Composite Moon in the Composite 1st House

Composite Moon in the first house makes clear that in this relationship your feelings and emotions are very prominently involved. It is not a cool or distant relationship in which the two of you treat each other as distant objects. You will be in there with all your feelings working.

Obviously, this placement is favorable to any relationship in which you want to relate on a close, intimate level. However, it can create some problems that must be dealt with if you want to derive the greatest benefits from this configuration.

As the planet of emotions, the Moon emphasizes the subjective side of any matter. A prominently placed Moon cam, at its best, indicate a very sensitive relationship in which the two of you know intuitively what is going on inside each other. But the Moon can also create such a strong emotionalism that you are unable to stand back and look at yourselves clearly in terms of your relationship. In other words, your subjectivity overwhelms your ability to see each other objectively. Be careful to avoid such extreme emotional involvement.

The Moon also rules the past and the contribution each of you makes from your individual experience, so these factors will be very important to you. A first house Moon is usually a strong indication of an important personal relationship. It should give the two of you a strong sense of emotional compatibility. You will feel that you belong together and that you have much in common, which will indeed be true.

Composite Moon in the Composite 1st House: The two of you can display vivid imaginations and enjoy acting on intuitive impulses. You are likely to view obstacles with impatience. They make you want to yell and scream. Your partnership attracts challenges. Pooling the resources from your mental libraries can get you through just about anything.

Your home is a lively place. There are probably projects always in production. Make sure there is enough room for the two of you to stretch out.

You can be bold in defending one another. An instinct to feel protective is indicated. You have an urge to be needed as well. Define your dependency needs clearly. Time apart can make the heart grow fonder. Do you sometimes want to draw close and then suddenly feel a need for distance? Don't worry. This is the way one or both of you might stake a claim to your territorial needs.

Do the two of you experience sudden mood swings? This is as predictable as the Moon controlling the tides. Sensing the right time to discuss important matters is a key to unlocking the door that leads to mutual understanding.

People probably perceive you as a spontaneous dynamic duo. Some individuals may think you are too emotionally intense. They may have trouble understanding why you are together. Who cares, as long as you know the reason!

You may not like the demands of some people as they might get pushy in wanting your support. They see strength in you that is attractive. Make sure you are generous to those that have been good to you.

Let your intuition lead you to meet life with courageous hearts. There is nothing to fear. You can be great allies during the good and tough times.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 2nd House

Composite Moon in the second house indicates that this relationship will bring out the needs you both have for emotional and material security. In fact, you may have come together because of those needs.

You will have a strong sense of shared values, which will help to reinforce you as a couple against the undependable and changeable outside world. Because of this shared feeling, your relationship will grow strong even when there are considerable difficulties between you. You will be reluctant to give up the emotional security granted by the Moon in this position, even when things get tense. But the need for security could keep you together even when that is not the best solution for either of you.

One minor problem that this placement can bring about is that your need for emotional security can lead to a compulsive gathering of physical objects. You may try to satisfy your need for emotional security through owning things together. In this case your relationship will come to be symbolized by great quantities of material possessions. Beyond a certain point, possessions can become a millstone around your neck that limits your freedom of movement. Particularly if this is a marital relationship, you might be trapped into staying together because of what you own rather than because the relationship is working well. Like everything else, possessions must be kept in their place.

Nevertheless, the security that this relationship can offer should be one of its strongest points and should help keep you together when the going gets tough.

Composite Moon in the Composite 2nd House: There is a need to make each other feel secure regarding money. Joint ownership needs your best cooperation. You can build a slow and steady increase of financial wealth together. Together your productivity can take you far in life.

The gentle and soothing nature of your partnership brings enjoyable intimacy. The joy of being together inspires creativity. Sharing the wealth generously strengthens your commitment. A solid sense of internal security can keep you together. You can be stabilizing forces for one another.

Sensuality and passion expressed for each other is easily awakened. Pleasing your partner is a heartfelt desire. The two of you appreciate being together when you are free from stress and worry.

Your home is a safe haven from the outer world. You probably like natural beauty in the form of plants and forests. No matter where you reside your home needs to have a peaceful atmosphere. There is likely often the smell of spices, incense or other interesting aromas in the air.

Possessiveness need not come between you. Let each other be free to express heartfelt needs. You may not always be able to completely comprehend each other's choices, but do your best to accept them.

Your shared values can give you confidence in one another. Your willingness to work hard for what you want is a unifying factor.

Let your intuition lead you to full cups of self-esteem. Accepting each other at face value does wonders for feeling close. Positive strokes never hurt either.

Composite Moon in the Composite 3rd House

Moon in the third house implies that this relationship is based largely on feelings. The third is the house of the mind in its day-to-day functioning, and in a relationship it indicates the normal attitudes and opinions that you share. When you are together, you think about yourselves more subjectively and are more influenced by your emotions. You communicate with each other primarily through feelings rather than through intellect, so communication between you is likely to be mostly nonverbal.

Because you have a strong sense of shared opinions and viewpoints, you may not really need to communicate so much on an intellectual, verbal level. But at the same time, because communication within the relationship is so subjective and emotional, it may be difficult to discuss things rationally and objectively when you have to.

You may talk quite a bit about your collective feelings, which obviously is good in a personal relationship if you keep your sense of perspective and don't overdo it. Do not let this tendency degenerate into making mountains out of molehills.

In a marriage or a love relationship you are likely to be involved to an unusual extent with relatives, who may in some way contribute to the emotional stability of the partnership.

