Composite Sun conjunct Composite Moon

With Sun conjunct Moon in the composite chart, the two of you will have a single-mindedness of purpose that is usually lacking in other relationships. This aspect is especially good in the chart of a love relationship, because the Sun is the masculine principle and the Moon is the feminine. Conjunction is the symbolic marriage of the two, indicating that you are truly complementary partners. because of the complementarity of masculine and feminine, a man and woman with this aspect are likely to have a strong sexual attraction. In friendship, this aspect is also helpful, for just as in a love relationship, complementarity can be a strong binding force.

Just as the Sun-Moon conjunction is the beginning of a new cycle, so the conjunction in the composite chart indicates that your relationship has the potential for bringing something new into the world. This attribute is important, especially in a business or a professional association. The complementarity factor indicates that you are somehow more complete as a partnership than as individuals. Therefore the two of you will be more formidable in the contests you enter together in life.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Moon: Your heart and feelings are fused into one dynamic package. The two of you need to say what is on your mind - don't you? Your creative power together rests upon how secure you make each other feel. At times, it may seem like you are taking one step forward and two steps back. This is when you are out of sync. People can sense your emotional intensity. You can make life react to you through sheer will power. Strong opinions about home and family are felt by each of you. You make each other happy through trying extra hard to live both of your dreams. Supporting each other's creative efforts wins points!

Composite Sun sextile Composite Moon

The sextile of composite Sun and Moon is a very good indication that the two of you are basically compatible, regardless of the kind of relationship you have. The more personal and intimate the relationship, the more favorable are the aspects of this aspect. The Sun indicates the active or masculine energies of this relationship, while the Moon indicates the feminine or passive energies. These descriptions should not be taken as comments on the nature of the sexes but as manifestations of a metaphysical polarity that is active in any relationship.

The sextile is an aspect of balance, indicating that neither of you will always take the dominant, assertive role. Instead, you will exchange the active and passive roles, and as a result your relationship will be more truly a partnership between equals.

In most cases, communication between you should be good. You will feel an overall intellectual and emotional compatibility as well as a conviction that your views complement your partner's views.

In a sexual relationship, the "maleness" of the Sun and the "femaleness" of the moon do express themselves. Sexual attraction will be coupled with a genuine feeling of friendship, a quality not always found in such a relationship.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Moon: You can express your feelings to one another with confidence. It may seem almost effortless to support each other's creative drives. Moving fast through life without losing sight of one another is possible. A restless desire for change need not cause problems. Showing you care makes your partner happy. Together you are capable of arousing greater imagination in others.

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Composite Sun square Composite Moon

Composite Sun square composite Moon indicates a fundamental tension within the relationship. The Sun and Moon symbolize the archetypal masculine and feminine functions, the most important complementary pair in the universe. In a larger sense the Sun and Moon signify all complementarity. The fundamental meaning of this aspect is that the two of you are not totally complementary. This can be quite a problem in a sexual relationship, which depends upon complementarity.

There is a sense of tension on the psychological level, which prevents you from really being at ease with each other. However, this can also work in a positive way by making the relationship challenging and creative, so that it doesn't fall into stale patterns and behavioral ruts.

Sometimes, for reasons that are not entirely clear, the Sun-Moon square can create a rather strong mutual fascination. It is as if each of you sees in the other something you want very much, even though you cannot handle it very well. In fact, the energy may be so strong that you are unable to relax into the casualness that is desirable in a long term relationship. A Sun-Moon square is quite likely to be found in the composite chart of an intense love affair.

In any case, there will be considerable differences of opinion between you, which should be hashed out whenever they occur. In this relationship, repressed feelings are likely to cause potentially disastrous outbreaks of emotion when the pressures become too great.

Composite Sun square Composite Moon: Ego and security instincts have a tendency to clash. You both have strong feelings about getting your individual needs met. Letting each other feel important is a wise policy to adopt. You are apt to dance dramatically through life together. Listen to each other's imagination and desire for attention, and you are less likely to step on your partner's feet. Talk. Laugh a little. Don't hide your feelings. Be generous in lending your emotional support as it goes a long way to ensuring stability. Your home is a place of refuge. It is where much of your creativity is born and stays stimulated. As a couple, you expect a lot from life. You have the energy to fulfill individual and joint dreams.

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Composite Sun trine Composite Moon

The trine of Sun and Moon in the composite chart is an excellent indication of compatibility. It makes true love and friendship possible, partly because the two of you are able to accept each other and allow the other person to be whatever he or she is.

The Sun and Moon represent on the planetary level the basic polarity of the universe, expressed as male and female, active and passive, energy and matter, or any other such pair of opposites. The principle represented by the Sun and Moon together is wholeness. The trine of these two means that as a couple you are capable of that same wholeness. In this relationship, you each are completed by the other, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that each of you is allowed to experience your own wholeness. Such a relationship is characterized by a lack of tension and conflict. You are not inclined to play games of “one-upmanship” with each other nearly as much as other couples.

Any type of relationship is favorably affected by this aspect, but a sexual one is especially favored, because sexuality is one of the most basic expressions of the Sun-Moon polarity. This aspect does not necessarily guarantee that you will have a sexual relationship; the whole chart must be analyzed to see whether that is likely. But it does help to make a sexual relationship easier and more rewarding.

Composite Sun trine Composite Moon: You instinctively know how to make each other smile. Trusting your creative hunches can lead to profit and fulfillment. People are attracted to your warm natures. Your self-confidence convinces others to believe in you. Cheering each other on to new growth is likely. You don't like wasting time feeling gloomy. Public and private lives could be mutually satisfying. Helping each other feel confident is a plus in your relationship.

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Composite Sun quincunx Composite Moon

There is an ongoing sense of friction between you. One or the other will continually be putting on the brakes or preventing the two of you from proceeding full speed ahead in your joint ventures. An unexpected, unplanned for, unintentional burden (financial, health, or otherwise) which one of you brings into the relationship may consume a tremendous amount of your energies. A feeling of being "stuck" or even one of failure may arise. Certainly overcoming or enduring these difficulties is a part of the challenge and reason for your coming together.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Moon

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