Composite Sun in the 1st House

Composite Sun in the first house often signifies a relationship that is unusually important in terms of your own lives. The first house signifies an entity's personality and the way a person or a relationship impresses others.

The two of you complement each other in such a way that as a pair you may make a stronger impression on those around you than you would as individuals. Even if neither of you is an especially strong or dominant personality, you will be strong as a couple. Together you may be able to accomplish more in life than you could have separately. And you will be especially strong in an adversary situation in which the two of you are pitted against someone else.

The first house is a very strong and favorable position for the composite Sun. It is usually an indication that you will be able to accomplish whatever you have come together to accomplish. But as in most relationships, some difficulties can arise if the energies of this placement are not properly handled.

First of all, the two of you may tend to worry too much about how you appear to others. This can lead you to neglect the real problems that are not visible to others, for you consider such problems to be less important. They may be more important than you think.

Second, if as individuals you are intrinsically forceful people, the energy of this position may make you come on too strong with others, which could provoke active opposition to anything you want to do as a couple. If this is the case, be careful to control your energies toward others.

For an intimate relationship such as a love affair or marriage, this is an intrinsically excellent position. It is characteristic of the first house Sun that the two of you will become very much a unit, which can bind you together closely. Assuming that in the aspects of this horoscope there are some good indications of love between you, this is likely to be a meaningful relationship.

Composite Sun in the 1st House: The two of you have little trouble in making your ideas known to each other. Your personalities are very lively together and attract attention. Do you sometimes feel like you are the life of the party? To avoid turf wars, encourage each other to develop individual goals. There is plenty of room in this relationship for both of you!

This partnership can be filled with vigor and drama. The two of you can stimulate each other to creative heights. Boredom is not a welcomed sight. You need to stay active so that the pump of your spontaneity stays primed. Each of you likely needs regular challenges in life. Taking an occasional creative risk keeps life interesting.

Life in the fast lane is your natural pace. You may be impulsive in initiating romantic and pleasurable moments together. Your type "A" personalities may need occasional shifts into type "B". Of course, it could be the other way around. Too much life in the slow lane may bring out some strange moods in each of you.

Try to alternate in yielding the right of way. This will help avoid head on collisions! You tend to draw out each other's will power in a big way. Make it a policy to have some compromise.

Do not take each other's opinions too personally. Your outspoken natures are hard to hide. It is not hard to predict you will deal with each other's anger. Take a deep breath. It's the passion you instill in each other being ignited. Procrastination does not suit either of you. It can cause missed opportunities. There are times when you will need to follow your call to action.

Being patient with each other can take practice. Give each other a chance to wear the appropriate creative outlets. You need to have exciting trails in your lives as this keeps the fires of your imaginations lit.

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Composite Sun in the 2nd House

The Sun in the second house of the composite chart is the best possible position for any business or professional relationship whose primary aim is to make money or to gather material possessions. For a personal relationship this position is neither good nor bad. However, it does mean that the relationship focuses rather heavily on material advantage, possibly at the expense of psychological, emotional, and other intangible factors.

The second house is the house of values, or rather, of things that are valued, either tangible or intangible. The Sun in this house gives you a strong drive to seek whatever it is that you collectively value. Usually these are material things, although in some cases they may be philosophical or spiritual values. The point is that you will go after whatever you want, and you are likely to succeed simply because you put so much energy into the effort.

In a personal relationship such as marriage, in which you own things together, these things will be very important to the security of the relationship. Even if you would not normally acquire property together, you may do so with this placement. Friends with this position in the composite chart may go into business together or become involved in a common living situation is which possessions such as furniture and appliances are jointly owned. However, although a second house Sun may suggest that you will live together, this is usually more characteristic of a fourth house Sun.

One danger of this placement is that there may be a conflict of values between you. If this is so, it will be a serious problem, because your relationship is based so much on values. It will not be easy for the two of you to compromise on such issues, so that it would be best to decide whether your values are compatible before you embark on any kind of joint venture. Unfortunately, the second house Sun does not necessarily indicate compatible values; it only indicates that values as such are an important issue in the relationship.

Composite Sun in the 2nd House: Increasing your financial status is apt to be important. Careful planning together can lead to great success. You have natural ability to make your money grow. Sound investment strategies can have lucrative results. Be generous in sharing your resources with one another as it keeps you in love. You tend to be proud of what you own.

Affection is something you look for in each other. It will feel odd when it is not there. You can enjoy romantic dinners and receiving flowers. Making each other feel special goes a long way to ensure happiness. The spark that brings you to fall in love is something you want to keep rekindling.

You both expect to have your opinions valued. There is a tendency to grow stubborn if you feel discounted.

You have a way of stabilizing each other. Did you feel very relaxed when first meeting each other? There is a reliable shoulder to lean on. People might perceive the two of you as possessing great poise in any kind of situation.

Entertaining others can be enjoyable. You could be known as excellent chefs. There is a flair for putting an extra touch of grace, beauty and spice into what you prepare. Your creativity expresses your sensuality.

Acknowledge each other's strengths as it leads to greater trust. You can work well together when there is a spirit of acceptance and cooperation. Learning how to explore the depths of your individual and shared values can deepen your commitment.

Composite Sun in the 3rd House

The Sun in the third house of the composite chart favors relationships in which communication and exchange of ideas and opinions are important. In business and professional relationships, this position favors associations in commerce and in the communications fields.

For a personal relationship this position has great strengths as well as great weaknesses. The strengths are as follows: You will have a strong ability to communicate, for you share many of the same ideas and opinions, and you will be able to speak openly with each other. There will be few barriers to mutual understanding, except perhaps at the emotional level. You will enjoy having good conversations with each other.

The greatest weakness of this position is that even a personal relationship will function primarily on an intellectual or mental level. It is not likely to be a very profound emotional tie. Clearly, the, the Sun in the third house is a much better position for a friendship than for a love affair. You will relate to each other by talking rather than by feelings, as a love relationship requires. When an emotional situation arises, there is the danger that you will intellectualize it or try to figure it out instead of just living through it and learning from the experience. The knowledge gained by this kind of experience cannot be replaced by logical analysis. But this is a lesson that the two of you may have some difficulty in learning, because the third house Sun inclines you to logical analysis.

There is nothing wrong with an intellectual relationship, but there are times when it is inappropriate. Fortunately, your strong commitment to communication will aid you in approaching the problems you may have to face together. Just be sure that you don't stop at the purely mental level. You should enjoy an unusually good mental rapport and be more able to talk to each other than many couples can.

