Composite Neptune in the Composite 1st House

With composite Neptune in the first house of a chart, there is great danger that the two of you don't understand what this relationship is all about. You each may have quite widely different views of your relationship, with neither of you aware of the difference. Or you may have a fairly clear idea about the direction you should take as a couple, but you have difficulty understanding where you are at a particular time.

Typical of the problems that Neptune induces is a situation that can occur in a love relationship. One of you thinks that everything is beautiful and ideal, and the world may agree, for a first house Neptune can deceive others as well as yourselves. But you will discover that something is radically wrong between you when you wake up one morning to find that the other person is gone, having been unhappy for months.

Another common Neptune pattern that applies here, although it is even more characteristic of the seventh house, is that one of you sacrifices yourself to "save" the other from some problem. Or you both may offer yourselves in service to the world. This is usually the rankest form of self-delusion, because one or both of you is using this pattern as a device for working out your own hangups. People do not "save" each other in this manner.

Unfortunately there are endless possible sources of self-delusion. But a first house Neptune does signify that you must work for a realistic relationship and not let your ideals overwhelm your ability to see the truth. Yet at the same time you must not surrender your ideals.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 1st House: Putting your ideals into motion is a natural counterpart of your being together. A pioneering spirit can pull on your hearts. You believe in the power of love. Your emotions are easily activated by being in the company of one another. Watch your shared impulse to react too quickly to situations. Take your time, and be sure you understand all of the facts before setting out to complete a course of action. Your intuitive clarity can fight with your mental objectivity when dealing with stressful occurrences.

Your relationship probably took off rapidly. You could have sensed a reflection of yourself in your partner. Anger results when you don't believe enough in each other. There are days when one or both of you will have to rely on your own instincts to make choices. You won't always have the answers to your partner's questions.

Each of you might be involved passionately in a creative self-expression. Charging into a new interest is typical for you both. Follow through comes with discipline. You can have differences in what you prefer for entertainment, though you can locate the common ground. A tendency to be outspoken when it comes to defending your highest beliefs is likely. In an ideal world, you can always help chase away each other's fears. In the real one, you can be an energetic pair with a fiery romantic courage that burns brightly.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 2nd House

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Composite Neptune in the Composite 3rd House

Neptune in the third house of the composite chart is usually experienced as confusing to the mind, for in its lower manifestations, Neptune is a planet of confusion. The third is the house of the mind functioning on a day to day level, routinely, without much consciousness of itself.

In a relationship, Neptune in the third house can create very severe difficulties in communication between you, at least verbally. You have difficulty putting into words what you want to say. Strangely enough, though, Neptune may actually improve your nonverbal, intuitive communication, while it is fouling up verbal communication. You may in fact have a very good intuitive understanding of this relationship, even when you cannot talk about it.

Beware of subtle feelings of inferiority preventing either of you from saying what you want. You have every right to speak to each other and make yourselves understood.

Because the third house is the house of immediate environment, Neptune here also has the effect of confusing your relationship to the people around you. They may do things that the two of you do not clearly understand, or they may appear to deceive you. In a marriage or love relationship, relatives may be particularly troublesome this way. The path to take is to learn to communicate with everyone, even though that may be difficult.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 3rd House: You may be able to tune into each other's thoughts. Your minds on occasion will feel like they are joined at the hip. The world can seem like a playful place for your imaginations. Teaching one another how to stay clear of worry could occur. When you both find your perceptions clouded over by emotional troubles, a short trip works wonders. Going to the movies, an outdoor concert or choosing other forms of entertainment gets you back on track.

Your beliefs may not follow any one persuasion. Taking many different paths makes for the diversification you both require. One set of anything doesn't fit into your relationship picture. Something will seem out of focus if you try to convince your partner to think on a one dimensional level. You share a peripheral vision to satisfy your curiosity to see what lies beyond your immediate awareness. The horizon seems to beckon to you to search for meaning in not so obvious places.

