Composite Mercury in the Composite 1st House

Mercury in the first house of the composite chart indicates that in this relationship communication and community of ideas should play an important part. Not that the relationship will be just an intellectual one, but communication and intellect will be important factors. Therefore this is an excellent placement for all relationships involving business or commerce in any form. However, it does no harm in a personal relationship, which often suffers from a lack of real communication. That should not be a problem for you. The first house Mercury is usually a sign that your minds are compatible, and you are capable of thinking almost as one person.

Of course, this placement is also excellent for any relationship that involves writing or working on a cooperative intellectual venture. It will be important to keep alive the intellectual interests you share. Together you will be interested in the world around you and constantly wanting to explore and examine new aspects of its variety.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 1st House: Your minds are quick to act. You can display lightning fast perceptions. The two of you have strong initiating impulses. Your relationship might show you challenging the opinions of one another.

People are stimulated to be more decisive in spending time with you. You can display an eagerness to learn. You both probably like to stay abreast of the current news in your community or society. You have antennae that have a sharp eye allowing you to stay aware of the world around you.

You are likely to be perceived as a couple able to communicate clearly. Your friends and loved ones feel free to seek your advice. The two of you can get right to the point in talking to one another. Sharing your favorite subjects with each other is fun. Don't jump to conclusions about your partner. Be sure to hear all of the facts. You can be a bit competitive in proving you are right. Allow for an even exchange of ideas.

You can show a knowledge about business trends. Communication fields exhibit your speaking skills. You both will gravitate toward work that is fast-paced. Your schedules are apt to be filled to the brim.

Nervous energy! You can make one another very anxious if you change your plans suddenly.

Appreciating each other's insights brings trust. Communication is a powerful tool in this relationship! Listening as well as talking will encourage closeness.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 2nd House

Composite Mercury in the second house has two different meanings. Either the two of you value things of the mind, or you put a lot of mental effort into what you possess or otherwise value.

If the first of these is true in your case, it means that as a couple you value books, musical instruments, radios, television, audio equipment, or other materials with which you can entertain or stimulate your minds. Or on a more abstract level, the two of you may value ideas and intellectual principles.

If the second possibility is more correct, you both will spend a good deal of time managing the property that you own in common, and you will put a lot of effort into it. in an individual's birth chart, a second house Mercury signifies cleverness and intelligence in the handling of money. That should also be the case in a composite chart.

Since it is likely that the two of you do value things of the mind or have rather strong opinions about what you do value, it is very important that you come to some kind of agreement about these matters early in the relationship. Otherwise, disputes over such matters are likely to crop up later on.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 2nd House: Your minds are interested in building stable resources. There is a keen sense in knowing how to increase your cash flow. You both like to have input on how the money is spent. Exchanging creative ideas to improve your financial situation is a regular occurrence. Ownership and investments are of mutual concern and have a bonding effect on your companionship. The two of you like to feel you have a sober approach to what is possible to accomplish. You both can enjoy having a place to retreat to that is calming. You like to talk in terms of tangible concepts. There is a simplicity in your communicating that makes the two of you easy to understand. When you put your ideas on the table together, you are able to brainstorm more resourceful ways of getting a job done. There is likely to be occasions when each of you might stubbornly defend an idea. The friction may be unsettling. Be sure to talk out differences. You can find a win-win strategy.

Your partnership may excel at business. Your timing in putting your money to good use appears to be excellent. You appreciate people that are self-reliant and can finish what they start. It is probable that you look for this in one another. Each of you is going to have certain cherished items that you want just for your own pleasure.

Too many mundane worries may find you needing to get away from it all. Some R&R gives your mental energies a much deserved vacation. Relaxation can strengthen and clarify your reasoning powers. Your values could be a key to your establishing closeness.

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Composite Mercury in the Composite 3rd House

Composite Mercury in the third house can be extremely valuable in a relationship, because it assures easy and complete communication between you. Many otherwise sound associations are weakened because two people cannot say the simple things that keep a relationship going smoothly. This should not be a problem for the two of you. in fact, you have a strong need to communicate with each other, and it is likely that you first came together because of some intellectual affinity.

Not only do the two of you have a strong need to exchange ideas and opinions, but you also like to be with others and exchange ideas with them. You have a great liking for all kinds of mental and intellectual interaction with your environment. You do not like to stay off by yourselves but prefer to get out and talk and have a good time.

The only thing you should be wary of is letting the cheerful and often superficial banter of Mercury replace the deeper, more significant communication that any successful relationship requires. Mercury works so easily on a light level that you may be reluctant to delve any deeper. If you can avoid intellectual and emotional superficiality, you should have an excellent mental and intellectual rapport with each other.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 3rd House: Your rapid movement stimulates each other's minds to take in more information. There is a rapid exchange of ideas in your lives. Your wit is never at a loss. You electrify your partner's brain waves with refreshing new insights.

