Composite Saturn in the Composite 1st House

Saturn in the first house of a composite chart can be quite troublesome to a relationship, although not necessarily deadly. Under proper circumstances, it can be very beneficial, for it can bind the two of you together in an enduring association. The effect depends on how the energies are handled.

Under any circumstances, Saturn in the first puts a clamp on how much the two of you can project yourselves into the world; that is, its effect is to make a relationship very self-contained. Others will not know what is going on emotionally between you. If you are having difficulties, you will tend to keep them hidden from others. Even if you are getting along very well and are quite happy, it will not be immediately obvious. You will always present a quiet, reserved appearance that does not tell much about what you are really feeling.

At its worst, Saturn in the first house can create barriers between you that will make it very difficult to communicate with each other either verbally or nonverbally. The effect can be that of a wall between you. In general this is not the best placement for Saturn in a composite chart. But if you do have this placement, the best solution- once you have decided to enter the relationship- is to eliminate as many barriers as possible and to communicate about everything. Make yourselves as much a part of each other as possible.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 1st House: You are a "nose to the grindstone" duo when it comes to putting a plan into motion. The world will take notice of your solid ambition. Your presence is not taken lightly by others. Business impulses can be right on the money. You are a catalyst for one another to make bold decisions.

Bossiness will not bring you closer together. You are wise to give each other the leeway to determine personal paths to self-importance. This is probably an ambitious relationship. Busy schedules are highly predictable. Manage your time in such a way neither of you suffers burnout.

Communication helps you see each other's perspective more clearly. When you don't talk, there might be more of a stalemate, with no winner. Negotiate directly. You do better to argue than hide your hurts. Talk from the heart as well as the head. You often want the same thing but may need time to be able to express it. People may find you a serious couple that somehow manages to make life fun.

You both need to be leaders. Working with one another is easier when you are treated with respect. Loved ones are often looking to you for guidance and answers. The two of you have a way of convincing others you are capable of doing just about anything. You both grow in confidence when your talents begin to blossom.

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Composite Saturn in the Composite 2nd House

Saturn in the second house of the composite chart usually gives a relationship a great sense of material insecurity. In the old books, a second house Saturn in the chart of an individual was considered an indication of poverty. But many millionaires have had a second house Saturn; In fact, it is this placement that caused them to amass a fortune in the first place. They were so afraid of poverty that they nearly killed themselves in an effort to avoid it.

This is also true in a composite chart. Money is a source of concern to the two of you and therefore it is also a possible source of problems, even if you have enough money. You may be so cautious in your handling of financial matters that you don't allow yourselves to enjoy life. Similarly, the fear of losing money may lead to all kinds of arguments concerning it, so that money becomes a very decisive issue between you.

Of course, this placement of Saturn can result in the two of you not having enough material resources. But in that case it is your negative attitudes that actually drive away opportunities to make money or secure the resources you seek. You may be so conservative that you don't even see the obvious opportunities to do something about your problems. You hang onto the orthodox ways of doing things because they are familiar, even though they have served you poorly in the past.

While you will always be careful with material resources, you must learn to be open-minded toward new opportunities and proceed with a positive point of view. That will help considerably.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 2nd House: Do you feel like a stabilizing influence for each other? It can feel like your partner has a reliable shoulder for you to lean on. You are two very resourceful individuals. Disciplined spending and regular saving habits are part of your relationship picture.

You might not care to take too many impulsive risks with your money. Investments can prove profitable when you put your business know-how on the same table. Each of you can show an above average gift for locating the best deals. Property acquisitions are likely. Practicality may seem a natural counterpart of your being together.

Building a stable life together is a primary drive. Simplicity in your lifestyle is a probable desire. Sudden emotional outbursts are particularly upsetting. You like for your partner to give advance warning when plans need to be revised.

You are a couple that can show rugged determination to get what you want. Patience is in your approach to life. Helping each other fulfill potentials through providing material and emotional support is a route to greater closeness. Ownership is a serious subject. You might be protective of what you obtain as individuals. Cultivating a sharing attitude gives birth to greater intimacy.