Composite Sun in the 3rd House: Ideas travel back and forth quickly. Your perception of others can be fun to share. The two of you need a great deal of mental stimulation. Give each other enough room to think as individuals. There is no need to tailgate or crowd your partner's thoughts. Truly listening brings you closer to each other's hearts. Your insights into one another's lives are a real plus. Your friends find you a mentally invigorating duo with endless knowledge about a wide variety of subjects.

Flexibility brings mutual admiration. Solving a problem from unique mental angles is a snap for you. You both like to be on the go. Travel is energizing. Reading and hearing about current events is stimulating. You are both good at networking. Your mental ingenuity leaves a lasting impression on others.

Jittery nerves might distort perceptions of each other. Indecision or thinking in repetitive circles could prove frustrating. Sticking to a plan is a good remedy.

Teaching what you know can be enjoyable. You make excellent consultants. Communication is a talent that others can't help but recognize. Show your mastery in painting clear mental pictures with words.

Your minds are delighted with each new influx of fresh learning material that is hot off the press. You are probably fond of any cutting edge technology that makes communicating with others and the world at large more convenient. Keep dull moments distant strangers and you can't help but be happy together.

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Composite Sun in the 4th House

Composite Sun in the fourth house favors a strong emotional involvement. In a personal relationship, you and your partner are likely to seek out everything that you have in common - past experiences, shared tastes, standards of right and wrong, and particularly, shared ideas about home and domestic life.

The fourth is the house of your most personal and intimate life, your home, your past and origins in general, as well as your inner feelings and emotions. The Sun in this house of your composite chart will make you focus particularly upon these factors in your life together. Thus, this position favors a relationship in which you settle down together and share each other's personal lives as intimately as possible.

This is one of the best positions for marriage. It will not necessarily bring about marriage, but should it happen, your domestic life will be very important to you both. You will work very hard to create a stable home life and a personal world to which you can retire from the pressures of everyday existence.

Because this is an angular house, the position makes for a very strong relationship. This position indicates a concern for owning a home or real estate together, which may manifest itself as a desire to own land. If you live together you will not be satisfied with a small city apartment but will want plenty of room and, if possible, land.

On the psychological level, you are likely to experience profound emotions together and to become deeply involved in each other's innermost mental and emotional depths. This is not likely to be a superficial relationship. But try not to become so wrapped up in each other's psyches that you lose all perspective and the ability to see things clearly. The fourth is a subjective house, and the composite Sun there reinforces all subjective tendencies in the relationship.

Composite Sun in the 4th House: Emotional closeness and home play big parts in your lives. You can enjoy lounging around the house. Doing projects together on the home front can be satisfying. By showing the way you care, you can make each other feel very secure. It is a natural tendency to be protective of one another. A sense of knowing what the other is feeling is possible. You like to know you can really depend on your partner.

Be careful that you don't let people take advantage of your willingness to be helpers. Your generosity needs to be appreciated by others. Friends can like the way you listen to them. Individuals who are going through a personal crisis might see your home as a sanctuary.

Allowing for a few mood swings will keep life in perspective. You can draw out sudden emotional responses from each other. This need not rock the boat. Learn to talk openly about your feelings. It will make for fewer unwanted crises. Have you seen that there are few secrets you can hide for very long? If you play hide and seek with your feelings, you are likely to be found.

Getting away from your city of residence may allow the two of you a refreshing outlook. It may even speed up your processing time in making a key decision.

Operating a business from your residence is a distinct reality. You may even desire to do this together. Keep a balanced private and public life to ensure tranquillity.

Composite Sun in the 5th House

The Sun in the fifth house of the composite chart is one of the best positions for a sexual relationship, because the fifth is the house of love affairs, among other things. It is also the house of creativity, children, self-expression, amusement, and good times in general, as well as of speculation and gambling. The Sun in the fifth house gives a strong emphasis to any of these elements.

In a personal relationship, a composite fifth house Sun implies that your relationship will give you good opportunities for self-expression, for being yourself and enjoying it. You will like each other and enjoy being together. This is not truly a position of partnership, but rather of being yourself with others. For this reason, although this position is good for love affairs, it is not necessarily so good for marriage or any partnership that requires a greater feeling of oneness between you. The Sun in this house is not harmful to marriage and partnership, but by itself it does not produce staying power for the long haul. But if other positions make up for this lack, it can be quite good for marriage, especially since it gives a strong concern for children.

This is a good position for friendship because it indicates a lighthearted relationship in which you genuinely enjoy each other's company. Also, you will learn to be yourselves with others and discover more about how you affect others.

In a relationship with this placement, you must give each other room to be what you are. Fortunately a fifth house Sun usually has this capacity. If you do not give each other sufficient room, you both may feel that the other is placing clamps on your self-expression. Neither of you can remake the other, so do not try. In any case you must learn to let each other be and still stay together.

Composite Sun in the 5th House: It is easy to predict you can be true romantics in each other's eyes. Take ballroom dancing, travel to adventurous places and indulge in an extravagant meal at a fancy restaurant. Keep your life enriched by entertaining choices that allow for mutual enjoyment. Self-expression is a given in a big way here. You might find yourselves reciting lines from a Shakespearean play to each other. The clown in each of you doesn't need much encouragement. The two of you are filled with a creative spirit. Find outlets to satisfy this gift. Wear the roles that suit you. There are many.

Each of you hates to lose. Self-confidence is always near. People like to be around your partnership as it lifts their spirits. Share the spotlight. Your alliance is a lot more fun when each of you is happy. Each of you likes to be adored by the other. Give each other breathing room from time to time. A bruised ego can result if either of you feel too ignored. The two of you must have felt passionate about each other from the get go. Your communication is lively. There is a direct way of dealing with issues that might even startle your friends.

You are just plain lucky! Your business investments can be fruitful. Instincts for following the right financial hunches are indicated. Don't go overboard in trying to impress others. You both are more natural and content when operating on your own terms. Your shared will power makes things happen.

You are at your best when cheering each other onward to success. A smile, hug and words of encouragement are paths to endearment.

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Composite Sun in the 6th House

The sixth house is one of the more difficult positions for a composite Sun, because it is inherently a house of inequality. In most relationships there must be some balance between taking and giving. Even if each person does not contribute exactly the same thing, each one must contribute in equal measure, if the association is to work. But in a relationship with a sixth house Sun, one partner gives and the other takes. It is the house of your service to others and of others' service to you.

The great danger of this position is that one of you is likely to feel taken advantage of by the other. In fact, it is quite likely that each one is somehow using the other and is in turn being used, which both of you will ultimately resent. You will find yourself asking the question, "What am I getting out of this relationship?" When a question like that comes up, there are serious problems.