Your conversations are probably full of life. There is no real pattern to talking to one another. You can skip from one topic to another without losing each other. You like your friends and business colleagues to have this same talent. You both can be delighted in trying to come up with the questions to the Jeopardy game answers, or figuring out the clues to Wheel of Fortune. You thrive on a wide range of subjects to discuss. Just be sure to keep each other focused. There is a possible tendency to rebel against traveling in the same mental directions.

Each of you cherishes mental freedom. You may like to hear the latest breaking news that is hot off the press. Your mind power can be very persuasive. The two of you can ride your mental ingenuity to high places. Your insights add a rich tone to your relationship. Allowing one another to explore needed directions brings trust.

You are great networkers with a talent for connecting people together. Consulting and teaching skills can excel. The two of you may be good at juggling more than one goal at a time. A restless quest for new opportunities is always near. Quick changes of life directions may be rewarding.

Tell the truth. Sometimes it takes courage to be honest. Believe in each other's ability to deal with the real facts. Do this and you will be two lovers who don't miss a beat in pleasing each other.

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Composite Mercury in the Composite 4th House

Mercury in the fourth house of the composite chart indicates that the two of you are able to communicate about your deepest feelings and the most deeply buried attributes of your relationship, matters that normally would ne unc. This is because the fourth house rules the deepest, most internal aspects of things. You can share your thoughts about how your relationship is working and what is at the heart of it. You should have an unusual intellectual awareness of each other's feelings.

The fourth house also rules one's home - in this case the home you set up together, if that is appropriate to your relationship. Since Mercury rules thought and communication, this placement means that you are likely to make your home as intellectually stimulating as possible. You will surround yourselves with fine books or whatever else interests you, such as materials for hobbies or crafts. You are also fond of having people get together in your home for good stimulating conversation.

As is usual when Mercury is in a position that concerns feelings, the only real danger here is that you may overintellectualize the deep inner aspects of yourselves. your inner feelings may come to exist purely as ideas rather than as part of your daily experience. Try not to analyze yourselves or your relationship too much.

If this warning is heeded, a fourth house Mercury can be very helpful, precisely because it does help to improve communication about your feelings and inner selves, which in most relationships are difficult to discuss.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 4th House: Your minds are pulled to the depths of your innermost feelings. Sharing thoughts about home and family can be a regular event. Your perceptions have a way of getting each other to reveal your vulnerabilities. There is a radar-like intuitive way you can reach the deepest levels of your partner's mind. Mutual emotional support is a commodity you hope to receive from one another.

Communication may take a while to establish. Your emotions are way out in front of your ability to express yourselves in words. Intimacy is something you must trust. Don't force the closeness. It is more important that you both have enough time to process the effect you have on each other. You do make one another feel more secure about this relationship through talking.

The home is a subject you probably spend much time discussing. Keeping it organized helps. Your residence can be a busy place for meetings. You can get very involved in community activities. You need to live in a city or town that offers enough mental stimulation for each of you. Nervous tension is not welcome where you live. Both of you can be avid readers when alone. Your growing up years might be of interest to your partner.

Patience with each other's reasoning abilities is good to remember. Your problem-solving approaches are likely to travel on different highways. With practice you can learn how to work great together.

Hidden agendas! Don't make a habit of indulging in them. State your plans or goals as honestly as possible. Fatigue really fogs your mental objectivity. Deal with the major decisions when you are alert.

Encourage independent thinking and dependency will stay balanced. A feeling of joint decision-making is the way to your lover's heart.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 5th House

Mercury in the fifth house of the composite chart indicates that as a couple you are attracted to intellectual modes of recreation and self-expression. You enjoy talking to each other, not just to communicate what must be said, but also because you really enjoy talking. You both enjoy conversation with others and activities such as going to the theater and concerts or just being together and reading good books.

The fifth house is also the house of children and their education. If you have children, you will pay close attention to their education, making sure that they have all the right opportunities and are surrounded by the proper influences. Just be sure that you do not educate them intellectually to the point of neglecting their emotional growth. They must learn to be complete individuals.

The fifth house Mercury indicates that your attraction for each other is based at least partly on your intellectual affinity. This position doesn't indicate whether your thinking is similar at all levels, but at least you should enjoy intellectual compatibility. Since one requirement of a successful personal relationship is that you communicate easily, you have an excellent start.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 5th House: Your minds fly with great creative pride and force. You show a willingness to act on perceptions. You're a couple that enjoys seeing the fruits of your labor. It is your positive attitude that will bring good things your way. A little flexibility will go along way in your life together. Humor makes a great third companion.