Your passion intensifies when you create the time to enjoy romantic atmospheres. An occasional hiatus from work and duty does wonders for your love life. Each of you needs to feel like a valuable asset. It makes your commitment feel more sound.

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Composite Saturn in the Composite 3rd House

Saturn in the third house of the composite chart indicates that the two of you must be careful not to fall into set patterns of thought in this relationship. This applies to the ways in which you think as a couple as well as to the ways you think about each other. For example, it can indicate that there is a real barrier to communication between you, because each of you is so locked into certain ways of thinking and communicating that you cannot loosen up and listen to what your partner is saying. Remember that it is always necessary to talk in the other person's language; no matter how successfully you can communicate in your own language, it will do no good unless your partner understands you.

Unfortunately, a communications gap is precisely the problem that Saturn in the third house is likely to create. You must abandon any tendency to believe that your way of thinking is superior to your partner's, because that will only make communication more difficult.

Saturn in the third house also makes the two of you fond of structuring your immediate environment, a tendency that arises from the mental habits just discussed. Mental orderliness is reflected in the way you organize your world. You dislike disorder and will do everything in your powers to prevent it.

In a personal relationship, Saturn in the third can also give difficulty with relatives. Here again, the best solution is to alter your ways of thinking and try to communicate in the same terms as the people you are talking to.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 3rd House: The two of you can display sound reasoning powers. Your focus is extra sharp when a subject grabs your attention. People probably consider you knowledgeable in your chosen fields of expertise. You do better with taking short steps in executing your plans. The timing you show in decision-making can be excellent. The two of you likely possess a keen sense of reality. You might need to escape from your minds though senseless pleasure!

Your livelihoods could be connected to communication. Each of you can command respect through what you say. Talking to one another about ambitions is a probability. It is a must to let your partner make up their own mind about very personal issues. Your differences of opinion will require open minds. Your conversations can easily be about business ideas. There are a multitude of enterprises that might strike you as feasible.

Education may open doors for you. Getting retrained may make you more marketable. Your desire to stick to a plan is strong. It takes a lot to talk you out of trying to fulfill your most cherished blueprints for success.

Some may see you as a couple exhibiting flexibility. You don't enjoy being pinned down by a schedule. Redefining a direction, or slightly altering it, can save you time and frustration in the long run. If you get scattered by following too may paths; you will need to get focused. You are both uncomfortable when you don't feel understood. There is a preference for no cards to be face down. You can enjoy the mental energy each of you puts forward in your relationship.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 4th House

Composite Saturn in the fourth house will have its most serious consequences in a marriage or a love relationship in which you tend to live together. Saturn in this position designates an inner incompatibility that makes life living together very difficult. Not that it will be impossible, but this will be the area in which there are the greatest difficulties.

Even when the influence of Saturn is under control, it will have effects. Your home life will be characterized by austerity; that is, you will keep your home very simple, uncluttered and neat. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is not an outward reflection of an inward coldness.

In any kind of relationship with Saturn in the fourth house, there will be a feeling of distance between you, as if you were unable to touch each other at some very deep inner level. If you are consciously experiencing problems, you will have to dig very deeply to find the answers. They are not superficial problems, and a superficial solution cannot deal with them. Both of you will have to get past your deep-seated inner fears in order to confide in your partner with complete trustfulness. For this reason, it is probably a good idea to get to know each other gradually. Do not be in a hurry. Under favorable conditions, Saturn can make a relationship quite enduring.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 4th House: The home is a topic of special importance. You each derive strength from a secure living situation. You would like to think you can always rely on one another for emotional support.

You have a tendency to occasionally be a private couple. Guarding your schedule may be needed to ensure quality moments together. A quiet retreat recharges your mental and emotional batteries. There are going to be instances when either one of you needs space. Retreating into a room that offer solitude is a sincere need.

Operating a business from your house is a distinct possibility. Supporting individual career goals is wise. Balancing public and private lives is essential.

