Composite Uranus conjunct Composite Ascendant

The conjunction of composite Uranus and Ascendant signifies a relationship that will probably have a strong impact on your lives. The nature of that impact can vary tremendously, depending in large part on your own attitudes.

First of all, this relationship will certainly expose you to a radically new kind of experience. It will not be the gentle consciousness-raising of Jupiter, but the jarring action of Uranus, the planet that challenges all your basic precepts about what life is and how it should be lived. Your reaction to Uranian energies is determined by how rigid you both are. The more flexible you are toward change and new experiences, the more constructive Uranus is likely to be. If the two of you are rather rigid, its effects can be devastating.

A relationship with this aspect will cause great changes in your lives. It may be that the two of you would not ordinarily be expected to get together, perhaps because of some difference in your backgrounds. Or it may be that one of you is always challenging the other. Sometimes this aspect means that you have come together precisely because the relationshipdoes challenge your usual modes of thinking. It becomes a kind of rebellion against the world, which raises a problem.

This aspect often signifies instability in a relationship, simply because consciously or unconsciously you have come together to challenge or upset your usual patterns of life. This is fine until you try to settle down into some regular pattern together. Then the same restlessness that brought about your relationship may serve to break it up.

A relationship with this aspect in the cimposite chart must always stay loose and unstructured. Unless you allow it to follow its own unique course, it will not prove to be very stable or lasting.

Composite Uranus conjunct Composite Ascendant: Do people say the two of you are unique? Unpredictable? Inventive? You must fall under at least one or more of these descriptions. This is not exactly the calmest side of your relationship. A constant brainstorming of ideas runs through you. Change is probably the norm. A restlessness to go into new directions is pulsating through you. If you like a few surprises and a bit of excitement, then this is the right partner. Slow down enough to communicate. Watch out for getting too self-absorbed. When you acknowledge each others reasoning powers and need for equality, you are most of the way home. New directions make you feel alive!

Composite Uranus sextile Composite Ascendant

The sextile of composite Uranus and Ascendant signifies a relationship that will be unique in man ways. It will cause the two of you to think about life in new ways that you would never have thought until you met each other. You will not experience this as a disruptive change, however. Instead, it will be like a fresh breeze blowing through our minds and your lives, clearing away all your old and outworn attitudes and ideas.

One result of this change is that you will see elements of the world around you you have never seen before, and this will enable you to enlarge your capacity to deal with life in appropriate ways. The sextile of Uranus and the composite Ascendant is quite disastrous to old habits in a relationship, but you can do very well without those old habits.

One likely change will be in the company you keep. Both of you will want increasingly to be around people who embody the new ways you have found of dealing with life.

The only point you must keep in mind is that any action of Uranus makes it difficult to hold on to old and cherished, but largely unconscious attachments, things that you want to retain although they have no real purpose in your lives. Even in a sextile aspect, Uranus is likely to produce circumstances that make it impossible to hold on to them. If you can let go gracefully, you will experience the effects of this aspect as totally refreshing and stimulating. If letting go is hard, the two of you may find this relationship disruptive and upsetting, although not as harsh as a square.

Composite Uranus sextile Composite Ascendant: You have a unique way of seeing the world. The two of you can enjoy a wide circle of acquaintances. Dancing through life with anticipation of a bright future is something you bring to one another. Your minds can create options quickly. A stimulating lifestyle adorns you. A mental objectivity is usually not far out of sight. You may not agree on all of the little things, but share a similar view of the big ones. Your goals are mutually stimulating.

Composite Uranus square Composite Ascendant

The square of composite Uranus to Ascendant can be quite a disruptive aspect in a composite chart. It signifies a relationship that is unstable because it offers constant challenges that may be difficult for the two of you to handle. First of all, it can mean that your directions in life are so radically different that you can't reconcile them easily. Unfortunately, you won't be able to deal with this problem just by letting matters be. You each have a tendency to goad the other, either consciously or unconsciously, and to challenge each other's ego. You seem to regard the other as a representative of an established order that you have to rebel against.

In an otherwise good chart, the issue of rebellion may mean that you have come together in defiance of someone else. If you are lovers, for example, you may be rebelling against parents. Such a relationship exists simply as a form of rebellion against established standards. This can be an excellent binding force between you, until you have finished the rebelling. As long as the disruptive energy of Uranus is focused outward, you will not have any great problems between you. But the day will come when you have to deal with each other, at which point you are likely to have the problems described in the first paragraph.

The only way to work with Uranus is to be very open to elements that are outside of your usual way of looking at things, and this includes elements of each other. If the two of you can broaden your views of the world and accept new challenges, you should be able to handle the energy of this aspect.

Composite Uranus square Composite Ascendant: Change and more change! How much can you take? That needs to be the question. The urge to reinvent yourselves can happen often. You can be thrilled to walk on exhilarating paths together. A same old lifestyle is not likely. The two of you rebel against the predictable. You need to encourage the expression of each other's independent streak. It takes tension out of your relationship. Focusing on similar things will take experimenting. You are individuals to the max. Patience is not always there when you need it. Letting each other finish a sentence when in a debate is challenging. Listening helps you get issues resolved. You can be thrilled with the fast-pace thinking and movement.