Communication is a great tool. Use it! You must give each other a way to read what's going on inside of your head. The quickest way to do this is to talk openly. You can influence each other to excel in painting clear pictures, with words, for others. A talent in writing and consulting can be enriched through knowing one another.

When you first met, you may have sensed someone with a similar mental disposition. In an ideal world, you can effortlessly make the most fulfilling choices. In the real one, you can instill a love of travel into the undiscovered regions within each other's minds.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 4th House

The fourth house is one of the most ambiguous placements for composite Neptune. If yours is a relationship that could have some recognizable home, it is likely to be an ideal that the two of you will work very hard to attain. You daydream about it together, saying, "How nice it would be if we had a home of our home," or "A home like this," or phrases of that sort. Yet at the same time, you tend to totally ignore what is actually going on in your home. Frequently, what is happening is important and you should know about it, but you are too wrapped up in your private fantasy world.

Sometimes the fourth house Neptune indicates that although your personal lives together have become quite difficult, neither of you is paying any attention to that fact.

As always with Neptune, it is neither possible nor desirable to give up your ideals. What is necessary is to learn to recognize reality and to allow your ideals and reality to coexist without conflict in your world. At its highest, a fourth house Neptune can signify that spiritual ideals are at the very basis of this relationship. If this is the case, most of the problems described above will not be as difficult for you.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 4th House: You can tune into each other's moods quickly. Emotional energies are intensified through interacting with your partner. You bring out a desire to get comfortable with closeness in this relationship. Taking space once in a while might be needed to clarify your feelings. You can't always know how to make each other happy. A disappointment now and then is to be expected. You can offer a shoulder to lean or cry on. Your faith in one another can inspire you to leave comfort zones in search of more challenging territory.

Your intuitive energies are forceful. They could even lead you to the right location to reside. Your home needs to be a package filled with security and comfort. Tranquillity is a heartfelt requirement. Neither of you is that fond of disruptive people or unsettling experiences. Retreats into nature or to relaxing places bring out your romantic sides.

When you first met, you could have sensed someone looking for the parts to complete a similar puzzle. It is hard to really hide your vulnerable selves from one another. You are at your best when communicating your genuine concerns. Listen without reacting. It takes plenty of practice. Patience. More practice. In a perfect world, you would always be able to shield each other from pain and sorrow. In the real world, you can move together with self-assured footsteps in establishing solid roots.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 5th House

Neptune in the fifth house of a composite chart will have the strongest effect on a personal relationship, especially a love affair or marriage. In these instances, at its best it denotes a particularly idealized and refined kind of love. The nonphysical tendencies of Neptune may even have such a great influence that the relationship will be platonic. This happens when Neptune is working out well.

However, more commonly, one of you romanticizes your relationship much too much. Everything seems to you to be perfect, ideal, and beautiful, when actually there are serious problems, which are being covered over by a romantic fog. Such a relationship can be very beautiful while it lasts, but the end usually comes in a crash of disappointment when the truth comes out, and the ideal lover is seen to be at best an ordinary man or woman and at worst a lout.

Neptune can create the fact as well as the illusion of a highly spiritual relationship, particularly the sort in which one of you views the other as a savior. While this view may be justified in some instances, the problem is that the two of you are not relating as equals, as you should in order to grow from your encounter. Or the Neptune energy may take the reverse tack, with one of you spending your time caring for the other because of some severe problem that he or she has. Here again you are not relating as equals.

As is usual with Neptune, you must learn to live with reality as well as with your ideals. At the same time you must be very certain that you are really assisting each other and not working out your own hangups by seeming to help your partner. Help given in that spirit is no help at all and only serves to perpetuate your problems.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 5th House: You form a fun-loving duo that can keep falling in love with creative impulses. Dancing and being socially active with friends is food for your souls. Imagination is everywhere present in your relationship. Humor makes life more enjoyable. A theatrical self-expression leads you both to fully enjoy being together. Your faith in each other brings out great confidence. Take turns in sharing the lead roles, and you are that much more compatible. Your intuition might guide you to take a chance on an investment. You can possess a sixth sense when it comes to putting your money on the right risk.