Let each other have their say regarding personal issues. "I need to be heard" comes from your souls. Create win-win situations. Speak from your heart and you will be that much closer to happiness. The two of you can get pushy in making a point. Stubborn differences will need to be accepted. You will never agree on everything. Let each other feel that your ideas are valued. You certainly can be the life of a party. You are not quiet for too long. There are few subjects you cannot discuss.

Promoting your partner's ideas comes naturally. You may not find a greater fan than your partner. Making smart use of your mental and financial resources is an instinct. You can increase each other's wealth in these areas.

There is a fondness for those able to think and act young. You are attracted to fun-loving people. Individuals with confidence in their ability get your attention.

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Composite Mercury in the Composite 6th House

Composite Mercury in the sixth house indicates that the two of you expend a great deal of mental energy on the problems or tasks that you have to accomplish together. You will analyze, consider, and explore all the various ways to deal with the matters that are important to you both, which may be either material concerns or emotional ones.

If this is a business relationship centered around accomplishing some particular task or series of tasks, you will go about them systematically, rationally, and carefully.

If your relationship is an emotional, personal one, such as a friendship or a love affair, you will do what you have to do in a systematic and careful manner. Here, however, the issue will be making your relationship work better so that the two of you will get more out of it. Be careful that this habit of dealing with problems in a reasonable way doesn't turn into an overconcern with your problems. It could get to the point where your whole viewpoint is overwhelmed with analyzing your relationship.

Planets in the sixth house tend to emphasize duties and responsibilities at the expense of the pleasure and fulfillment that should come out of any personal relationship. Obviously a balance must be struck, particularly with Mercury, because Mercury's location in a chart very strongly affects the overall attitudes of the relationship.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 6th House: Your minds are inquisitive. You like to know why people think the way they do. There is a shared desire to trim excesses. You bring out the analytical side of one another. Your perceptions are often work or service-oriented. Self-improvement is a key interest. You both have a tendency to want to perfect your skills and abilities. You can work circles around others when you want to.

A regular focal point for your communication might be work and duties. Efficiency and organization could be easily preached to one another. Other pet subjects are probably diet and health. There is a desire to really understand each other's needs. Keep criticism to a minimum, and you will be happier.

Making time for your mutual interests is important to you. Don't let the same old routines become an everyday reality. Bringing in new experiences adds a deeper dimension to your lives. You will likely gravitate toward a carefully planned day-to-day living. Don't become too picky, picky! "Not seeing the forest for the trees" can occur. Take a broad perspective of each other. Give your partner plenty of room to think freely. You work better together when you stay positive in thought. Encourage confidence in one another and you can be passionate lovers.

See also: Mercury in the 6th House;

Composite Mercury in the Composite 7th House

Mercury in the seventh house of the composite chart indicates that your relationship will work well as a partnership in mental and intellectual concerns. For example, if you came together to write a book (which this placement of Mercury does not indicate especially), you would be able to work together as a team very well. Similarly you would work well together in any kind of business or commercial activity, particularly those involving electronics, communication, data processing, or transportation.

In a personal relationship this placement indicates the ability to think as a team and to provide a united front, at least intellectually, to the rest of the world. The two of you are generally able to share your ideas and opinions about everything.

Because the seventh house is an angular house, the planet that occupies it is more important than it would be otherwise. When Mercury is strengthened, as it is in the seventh house, communication between you is easier and is a more prominent part of the relationship.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 7th House: Your minds have people-oriented wings that can glide gracefully in any type of social circle. Your friends are predictably talkative and from many different backgrounds. The two of you have endless travel experiences and information to share. It's as though your mental awareness is plugged into an inner lap top computer that tells you how to relate to others. You could grow weary of individuals lacking imagination or enough intelligence to keep up with you.

A love of hearing and sharing news highlights your conversations. You can enjoy surprising one another with unique ideas. Friends will find you stimulating company. Your individual insights can arouse new thinking in others. You can be good at public relations.

Your relationship might display a wonderful talent in solving problems. You make great consultants in your favorite fields or specialties. You know how to get out there on the negotiation field and exercise your business knowledge.

Do you sometimes feel you are a couple losing their focus? You might get scattered by too much stimulation, which leads to indecision. Chasing after social experiences can become a compulsion. A time out or just simply slowing down could help relieve confusion.

You can fly to higher plateaus of mental clarity together. Sharing your ideas and helping each other cross over mental hurdles is a special gift of your being together.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 8th House

The position of Mercury in the eighth house of the composite chart will enable you to examine in depth the psychological forces that are at work in your relationship. These forces will be brought out and examined in the full light of consciousness. For this reason, the two of you should be more capable than most people at working out problems that may arise between you. just be sure that you keep some sense of perspective about the whole process and do not allow yourselves to get carried away by it.

