Aries Composite Midheaven

The two of you like to put your serious drives right into action. There is no holding you two back when you make up your minds to go full steam ahead. You may leave shore without your partner if you move too impulsively. Be sure to communicate before embarking on major decisions that will impact each of your lives. Courage may come when you dare yourselves to leap into a bold new direction. You both probably enjoy being leaders occasionally. A natural sense of competition can find you not wanting to take a back seat to others. Patience may not come easily, but does get better with time.

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Taurus Composite Midheaven

Moving systematically to complete a plan is within the framework of your minds. Business objectives can be laid out in such a way as to avoid much conflict. Affluent results can be obtained through your rugged determination. Budgeting yourselves in a practical manner is an instinct. You know how to be solid allies when it comes to helping one another move toward serious ambitions. It's best to avoid forcing each other into a decision. It only brings a stubborn response. Stressful circumstances make you lean on each other more than usual. Helping your partner live out most valued roles makes you a key ally.

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Gemini Composite Midheaven

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Cancer Composite Midheaven

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Leo Composite Midheaven

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Virgo Composite Midheaven

A systematic approach to taking care of business is likely. You can be good in working together. A fine sense of details keeps you organized. Perfection can become too much of an aim in itself. You get more done when not compulsively worried. Ambitions can be realized through great dedication. Dependability is your hallmark. Helping each other increase skills can make you both more marketable. A tenaciousness to get a job done correctly is important to you. A fine sense of serving the public can open up successful doors. A pragmatic outlook enables you to see more realistic ways of making a plan come true.

Libra Composite Midheaven

Being equal partners in many undertakings highlights your working together. Diplomacy and tact are a key component of your business natures. You believe in fairness. Indecision can result when comparing possible choices. You will need to make a commitment to a plan and see it through to its completion. Designing strategies is where you excel. An aesthetic touch to your talents is possible. You are people that can be good in getting ideas across to others. Your fair mindedness wins you admirers. Putting your heads together to ensure each of you gets into suitable roles makes you a great team.

Scorpio Composite Midheaven

Knowing the bottom line in your business dealings is almost a given with you two. Being able to size up situations with a piercing sensibility can save you time, energy and money. You are adept negotiators with heads for budgeting. Power struggles are difficult because they don't produce a real winner in your case. Acknowledging one another's mastery in certain areas makes working together more agreeable. Your successes can attract jealousy. Know whom you can trust. You might become power brokers for others, or be supported by people in high places. Your willingness to pay your dues to enact a plan makes you a tough team to beat. You are at your best when expressing yourselves through passionate roles.

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Sagittarius Composite Midheaven

Your beliefs are the motivating force behind your serious ambitions. Each of you wants a lot from life, and you just might be able to get it! You are expansive in your approach in defining strategies that will bring you success. Discipline and focus come more when you both are in love with the work and roles you perform. Travel and communication can play a big part in your careers. Each of you can offer the other positive energy that seems to bring luck to your door. You are a persuasive couple when you are sold on the paths you have chosen. There is a youthful vitality that emanates from you. Sharing information with others is stimulating.

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Capricorn Composite Midheaven

Ambition is not to be taken lightly in your relationship. Each of you wants your career aspirations to be acknowledged. You are willing to go through some degree of delayed gratification to achieve the desired results. You don't like people wasting your time or money. People with follow through win your admiration. Delegate responsibility to others when it fits your needs. Why? It will create more moments to spend together. Watch your schedules. It can get tough to pencil each other in. There needs to be a clear sense of responsibility and commitment. There may be a tradition one or both of you holds sacred. Allow for an occasional surprise to occur. There will be milestones to celebrate; creating happy memories to look back upon.

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Aquarius Composite Midheaven

Unique roles are a distinct possibility in this relationship. You can be inventive types with a desire to be in cutting-edge professions. New technologies call to you on a regular basis to discover them. Neither of you cares to have someone looking over your shoulder in work environments. You are a goal-oriented couple when it comes to serious ambitions. You both require jobs or roles that you can't outgrow too quickly. You work better together when you treat your partner as an equal. Boredom with slow moving minds or institutions is likely. Your plans can shock others out of their comfort zones. Groups may find you a refreshing twosome.

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Pisces Composite Midheaven

Your ideals are the power behind your ambitions. Life will not always seem fair to you two. Your beliefs can lead you to devote time to a special field or cause. Showing faith in each other's most cherished aims makes you almost indispensable partners. Divine discontent can show you having trouble being pleased with the things that come easy. Your intuitive natures can lead you to paths that offer success. People can be moved by the emotion you put into a plan. Some reality testing will be needed to better define a strategy. Taking small steps toward an objective will take you to the bigger ones. An attraction to alternative professions is possible. Your compassion and the special way you care can touch others.