There is nothing wrong in wanting a lot for yourselves. Be patient if it takes longer than you realized. Settling for second best is not your style. You can be generous toward those you both love. It's when you might try to impress others that you need to be careful. You are not afraid to compete. Just be sure you are trying to win a race worth entering. You can display tremendous drive to pursue a dream. Pride in what you hope to achieve is evident to others.

When you first met, you may have sensed a person with a magical way of making things happen. You bring out the kid in each other. A zest to chase after fulfilling paths is inherent in your togetherness. You can find fame and even a bit of wealth. It's as important to enjoy the scenery as you get there. In a perfect world, you are able to portray Prince Charming or the Fairy Princess. In the real world, your parts can be more that of advocate and inspirer.

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Composite Neptune in the Composite 6th House

Composite Neptune in the sixth house indicates that the two of you may have a very high ideal of service to others, or else you may be unclear about what you are supposed to do as a couple. The sixth is the house of responsibilities, duties and work, and Neptune makes these a possible source of confusion. Sometimes a sixth house Neptune can indicate that the relationship has troubles of obscure origin. In many ways, however, this house placement is not bad, because, like Neptune, it demands putting something else before your own wishes.

Work, or just plain getting things done, becomes kind of a philosophical ideal for a couple with this placement. But remember that every relationship must provide to some extent for the individuals' legitimate demands for self-expression. Not everything can be done for some "higher" cause. Whether or not you acknowledge them as such, your own needs are legitimate and must be met.

If the two of you become wrapped up in the ideal of service, either to help each other or others, it can lead to a very subtle form of resentment, in which one or both of you plays the martyr. Thus, every time you do something for your partner, you make him or her pay for it in ways that are not very subtle but are difficult to deal with. If you are sincere about your ideal of service, fine, but give yourselves room to get what you need in the relationship also.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 6th House: Devotion to work and efficiency is a focus in your relationship. Making dreams and ideals become pragmatic entities is certainly within the realm of your imaginations. You believe in taking steps toward a vision, while many people are only watchers. Don't doubt yourselves along the way. It's your propensity to see the lack of perfection in what you do. Be sure a revision of a plan does not become so discouraging that it puts a halt to your progress. You are apt to sporadically disagree on how to get a job accomplished. Learn to not be overly sensitive when hearing your partner's opinions. A tip: It does help to stay away from leveling each other's ideas in a disparaging way.

A mutual interest in maintaining your mental and physical health is probable. You can learn from each other about diet and exercise. You will appreciate encouragement for developing your skills. It is an area where your belief in one another benefits you both. The saying "what is good for one is good for all" works in your companionship.

When you first met, you may have sensed encountering someone as conscientious about work and serving others as yourself. You are a team that moves as predictably as a well made clock. In the ideal world, you could say and do the exact things that light up each other's hearts. In the real one, you can fuel each other's fortitude to see limitations as opportunities to shine through, rather than as dark clouds.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 7th House

With Neptune in the seventh house of the composite chart, the two of you will have to be very careful that you understand the true nature of this relationship, particularly if it is a partnership, such as marriage or a business partnership. This placement can make such a relationship seem quite different from what it is in reality.

Neptune tends to subvert one of the most important aspects of the seventh house, namely, one-to-one relationships between equals. With Neptune in this house, regardless of the type of relationship, you often get the "savior-victim" pattern, as one astrologer refers to it. One of you looks for someone to rescue you from your problems, while the other looks for someone to save. In reality you both are in equally bad shape, because neither of you can relate on an equal face-to-face level.

