Composite Sun conjunct Composite Ascendant

It may be that you are simply a striking pair of people who impress others easily without making any special effort to do so. But it may also be that the two of you are trying to make an impact on those around you for reasons of your own. In a business relationship, for example, you might want to have it known that you are a partnership to be reckoned with, that you are an important team. This might also be the case in a personal relationship, although for different reasons.

In any case, it is certain that you both will insist that others allow you to be what you want to be as a couple. You are not likely to bow to social pressures. In fact, you are more likely to apply pressure to others than you are to knuckle under yourselves.

The most important point about this relationship is that it will have considerable integrity. You will be true to yourselves, and that will certainly help to win you the admiration of others.

Composite Sun conjunct Composite Ascendant: The two of you radiate self-confidence. Your momentum to push through obstacles is hard to rival. Self-starting tendencies are on automatic. People may see you as a dramatic pair. Humor is a fun part of being together. Make room for each other's self-expression to shine. It makes ego wars less likely. You both like to receive attention from one another. Others may enjoy your willingness to act quickly to take advantage of opportunities. You both can show competitive energy if you feel someone is trying to upstage you. A pride in being together is probably evident to your friends. Personal appearance may be important to you.

The conjunction of composite Sun and Ascendant signifies a relationship that is likely to have a considerable impact on its surroundings. Other people will be very much aware that something is happening between the two of you. This is because the Ascendant rules the kind of energy that the two of you transmit to your surroundings, as well as saying much about the relationship itself, while the Sun rules the basic energy drives of the relationship. The consequence of this placement is that the fundamental energy of your relationship is directed at your surroundings in some way.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Ascendant

Composite Sun sextile the Ascendant indicates that the two of you enjoy social exchange with others. You are not a couple that likes to retire by yourselves and avoid others.

Not only do you like to be with friends, but also it is very important to both of you to have opportunities to talk with people and exchange ideas and communication. In a similar way, the two of you place great importance on communication between yourselves.

You will probably be good friends. If this is a sexual relationship, you may be lovers, but even so, you will be friends as well. This is very important in a relationship between the sexes and not always achieved.

You are likely to experience a certain restlessness in this relationship, but not a difficult kind. It is simply that the two of you like to seek out new experiences and new opportunities for doing things together.

Composite Sun sextile Composite Ascendant: You elevate each other's optimism to high levels. Working together toward mutual objectives can flow nicely. It is easy to accept each other's differences. Your romance attracts avid supporters. An interest in self-improvement is something you have in common. You can enjoy the way each other likes to stay active. Your friends are likely to share your energetic personalities. Your upbeat tendencies make for positive events to occur. Humor is a refreshing break from life's realities. You bring out romantic imagination in each other.

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Composite Sun square Composite Ascendant

When composite Sun is square composite Ascendant, the two of you are not so concerned with how the energies of your relationship affect others in your environment. You are much more concerned with your own identity within the relationship and how it might further your own development. You will be very concerned about the nature of your own personal lives, or of your professional lives, if this is a professional relationship. Or it may be that you will be concerned to find some overall purpose in your lives through the experience of this relationship.

In most cases this is not a particularly difficult square. There is no reason why the two of you should not concentrate on your own development rather than worrying about how your relationship affects others. If carried too far, however, this attitude can cause some troubles by disrupting relationships with other people. Others may regard the two of you as being overly concerned with yourselves, possibly too withdrawn or, at the other extreme, too concerned with dominating others.

Fortunately, because the two of you are not very concerned about the impression you make as a couple, it should be easier to deal with the presures that you may inadvertently arouse in others. You should try not to stir up so much trouble with others that you find it difficult to get along with them. But this is not likely to happen unless you both go to extremes to outrage others, which is not a normal consequence of this aspect.

Composite Sun square Composite Ascendant: Trying to be the boss is not the way to go. You will have more fun in this relationship if you recognize each other's leadership qualities. There will be conflict if you ignore your partner's need for attention. Your creative drives can stimulate each other to greater heights. A clash of wills can keep your hearts and minds apart. Promoting your individual and shared talents can open new doors. People can be influenced to support your most cherished plans. You make great allies and lovers when you encourage growth. Acting on impulse to pursue new ventures is exhilarating.

