Composite Sun conjunct Composite Neptune

With Sun conjunct Neptune in the composite chart, there is either a lot of idealism or much self-delusion in this relationship. The challenge you face is to determine which of these is true in your case and come to terms with the reality.

Note that if idealism is carried too far, it comes very close to self-delusion. it is one thing to have a strong sense of how things ought to be. But it is something else if you believe that your ideals are being met when they are not.

At any rate you will probably feel that the two of you have a highly spiritual union, which may in fact be so. This aspect can indicate a soul union in which the two selves are so perfectly matched that verbal communication is unnecessary. But it can also mean that you only believe this is true, even when it is not. The action of Neptune is very nonphysical, so that a love union under its influence is likely to be platonic rather than physical.

The second possibility, that of self-delusion, simply means that the two of you are not confronting each other but instead are projecting visions of what you want on your partner. One manifestation of Neptune in a relationship is that one of you may try to 'save' the other from himself or herself. This is especially true if one of you has a severe psychological or physical problem that the other tries to cure. Often there is a strong martyr quality in such a relationship.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Neptune: You capture the romantic imagination of one another in a big way. People may see you as the perfect match. There may be a touch of glamour in your partnership. Believing in each other elevates your creativity to new heights. Imagination is your lifeline. Falling in love can happen in a heartbeat. The magnetic pull in your hearts is strong. You can't always do everything right for your partner. But you will probably try to do so. There is mystery surrounding you both. Maybe it's the way you make others wonder what you are really thinking. A mutual fondness for the arts can occur. Your highest values and belief systems are a source of your unity. Staying grounded to reality is not your first thought. Following your intuitive feelings is often the way you travel together. Escaping to each other's favorite getaways is rejuvenating. You depend on one another for inspiration. Your ideals are inspirational. A shared interest in helping others is highlighted.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Neptune: With this conjunction between composite Sun and Neptune, your relationship has vision and creativity, with a high degree of sensitivity between you. You will find that your connection has an unworldly, ethereal side. There is an important spiritual connection that you share, and that may even be the reason that you have come together. You two bring out a softhearted quality in each other, and you may have to be careful that you don't sacrifice too much of yourselves in helping others. Your relationship thrives in its subtle body, but you may begin to suffer if you expect it to bear fruit in the material plane. There could be issues of idealism or fantasy, perhaps even outright deception that you will mutually work through in the course of this partnership. In a romantic relationship, you are likely to share an interest in art or music. You may find that you daydream together easily and well, and that you enjoy sharing fantasies. Just try to be sure you remember the difference between sharing your fantasies and living inside of one. The otherworldly energy of Neptune must be used in ways consistent with its visionary possibilities, or it will turn against itself. When you do find expression for the mystical force you share between you, tremendous creativity is possible, perhaps manifested through artistic channels: music, drama, or poetry.

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Composite Sun sextile Composite Neptune

With composite Sun sextile composite Neptune, your relationship tends to be very idealized. In some ways it is best suited to a friendship, because it tends to make a love relationship platonic. But if both of you are on a spiritual path, this aspect will reinforce your efforts to be together.

No matter what kind of relationship it is- friendship, love affair, marriage, or something else- you will have very high ideals about what you should be to each other. Since you will be caught up in this ideal, you may be reluctant to deal with the ordinary, mundane aspects of life. Others may see your relationship as impossible or at least impractical, but that won't disturb you particularly. You will go right on, seemingly with your heads in the clouds. Obviously, this can be carried too far if you are not careful. You have to deal with the real world one way or another. Also you must learn to communicate with each other about all areas of your relationship, not just the ideal parts.

In the long run, this is not a particularly difficult aspect to deal with. The idealism it signifies can make a relationship quite beautiful. It is not so much a matter of suppressing idealism as of learning to deal with reality.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Neptune: You can awaken each other's idealism. A desire to find new options for growth potential is not hard to predict. Each of you seems to possess the key to unlock the other's heart. Knowing what to say to lift your partner's spirit, is an intuitive gift. Being together is made easier by your way of allowing for personal creative outlets. You invigorate each other with romantic feelings. A bonus side of being together is that your love has few strings attached.

Composite Sun square Composite Neptune

Be extremely careful with a relationship that has the square of the Sun and Neptune in the composite chart. This aspect implies that the relationship tends to be unrealistic and impractical. In particular there is a danger that one of you will deceive the other, which could result in disappointment and disillusionment when this is revealed. No matter how beautiful the relationship seems at the beginning, there is a real possibility that it will end with a major letdown.

Often, one person is victimized by the other's constant deceptions. But the so called victim may be partly to blame because of a subconscious desire for martyrdom. No single aspect can make a relationship completely impossible; however, this one demands that you both be extremely understanding about the real reasons for the bond between you.

This aspect can mean that both of you are very unclear about what you are doing with your lives, not only together but as individuals. If you do not know where your own life is going, it is very unlikely that the experience of this relationship will help you very much.

