Composite Sun conjunct Composite Saturn

Sun conjunct Saturn is a very powerful aspect in a composite chart. It indicates that you have come together to have an important learning experience. Nothing else matters very much, really. Your relationship may or may not be long-lasting or ultimately satisfying in terms of what you now expect of it. The dynamics of the relationship will change your expectations.

The experience of this relationship may expose you to truths about yourselves that you would rather not face, which may cause you to be discouraged. But instead of reacting negatively, try to learn about yourselves, even about your shortcomings and weaknesses. The point is not to judge yourselves or each other, but to see clearly and with detachment and then try to make changes where necessary.

In many respects you may find this relationship confining and limiting. You must ask yourselves whether the relationship is giving you a necessary discipline that you would not otherwise have. Or is it cutting off legitimate self-expression that is really an intrinsic part of you? You may be inclined to feel that the latter is the case, but be careful. It may well be that you do need this discipline and that you are not facing your responsibilities. If you need this experience, the relationship may last a lifetime. But if it is really too confining, it will probably not last very long. A Sun-Saturn conjunction can operate either way.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Saturn: You are wisdom personified. There is business sense throughout your relationship. Determination does not begin to describe you. A willingness to endure delayed gratification can be a mutual agreement regarding certain objectives. Be sure to make time for fun and celebrations. Your commitment can be solid as a rock. It only needs to start with a small seed of trust. Facing problems together is halfway to the solution. Include rather than exclude your partner's input on the big decisions. Strategies define your reality. People will be hard pressed to out bargain you. Don't always push yourselves to be type A personalities. Your accomplishments will likely be many. It's okay to be aware of your negatives--don't dwell on them. The focusing power at your disposal is immense. Share the leadership roles, as this will make you happier.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Saturn

The sextile of composite Sun and Saturn gives a sober and rather restrained tone to your relationship but at the same time makes it stable. Other relationships may be more flamboyant and uninhibited, but with a Sun-Saturn sextile, yours will probably outlast them, assuming there is a basic attraction between your personalities.

This relationship should give your life a sense of stability and positive structure, as well as knowledge of where you stand with each other. If either of you is inclined to be impulsive or to act rashly, this aspect indicates that you will have a positive restraining effect upon each other. It will teach you a lot about yourselves and will have a great effect on the way you think about things. But in this strength there is a possible danger. With this aspect you can get so set in a rigid thought pattern that as a couple you do not grow at all. Don't allow the structuring tendencies of Saturn to become rigid. If you can maintain some degree of flexibility, this relationship should work out quite positively, even though it will be comparatively quiet and restrained.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Saturn: Your playful and work natures can happily coexist. It is confirming to watch your serious plans come to fruition. Discipline comes easily when you are enjoying your pursuits. A spirit of being on the same team makes getting projects accomplished simpler. An acceptance of responsibility is something you both see as in your best interests. Don't get too caught up in busy work. Stay aware of the large picture. You are a result-oriented combination. Success always seems within your grasp, whether it comes quickly or slowly.

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Composite Sun square Composite Saturn

Composite Sun square composite Saturn is likely to present some problems. First of all, it is an indication that your lives are presently at cross purposes to each other. It may be that you get in each other's way and then are not flexible enough to let the other do what he or she wants. One of you is very likely to become a repressive influence upon the other, constantly criticizing and condemning. There is a real question as to whether or not you can accept each other as you are.

It would be good if creative changes could occur spontaneously in each of you that would make your relationship more stable and pleasant, but you should not make this a condition of the relationship. you must be able to accept each other here and now, although this aspect makes it difficult to do that.

Try to avoid criticizing each other excessively, and do allow more freedom of self-expression. If you really cannot accept each other's annoying characteristics, it is probably best to get out of the relationship. The interpersonal warfare that this aspect can bring about will make you less complete as a couple than you are separately. And the only valid reason for a relationship is to make your lives more complete together than they are individually. Too much criticism and tearing each other down may make that impossible.

Composite Sun square Composite Saturn: Your wills can clash louder than someone in an orchestra striking two large cymbals together can. Don't despair. It only means you need to get good at avoiding collisions. You must negotiate. When the two of you have focuses for this dynamic energy, you are a success story. Without any solid plans, life won't be much fun. Your ambitions could take time away from one another. If you both don't mind this occurring, there is less tension. Control issues could surface. If they do show themselves, clear communication may save you from intense, exhausting debates. You bring out each other's strength. It feels better to be moving in the same direction than always lobbying for separate agendas. A tenacious desire to realize your creative heights can be displayed.

Composite Sun square Composite Saturn: This aspect gives a deepening and concentration, or a blockage, in the capacity for the relationship to express itself. You may find yourselves wondering from time to time, are we committed or not? This relationship tends to go through periods of low energy, when it seems to go nowhere, or when you just don't see each other much at all. Other times, you two can create one of the most ambitious teams around, and may actually leave some mark behind in the world. Look to the placement of the signs and houses involved as to how this ambition might materialize. When your relationship experiences a period of depression or dormancy, it benefits you to learn to let go and stay positive, trusting that it will pick up again when the time is right.

Composite Sun trine Composite Saturn

Your creative confidence and serious focus are residing under productive stars. There is a talent in moving together without crowding each other's style. You have a healthy respect for the effort each makes in work and love. If your drive for success gets sleepy, you only need to remember the true purpose for your plans. Others can admire how the two of you casually act like you are on top of your game. Watching your partner reach highest potentials elevates your own determination. You may be seen as role models by some.

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Composite Sun quincunx Composite Saturn

Circumstances beyond your control and not of your choosing may intrude themselves upon you two, and prevent you from having as full a relationship as you would wish. You may have to overcome great odds in order to be together, or simply find that other duties, obligations, and commitments don't enable you to be together as much as you would like. Beware of reinforcing thoughts of gloom and doom, struggle, or "we can't", and try to focus instead on what you do enjoy about one another and your relationship. Inevitably, there will be lacks, gaps, regrets, or missing elements in your relationship, but if you concentrate on what IS working, you'll have a better chance of overcoming those difficulties.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Saturn

Sun opposition Saturn in the composite chart presents real problems. Among them are: lack of mutual understanding, temperaments so different as to cause difficulties, a tendency to work against rather than with each other, a tendency for one of you to inhibit and limit the other unnecessarily, and excessive criticism of each other. With energies of this sort, it is most difficult to make a relationship work properly.

The greatest danger is in criticizing and limiting each other. The one who is temperamentally stronger is quite capable of depriving the other of any strength he or she might have. Because of this, the relationship can gradually make both of you less strong than you would be otherwise.

It is possible for a relationship with this configuration to survive, but several conditions must be met. First, criticism must be limited to really important problems and not be allowed to turn into constant carping and harassment. Second, the relationship should be open enough so that you can get away from each other in your daily lives and lessen the tension between you. Third, the two of you must broaden your viewpoints and become more tolerant of what you reject in each other. And fourth, aside from the problems you may cause each other, you must have feelings of genuine love or friendship for each other.

If you cannot meet these four conditions to a considerable degree, it is unlikely that your relationship will survive or be of any real benefit to you in the long run.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Saturn: You like things clearly defined between you. Acting responsibly is what you expect. People respect your dedication to excellence. There is much staying power in your creative efforts. Your commitment to one another is based largely on trust. An ambitious streak runs throughout your relationship. Career drive is strong. Each of you will try to do any roles you assume, to the best of your ability. This is a more serious tone in being together. Flexibility will take you further than rigidity. Helping promote your partner's key success drives makes you difficult to live without. Don't try to impose conditions on one another. You will be happier to let each other find their own footing in the partnership.