A sixth house relationship is one in which normal ego drives seem to be particularly disruptive. Perhaps the best way to deal with the problem may be by going into such a relationship in a spirit of service and help for your partner, with as little thought for yourself as possible. But recognize that to really do this is extremely difficult, and you will probably be deluding yourself if you try. Maybe you're just looking for warm pats on the back for your "selfless" endeavor, but even that much recognition may not be forthcoming. Remember that each of you may be doing the same thing in this relationship.

Another way of dealing with this position would be to have a common task or goal that you can work toward together. Even in this instance, accomplishing your objective should be the only reward you seek. Other rewards may come, but you must not consciously seek them, or you will endanger the relationship.

Composite Sun in the 6th House: The two of you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves to get a job done. Working together can encourage a team spirit. Following through on your mutual plans brings trust. You tend to respect people able to put their ideals and ideas into practice. The two of you learn faster through practical experience, rather than by theory alone. You don't like to waste time or money--do you? You can put your skills together into quite a resourceful package. You may teach one another ways to perfect talents. Don't be surprised if you lead your partner into new areas of expertise.

A shared sense of dedication to a cause or mission can deepen your relationship. Diet and health are probably areas of mutual concern. There might be interest in the healing arts, whether this is traditional or an alternative field. Exercising together might be a favorite pastime.

Don't compulsively focus on the imperfections you notice in each other, as this will be frustrating. It is important to stay away from over analyzing your relationship. You bring out an awareness for details in each other. Put this energy to constructive use. Your business sense is great. You can offer each other good career advice. Exchanging ideas regarding work could be mutually beneficial. Show an eagerness to learn from each other.

You both can get too caught up in work. Serving different organizations can be rewarding. Make time to relax. Plan your romantic escapes to make sure they happen.

Your relationship thrives on being well organized. You like some routine to keep you from becoming scattered. Do something different on short notice to keep life exciting.

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Composite Sun in the 7th House

The Sun in the composite seventh house is usually an excellent position for any kind of relationship in which two people are trying to work as a unit in an equal partnership. You will work together on a basis of total sharing, with each of you making your own contribution to the strength of the whole.

In most cases, this is the best position of all for either marriage or a business partnership. It denotes a complementarity that makes the whole stronger than either of the parts. Unlike a relationship with the composite Sun in the first house, the strength of your relationship is real as well as apparent to others.

One warning, however. The seventh house is the house not only of partnerships and marriage, but also of open enmities and intimate conflict. In fact, the best overall description of it is the house of intimate one-to-one encounters of any kind. With this placement, if your relationship is not going well, you may compete with each other in a way that is disruptive and produces antagonism between you. Even in a healthy relationship you can expect this to some extent, but usually such competitiveness should bind the two of you together rather than drive you apart.

Composite Sun in the 7th House: This is social consciousness at its very best! Your partnership probably attracts a wide variety of friends. Finding some time alone is not easy--get used to it! You are more than likely seen as a couple that has found just the right partner. A robust outgoing nature can lead the two of you to make bold and profitable money decisions together. Your knack for knowing the influential people, and being in just the right place at the right time, brings good luck.

There is a capacity for dynamic communication. You have an insatiable curiosity about people. Making new friends comes easily. Your energies can exhilarate the minds of others. A restless need for new experiences can stimulate creative growth.

Each of you can enjoy your own confident identities. Honest emotional sharing deepens your trust. Treat each other as equals, and your love will always radiate.

Your relationship can display tact and diplomacy almost effortlessly. You can appear comfortable when mixing with any type of social group, whether you are truly feeling confident or not.

You bring out the romantic in each other. Go to your favorite getaways. Surprising each other with unusual gifts or imaginative social events is fun.

You won't always agree on everything. Let each other feel free to speak frankly. You do not always have to say "yes" when you mean "no".

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Composite Sun in the 8th House

Composite Sun in the eighth house may give the two of you a feeling of "fatedness," that this relationship is going to play an important role in your lives, even if it is not a long term relationship. The eighth is the house of major transformations, involving the destruction of an old way of being and the birth of a new one. In conventional natal horoscopes it is the house of death. But this should not be taken to mean that a relationship with an eighth house Sun will end quickly. Instead, it will probably cause something in each of you to die and something new to be born. Obviously both of you will experience this relationship deeply.

You will be exposed to the most basic and profound aspects of your own and your partner's inner nature. In addition you will likely confront each other in such a way as to force changes in the areas of your lives that are not working out well. Both of you will experience psychological changes through this relationship.

In a sexual relationship, physical sex assumes an unusual importance, although not entirely for its own sake. Sex is likely to be seen by both of you as an experience that transcends ordinary reality- not as an escape but as something that gives greater depth to everyday life. Consequently, your attitude toward sex is not likely to be casual.

The eighth house is also the house of joint resources and property. Somewhat like the second house composite Sun, this position can give the two of you a strong drive to acquire material possessions, or it can mean that possessions are a very important element in the security of the relationship. Here again it is necessary not to overdo this emphasis, because it can distort your perspective. Emotional needs are actually more important than possessions. However, because the eighth house is more basically emotional and profoundly psychological than the second house, this is not so likely to be a source of difficulty.

Composite Sun in the 8th House: Your Sun is lighting up the 8th house. There is a capacity for your relationship to survive intense emotional situations. As a matter of fact, you both thrive on challenges. Business savvy is always within your grasp. The two of you know how to make a dollar stretch. You possess negotiation smarts. You both have better than average management skills.

There could be a shared interest in metaphysics and psychology. You both can be curious why people think the way they do. There are few subjects that scare you to discuss. You are a serious couple when it comes to making your future become a reality.

A balanced sense of power will encourage intimacy. You can become a real confidante for each other. Revealing your secrets deepens your bond. Give each other the freedom and time to explore the psychological depths of your partnership. Respect a shared need for privacy.

There may be an interest in the mysteries of life. Each of you may possess unusual intuitive gifts. Appreciating your partner's hidden emotional intensity can foster trust. Do not fear the psychological depth that could be aroused from your chemistries. Learn to settle your differences. With patience and practice, you can learn to work through any problem. Make time for pleasant experiences together. Extremes need not be a daily ritual. Be careful to not use each other unconsciously for angry dumping grounds. Forgiveness can make you feel accepted.

Jealousy and compulsive manipulation will keep your hearts separated. Take some space if it will help bring objectivity. Honest talks heal the wounds.

Rather than try to live your life through your significant other, be sure to explore your own unique gifts. Each of you will enjoy this partnership if you experience individual as well as shared power. Passion is never far from your hearts--is it? You awaken the essence of romance within each other. There might even be a bit of mystery surrounding how you first met.

