Composite Moon conjunct Composite Neptune

With the conjunction of the Moon and Neptune in your composite chart, you both should be very careful to understand the true nature of your relationship. It is not necessarily a bad relationship; in fact, it might be extremely beautiful and high-minded. But there is a problem because of the idealistic nature of Neptune when combined with the Moon.

This aspect signifies the highest evolution of emotional and spiritual idealism. You will not be satisfied by the ordinary and mundane ways in which people usually relate to each other. What you both want is something much more than that, a complete union of two souls in a cosmic oneness. The difficulty is that you may think that you have achieved this state when you haven't. Both of you may be in a complete psychological fog about the relationship and may not understand it at all. Consequently you must be very careful to find out what the truth is. Don't allow yourselves to wander about in a beautiful haze that has nothing to do with reality.

On the other hand, you must try not to fall into the trap of making excessive and unrealistic demands on the spiritual quality of your relationship. You both are only human and must accept your frail humanity as you try to relate to each other.

If you succeed in striking the balance between these two extremes, you may be able to build an extremely high and spiritual kind of relationship.

One final note. In a relationship between the sexes, the nonphysical and idealistic influence of Neptune often results in a platonic union that is never consummated on the physical level. Usually one or both of the partners feels inwardly that a physical union would corrupt the high purity of the relationship. It is difficult to make a sexual relationship live up to the Moon-Neptune idealism, but it is worthwhile to try to spiritualize your sexuality without denying its physicalness. Only then can you achieve the total union on all levels that is Neptune's ultimate object.

Composite Moon conjunct Composite Neptune: The days of wine and roses are not forgotten in this relationship. You can dance long into the night. The longer you are together; you start expressing emotions in a similar way. Your faith in one another better not be halfway. Why? Because you will sense when your partner is holding back. Creative juices are enhanced through knowing each other. A love of the arts, or expressing yourselves powerfully through them is indicated. A common thread running through your highest values deepens your love. You can react sensitively to your partner. It can hurt to be at odds. A feeling of being with a soul mate is likely. Neither of you will ever be perfect. Therefore, be reasonable in what you want from one another. Romantic escapes do wonders for your closeness. You need to be dreamy, but don't forget to be realistic. Have fun painting the type of relationship that fulfills your idealism. You can easily deny what is wrong. Make sure you eventually address issues. Your home is a playful landscape that shows your imagination. You both desire your private life to be free from conflict. A vivid intuitive awareness is something you share.

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Composite Moon sextile Composite Neptune

The sextile of composite Moon and Neptune gives a relationship a strongly idealistic, antimaterialistic, and nonphysical flavor. it is probably more suitable for a friendship or platonic love affair than for a physical relationship between the sexes. The spirituality of the relationship will be emphasized very strongly. Both of you may be inclined to use the other to get away from normal, everyday reality and to get in touch with a higher, more ideal realm of existence.

Communication between you will be largely intuitive and nonverbal, with looks and subtle gestures often taking the place of words. Yet you will feel that you communicate very well, even better perhaps than those who are limited to words. If this is in fact true, you have a very high type of relationship, indeed. However, look carefully to make sure that this is really the case with your relationship and that you are not merely deluding yourselves. Make sure that you really understand each other and are not living in some fantasy you have constructed about yourselves.

The potentials of this aspect are good if the advice given above is heeded, and you should have a relationship that is in many ways ideal and spiritual.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Neptune: Being together excites your imaginations. It is comforting that someone believes in you unconditionally. Your joint instincts can be poured into creative pursuits. Each of your personal dreams can interface gracefully. Reading each other's moods is automatic. Romantic escapes enhance your intimacy. Dodging friction when it starts to come between you, can be an art form. You make one another feel like two romantics with a plan that can lead to fulfillment. Your desire for escape may on occasion interfere with finishing a project. This probably will not get you to miss a beat in enjoying the imagination you add to each other's life.

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Composite Moon square Composite Neptune

Be very careful if you have the square of Moon and Neptune in your composite horoscope. This aspect creates a great danger that one or both of you will deceive yourselves or each other, either about the nature of the relationship or about outside matters that affect it. It can produce a situation in which one of you has come to "help" the other with a very difficult psychological problem, such as alcohol or drugs. But with a Moon-Neptune square, the so-called helper is often motivated by the desire to escape from some personal problem by relating to someone whose problems appear to be worse. This situation creates a savior-victim relationship that can be quite unhealthy, because the real issues are never faced.

The relationship may also take on a very unreal idealistic tone, with the two of you creating beautiful illusions about yourselves and each other. But eventually you are likely to find that you have not faced all the facts about each other, and you may become completely disillusioned and embittered. Disappointment of one's ideals is perhaps the greatest danger presented by this aspect. Its negative effects can be prevented only by the most hard-nosed, pragmatic, and practical evaluation of the relationship. And unfortunately, that is the very thing that the Moon-Neptune energy tends to block.