Composite Moon in the Composite 3rd House: Your minds often see eye-to-eye on major issues, though they can travel from different directions. Perceptions are often flavored by your emotions. There can be instant intuitive awareness of situations due to the chemistry of your energies.

A shared curiosity to learn is indicated. Communication is highlighted. You might even teach a subject of mutual interest together. Your ability to inspire others to think about options is impressive. There could be endless new insights that benefit one another. There is a restlessness to be mentally active.

Your friends can enjoy the lively atmosphere of your partnership. People can enjoy exchanging ideas with the two of you. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can become part of your social circles.

Your home is never a dull place. Reading and staying in touch with current events is never far from your minds. You can receive visitors or telephone calls at any time of day. It is probably wise to have more than one phone line computer and television! The onset of mood swings could disrupt communication. Emotional upheavals can distort your perceptions of each other. Be sure to separate feelings from facts. Listening helps keep emotional reactions balanced.

Let your intuition guide you to listen to each other carefully. Honoring individual ways of establishing mental coolness can be the hidden ally. You can be intrigued with the diverse paths you will walk through life together.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 4th House

The fourth house is in some ways the most natural position for composite Moon, for there is a strong analogy between this house and Cancer, the Moon's sign.

With this placement it is extremely important that the two of you share a common background or experience, for it is likely to be a strong force binding you together. You may feel that you are alone together in a crazy world, protected only by your shared attitudes and origins. However, it is not so important that your backgrounds be truly similar as that they have given you similar basic attitudes to the world.

Even more than in a relationship with a second-house Moon, you are together to give each other emotional security. And here again your security is very likely to take the form of sharing real estate or a house. This is an excellent position for marriage partners or roommates because of the strong sense of sharing it can induce.

However, it is necessary to warn you that your desire for emotional security and related tendency to seek material security should not become the sole factors binding you together. Also your need for a secure relationship must not lead you to repress the legitimate gripes you may have with each other. Let your partner know how you feel; your relationship is probably strong enough to stand the strain.

A fourth-house Moon is most favorable in a relationship in which you set up housekeeping together. For this reason it is a good position in the chart of a marriage.

Composite Moon in the Composite 4th House: Subconscious energies are easily activated when you are together. You have easy access into each other's feeling worlds. This can be comforting during times of trouble or worry. You are able to read each other's moods better than most.

Your home can be a source of underlying strength for your serious ambitions. A mutual need for closeness reinforces your commitment. The nurturing tendencies toward each other are strong. Your definitions of family and establishing roots have several common themes. You can be more patient with each other than you are with most people. You are protective of your moments alone and resent those who are too demanding of you. The home may be seen as a place to leave stress behind. Your best friends like spending time with you both, as they find you supportive.

Don't panic when there is emotional confusion. Give each other a chance to adjust to change, or when there are surprises you had not counted on. Each of you may require different amounts of time to go through transitions.

Knowing you can truly count on one another is a real lift in life. Your mutual emotional support is endearing. Keeping dependency and self-reliance balanced goes a long way in achieving harmony. Let your intuition guide you in standing up for each other's most cherished needs and beliefs. Learn to trust the safe ground this relationship rests upon.

Composite Moon in the Composite 5th House

Composite Moon in the fifth house suggests that your relationship exists because it makes you both feel good, especially emotionally. Traditionally, the fifth is the house of amusement, love, and children. One could also call this the position of recreational relationships, in which self-expression is a principal aim. Obviously this is a good house position for any kind of personal relationship, especially a love affair. You will enjoy each other's company immensely, and together you will seek out parties, the theater, nightclubs, and all kinds of good times. These experiences will be important in your feeling of what you share with each other.

The major deficiency of this position is that you may find it difficult to settle down to anything serious. This can be especially difficult in a marriage or long term love relationship, for you can't always have fun and games; at some point you have to work at the serious business of building a relationship together.

If this is a marriage, children are likely to assume an important role in your life together. With this position of the Moon, you will probably want to have children, and you will have them.

For pleasantness in a relationship, this is one of the better Moon placements. It ensures that you will be able to express yourselves emotionally with each other easily and fully.

Composite Moon in the Composite 5th House: You can be very supportive of each other's creative needs. There is an urge to move forward with enthusiasm. Financial and property investments can bring lucrative returns. The two of you like to do things in a big way. Showering one another with gifts is delightful.

Your partnership may be highlighted with humor. Keep the romance alive through adventurous living. Playing it extremely safe does not fit this picture. There is a theatrical side to you both that sees the world as a place to act out your dreams. Go for it!

You are "show me" kinds of people that expect others to follow through on their promises. Talk with no action behind it will not impress either of you. You would rather see somebody willing to take a risk than someone afraid to follow a hunch. There is pride in being together. Public recognition could come to either of you. Your relationship attracts attention. People in important positions will try to cultivate your support.

Your home is a dramatic representation of you both. It is a place from which you like to make a strong statement about yourselves. You can even be a bit lavish in buying possessions for your residence. You really need to be able to let your hair down at home. It is the springboard for much of your self-confidence. If you can afford to buy a getaway vacation place at the beach or in the mountains, you will probably do so.

A mutual determination to work through problems adds durability to your relationship. An appreciation for the individual right to be oneself is essential. Power struggles surface if you get too demanding. Sharing the spotlight keeps you from fighting for attention. It's nice to be told how important you are to one another.