Composite Sun in the 8th House: With the composite Sun in the Eighth House, your relationship centers around its magnetic fascination with the interaction itself, one that overpowers logic or convention. You have come together for the purpose of transforming yourselves in some way, and this relationship will very likely be an important turning point. In a romantic connection, this magnetism can bridge gaps that might otherwise prevent your relationship from ever happening, whether the difference be cultural, age, educational, or geographic. Your background ruling planet of the 8th House is Pluto, the most intense in the zodiac, and a harbinger of intense interaction with each other, both in bed and out. Here, your relationship reaches below societal norms to touch something deeper within yourselves, and you both emerge powerfully changed thereby. You may find an element of initiation and revelation drawing you both into a deeper exploration of yourselves. This placement can probe into your inner motivations and deep drives, and draw out profound emotions from each of you, although these may remain largely below the level of your awareness, felt but not fully seen. You benefit when you strive for a more conscious recognition of the dynamic that is driving you and, if you open to the flow, enabling your relationship to flourish as it brings about profound change in you.

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Composite Sun in the 9th House

Composite Sun in the ninth house indicates a relationship that involves the growth of consciousness. Particularly in a personal relationship, the experiences that you undergo will give you a greater understanding and insight into what is going on in your world. Together you will have a great interest in philosophy, metaphysics, religion, and all other routes to expanded consciousness and understanding. The relationship itself is likely to be quite idealistic. With the Sun in this position, a relationship between the sexes may tend to become platonic. Even if sex is involved, a platonic feeling will still be present.

The two of you will be very interested in communication and the sharing of ideas. Community of thinking is one of the dominant drives created by this position. You may travel quite a bit or at least be interested in foreign or distant places. "Travel is broadening," as they say, and you both view it as a positive force in expanding your consciousness.

For a personal relationship the only possible defect of this placement is that the relationship is likely to be more intellectual than emotional.

In a business or professional relationship this position is excellent for associations involving foreign countries, for businesses concerning travel- especially over long distances- for importing and exporting, and for intellectual enterprises such as "think tanks." This position is useful in any type of relationship because it indicates that together you have foresight and the ability to plan ahead for the long haul.

Composite Sun in the 9th House: Eclectic insights are your calling card. You don't care to waste time on dull moments--do you? Your hearts grow warmer when thinking about spending your money on travel and other adventures. Accepting most philosophies of the world comes naturally, as long as you are not expected to follow any one of them too dogmatically. You may become very devoted to a cause or belief that completely captures your imagination. The two of you love to be inspired.

Sharing a similar value system is possible. Where there are differences, don't judge one another. There is plenty of opportunity to find common ground. You will find a dream or two that must be fulfilled as individuals no matter how close in spirit you feel.

There is a great desire to seek knowledge. It is the excitement of learning that turns you on. Sharing your insights with each other stimulates cooperation. People can be moved by the enthusiasm with which you generate. Your luck and optimism can make others jealous.

It is okay to disagree once in a while. Communication will point the way back to harmony. Try to allow for differences of opinion. A narrow vision will tend to alienate.

When you feel bored, do something about it! Take a trip, go camping, buy a new book or go to the midnight movie. Learn to focus. It is easy to find yourselves going in too many directions at once! Don't worry. Neither of you is meant for heavy routine.

Let go to an eager anticipation of the future. The pursuit of new challenges is calling to you from just over the horizon. Wandering the endless paths of each other's restless imagination can lead to surprising growth.

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Composite Sun in the 10th House

A relationship with composite Sun in the tenth house is likely to be a significant one. The tenth house, one of the most important houses of the horoscope, rules overall life direction or purpose. This is manifested in such areas as reputation, career, sense of self with respect to the outside world, and the general direction that something must take in order to evolve.

First of all, this position indicates that the two of you have an identity of purpose in your lives together, or at least that you are able to help each other attain the goals you have set for yourselves. Obviously this position is particularly useful for a business or professional relationship, but it is also very important in a personal relationship. If this relationship goes anywhere at all, it will have a strong effect on your life purpose. It may help both of you to define yourselves and answer the question of who you are, or it may take you further on a path that you have already chosen. At the very least, you will feel a strong community of purpose and direction, that your egos somehow complement each other.

Since the tenth is also the house of status, some couples may become excessively concerned with how they look to others- in other words, their social image or their importance in the community- while ignoring serious emotional problems that may be destroying the relationship. With this position there is a general danger that you may be much too concerned with the outer world in general and not enough with your own subjective concerns, which are valid in their own way. This is the exact opposite of the problems that can arise with the fourth house Sun. Here the danger is that the two of you may deal with difficulties by trying to adjust matters in the external world, when their origin is within yourselves.

Even so, this placement is a good indication of an important relationship, one in which you will find a strong identity of life purpose and direction, which will enable you to work well together.

Composite Sun in the 10th House: A determination for success is accentuated. You can instill ambition and great momentum in each other! It is possible to happily share ownership in a business or other investments. You can support each other's hope to receive recognition for your abilities. You influence one another to achieve great things in life.

Your life in the public sector may be demanding and at the same time offer growth. You can fill a variety of roles, whether it is in the form of parent, job, civic leader, etc. Sharing responsibility in your relationship gives you a sense of confirmation about each other. Making time for one another creates intimacy.

Friends and strangers will likely see you as people that know what they want in life. Your lives are based on a clear commitment. Your public and private lives can be balanced with good management. Remember to be fair to each other when life gets stressful or demanding.

A lack of adaptability can cause emotional distance. Too much competition within the partnership can create instability. Respect for each other's leadership ability is a stabilizing factor. Take turns being the boss.

You are a serious couple when it comes to making your ideas become a reality. You don't like people wanting to waste your time. Discipline is something you value.

Make time for each other. The temptation to compulsively work on individual challenges can distract you from your relationship. Give one another the attention and emotional support needed. If you do, you will have a friend for life!

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Composite Sun in the 11th House

Composite Sun in the eleventh house is an excellent position for almost any type of relationship because the eleventh is the house of friends. The composite Sun here indicates that no matter what the purpose of the relationship, the two of you will be able to get along with each other.

It is an especially good placement for marriage, because in the long run, friendship is one of the most important elements in cementing a marital relationship. This position does not by itself indicate sexual attraction; that must be provided by other components of the horoscope.

The Sun in this position is a good indication that you will share common hopes and ideals for the future, and you will work together to attain them, which is a desirable trait in any relationship. In fact, shared hopes and ideals may be the main element that binds the two of you together.

The eleventh is also the house of one's social self-expression and your ability to fit into groups. A well placed eleventh house Sun indicates that the two of you can function as a small group in your own right and that together you will find it easy to relate in larger groups. When you are together, you enjoy the company of others and are glad to have people around you. This is in contrast to those couples who like to be together without others.

