Composite Moon conjunct Composite Saturn

The conjunction of composites Moon and Saturn produces two different kinds of effects, both of which are somewhat difficult to deal with in a personal relationship.

On the one hand, it can create an emotional barrier between you, so that you have trouble communicating with each other on a feeling level. Without the aid of that largely nonverbal and subjective dialogue that cements a personal relationship, the two of you will have to spell out the emotional messages that should be understood intuitively. Consequently you will spend a great deal of time trying to express in words what should be obvious without them.

You will do a lot of analyzing, both of the relationship and of each other. The danger is that you will make things seem worse than they are. Beware of this tendency, because it can make a perfectly viable relationship seem impossible. At best, analyzing your relationship can help you to understand what you have together, but it cannot completely replace intuitive communication.

On the other hand, this aspect may cause the two of you to subordinate emotional considerations to supposed necessities, duties or responsibilities, denying yourselves the joy and pleasure of open and relaxed self-expression. Try to relax together and not be so serious about things.

At its worst, this configuration can bring about such a sense of emotional alienation between you that the relationship will never get off the ground. Even though purely verbal or intellectual analysis cannot totally substitute for the subtler kinds of communication that this aspect prevents, such analysis is the best course to take in trying to get along with each other.

Composite Moon conjunct Composite Saturn: You are a get-down-to-business couple. Surprises don't always excite you. A well-laid out plan is likely preferable. The clearer your commitment the happier you both will be. Serious ambition is regular talk for you two. Acting responsibly is a strong need in being together. Express your feelings. It makes for more trust. You know your limits better than most. Safe risks can produce great gains. Instincts for negotiating are easily honed. You make great finishers of projects. Gaining your attention in order to get started may be the hard part. Your friends and work colleagues probably see you as a reliable couple. Supporting each other's primary aims will win you points. Land investments can be rewarding.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Saturn

The sextile of composite Moon and Saturn suggests that you both are very serious about your relationship, which you have probably entered for practical as well as emotional reasons. As a result, you handle the relationship very carefully and probably develop it rather slowly. Because of your care and caution, the partnership you build will probably outlast many others.

You are very sober in the way you deal with each other, which may justifiably give others the impression that you are too serious and do not look at life with enough humor. It isn't necessary to be so careful; you can afford to take a lighter view of things. In fact, you can take liberties that others cannot take because you have prepared yourselves so thoroughly and carefully.

This aspect gives a relationship an emotional stability that is truly to be envied. It is not likely to be an especially flamboyant or demonstrative affair, and other people may think you are somewhat cool to each other. That does not mean there is no real affection between you, but that as a couple you have a different way of showing it. Go on doing things your own way, and pay no attention to what others think.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Saturn: You instinctually know how to work together. This represents your more pragmatic approach to life. Your commitment to support your partner is a cornerstone of being together. Taking on a new project can bring out your best. Stay flexible in your everyday lives and you will have more fun. Business ideas travel fluidly between your imaginations. Your household is apt to resonate with a busy atmosphere. You are people that expect to see the results of your actions.

Composite Moon square Composite Saturn

The square of Moon and Saturn in a composite chart is an indication that there is a lack of emotional affinity between the two of you. You may be able to work together as business associates on various projects and even be quite friendly. But you are not likely to have the in-depth understanding needed for a deep personal friendship or love relationship. This aspect is least detrimental in a relationship that requires no great emotional communication.

In a close personal association, this aspect is likely to produce a sense of emotional alienation, as if you cannot quite get into each other. The close warmth and togetherness that is basic to such a relationship is just not there.

An emotional relationship may survive for a long time in spite of this aspect, but it will not be completely satisfying, and you may feel lonely with each other. When you are together you will seem rather serious and somber, causing other people to wonder exactly what you do for each other. Introspection and deep examination of your relationship can compensate to some extent, but intellectual understanding is not an adequate substitute for what should be an unspoken emotional understanding. In addition, the depressive effects of the Moon-Saturn square may cause you to overemphasize the difficulties you actually face.

If you both feel that you need the relationship for personal growth, by all means pursue it. But you should modify your expectations for deep satisfaction on the emotional level. If you are just beginning such a relationship, it may be that for the time being you need a rather detached kind of commitment.

