Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Uranus

The conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in the composite chart indicates tension and conflict between you. One of you wants to be free and unfettered, and the other restricts that desire. This is an explosive situation and can lead to sudden outbreaks of temper when long suppressed tensions come to the surface. Such bursts of energy can emerge suddenly and break up a relationship that has seemed to be running smoothly for some time. The result is surprising to those involved and to the people around them.

With this conjunction in your composite horoscope, it is a good idea not to hold back your feelings. Whenever tensions develop between you, discuss them. Don't hope that they will go away, because they won't. Problems that are not dealt with immediately descend into hidden depths, and later, when the pressure gets too great, they explode without warning.

This tendency to hold in your feelings can be very useful during short periods of tension or difficulty, however. At times it will seem as if the two of you can endure anything together. But when such a period is over, make sure that all the events and emotional consequences of that time are dealt with, or they will become part of an eventual blowup.

Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Uranus: You can be stabilizing forces on one hand, and delight in being a bit disruptive on the other. When you agree on the same plan, the two of you can show remarkable focus. It's when you are pulling in different directions that your communication cool is required. Making use of conservative and progressive trends could take you far together. Let your partner find those unique footsteps that give a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Supporting each other's most serious ambitions makes you great allies. Allow for individual tastes and there is less friction. Your commitment is stabilized through a willingness to talk openly and being flexible.

Composite Saturn sextile Composite Uranus

Composite Saturn square Composite Uranus

The square of composite Saturn and Uranus is quite common in the charts of people born in the early 1950's. This aspect may account in part for the general instability of relationships in this generational group; it indicates severe tension that frequently leads to breakups and separation.

If this aspect is strong in your composite chart, you will find it difficult to handle the tensions that arise between you. Instead of dealing with each irritation as it arises, you allow tensions to build up to what can only be a breaking point.

Obviously you must learn to handle problems as they arise without letting them build up. You may think it will cause more trouble to handle them immediately because there are so many irritations. But, unfortunately, frequent petty irritations are one of the effects of this square. Nevertheless, the irritations become much worse if suppressed, for then they cannot be dealt with at all. When the situation is allowed to reach that point, all feeling is dead and there is little left to salvage. Do not let it go that far.

Composite Saturn square Composite Uranus: The two of you are happier when each of you feels free to proceed toward fulfilling goals. Making rules will not do much good if neither one of you chooses to live by them. Following through on your shared objectives stabilizes your commitment. Respecting each other's needs is wise. You can get an amazing amount of work accomplished when you put your minds to it. If one of you gets too bossy, the other is apt to start a rebellion. Fighting city hall is a joint tendency.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Uranus

Common sense in achieving goals together is a tendency. The two of you can show great wisdom in simplifying the way to accomplish a complicated plan. You win each other's admiration by being supportive of major ambitions. Respecting each other's opinions and needs for individuality is a stabilizing factor. Tradition and new trends can be equally valuable to you. It is likely that you can help each other get focused in new exciting directions.

Composite Saturn quincunx Composite Uranus

As a couple, you will inevitably come up against considerable frustration, limitations, and restrictions on your freedom. Unfortunately one or both of you feels very cramped and stifled by routines established in your way of relating to one another. You may find it difficult to completely let go and/or relax with one another, regardless of whatever positives the two of you have going together. And others may be equally ill-at-ease in your presence when you are together. Not that there is open conflict, necessarily. It's more chronic and subtle than that, more of an irritable tension, and it may seem that you never quite gel or stabilize. Only if you both give each other much leeway and tolerance, and express your tensions before they become excessive, will any long-lasting harmony develop here.

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Uranus

The opposition of composite Saturn and Uranus can be quite difficult for a relationship. It implies a state of tension arising from the fact that one you feels that the other puts a complete clamp on his or her style, while the restrictive partner experiences the first one as a disruptive force. Add to this your great difficulty in communicating with each other, so that pressures are not released, and you have an explosive situation. You will probably find it difficult even to relax with each other.

With this aspect, if your relationship does get off the ground, there is still the critical problem of tension building up rather than being let off gradually. This problem causes many such relationships to end suddenly and without warning. It is clearly a situation in which the only solution is to learn to let off steam gradually. Talk frequently about what is going on between you and try to be as honest as possible. Your principal aim should be to state the truth accurately, not to score points over each other. This way you will be able to let out the energy and release the tension before it gets critical. Or the relationship will not be very happy or long-lasting.

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Uranus: Relating to the old and young, progressive or conservative is in your repertoire. People probably find you interesting in that you are not as predictable as you might first appear. Your conversations can cover a wide range of world events. Business perceptions are sharp. Tuning into trends can make for profitable investments. Honoring each other's personal autonomy is a good way to keep close. You can offer stimulating input into the serious goals of your partner. Surprising one another is exciting.