Typical of this syndrome is the "selfless" wife caring for her indigent, alcoholic husband, apparently giving no thought to herself. You can be sure that both are really getting what they want from this situation, because neither has to take the responsibility of handling a normal relationship, which is what they truly need.

Neptune in the seventh house can also simply indicate a relationship in which each of you is dealing with the other not as a real person, but as an ideal image derived from inside yourself rather than from the actual experience of the other person. Such a relationship is bound to end in a major disappointment when one discovers that the other is not the ideal that was sought.

Yet a seventh house Neptune can indicate a relationship that really does have powerful spiritual bonds, in which the two of you have a deep intuitive understanding of each other. But this requires understanding and accepting the truth about yourselves and each other.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 7th House: You look for the best in one another. If you don't see perfection, stay calm. There are no perfect people. You bring out the relationship-orientation in each other. Sharing your lives with others rejuvenates your partnership. It even alleviates some of the pressure in trying to be "everything" packages for one another.

Watch out for indecision. You can carefully evaluate any option from at least two different takes. It will be like treading water if you sit idly for too long of a time period. Following a course of action may become necessary, rather than waiting past the chance to make the best of an opportunity. You can worry about editing the plan later, after the fog clears, or the more sound reasoning returns.

Your romantic views of life are a unifying factor. Creating stimulating experiences is comforting and exhilarating. Showing you care can go far in establishing harmony. You probably have mutual interests in art or music. When you first met you may have felt like you had found the ideal partner. There is much you will always dream of doing together. In a perfect world, you might be soul-mates of unquestioning devotion. In the real one, you can be two lovers celebrating the memories of romantic adventures.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 8th House

Neptune in the eighth house of a composite chart signifies that a major source of confusion and uncertainty in your relationship may be the material resources that you hold jointly or that concern both of you. Neptune's energy is nonmaterial in nature, so the area of the chart affected by Neptune will have difficulty with material things. Because the eighth house is the house of joint resources, this effect is felt particularly strong here.

Obviously this will effect a business or professional association most, but the financial dealings of any relationship except the most casual friendship will be affected. All areas involving business and financial transactions should be regarded with some care. Neptune is the planet of deception and fraud, and these are the dangers you may encounter in your financial dealings.

However, Neptune has two sides here, just as it does in the other houses. It can also indicate tremendous intuitive awareness about financial and material resources. And it is very hard to tell when Neptune will have either of these two effects. The only solution is to be very careful until you know what Neptune is doing. Even if the relationship is generally working out well for both of you, be prepared for an occasional unpleasant surprise.

The eighth house is also the house of major transformations that can occur within a relationship. Neptune here can indicate that hidden and unseen factors in the world around you causing changes that are difficult to understand. You will have to be very clear in your thinking in order to examine such factors.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 8th House: You may not always know what each other is feeling, but have an intense desire to make your relationship work. There is passion that weaves an intensity through your emotions. Whatever the two of you pursue together, it is never going to be done half-way. Your intuitive glimpses can penetrate into what each needs to do to achieve self-mastery. You both have certain material and spiritual aims that can learn to get along. There will be differences that you must tolerate in order to coexist peacefully.

Your faith in one another is empowering. People can be moved to attempt great things when the two of you get behind them. You are equally as charismatic as you are secretive. You can switch back and forth without much notice. It's your moods that dictate your present disposition. Knowing how to talk with your partner about sensitive subjects is not easy. Revealing what's really bothering one of you might take a mind reader. You will get better in figuring out how to negotiate with each other. It's tough to fight or talk, if only one of you shows up.

