Composite Moon conjunct Composite Mars

The conjunction of composite Moon and Mars has a double- edged effect. On the one hand, it indicates that you arouse very strong feelings in each other, but by itself it does not indicate whether they are good or bad feelings.

In a love relationship, for example, this aspect indicates that you will have a very strong emotional involvement. The relationship will probably stir up both positive and negative emotions in both of you. You will have vigorous disagreements and even fights, but your reconciliations will be equally intense.

By itself this aspect does not tell whether this is a good relationship in other ways. if your relationship is basically good, you will simply experience a heightened emotional involvement, although with a greater tendency to quarrel. But if your relationship is not otherwise very sound, it will be destroyed by the fighting that this aspect produces. in any case the two of you will have some heated moments, which simply have to be taken in stride along with all that is good in the relationship.

One of the strong points of this aspect is that in a sexual relationship it creates a good deal of sexual energy. This can make sexuality a strong bond between you. Although you will probably have many fights, even these are a reflection of the underlying sexual energy.

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Composite Moon sextile Composite Mars

The sextile of composite Moon and Mars indicates that your relationship is based on feelings. There is a great deal of emotional energy here that makes it difficult for you to ignore what the other person does or says. Fortunately, however, the energy is not especially negative. In fact, in a sexual relationship this aspect is a positive indication for success, because Mars rules certain portions of the energy complex that makes up sexual energy. The Moon, of course, rules the feelings. The result is that this aspect arouses the energies needed for a positive sexual relationship.

Except for sexual contact, this combination of Mars and the Moon is not especially physical in its expression. But physical activity provides a good outlet for the energies it generates. Consequently, you should not sit around together but should try to be active in all possible ways. If there is work to be done, the energy of this aspect can help. This is not a particularly good aspect for mental work, however, because the subjective nature of the Moon makes it difficult to understand ideas with logic and detachment. Also, the energy of Mars is too vigorous for the quiet reflection needed for most kinds of mental work.

This is a good aspect for a relationship based on feeling, but not so good for one that requires much mental activity or communication of clear, ordered and objectively presented facts.

Composite Moon sextile Composite Mars: You can instill courage in one another through the confident gaze in your eyes. It can be comforting to have such great emotional support in your lives. A lively atmosphere permeates your home. The two of you don't like staying down for long. New ventures are thrilling. Tuning into when and where to take chances might prove profitable. Your instincts to know when to be encouraging, and when to give space, are usually on the money. You don't tend to remain angry very long at one another.

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Composite Moon square Composite Mars

The square of composite Moon and Mars is a somewhat difficult aspect for a relationship. The Moon rules the basic feelings and emotions present in the relationship, while Mars indicates its vital energies. More precisely, Mars is the energy one uses to assert one's individuality. The result of the square is likely to be emotional conflicts between you and a sense that your individuality is constantly being challenged by your partner. Fights, disputes, and general disagreement are the probable result, unless you make a great effort to overcome this problem.

Whenever the two of you have a disagreement or communication problem, your immediate response is to get hot under the collar. But this tendency must be curbed, because once that happens, all your ability to objectively analyze and solve the problem goes out the window. You lose any chance of understanding the other person's position; a fight ensues; and the relationship is driven further apart. Only by maintaining some degree of calm, difficult as that may be, can you arrive at a creative resolution of the problem. Anger and extreme subjectivity go hand in hand in your relationship.

If you really want to solve your problems, avoid getting angry with each other. Obviously there are times when an honest expression of anger is useful and constructive, and you should not repress it. But try not to overdo your honest expressions of anger; chances are, with this aspect, you both fly off the handle too readily. Keep cool and save your anger for times when it is really justified. Otherwise the relationship will not survive or be productive.

Composite Moon square Composite Mars: The direct approach is what you get from each other. Learn to know the sensitive issues and the best time to talk about them. Certain conversations can ignite great anger like a match to gasoline. People may enjoy the way you are quick to act on instincts. The two of you may need to exercise caution when exploring new enterprises. You tend to dive into the deep end of the pool very fast. Your relationship could have gotten into the fast lane before you realized what was happening. People can expect adventure and excitement at a get together when you are present. You are a duo who can encourage each other to take action.

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Composite Moon trine Composite Mars

The trine of composite Moon and Mars is a sign that the two of you have a great emotional involvement in this relationship. You each evoke such strong feelings in your partner that you can't ignore each other. For the most part, these feelings will be positive, but it is important that your relationship have ample outlet for emotional self-expression. This would not be a very good aspect for a professional relationship that required mutual feelings of detachment. The combination of the Moon and Mars, even in a trine, implies that the feelings evoked are strong enough to make the relationship extremely subjective and personal.

This aspect acts most positively in a love relationship, where it can make an otherwise quiet and subdued affair into something much more emotionally rich and involving. Also, in a sexual relationship, the energy of the Moon combined with Mars helps to stimulate physical sexuality.

One point must be kept in mind, however, and that is that neither of you must repress the other. There must be complete freedom of emotional expression between you. If held in too long, the energy of this trine would probably come out in an explosive way.

Composite Moon trine Composite Mars: Taking a risk now and then brings out your love of adventure. Your instincts will likely tell you just how far to go in making a dream come true. A playful way of disagreeing is part of your humor. You prefer to be on the same team as your partner, rather than competing for your own point of view. People will often admire the plans you put into motion together. Your innate sense of wanting to be happy and fulfilled, makes others want to support you. You bring out fun-filled romantic imagination in each other.

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Composite Moon quincunx Composite Mars

Here the subtle argument between the emotional needs and the activity or sexual needs of the relationship is hard to diagnose. The quincunx represents a strain similar to that of a nagging toothache, one that is not painful enough to go to a dentist about. The emotional needs, the emotional responses to universal energies, and the love requirements, are not totally fulfilled by either the action taken or the sexual expression chosen. A hint of aggravation remains.

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Composite Moon opposite Composite Mars

The opposition of Moon and Mars can be a very explosive aspect in composite chart. It is an indication of anger and hostility breaking out which can transform any kind of relationship into open warfare. The question is: do you want to be friends and/or lovers? Or do you want to be competitors and/or enemies? If the energies of this aspect are given free rein, you are more likely to be the latter.

One certainty is that you will never have to worry about repressing you feelings when you ought to express them. The challenge is to make the expression creative, so that it can help the two of you grow, instead of just being a destructive outburst.

When difficulties arise, try to keep calm for a little while and make some kind of rational sense out of what is happening. Only in this way can you keep a tight rein on the energies of this aspect. You will have one thing going for you, at least; when people with this combination do blow up, it’s all over with quickly, because all the negative energy is expended. But because the energies arise so often, quite a bit of damage occurs anyway. You should ask yourselves whether the two of you are really compatible enough to make a go of this relationship. The answer may be either yes or no, but you should ask the question.

Some people have a great deal of difficulty expressing anger or hostility in any form, even if the relationship tends to trigger it. If you are one of these people, you must learn to express your feelings.

If you do succeed in repressing the energies of this configuration, which is quite difficult, the results will be most destructive. Expressing your real feelings honestly is essential with this aspect. Simply try to keep it under control.

Composite Moon opposite Composite Mars: You influence one another to act first, and ask questions later. Waiting for just the right moment is not the primary impulse--is it? Angry moods can be expected. You bring out a "tell it like it is" tendency in your partner. If you tip toe around issues it is uncomfortable. If you yell and scream all of the time, you may scare one another away. Find the right time to sit down and talk reasonably. Listen. You can love the support you receive when trying to muster up the courage to take a big chance. Emotional stability is more likely through honoring each other's territorial needs.

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