This placement of Mercury also means that the relationship will probably have an important effect upon the intellectual development of both of you. Your way of thinking about the world will be changed, although it is not possible to tell from this placement alone whether the change will be for good or ill. In general, however, the potential for understanding yourselves and each other is very great.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 8th House: Your minds have the ability to see into each other's deepest thoughts. There is a mountain of psychological terrain to explore together. Your perceptions can be ferociously turned toward business interests. The word "trust" might send different sensations through your nervous systems. You like to think you can depend on each other in all life scenarios. You almost have to earn each other's allegiance. This comes with time and great patience.

You can have a joint attraction to studies of the mind and higher consciousness. A curiosity about the mysterious forces at work in your lives is possible. When you first met, was there a magnetic pull that was unexplainable? Your energies spark extra intensity in each other.

Your communication may need a catalyst to get it jump-started. Once ignited, the two of you can discuss anything. Talking through your fears or concerns tightens your connection. You can be great allies during a crisis. It may even be true that it's when you encounter challenges that you talk more. You have a shared strength that comes forward when you reveal your secret ambitions. It is better to talk straight. You can likely sense when the other is holding back information. Your closest friends can appreciate your tenacity to lend a listening ear. Your management and investment of money can bring mutual happiness. It is important for each of you to have enough mental latitude to be yourselves. Your insights can help each other feel more empowered.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 8th House: The composite Mercury in the Eighth House indicates a relationship with good communication around issues of intimacy and deep sharing. You are likely to have an excellent rapport with each other, at both verbal and non-verbal levels, with an almost psychic understanding each other's emotions. In a romantic context, you have good communication in and out of the bedroom, especially regarding issues which are important and transformative for either one of you, so that this is an excellent placement in an important and life-changing relationship. You are likely to learn much from each other regarding the underlying motivations of your actions and the reasons that you might have come together in relationship. Your life together therefore has a great deal of healing potential. As a partnership you may find that ideas surrounding the occult or the deeper understanding of human motivation fascinate you and come up for discussion, although you probably won't make your profession in these areas unless other connections between you warrant it. You have a great deal of interest in smoothing the way for others as well as yourselves to come to a better understanding of their own unconscious processes.

See also: Mercury in the 8th House;

Composite Mercury in the Composite 9th House

Composite Mercury in the ninth house grants a relationship a great deal of mental aliveness and interest in all new ideas that expand your collective awareness.

Together you may be interested in travel, literature, philosophy, or religion- interests that you did not have to the same extent before you came together. You will want to explore and range widely, either in the real world or in the world of the mind. At the very least you both will find that your way of looking at the world has changed because of this relationship.

Others will recognize that the two of you have the intellectual capacity to rise above the daily concerns of life that so often bog people down and overwhelm a relationship with a mass of trivia. Together you will be concerned about larger issues that affect the world in general, and you will understand how these issues affect individuals, especially yourselves. Consequently you will have unusual foresight as a couple and will seldom be trapped by unforeseen circumstances.

In general, this relationship should enable your mind to grow and expand.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 9th House: Your minds are in the habit of racing together through life. You don't like to hear that your dreams cannot be achieved. Positive thinking is the fuel that carries the two of you successfully forward. You can stimulate one another to learn and travel. You can enjoy being students of life together. There is a tendency for you to grow too expansive. Be sure to stay focused on your main objectives.

Your minds are probably never still for very long. Communication reminds you both that there are no limits in your creative pursuits. You can lead each other to brave new worlds to explore. Your mental pursuits can be many. One or both of you might make a good writer, teacher, consultant or public speaker. Stay away from hasty judgments. Let each other feel free to explore new areas of interest. You will be wise to follow through on promises to one another. It is stimulating to share insights found through books, the Internet, television or radio.

Traveling to adventurous places gives you momentum. Routine is okay for a while. Eventually you need to do something exciting. Exile boredom from your daily lives as soon as possible.

You can share a similar philosophy about the world. Your values are not that far apart. Your faith in each other can get you to leap over tall buildings. Risk-taking is good for the spirit. Be patient before impulsively taking a chance on an idea that is a true long shot. You both can exude feistiness in fighting for your principles.

See also: Mercury in the 9th House;

Composite Mercury in the Composite 10th House

The key idea of Mercury in the tenth house of the composite chart is consciousness of life direction or purpose. This position implies that you both have a very strong feeling of purpose within your relationship. At the very least, you will discuss and think about your aims a lot. Mercury in the tenth house does not tell a great deal about what that purpose may be, but it does indicate that the issue will be important.

If your relationship exists for a business or professional purpose, this position suggests that you will work together successfully in such fields as communications, transportation, education, or writing.