When you first met, you may have sensed the magic between you. There is a capacity to do well in the business world together. A tireless creative spark may never go out, even when running into an obstacle. Your connection gets stronger with each milestone you experience together. In an ideal world, you could make all of your partner's problems disappear. In the real one, you can learn to find solace in knowing you have a reliable person with which to consult.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 8th House: Composite Neptune in the 8th House brings out great personal and spiritual magnetism in each of you as a result of your association. You share a subtle intuition and an unusually clear ability to see into each other's depths, although there may also be a tendency to see each other somewhat through rose-colored glasses. Shared finances may also be subject to a form of idealism or even illusion. You may become more interested in otherworldly affairs, such as psychic matters or occult studies, than the everyday, or find that you share a love of sensuality and luxury together. With this relationship also, you may experience confusion over the power and/or sexual dynamics that come up between you. It may benefit you to put some extra attention into thinking and feeling through these sensitive issues. A process of spiritual transformation may take place in each of you as the relationship matures. You benefit from applying greater clarity to your shared values and to your intimate connection.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 9th House

Neptune in the ninth house of the composite chart signifies that this relationship is enormously concerned with ideals. The ninth is the house of higher mentality- the mind as it views the world, conscious of doing so. This house relates to your overall philosophy of life and the mental structure through which you interpret the world. Neptune here gives this whole area a mystical and religious flavor, or at least a fondness for delving into psychic or spiritual matters. In a composite chart this placement could signify that the two of you are very much concerned with such matters in this relationship.

It is also possible that the ninth house signifies that your ways of thinking about the world are confused by this relationship. There is a danger that you could be looking at the world either through rose-colored glasses or, quite the reverse, from a needlessly pessimistic point of view. Either way, the ninth house indicates that the two of you are dealing with the world in a way that is not entirely realistic, and therefore leaves you open to disappointment. It is all right to be idealistic, but do not confuse your ideals with the facts.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 9th House: Your idealism can move mountains, or at least you think it can. You both have a radar-like way of choosing lucky paths. It is true your blind faith could sometimes get the best of you. A setback will not stop the two optimists you become together. Your beliefs are probably too lofty for some. Those closest to you in belief systems will admire your dedication to what you see as truth. It is tempting to exaggerate your potentials. Though you may fool yourselves into delivering, in spite of impossible odds. Your values could clash with your society or those of your neighbors. It won't bother you, if you feel you are in the right. You have an innate ability to get people to believe in you. Perhaps your greatest challenge is making a commitment toward a joint project. Mutual decisions are testy. It might be better to go off in separate directions before trying to draw a conclusion. You can have a habit of waiting to the last second before deciding. What is interesting is that it might often work for the two of you!

There is power in knowledge. Telling you this is like preaching to the choir. Allow one another the freedom to drink from many different fountains of information. Learning is a key to doors of opportunity.

When you first met, it could have felt like you were meant to ride through life side-by-side. A love of adventure is a shared pastime. Your intuitive natures dance in a wonderful rhythm. In a perfect world, you can open any door to riches and inner fulfillment for your partner. In the real one, you can strive to expand each other's chances for success and happiness.

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Composite Neptune in the Composite 10th House

Neptune in the tenth house of the composite chart can be a source of difficulty, for it indicates great confusion about exactly what this relationship is and how it fits into the world at large. One manifestation of a tenth house Neptune is that the two of you may be affected by all sorts of things that others are totally unaware of. On the surface your relationship may appear perfectly proper, but this appearance conceals situations that would make people think quite differently about you, if they knew. Do not get caught in the trap of a relationship that is all illusory appearance with no substance behind it.

The tenth house Neptune can also indicate that the two of you do not have any clear sense of where your relationship is going or what its purpose is. In an individual chart, this is the house of one's profession. Similarly, in a composite chart, the tenth tells something about what purpose a relationship serves for you. Neptune makes it hard to perceive that purpose clearly.

