applies to composite charts as well as to natal charts. Uranus here means that these areas may take an unusual direction or that they will be a possible source of instability and disruption.

This placement of Uranus can signify that the two of you simply like to do things in your own highly individualistic style. On the other hand, your view of life may be one that others consider literally revolutionary. In the latter case, beware of stirring up unnecessary opposition to your views. You may feel that it is important to arouse some opposition, but make sure that what you do stir up is intentional. Uranus in the tenth can also produce sudden changes in your own social status, such as an abrupt and disastrous fall from grace, which can result from letting your activities get out of control. One thing is certain, however; this relationship must be allowed to do its own thing.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 10th House: Your ambitions will probably be many together. Finding outlets for your serious goals is essential. You both have a lot to offer the business world. Careers can be an avid interest for each of you. A need to determine your own way of accomplishing key aims is important to consider in being happy together. The god of personal autonomy radiates gloriously through the two of you. Working in organizations or institutions is more likely to be long-term if you have enough breathing room. Neither of you likes somebody looking over your shoulder to check up on you. This could even be more true concerning the way you relate to one another. Leadership roles will need to be separate and equal. Neither of you will tolerate doing all of the giving, but receiving little in return. A mutual honoring of your partner's cherished hopes and wishes will do wonders in producing harmony.

People can't help but stand up and take notice of your abilities. You can rise to prominent status together. Your efforts can yield a lucrative life style. Public notice of your talents may occur. Your energies can influence others to think with greater vision. Fighting city hall is not out of the question, if you need to defend your ideology.

If you wanted life in the fast lane, then you have likely chosen the right person. Make one another feel secure and valued, and you will find great joy in your romantic liaison.

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 11th House

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Composite Uranus in the Composite 12th House

Composite Uranus in the twelfth house creates situations that you will not understand until your consciousness has grown. The twelfth house relates to unconscious or barely consciousness actions that the two of you commit, which eventually have very important consequences for you. The problem is that these consequences seem to have little connection with the actions that precipitated them. In fact the consequences usually seem to be creations of fate and beyond your control. But you can be sure that you have helped to bring them about, so it is very important to understand what is going on.

Uranus in the twelfth indicates that the two of you send out disruptive energies. You do little things to others that may not be obvious to you or to them. You make people angry, or you may make them feel that the two of you are an irritating disruption. It is hard to pin the problem to specific instances and causes, but the energies build up until something breaks. The result is that you are severely affected by outside disruptions that seem to have no apparent connection with the two of you.

It may be that you are caught in some difficult situation that you feel quite resentful about but can't admit. You try to give the appearance of going along with the situation, but you are continually sending out signals to others of resentment and the desire to rebel. This attracts troublesome disruptions in ways that may be subtle but are not necessarily occult. Do not try to hide the elements of your lives that you would like to alter, change, or rebel against. Express the energies somehow.

Composite Uranus in the Composite 12th House: You share a vivid imagination about love and romance. People might accuse you both of being idealists in search of a cause. There are instances when you will be surprised to be feeling and thinking the same thing. Your subconscious natures are fused together in a way that makes for interesting discussions. Supernatural or intuitive forces may be part of your common belief system. You don't like to see life as limiting. You will need to use common sense in pursuing your goals. A plan may be needed, rather than relying solely on living in the moment.

A mutual appreciation for beauty could manifest in a joint creative exploration. Aesthetic talents can be a unique form of self-expression. Tastes in entertainment stimulate your conversations. You will need to accept your partner's spiritual or religious affiliations, if different from your own.

Occasionally, emotions can interfere with objectivity. You may need to pull back momentarily from touchy subjects to talk about them. It's not necessary to agree on everything. It's more important to feel you can speak your mind. This will light the way to a sense of unity. Faith in each other spurs you onto greater accomplishments. Trust your own unique insights. When you do, it adds a richness to your relationship.

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Composite Uranus in Aries

Sudden impulses to seek adventure. This is a theme accentuated in your relationship. You don't like to sit still long enough to get bored. Your acquaintances probably find you a mentally invigorating couple. Helping people get their ideas jump-started is a result of getting your input. Progressive thinking is alive and well in your being together. People better think fast if they want to get to know you two. Your friends can be inventive types. You attract individuals not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Rebellious sparks are embedded in your minds. A "rules were meant to be broken" philosophy could easily be your motto. Your actions will make bold statements about your perceptions. You are trendsetters. It is not uncommon for you to lead the way in your most passionate interests. The two of you can think on your feet. Changing directions quickly is a way of life. Your conversations are apt to be lively and entertaining. You can make one another agitated with blunt remarks or demands. You are a couple that often gives no advance warning when you are launching a new agenda. Life together is a script that is written in the moment!

