Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Pluto

Composite Saturn sextile Composite Pluto

Composite Saturn square Composite Pluto

The square of composite Saturn and Pluto creates difficulties. One of you will feel that you are struggling in chains forged by the other, that the relationship is restrictive, and that your natural growth is being inhibited. It is most likely that each of you will affect the other this way at different times. It will not be a one-way street.

The energies of this aspect may not be experienced directly, however. The Saturn-Pluto combination seems to have the effect of creating a shortage or lack of something that seems essential, so the two of you will not always have what you want, whether it is material comfort or psychological support. Something in the dynamics of your interaction brings this situation about. As a consequence, your freedom of movement is very much hindered, and you may blame each other for this problem.

Please realize, however, that the dynamics of your relationship is the problem, not the other person. In other words, both of you are contributing to the situation. Until you acknowledge this fact, you will not be able to straighten out any problems that you encounter.

Such a relationship can face quite unpleasant circumstances, most commonly in the form of increasing emotional coldness and remoteness between you. From there you may get to the point of resisting each other strongly and wanting to break free at all costs. If the relationship has anything going for it and you want to make it work, you must recognize how you have created the situation. How do you limit each other, not only by actions, but also by attitudes? Do you undermine each other in any way? Ask yourselves these questions, not to prove each other right or wrong, but only to get at the truth.

Composite Saturn square Composite Pluto: You can either move swiftly together, or have trouble getting into first gear. It all depends on how well you learn to work and talk together. There are plenty of business smarts. Letting each other feel equally empowered helps you find harmony. You are two tenacious sorts when you truly get focused on a job or a challenge. Neither of you will respond positively to force. You make decisions together faster when you both agree on your own terms. This is a powerful relationship with built-in survival instincts. Trust comes with helping one another be successful.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Pluto

The trine of composite Saturn and Pluto confers a certain toughness and rigidity upon a relationship that can be both good and bad. On the plus side, it makes the two of you able to handle some fairly difficult times without folding up. You can endure quite a bit of hardship, either from each other or from the outside world. You develop a view of the world and your relationship that helps you understand why circumstances can be bad and you resist the panic that sometimes destroys a relationship when times are tough.

On the other hand, it is possible to become rigid and inadaptable. No matter how great the pressure, you may be unable to bend at all and make the necessary adaptations that could enable your relationship to survive and produce happiness for both of you.

Try to avoid unconscious habits in dealing - with each other. Your relationship, like any other, requires that you make changes from time to time. But you tend to resist these changes because of the habit patterns that you have built up unconsciously with each other. Learn to approach each situation as if you had never seen it before. Apply the same fresh and innovative tactics that you would have used the first time. You will probably see that this situation is quite different and that you had been imposing a similarity that was not actually there.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Pluto: Getting focused on the big plans usually doesn't produce much tension for either of you. You can work together smoothly. Letting each other lead is very attainable. Helping one another to realize business and career plans is rewarding. You can grow fond of the unconditional regard you receive. You may need a burst of energy if your intensity to further your ambitions grows sleepy. People likely see you as a dependable duo.

Composite Saturn quincunx Composite Pluto

This aspect tends to create a relationship that is occasionally turmultuous, with unexpected severe downturns.

Composite Saturn quincunx Composite Pluto: This aspect between composite Saturn and Pluto brings a formidable forcefulness to your partnership. With this placement, you find yourself part of relationship that comes with a focus on issues of authority, power and control, with also the benefit of radical transformation. You benefit when you work through any compulsion that arises within the relationship regarding personal power or attitudes toward established authority. You have the opportunity here to help each other reevaluate and transform your urge for power and control based on a deeper understanding of the very nature of power itself. It may be difficult to achieve, but if you can work through these issues, you are likely to develop a more conscious and socially responsible use of personal power that could assist in your own evolution and that of the world around you.

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Pluto

If the opposition of composite Saturn and Pluto is strongly placed, it can create a great deal of tension between the two of you, which will expressed as rather explosive outbursts of feeling and passion.

The problem is that the rigidity of Saturn encounters the irresistible transforming power of Pluto. An analogy can be found in the theory continental drift, in which the continental land masses come together almost imperceptibly, but the accumulated pressure throws up mountains and produces earthquakes of terrifying violence. A relationship in which this aspect is strong is like that. Both of you are constantly changing, slowly but powerfully, but you operate in such a way that it is difficult to let changes happen. The result is that they happen all at once in a cataclysmic way rather than expressing themselves gradually.

When an emotional eruption occurs, it is because one of you has lost hope of being able to deal with the other and bring about any kind constructive change. Finally, when the pressure gets too great. you blow up, not to change your partner but to let off the powerful feelings stored up inside you.

If either of you is rigid, you must learn not to be. Don’t allow your beliefs and ideas to persist unchanged. Do not wait until the pressure is so great that you can’t handle the matter easily.

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Pluto: You can show great strength together in the sight of adversity. Listening to each other's input helps build a solid commitment. You can enjoy sharing career plans. Developing win-win strategies is smart thinking. The two of you sense the bottom line in business and money dealings faster than many. Your investments can spark your passion. You don't scare easily in the face of adversity. When you combine your problem-solving capabilities, it is a rare dilemma that you cannot figure out. You can suddenly change from being a sociable couple to wanting privacy. You respect your most loyal friends and loved ones.