Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Ascendant

The Conjunction of composite Saturn and Ascendant can have se very different effects, depending on other factors in the relationship.

On the positive level, it can signify a relationship that is bound together so strongly that almost nothing can break it up. This is not so much because there is a positive attraction between you as because you are intensely involved with each other in a way that seems fated or strongly predestined. Unfortunately, even if one of you wants to break out of this relationship, it might be difficult because of material circumstances, psychological needs or other factors that seem beyond your control. This characteristic of the Saturn-Ascendant conjunction is helpful, if the rest of the relationship is basically sound, and not so good if the relationship is shaky.

If either of you experiences this relationship as a trap from which you would like to break free but cannot, you must examine why you are together. People sometimes stay involved with each other for reasons that have nothing to do with happiness. If you examine the relationship carefully, you may find that the two of you are getting something else from the situation. You may be reluctant to give this up, even though the relationship itself is unsatisfactory.

At another level, if the two of you do not have much interaction with each other, the conjunction of composite Saturn and Ascendant may be the final indication that you do not have enough in common to allow a viable relationship. Certainly, if you are interested in being lovers or marriage partners, you should make sure that other indications in the relationship are extremely positive to compensate for this aspect. Even under the best of circumstances, this aspect is likely to mean that emotional contact between you is limited.

Composite Saturn conjunct Composite Ascendant: Self-reliance plus! This is a more serious side of you both. Getting focused helps you stay on track in getting things done together. You attract responsibility. Leadership roles follow you. People look to you to help them with decisions. Be understanding in dealing with one another. You could put too much pressure on yourselves occasionally. Career and ambition are major concerns. Each of you needs to feel successful in your life endeavors. Taking time away from business is a way to pay attention to your partner. Others probably perceive you to be a couple knowing what you want and how to attain it.

Composite Saturn sextile Composite Ascendant

The sextile of composite Saturn and Ascendant can have a positive steadying effect upon a relationship, or it can make the relationship rather rigid. In either case, this aspect causes structures to become hardened and stabilized. Obviously this is fine for the good elements in a relationship, but not good for the less positive elements. There is a danger that the two of you could become so enmeshed in bad habits that you do not think about what you are doing. You may act unconsciously instead of stopping to consider what is really happening. A possible result is that many of your actions toward each other may be inappropriate to the circumstances, which will cause problems between you.

This aspect may curtail communication between you, but not in a way that is truly detrimental. What it will do is keep your communication focused on fundamentals. Instead of engaging in small talk with each other, you will talk mostly about the matters that you both consider important.

In this relationship your ideals are pragmatic. You both are anxious to deal, with the truth; instead of indulging in idle speculation about what could be, you deal with what is. That includes each other, which means that this may not be the most romantic relationship, but at least you are willing to make do with what you have. For that reason, this relationship may be more enduring than those that are characterized by a romantic attitude.

These same attitudes also make this aspect a very positive one for a business relationship in which strong emotional interaction is secondary to clear and objective consideration of the facts that you are working with.

Composite Saturn sextile Composite Ascendant: Making decisions is an attribute you possess. Stimulating each other's brain waves toward greater ambitions is likely. A sense of self-assuredness can be a mutual benefit. Sharing the responsibility bodes well for feeling close. The two of you can get much accomplished with little bickering. Good planning yields favorable results. Career input back and forth, might help pave the way to successful footsteps. Working together in a business is not out of the question.

Composite Saturn square Composite Ascendant

The square of composite Saturn to Ascendant can cause real problems in a relationship. It signifies that the two of you have a great deal of difficulty cooperating with each other and coordinating your purposes in life so that you can work together. In the composite chart, this aspect indicates alienation of one partner from the other.

Only if other elements of your relationship are very positive can you compensate for the negative effects of this aspect. It can make you both feel that your past experiences have made you into such completely different people that it is difficult to get together in the present. Your personal and inward experiences of life in general are so different that you will have great difficulty in understanding each other, which adds to the overall sense of differentness and alienation.

If this is a marriage or other relationship in which you share a home of some kind, that home is not likely to be a very rewarding place to be. Neither of you is willing to invest enough of your personal feelings and emotions into making it pleasant. This is a reflection on the material plane of the inward sense of barrenness that the two of you feel in this relationship.

Another factor can interfere with the smooth functioning of a relationship with this aspect. You may feel that external circumstances have placed such a burden of duty and responsibility on your relationship that you cannot relax and enjoy each other's company. There is always the feeling that something else must be done first.