In a personal relationship, nothing so specific is implied, except that communication at all levels will be important in fulfilling the purpose for which you have come together. There will be a strong intellectual bond between you. You will enjoy sitting and talking and sharing your ideas with each other. And the more you do this, the more you will grow as a couple. This placement signifies that through reason, logic, communication, and thought- the functions of Mercury- you will achieve your maximum growth as a couple.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 10th House: Your minds move along a practical path together. You like to know what each of you expects from the other. There is a firm grasp of what it takes to make this relationship click. It could seem that your perceptions are automatically targeted at serious ambition. Your thoughts combine to develop strategies that keep you focused. Career drives are probably big and on your minds a lot of the time. Speaking of time, you hate wasting it- don't you?

Business dealings are as natural as the rising and setting of the Sun. Each of you can get the other to think about personal growth. There is the possibility of public recognition for your talents. You certainly are a couple that knows how to mix with powerful or wealthy people. Each of you can become a legend in your chosen field of expertise.

Communication may be sporadic. Your schedules can be demanding on a regular basis. You may be cramming as much as possible into a day. It might be that you are busy helping people relying on you. Respect each other's opinions and you generate love. Take time alone together to keep your hearts close. There is a challenge here. What is it? Be adaptable. You will not always fit into the choices made by your partner. Be supportive. Your business wisdom can impress others. The two of you can excel in quickly sizing up the profitably of a situation.

A lively public life can occur. You might even be pillars of your community. Beware of responsibility as you do attract it. Make sure you want to be leaders of groups or movements. Your shared ideas can generate great clarity for one another.

See also: Mercury in the 10th House;

Composite Mercury in the Composite 11th House

Mercury in the eleventh house of your composite chart gives the two of you a very hopeful attitude. You like to think about the future and make plans together. This position is likely to make you optimistic about your future as a couple.

Friends will play an important role in your life together, especially friends with whom you can exchange ideas and have witty and stimulating conversations. You will like people who are intelligent and also very lively, who can constantly present you with new ideas, rather than people who seem to be stagnant or stodgy. Younger people appeal to you especially.

At the same time, Mercury in the eleventh house is a sign that the two of you have similar intellectual goals and ideals. This increases your capacity for communication because you do not have to spend a lot of time defining basic issues for each other. Because your minds are compatible, you are able to understand each other much more quickly than you would otherwise.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 11th House: Your minds enjoy looking at the world as though it was meant to be a testing ground for your ideas. The two of you can believe in an experimental life style. Originality is something you respect. Equality and freedom must co-exist in your relationship. Don't ignore the present as you look with eager eyes toward future horizons.

Your conversations probably feature a multitude of innovative ideas. You might rely on each other to suggest options to situations. There is a tendency to enjoy looking at circumstances from different angles. A breakdown in communication could occur when the two of you refuse to budge when taking a stand. This is where your tact and diplomacy will be tested. You are more likely to win each other over if you will consider a dissenting opinion. You may have a tendency in not always telling one another about a change in schedule. Giving each other advance notice if rearranging your plans is a good idea. The two of you can keep each other informed of new trends. You are apt to enjoy the latest in communication technology.

Your insights can change the opinion or direction of a group. You both can grow impatient with people resisting change. Progressive thinking excites your intellects.

Support your partner's goals, and you have a friend plus a lover. Your creative power together is strong. Putting your ideas to work for you can prove profitable. You like life to be stimulating. Surprises add a touch of excitement that keeps life interesting.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 12th House

Composite Mercury in the twelfth house indicates that the two of you will do much thinking and talking about the inner psychological aspects of your relationship. There will be considerable mental probing of yourselves and each other. At the same time, you are not likely to share this process with people outside the relationship. Others may view you as rather secretive or even clandestine in the way you communicate with each other. You will try to work out whatever problems you have within the relationship without appealing to outsiders. This is a good position for psychological self-understanding within a relationship.

However, ceaseless probing into each other's minds can degenerate into playing games with each other's emotions. Be careful how you use the understandings you gain. If you use them to manipulate each other, you are likely to unleash forces that can undo the relationship. In particular, you may stop communicating and start keeping everything secret from each other. This is extremely dangerous in a relationship, because with a twelfth-house Mercury it is very likely to generate suspicion.

Composite Mercury in the Composite 12th House: Your minds can display a shared fondness for idealistic and spiritual pursuits. There is an intuitive awareness into each other's thoughts. You might need to keep your feet on the ground to get your plans accomplished. There is a dreamy atmosphere in your everyday living. Keep your perceptions about one another clear. Your imagination is fun to utilize. You can enjoy similar types of entertainment. Life together may feel like it has an element of mystery.