Don't let emotional fears come between you. Nobody can really solve all of their problems alone. Open up and talk about your concerns. Listen without overly reacting to each other. It comes with practice! You both need to just plain emote once in a while. There is an odd twist about what kind of city or community is best for you both. One that offers chances to get ahead puts the two of you more at ease. At the same time, the stars indicate a need to be away from a stressful existence. An interesting predicament to solve. Find a happy medium that makes each of you happy.

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Composite Saturn in the Composite 5th House

Saturn in the fifth house of the composite chart will make it rather difficult to get a love relationship or a marriage off the ground. The fifth is the house of fun and lightness, amusements and self-expression. It is also the house of love affairs. Obviously, Saturn is not very much at home here; it's heaviness and severity are not particularly compatible with the fifth house. This placement tends to restrict the lighthearted sense of joy that a love relationship should have, subordinating joy to considerations of duty and responsibility.

Any relationship with Saturn in the fifth will be surrounded by feelings of obligation and necessity. You seem to feel that under different circumstances there would be no relationship between you, but since matters are the way they are, you will make the best of it. This much can be said in your favor; you will really try to make the best of it, because you are realistic about life. This is not an idealistic romance. You probably take life much too seriously, which in the long run tends to magnify problems out of all proportion to their real importance.

In a marriage with this house placement, the foregoing discussion suggests that you may have difficulty in freely expressing your love for each other. But this is also the house of children, and Saturn here may deny children or at least create problems in having them. It would be a very good idea for the two of you to plan on having no more than one or two children. If you concentrate on that one or two, the best manifestations of this placement can become apparent.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 5th House: The two of you are a catalyst to ignite ambition in each other's lives. You are doers. People can be impressed with your stamina in getting major plans accomplished. Pace yourselves on big projects, as it will give you even more follow through. The two of you might feel like you have something to prove to others. Make sure you enjoy the paths to success as much as the end result. Playful experiences balance your impulses to work hard.

Advertising and promoting could be shared abilities. You certainly have investment instincts that others may envy. A fear of failure is not likely to stop you from taking a risk now and then. Your partner might encourage you to go for it! There will be occasions where one of you will play the devil's advocate, thinking maybe too big of a risk is in front of you. In any event, business enterprises will be a fun arena you share.

You are a couple who can be really attached to what you create. Having control over your decisions is a heartfelt need. Working for others may not be easy as you probably feel you know the best way to get a job done. Treat each other as equals and greater cooperation will be the result.

You take promises seriously. There can be a proud sense of commitment between you. Your confidence levels rise when you show your approval openly. You love receiving attention from one another, and through people admiring your accomplishments.

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Composite Saturn in the Composite 6th House

Saturn in the sixth house of the composite chart has both strengths and weaknesses. This is the house of duty, responsibility, and work. In this capacity it is an excellent house for Saturn, which is concerned with many of these same values. Whatever your purpose in being together, you should be able to live up to the duties and responsibilities required of you. Obviously this is a good placement for any kind of professional relationship, because your work will get done.

In some cases, there may be a tendency for your sense of duty and obligation to overwhelm the other areas of your relationship, transforming it into drudgery, an obligation taken on unwillingly, rather than a spontaneously joyful and demonstrative affair. It will be a work relationship in the bad sense as well as the good. If this is your situation, you must find some way of making matters lighter between you. Otherwise the relationship does not stand a chance in the long run.

At its worst, a sixth house Saturn relationship can make both of you feel enslaved by the other or by the very nature of the relationship. If it ever gets to that point, the only solution is to break the connection for a while, until you can regain your sense of perspective about each other.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 6th House: Efficiency is your calling card. You are a couple that is more confident when you have a handle on daily routines. Working consistently with a well-conceived strategy is in your game plan. You may go to great troubles to please each other. A blue-collar attitude about a hands-on approach to a job is in your repertoire. You can be serious people when it comes to acting responsibly.

Criticism is especially painful from each other, or people not happy with you. It is better to accent the positive in dealing with your partner. Focus more on the issues than being too hard on each other. In dealing with the world at large, you could need tougher skin.

Exercise is good for your nerves. A dedication to diet and health is a likelihood. Discipline is something you may seek together regarding certain life arenas. You can be a forceful duo when your hearts are lit by shared success. Your skills in your fields of interest are apt to be thorough. You can master anything the two of you set out to learn. Studying a subject of mutual interest may be fun. Sharing information about your personal favorite pastimes is stimulating.

