Composite Moon conjunct Composite Pluto

The conjunction of composite Moon and Pluto is a very intense aspect. It means that your feelings will be extremely intense, and the relationship is not likely to be a casual one.

Not will the emotional content of the relationship be intense, but both of you will discover in yourselves emotional depths you may not have been aware of. You will experience feelings you have never had before, but do not worry; they will not necessarily be bad feelings. The principle effect of this aspect is simply to intensify whatever feelings exist already.

There are some effects, however, that you should watch out for. This aspect can create an unnecessary degree of possessiveness in one or both of you. If you do not allow each other enough freedom of self-expression, the relationship may become too stifling.

It is possible that your feelings about this relationship will run so high that you will not be able to evaluate it or each other rationally. On the other hand, if there is a strong feeling of love between you, this aspect will make it a most intense and enduring kind of love.

Just be careful that you do not go to work on each other's feelings too much. You will need a little peace and quiet with each other, without the constant analysis that this aspect tends to provoke. Do not become too heavy in the way you relate to each other; try to lighten the atmosphere and enjoy each other quietly. If you always operate at an intense level, you are likely to burn our each other as well as the relationship.

Composite Moon conjunct Composite Pluto: Emotional intensity can erupt when you least expect it--isn't this true? Reaching into the depths of each other's imagination is bound to occur. Loyalty can be a strong theme in your relationship. Few people may really know the two of you. It's possible that you share a fascination with the mysteries of life. It's not easy to keep secrets from one another. You penetrate to the most sacred of inner spaces in your partner. The moods produced in your chemistry are complex. It's the way you influence each other to process events. Talking ensures greater clarity and is likely to make each of you feel more secure. The song "You really got a hold on me" was written for you two. You probably prefer privacy at home. Being able to keep a secret makes you the best of allies. Watching a joint venture prosper is delightful. Don't let weeds of jealousy get any higher than they need to--or better yet, nip them in the bud. You can be great in supporting the self-mastery instincts that each of you wants to follow.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Pluto

The sextile of composite Moon and Pluto indicates a great deal of intense introspection and self-examination within a relationship. You will reflect and consider various aspects of your relationship, and this will allow you to arrive at a deep and lucid understanding of what you are to each other and to yourselves. You have a greater potential than most couples for ding this successfully. At the same time, your self-examination will probably lead both of you to make great changes in the way you deal emotionally with life. Your everyday ideas about the nature of the world will also be strongly affected by this relationship.

A Moon-Pluto aspect of this kind is very psychotherapeutic; that is, the results of your encounter can be very much like the experience of psychotherapy; and increased understanding and awareness of your innermost selves.

The result of all this is that both of you are likely to regard this relationship as one of the more important and significant in your lives, because it has made you grow in awareness.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Pluto: You stimulate one another to express your deepest feelings. Your greatest secrets need to be shared. Trust is sacred to you both. A feeling of mutual empowerment is a benefit in being together. Don't get too absorbed in each other's moods. Silence sometimes is due to your individual way of processing circumstances. You may not find a greater companion. Indulge in as many "near life" experiences as possible. Live life with the passion that you truly awaken in one another.

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Composite Moon square Composite Pluto

The square of composite Moon and Pluto can lead to a very intense encounter. Whether or not it will work out positively depends very much upon how you handle it.

This is an aspect of uprooting, in that it brings matters up from the depths of your unconscious minds to the surface so that they have to be dealt with. But the effects of this aspect are so intense that the relationship may burn itself out before anything positive can be accomplished. One point that must be noted is that you both have a great penchant for working upon each other's psyche. But don't overdo it or try to be your partner's psychotherapist. Such tactics are often a disguise for a not so subtle power game between two people who profess to be only trying to help each other. As a result, one of you is very likely to feel emotionally dominated and overwhelmed by the other.

The emotional intensity of this aspect can also work in another way. It can create such a strong involvement between you that you cannot let go of each other for a moment, resulting in a smothering relationship in which neither of you can grow.

Beware of emotionally manipulating each other. Try to be a bit more detached in your attitude and leave each other alone a little, no matter how strong the temptation is to interfere and make changes. Love each other for what you are now rather than for what you think you can make the other person into. If you cannot do this, perhaps it would be best to dissolve the relationship.

Composite Moon square Composite Pluto: Emotional battles will surface, especially if you don't communicate enough about relevant issues. Learn how to head off showdowns before high noon is upon you. Pouring this great energy into creative outlets takes the pressure off you both. You enjoy showing your passion. This is not a relationship for two mild mannered individuals. Being able to deal with each other's moods is a good part of the game. You can make impressive strides in working together. Business instincts are ready for launch without much notice. Make each other feel secure in regard to money and power. It increases your intimacy and fun. Supporting one another in the good and bad times can make you a dynamic duo. Transcending irrational fears is possible through the safety you find in being together. Your home may be your idea of a refuge or safe haven from stress. Turning negative situations into positive ones comes with practice, and more practice!