It is important to listen to the details when conducting business together. You could have a tendency to let your emotions interfere with your logic. The tone of your voice gives away your feelings. When you first met, it may have felt like you already knew one another. Your deepest thoughts are not that hard to read in each other. Be careful with criticism as it usually creates more distance than you intended. Talking direct is better than denying the problems. Show faith in each other's ability to work through any differences. Don't make unrealistic requests and you will be happier. It can be fun to discuss your highest beliefs and aesthetic interests. Surprising each other with intuitive insights is stimulating.

You probably expect compassion and sensitivity from your partner. Mutual caring for mental well being brings trust and greater intimacy. You are two lovers that continuously need to show you believe in each other. Do this, and you will orchestrate great harmony.

See also: Mercury in the 12th House;

Composite Mercury in Aries

Your mental energies move fast and furious. Assertiveness is not a hidden tendency. Your perceptions can be sharp though your actions might not always be well timed. There is an impatience to make things happen immediately. The two of you like people able to get to the point fast! There may be a swift decisiveness exhibited.

You don't mince words when it comes to talking to each other. Your communication likely features a fast pace and is direct. One or both of you might sense that waiting to long to deal with a problem puts your nerves on edge. There is a desire to nip issues in the bud.

Putting your thoughts into action is an instinct. Try to reflect a little before embarking on major new challenges. It will be time saving to do so. You both need the individual freedom to express your leadership drives. An urge to satisfy your own unique curiosities about life is indicated. A perk in your being together is the stimulation of new thinking. There will be times when you must just plain move through life spontaneously. It could be embarrassing to realize that with twenty-twenty hindsight you have the cart before the horse!

You need mental excitement to add spark to your partnership. New adventures keep your minds ready and alert. Dull routines get you feeling down. You need to keep life interesting. Too many thoughts in the passing lane can lead to mental confusion. Slowing down the pace may be needed to keep you both on the same page. Listening does not come easy and will take practice.

Heated exchanges are bound to occur over sensitive topics. It's better when each of you gets a chance to talk; the exchange of insights and ideas deepens your connection.

Composite Mercury in Taurus

Your mental energies move together in a deliberate and patient manner. A state of peaceful co-existence is what you prefer. Your perceptions can reflect patience. You enjoy a shared outlook in wanting to create increased wealth and ownership. A love of beautiful things and places is something you have in common. Aesthetic interests might be a source of mental stimulation.

There is a tendency to work hard together to get what you want in the world. You can work on ambitious projects with a spirit of cooperation. Your shared determination to finish what you start is hard to beat!

Creative insights to make your money prosper is indicated. You can exhibit a sixth sense when it comes to budgeting and knowing where to find the best deals. The two of you are good resources for practical know-how.

There could be excessive worry over money. Learn to talk openly about your financial concerns. You both probably like to feel you can buy whatever you need. Another way you can experience difficulty is through mental stubbornness. Be flexible when you can.

You may not find it easy to talk about your differences, as you don't care too much for conflict. It makes you uneasy. Try to avoid the tough subjects while eating a meal or getting ready for an intimate evening. You do better with communicating when each of you is relaxed or not mentally tired. You can be real friends for one another, knowing how to make each other feel valued and confident.

Encourage each other to pursue individual insights as it keeps your minds from going to sleep. You can enjoy a companionship that offers acceptance and a mutual desire to seek comfort.

Composite Mercury in Gemini

Your mental natures enjoy a multitude of subjects to discuss. You have perceptions that display a rare versatility. Communication is enhanced by your diverse backgrounds. A prolific curiosity about life is evident. The two of you are a wealth of information. Your minds offer a wonderful web site for people to contact. You can show an endless insight into the galaxies of each other's thoughts that seem to reach as far as the Hubbell telescope.

Computers, books, education, cable TV and other information sources electrify your mental circuitry. You command attention from people due to your willingness to explore new learning. A talent in teaching others is possible.

You may have a way of talking to each other that differs from many couples. You can dance around issues and eventually weave your way to the core of your point. The main thing to remember here is that you do arrive at your destination. You can bring in so many lucid examples and paint vivid mental pictures, with such interesting words, that you might forget what you are trying to say. Don't hide behind your intellects. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You can communicate better than most.

There is nervous energy in your mental chemistry. Don't worry. It just means you need to stay focused. Stop thinking constantly about problems.

Life needs to be a wide open highway with multiple lanes so that you can move in different directions quickly. You both feel more self-assured in seeing that there are numerous options to deal with any life situation. It is foolish for anyone to try to force the two of you into one way of thinking. Life is a mental kaleidoscope that needs to offer your eyes images that fit the present. Adjusting to change or key transitions is no problem. There is a love of duality.