On the other hand it is also possible that this placement indicates the actual purpose of your relationship. Neptune is the planet of ego-transcendance, the process of going beyond your own narrowly conceived ends. It helps make you more concerned about your needs in a greater metaphysical context. In the tenth house of the composite chart, Neptune may signify a relationship in which each of you must learn to deny your own desires in favor of another's, as a way of satisfying your greater needs. It can also signify that you are heavily involved on a professional level with metaphysical or spiritual activities.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 10th House: You make a down-to-earth couple. Your intuition and reality-testing need to walk soberly. A vision to you may mean more than a nice feeling. You are a couple that quickly wants to create the flow chart to get results. Wasting time on frivolous ideas is not in your game plan. You can be as romantic as anybody else with a twist of ambition thrown into the mix. Work and escape can both be part of your lives. Be smart in staying in control of your schedules as best as you can.

The gods of work and responsibility are constantly whispering in your ears. People will often depend on your strengths. Don't feel guilty about saying no when you have little energy left in your reserve tank. If you lose concentration on each other it may be due to emotional exhaustion.

You can possess a clear sense of commitment. A mission statement of why you are together is probably never far from your thinking. Your love for one another feels real. You expect your partner to make the same effort as you in making your relationship run smoothly. There might be a few traditional values you share; interspersed with a few you invent yourselves. You have the rugged determination to find happiness together much like the pioneers that had the courage to move West.

When you first met, it may have been your shared realistic thinking and certain ideals that captured your interest. You bring out a serious seeking of success in one another. In the ideal world, you could put each other on the throne. In the real one, you can elevate your partner's self-confidence and status, through your faith and focus.

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Composite Neptune in the Composite 11th House

Neptune in the eleventh house of the composite chart indicates an unusually idealistic relationship. The eleventh is the house of hopes and wishes, and with Neptune, the planet of ideals, it makes an extremely idealistic combination. Be careful that your expectations of this relationship are not excessive. Try to relate to your partner for what he or she really is, not for what you imagine or dream.

As in the other houses that concern relationships, Neptune here can transform a relationship that normally would have been a sexual one into a platonic affair. This is because of Neptune's nonphysical nature. You both may feel that physical love is not pure enough for the kind of idealism you share.

As the house of friendship, the eleventh can also signify the kinds of friends that you attract through being together. Neptune indicates that your friends are likely to be people who are in some way Neptunian. They may be very artistic or sensitive or involved in occult or psychic matters. Or they may simply be unreliable or dishonest. They could even represent both these extremes. Wherever Neptune falls in the chart is the area you have to be most clear about and understand what is really happening, because you are most likely to delude yourselves in that area.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 11th House: You both like to feel there are endless possibilities to fulfill your lives. Why should there be any limits? If you can think of something to pursue, then it must be possible. You don't usually bow down to tradition--do you? Life together is probably more unpredictable than predictable. This is what could make your relationship very unique. Your shared dreams can be just as fulfilling as your individual ones.

The past may not be so relevant for either of you. You can be more interested in the potential of today and tomorrow. Feelings for one another may be difficult to express. Your intellect can hide them neatly away. When you do allow for emotional exchanges, it takes you deeper into your partner's most intimate worlds.

Love was never meant to be a nice neat little package in your opinion. You can deal with the unknown as long as you feel your partner's support. Your goals as a couple need each of you to water them regularly. Surprising one another with experiences that sweep you away are a strong point in sticking out the tough times.

When you first met, you probably felt like you were with a kindred spirit. In the ideal world, you always know what to do to make each other feel eternally free. In the real one, you can still fly together in numerous directions in search of uncharted territory.

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Composite Neptune in the Composite 12th House

The twelfth is Neptune's natural house, according to the traditions of astrology. Therefore this placement in the composite chart is likely to be relatively untroublesome. Both Neptune and the twelfth house stand for the need to go beyond oneself and deal with a higher-order universe. At its best, a twelfth house Neptune indicates that both of you are able to give to each other and to the relationship what is needed to make matters work out in the best way. At the critical moments, when it really counts, you each can disregard your ego's demands and do what must be done without having to protect your own emotional investment. you both are willing and able to sacrifice to the common good when it is necessary.

