Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Neptune

The conjunction of composite Saturn and Neptune can present some strange and difficult problems. This relationship is quite likely to challenge your accustomed ways of looking at the world. The challenge will not be wild and revolutionary, as is characteristic of Uranus; rather it will be a quiet, subtle change such that one day the two of you will find that you don't understand what is going on at all. You both will certainly be confused and maybe fearful of what you don't understand. A strongly placed Saturn-Neptune conjunction is not favorable if you must work together in a situation that requires great clarity of mind and understanding in order to accomplish something.

there is no way to deal with the energies of this aspect in a relationship if you can learn to be extremely flexible. Saturn-Neptune signifies a breakdown of the ways in which you structure your perception of reality. If you can bring yourselves to relax and flow with its energies, this relationship can present you with a whole new way of structuring your world, which will greatly enhance your ability to deal with life. Therefore this encounter can be valuable, although it won't always be very pleasant. But you both will resist this aspect of your relationship very intensely, and you will be beset by fear, confusion, uncertainty, and especially self-doubt. You each may feel that your partner has a way of undermining your belief in yourself.

If that is true in your case, the situation is exposing something in you that is not strong enough. Instead of fleeing, try to understand what is happening. Even if you feel that you have suffered damage through this relationship, you must recognize thatyou have a weakness that has to be dealt with. Try to learn what it is, so that you will not have to deal with it over and over again in the future.

The energy of this Saturn-Neptune combination will break down your old understandings of yourselves in a relationship, but in the long run it can also bring about a ner and truer understanding.

Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Neptune: It is your ideals and commitment to excellence that defines your relationship. The two of you may not always agree, but can find enough shared turf to be happy. The faith you show in one another adds endurance to being together. You can't expect to make your partner's problems magically disappear. But you can be strong proponents for each other's main missions. Your dreams to find career success and happiness in the roles you choose are a driving force in your liaison. You are lovers with a dream! Accept a few differences in putting strategies to use and you will be unified. Having the best of the romantic and business worlds is in your grasp.

Composite Saturn sextile Composite Neptune

The sextile of composite Saturn and Neptune indicates that you will be able to maintain a balance between the ideal and the real in this relationship. If this is a personal relationship, for example, you will try to use what you know about yourselves and each other to progress and develop into what you would like to become. Very often the effect of a harmonious Saturn-Neptune combination such as this is that people will work toward the ideal by denying themselves in one way or another. This aspect is symbol of asceticism. One way to understand this principle is to think of it as the idealization (Neptune) of discipline and austerity (Saturn). As couple you are able to put up with having very little because you want very little.

The same tendency toward austerity makes it unlikely that this will be a sexual relationship, unless there are many other indications for it. The reason for this is not that there are blocks and repressions, as is usually the case with Saturn, but because Neptune denies the physical world and because this combination idealizes austerity. A couple with this aspect probably would not even want a sexual relationship.

Other kinds of relationships with this aspect will also be restrained and disciplined. That fact will not divide you, but may actually hold you together.

Composite Saturn sextile Composite Neptune: Reality and ideals are compatible friends. Business sense is highly developed and available when you want to use it. The two of you can find ways to bring your values into your work. Your commitment to each other is inspired by faith. There is a tendency to handle adverse circumstances with patience. Practical beliefs are spun by your insightful minds. Flashes of intuitive know-how make you a successful couple. Don't let others lean too heavily on your generosity. You do possess a clear definition of limits.

Composite Saturn square Composite Neptune

If the square of Saturn and Neptune is strongly placed in the composite chart, there can be some difficulty, for this aspect tends to undermine confidence and to produce fear and insecurity. The effect of Neptune is to dissolve and weaken the solid physical basis of your world by making things seem uncertain and unclear. And this aspect has the same effect on a relationship also.

Sometimes there is a conflict between realism and idealism in your relationship. It may appear that the ideal you seek - how you should relate to or feel about each other, or some other ideal you want to work toward together - is totally blocked by circumstances in the real world. Often this belief can make both of you pessimistic or depressed. This aspect is not noted for producing a good, lighthearted sense of humor.

However, you must remember that the situation is seldom as bad as it appears with this aspect. Much of the apparently depressing circumstances are only an illusion, so you must circumvent the illusion and get at the true reality, which is usually not so bad. Don't accept conditions as they first appear in this relationship and don't give up seeking what you want. If you do, you only undermine each other and weaken your ability to deal with the world. Obviously, that is not a desirable result.

Composite Saturn square Composite Neptune: You could be closer to agreeing on apparent points of contention than you often realize. With communication this will be seen. Going toward your most idealized ambitions causes conflict if it seems to exclude your partner. A clear defining of your commitment goes far in maintaining a steady connection. You influence each other to find the faith to go beyond self-doubts. When you don't overly indulge in judgment, you both feel better. Don't deny issues. Resolving the big ones makes the road ahead clearer and full of romantic joy.

Composite Saturn square Composite Neptune: This aspect can bring clear thinking, discrimination and grounded action to what otherwise might be a very nebulous relationship. You two tend to be responsible, compassionate and take social issues very seriously. You may participate in an active way with music or the healing arts. With these two planets in challenging aspect, however, you may find that the limitations of Saturn combined with the confusion of Neptune leaves you both feeling depressed about the general state of things from time to time. You may suffer through a series of trials before eventually learning to work these energies into their more positive forms. Then, sturdy Saturn serves to ground the grand visions of Neptune, allowing you two to give form to the inexpressible in a way that serves both the relationship and the world beyond it.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Neptune

The trine of composite Saturn and Neptune produces austerity of self-expression, self-denial, and even asceticism. With this aspect prominent in the chart, it is unlikely that the two of you have formed a relationship purely for pleasure. More likely you have come together with some higher purpose in mind, something involving discipline and working toward an ideal. You may even have come together to pursue a spiritual purpose. But even if the task is of a business or professional nature, the two of you will work very hard to attain your purpose and will indulge yourselves very little. Work and discipline themselves may be the ideal toward which you strive.

Obviously this style would not usually be found in a love relationship, except in an idealized platonic one. But the self-denial and discipline that are characteristic of this aspect will be a spontaneous self-expression, not an imposed condition that you are unwilling to put up with.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Neptune: You may not tend to get all that serious about life. There is a compatible mixing of your ambitions and desire for escape. Your expectations of each other are likely reasonable. When you believe in your partner's potentials, it can encourage greater effort. You miss one another when apart for long. The ideals you share energize your imagination. Your commitment is based on a love of similar symbols of inspiration.

Composite Saturn quincunx Composite Neptune

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Neptune