Composite Moon square Composite Neptune: Your idealism is intense, so are your emotions. Don't let them fog your ability to communicate. Your faith in each other will wane if you don't allow for pursuing personal dreams. The imagination you arouse in one another is great. Capturing the romantic in each other comes naturally. Look through a realistic lens at each other. It helps you in realizing your true potential. Your beliefs might clash as well as your moods. There may be a tendency to fall into guilt. Work together with a spirit of unity. With practice, you can learn how to talk without stepping on each other's most sensitive zones. The two of you inspire each other to ask a lot of life. Enjoy the journey without getting too caught up in the results. The support you give to your partner during tense times will bring you close. You add a touch of creative intensity to one another. The two of you can dance through life with a faith that grows deeper with each success.

Composite Moon trine Composite Neptune

In any kind of relationship with the trine of composite moon and Neptune, idealism will be a dominant theme. You will feel that the spiritual union between you is higher and more soulful than in any ordinary relationship. Such a union is a real possibility, which the two of you might strive for, but it will not come automatically. What will come with this aspect is the expectation of spirituality, not necessarily the fact. All Moon-Neptune combinations carry the seeds of self-delusion, which should be watched for very carefully. But the trine provides an energy that can help bring about the ideal as well as its vision. You both must be very realistic about yourselves as well as compassionate for each other's weaknesses.

The love you experience together will be a very ideal and spiritual love, and it may be platonic rather than sexual. There will be a strong feeling that you have a true soul union. Much that would ordinarily be expressed in words about your feelings will be communicated in a subliminal and intuitive way that others will not even be aware of. If you have really established the ideal bond that you desire, you will be able to communicate more through intuition than other people can with words.

This relationship will also affect your philosophy of life by making you more idealistic and concerned with spiritual matters than you were before. Faith will become a stronger element in your views of the universe.

The demands this aspect can make upon a relationship are great, but so are the potentials. A truly ideal and spiritual relationship of a most uncommon sort is a real possibility. But remember, so also is a relationship in which you wander about in an idealistic romantic fog. The choice is yours.

Composite Moon trine Composite Neptune: Fantasy Island may seem that it was a place invented just for you. The feeling that you are hopeless romantics is probable. You can bring out the pleasure-seeker in your partner. A shared love for delightful escapes can play a big role in your relationship. People may see you as a couple who has everything. Your inspiring beliefs attract good things. If your effort goes to sleep, it may need a wake-up call. You can show great belief in the potential of one another. Staying confined to limiting situations makes no sense to either of you. Being devoted to the same causes may be a key theme.

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Composite Moon quincunx Composite Neptune

With this aspect between composite Moon and Neptune, your relationship has a powerful emotional basis stemming from a high degree of sensitivity between you. You tend to be very focused on your joint ideals: your ideal environment, your ideal romantic circumstances, perhaps without ever finding the perfect reality. Together you possess an ethereal quality, noticeable to others, and a strong imagination with a propensity for withdrawing from the world from time to time into internal fantasies of your own making. You may need to be careful not to deceive yourselves about what is going on between and around you or to forget to take care of the practicalities of life on this planet.

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Composite Moon opposite Composite Neptune

The opposition of composite Moon and Neptune can present many difficulties in a relationship, all stemming from one central problem; namely, you have very little clear understanding about the true nature your relationship. The lack of understanding can take many forms, but two of the more usual ones will be discussed.

First, of all Neptune-Moon combinations, this one is most affected by desire to escape your own problems through a “savior-victim” relationship. That is, both of you are looking for ways to escape your own problems, but one does so by “saving” the other from himself or herself, while that person plays the complementary role of wanting to be saved. Since neither of you will face your real problems directly, nothing is solved. You should try to relate as equals, giving and receiving alike, with neither of you martyring yourself to the other.

A second result of this aspect may be that the two of you have radical different views about the relationship. While one of you idealizes, the other may take advantage and act quite treacherously behind the first one’s back. The result may be that what you believe is friendship or a love relationship is really not that at all. The surreptitious actions of one again the other may lead to great disappointment and disillusionment.

The main problem is one of illusions. When this aspect occurs in composite, only the most hard-headed and pragmatic evaluation can determine the true nature of the relationship. Detachment and objectivity are needed at every turn. Perhaps the best answer is to rely more than usual on a third party to help you come to a true understanding. But be careful whom you pick, and don’t let your idealism and romantic imagination get you into a situation you cannot deal with.

Even if neither of the two manifestations described above is at work in your relationship, beware of other self-delusions that can weaken the valid basis of your relationship.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Neptune: You are a mirror for each other. This relationship reveals your deepest feelings. It either feels like you are bathing in relaxing water, or that you feel painfully insecure. There can be a joy of being with someone that understands you inside and out. People can sense the love and devotion you have for each other. Act and talk direct when an occasion calls for it. You tend to expect miracles together. There is magic! Life may seem to deliver in ways that seem improbable. Your shared intuition can guide you to accomplish great things. Don't follow others blindly. You can show a common aesthetic interest and have similar tastes in entertainment. Communicate with an intention of giving clear messages. If you do this, your days together are more cherished. Your friends likely share your belief systems. Their imagination must be somewhere up in the stars, like your own!