Composite Mercury in Cancer

Your mental natures tend to swim regularly in emotional waters. You can become adept in reading the moods of one another. Sorting out your individual thoughts and feelings could test your patience at times. A little space might help. The two of you are at your best when making each other feel secure. Your words can help put each other at ease.

Intimate communication could have occurred early, during your first meeting. Your intuition about each other can be accurate, especially when you drop your guard. You can't really hide from the truth. Each of you may find it hard to talk about issues in the moment. This is okay as long as you don't wait too long. Your memories about situations are sharp, so don't expect a problem to magically disappear. You can be wonderfully supportive of one another. There is a potential to help one another find inner strength. Show good judgment in discussing emotionally charged issues. Choosing "TLC" could be wise.

The home can be a source of inspiration. You need to know you can really live in peace together. Honor each other's most important requests and needs, and you have journeyed a long way to being happy together! Your nurturing instincts might be on the same wavelength. People may enjoy visiting your turf. Your hospitality could have therapeutic benefit to others. There is a privacy side to your partnership that will show you desiring solitude.

Trust comes with accepting the fact your partner is getting to know you. Closeness may be scary in the beginning. It is easier to handle after getting accustomed to each other's expectations.

Composite Mercury in Leo

Your mental natures are often painted with lively thoughts. You can inspire creative thinking in the blink of an eye. Championing each other's ideas gets you to admire one another. New insights come forward when you believe in your partner.

Your conversations are apt to be dramatic. Talking about current events makes for lively discussions. You both expect the other to listen when you are talking. Don't exaggerate the truth. Be straight shooters. It could get irritating if one or the other of you grows too boastful. Humor keeps your verbal exchanges lighter. The two of you can promote anything you are passionate about. Your words compel others to buy what you are selling.

You both could be in the habit of thinking about your careers. You can help each other with key decisions regarding this area of life. You certainly can be a great confidence boost when it comes to presenting your talents. Let each other take control in their own way of finding the right work situation.

There is a mountain of will power in taking on new challenges. Your determination to be successful is fiery. There is little you cannot do when you set your minds to it. What can interfere? Rigidity. Being open to each other's insights keeps the harmony. It is important to stay clear of pride coming between you. Admitting you might have spoken too forcefully, or that you shouldn't have acted like you had all of the answers, restores the peace. Make it a regular practice to indulge in hobbies and recreational interests that you have in common. It is a good way to spend fun time together. Helping each other open doors to individual and joint happiness makes you each other's hero.

Composite Mercury in Virgo

Your mental energies are very aware of details. The two of you prosper in a well-organized life style. You appreciate getting exact answers to each other's questions. You look for the logic in each other's thinking.

You communicate in a clear and concise way. Take turns listening to your partner's concerns and ideas as it brings you closer in spirit. Criticism can get in the way of really hearing each other. You are both probably sensitive about being corrected. There is a keen awareness of each other's good traits and faults. Try to accent the positive a little more than the negative.

When the two of you put your minds together toward a goal, you are without rival. An ability to adjust or change a plan in midstream can become an art form. Tolerate differences of opinion, as they are the catalysts for greater cooperation. Don't get stuck in too many routines through always worshipping a schedule. It will dull your minds. Add something new to your lives once in a while. It makes you more passionate.

People usually perceive the two of you as having solid business sense. Your minds aren't afraid of hard work. Business expertise may be displayed. Your partnership can get busy serving community or group needs.

Health and diet are likely a shared concern. Sharing responsibility builds cooperation. Letting each other grow as needed instills trust.

Composite Mercury in Libra

Your mental energies seek fairness and balance. It can appear to others that the two of you think in harmony. You know when to fight for your rights and when to compromise. You know how to appeal to each other's ideas about romance. You appreciate a dependable partner with a belief in equality.

Your communication has an air of diplomacy in it. The two of you are sensitive about acknowledging each other's needs. You don't like to argue but will do so to prove a point. Both of you probably get nervous if you delay too long in dealing directly with a problem. People like to socialize with you. You appear to know how to have a good time.

Handling your human relations is a snap. Social savvy and being graceful in dealing with business associates are strong points. Tact is usually present in your mind. People will tend to support your goals and ideas. Your thoughts are good at bringing you public recognition. Your shared aesthetic interests make for entertaining topics of conversation.

Your partnership may display talent in handling legal affairs. The two of you likely have a shared belief in ethics and honesty. You don't really care for those people manipulating the truth to suit their own agendas.

Indecision is your nemesis. It gets you frustrated when it stays for too long. Making a decision is better than too much procrastination. Sometimes it could be your desire to keep your partner from getting upset that you hesitate to make a choice.

Reveal your perceptions about love and beauty. An appreciation for thinking like a romantic keeps your life together a refreshing experience.

