Composite Sun conjunct Composite Jupiter

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Composite Sun sextile Composite Jupiter

Sun sextile Jupiter in the composite chart is an excellent aspect for friendship. You will feel very much at ease when you are together, and you will gain a great deal of satisfaction from the relationship.

You will be fond of discussing things and exchanging ideas with each other. But even your everyday conversations will concern important subjects, because the broadening influence of Jupiter tends to minimize small talk. All your thinking and conversation together will relate ultimately to larger spheres, such as your philosophy of life and your view of the world.

In addition to broadening your mental outlook, this relationship will also broaden your range of opportunities in the real world. This configuration is associated with what people usually call luck. But it isn't really luck so much as a positive attitude, which attracts good fortune simply because you are open to it and can recognize opportunities when they arise.

Jupiter's influence will permeate the relationship with a strong air of optimism and positive thinking, which will probably lead to much success for you as a team. There is also the likelihood of considerable travel with this aspect.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Jupiter: You skip along with a talent for making the right snap decisions. Encouraging one another to enrich learning potential happens regularly. You are a thought-provoking pair. Surprising others delights you both. Your ability to understand one another can be exceptional. Working together harmoniously is more normal than not. Travel and learning excite your minds. If you both are feeling the blues, it only takes a little positive thinking, or a fun experience, to get you back on track. People may find you not difficult to please.

Composite Sun square Composite Jupiter

Composite Sun square composite Jupiter will produce a great deal of energy in your relationship. If you do not establish adequate outlets for this energy, it could manifest itself as restlessness and instability. The reason for this is that the Sun-Jupiter square creates within you a sense that there are things that must be done. you will make great demands on yourselves and on each other in your efforts to achieve growth and development. Not satisfied with the status quo, you will constantly be trying to improve and perfect your relationship with each other, as well as trying to make it look good to others.

Fortunately, the effects of this combination are such that you should be able to achieve your goals. But do not try to give others the impression that your relationship is better than it really is or that the two of you are better off than is actually the case. This seldom convinces people and instead makes them believe that you both have a superiority complex.

However, you must learn to be patient; you will probably try to do too much too fast. As a couple, in your dealings with others you may overextend yourselves and go too far in various kinds of projects. Avoid the tendency to act on such a grand scale. You have the necessary ability to do what you want together, so simply try to be a bit more patient.

Composite Sun square Composite Jupiter: You may both bite off more than you can chew. Too much expansiveness can be disorienting. The plus here is that your confidence levels can benefit. You tend to exaggerate each other's abilities. Sometimes this may be just the self-assurance you need to go beyond limitations. Just don't take a good thing too far! Watch that budget. It is easy to cross over the line with great intentions. A restless drive to expand your potentials is a constant companion for the two of you. Your beliefs can sustain you through difficult challenges.

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Composite Sun trine Composite Jupiter

Sun trine Jupiter in the composite chart gives your relationship a good start, and it will be a favorable and positive experience for both of you. You will have whatever you feel you really need in your life together. Even if you have nothing in a material sense, you will believe that your life together is all that is necessary.

You will find that together you are able to express yourselves more adequately to the world than you can as individuals. Your understanding of each other will constantly broaden, giving you the wisdom and openness to deal creatively with any difficulties that arise in your relationship. Communication between you will be open and free, and your conversation will deal largely with matters that both of you believe in and consider important. But even when you discuss important subjects, either together or with others, there is no sense of weightiness or solemnity. You have a sense of cheerful optimism and a feeling that together you can handle anything the world may throw at you. And the chances are good that you can.

It is likely that you will travel together and perhaps go abroad or have connections with foreign places and people. Even if you don't actually travel, you will certainly go places together in your mind, exploring new ideas, new concepts, and new dimensions of living.

Composite Sun trine Composite Jupiter: Wishing and dreaming. It is in your souls. When you throw coins in a fountain you really expect to cash in on your wishes! You don't like to think in terms of limits. The realm of possibilities is your world. This is not necessarily your most aggressive side. It's more like sitting on your lounge chair at the ocean, sipping on your favorite beverage. It may take strong motivation to bring out the effort needed to pursue a goal. You can enjoy exploring everything from new movies to international locations together.

Composite Sun trine Composite Jupiter: This aspect between composite Sun and Jupiter indicates an optimistic and generous relationship filled with good spirits and abundant energy. Together, you tend to approach to life in a quietly spiritual way. You share good executive abilities, and when working together make capable leaders. Together you have the ability to dream large, and then actually pull it off as you were planning, time and again. You are likely to acquire what you need materially relatively easily, the more so because you have natural and simple tastes, so that your wants are few. This might almost seem too easy, and some lessons of appreciation will help, so that you don't take each other or the gifts of this relationship for granted. Good fortune follows your relationship along your shared path.

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Composite Sun quincunx Composite Jupiter

Together you wrestle with issues of inflated expectations and promises, high hopes or dreams which never quite get off the ground, or which start favorably but never come to fruition due to neglect, irresponsibility or poor judgment. Hassles with the law, mostly due to minor infractions or sloppiness, can arise. One of your "offspring" (physical or otherwise) is apt to give you trouble in this way. As a team, try to avoid the urge to gamble, speculate, or invest everything in what appears to be almost too easy or good to be true.

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Composite Sun opposite Composite Jupiter

Sun opposition Jupiter in the composite chart has very strong potentials for your relationship, but to get the most out of them will require some effort. The problem with this aspect is that it causes you to make great demands upon each other in terms of potential growth and evolution. You will have very high ideals about what your relationship should be and will not readily settle for less. This can result in either a pulling apart or a coming together.

Oppositions in general indicate a struggle between two forces that are in some kind of opposition. The danger of this opposition is that in demanding so much of each other, neither is able to give easily to the relationship. On the other hand you may come to understand that the best way for you to grow and realize your ideals together is to help each other rather than simply make demands. In that case this aspect will provide more than enough help. This positive side of the aspect, if properly used, should make you grow as people far more rapidly together than you would separately.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Jupiter: You probably enjoy each other's positive outlook. People may sense you are a live for the moment couple. Exposing each other to greater options can be stimulating. You hate to say no to your partner's most sincere requests. Your humor together is uplifting to others. Following a lucky hunch to greener pastures may be a way of life for you. Travel lightens your worries. Your faith in one another can make those prone to envy even more jealous. Positive outcomes reflect the self-confidence you share. If you test fate too much, learn to be more realistic. A youthful quality runs through the essence of you relationship. Education may hold special meaning in your lives. You are natural teachers and consultants. Your legal instincts are sharp.

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