Composite Moon square Composite Saturn: Be careful in expressing your feelings about your partner's most important ambitions. You will ruin each other's day with careless criticism. Be assets for each other rather than adversaries. How do you do this? Try to walk in your partner's shoes. Each of you attracts responsibility like honey does bees. Your schedules get very full--don't they? Stress may cause you to react irrationally. You will not be happy being controlled, or doing the controlling. Supporting each other equally brings you close. Make time for your partner. You will need to water this relationship with relaxed and fun experiences. Regular maintenance is the way to keep your connection running smoothly. Open up and share those feelings!

Composite Moon trine Composite Saturn

The trine of composite Moon and Saturn produces a highly stable and consistent relationship. In a love relationship, this aspect makes your love for each other steady and sober. If this is a friendship, it will be an enduring one. What you won't have with this aspect is the wildly romantic, unstable kind of love that many people seek out. this is an indicator of a serious relationship, one that is only for those who are tired of playing around and want something real and enduring. This aspect neither creates nor denies affection and love. It simply makes whatever feelings there are steady and solid.

You are likely to share the attitude that although you both have emotional needs, they must always be governed by a realistic, pragmatic approach to life. You accept what you have and do not make excessive demands upon the other. As a couple, you take seriously what the relationship offers.

The two of you are also probably quite reflective about the nature of your relationship and quite self-critical. it is as if you are constantly asking, "What are we together, really?" While it is beneficial to reflect on the real nature of a relationship, do not overdo the criticism. You have solid virtues working for you with this aspect. Do not negate them with pessimism.

Composite Moon trine Composite Saturn: Work and private time can be in harmony. The two of you can be good at managing your schedules. Knowing when to depend on each other in a sensible way contributes to a peaceful coexistence. Your career aspirations can be a fun and stimulating topic. You may have useful input regarding each other's work potentials and problems. The commitment you feel is relaxed and not demanding. You both believe in a harmonious home. Your success together is based on a steady determination.

Composite Moon quincunx Composite Saturn

Emotional inhibitions are bound to pose a problem in this relationship. While there can be a lot of frustrations, holding back, and feelings of being unloved or unsupported in this relationship, there can be a simultaneous feeling of neediness. There can be guilt trips or strong feelings of duty or responsibility for one another. You might be a feeling of loneliness while together, as there seems to be a barrier between you or a lack of basic understanding on a heart level. You might become fed up and separate, only to reunite again either due to feelings of guilt or dependency on one another. Coolness is often present when supportive sympathy or empathy would be more appropriate and helpful.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Saturn

The opposition of composite Moon and Saturn can be quite difficult for a personal relationship, especially in terms of your emotional interaction. The Moon and Saturn are opposite principles, and the opposition aspect emphasizes their oppositeness.

The chief danger is that you will not interact emotionally at all, or you will have no mutual understanding of each other's emotional nature. If you have managed to establish an intimate relationship in spite of this obstacle, you will feel lonely with each other at the times when you most need understanding and warmth. You seem to be emotionally alienated. At best, you act distant, and at worst you are hypercritical and intolerant of each other's faults. The more you need intimacy and warmth, the more unsatisfying it is likely to be. It may even get to the point that you handle each other as objects in a cold and detached manner.

With this aspect in the composite chart, it is best not to expect too much of an emotional relationship. A business or professional association that does not require much emotional exchange is not severely affected, however; the opposition of the Moon and Saturn indicates detachment rather than hostility. But an intimate personal relationship with this aspect will prove to be severely limited or totally unsatisfactory.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Saturn: There is a deep commitment possible when you put most of your cards face-up. Romance is fun. It's the trust that can scare us. Take it slow. Adjusting to each other's way of conducting daily business will need attention. A compromise or two never is wrong, as long as both of you are participating. Time can teach you how to communicate. Your moods will sometimes get you to pull away. One or both of you might enjoy periods of solitude to collect yourself. Just don't make this an excuse for not talking. When you disagree, you will meet with resistance if you force your opinions. Business dealings can make you both rich. You will probably not have much trouble in agreeing on a home, especially if you both get your needs met.