Composite Moon conjunct Composite Uranus

The conjunction of composite Moon and Uranus is bound to create a certain amount of excitement; what it will not provide is stability. You seem drawn to each other for the excitement and stimulation that this relationship offers, which you both depend upon. if the relationship ceases to be stimulating, it may very well come to an end. And this is perhaps as it should be, for Uranus challenges your preconceptions and drives you out of your established ruts. This relationship may exist for the same purpose.

On the other hand, it is possible that this conjunction signifies somethin unusual or atypical about the relationship itself. In a love relationship it could mean that the two of you would not ordinarily be expected to get together.

Perhaps your backrounds are radically different- racially, ethnically, or socially- or there is a reat difference in your aes, or possibly you are both of the same sex. Whatever the case, Uranus makes it unusual. This quality may also be a characteristic of a friendship.

The unusualness of the relationship may actually overcome the instability brought about by Uranus. That is, if the relationship itself is unusual, it may be more stable than a more ordinary partnership.

In a marriage or love relationship, this aspect demands that you ive each other more than the usual amount of freedom. Any attempt by either of you to be very possessive is likely to jeopardize the partnership.

This is likely to be an unusual relationship. Accept it as such and allow it to teach you somethin new about life.

Composite Moon conjunct Composite Uranus: Electricity Plus! You excite each other's imagination to no end. You might wish no two consecutive days be exactly the same. Adjusting to needs for closeness and distance is the biggest hurdle here. You will miss each other when spending time away. What happens when you are frequently in your partner's company? There may be a rebellious or flight tendency.

Communicate your needs openly so neither of you is that surprised by sudden mood swings. Your individuality will make each of you want to impress one another with unique qualities. Having the freedom to choose independently is a key theme. Your home is more than likely buzzing with change. You are a couple that can live in unusual circumstances, even in separate cities for that matter. Unconventional instincts are highlighted. The two of you like progressive people. You will feel closer when your goals are in a state of mutual acceptance.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Uranus

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Composite Moon square Composite Uranus

With the square of composite Moon and Uranus, this relationship is not likely to be a stable, enduring, long-term one, at least as far as love is concerned. This is an aspect of emotional change and instability. A love affair with this aspect may flare up suddenly and then cool off with equal suddenness. Or one of you may continually challenge the other's ideas and feelings, so that there seems to be no peace or stability.

Nevertheless, considerable good may come from such a relationship, as long as you try only to find what it can offer rather than how long it can last. It will challenge your basic patterns of thinking on an emotional level. You will open up and explore new ways of relating to each other. If you give it a chance, this relationship will expand your consciousness.

A friendship with this aspect may be quite enduring because it doesn't demand such constant intimacy as a love affair. Because friendship is not by nature possessive, it does not challenge the rebellious, free nature of Uranus so much. But even a friendship with this aspect will change your preconceptions and established ways of relating.

If you are at a stage of your life and consciousness when you are seeking to build a stable and reliable relationship with someone, this is not a very favorable aspect. But if you are open to any experience that a relationship can offer, this will be a creative learning experience, although a bit crazy at times.

Composite Moon square Composite Uranus: Emotional roller coaster rides! This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It does mean you constantly need to find outlets for your individualistic drives. You may not always be calm enough to listen to each other. You can easily accelerate the pace of each other's thinking. You may talk better during a drive, jogging, or by way of E-mail. The freedom to live unique goals and to share new ideas without repercussions goes far in stabilizing your togetherness. You probably need to live in a city or geographical area that offers much mental stimulation. Alternative life styles could be a mutual interest. Group experiences may be short lived, unless your most passionate ideas are part of their collective thinking. Your schedules could keep you apart more often than not. This may be your way of being comfortable with each other. If you are truly at ease in your partner's presence most of the time, then you are truly meant for one another!

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Composite Moon trine Composite Uranus

The trine of Moon and Uranus in the composite chart signifies that both of you must be free in your emotional expression in order to bring out the best in this relationship. This aspect demands that you allow new experiences and ways of feeling about each other to affect your consciousness. Even the relationship itself may take on very unusual forms. You should have the courage to deal with each other in different and exceptional ways. Otherwise you will have wasted an opportunity for growth.