Composite Uranus trine Composite Ascendant

The trine of composite Uranus to the Ascendant signifies a relationship that will be very stimulating to you both. Perhaps you were drawn to each other by a feeling of delicious outrageousness in the fact of your getting together. With each other, you will find freedom to express yourselves in new and different ways that you would never have dared before. But it all feels good, and you need not worry about negative consequences.

This relationship requires both of you to be flexible in your attitudes. If you cannot enjoy anything outside of an established routine, this is not likely to be a very happy relationship. In that case you will find it upsetting, but if you pass it by, you will be wasting a valuable opportunity to enlarge your own consciousness.

Assuming that you both are mentally flexible, as a couple you will be attracted to new ways of thinking that you might not have considered before; these attract you precisely because of their stimulating nature. In this relationship you absolutely cannot tolerate boredom, but this is not likely to be a problem. Uranus rules both electricity and things that feel "electric" in nature. "Electricity" will permeate this relationship, giving it an excitement that will make it all worthwhile for both of you.

Composite Uranus trine Composite Ascendant: Living an original script is what you like about each other. Your ideas can expand each other's horizons. You motivate unique thinking in your partner. Equality is a given. Your friends can enjoy your upbeat ways of expressing yourselves. You will probably go out of your way to surprise one another. There is little tension when it comes to getting support for your goals.

Composite Uranus quincunx Composite Ascendant

Though subtler than the square, this is an aspect of continual relationship identity change. The urge to reinvent yourselves can happen often. You can be thrilled to walk on exhilarating paths together. A same old lifestyle is not likely. The two of you rebel against the predictable. You need to encourage the expression of each other's independent streak. It takes tension out of your relationship. Focusing on similar things will take experimenting. You are individuals to the max. Patience is not always there when you need it. Letting each other finish a sentence when in a debate is challenging. Listening helps you get issues resolved. You can be thrilled with the fast-pace thinking and movement.

Composite Uranus opposite Composite Ascendant

The opposition of the composite Uranus and Ascendant should be thought of as a conjunction between Uranus and the composite Descendant, which is a very significant point for understanding a relationship. Uranus on the composite Descendant signifies that it will be very difficult to settle this relationship into any accustomed and conventional patterns. For this reason it is often a sign of an unstable relationship, one that has many serious ups and downs and may even break up and come together again repeatedly. If the two of you are thinking of a marriage or some other legal arrangement, you would be well advised to give the matter a great deal of consideration. Trying to fit a relationship like this into any kind of legally set pattern is likely to trigger its most unstable aspects.

This relationship will work well as long as it revolutionizes your lives, which it will at first, and as long as it is exciting. After the initial excitement however, you may have problems, because any kind of routine is anathema to this relationship. If this is a marriage, the two of you must operate with as few rules as possible. It may even be necessary to allow outside relationships with others as a matter of course. At any rate, you must not prohibit that possibility. If one of you begins to feel confined by this relationship, your troubles will begin. You cannot impose rules upon each other, only on yourselves.

One other problem that may arise with this aspect is that the two of you may be challenged by people outside the relationship. This may happen because you have unknowingly challenged them in some way, or you may be quite aware of how you did it. Others may try to disrupt this relationship and break it up, but if their power does not become too great, it may even be a binding force between you. Of course, circumstances could reach the point that it becomes impossible for you to stay together.

With this aspect in the composite chart, the two of you need to have many good and binding factors in your relationship, if it is to survive for any length of time.

Composite Uranus opposite Composite Ascendant: Your interactions with others are full of electricity. A vigorous social life can expose the two of you to an interesting assortment of individuals. You may be instrumental in influencing group opinions. Your friends are probably progressive. It may be your unpredictability that intrigues others. You can grow aloof if you don't keep tuning into each other's needs. The mental breezes that shoot back and forth are full of thought-provoking ideas. Each of you influences the other to adopt original lifestyles.

Composite Uranus opposite Composite Ascendant: This aspect between Composite Uranus and Ascendant signifies an eclectic and exciting relationship, but one perhaps also subject to a large degree of variability and even instability. Within this relationship, you have a cosmic connection to a level of intuition far beyond the confines of the physical plane. As a partnership you are original and independent thinkers with active, scientific minds, futuristic in outlook, and you are capable together of bringing new ideas into being. The two of you function in unique ways together, and stimulate each other's thought process. As members of an unusual and perhaps even eccentric partnership, you are rebellious both with respect to the norms of society and with each other, so that you will undoubtedly have to learn to take the bitter with the sweet. Over time you need to decide what you want to get out of the relationship and adjust expectations to match what is actually available. In a business or friendship connection there will be plenty of good ideas floating around, and you will be constantly amused and challenged by the next horizon of what you are attempting to achieve together. However in a love relationship there will necessarily be some major adjustments that you will have to make. Over time, the ideas that drew you together may still excite you, but if you are looking for stability and homemaking, this relationship is not it. One of you may feel the need to pursue an individual path of growth that is totally independent from the other's input. If you are willing to try a connection with an extraordinary openness, where each partner is able to get space from the other from time to time, then you are in the right place.