Composite Uranus in Taurus

Composite Uranus in Gemini

You are free thinkers. This probably comes as no surprise. Ideas travel back and forth as fast as a falling star dances through the night sky. Your mental worlds will seem quite far apart occasionally. Why? Because you enjoy being entertained by your own unique thought galaxies. Don't let this disturb you. There will be plenty of chances to hold hands. Autonomy of the mind must be honored in your relationship.

Do you enjoy spontaneous decisions? Then you may be with the right person. Figuring out mental puzzles together is exhilarating. Watch Jeopardy or the Wheel of Fortune together. The two of you likely value education. It could be non-traditional learning that interests you the most.

Your friends are apt to walk their talk from diverse backgrounds. You only ask that people don't bore you with outdated information. You enjoy individuals possessing minds that can move as fast as the feet of New York City pedestrians--that's fast! What can go wrong here in this mentally chic side of your relationship? Your intellects can smother your emotions. There is nothing wrong in stepping back to gain objectivity. If you want to receive support, you need to show some degree of emotion. Do you want to know something else to look out for? You can disrupt your partner's concentration. Learn early on to use your radar to locate the other's sacred air spaces. It will help avoid collisions that create much anxiety. You need to cultivate airborne ideas, rather than traveling on highways of predictable routines.

Composite Uranus in Cancer

Nothing may stay the same on the home turf. Each of you probably likes plenty of stimulation in your private lives. Your domestic situation may have few routines. You don't care to be pigeonholed into particular roles. There may be moves to new locations to satisfy your needs. You can be excited by moving into new directions. Your inventive natures can be the impetus to conquer self-doubt. When you do really leave the past behind it can release a great deal of creative energy.

The two of you can be sensitive about your goals. Giving mutual support maintains your closeness. When you really listen to one another, there is greater intimacy. Your emotions may erupt without much notice. You both don't like unsettling differences to last at your home. It is wise to nip issues in the bud before they grow out of proportion.

Loyalty to your friends is highly valued by each of you. Those closest to you in mind and spirit can find you both excellent confidantes. Your relationship provides each of you with safe terrain to express your individualistic tendencies.

Composite Uranus in Leo

Creative impulses shoot from your two minds faster than the speed of light! Life better move swiftly to keep up with you two. Your romance probably got off to a fast start. You awaken the lover in each other with lightning-like force. Rewarding your partner with positive strokes brings you that much closer. Don't take each other for granted and you will remain positive influences.

You like straight shooters as friends. People with confidence capture your imagination. Your peers could be quite inventive. Brainstorming new ideas stimulates you both to seek more options. There is a playful and youthful side to you both that others can enjoy. You energize one another to think more positively about the future. Your individual and mutual creative pursuits are the bedrock of your partnership. It may never occur to you that there is a day with nothing to do. Being on the go is a microchip firmly planted in your brain.

Having goals is a must. Without them you feel like two fish that have jumped out of the bowl. Hunches about investments could pay off. Look before you leap! Your lives were never meant to move too slow--isn't this true?

Composite Uranus in Virgo

You awaken efficient brain waves in one another that point toward working hard toward goals. When you join forces your minds can emit great insight into getting a job done. You are better with details if a subject really holds your concentration. When you rebel against order or political correctness, your most erratic tendencies are likely to manifest. Your friends can see you as a genuine couple.

Your personal habits might make each other uncomfortable. Finding ways to channel tension constructively will lead to more productive actions. Adapting to each other's schedules will be a stretch. The art of compromise never hurts. Your individuality wants to make its presence known in your careers and causes. Developing your skills to the highest conceivable level can open the door to wider opportunities. You both have a tendency to outgrow a job if it doesn't challenge you. You prefer to be independent in your work environment.

Being industrious comes easily. Finding directions that are mutually beneficial makes you happy. Assisting your partner on the road to prosperity is a quality that charms each of you.

Composite Uranus in Virgo: Composite Uranus in Virgo emphasizes a clever and enthusiastic working team, original in thought and action and not comfortable with routine. You two are likely to share a scientific and analytical mentality. You tend to need to experience variability in your joint routine, and prefer to work from a sense of inspiration rather than demand. One or the other of you may experience health problems when the relationship becomes stressed, since Uranian energy can be fitful in its application. You may also experience difficulty with keeping things in order, emotionally and physically, during such times but this can be overcome through joint persistence. And while stress might cause a certain upheaval in this relationship, it will not tend to interfere with the unusually deep-seated support system that stands ready in place in this relationship. You two benefit from transforming your original creative impulse into a more long-lasting and concrete result through concentration and technique.

Composite Uranus in Libra

The two of you enjoy meeting people from many different backgrounds. Your social connections are as wide as the Grand Canyon. You will need to allow your partner to maintain close associations outside of your relationship. Each of you is enriched by your friends. Peer groups could be a boost for your self-confidence. Perhaps you met through someone that knew the two of you. Your closest contacts can be very adept in the arts.