By the same token, this relationship is likely to have a strong consciousness altering effect upon both of you, changing your attitudes about your own and your partner's emotions. Your world views and philosophy of life may very well be changed.

Certain attributes of a conventional relationship, such as stability and predictability, may not exist here. Yet despite the unpredictability, there will be much of value. And the more freedom you allow each other within the structure of this relationship, the more you will get out of it, to the point that whatever instability exists will not be of any importance to either of you. In this relationship, freedom of self-expression is absolutely essential for both of you and should be your first priority.

Composite Moon trine Composite Uranus: An acceptance of each other's unique emotional needs sets you both at ease. Your imaginations can travel along the same highways without much agitation. As long as you maintain open minds, the two of you hold the key to harmony. You ignite new hopes and dreams in each other. A desire can be suddenly kindled to go beyond limiting circumstances. Your common goals can be a main source of your closeness. Group affiliations may support your emotional and security needs. You light up each other's lives with a rejuvenating glance at the future. Your friends benefit from your genuine concern for their most unique self-discoveries.

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Composite Moon quincunx Composite Uranus

Sudden, unexpected disruptions will descend upon you out of the blue from time to time, particularly if the two of you share a home and are together on a daily basis. For instance, you may be suddenly forced to move and/or make radical changes in your living space. Unplanned pregnancies or difficulties in conceiving due to fluctuating fertility cycles are a real possibility. In short, coping with uncertainty and the unexpected, especially in regard to family and home, is a theme. Everything may flow smoothly for the longest time, them all at once it all seems to "go crazy" for awhile. Learning to gracefully accept and go with domestic changes will be a "required course" in this relationship.

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Composite Moon opposite Composite Uranus

With the opposition of composite Moon and Uranus, this relationship will be a constant challenge to both of you. It will be rather difficult and probably very unstable. Neither of you will know quite what to expect from the other, and you will not be able to count on having traditional role expectations fulfilled. As individuals, each of you will have to seek a unique and different place to find yourself in regard to each other. Even then, however, you are not likely to settle down to a constant and reliable way of relating to each other. As a consequence, a relationship with this aspect in the composite chart may not be long lived.

Indeed, if longevity is one of your principal criteria, as in a marriage, it might be best not to enter into the relationship at all. At least you should establish a real and reliable arrangement with each other long before entering a legal marriage. Even then, the legal contract of marriage, which alters any relationship, may turn it into something quite different from what you expected. You both may be disappointed or feel unduly restricted.

This aspect is least destructive, in fact it is actually positive, in a relationship that has no expectations placed upon it; both of you are simply encountering each moment as a unique experience to be savored for itself and not as a promise of some hoped for future. With Moon-Uranus configurations, no moment can be counted on for anything, particularly as a building block for the future.

you will constantly challenge each other, which will cause you to question your most cherished preconceptions about the nature of life and of relationships in particular. This fact alone would produce some instability, as you reel from the shock of new discoveries that alter your awareness.

This is certainly not an aspect for a reliable, safe relationship, but it can be productive of great learning experiences, if you are open to receive them.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Uranus: Imagination is riding on bolts of lightning when you share ideas. There is a nervous tension that is brought about by your shared chemistry. It may be the impetus to awaken brilliant thinking. You may erratically want to be close and then suddenly have your space. A balancing act is required. Talk fast or slow, but do talk! When you disagree, it may be in the name of recognizing personal autonomy. You both get your emotions revved to the floorboard in this relationship. It can be exhilarating and draining, all in the same day! You are an inventive pair that thrives on mutual support of goals. A sense of direction will likely give you more confidence in each other. Your friends are probably unconventional. Originality is stimulating. Certain groups may hold the same beliefs. Your home likely provides an atmosphere for increasing your inventive thinking. You are more comfortable with your partner when you know there is the freedom to an express any idea. Equality is a god, in your minds.

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