Oddly enough, however, this can also be a fault, if you carry it too far. The negative side of this principle is the martyr attitude, a peculiar kind of passive aggressiveness. The partner with this attitude always yields to the other's demands, while at the same time making him or her feel as guilty as possible for taking advantage of a weakness. This can be quite a sincere attitude, in that one of you really believes that you are unworthy of a good break from your partner, and therefore you don't stand up for your rights.

Remember that however selfless you think you are, both of you must get something valid from this relationship, or it won't be any good for either of you. Eventually, unacknowledged, hidden aggressions will come out into the open and begin to foul up your relationship.

Composite Neptune in the Composite 12th House: You are as emotional as they come. Life together is poetry in motion. Aesthetic loves can travel along similar routes. Your highest values are likely a source of unity. Devotion to a special cause is feasible. You can generate enough intuitive power to run a major city! Your idealism will need a reality check at various intervals.

You both can be nostalgic about the past. Missing old friends or neighborhoods may draw you back for a repeat experience. You can be very loyal to each other. When feeling the blues, you like to think your partner will offer their unconditional support. Be reasonable if you cannot make each other's lives wonderful. Making one another feel guilty is the wrong move. It is your more unconditional regard for each other that takes you further. Keep reinforcing positive energy as it produces greater abundance.

When you first met, it may have felt like you always knew one another. There could have seemed like there was no veil separating your minds. In the ideal world, you can see how easy it is to really please each other. In the real one, you can with much practice get good at knowing how to make each other feel very special.

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Composite Neptune in Aries

Composite Neptune in Taurus

Composite Neptune in Gemini

Composite Neptune in Cancer

Composite Neptune in Leo

You can be quite theatrical together. Watching your dreams take form is thrilling. Playing a few different roles is not difficult for either of you. Indulging in your favorite pastimes together is fun. Dancing and socializing with your favorite friends is enjoyable. You accelerate your partner's imagination.

You won't always be able to make each other's blues go away. However, you can help in lifting each other out of worries into more bountiful scenery. Your alliance is powerful. When you combine your faith there is no end to what you can do. Creativity is what often inspires you.

Your confidence in others can get them to go beyond their fears and self-doubts. People enjoy being in your presence as you both can exude a powerful confidence. You have a smile that can influence others to believe in you. When you are positive in thought, life recognizes your abilities.

Composite Neptune in Virgo

The two of you like to put your beliefs into practice. You prefer ideals that are pragmatic. Causes will make you seem like born skeptics, if they are not well organized or appear they will not reach the desired results. You can show a persistent dedication to make a dream come true. Work is an area you are serious about. A life-long dedication to a profession is very possible.

Alternative health methods may appeal to both of you. Learning ways to calm your minds through relaxation exercises could be of interest. Meditation. Massage. Yoga. Retreats. You may be interested in all of the above. Being near the ocean or hearing the poetic sounds of water trickling down a fountain puts music in your ears. A shared motivation to live and eat healthy is indicated.

Be sensitive to each other's quest to find suitable work. This is where some of your greatest idealism is stored. Learning new skills gives each of you a new lease on life. Find the faith to pursue your most uplifting and enthusiastic ideals. It is hard to settle for anything less. Believe more in one another's abilities than limitations.

Composite Neptune in Libra

You see a little of yourself when you look into your partner's eyes. It may seem most of the time as though you were destined to meet. Friction between you is unsettling--even painful. You can each feel as though you have found the ideal companion. It is harder to find a better lover or friend. You may even measure other people against your companion's qualities. Try to be fair in evaluating others. Maintaining your friendships and professional associations can be of benefit to your relationship. The two of you possess shared social skills that are above average.

Escape through your love of music and art is predictable. Your passion for beauty can be revealed in your clothing, jewelry and possessions. You can have a mutual appreciation for nature.

Indecision might be aggravating. Being able to see the potential for opposing viewpoints to be equally correct doesn't make this easier. What is the way out? Compromise! Create as many win-win situations as possible. People may envy the apparent unity in your relationship. Those closest to you will want to become part of your lives.