Your social interactions are stimulating. They may even create financial opportunities for you. You are a couple with ideas that get others to take notice. Making your joint plans materialize will require bargaining with one another. You will not always see eye-to-eye on how to attain what you want. Indecision will result if you fail to act. The timing of your moving ahead with a goal improves with communication.

Surprising each other with parties and romantic getaways does wonders for your hearts. Your tastes in style and entertainment may be interesting topics of conversation. You might be amused by each other's observations about societal traditions and customs. You both believe in being treated as equals. As long as you listen to your partner's most stated needs, you will walk with great mutual understanding.

Composite Uranus in Scorpio

You both form an insightful alliance when it comes to making each other wealthier. Knowing how to do business together can be turned into profitable ventures. You can show great skill in tapping into new trends that are going to move fast and be around for a while. Letting each other exert some degree of financial independence makes the chances of fighting less likely. It is difficult to tell your partner how to do something. Each of you can turn a deaf ear if you feel your independent turf being too invaded.

You are a charismatic pair when it comes to your goals. Your determination can border on being obstinate. There will be times when you are better off scrapping a plan that is not going anywhere. Admitting mistakes for either of you can feel worse than death. Confess your error in judgment and move ahead. You are a dynamic duo in developing resourceful ideas. Secrecy between you will occur. There are certain pet hopes and wishes that you will not announce until the last moment. Try to be thoughtful before dropping a bombshell, as this could be hard on the nerves. Talk! Listen. Talk more! Trust comes through showing your true intentions.

You make passionate lovers. People may sense a bit of mystery surrounding you. The two of you can enjoy creating a mystique together that keeps others guessing. You stimulate a desire in one another to find your own unique path to self-mastery.

Composite Uranus in Sagittarius

The sky is the limit! This could be your motto. Your relationship thrives on shooting full throttle toward a new goal. Quick flashes of insight into the future get you both to move forward with enthusiasm. Your hearts beat faster at the thought of a bold adventure. Learning and travel are highly valued by the two of you.

Your conversations are colored with a philosophy and outlook that transcends time. You can be practical, but probably prefer to allow your imaginations to roam into the dream world. Frustration with each other could result if you tend to distract your partner away from key goals. It's the mental explosion that can occur when your minds meet that is disruptive of your routines. It's hard to stay mad. The jet propulsion into uncharted lands together is exciting and captivating, all at once!

Friends can be comedians, gypsies and have ideas that make them kindred spirits. Just make sure they don't talk you into taking reckless risks. You enjoy self-confident individuals, with a flair for thinking inventively. Group affiliations probably reflect your beliefs and principles. You both can easily find yourselves defending an underdog. Your belief in others can be the fire for them to beat the odds.

You walk to the upbeat rhythm of your own drum. People will question your thoughts and reasoning. The sudden turns and changes of direction in your life together will always be a source of stimulation.

Composite Uranus in Capricorn

Composite Uranus in Aquarius

Freedom! It's pumping more vivaciously than blood in the heart of your relationship. Unique and progressive--this probably describes how many people see you. There is no tomorrow like a brand new one! Stability to you may be more a matter of consistency in thinking of new plans for the future. An idea that promises the fulfillment of your most energizing needs is the one you are most likely to adopt. The direction of your life together will be disrupted by the unexpected. It could be a move to another city or a sudden notion to reinvent yourselves. You are a couple that can show a desire to live life on your own terms.

An acceptance and tolerance of others makes for interesting associations. Your unconventional natures attract people from all corners of your society. Group memberships can be varied. You can relate to the old and young minds. Never at a loss for words, there are many wanting to get to know you. Your insights can spark debates on one hand, and ways to achieve solidarity on the other. A talent for shocking individuals out of their adherence to limited thinking is likely.

Your days together are never that dull. Keep your minds lubricated with learning and discovering. It's why you chose each other anyway.

Composite Uranus in Pisces

You bring out the most unique romantic in one another. Escape into each other's fantasy worlds is indicated. Dreaming big is a natural tendency. Being able to accomplish a plan could be another story. It will take your most decisive sides to make the reality you want happen. When you support your partner's most cherished aspirations, you receive a special glow from their eyes. It could be that a cause will capture your most united efforts. Your statements about beauty and aesthetics illustrate the exotic.

Finding the ground that supports each of your paths to fulfilling your ideals and most passionate beliefs is an intense search. There is compassion for one another. Don't let your emotions interfere with talking about issues. You will never really be able to get away from dealing with a strong difference of opinion. Life will set up situations for the two of you to get hidden feelings out in the open.

Your insights can be of mutual benefit to each other and can motivate those you care about. Friends can be highly creative and share your spiritual beliefs. People with a vision for the future are more likely to frequent your company. Faith in one another can make you feel invincible. You are allies with a special purpose. It is when you recognize your most authentic capabilities that life together contains more magic.