Let your intuition lead you to rejoice in a lively romance. The birth of individual and joint creative ventures keeps your life spicy. Let one another experience feeling important in your own way and life together will be fulfilling.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 6th House

The sixth house is a rather somber and serious placement for the composite Moon. It suggests that you have a sense of coming together for a specific and necessary task or purpose that may not be completely pleasant. One of you may feel subordinated to the other in some way. Therefore, this is a difficult placement for any relationship that requires you to give and take equally, as most relationships do. One person may feel like a doormat for the other; he or she is likely to get tired of that position and revolt against the other.

The only way to make this position work is for the two of you to exchange services equally, thus preventing it from becoming a one way affair. This may be more difficult than it sounds if one of you is determined to be a martyr, especially since a martyr usually demands some kind of repayment that is very difficult for the other to make.

A related danger is that if one of you is giving more to the relationship emotionally than the other, you could become quite resentful about it.

Whatever the costs, you both must strive to be more nearly equal in giving and receiving. Otherwise, this relationship will become quite unpleasant.

Composite Moon in the Composite 6th House: The two of you need to know you can work together. Taking on projects helps you establish greater closeness. The two of you share the tenacity to finish what you start. Sharing the load when difficult challenges come along makes you love your partner. You tend to like well- organized people.

There is a tendency to care greatly about each other's health. You will probably encourage one another to exercise and watch your diet. Cooking and eating the right food might be your motto.

Your home life needs to follow a schedule in order for the two of you to feel relaxed. There are probably certain days you need to forget about keeping each room perfect. You can't help but desire a sense of order in your living situation. It allows you to remain calmer and think clearer. You need to be able to depend on one another to contribute equally in maintaining a place of residence.

Developing job skills could mean a lot to each of you. Encourage one another to keep improving their chances to get into the career of choice. There is a possibility you might even be able to operate a business together successfully. What do you need to watch out for in your relationship? Criticism with a capital "C". Controlling a sarcastic tongue is a good policy. You will notice the personal habits of each other that you find irritating. Tread this territory sensitively. A taking care of business type of talk does better than excessive nagging. Perfection is a goal that is hard to hold onto. Try to reach the middle ground together that is reasonable.

Let your intuition guide you to look beyond your differences. Help each other go beyond self-doubt. Serving each other's highest goals makes being together more pleasurable.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 7th House

Composite Moon in the seventh house is a good indication that in this relationship shared feelings will be very important. The seventh is the house of intimate one to one encounters, both positive ones such as partnerships and marriage, and negative ones such as open enmities. However you encounter each other, it will be with feeling.

In general, the seventh house Moon favors any intimate relationship, especially marriage or other love relationship in which sharing emotions is important. You will have a strong feeling that you belong together as a unit, and your emotional attitudes toward the outside world will be similar. The symbolism of this position is that you feel as if you were one person.

Somewhat like the first house composite Moon, which is the polar counterpart of the seventh house Moon, there is the danger that in times of emotional stress you will not be able to keep your relationship in perspective. You are likely to become too involved in your personal feelings and not be able to keep your relationship in perspective. You are likely to become too involved in your personal feelings and not be able to see what is really going on between you. Try to stay somewhat detached from difficult situations so that you can deal with them objectively and not get completely carried away. If you can do that, this should be a very good emotional relationship for both of you.

Composite Moon in the Composite 7th House: Your life together revolves heavily around your social interactions. People want to hang out with you. It's your way of making people feel they count that draws them to you. It would not take you very long to see that this partnership leads you into a wide variety of associations. You bring out the romantic in one another with little effort. There is a special delight in making your partner happy.

Others often admire the closeness of your relationship. Perhaps you have a wonderful balance of give-and-take. Caring comes naturally. Diplomacy and business senses are heightened in this relationship. You will find that people you have treated fairly will want to support your goals.

Your home makes a place to entertain others. Individuals are pleased with the intimate and relaxing nature of your company. Meeting new people can be stimulating. Your residence needs the decorative touch that really makes a statement about the two of you. Let your imagination have fun creating just the right atmosphere.

Some compromise may be required. Pulling in separate directions to satisfy key ambitions will require your cooperation. Negotiate from the heart and head. You both get nervous if there is prolonged indecision. Try to make a choice. You can agree to edit it later--can't you?

Let your intuition guide you to be a mirror of clarity for one another. There is a desire to be a soul mate for your partner. You can perceive each other to be great advocates for your individual and shared dreams.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 8th House

Composite Moon in the eighth house indicates that your relationship is very introspective. You will spend much time examining what you are as a couple and trying to arrive at a complete psychological understanding of it. Obviously, this is a good attribute in any relationship, if it is not carried too far. Just make sure that you do not become lost in the emotional intricacies of your relationship.

This is a position of transformation, which means that your relationship will undergo extensive changes, partly because of what you will learn about yourselves, partly because of the pressure of your emotions. Sometimes you both will feel that the relationship serves much the same purpose as seeing a psychiatrist or counselor; that is, it gives you new understandings about yourselves.

In addition, this placement of the Moon in the composite chart makes you very concerned with values. If you do not start out with a common set of values, it will be very important that you develop one. Your shared values may be purely on a psychological level, or they may exist more on the material plane as a great concern for possessions and property.

The greatest strength of this moon placement is the contribution it can make to your self-understanding. its greatest difficulty is the tendency to emphasize the heavy, moody aspects of your relationship and to dwell excessively on serious matters. Try not to fall into a "slough of despond" or become too introspective. Explore the new and constantly changing features of your life together, and welcome such changes instead of fearing them.

