Composite Sun conjunct Composite Uranus

With Sun conjunct composite Uranus in the composite chart, this relationship will challenge the very core of your beings. All your ideas about yourselves and how you fit into other people's lives, as well as life in general, will be tested very severely. If you are strong and secure in yourselves, you both will learn a tremendous amount through this relationship. But if you are not strong, you will probably find it somewhat frightening. Do not expect this relationship to follow any particular established patterns, for you will define for yourselves new behavior patterns that fit only the two of you. If you are looking for a conventional, predictable relationship, you will probably be disappointed. In a marriage, for example, you would both have to be very open. Your only goal must be each other's happiness, not adherence to community standards. Any effort to force each other into an ordinary marital pattern will create such a feeling of frustration that you both will want to wander elsewhere. This is also true for nonmarital love relationships. If you are friends, be prepared to surprise each other frequently with new facets of yourselves. If you find this relationship frightening or upsetting, you should examine your expectations and try to determine whether you are a victim of rigid thinking. However, even with the best will in the world and the most open consciousness, a relationship such as this may not last. Indeed, permanence is one of the concepts frequently challenged by Uranus. Make as few demands as possible on the relationship, assume an open attitude, and allow yourselves to be changed and opened up by the experience.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Uranus: True individualists you are! This is a romance that probably got into an instant take off. Your minds are in the habit of eagerly looking toward the future. You make each other feel that freedom is your birthright. A progressive bent is in your thinking. New technologies capture your interest. Your shared ideas move others to think more openly. A tendency to be aloof will occasionally make you seem distant. It is communication that can restore closeness. Don't overly intellectualize your feelings. Your friends are probably numerous. It is the insightful approach the two of you display that others find attractive. An inventive streak runs as strongly through your relationship as does a rebellious one. Let your partner discover their personal autonomy. It is a door to happiness and contentment that can never remain shut. Equality is the flag you must fly at high mast!

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Composite Sun sextile Composite Uranus

The sextile of composite Sun and Uranus indicates that this relationship will seek out a path of it's own, defining new standards of behavior and changing your thinking. While most relationships are very much restricted to the two individuals involved, this one will be open to contact with others, almost as if you must share what you have with as many people as possible. if it is a sexual relationship, therefore, it will be quite open and free. A friendship with this configuration will constantly challenge and stimulate the world-views of you both and of those around you. Even if neither of you is particularly unconventional, you will be amazed at the new aspects of life and experience that this relationship will open up.

There will be a continuing exchange of ideas and new concepts between you, always lively and stimulating. And the more you allow this exchange, the better the relationship will be. Otherwise you both will find that you are easily bored and restless in each other's company. Don't allow laziness or fear of experimentation to let this partnership fall into conventional patterns. To do so would weaken something that should be a highly stimulating and creative experience for both of you.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Uranus: Your minds move with precision-like speed. The accuracy isn't usually that far off the mark. Ideas that are in touch with current trends form automatically in your thoughts. Things that can move fast fascinate you. The element of surprise means a lot to your everyday happiness. You are a catalyst for stimulating inventive thinking in your partner. If you tend to make one another nervous, a little exercise, or a positive mental distraction, could help. You can be a real asset for one another in figuring out future plans.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Uranus: With this aspect between composite Sun and Uranus, your relationship has an eccentric and uniquely idealistic quality. This aspect indicates an independent and strong-willed relationship. You two are determined to do things your own way, and love freedom from conformity. Together, you tend to explore all things new and unusual as a matter of course. You don't have to go out of your way to find them; they tend to find you first. You likely support each other to start new projects, or make major changes in your lives, and you share the gift of transforming yourselves without completely eliminating previous foundations. Together you tend to rebel against the norm, and generally do so with style. You have the capacity to support each other in inventing new approaches and developing original thinking. This way you help each other to push the envelope of conventionality. In a romantic context, your relationship may need lots of space. Give each other a long leash, and you are likely to find a rhythm that includes regular time both together and apart, allowing fruitful continuity. Your penchant for the new, the unusual, and the downright quirky will add much adventure to your life together. You two are ultramodern in outlook, and tend to bring new ideas into being on behalf of your larger community. Your task is to fully express your visionary impulses together and make them more concretely available in your own lives, and in the larger world.