You can feel like real pals in doing things together. Walks and talks together are therapeutic and promote intimacy. Your passion in being together is enlivened by an occasional surprise added to your regular schedules. A dimension of unpredictability is a wonderful spice to throw into your mix.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 7th House

Saturn, the planet of separation and repression, in the seventh, the house of marriage, might seem to be absolutely fatal to such a relationship, but it is not. Saturn here is quite compatible with any kind of relationship, although it does create certain problems.

On the other hand, it can bind the two of you together, because it signifies that together you will have to face certain difficulties and responsibilities. By itself it does not signify that love is the bond that holds you together, although that may be the case for other reasons. The binding forces of Saturn are requirements that must be met in the real world. You are tied to each other by duties, obligations, and responsibilities, in addition to any feelings of affection that you may have. In fact, the seventh-house Saturn can tie two people together even when they want to split up.

But this placement can also signify that under some circumstances there will be no relationship at all between you. However, if Saturn in the seventh house is really operating at a malefic level, it is highly unlikely that the two of you will want to come together in the first place. If you have settled that you want to have a relationship, you have already proved that Saturn is not operating at the malefic level in your composite chart.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 7th House: You are a persistent twosome when it comes to negotiating with others. People probably see you as unwilling to waste time. There is a businesslike atmosphere in the way you relate to others. Your social engagements can introduce you to people with influence. You might prefer self-reliant individuals. Planning is one of your strong points. You may be uncomfortable when first meeting strangers. It could take a while to warm up to new surroundings. A clear definition of your relationship is a must. You need to have an explicit understanding in what each of you hopes to achieve together.

Business and career aspirations are mutual interests. You bring out great ambition in one another. Neither of you cares for a person not taking their responsibilities seriously. You both expect others to perform at high levels. Rewarding sincere effort could be a common belief.

Your love for one another increases when you truly show how much you care. Controlling behaviors cause distance between your hearts. You are at your best when helping each other find confidence. Designing strategies that lead to success is a talent. Each of you may be influenced somewhat by traditions. Let one another feel free to be themselves. It creates a warmer closeness.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 8th House

Saturn in the eighth house of the composite chart pertains both to joint property and resources and to major personal transformations and regenerations.

To deal with the first area, the effects of Saturn in the eighth house can be similar to its effects in the second, in that you may feel very insecure about the physical resources you share. You may have fears of not having enough money, for example. And as in the second house, this insecurity may actually cause the two of you to concentrate on money to such an extent that you become wealthy. Insecurity is the real problem here, rather than any lack of money. However, you might conceivably have trouble with other people's money- banks, finance companies, and such. it would probably be well to avoid these if you can.

Turning to the area of regeneration symbolized by the eighth house, Saturn here can indicate that the two of you will resist the deep transformations that must take place in any relationship. The eighth house is the house of death, both real and metaphorical; in other words, it signifies very important and fundamental changes, such that your lives will not be the same as they were before.

But the two of you are likely to be afraid of such changes and will try to build up structures in your lives that will prevent change of any sort. It is not good to do this, however, because the transformations of the eighth house are very difficult to resist, and resisting them only makes them more catastrophic when they do occur. You should not face life from a rigid position. Relax and let yourselves be open to any changes that may occur. They will probably be for the better.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 8th House: There are few people that can get the better of you in financial dealings. You are a couple that usually knows what you want and what it will take to get you there. Individuals will sometimes grow resentful of your success. You do need to know who are your true friends. Business triumphs come through not giving into your fears. Patience has its payoffs. Investments can eventually yield profit. Your determination to own the land and home you desire is intense. You both make excellent managers.

Money issues are predictable. There may even be a bit of secrecy concerning how much money each of you has in their possession. The deeper your commitment, the more about yourselves will be revealed. Trust translates into greater passion in this relationship.

You want to know that your partner will always be there for you. Coming through for each other when the chips are up or down makes you feel closer. Do fun things. Keep life simple. Act spontaneously romantic just for the experience!