Even in the best relationship, this aspect is likely to cause problems in mutual acceptance and understanding. If other areas of your relationship are not too good, you should ask yourselves very honestly what you want from this relationship, and whether it is possible to attain it.

Composite Saturn square Composite Ascendant: A more serious dimension of your personalities. Jobs left undone bother you. Strong drives to find success are indicated. Pace yourselves, as some projects can't be done in one day. All work and no play will grow tiresome. Make time for sheer enjoyment within the midst of your busy lives. Let one another explore individual talents. What is right for one of you will not always work for both of you. A fear of trying new experiences will stunt the growth of your partnership. Be flexible. Your commitment to excellence is apparent to others. Give-and-take is an appropriate motto.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Ascendant

The trine of composite Saturn and Ascendant will have a very stabilizing effect on a good relationship, but an inhibitive effect on one that is not so good. When Saturn's energies operate in a positive manner, as is often the case with the trine aspect they promote stability and help keep the relationship on an even keel. This aspect prevents wide swings from extreme happiness to extreme sadness or from very positive to very negative feelings. But it does so at the cost of a certain sponteneity and exuberance. A Saturnine relationship, even a good one, is more sober than most, more concerned about practical realities and less about ideals and romantic fantasies.

On the positive side, the two of you are able to make each other function in a more regular manner. you give each other a sense of discipline. At its best, this aspect makes it possible for the two of you to be your honest selves with each other, but at the same time to exercise restraint. You are not inclined to act in a completely free and loose manner when you are together.

If the energy of this aspect operates negatively, however, then each of you may be a serious obstacle to the other's self-expression. Even worse, you may find yourselves locked into such rigid attitudes about each other that it is difficult to make changes in your relationship. At the same time, these energies may cause you both to become more rigid in your attitudes to the world around you.

Which effect you are likely to experience depends in part on your willingness to deal with each other openly and honestly.

Composite Saturn trine Composite Ascendant: Your relationship is plenty big enough to accommodate each of your serious aims. A lack of worry makes for a steadfast commitment. You can enjoy cooperative ventures. Sound business decisions can head off disasters before they occur. You have personalities that radiate a sober sense of being in the know. Timing changes can be done with remarkable patience. If your relationship needs more excitement, encourage each other to explore an interesting alternative.

Composite Saturn quincunx Composite Ascendant

This aspect between Composite Saturn and Ascendant signifies a responsible relationship, but with perhaps some serious limitations to contend with. As a partnership, you are very aware of the ties that bind you together, and you also may feel stifled by them at times. You have some difficulties to deal with in sustaining the relationship, but working through difficulties gives your connection with each other a strength that it might not otherwise possess. On the plus side there is likely to be an achievement orientation to your partnership that can take you far toward established goals, as long as you can mutually agree on what those are.

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Ascendant

The opposition of composite Saturn to the Ascendant should be thought of as a conjunction of Saturn and composite Descendant. Because the Descendant is a very important point in the chart of a relationship, this is a very important aspect. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult aspect for most people to handle well. It implies that the two of you are unable to relate as a team. You both feel there are great barriers between you that make it difficult to relate to each other. This problem may derive from either of two sources.

It may be that external circumstances are making the relationship impossible. People around you may try to prevent you from getting together, perhaps because one of you is involved in another relationship that makes this one impossible. Or, especially if you are lovers, there may be a great age gap between you that makes your relationship difficult.

But it is also possible that the two of you simply do not have a basic affinity for each other. Saturn on the composite Descendant can be a sign of mutual alienation.

In other areas of the relationship are positive, you will probably encounter the first problem- persons or circumstances trying to block the relationship. But if your relationship is not going well in other was, this aspect is a sign that it is not likely to be a very rewarding one, because you are not basically compatible. In any case, with this aspect, you must examine your relationship very careful to see if you really want it enough to overcome the obstacles it presents.

Composite Saturn opposite Composite Ascendant: Your business ability is sharp in dealing with others. People respect your thorough knowledge of what you decide to undertake. Letting each other state opinions about joint projects keeps communication flowing. Rigid assumptions get in the way of mutual understanding. Helping each other define ambitions is a bonus of being together. Your commitment deepens through encouraging the development of your own unique talents. Business associations could be numerous. Serving the public is a natural ability.