Composite Moon in the Composite 8th House: There is a capacity to travel to the deepest recesses of each other's thoughts. The bond between you deepens quickly, as though it was already there. Believing in the good intentions of each other is needed. Don't betray this trust, and you can have a passionate love together.

You can wound each other's pride with sharp, precision-like negative comments. You can repair the damage just that fast with showing you are sorry. Forgiveness is a key ingredient in your partnership as it keeps leading you back to calmer ground. It doesn't take much for you to bring out emotional intensity in one another--does it? Don't fear getting angry at the behaviors you don't like. It is therapeutic and is it predictable that it will occur. It's better to express yourselves in the moment than let it erupt later like a hot volcano.

Loyalty is sacred in your eyes. You need to know you have an ocean of security in your being together. You are lovers, friends and allies. There is no better person to see you through the tough times and to celebrate the highs. Don't run away from the shadows you awaken from your partner's past. Your relationship flushes out everything that needs to be faced, whether it is a tendency to be jealous or manipulate. Your love for each other will be strong, if together for one month, or a lifetime. You naturally remind each other to appreciate the gift of the present.

Let your intuition guide you to find the harmony in your emotional depths. Help each other find the road to their greatest sense of personal power, and you have done much to stabilize your togetherness.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 9th House

With composite Moon in the ninth house, there is a strong feeling between you that you share basic attitudes about the world and philosophies of life. Consequently you like to discuss your ideas and opinions with each other. You feel that being together greatly expands your awareness. Even if your backgrounds are quite different, communication between you will not be difficult. you will see differences of that sort simply as an enjoyable challenge to your understanding of each other. it is possible that you may travel long distances together, or that you met in a place foreign to both of you, or that you are from different countries.

At its best, this is a good position for learning and growth within a relationship. You will continually teach each other, and even if the relationship does not last, you both will feel that you have benefited from it.

While this position is good for any type of relationship, it is strongest in situations that emphasize communication and exchange of ideas. It is especially good for people working together on some project, writing together, or negotiating in any way.

In a personal relationship, this placement by itself works more to produce friendship than love, but even in a love relationship there will be a strong intellectual affinity between you.

Composite Moon in the Composite 9th House: Ideas are constantly flowing back and forth between you. Your imaginations can intrigue one another. You don't like to hear that something is impossible for the two of you to accomplish together. A restlessness to travel and explore is at the heart of your relationship. Your values and beliefs travel much of the same mental air space.

Your home makes an excellent place for frequent travelers to visit. There could be a nomadic or gypsy impulse to live in a foreign country, or at least to visit faraway locations. Accepting individual differences adds spice to your partnership. There is no end to the new territory you can discover in each other's minds. Sharing a wealth of information expands your horizons.

Your friends are likely to be many. You meet people while on the go. Your willingness to live for today can motivate others to act on their own dreams. Confidence is never a distant stranger in your relationship. You might be looking for one another to give you a vote of confidence when life feels like climbing a steep hill. You can't help but believe in your partner.

Breaking routines helps keep life fresh. You both get nervous if life gets too mundane. An element of unpredictability keeps you enthusiastic.

Stay clear from offering each other too much unsolicited advice. You prefer to be allowed to first request help before it is given. There is an independent streak that you both probably cherish.

Let your intuition lead you to walk many paths together. Stay focused on the big picture and the little things will likely fall into place.

Composite Moon in the Composite 10th House

Composite Moon in the tenth house indicates that you will share a concern for getting ahead in life. You both want to get somewhere, and you feel that together you can do it better than you could separately. Fortunately, the Moon in this house is traditionally associated with making a favorable impact on the public, so your public image is likely to be good. Because of that fact, the potentials of this position can be exploited better by a professional relationship than by a personal one, although it is quite good in either case.

However, in a personal relationship, one factor must be kept in mind. The tenth house is an external house; that is, it deals with matters that are normally part of the external world. Having an important element of the chart in the tenth house indicates that you tend to see things too much in terms of externals. The Moon, representing the feelings and the emotions, is particularly damaged by this tendency, because the feeling aspect of a relationship should be an internal concern. It should be between the two of you rather than the outside.

There is a danger that you will look to factors in the outside world- your life situation, your jobs, property, or whatever- to explain problems that arise between you. You may look out when you should look in. Or you may concentrate on externals and superficial matters to the exclusion of internal matters. This is not an inevitable result of this placement, but it is a danger that must be recognized and dealt with.

In general, the tenth house is a good position for the composite Moon because it is an angular house, which gives the Moon strength and importance. It also gives the relationship a dynamic, active quality that can prevent stagnation.

Composite Moon in the Composite 10th House: Emotional security is tied to a mutual valuing of responsibility and your definition of success. Equal support for serious ambitions keeps you that much closer. People may consider the two of you solid as a rock. Your friends and business associates know you as dependable. Your career needs and private life can be nicely balanced. Placing importance on each is likely pleasing to your hearts. Cooperation in taking care of practical life circumstances creates harmony. You both expect to have your life choices respected by the other.

Home is taken seriously. You each can know what you want in this area. It is essential to live in a city or community that benefits each of you. Status of a neighborhood might be a concern for one or both of you. Negotiating on the right place to live will require your patience. A compromise of some sort may be needed.