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Composite Saturn in the Composite 9th House

Saturn in the ninth house of the composite chart can be very useful. It signifies a very careful and cautious approach to life. The two of you will plan very carefully for your future, so you are not likely to be caught off guard by unpleasant surprises from the outside world. Together you have a strong sense of reality- not that you are incapable of idealism, but you keep it well under control. Your approach to the real world is very structured.

But the two of you should be on guard against certain negative effects of this position. If Saturn's effects in this house are allowed to become too strong, they can lead to such narrowness and excessive caution that you will overlook the real opportunities that come your way.

This placement may also signify that each of you is solidly entrenched in your position in life and can't be easily moved from it, especially in matters concerning each other. Be very careful that with Saturn in this house you don't get to the point of being unable to deal with each other's point of view. Like the third house, the ninth is a house of communication, but if Saturn is too strong, communication between you will be totally lost. For any relationship, that is a bad sign.

You must avoid narrowness of thinking, either about each other or about other people, because it can ultimately destroy any relationship.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 9th House: You can be a pragmatic pair. Your minds often have a shared vision that gets results. Be careful when you pull in opposing directions. When putting a plan into action, you may want the same thing, but it might appear differently. There is a need to exert your independence in making decisions. You can agree on the big picture, but have unique ways of filling in the details. Being open to your partner's values makes communication more flowing. You can show one another how to make your ideals a reality.

It will grow frustrating if you block your partner's momentum to pursue a serious ambition. Be supportive as it ensures more harmony. There is a dedication to your highest beliefs that impresses others. Education may be a vehicle to create better job opportunities.

Helping one another to gain greater focus on major objectives is wise. Having too few or too many options can present a problem. Seeing the lighter side helps maintain a broader perspective. Romantic escapes keep your passion alive.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 10th House

In many ways Saturn is in its own house here. Composite Saturn in the tenth means that the nature and goals of this relationship are very important to the both of you. You will be strongly conscious of your objectives and will work very hard to reach them. This placement is perhaps more favorable to a professional relationship than to a personal one, but in either case it will not hurt.

Together you will work very hard to get ahead on your own terms, whatever they may be. You both will feel that it is necessary to work hard, although that feeling may be exaggerated.

Sometimes Saturn in this position can make you believe that the world is bearing down on you. Whether or not this is actually true, you will have to work quite hard together to get where you want to be. Success will not come easily, but it will come if you work diligently and do not take shortcuts. The success of this relationship, whatever its purpose, depends upon doing your work carefully and meticulously. The presence of Saturn guarantees that if you do not do your work thoroughly and lay a strong foundation for future action, you will have trouble later on.

On the other hand, if you follow this advice, a tenth house Saturn will make it possible to reach your objectives with great success. This is not a bad position for Saturn, but it requires you to exercise a great deal of responsibility.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 10th House: Defining your most important aims in life is a major concern. You prefer not being rushed into making key decisions. Becoming successful is a primary drive in your relationship. Career aspirations are serious with a capital "S". You are a dynamic duo in taking on new challenges. People believe in your dependability. Learn to be realistic in what you ask of yourselves. There are few couples as adept as you in meeting deadlines.

Owning a business, or rising to prominent positions in a company could occur. Leadership comes naturally to you both. If you fear taking control of situations, this relationship might point the way to building confidence. Being bossy will not make you popular with your partner. Each of you needs to feel their own importance. Find the roles that show your true capabilities.

Celebrate life together by getting away from work schedules. A quiet retreat may restore your intimacy and awaken your passion. Delayed gratification is not that hard for the two of you if you believe it will get you results. You can excel in completing what you begin.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 11th House

Saturn in the eleventh house of the composite chart is in one of the houses of relationships, since the eleventh represents friendship. This can refer to your feelings of friendship for each other as well as to friends that you have as a couple.

In the first instance, Saturn in this house does not make friendship between you impossible, but it does somewhat cool your expression of it; you may still have a very enduring relationship. You may be quite reserved with each other, but that may be just as well, for it will permit your relationship to last longer. An eleventh house Saturn can indicate a very long-lasting friendship.