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Composite Sun trine Composite Ascendant

The trine of composite Sun and Ascendant is a very easy combination in the composite chart. It indicates that you find it easy to express yourselves to each other and to others. The two of you radiate good energies, and other people like being in your company because you enjoy being with them. This is not likely to be a withdrawn relationship that takes place largely in secret.

At the same time, the trine means that the two of you find it easy to be yourselves with each other. This is not a relationship in which you have to pretend to be something other than what you are in order to get along with each other. As a result, this is a good aspect to have in the chart of a love relationship or close friendship.

The trine also means that this relationship will have a strong effect on your consciousness. You will have new experiences together that you might not have had otherwise, and you may even travel a lot more than you did before you came together. Since your philosophies of life are compatible, you will not find it necessary to argue about the different ways in which you see things.

In general, this aspect will help a relationship to survive, because it allows the two of you to be at ease with yourselves and others.

Composite Sun trine Composite Ascendant: Self-confidence is everywhere present in your relationship. Your ego needs and identity is in favorable alignment. Others can envy the way things seem to come easily to you lovers. Don't forget to make effort when going after your most serious aspirations. A passive approach to what you desire could surface. You may need to reach back for extra energy. Take a strong and convincing step to look good fortune in the face. Money and business acquisitions are in your favor. Believe in yourselves and the best is yet to come!

Composite Sun trine Composite Ascendant: This aspect between the Composite Sun and Ascendant signifies a relationship that is strong-willed and generous in regard to the impact that it makes in the world. As a partnership, you are likely to be dramatic and assertive, also creative, self-confident and perhaps a bit self-indulgent. You are a mutual fan club for each other. When you entertain or make a social impact as a couple, you expect to be the center of attention, and often are. Your relationship has great energy and staying power that goes a long way to ameliorating any other deficits that might exist. The prospects are excellent for your partnership, since you are open to new experiences and to the world around you, while staying centered as a unit.

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Composite Sun quincunx Composite Ascendant

This aspect is usually quite subtle. However, see that trying to be the boss is not the way to go. You will have more fun in this relationship if you recognize each other's leadership qualities. There will be conflict if you ignore your partner's need for attention. Your creative drives can stimulate each other to greater heights. A clash of wills can keep your hearts and minds apart. Promoting your individual and shared talents can open new doors. People can be influenced to support your most cherished plans. You make great allies and lovers when you encourage growth. Acting on impulse to pursue new ventures is exhilarating.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Ascendant

The opposition of composite Sun and Ascendant is similar to a 7th House composite Sun. It means that the two of you place great stress upon being together as a team and facing the world as a couple. Instead of thinking of this aspect as an opposition of Sun and Ascendant, think of it as a conjunction of Sun and Descendant. In most cases, this is an excellent placement for an intimate relationship such as a marriage or one in which the two of you must operate as a unit, as in a business partnership. It is also favorable to any relationship that involves giving and receiving advice, such as lawyer-client, psychologist-patient or astrologer-client relationship.

Others will look at the two of you as a team or partnership, even to the point that they would find it strange for you to be apart.

Sometimes the energies of this particular combination can go outside the relationship and produce conflict between yourselves and others. Sun opposition Ascendant can be a sign of open conflict as well as intimate togetherness, although the conflict is not so likely to be between yourselves. It is necessary to examine other aspects of your relationship; if the overall potential for conflict is high, this aspect is likely to produce conflict rather than togetherness. If the overall potential for harmony is high, this could the most significant relationship of your life.

Composite Sun opposite Composite Ascendant: There must have been a strong attraction right from the start. Perhaps it was your personalities. Maybe it was the physical appearance. It could have been a cheerful disposition. It might have been all of the above! The two of you can feel like you always belonged together. Confidence in one another is a wonderful feeling. Your personalities bring out the extrovert in each other. Laughing at life's ups and downs is a way of life. You will never really be able to exert your individual will power on your partner. It causes hurt feelings if you try. Your relationship radiates a spirit of being doers. An active social life is in the stars.

Sun opposite Ascendant;