With this placement, even a business or professional relationship is likely to develop a strong personal dimension as well, which in most cases should aid rather than inhibit the other functions of the relationship.

Composite Sun in the 11th House: Freedom, friendship and future goals are highlighted in a big way. You inspire each other to bravely move in new directions. Your relationship tends to be goal-oriented. Riding unpredictable waves of change can simultaneously scare and thrill you. Living for the moment is more exciting to the two of you than worrying about the past. You can show an inventive streak that points the way to keeping your love refreshed. Unconventional sparks fly frequently from your minds. Peers are stimulating to your lives. People can find you to be full of surprising ideas. Unique individual goals may bring shared excitement. Your ability to work together in unusual ways might be enjoyable. A loyal friendship could be at the root of your relationship.

Mutual respect for independence encourages closeness. Both of you have a talent for bringing new life to groups or individuals. This is a partnership that helps to brainstorm alternative ideas. Each of you can enjoy following new trends. There is no real eagerness to follow in the footsteps of others.

Too much aloofness can hide emotions. A preoccupation with self-absorbed thoughts causes distance. Living exclusively in anticipation of the future can cause a disoriented present.

Support for each other's goals keeps you communicating. Share your visions of the future. Don't always walk alone in your own head. Allow each other to voice opinions. Look for new creative options to old problems. Support the freedom needs of one another, and you will have a friend forever!

Composite Sun in the 12th House

Composite Sun in the twelfth house is a significant position, but it presents challenges that many people find difficult to deal with.

It indicates that through this relationship both of you will encounter aspects of your inner selves that you would normally keep hidden from yourselves as well as from others. It is also possible that the relationship itself may be hidden from others in such a way that either they are not aware that it exists or they do not understand what it is about.

The most difficult result of this Sun placement is that it may make the relationship self-defeating for both of you, particularly if you are not completely honest with each other. Unless you disclose all secrets, they will cause one or both of you to behave in a way that will undermine not only the relationship but your own self-esteem as well.

In any personal relationship this placement demands that you thoroughly search your innermost selves to understand how previously hidden psychological traits are operating within the relationship. This encounter will make each of you grow as individuals, and the growth it can bring about is more important than your survival as a couple. If you are at all dishonest or if you shrink from the psychological truth in order to keep the relationship going, it will only serve to undermine the partnership. And a breakup brought on in this way will thoroughly destroy any possible potential for growth.

With this Sun placement, do not enter into any legally binding relationship such as marriage until you have thoroughly worked out all the hidden psychological patterns that may weaken it. This placement represents a potential for psychological repression, so separations and breakups can be particularly disastrous as the hidden pressures surface.

No one position or element in a chart is sufficient to destroy a relationship, but this position of the Sun in a composite chart is a call to be especially careful.

Composite Sun in the 12th House: Your Sun is lighting up the 12th house. Idealism, romantic atmospheres and aesthetic interests are big in your companionship. You feel wonderful when you believe in each other. Spiritual values may be a deep foundation for your relationship. Each of you can inspire the other to have faith in intangible forces. A shared devotion to causes or to values encourages intimacy.

Creative energies may lead you to explore individual or joint ventures in aesthetic expressions. Traveling to places, or participating in things that stimulate your imagination, can be mutually enjoyable. There is a capacity to enjoy the unique manner in which each of you creates a sense of beauty and inner peace.

Dedication to each other can be intense. Caring for one another during times of crisis may be powerful. Your intuitive clarity can make communication flow easily.

Do not expect each other to be gods! There will be mistakes made. No relationship is perfect, as there are no perfect people. Guilt is not a friend to either of you. Do things for each other more out of love and respect. You cannot save the other from some pain in the world. Balancing your dependency needs is a good policy to adopt. A clear sense of individual boundaries will keep your relationship healthy.

Talk! Endless silence will find you drifting apart. Communication will bring you back to a happy medium. Since you are probably very sensitized to the emotions of each other, some space can help. But do pick a time to talk! Keep realistic expectations for self and each other.

Composite Sun in Aries

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Aries gives your relationship a touch of romantic spontaneity. The two of you can display a tireless creative vitality. The keyword phrase for Aries in traditional astrology is "I am." What does this mean? You expect one another to respond quickly to your pleas for attention.

A desire for immediate gratification comes standard with this fiery sign. Neither of you need the other's permission to take action. Moving swiftly through life together is exhilarating. Getting instant results is something you expect.

Courage is a spark that gets lit in your being together. Take the initiative to conquer the circumstances that might come between you. Talk openly about your needs.

Your natural leadership qualities might find your relationship inspiring others to action. Seek a spirit of cooperation in dealing with conflict or adversity. Recognizing the territorial needs of each other will go far to establish harmony. Be brave in not giving into your individual and shared fears.

Acknowledge the strength of one another to find a sense of self. Do not run away from the natural intensity you awaken in one another. Give each other equal attention. Beware of short attention spans.

There is enough room in this relationship for your likenesses and differences. Let your competitive spirits take you to new heights.

Do you sometimes feel impatient with each other? This could be an area the two of you need to work on. Give yourselves a chance to catch up to one another during major changes. Give your partner advance warning before making a major decision.

Assertion is another key theme. You both need to feel free to express anger and to speak your mind--don't you? Denying anger could "make a mountain out of a mole hill." Carelessly invading each other's territory may produce resentment. A give-and-take attitude might help reduce stress and tension. Negotiate from the heart as well as the head.

Your creative vitality leads you to climb great heights together. But do look before you leap. Take the time to understand the inner motivation for your individual and joint actions. Enjoy the spark of confidence you bring to each other. Make each other feel important, and you have a winning combination.

Composite Sun in Taurus

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Taurus paints your relationship with a desire to seek earthly pleasures and treasures. Seeking comfort is probably a mutual desire. You can establish an alliance colored with a love accentuated with a natural closeness. The keyword phrase for Taurus in traditional astrology is "I have." There is a promise of making key acquisitions together. A desire to give to each other generously can stimulate trust. A show of affection and genuine caring will encourage a mutual sense of support for each other. A shared sense of emotional and physical wealth makes mutual trust possible. Each of you needs to have some degree of control over the finances. This will probably help maintain the peace. Money can be a touchy issue.

Show an appreciation for what is most valuable to each other. Allowing one another to feel valued fosters an enjoyable bond. Bathe in experiences that make both of you feel successful. Encourage your partner to travel on the highways of life that offer creative fulfillment. Trying new experiences is good for you as individuals and as a couple. A life with little leisure can disrupt the natural flow of your relationship. Though too much time in a slow lane offering little stimulation, can lead to a lost sense of closeness.

