Composite Sun conjunct Composite Pluto

The conjunction of composite Sun and Pluto signifies that this relationship will have very deep and long lasting effects on you, for Pluto rules deep, profound, and inevitable transformations.

This aspect will work in one of two ways. The first possibility is that your relationship will have a very profound effect on other people. You may find that together you can control and manipulate others in ways that would never be possible individually. The effects of Pluto are always powerful. Use that power carefully, because if it misused, others will respond violently and join together to put you down.

The second possibliity, which may happen quite independently of the first, is that the relationship will have a profound internal effect and cause you both to go through important changes and transformations. Pluto rules depth psychology and psychotherapy in general, for the aim of these techniques is to bring about a thorough regeneration of the self. This relationship may have that kind of effect on both of you.

One warning, particularly for love relationships and marriages! At times you both will feel that everything is collapsing and that the whole relationship is over. With a strong Pluto, this may simply mean the beginning of a major change; when it is complete you may enter a new phase that will be better than ever for both of you. Try to be patient when such crises occur. You can't afford to act impulsively.

Composite Sun conjuncte Composite Pluto: You are a couple that can excel in conducting business with each other and with the world at large. Making swift decisions can typify your relationship. The two of you can bring out each other's stubbornness. It's no use in trying to force opinions on your partner. It results in match to gasoline--doesn't it? Don't hide too many feelings. They will erupt later. Talk out your issues. Argue if needed. Venting frustration is better than sitting on it. Significant financial gains are within your reach. Saving and budgeting go hand-in-hand for both of you. People may envy your closeness. Seek to mutually empower one another, and you will be tight companions. Intense emotions represent the passion you arouse in each other. You influence one another to process events long after they occur. It's your way of reasoning. Your friends and some strangers might believe you are a charismatic duo. Your bond is a tough one to break. The ties are deep.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Pluto

The sextile of Sun and Pluto in the composite chart indicates that there is a powerful force for regeneration and growth in this relationship. Concretely, this aspect makes it possible for the two of you to revive your relationship after periods of difficulty, either between the two of you or between you as a couple and the outside world. It gives you staying power.

At the same time this aspect ensures that the experience of this relationship will have a strong effect on your views of the world and your ways of thinking about it. For the most part, these effects should be positive, involving greater understanding of yourselves as individuals and as partners in a relationship. You will continually be made aware of new aspects of yourselves, as they are brought to the surface and examined by both of you. In most respects this is a serious relationship, meaning that you will be involved with each other at a very deep and profound level.

It may be that others will be somewhat afraid of the level of intensity between you, but don't pay any particular attention to their fears. They will come to see that there is nothing to be afraid of. The changes brought about in you through this relationship are good, necessary, and are natural products of your own evolution.

Be prepared for the fact that your normal patterns of doing things will be altered by this relationship. This aspect signifies that new insights about yourselves will be revealed to you, but do not be afraid to deal with them. The results can only be good for both of you.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Pluto: Persuasiveness is at your disposal whenever the two of you want to be convincing. People can enjoy the passion with which you express yourselves. You have a capacity to work through differences in a flowing manner. Your dynamic energy takes you to high places. You are more successful when not doubting yourselves. Business risks can be well planned. Making decisions together is not that taxing. Your material gains together can be thrilling. A relaxed way of carrying yourselves can make you appear self-assured.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Pluto: This aspect between composite Sun and Pluto signifies a powerful intensity of connection between you. This relationship is likely to change your whole life. Pluto's presence may express itself as an almost compulsive joint urge for self-transformation in each of you, and the relationship may itself go through many changes, as you transform both individually and in the way that you express yourselves as a unit. This may be a large part of the reason that you have come together, and together you have tremendous capacity for regeneration and rebirth. There is a strong force magnetizing your involvement with each other and an inclination to stay absorbed in the relationship as long as it lasts. You may have experienced a fated quality when you first met, a feeling of recognition that you perhaps belong to the same tribe, or come from the same far away place. If this is a romantic relationship, you may find that you use your sexuality to play with and work through power issues. In a business partnership, you tend to drive hard, and can work single-mindedly as a team to pursue joint goals and to easily establish your place in the market. Whatever the basis for your relationship, it benefits you to train your considerable energy on the cultivation of the yin qualities of vulnerability, surrender and cooperation. As you learn how to get out of your own way and to treat each other with kindness, you surrender control while maintaining your powerful focus in a more conscious manner. Then your relationship can become a focal point for the transformation of society itself.

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Composite Sun square Composite Pluto

The square of composite Sun and Pluto indicates that this relationship will have profound effects, but they will not be especially easy. This combination signifies power, and in its simplest and most blatant form it usually means power struggles between you. The problem is that one of you has a strong desire to transform the other into something that he or she is not. Even if a change is called for, the style in which it is done is likely to provoke the other partner to active opposition.

