Composite Moon conjunct Composite Jupiter

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Composite Moon sextile Composite Jupiter

See also: Moon sextile Jupiter;

Composite Moon square Composite Jupiter

The square of composite Moon and Jupiter is one of the few squares that is not especially difficult to deal with. Like all the combinations of Jupiter and the Moon, it indicates basically good feelings between you. Your relationship will have a quality of exuberance that will make others glad to be with you. Also, you will be tolerant of each other's faults. In fact, the only real difficulty this aspect might raise is that you may be too uncritical of each other. The result might be that your personal growth would be lessened, but it is unlikely that such an attitude would break up the relationship.

You will enjoy each other's company and may be quite fond of going out together socially and having a good time. This is an expression of the emotional exuberance of the square, which is an active aspect that requires some form of activity to make it work out well. Therefore, take every opportunity to do things together, so you can enjoy the energies of this aspect to the fullest.

There is one other effect of this aspect that should be noted. If as individuals you tend to overdue in some way, that tendency is likely to be reinforced by the relationship. As a couple you probably won't deny yourselves anything you want.

Composite Moon square Composite Jupiter: Life may have too many starts and stops. Poor planning will make you both angry and irritable. You prefer jobs that can be finished quickly as they hold your attention. A restless streak to live in a variety of locations or dwellings is probable. You are not hang-around-the-house types. Adventurous instincts need to be followed when the spirit moves you. Each of you can need emotional support when your faith is challenged. Sudden luck may appear when you need it the most. Don't exaggerate your potentials. You can disappoint one another if you promise too much. The gypsy in you needs to be let out occasionally. Outdoor camping or an exciting journey doesn't hurt. You need to stay inspired!

Composite Moon trine Composite Jupiter

The trine of composite Moon and Jupiter will have a good effect upon your relationship in several areas. First of all, it denotes that the two of you have a generally good feeling for each other. You feel happy together and enjoy each other's company. When you are depressed or low, being together will make you both feel better.

Second, this aspect will help to create a warm sympathy and deep emotional understanding between you, which will help you through any problems you may have to face.

Third, this relationship is likely to have a spiritually and morally uplifting effect upon you; it will make the world look better and will actually help you both understand what the world is all about, in a spirit not of resignation but of positive optimism.

In a marriage, this aspect instills a desire for children and makes it more likely that you will have them.

Because of the feelings of optimism and happiness that you have with each other, you will always feel that you benefit from being together.

Composite Moon trine Composite Jupiter: You are natural optimists. Even during the gloomiest of times you may still see the brightness of better days ahead. Some might wonder how you do this. Your home offers a safe haven from stress. A youthful vigor fills your imaginations when you have chances to travel and expand your resources. Your luck is based more on never giving up than anything else. People are inspired by your belief in them. Be careful whom you trust. Your idealism may paint unrealistic pictures of others. Your home can be a vast learning center. Supporting your partner's paths to greater opportunity will be endearing.

Composite Moon quincunx Composite Jupiter

Inevitably the two of you will have to deal with the results of either poor management of funds, excessive extravagances, mishandled investments, or past debts that one or both of your bring with you from previous times.

There is a curious discontentment that is generated between you - a desire for more, for better, for improvements, for something that you don't have now. As a result you are apt to, for instance, buy a more expensive home or automobile than you can comfortably afford, and then struggle with the payments. So, while you may look very comfortable and prosperous, it would be at a cost to your emotional peace and well-being.

"Unexpected and/or inconvenient increases" is a theme. Your family may become bigger than anticipated, creating inconveniences - but also blessings!

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Composite Moon opposite Composite Jupiter

The opposition of composite Moon and Jupiter is relatively easy to handle. It may bring the two of you together even though you are quite different, but it also provides the energy for you to adjust to each other. Any Moon-Jupiter aspect indicates that you will be able to tolerate the differences that exist between you.

An opposition is an active aspect, which means that the two of you will have to be active together. Neither of you will be very fond of sitting around waiting for something to happen. You will want to go out and look for things to do. Probably you will be fond of going out together and socializing. Jupiter is gregarious and likes company.

Other people are likely to see you as a very outgoing and happy couple. You are also very generous to others, although you may be a bit overextravagant.

Sometimes with this aspect there is a compulsion to be "happy-go-lucky" all the time. You like to do exciting things and are fond of rather boisterous activities. You may be reluctant to settle down and deal with serious concerns that you should be facing together. As a consequence, you may let important matters slide. This is perhaps the most serious negative tendency of this aspect and the one you should watch out for most. By and large, however, this is not an especially difficult opposition.

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