Enjoy being together but don't try to own each other! You need not desert your personal goals. The more at ease you are as individuals, the richer is your time together.

Learn when it is best to be stubbornly determined, and when to flow with a new course of action. Respond to your partner's need for change. Tune into the special ways each of you needs to feel loved. Share your experiences of art, music and sunrises. Worry not if each of you needs some time alone to pursue your own interests.

Your creative vitality will lead you to flow with the rhythm of your relationship. There is a sensual passion that naturally emanates in your liaison. Honor the need for individual expressions of work, beauty or self-actualization. Life will then reward you both--honest!

Composite Sun in Gemini

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Gemini gives your relationship a restless desire to move in multiple directions. The keyword phrase for Gemini in traditional astrology is "I think." Your minds together can accomplish much. The two of you can easily fan and excite each other's imaginations. There is a yearning to communicate. The thinking in your relationship is accelerated by generously sharing your perceptions with one another.

Mental sparks are constantly visible to others when in your presence. Each of you can enjoy sharing your travel history, information learned and new subjects of interest. People probably find each of you never at a loss for words. There is the curiosity that Alice found in Wonderland as the two of you guide each other into new vistas of experience. Encouraging each other to gain new insights can bring mutual admiration. The eagerness when first meeting to explore each other's mental horizons will always find you interested in your partner's life interests.

The two of you may naturally change directions quickly. Your relationship can enjoy figuring out creative solutions to life's paradoxes. It is unlikely that either of you has the time to be mentally down for long. A fondness for peers outside of your relationship can help bring in fresh energy for your active minds.

Avoid mentally exhausting each other. Nervous energy is naturally produced by your relationship--count on it! There is a lot of mental voltage! A walk, drive, yoga or aerobics may recharge your batteries.

Be careful about changing lanes constantly. A lack of focus can cause one or both of you frustration. There is a wonderful capacity to enjoy performing several different creative roles in your relationship. Beware of trying to walk too many paths simultaneously.

Your creative vitality will add plenty of nourishment to your mental and emotional sides. Your association can enrich your appreciation of life. Traveling together and sharing your ideas openly can ensure permanence to your relationship. Let your thoughts and words express your love for one another. Encourage the exploration of diversity, and life will be rewarding.

Composite Sun in Cancer

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Cancer gives your relationship a drive to establish a sense of security and emotional depth. The keyword phrase for Cancer in traditional Astrology is "I feel." This can point to a capacity to care deeply for each other. Establishing roots together helps build a sense of trust.

Have you sensed it is difficult to keep a secret from each other? If the answer is yes, it is due to the intuitive power embedded in your relationship. Each of you has the capacity to tune quickly into the needs of your partner. The safety created through feeling emotional warmth makes this a rewarding relationship. Sharing some of your innermost thoughts can bring great satisfaction.

Giving emotional support as a regular pattern facilitates communication. Trusting your instincts as a couple and as individuals helps create a strong bond.

Your shared emotional waters are as deep as the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Remember to balance the feeling side of life with some objective mental exchanges. An occasional angry upheaval is probable. The two of you will arouse some sudden profound emotional energy. If feelings of insecurity arise, you will find that some honest communication will help greatly.

It could be important to realize that this relationship is unique from previous encounters. See current partner as a new opportunity. The past can be a wise teacher. It is important to make sure previous relationships don't distort your perceptions of the present.

Home is an important theme in your lives. Each of you needs to feel your home is your castle. There could be a fondness for children, pets or plants. The two of you desire a stable home atmosphere. This is essential in feeling at home with each other. It could help at times to escape by taking a vacation. A new perspective might develop by visiting new surroundings.

Family is another key dimension of your relationship. You will need to accept the other's family members as much as possible. Loyalty to each other is something you expect.

Mood swings can appear with little notice. Emotional upsets are not the end of the world. Taking the time to reveal your emotional needs can restore equilibrium. Your psychic connection could be strong. Time apart, even for short intervals, can preserve a wonderful closeness. Some private time may help recharge your batteries. Support the individual exploration of your innermost subjective worlds.

Your creative vitality promises a wealth of imagination to explore together. Admire the unique ways each of you expresses your talents. Be supportive and you will get what you need in return!

Composite Sun in Leo

A sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Leo gives your partnership a dramatic way of expressing yourselves. The keyword phrase for Leo in traditional astrology is "I will ". You are two people very determined to put your ideas into action. There is a joint pride in your relationship. You can inspire great confidence in one another to persevere through obstacles. Your will power to make dreams happen is truly awesome! Each of you can display a passion for creative expression. It is essential that each of you must express yourselves on your own terms.

Giving each other the room to grow is important. Sharing center stage and staying clear of false pride keeps your relationship free of harmful debris. Avoiding excessive demands for attention frees both of you. Allowing each other to lead in your areas of expertise is wise. Sharing the power maintains clear perspective. Treat each other with the respect you want to receive. The warmth of an honest sharing of love lights your romantic fires. You can enjoy each other's sense of humor. There is great passion for life in your being together! Bring out each other's creative joy. Celebrate the success each of you achieves. You can be a great fan of one another.

Beware of bossiness. Sitting on a throne of bossy arrogance will leave you with no domain worth having. Try to force your will on your partner and you will likely be met with great resistance. Learn to work together with a spirit of cooperation. Together you can move mountains. Experience the warmth of your individual strength without losing sight of your partner's needs. Try to keep from letting pride come between you. Cherish each other's creative dreams and happiness will blossom. Pay attention to that which each of you views as valuable and you have a friend and lover for life. Maintain an open heart, even when your mind does not understand the other's personal goals. Your minds need to stay flexible even when in the midst of solving a problem or making major decisions.

Let your creative vitality encourage you to care about each other in the most difficult of times. Take a stand to provide warmth and tenderness. Make time for vacations and romantic atmospheres. Listen to the inner and outer dreams that get expressed after really getting to know each other. It is here that your time spent together can truly shine!

Composite Sun in Virgo

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Virgo, gives your partnership great powers of observation. The keyword phrase for Virgo in traditional astrology is "I analyze." Your two minds have an ability to discriminate reality from foolish thinking in a heartbeat.

There is a strong belief in the work ethic. Our first Virgo cave dwelling ancestors could work circles around their contemporaries. A primordial tendency of this dependable earth sign is a conscientious attitude about work and duty. What does this mean for you? Encourage each other to find a meaningful career. Learning new skills to hone a craft can delight either of you. Your business sense as a couple is probably sharp. The two of you can spot the bottom line of a business deal as fast as a cat's eyes adjust to the dark. People will find you well organized, even if you don't always think this is true. You could operate a business together successfully.