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Composite Moon trine Composite Pluto

The trine of composite Moon and Pluto indicates that your relationship has an unusual emotional intensity, which makes it difficult for you to react to each other in a detached manner. In itself this is not at all bad and can, in fact, produce a very meaningful and significant relationship. But it will sometimes be hard to avoid being too emotionally involved with each other. You may find it difficult to stand back and make an objective evaluation of the situation, which is necessary at times in any relationship.

Nevertheless, if you want intimacy, this combination provides an intensity that will bind the two of you together for a long time. This relationship may cause you both to go through very profound emotional changes, in which you will discover aspects of yourselves that you may not have known existed. What comes out, if properly exploited, will enable you to express yourselves more fully in many different areas of your lives. if either of you has a tendency to be too intellectual or to live too much in the mind, this relationship can greatly increase your capacity for emotional experience.

The only other difficulty that this aspect may bring about is a tendency to be possessive and jealous of each other. Outside of this problem and the need to be more objective about each other, this is a good aspect to have in a composite chart, especially if your relationship is an intimate, personal one.

Composite Moon trine Composite Pluto: Tuning into each other's moods comes easily. You are not likely to often have emotional collisions. A great desire to work in harmony can be shown. Conflict may awaken your drive to walk through more expansive doors. Support for your partner's most heartfelt security needs makes you a hero. People are likely to enjoy mixing with your positive outlook. Making decisions that facilitate the business and romantic sides of life are feasible. You may grow demanding but in an instant be able to let go. A passionate and playful dimension of being together makes it all worth it!

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Composite Moon quincunx Composite Pluto

This aspect between composite Moon and Pluto signifies a powerful emotional intensity in the connection between you and highlights a moody and introspective quality in your relationship. You may each exhibit something of a power drive, especially in domestic areas or in how you give to and nurture each other. In a romantic relationship especially there are likely to be boundary issues, or issues of codependence, or possessiveness, that come up between you. These emotional issues can lead to stormy weather between you from time to time. These may be symptoms that reflect hidden insecurities that rule your behavior from largely unconscious levels of your personality. This relationship challenges you to transform your sense of insecurity by coming to terms with your survival issues based on deep, safe exploration.

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Composite Moon opposite Composite Pluto

The opposition of composite Moon and Pluto is an aspect of extreme emotional intensity, calling forth great involvement and strong feelings. You certainly won't worry about not having a strong effect on each other; the problem will be to avoid having too strong an effect.

If improperly handled, this combination can give rise to extreme jealousy, struggles for dominance, and excessive possessiveness. As a result, one of you may completely strangle the other's individuality, or at least attempt to do so.

If this occurs, the one being dominated will find it very hard to deal with, because the tactics used to dominate will be subversive rather than direct. For example, one of you may appeal to the other's sense of guilt in order to coerce the other. The aggression will often be passive rather than active; that is, the manipulator may pretend to be hurt by the other in order to get his or her way.

Such a situation must be avoided at all costs. The power of this aspect can lead to emotional violence, which could destroy the relationship and leave much bad feeling in its wake. If you are tempted to use these tactics, don't. Be as straightforward and direct as possible. The results will probably be better than you imagine, and at least they will be less destructive. Every time you win by being manipulative, you actually lose, because the other person is building up a long-lasting reservoir of resentment that may explode when you least expect it.

If you are the victim of such methods by your friend or partner, be direct and call your friend's bluff. Declare that you know what is being done and that you won't stand for it. If emotional manipulation is being used to prevent you from doing something you have a right to do, say so and go right ahead with your plans. Don't allow yourself to be the victim of any kind of emotional blackmail.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Pluto: Magnetic attraction! It may have felt like destiny drawing you together. A burning desire to know the innermost sides of one another is likely. You may not reveal all of your secrets, but can establish a strong trust. Business partnerships and mutual ownership will demand that you communicate. If you don't feel mutually supported it will cause anger. The power must be shared. People may find you quietly charismatic. You two will, at times, appear at ease, even in the midst of turbulence. Though you can recognize intensity in a heartbeat in each other. You may find it difficult to express opinions about sensitive subjects. Both of you may choose to process choices carefully. Silence can be golden. However, it also brings confusion if you don't discuss major points of contention. Talk! Professionally, you can show true understanding of what each goes through. Be fair in your requests to have your needs fulfilled. Don't manipulate. Trust that each of you can handle the truth. Your collective effort can produce satisfying material gains. You empower one another through being a reliable ally.