The eleventh is also the house of one's ideals, hopes, and wishes. In some cases, Saturn can signify that the two of you have very different ideals and that you don't usually react in the same way toward things. This can diminish your sympathy for each other and make the relationship quite difficult.

Taking the second side of the eleventh house, that of friends outside the relationship, it can be said that when Saturn is operating positively, it indicates few outside friends, but those few will be firm and long-lasting. They may be older than either of you. But if Saturn's influence is not working out well, you may not have any outside friends, probably because of some rigidity in you that makes it impossible for you to share yourselves with others.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 11th House: A serious sense of direction is your guiding light. You are a couple that will commit to a plan if it is clearly defined. There is an ability to be inventive in business. Authority figures can appreciate the stabilizing insights you offer. You tend to respect individuals with sound reasoning powers.

Showing indifference to your partner's emotional needs is shortsighted. You must talk issues through. Being comfortable with closeness and distance might take practice. Solitude could be needed by each of you when life is very stressful. It is your way of recharging yourselves. Your friends may see you both as protective of your space. They likely appreciate your sincere loyalty.

Professional associations could be special. Your work excellence can become widely known among your peers. Attending conferences or joining groups might be a good way to network. Receiving awards is possible for both of you.

Your being together contains an atmosphere of friendship as well as romance. Receiving support for your goals makes you feel this is a special relationship. You may like the way your partner can think progressive or in conservative terms as needed. Your connection is enlivened by creating a new goal occasionally.

Composite Saturn in the Composite 12th House

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Composite Saturn in Aries

Composite Saturn in Taurus

You are smooth and graceful in working together. Taking care of practical concerns will normally run like clockwork. Your slow and methodological approach to getting a job done gets results. Neither of you cares much for stress provoking situations. People probably see you as a reliable couple. Friends and loved ones prefer your shoulders to lean on during their times of personal crisis.

You believe in making money the old-fashioned way by earning it. Each of you needs to have your opinions about money recognized. There will be tension if you don't. Patience takes you far together. Investments that start small can snowball into profit in future years. You have noses that can sniff out where to put your savings to let it mature handsomely. It could be frustrating if one of you wants to take more of a risk, and the other doesn't. A carefully laid out strategy that involves taking a chance could be a good thing.

Talent in creating or collecting beautiful items can be exhibited. Each of you can get very attached to possessions. Respecting what your partner values is endearing. You can share a love of well-designed landscapes. Owning land can be enjoyable. A fondness for peaceful surrounds can be a mutual desire.

Experience teaches you to how to negotiate with your partner. Stubbornness is a tendency when either of you feels slighted. When your commitment is based on an equal give-and-take, you feel like two lovers meant for each other.

Composite Saturn in Gemini

Composite Saturn in Cancer

So you don't always show your ambitious sides openly. Each of you usually knows what the other wants to be in life, even if you don't share this with the rest of us. You are a tight-lipped couple about your major plans. People respect the way you quietly carry out your objectives. Your commitment to each other is based on loyalty. When you make one another feel secure there is no chance time will lead you to go your own ways. Home and family have a mutual definition for you both. You both thrive on having someone, or something, to take care of in life. People will tend to lean on your partnership for support. Watch how much of yourselves you give. Be fair in leaning on your partner. You are a strong couple when you decide to put a strategy into motion. Your perseverance may wane at times, but somehow you finish what you start, more often than not.

Remembering anniversaries and birthdays is a must. Making time just for the two of you preserves your closeness. Treat with reverence what each other values as special and you will have a lover you can count on in any season.

Don't run away from your differences. It will only mean it will take longer to talk through emotionally hot issues. Learn to listen and talk with each other. It makes you that much more passionate toward your partner!

Composite Saturn in Leo

You are dynamos together. When you join forces it as powerful as the allies defeating Germany in World War Two! You can focus on a project and get it accomplished in a hurry. There are strong opinions on the best way to do a job. Stroke each other's egos once in a while. Share the limelight. It keeps life peaceful. Recognizing the talents you see in each other is good therapy.