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Composite Sun square Composite Uranus

Sun square Uranus in the composite chart means that this relationship will be the source of many surprises for you, some of which will be quite difficult to deal with.

Most important is the problem of instability. You are likely to find that this relationship makes one or both of you extremely restless, impatient, and likely to behave in ways that fly in the face of tradition. Clearly this is not a relationship in which either of you can be possessive; you must give each other maximum freedom. And if this results in one of you drifting away to someone else, then it is the way it must be. This aspect is not especially good for any relationship, such as marriage, that involves traditional expectations. Marriage is possible, but it would require much more flexibility than most people have.

A persistent difficulty that you may have to face is the nervous, electric quality in your interaction with each other. This quality will make it difficult to relax and take it easy when you are together. On the other hand, at least you will never be bored with each other.

This relationship must be allowed to take its own course, unhampered by restrictive expectations. Even so, it will probably be a very unstable and unpredictable experience.

Composite Sun square Composite Uranus: You are not "always" going to see eye-to-eye on key goals. Count on it! There is friction if you don't allow for individuality to be expressed. You can't get your own way all the time--you can anticipate this as well! When you put those unique ideas together, the future does look so bright, that you do need sunglasses. Be ready for the unexpected. Life together attracts unusual happenings. Surprises and sudden change of direction are more likely than a stable existence. Excitement seems to bring out your best creative energies. Keep watering the places where you find harmony. You will need them to ground your unique personal drives for self-expression. Before making significant changes, make sure they are really necessary. A tornado-like restlessness can entice you into questioning what comes easy. You can forge ahead into terrain in this relationship that you may never have explored on your own.

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Composite Sun trine Composite Uranus

Sun trine Uranus in your composite chart means that you will be strengthened by seeking out new paths of self-expression together. Do not allow your relationship to fall into conventional patterns; instead, explore new ideas, new horizons. If you can, you should travel to new places to find experiences together that would not be possible outside your relationship.

If this is a love relationship, you should keep yourselves open to encounters with others. Narrow conceptions of fidelity or possessiveness should not prevent you from having valid relationships outside of this one. However, this should not be interpreted as a license to be dishonest with each other.

On the contrary, this encounter calls for even higher standards of honesty. you must be honest not only with each other but with yourselves at all times. in this way, as you come to each new experience, you will be able to deal with it openly, not from a fearful or narrow position. Be assured that this relationship will expose you to new areas of life with each other and within yourselves.

Composite Sun trine Composite Uranus: A wonderful feeling of friendship runs through your romance. It is a relief to have a confidante when you need one. You both enjoy friends with a positive demeanor. Confidence can come from encouraging each other to pursue greater aims. You both have a way of making those you care about feel more at ease. Groups and peers may promote your talents. The two of you can discover exhilarating goals. When you pay attention to one another your communication is clearer. Exploring a unique hobby together could be fun.

Composite Sun quincunx Composite Uranus

Throughout your relationship, there will be unusual events, sudden turnabouts, unexpected intrusions, and surprises, which may prevent you from following through on some of your joint plans or settling into a steady, reliable pattern with one another. There may be a disjointed, unnerving sense of uncertainty, but if you are both fairly adaptable and open, you may be able to ride through the ups and downs. A sense of humor will be a requirement!

If one of you becomes restless, it is important to be absolutely truthful and up-front about the changes you want to make, rather than becoming unreliable and acting out erratically. You may find to your surprise that the other person is restless too, and willing to try something radically different.

You won't be able to avoid change in this relationship; how you deal with it will determine the success of your togetherness.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Uranus

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