Composite Moon conjunct Composite Venus

The conjunction of composite Moon and Venus is a most positive aspect for any personal relationship, especially for a love affair or marriage. It indicates a strong feeling of love between you that you will express openly. The relationship may even have something of a dreamy quality, as if it were too beautiful to be true. But the nature of this aspect is such that this relationship should be as good as it looks. Other aspects can give a relationship a feeling of beauty that is actually an illusion, but this aspect should make the feeling quite satisfactorily real.

This quality of beauty may be envied by other people. It may seem to them that there are no rough edges in your relationship, although that will not be entirely true, of course. But the basic inner strength of this relationship should be great enough to overcome all but the worst problems.

If this is a marriage, you may have a strong desire for children, because this aspect reinforces your parental instincts. It also indicates that you probably will have children, although that is not a basic concern of this aspect.

Beauty and art are also promoted by this aspect. People who work together in the arts often have this aspect in their composite chart.

In general, this is one of the most positive and useful aspects that a composite chart can have for a successful personal relationship.

Composite Moon conjunct Composite Venus: You are similar in the way you express feelings. People may see you as an uplifting couple with which to socialize. Your mutual instincts about others are delightful to share with one another. Fashion and style could be areas of interest. Honor each other's concerns about security and money, and you are most of the way home to a peaceful coexistence. Strong emotions can suddenly surface. Learn to talk, even if it isn't in the form of pretty words. A sensual and passionate connection between you is predictable. Entertainment and aesthetic preferences can show similar tastes.

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Composite Moon sextile Composite Venus

The sextile of the Moon and Venus in a composite chart indicates warm and positive emotions between you. It is a good aspect for friendship and love in any kind of personal relationship. Furthermore, it indicates that you communicate your affections to each other easily and that you are emotionally compatible in general.

The effects of this aspect are very quiet and easy. It will not produce a sudden mad, passionate attraction between the two of you, but rather a relaxed feeling of affection. This kind of energy is better for a long-term relationship than for a short-term, possibly stormy affair.

In a love relationship with this aspect, you will find that you are friends and lovers simultaneously. Friends with this aspect will have an affection for each other that is deeper than is usual in a friendship.

In a marriage the sextile of moon and Venus indicates that you want children and probably will have them. The Moon and Venus configured in an easy angle such as the sextile signify fertility and motherhood. It is the sign of the earth mother. Love is strongly linked to parenthood with this aspect.

On the whole, this is one of the most beneficial aspects in a composite chart, although its effects are rather quiet.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Venus: Your imaginations are on the same wavelengths when it comes to pleasure and comfort. An active social life is probable. People can find you showing poise during any type of circumstance. The two of you can show good instincts for saving money. Knowing the value of things is an instinct. Your business skills are sharp. Surprising your partner with a gift once in a while keeps life fun. Each of you will appreciate the interest shown in your search for a suitable way to earn a living.

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Composite Moon square Composite Venus

Unlike most squares, the square of composite Moon and Venus cannot really be called a difficult aspect. It presents some problems to be sure, but on the whole it is a rather benevolent aspect in a composite chart. Its major effect is to give an air of compulsion when this relationship is beginning; that is, you both have an urgent feeling that you should get together. This aspect creates a strong and lasting attraction between you, and like all Moon-Venus aspects, it acts as a buffer against bad times within a relationship.

The only real difficulty here is that even if you are not really suited to each other, you may be drawn together almost as if by fatal force. This force of attraction is undiscriminating but strong enough to bind you together in what might otherwise be a very unstable, short-term affair. By itself this aspect will not tell you whether a relationship will be a good one; it only designates the presence of this powerful attraction. Therefore you must evaluate your relationship carefully. But if you are getting along well with each other, the feelings of love between you will be greater than the average, and your relationship should endure.

Composite Moon square Composite Venus: Is it true that sometimes you both react too quickly with strong emotions? It's okay if you do. When you feel drained due to heated exchanges, it's possible that compromise might settle your differences. Make each other feel secure and valued. Money issues can surface. The two of you know what you want and how to get it. There might be a disagreement about privacy and socializing. Stay away from extremes with either tendency. Having friends outside of your relationship is good for the two of you. Let your partner have time alone once in a while. It revitalizes your partnership.

Composite Moon trine Composite Venus

The trine of composite Moon and Venus is an excellent indication of a relationship based on love and affection. By itself, this aspect suggests that you are very compatible emotionally and that your relationship will have a positive effect on both of you. Not only will it be pleasant but it will also help each of you in your personal growth.

This is an excellent aspect for any relationship based on feeling, and for a love affair it is superb. But that does not necessarily imply a short-term affair, for it can also mean a long-lasting relationship. This aspect simply creates a strong and intense feeling of love between the two of you. Needless to say, it is also an excellent aspect in the composite chart of married people, indicating that the marriage will start out and continue as a love relationship.

In a marriage, this aspect may create a strong desire for children, because the love generated here includes a strong need to protect and nurture. Children satisfy a need created by a strong Venus-Moon combination, which represents biological fertility.

On a very different level, this aspect can indicate that the relationship will be materially prosperous, particularly if it involves investments and speculation.

This aspect is most desirable in the composite chart of any kind of relationship, but particularly in a love partnership.

Composite Moon trine Composite Venus: People like you. You attract support from others. Perhaps it's your friendly and charming smiles. It might be your willingness to show concern. Whatever it is, others have trouble saying no to you. Even in dealing with each other, the natural instinct is to go out of your way to be agreeable. You both might need a gentle push occasionally, if you grow timid in leaving comfort zones. What comes easy can sometimes spoil us too much. Affluence is likely due to your combined efforts to enjoy a stable life.

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Composite Moon quincunx Composite Venus

Differences with regards to attitudes towards money and values, as well as backgrounds, are likely to surface and cause minor problems in your relationship. Other family members or outsiders might cause problems for you. However, the desire to take care of one another is strong. This aspect is often found in co-dependent bonds, although it's not necessarily a bad thing unless it's seriously challenged by other difficult planets.

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Composite Moon opposite Composite Venus

By and large, the opposition of composite Moon and Venus is a good aspect in the chart of any relationship, especially a love relationship. But it has some peculiar properties that should be noted.

First of all, it indicates a certain instability. Although your relationship may be a long-term one, it will have considerable ups and downs of feeling. However, these should not destroy it.

Second, this aspect can bring the two of you together even though you are really quite different and would not usually get together. Your differences actually make you complements of each other, but that will not be apparent at first. Once you come together, you will discover your complementarity, which will bind you together. The instability mentioned above comes from learning to relate your differences to each other.

This aspect creates a strong magnetism, which is why it can bring together two people who appear so different. This magnetism will help to hold the two of you together even when the going gets rough, but at the same time it has created some of the roughness, because of your differences.

On the whole, this aspect in a composite chart should prove to be a considerable asset.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Venus: Social instincts are well seasoned. You can move in and out of various circles of friends and associates. There may be few people that make either of you that uncomfortable. At least they will never see you sweat. You often know the right ways to please each other. Making your partner feel special through gifts and extra attention is enjoyable. You will often choose to celebrate being together in big ways. Your friends can have invigorating energy and be very creative. Your shared possessions may take a bit of compromise to include what each of you needs. There is probably no hesitating in buying what makes you happy. When you give emotional support to each other voluntarily, a great sense of closeness is established.

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