Pluto always operates on a relationship at a very deep level. There is absolutely nothing superficial about its operation. If this aspect is one of many that indicate conflict, then this will certainly be a difficult relationship. If other aspects are more harmonious, the effects of this one will be less destructive. But the relationship will still be experienced as a very intense and deep transformation through and by each other. Even if you are not trying to change your partner, you will. And the changes will be felt from the innermost reaches of your lives.

One problem that can arise with this aspect is a serious conflict of life directions. It is not simply that you have different courses to pursue in your lives, but that your life directions actually conflict. This is likely to be the source of considerable ego conflict between you.

The only way to deal with the energy of this aspect is to avoid all ego games. Confine yourselves to real sources of conflict and don't indulge in mutual harassment over small matters that you do not really care about but are using to score points at the other's expense. There will be enough real issues to deal with that you will not need to invent any.

Composite Sun square Composite Pluto: You can accomplish wondrous things together. A clash of wills may operate behind the scenes. You make good problem-solvers but likely have a different way of arriving at the same conclusions. It can grow frustrating if you waste time bickering over inconsequential details. You might grow jealous when one of you seems to have an easier life than the other does. This is an intense side of your relationship. Use it wisely. It feels like a blessing when you put your forceful energies to productive use. If you work against one another, it gets exhausting. When you talk through an issue, it empowers you. Be generous with your money and possessions. It will deepen your trust. Equal power is a must. You both come out on top when you feel like winners. Turning negative situations into positives shows you are a couple exhibiting self-mastery.

Composite Sun trine Composite Pluto

The trine of composite Sun and Pluto is a sign of an emotionally intense relationship that will transform you both for the better if you learn to move with its flow.

Your overall life attitudes and philosophy will be very much affected by the emotional and psychological changes brought about by this relationship. The effect on both of you will be as profound as could be achieved through any kind of therapy or psychological analysis. Pluto rules psychological transformations, and you can be sure of profound changes wherever Pluto in involved.

Not only will this relationship change you inwardly, it will also have a visible effect on your personalities and the way you express yourselves to others.

This is not an extremely difficult aspect to deal with, but if you are seeking a casual, lighthearted relationship, it would not be good. Because of Pluto, it will be a significant partnership and not light in tone, although potentially quite creative.

In a sexual relationship, the effect of Pluto is to increase the emotional intensity as well as the emphasis on sex. the interest in sex will not be just for physical reasons, but also for the profound emotional effects that go with it. You both feel that sexual contact is an experience that affects you at all levels of your being and enables you to transcend ordinary reality. This attitude makes sex much more important to the two of you than it would be to others.

Composite Sun trine Composite Pluto: You instinctively know how to make each other feel important. When one of you feels good, you both do. There is a self-assured side to both of you. Getting away from stress brings out the romantic in you. A pride in what you accomplish is evident to others. Business sense is grounded and has a way of leading you to good investments. You can enjoy the security of having an ally that can be counted on. Remember to reward yourselves at regular intervals for the hard work you do.

Composite Sun quincunx Composite Pluto

There will come periods in your relationship, especially if it is a long one, when totally unexpected, uncontrollable events, or a strange twist of fate, will intrude and force you to face some deep pain or difficulties. You may lose something precious to you in an unexpected way. Inevitably, some darkness or deep loss will shape your relationship. This may bring you very close together, or drive you apart.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Pluto

In a relationship with composite Sun opposition Pluto, the most difficult problem will be power struggles. At times such a relationship will seem more like a competition than a love affair, marriage, or friendship. And there is a real danger that if this relationship breaks up it will degenerate into open warfare.

One or both of you must learn to curb your desire to dominate the other. Even if you justify your need to dominate as being for a good cause, still it must be curbed. When the power of Pluto is misused, the response tends to be violent, and no matter what you think, with this aspect the power is likely to be misused.

It is also possible that together you may stir up opposition from other people. The energy that this aspect brings out often makes others afraid of what is going on between you. This possibility, however, is not so great as the chances of conflict within the relationship.

There is a danger that through struggles for domination one of you may emerge so much the loser that you will not easily be able to recover a sense of pride and self-confidence. You must be quite careful about any relationship that has this aspect in the chart. Although it may not be impossible by any means, the dangers described above must be watched for.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Pluto: A deep understanding of one another can develop. Few secrets can be withheld from your penetrating gazes. Your creative power multiplies in this relationship. It is difficult for people to not notice your passion. When you first encountered each other, there may have been a sense of destiny in meeting. Let go of your differences, as you will never change your partner. The two of you can usually get what you want. Be careful what you ask for in life. Why? Because you are apt to get it! You will be good for each other during a crisis. You sense when and how you are needed. Talk from the heart. Keep manipulation a distant stranger. There will be those saying you are not easy to get to know. This may be true. Reveal your feelings to one another and you remain close lovers. Passion was there from the start. The fire stays lit through honoring each other's search for personal power. Money disagreements can surface. Be fair in negotiating. Move more toward reconciliation than discord. You bring out the survivor in each other. Toast fond memories.

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