The two of you are sharp in business. Your instincts can pave the way for financial gain. Be careful in letting people lean too heavily on you for financial or emotional support. Know your limits, and you will stay away from overextending yourselves.

Show some flexibility in making decisions together. You are at your best when putting your powers of wisdom and persuasion together for a common purpose.

One or both of you may need to take a break from working compulsively. A good barometer for this is when emotional closeness seems like a stranger. Making time to focus on each other brings back that romantic feeling quickly. Let your intuition guide you to make a commitment filled with emotional clarity. Learning to flow together in the midst of everyday challenges is reassuring.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 11th House

Composite Moon in the eleventh house indicates an underlying emotional sympathy between you that is good for both love and friendship. You have a strong feeling of shared goals and objectives in life, which will contribute to your ability to get along with each other. You will spontaneously think of yourselves as a unit rather than as two separate individuals, which obviously is a plus for any relationship.

Since the eleventh house is the house of friends, this position is a good indication that the two of you will have friends outside of the relationship. You will be fond of company and enjoy sharing good times with others. Not only will you have friends in the literal sense, but many factors in your lives together will support your relationship in a friendly way without any special effort on your part.

In general this is one of the better positions for a personal relationship and should enable you to share both love and friendship.

Composite Moon in the Composite 11th House: Your relationship might start as a friendship and cross over into a romance. There are needs for closeness woven in with spontaneous expressions of individuality. You both will feel more secure when your needs for autonomy are recognized. Planning for the future can be exciting. You both have unique tastes that must be carefully allowed to be cultivated.

There are some paths that will be for you as individuals only. It will be apparent where you can sail through life happily as a couple. Mutual support for goals warms your hearts. Your partnership stimulates new thinking in others. A group you belong to will benefit from your unique insights. The two of you value your friendships. It is essential that you stay in touch with your friends as it enriches your being together. Your perceptions about societal trends can be fun to discuss with others.

Your home is a probable place for a wide variety of people to visit. You like to hear different opinions on a subject with which to compare your own. Freethinkers will love to meet at your house. Your possessions can reflect your individualistic outlook on life. There may be an erratic schedule at your house that matches the way the two of you need your freedom.

Ignoring or not supporting your partner's most cherished goals can create problems. It could be that you might need to communicate more when you have a serious difference of opinion about a major decision. It doesn't take much to get either of you to push on the rebelling buzzer. Each of you grows uncomfortable when there is a disagreement lurking in the air. The sooner it is resolved the better.

Let your intuition lead you to light a fire of new direction in each other's minds. You can learn to grow comfortable with each other's differences and to enjoy the similarities.

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Composite Moon in the Composite 12th House

Composite Moon in the twelfth house is a demanding position in that it requires the two of you to do a great deal of work that most couples are unwilling to do. Any relationship is helped by such work, but with this position it is absolutely necessary that you do it.

If left alone, the two of you would be very likely to keep your feelings hidden not only from each other but also from yourselves. When you do this, the feelings become the source of actions and behavior that neither of you understand but that are very detrimental to your relationship. At the same time, you will tend to shy away from other people or at least to keep your feelings hidden from others, perhaps because you fear that if they get too close they will discover your secrets.

With this house position of the Moon, the greatest danger is emotional dishonesty at the very least and sometimes open and outright dishonesty. Very often this happens because you don't really know what is going on inside your relationship. There may be repressed fears that you do not know how to face or that you can't face directly.

The need here is for both of you to plunge into the relationship, find out the truth of what is going on, and face it squarely and honestly. Do not shrink from what you find, because the consequences of not being honest with yourself and each other are far worse than anything you may be hiding.

If you don't seek out the truth, your relationship will make you lesser people than you really are and will give you the feeling that you have been defeated in life by forces you don't understand. And when the repressed feelings finally do emerge, they will explode destructively and perhaps violently. If, however, these feelings gradually emerge from an honest search for understanding, the wisdom you gain will make you much wiser than people who haven't had to face such a challenge.

Composite Moon in the Composite 12th House: Your feelings flow back and forth powerfully. When first meeting you could have felt like you could see right into each other's minds. Did you wonder if you already knew each other? At times you can almost speak without using any words.

A strong spiritual connection is possible. Your belief systems can have much common ground. You could easily find yourselves championing a special mission or cause together. Working in the healing or helping professions could appeal to you both. There is a talent for art and music in your lives.

Romance is something you tend to cherish. Going to each other's favorite places is enjoyable. You both probably like to think you will never lead uneventful lives. A bit of intrigue and mystery never hurts anything.

Your home is a refuge or escape for you both. Tranquillity is a must. The type of music, art or possessions you find meaningful must fill your residence. You may like to display items that hold special symbolic meaning. People visiting your home may be moved by its uplifting presence. The two of you don't care for stress here. You will do almost anything to make it go away.

Everyday life will flow better if you have a clear sense of reality. Your idealism will be tested. Your faith in each other and your beliefs can get you through just about anything. Don't give up your dreams if they are slow in manifesting. A natural compassion for each other helps sort out your differences. Do not try to rescue one another from the lessons you need to learn.

Keep expectations realistic. Setting individual or relationship standards too high can create disappointment. The idea is to continue enjoying each other. This will not happen constantly. Accept the ups and downs.

Let your intuition guide you to walk together with sober eyes. You can be a lighthouse for each other, shining radiantly in the night, as the ship of your dreams is trying to land safely.