All work and no play gets old fast for you folks. You will need to make time for both worlds. Pleasure in the form of vacations, movies, dinner by running your fingers through the yellow pages of the telephone book, or just simply living it up, will find you appreciating one another.

Respect your partner's business sense. There is a potential to make money through smart investments. You both need to feel like a leader occasionally. It will make power struggles less of an occurrence. You take great pride in your work. Career could easily be a key drive in either one of you. Your personal thirsts for success must be quenched. Public recognition is possible. Encourage your partner to showcase their special talents to others. There is no sense in hiding your creative light under a bushel--is there?

Admit when you are wrong. Show flexibility here. You will be surprised at the intimacy this establishes. Your commitment is very connected to happiness. Show how much you value your lover being in your life on a regular basis--it will keep you near and dear.

Composite Saturn in Virgo

You are more comfortable together when days seem organized and fairly predictable. Each of you can be dedicated to your work or whatever roles you consider important. Gauging how much time will be required for various tasks is no problem in this relationship. You may even help your friends and business associates to get more focused. Reality testing is a natural experience that leads you to look at the world through sober perceptions. Both of you might have a mutual interest in learning more about diet and health.

Don't be too compulsively worried about details. The two of you need to let go and trust that things you put into motion will come to fruition. Your efforts to finish a job are hard to rival. Use criticism sparingly, as you will likely just tune one another out. Strive to see the positive in situations. You have sharp sets of eyes for perfection. Experience teaches you that it is impossible to make each other happy all of the time. Escape to fun activities and exotic locations gives you a new lease on life. You both are serious about commitments. Clear communication regarding expectations and plans, ensures less lack of understanding. You are more passionate toward one another when there is a feeling of serving each other. Sharing responsibility makes you both more cooperative.

Doing projects together solidifies your bond. Learn to laugh a little at your seriousness. Delegate some jobs to others to make more time for each other.

Composite Saturn in Libra

The clearer the commitment, the more balanced is your relationship. There is not much room for indecisiveness. The two of you can dance happily through life together when you sense an equal sharing of responsibility. People probably see you as a well-matched couple. Your key ambitions are apt to be well defined. Money can be made through your sensing what others will buy. An aesthetic talent can be profitable for either one of you. You are two people that need to have a plan. Don't try too hard to please everybody as frustration will result. Other couples might seek your wisdom, thinking you have valuable experience about love.

The two of you know how to handle your public relations. An active social life is probable. Too much solitude is not good for you. You make good allies for each other. Learn when to compromise with your partner. Neither one of you can expect to get their way all of the time.

You take romance seriously. It is important to show how much you care in making time for the relationship. Honoring what your partner needs to feel valued can be a key ingredient to your happiness.

Celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries maintains your intimacy. You enjoy loyal and thoughtful friends. Forming successful business partnerships and strong connections to professional peers are likely to be a reality.

Composite Saturn in Scorpio

It is quite an adventure to really get to know one another. This is not likely to happen overnight. You both can show caution in warming up to each other. When the trust deepens, you have a solid relationship. Your focus together is hard to match. When you put your best foot forward to be successful there is nothing that can stop you. Talk openly about your fears and worries. The better you understand the other's mind, the clearer the communication.

Joint investments can prove prosperous. Sharing your resources is testy. Each of you needs to feel part owner in the finances and property. Money issues can cause tension. You will need to be honest and direct in this area. Power is a key consideration. It must be shared. Why? It causes less arguments.

You both will put all of yourselves into the roles that are important to you. Whatever is entrusted to you is treated with serious regard. Management opportunities will present themselves to you. People see you as task-oriented and capable of getting results. The two of you make great problem-solvers. Business savvy comes standard with you two. You can market your skills to a receptive public.

Experience teaches you how to interact with one another. Solitude is a tendency as individuals and as a couple. The world may never know your complete stories. Who cares? Just so you reveal them to each other!

Composite Saturn in Sagittarius

You are a couple that must stay true to your idealism. It is hard for you to commit to anything that isn't fun. People are moved by the steadfastness you show in sticking to your principles. You may even seem a little old-fashioned this way. When you decide to act on a plan it can be put into operation swiftly. There is a chance you will lose interest in ideas that don't yield quick results.