Composite Neptune in Scorpio

You may not be as idealistic as other couples. The bottom line of what you both desire is usually in your line of vision. You can still dream! Be careful what you want from life. You are likely to get it! Your relationship was born passionate. A strong sensual connection is likely.

You can influence each other to be secretive. Trust comes as you put some of your cards face up. When you have few hidden agendas life will be more fun together. Your material expectations probably need to be kept reasonable. When you put your money and business smarts together, you can increase each other's wealth.

People may see you as a couple with magic in their fingertips. Your hard work might be perceived as effortless by others. Emotions are intense with both of you. Your bond can be strong. A shared interest in the mysteries of life can be shown. You can show great concentration when you dive into a serious area of study. The realization that you can rely on your partner is a stabilizing factor.

Composite Neptune in Scorpio: Composite Neptune in Scorpio brings out great personal and spiritual magnetism in each of you as a result of your association. You share a subtle intuition and an unusually clear ability to see into each other's depths, although there may also be a tendency to see each other somewhat through rose-colored glasses. Shared finances may also be subject to a form of idealism or even illusion. You may become more interested in otherworldly affairs, such as psychic matters or occult studies, than the everyday, or find that you share a love of sensuality and luxury together. With this relationship also, you may experience confusion over the power and/or sexual dynamics that come up between you. It may benefit you to put some extra attention into thinking and feeling through these sensitive issues. A process of spiritual transformation may take place in each of you as the relationship matures. You benefit from applying greater clarity to your shared values and to your intimate connection.

Composite Neptune in Sagittarius

Staying young in spirit for a lifetime--you just might be able to do it! The traveler, gypsy, teacher and student are never far from your minds. Your idealism will keep producing new visions to follow. Love conquers everything may be your philosophy. Be sure to pay attention to the everyday details. You may not really want to define your commitment. It's more fun making up the rules as you go along. This is okay as long as you both agree to the same game. It is wise to accept differences in values. If you don't discount your partner's ideas, life merrily can be lived together.

Patience with each other is truly a virtue. You both want life to sometimes immediately answer your prayers or most sincere wishes for fulfillment. Your relationship is solidified by the values and beliefs you share. It is your faith that opens doors of opportunity. With success you both gain greater focus. New adventures rekindle your optimism and love for one another.

Composite Neptune in Capricorn

You like to see clear road signs in your relationship. The unexpected does not necessarily bother you. You probably prefer to have your mutual expectations solidly defined. You both have a way of making your dreams come true through hard work. People willing to pay their dues to be successful win your respect.

Career is likely a popular topic. Each of you can have a vision of the ideal profession. Getting behind each other's serious plans is a way to achieve cooperation. If one of you does too much sacrificing it can throw you out of balance. A joint agreement that benefits you both in the long run is wise. Your vision of how to enact a strategy can impress others.

Work can become too much of the focus. Mixing pleasure and responsibility is a way to stay happy lovers. Your dedication to developing an aesthetic talent can be displayed. Whatever roles either of you chooses to perform, bring out your dedication to excellence.

Composite Neptune in Aquarius

You are free-spirited individuals. Routines do not excite your imagination. If life gets boring, you may even welcome a little chaos to change your reality. Romance may be reinvented by you two! The rules of the game will not impress either of you that much. You influence your partner to be different from the norm. An experimental theme is running through your relationship.

Romantic sparks likely got lit before either of you really knew what was happening. Your goals can have a common thread running through them. Allow for personal visions to be explored. It will cut down on the tension and anger if you do so. Your friends can be very creative types. They are fun to have in your life, as their energy is a stirring force. Freedom and equality are woven throughout your idealism. You may not care for showing excess emotion. It may feel disorienting. Looking at the world through a rational set of values may seem natural. You light up each other's life through your never ending search for progressive paths to follow.

Composite Neptune in Pisces