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Composite Moon in Aries

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Aries, your imaginations are vivacious and need to stay refueled. A sudden need for excitement is a reality. You may become more energized during times of emotional crisis. It is then that each of you may join forces to charge through an obstacle or challenging predicament.

There can be sudden impulses to do things together or independently. You don't like to tolerate dull moments--do you? Your instincts will lead you to boldly seek out new challenges. Stress may actually bring you closer together. There is a courageous capacity to care for one another. A sense of comfort can be found in the mutual support of each other's identity.

Spontaneity! This is a product of your being together. Your emotional chemistry attracts some degree of competitiveness from one another. If you integrate this quality harmoniously into your partnership, there can be a natural drive for individual and shared accomplishments.

Learn how to dance with the subconscious needs of each other. The Moon can symbolize our active imaginations. A pioneering spirit is definitely lit in your romantic liaison. Changing moods! They can come without a moment's warning. Don't let the sudden onset of fear or anger get the best of you. There is a steamy and passionate fire at the core of this relationship. Impulse will lead you to act first, and think later.

Anger can be used wisely or foolishly. Bullying behaviors are counter-productive. Though a show of timidity is not wise either. A spontaneous expression of your true feelings is predictable. Constantly rushing through life may lead to burnt-out emotions. Take some time to be truly together.

Each of you probably has strong opinions about the type of home that is right for you. Make sure it is big enough to handle your territorial needs. Your residence could be more a place to catch your breath before going right back out into the world again. You both are on the go!

Let your imaginations confidently walk hand-in-hand. Enjoy the urge to meet life directly with a spirit of self-confidence together.

Composite Moon in Taurus

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Taurus, your imaginations can be filled with sensuality and a sense of beauty. This can denote a calm acceptance of life's realities. There can be comfort in a shared love of nature, aesthetics, food and ownership. Maintaining a state of consistency in your life together is important to you both. Your partnership may have a relaxing affect on others.

Your home needs to have a peaceful atmosphere. Surround yourselves with the colors that make you feel the best. Each of you will have certain items that bring back sentimental meaning or fond memories. These are possessions that you must be able to display.

Tangible projects that you can do together bring harmony. These can include planting a garden, picking out a house or apartment or planning a vacation together. The two of you could operate a business. There is a green thumb in earning money. Being supportive of each other's career aspirations wins mutual friendship. Taking the time to celebrate special occasions brings you closer. You like to anticipate being treated to a wonderful gift once in a while.

A feeling that you have a lot in common regarding your values makes you happy. Knowing that you are valued is a confirmation of your being together. The intuitive nature of your relationship is awakened by a passionate sense of beauty.

It sounds great! What can go wrong? Inertia! Don't become overly trapped by the comfort zones you create. Too much of a good thing can spoil you. Be sure to stay focused on your key objectives. There might be worry over money or what you lack. Try to maintain a link with an abundant consciousness.

You are two individuals not afraid to work for what you want. Each of you needs to have some control over the finances. It will keep you feeling you are equal partners. Let your imaginations guide you gently beneath the surface appearance of situations to find hidden gifts. You bring out a mutual desire to walk on solid and practical ground.

Composite Moon in Gemini

Composite Moon in Cancer

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Cancer, emotions run at high tide! You will get plenty of practice in adjusting to mood swings. Allowing each other to express opinions honestly balances emotional intensity. You can establish a wonderful sense of security together. There is unspoken warmth that you share that is evident to others. Your home is a retreat from the world and offers a place to unwind from stress. It is a true refuge in your eyes. Each of you needs to see that you can always find security here. You both need to know that your vision of family and closeness can be realized. You may prefer to live in a city or area that offers a sense of community.

You may not like people to know much about your relationship. There is a need for privacy. You expect each other to be able to keep a secret. You can probably read the unspoken language exhibited in each other's faces. Your intuition could lead you to be able to finish your partner's sentences.

There is the possibility of a reassuring closeness in your partnership. Honor each other's needs for space. Balancing dependency needs is good for your relating. You need to be able to experience your individual strengths as it enriches your togetherness.

Be sure to talk through differences. Why? It avoids emotional minefields. Keep the real issues within talking distance. Open communication keeps you feeling secure and acknowledged. This relationship draws out deep thoughts and moods. Do not panic during confrontations, and you will learn to work through problems. A positive stroke now and then never hurts.

Let your imaginations guide you to act from your clearest inner motivations. Enjoy building a life together that contains memories that will last a lifetime!

Composite Moon in Leo

With your relationship Lunarized through the sign Leo, you have lively and dramatic imaginations. There is no end to the creative heights you can reach together. It is nice to know you have someone cheering you on when the going gets rough. Each of you will be a little demanding of attention. Your friends may see you as a mutual admiration society.

You bring out the romantic in each other with a capital "R". It is confirming to have a person in your life that truly believes in you. Respect your partner's pride in individual accomplishments and you have a friend forever! People can be moved by the passion the two of you exhibit. You have a way of making life deliver what you need. You aren't likely to sit around and wait for things to come to you. A take charge spirit comes forward instinctually.

You both need to feel like royalty in your home. There is a need to feel you can be anything you want to be here. This is a place where you tend to exhibit your pride. It can be fun to entertain friends, groups or business associates. You might each need to have a designated area that inspires your creativity. A room that symbolizes your love of leisure and play is a must.

You can make well-calculated risks or investments together. Your shared promotion or advertising talents can lead to a wealth of ideas or money. Just be sure to consult each other on the big decisions. Neither of you will like being excluded.