Perfection is another side of your relationship. It has been said that Michelangelo created his Pieta by carving out the imperfection that did not belong in his vision of the sculpture. What was left was a breathtaking masterpiece. Perfection is a tricky thing. The two of you must become masters at knowing when to turn it off. Keep repeating that there are no perfect people so you don't expect this from each other.

You both can display a keen eye for detail. This can turn into being a critic. Learn to acknowledge each other's good points. It's wise! See the cup as half full, rather than half empty. It will go far in making you a happy couple. Putting each other under a microscope of scrutiny makes you nervous.

Diet and health can be topics of interest. You may be running or walking in a race together to raise money for a charity. You might both believe in getting regular exercise. Walking, yoga or aerobics can be a daily ritual. A concern for each other's health comes naturally.

In your communication, have you already realized you can't change each other? Don't bother trying. Be supportive of the other's desire to grow. Work harder on the problems than on one another. Let your words and thoughts be guided by a sincere desire to support each other's most cherished ambitions. Fatigue is apt to wear down your clarity. Make sure each of you is mentally alert and awake when you need to talk about a serious issue.

Composite Sun in Libra

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign, Libra, gives you a shared desire to be a soul mate for each other. The keyword phrase for Libra in traditional astrology is "I balance." Establishing a sense of equality and unity are important aspirations. A spirit of cooperation enhances your relationship. Important friends and peers can be enriching.

Exploring the things you have in common is exciting. Sharing a fondness for the arts and life's natural beauty can bring you closer. Life can become a romantic dance. Periods of self-exploration will add deeper meaning to your time spent together.

If your schedules start to have a hectic pace, be sure to create moments of relaxation. Your relationship stimulates people to want to be involved in your lives. Finding time to be alone may not be easy. You might even need to carefully protect your schedules to find quality moments together.

Include each other on major decisions that affect each of you. Do this and you will win mutual admiration. There is nothing each of you dislikes more than being discounted.

It is not wise to project your own problems onto your partner. Learn to communicate openly about circumstances. Truly listen to each other. It will go far to keep you on the same mental wavelength.

Allow your own unique identities to blossom. Living your greatest potentials through the partner takes away from creativity. Take pleasure in enjoying the essence of individual and collective expressions.

Have fun with the creative styles of this relationship. The two of you can display artistic talent. Your friends could even have rich aesthetic backgrounds. Your social circles stretch wide and far. There is likely sensitivity regarding criticism. Talk about your differences patiently. An argument does not mean that you are wrong for each other. Express your feelings as well as your mind. Compromise could be the solution to finding the middle ground.

Your creative vitality widens your mental horizons. The feelings expressed can gracefully deepen your connection. The beauty and harmony discovered in your individual lives will bring excitement into your relationship. Make a toast to the lessons of the past and to the new lessons to be learned in the future. You make a vivacious couple. Entertaining others for business or pleasure is always at your fingertips. Your tact and flair for diplomacy are hard to rival.

Composite Sun in Scorpio

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Scorpio gives your relationship a great deal of emotional intensity. The keyword for Scorpio in traditional astrology is "I desire." This can point to a partnership with a deep passion. You can draw out the other's deepest desires to live life to the fullest. You are not satisfied with easy answers. You both probably have a need to penetrate beneath the surface appearance of things. Your minds are as tenacious and probing as detective Columbo. You might even like a bit of mystery and intrigue, now and then. The potential for a deep psychological link is indicated. The sharing of emotional and physical resources is important to each of you. Others may enjoy benefiting from the razor sharp insights both of you add to situations. Rebirth is constantly working behind the scenes of your relationship. Your relationship can undergo profound transitions. There is a tendency for the two of you to test just how far you can stretch your connection without breaking it. Each of you could be your partner's greatest ally during a crisis.

It is okay to work hard together. Do not forget to play hard as well. A compulsive focus to be good at something is a hallmark of your partnership. You instill a sincere urge in one another to achieve self-mastery. A passionate joint search for careers and wealth can be suddenly awakened.

Your relationship could have begun with passionate sex. Keeping this dimension of your life fun and alive is of interest to you both.

The sharing of money and power must be dealt with carefully. Help empower each other and you have an ally for life. Your business sense is strong. You can invest together and reap great rewards.

Do not indulge in manipulating each other. Learn to establish clear communication patterns. Keeping your needs a secret can create confusion. Silence or quiet contemplation is the way you may choose to process life experiences. Don't assume you are always understood if you make your partner read your mind. Talk!

Learn to enjoy both the intense and more at ease sides of each other. Extreme drives for intensity can create a lack of emotional stability. The passion is fine! There is nothing wrong with some anger being expressed. Be sure to spend some quality time together that is free from everyday hassles.

Do not run away when one of you is going through deep emotional states. It might help to learn some body signals when needing space or some help! Dealing with the moods created by the chemistry of your togetherness can be helpful. Learn to Forgive. Seeing that an argument is not the end of the world can help clear the air.

Your creative vitality can guide you to create a place of equal power. Realize that building trust can take a lifetime. Do not sweep problems under the rug. They will grow larger if repressed. Learn to love the simple moments. Encourage each other to explore the depths of creative expression. A mutual respect for each other's needs is the doorway to happiness and security.

Composite Sun in Sagittarius

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Sagittarius gives your relationship a happy-go-lucky life philosophy. The keyword phrase for Sagittarius in traditional astrology is "I understand." It is not enough to just be together. The two of you want to explore the meaning of life. This can find you traveling vast distances in the mental or physical worlds. You can inspire a sharing of your most noble ideas. Do the two of you sometimes feel spontaneously compelled to speak your frankest opinions? You probably encourage each other to seek knowledge.

Your tour through life as companions shows two sets of eyes eagerly searching for truth. The student in each of you is never far away. Learning is a turn on. When you first met you could have talked for hours. The pursuit of new self-discoveries is constantly whispering its tempting voice in your ears.

Your relationship has the capacity to instill faith in others. A dedication to your highest values endears you to each other. Enthusiasm is something you look for in one another. It is as essential to you as breath itself. Your bursts of optimism can inspire confidence in the most difficult of times. It's that impeccable faith you possess that brings positive outcomes, and brings others to call you lucky.

You might think that the word, options, was invented just for you. Neither of you likes to feel there is only one way to do a job. The hunger for expansive growth adds fuel to the passion for self-understanding at the heart of this relationship.

Don't judge each other! This can be tempting in the midst of idealistic fires. Express your opinions without demanding they be dogmatically followed. The four lane highways of Sagittarius need not be traveled as though they have converged into one. There is room on this super highway for opposing opinions.