A relationship with this aspect could possibly have a solid basis and a strong sense of spiritual union. That is the goal toward which you should strive, but first make sure it is a realistic possibility.

Composite Sun square Composite Neptune: You may be at odds concerning your ideals and expectations. Being patient enough to listen is a good first step. Responding to what your partner really needs is the second. It could be hard to figure out how to work together. Good intentions may somehow evaporate due to emotional confusion. It is possible you can learn to dance in step without blocking the creative drive in each other. You tend to push sensitive buttons in one another. Your life together blossoms through having strong faith. When you successfully navigate around potential icebergs, you can settle into calmer waters. An in-depth aesthetic study may be a mutual fascination. You supercharge each other's imagination. The attraction forces between you are loud and dramatic. Learning to accept life's ups and downs stabilizes your connection.

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Composite Sun trine Composite Neptune

The trine of composite Sun and Neptune indicates that there is a good deal of idealism in this relationship. You will feel that it is an extraordinary union between two souls, perhaps even a spiritual union. Many of the thoughts you want to communicate to each other will not have to be spoken, for you will know beforehand what the other person is thinking. Often one of you will start to say something, only to find the other saying it too. In other words, there is a strong likelihood of a psychic bond between you.

The spiritualizing power of Neptune tends to negate the physical realm. For this reason, a relationship with a strong Neptune, such as this one, is likely to be platonic rather than physical. Nevertheless, the great feeling of beauty in such a relationship usually compensates for the fact that it does not operate on a physical plane as well as on a spiritual level.

Your lack of concern with the physical and material realms constitutes the major problem here. In a friendship it is perfectly all right to commune at such a high level, ignoring practicality. But in a love relationship, especially marriage, practical concerns have to be dealt with, and it may be difficult to bring yourselves down to that level.

But because Neptune rules self-sacrifice, one of the strongest bonds between you will be your willingness to give selflessly to each other at any time.

Composite Sun trine Composite Neptune: It can seem that you are with the ideal person. Making each other feel accepted is a plus here. The faith you show gives an extra creative spark to the relationship. You don't care to see anything wrong with one another. Don't deny what really does need to be addressed. It can be delightful to watch one another fulfill their dreams. You have a cheerleader that usually will not hide their faith in you. A shared imagination that quickly tunes into romantic atmospheres gives you the jump on some couples.

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Composite Sun quincunx Composite Neptune

Truthfulness, honesty, and personal integrity will become important issues between you. This isn't to say there will necessarily be any willful deception, but subtle nuances and innuendoes which can be misinterpreted, omitting pertinent information, or leading the other to believe something that isn't strictly true, can create mistrust and uncertainty in your relationship.

On the other hand, the two of you may be on the same page with one another, but find yourselves involved with disreputable schemers. In any practical or financial matters, beware of being taken advantage of. When you join forces you have a tendency to believe what you want to believe, and to thus be misled.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Neptune

The opposition of Sun and Neptune in a composite chart represents a number of problems. First of all, it means that one or both of you is refusing to evaluate the relationship realistically. One manifestation of this problem would be that you each project your own ideal images onto the other person; or it could appear as outright lies and deceitfulness.

Second, of all combinations of the Sun and Neptune, this one is the most susceptible to savior-victim behavior- a savior looking for a victim and/or a victim looking for a savior. Neptune denies the drives of the ego and therefore may cause you to look for a friend or lover who will be saved by your wholehearted sacrifice. Needless to say, the person who is being saved must pay by being constantly reminded of the martyr's sacrifices.

Or it may be that one of you wants to be the one who is saved and looks to the other as a savior. If he or she does not take the savior role, there will be terrible disappointment.

The main problems presented by this aspect are learning to relate realistically, which will be difficult, and learning to relate to each other as equals. Sacrificing yourself will never improve anything or anyone, and it may well sour the whole relationship. Relate to each other as you really are. Do not impose unrealistic goals on each other, for they inevitably lead to deceit and disappointment. This brings us to the strongest warning: Be honest with each other and with yourselves, for dishonesty, either inadvertant or intended, is the greatest danger of this aspect.

All these tactics represent insincere or self-delusive efforts to avoid the real people in the relationship - you and your partner. If there really is a strong spiritual or philosophical element in your relationship, that is very fine and beautiful. But if not, don't try to deceive yourselves that there is.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Neptune: The pull to meet each other was probably impossible to resist. You have a natural disposition to shower one another with care and compassion. The love you share lifts you to greater self-confidence. You prefer each day be magical. To maintain your closeness it is vital to do those things that keep the romantic in you awake. Be reasonable in what you ask from your partner. There are no perfect people. Your friends can be quite creative. They may have the same ideals. You don't like tension in your relationship, and when relating to others. Be direct in your communication more often than not. Don't let guilt or denial stop you from speaking clearly. A mutual interest in art and music is probable. The world may seem like a stage where the two of you can act out various roles. You enjoy performing for each other the most!