Doing things that keep the romantic fires burning brightly is something to remember. Balancing work and play puts more smiles on your faces. Vacations to exotic places do wonders for your intimacy.

Do not fear some vulnerability. It is not always necessary that each of you appear invincible. If you need help, say so! Pride can keep you from talking. Keep bossiness to a minimum. You each need to hear how important you are to your partner's happiness. Flexibility may be a great ally to solve problems. Let each other be the leader at different times. Negotiate from the heart.

Do not try to create your partner in your own image. The freedom to act out life spontaneously will endear you to one other. It isn't as important to lavish gifts on each other as it is to appreciate individual creative imagination. Let your imaginations guide you to keep discovering a fountain of youthful and playful vitality. There can be great satisfaction in falling in love, over and over again.

Composite Moon in Virgo

With your relationship Lunarized through the sign Virgo, you share an allegiance to the work ethic. You probably believe there is no sense in doing a job if you are not going to give it your best effort. You can possess a keen awareness of each other's emotions. Concern for each other's health is endearing. There can be a strong interest in diet and staying physically fit. Exercise sure is a big help in working off nervous energies.

A sharing of practical skills and know-how is something you can do for each other. You can enjoy taking workshops or classes together. Learning how to integrate your knowledge can pay dividends. You can be helpful in giving your partner business advice. Don't be in a hurry to give your critique of the other's job performances unless you do so delicately. Criticism could be taken the wrong way if delivered insensitively.

Be sure to rest at home, as well as work on projects. Learning to share household responsibilities makes you feel you are part of the same team. Creating order where you live probably is good for your mental health.

Have you grown tired of waiting for your partner to be perfect? Neither one of you will ever be free from making a mistake. Keep your expectations reasonable. You can't do the impossible. The two of you are conscientious about fulfilling your obligations. Others will appreciate your sincerity in taking responsibility seriously.

Beware of becoming a workaholic. There is a temptation to push yourselves endlessly until a project is completed. Being too attached to endless details can produce a lot of working overtime. Be sure to make time for fun experiences. Let your imaginations guide you to support each other's desire for growth. Listen with an open ear and communicate with an open heart. This will keep you fond of each other.

Composite Moon in Libra

With your relationship Lunarized through the sign Libra, you might feel like you have found your soul mate. It's very possible you have! The two of you fit together like two peas in a pod. When first meeting, you probably perceived you had a lot in common. Even your more intangible subconscious natures are powerfully linked. Your friends, and even adversaries, might envy your relationship. Sharing your tastes in art, music and movies is stimulating.

Social instincts in this relationship are powerful! People may find you as well paired as Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald. The two of you know just how to make others feel at ease in your presence. Your tact in handling your human relations is hard to beat. The art of compromise is an innate talent.

The home may express the colorful qualities of your minds. Keeping stressful worries out of the house allows for intimate communication. Your relationship has an innate calmness even during difficult times. It can be fun to entertain people in your home.

What is your greatest challenge? An easy answer--indecision! You can easily get the other to see both sides of a situation. The problem comes in when you must choose. Get good at prioritizing your needs and this will be less agonizing. Decisiveness sets you free.

You can possess a fine eye for style and color. Artistic talent and appreciation are near your hearts and souls. Your friends and business associates might excel in the arts.

Some quiet moments alone together need to be kept in mind. It's when either one of you is exhausted that emotional confusion can surface. Quality time together quickly refreshes your romantic spark.

Let your imaginations keep discovering fascinating ways to deepen the meaning of your relationship. Dancing with each other's idealism and dreams leads to new romantic heights.

Composite Moon in Scorpio

With your relationship Lunarized through the sign Scorpio, you make good detectives or researchers. There could have been what felt like a magnetic attraction when you first met. You bring out the deepest feelings in each other. Your emotional bond can be intense, and yet mysteriously comfortable. Sharing fears and insights deepens your connection. Your intimacy depends greatly on your levels of trust. It could be easier to keep a secret from yourself than from each other.

You light the fires of each other's romantic sparks in a big way. Sex can be a ritual for you two. Your communication can dive into the deepest of psychological depths. There are few topics you will not discuss. Exploring a subject together might be of mutual interest. Psychology and metaphysical subjects can turn on your minds.

Home is a source of strength. The two of you thrive on privacy. Rural living, or at least living outside of the city limits, probably suits you just fine. You can enjoy communing with land, or with a room in your house that feels like a sanctuary. Going on a retreat together can be good for your spirits.

Financial gains together can be significant. Being patient enough to work toward your desired aims can pay off. Neither of you is afraid to do the homework necessary to become successful-- are you?

Trust! Try to honor each other's right to privacy. This is how you do your deepest processing and reflecting. There are times when each of you needs solitude to rebuild your energy. Loyalty without possessiveness wins admiration.

Let your imaginations guide you to plant seeds that will germinate into a loyalty based on a shared mission. Accepting each other's insecurities can be the hidden ally. Give each other the encouragement to find a way to self-mastery.

Composite Moon in Sagittarius

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Sagittarius, you have gypsy and travel instincts in a big way. The two of you can share a common life philosophy. Your intuitive energies may travel to the farthest shores of each other's minds. A lofty idealism and adventurous spirit are embedded in your closeness. Feelings are apt to be expressed dramatically. There is no end to the knowledge you can explore together. Life may be perceived as a great cosmic teacher.