Staying focused will be difficult at times for the two of you. A tendency is to be very expansive. You dislike having your options so clearly defined that there is no breathing room. Your style is cramped by super planning types of individuals. You are a playful couple. Even your serious ambitions have a dose of humor lining them.

You can display a pragmatic philosophy about your most heartfelt issues. It is senseless to argue with each other. Your partner can probably match you word for word, and even sarcasm for sarcasm. You both want many of the same things. It's finding the smoothest routes to getting there that will take your patience and wisdom.

You can encourage each other to leap over your fears into new challenges. It is your sincerity and generosity that often warms each other's hearts. You won't have all of the answers your partner needs. But you can be a voice of support and insight that helps light the way.

Composite Saturn in Capricorn

Are you a practical couple? Perhaps you are. There is no sense denying how determined and ambitious the two of you can be. Reality testing is a gift you share. You likely carry yourselves with a presence that acts like it knows where it is going. Each of you can climb to positions of power. You may even get much deserved recognition. Are you happy? Keep creating ways together to make the answer be yes.

Life will call your names many times to come forward and assume new responsibilities. Delight in watching each other grow. You might be tempted to yell when your partner lets you down. Some disappointment is inevitable. Talk from the heart rather than from a set of conditions. There is great potential to make each other feel wonderful. Time teaches you how to respond to each other's requests. Honesty is the right policy. You can negotiate as a couple better than most, when you really want to do this.

Careers are probably of major importance. You expect your partner to be as interested in yours as their own. Roles other than work are probably just as important to you. Honor each other's need to feel special. Each of you puts great effort into doing the best job possible.

Make sure there are moments you can focus more on each other than the demands of others. Celebrate your successes. History and certain traditions could be a mutual interest. Creating romantic memories together is a special joy.

Composite Saturn in Aquarius

You are an interesting mix of traditional and unconventional. People may be surprised by the ease in which the two of you can move between these worlds. There is a friendship that permeates the essence of your relationship.

Your commitment is strengthened by your determination to reach future goals. Wisdom teaches you how to support your partner's pet aims in life. Experience deepens your resolve to work through problems. Neither of you likes to waste time worrying. You would rather be busy thinking up a new plan.

Each of you can survive working in the mainstream. You both can exhibit an ingenuity that can make your skills highly valuable in the marketplace. There could be a tendency to be experimental in your work, if it satisfies the mental challenge you seek. It is predictable that you will influence the direction each will take to realize job potentials. If you stay patient with each other's ideas, it is more enjoyable to be together. Don't fear change. It is the unique frontiers that will probably stimulate you the most.

Your friends can be old and young. Professional groups might want you to act as their leader or advisor. You are a caring pair that will do almost anything to help those you love. Your romantic energies are fueled by your mutual desire to make one another happy. Witnessing the success you have as individuals, and as a couple, are memories that sustain you in stressful seasons.

Composite Saturn in Pisces

Your relationship almost sidesteps definition. It isn't easy to label the two of you as being any certain types of people. You bring out in your partner the need to have dreams. Yet, there is an underlying sobering presence that guides you to be cautious. Does this sound like an interesting dilemma? It is! There is a need to take a leap of faith when the two of you decide to pursue what you want. If you grow too idealistic, sound reasoning is necessary. Your intuition will often be a length or two out in front of your reality. Watch those expectations. You will feel disappointment or disillusionment, if life is no match for your idealism.

Your careers can be multifaceted. An interest in the arts, psychology, fashion and possibly medicine could lead you into these fields. You can inspire each other to go beyond taking the easy way out. Associating with one another influences you to reach for the stars. You will not always be examples of discipline. Stay focused on what it is you are trying to achieve. Taking small steps toward your goals will eventually lead to bigger ones. Believe in yourselves.

Religious or spiritual beliefs can be of mutual importance. You need to allow for individual values to be respected. Your successes spark faith. People will likely find you a fun couple that sometimes looks at the world through rose colored glasses. Life together is stimulating through escape to your favorite romantic places.