Composite Sun conjunct Composite Mars

Composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is a very energetic combination. A relationship with this aspect in the composite chart is not likely to be entirely peaceful and quiet, but it can be very creative. This relationship will arouse strong energies within you, energies that can be used for getting a great deal of work done or for making changes within yourselves.

You will have many discussions about your relationship or other subjects that will border on or actually be fights. However, this is not as negative as it sounds, for these battles can help to clear the air and prevent serious strains from developing. If you have this aspect in your composite chart, it is important that you express these energies. Do not suppress your legitimate angers and complaints because of a misplaced desire for peace and quiet. This relationship can grow through creative conflict. If you do suppress your anger or express it indirectly, the relationship could become very uncomfortable or turn into an endless stream of arguments.

Since Sun conjunct Mars is an indication of physical vitality, you should take part in vigorous physical activity together whenever possible.

This is a tricky aspect to handle in a business or professional relationship. It can be an indicator that you will work well together and accomplish much with dynamic vigor. But if the energy between you is very strong, it can indicate disputes, conflicts, and disagreements, as well as destructive ego competition.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Mars: You are a competitive and passionate couple! This may be something you already realize. Angry interactions can be expected. It's what you do afterwards that is more pertinent. Talk through your most intense differences. When the two of you move forward with a sense of unity, you are almost unstoppable when it comes to getting what you desire. You can blaze new trails where the timid will not go. People can be moved to action when in your company. You must be equally assertive in this relationship. Why? Because it allows you to deal more directly with situations. Each of you must feel free to express yourselves. You might not always be as patient with one another as you could be. The greater the possibility for instant success, the more likely you are inclined to take action. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Mars

Sun sextile Mars in the composite chart will bring about great energy within your relationship. Being together will make you feel more vigorous and active. Together, you will be able to accomplish more than you can separately, especially if you are not normally very high energy people. You will find that your egos complement each other very well and that you will be able to work cooperately on most things.

Physical activities will be important when you are together, even if you are not physically oriented as individuals. Other people will regard you as a team in any physical activities you take part in together. You should avoid sitting around and doing nothing, although that is not likely to be a problem.

In doing any kind of task together, your ability to work cooperatively will be especially useful, as will be the balanced relationship between your egos. You will save your competitiveness for people outside the relationship rather than exhibit it toward each other.

You are very likely to discover that together you have an excellent sense of timing and that you are good at recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities. Use this trait to help you work together as a team.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Mars: Your competitive sides instill action impulses in one another. The courage to act decisively is a confirming quality. You have a shared intensity with a nice flow that makes people want to cooperate. Angry exchanges can come and go suddenly. The two of you may actually find this a way to fuel your passion and creativity. You bring out the assertive nature in your partner. Your belief in each other's abilities is hard to match.

Composite Sun square Composite Mars

Composite Sun square composite Mars is a difficult aspect for almost any relationship. Such great energies are generated that it is difficult to channel them constructively. Usually these energies surface as intense ego competition, disputes, disagreements, and other forms of hostility.

The trick is to channel this energy outward instead of allowing it to operate within the relationship. If you are physically very active together or if you work very hard for a common goal, you may be able to bring this aspect under positive control. If you let the energy stay within your relationship, however, you will have many problems.

The energy signified by this aspect will make you quite active together, but certain problems may arise when this energy is released. In a positive sense, this aspect can produce a healthy sense of competitiveness between you, which should bring about good results. But if you are not careful about how you use this energy, your relationship may not hold together at all. This aspect favors situations in which intense competition between you is useful rather than disruptive. In such a case, all the energy is used, not wasted in useless conflict and disagreements.

Composite Sun square Composite Mars: You can accuse each other of being too pushy. Your good intentions may rub one another the wrong way. It isn't easy to hold back when you see great potential in your partner. Let each other decide when it is the right time to go for it. You both like to make your own decisions. Working together takes practice. And patience. And more practice. Channeling your anger into creative endeavors may take you further than directing too much intensity at each other. Let one another feel like a winner. Your relationship attracts attention. You two can promote yourselves with fervor. People you love, benefit from your confidence in them. Each of you needs outlets for your strong emotions. Sexual energy is heightened in this relationship.

Composite Sun trine Composite Mars

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Composite Sun quincunx Composite Mars

As you spend time together, you'll find that your energy levels are quite different, that you "peak" at different times during the day, and thus you are prone to irritability and impatience with one another. One or both of you may feel pushed, pressured, and/or frustrated by this lack of compatibility on a physical-energy level. For this reason, it can be exhausting for you both to spend all of your time together. Be aware of this fundamental difference between you, and try not to force or impose your will and desire on one another - for if you do, totally unnecessary and draining disagreements arise between you on a regular basis. Accidents could even occur if you are not aware of and respectful of one another's need for activity and/or rest. The best way to handle this subtle problem is to allow each other individual routines and try not to let energy issues come between you. Accept that your energy cycles are not always in agreement, and don't push each other to be active when the other simply wants to take a break.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Mars

Composite Sun opposition composite Mars could be extremely useful in a relationship it its energies were not so difficult to harness, for this is the most competetive, argumentative, and pugnacious of all Sun-Mars combinations. All opposition aspects indicate some kind of polarization between two entities, but this is especially so with the combination of the Sun and Mars. The Sun represents the will in general, while Mars represents that side of the will known as the ego drive.

This aspect in your composite chart is a probable source of arguments, fights, and all kinds of ego competition. It indicates particularly that the two of you have very different energy levels, which can cause all kinds of conflict. One of you will want to do something in one way at one rate of speed, and the other will want to do it another way at a different pace.

The negative and disruptive effects of this aspect can be mitigated if you both are very secure in yourselves. In that case, instead of regarding this competitive energy as a threat, you will take it as a challenge and spur each other on to greater heights of accomplishment. You will still be competing, but the results will be creative instead of destructive.

Needless to say, this energy would be most difficult to harness creatively in a love relationship. In a business relationship or a friendship it would be easier to deal with. One exception should be noted, however. If one of you has to counsel the other in any way, this aspect would be extremely counterproductive. In such a situation you should be trying to put your own ego in the background. Such a relationship is not furthered by flare-ups of ego conflict, which are often indicated by this aspect.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Mars: You are a fiery couple. Charging in new directions is a way of life. Self-starters you appear to be. Angry outbursts are your way of sometimes expressing an opinion. It doesn't take long to get your partner's attention. People likely see both of you as being direct. Getting right to the point is a tendency. Patience and tolerance are ways to remain close. Your eagerness to seek adventure is painted into your facial expressions. Friends and business contacts can marvel at your courage. Stress seems to bring out your best. It is not easy for others to win an argument with either one of you. Encourage one another to be confident.