An inspired generosity is possible. A belief in luck gives you the edge on being optimists. Your romantic liaison reflects a casual and honest way of communicating. Friends and strangers are attracted to your positive energies.

Home makes for a fine launching pad for your creative self-expression. The spirits of learning and eclectic excitement are prerequisites for your place of residence. You both probably prefer a house that does not have a lot of rules to follow. Home is where some of your most spontaneous and fun-loving behaviors are born. Owning a RV allows you to live on the road. Camping in the wide-open outdoors may appeal to you.

You desire your romance to have an element of unpredictability. Staying in hot pursuit of your shared vision of love keeps life interesting. You both have no use for boredom--keep it at a safe distance. A lively social life allows you to flex those affable personalities.

Be careful in not paying enough attention to the more subtle needs of each other. Losing sight of details will occur at times. Take the time to get back on the same page. A refusal to face problems can cause frustration. Look an issue straight in the eye and it is less likely to come between you.

Let your shared imaginations guide you to think and act with clear purpose on the mental and physical planes. Sharing the intimacy in your hearts as well as in your minds can be the key to success.

Composite Moon in Capricorn

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Capricorn, the two of you expect a clear definition of your being together to be determined quickly. This is a solid romance with an inclination to seek commitment early. Don't pressure each other. Time limits don't always yield the results we seek. You are more likely to find happiness with a little flexibility. Longevity is promised when the two of you put your focusing powers together.

Your business instincts are tall enough to leap over the Empire State Building! Mutual support of career goals and serious ambitions makes you trust one another. Helping each other survive the tough times deepens your love. Celebrating your victories together adds richness to your partnership.

The nurturing energy of this relationship is based on a serious loyalty. Expressing your deepest feelings might not come easy. Listening to the inner motivations for actions will tell you what is really going on in your lover's mind.

Your home may be the true pillar of your emotional strength. Each of you probably takes responsibility quite seriously. Your roles could be well planned out. You expect each other to follow through on your promises. Your residence can be a place of comfort and work. There is a great potential to make money through real estate investments. Remember to allow for some spontaneity in your private life as it aborts dull routines. A little variety in your time together is invigorating.

Encourage your partner to act with confidence. You can't control each other so don't bother trying. Warm up to the intuitive feeling each of you has for life. Stay inspired through an occasional new experience.

Let your imaginations guide you to be stable forces of mutual support. The two of you are at your best when working together to realize a common dream.

Composite Moon in Aquarius

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Aquarius, you share a fondness for unconventionality. There aren't too many things in this world that will shock either of you. Surprise is something you thrive on. There is an inventive quality that runs through your togetherness. People can experience electricity buzzing between you.

An innate sense of the future can stimulate you into exciting directions. The intimacy between you can provide the foundation of a wonderful friendship. Equality allows you to naturally deepen your mutual understanding.

Your mental alignments lead to experimentation. Your partnership could easily feature a trend- setting tone. Friends, peers or loved ones could be motivated to new inventive thinking. Your relationship probably attracts unusual people and situations.

The home could have a unique beat to it! Visitors with progressive insights may frequent it. Groups may enjoy meeting at your house. There is a likelihood of having numerous types of the newest communication technologies at your disposal. Staying in touch with the world through E-mail is not hard to predict. You each need to feel completely free to be yourselves around the house.

You might display a great capacity to adjust to each other's moods. A need for closeness and distance is indicated. Doesn't this sound like a difficult challenge? You will need to talk this dimension of your relationship through carefully. You can balance these two tendencies in your everyday relating with one another.

Aloofness! It might cause a deep wrinkle in your caring for one another. Find a happy medium between your emotional and mental sides. Communicate to each other's heart as much as the mind. Support each other's future goals and you just might have a friend forever!

Let your imaginations guide you to walk with a spirit of autonomy, and yet find areas where the farthest reaches of your worlds can meet. Embracing the closeness found in the present may be wiser than pinning all of your hopes for the promise of the future--though it's hard not to look ahead!

Composite Moon in Pisces

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Pisces, there are oceans of idealism. Your minds are linked by a continuous flow of creative symbols. Your ability to read the faces and moods of one another is exceptional. You might have felt drawn together by mysterious forces or circumstances.

Shared spiritual beliefs can foster intimacy. You look for unconditional emotional support from each other. Your subconscious energies can seem like they are merged. You may have to disengage from each other's presence at times to stay grounded. There is a natural scent of romantic love in your closeness. People might refer to you as a couple with no problems, though you will not always be inclined to agree.

There is strong individual and shared aesthetic appreciation and maybe ability associated with it. Creative expression could be a hallmark of your partnership. An intuitive grasp of the intangible is at your fingertips.

Dependency needs remain in balance with faith in each other's individuality. You can't save your partner from feeling pain or frustration. You can be there to listen and offer refreshing insights.

The home can be a place in which to escape for you both. The trickling of a flowing fountain or the beauty of colorful pictures captures your need to feel unity. Your tastes in art or music will probably be easily visible to visitors. Your residence can be a consciousness -raising experience for some people. It is where your shared dreams and visions swim freely and happily. Living near water can be satisfying.

Divine discontent can be irritating. Keep expectations for each other realistic. This makes for less tension. Avoiding responsibility or commitment will lead to emotional distance. Believe in your ability to talk openly about issues. Let your imaginations guide you to dance creatively together. Embracing each other's highest ideals opens the door to mutual acceptance. Your faith in one another can be the confirming force that pushes you to new growth.