Why expect the impossible? Share your needs and desires but try to avoid looking for unrealistic miracles. Your partner is not perfect, but still has some great qualities. You both dislike hiding your feelings. Some tact in asking for needed changes may be better than always being direct.

Try to avoid biting off more than you can chew. It's impossible to be all things to all people. Juggling too many life directions could put a lot of tension on the relationship. Several paths are fine. Just make sure there is a regular meeting place where your minds can meet.

Your faith in each other can move mountains. There is a sincere desire to get to know one another on the most intimate of levels. Communication is your greatest ally. You influence your partner to confidently express creativity. Your creative vitality inspires positive thoughts about life and each other. Your shared love in living zestfully is contagious. You are natural romantics needing little encouragement to seek happiness. You can be fulfilled in walking through new exciting doorways together.

Composite Sun in Capricorn

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Capricorn points to a durable partnership. The keyword for Capricorn in traditional astrology is "I use". This means you like to put into action what you know. Each of you may enhance the strength of the other. A shared sense of responsibility in dealing with life circumstances emanates from the core of your relationship.

You possess a keen sense of reality. There is a no nonsense tone surrounding you. Each of you wants this relationship to be clearly defined from the beginning. Managing your time efficiently comes easily. There is tremendous follow through from start to finish.

You expect to be supported in the roles you choose to act out, whether this is in the form of career, parent or civic leader. A commitment to the love you cherish encourages intimacy.

Trust will come with the passing of time. Individual self-reliance can combine nicely with shared leadership. Both of you prove trustworthy in each other's eyes. Peers may admire your determination to work through problems. You may influence each other to delay in taking a risk until it is very safe to do so. When the two of you make a major change, it can be done with tremendous conviction.

Watch out for acting too controlling. It will cause barriers to surface between you. Be harder on the problems than on each other. Your serious sides may need occasional lightening-up! Be careful about letting the feeling side of life become a stranger.

Learn to delegate some responsibility away from the relationship. Make sure there is time for each other. Active and ambitious lives outside of the home are very possible. A hard-working ethic may be a shared value. Be careful that neither one of you is a constant workaholic. Paying some attention to your private life will ensure balance. A fear of rejection or commitment will create considerable distance. Learn how to make each other feel comfortable. Each of you may need some solitude to maintain perspective.

Rigidity could be a nemesis. Learn to be flexible even when it is difficult. Leave room for new growth in the relationship. It is okay to enjoy the stability of the past. You probably have a respect for history and tradition. Do not fear change. See it as a new opportunity.

Your creative vitality can guide you to accomplish much together. Your focus on being a successful couple is tremendous. You take responsibility more serious than most. Discipline is likely something worth developing in your eyes. You can be the rock of Gibraltar in each other's lives. Acknowledge your partner's attributes and your days together will blossom.

Composite Sun in Aquarius

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Aquarius gives your relationship a spark of individuality and progressiveness. The keyword for Aquarius in traditional astrology is "I know." Each of you can surprise the other with new insights. Sudden change and spontaneous ideas awaken the creative energy of your relationship. A search for unique paths is a constant desire. Individual and shared visions for the future may be exhilarating. Communication is usually invigorating.

Peers may be unconventional. The groups associated with can border on the unusual. Each of you can be the catalyst to get a group to move into a new direction. A mutual respect for independent thinking goes far to deepen your connection. Giving equal support to goals is endearing. Helping each other reach objectives without interfering with individual autonomy brings trust. Showing you care without giving unsolicited advice encourages intimacy.

Your life together is apt to be filled with experimentation and exciting experiences. The inventor and rebel in each of you stimulate lively discussions. There can be a dislike of routines. You might not care for strict schedules.

Excessive intellectual aloofness might make you feel distant. Hiding emotional insecurity behind a show of mental strength can drive a wedge between you. Coming out from behind fears brings a great closeness.

Eccentric natures can be entertaining to each other and to your friends. You both can enjoy surprises. People with individualistic outlooks are fun to be around.

Freedom must be balanced. It is important that neither of you be an extreme follower of the other. This relationship thrives on mutual independence. Freedom does not mean we can always get our own way. A "different just to be different" attitude or extreme aloofness can cause tension.

Communication breakdowns must be fixed. Sometimes space will help bridge the gulf and restore a clear perspective. Each of you can arouse new perspectives, as well as a lot of nervous energy! Expressing your insights can help settle the differences.

Your creative vitality can guide you in the giving and receiving of support. Both of you need to feel you can fulfill your individual destinies. Enjoy being friends and lovers in this adventurous and sometimes unpredictable partnership. Your love for each other is electrified when you delight in the treasures you find as individuals and as a couple.

Composite Sun in Pisces

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Pisces gives your relationship a large dose of romanticism and idealism. The keyword phrase for Pisces in traditional astrology is "I believe." There can be unlimited faith in one another. You may intuitively understand each other. Both of you might easily encourage and appreciate the romantic sides of one another.

There can be an admiration shown for each other's beliefs. Sharing your highest ideals deepens your closeness. Creativity may leap out at you in this relationship! A shared love for aesthetics and nature scenes encourages intimacy. Supporting each other's dreams can build trust. Escape from the stresses of everyday life could be of importance to each of you.

There may be few walls separating your subconscious minds. Learn to enjoy each other's self-discoveries. A shared belief in intuitive forces can make both of you great watchers of life. There is the possibility each of you feels you have found your soul mate. Your meeting one another may have seemed magical or destined.

One or both of you may know certain events before they occur. Expressing your compassion and empathy teaches you to love each other.

Your paths may often dance together. There will be times when you will dance alone. Whether doing a solo performance, or operating as a duet, the emotional distance that separates you is not great.

Do not forget to talk to each other! Don't assume your partner can read your mind or mood. There can be false assumptions about each other. Clear communication blended with intuition can maintain balance.

Divine discontent may drive you to find excessive flaws in one another. Realize there are no perfect people. It is okay to question actions that hurt you. Keep criticism within reason. Avoid standards for self and each other that are impossible to reach.

You need not tip toe around one another. Be more direct than too passive in your communication. It will ensure putting your mutual dreams into motion. Talking gives each of you more of a sense of being grounded and focused. Dependency needs need to be balanced. Rejoice in the emotional and physical well being promoted by realistic expectations of each other. Denying issues or problems does not make them magically disappear. See your partner as a real person rather than an idealized version. Mixing some reality with idealism brings harmony.

Learn to share your highest values. Time spent together at romantic places fosters intimacy. Allowing each other to pursue individual paths makes being together that much more fulfilling.

Your creative vitality inspires a search for unity and peace. Working productively as a team gives you the confidence to face one challenge after another. You will not always understand your partner's world. Enjoy the happiness in watching each other grow. Celebrate those special shared milestones.