Composite Mercury in Libra: Composite Mercury in Libra brings a positive mental attitude to your relationship, with a good sense of graceful communication. You two tend to be diplomatic with each other and with those around you, and are often quite aware of the effect that your words will have on others. You have terrific judgment and sensitivity most days, with an occasional propensity to lapse to the other extreme once in a while. When together, you tend to express your ideas with balance and fairness to all sides of an issue. Your joint awareness of differing points of view can however make it difficult for you to come to a decision as a partnership. Your relationship brings out a highly developed sense of artistry between you, with a strong tendency toward perfectionism. A shared living space will generally be aesthetically pleasing to both of you. You benefit when you stay as aware as possible of your shared propensity for being fussy with each other and those around you, and learn to lean on your core values of balance and fairness.

Composite Mercury in Scorpio

Your mental energies can penetrate to the deepest recesses of each other's minds. There is a bit of the detective in your relationship. You probably perceive life as a mystery story and can enjoy figuring out why things happen to people. Passion is something you value.

Your conversations probably don't get into much chitchat. There is a no nonsense approach to life. You can talk about anything, as no subject is likely off limits. What you fear talking about you will probably encounter in your lives anyway. The two of you are catalysts to get others to deepen their awareness and go beneath the surface appearance of things. Trust is a magic ingredient that deepens your connection. You might appear quiet to some people and charismatic to others. Much depends on how comfortable you are with the company.

You can enjoy researching subjects of interest together. A shared desire to learning more about psychology and metaphysics is possible. Life's mysteries entice your curiosity. You can dissuade one another from settling for easy answers. You possess a better than average business knowledge. Either one of you could be excited about starting a business venture. Accounting instincts and knowing what the public needs is embedded in your shared awareness. There is an ability in giving new life to used items. Money might be made through communication or consulting.

Sarcasm! You can display a biting tongue to each other. Sometimes you will strike first and then be ready to listen later. Each of you can make a direct emotional hit on the other. Talking is essential. If you stay completely quiet nothing will ever get worked out. Small problems turn into resentments. The more you speak up the greater the chance to be good problem-solvers.

Your shared insights bring new awareness into your lives. Your minds can be focused in a laser- like fashion to push open new doors of self-mastery.

Composite Mercury in Sagittarius

Your mental energies enjoy eclectic exhilaration! Your eyes are filled with a hungry look for knowledge. Mental expeditions through the farthest shores of learning call to you both. You will probably empty your pockets to satisfy your quest for growth or self-discovery.

Your communication features an arsenal of philosophies and ideologies. Neither of you likely cares too much about one version of the truth. Your principles are worth defending. You can talk someone into agreeing with you, and then tell him or her why they should disagree. Playing with words is a delight. You are at your best when painting clear mental pictures and at your worst when too dogmatic. You can limit each other's desire to speak if growing too judgmental. There is no end to your talk flow when showing faith and belief in each other's ideas.

Each of your minds is jet propelled by new paths to walk upon. You can delight in a shared joy to live each day to the maximum. Your friends can benefit from your broad perspective about life in general.

Travel to new environments keeps your hearts close. Adding experiences that are foreign to both of you keeps your intimacy alive. Your minds grow restless if life moves too slowly. You will blame each other if things grow boring. New experiences keep you happier.

Don't promise each other more than you can deliver, as it will lead to anger and frustration. A lot of talk but no action might occur. Be reasonable in your expectations.

You are two lovers that can blaze through new worlds together. Your shared journeys could take you further than going it alone. This is a ride colored with humor, mutual admiration and a positive mental approach.

Composite Mercury in Capricorn

Your mental energies influence you to find meaningful ambition together. You have perceptions featuring a reality-based tone. A commitment to a clear definition of your relationship is needed. It's not as much fun without it. You communicate in a business-like way. The two of you know how to negotiate with each other. Respect each other's ideas, and you will stay close. Rigid ways of talking will not warm your hearts. You are a strong partnership when channeling your competitive force at creative strategies. Your are take charge people.

Mental strength can lead the two of you through obstacles. You do better when learning to play as hard as you work. You are serious when it comes to finishing projects you begin.

Business smarts are everywhere present in your partnership. The two of you can show great focus when working together. You are adept in managing your time. A disciplined concentration can be displayed. There is a shrewdness in making sound business decisions. Your career pursuits can take you far. You both like to perform at the best of your ability and are sensitive about having your work criticized--aren't you?

Changing directions in mid stream is not a sin. It might even keep your minds fresh and alert. A belief in certain traditions may be important to you. History could be an interest. You like ideas that are practical and possible to put into practice.

Work on bringing out each other's strengths. Your shared insights can be a bridge that leads to reaching new heights. You can build anything together if you are willing to let each other show their true ability.

Composite Mercury in Aquarius

Your mental energies travel briskly along futuristic circuits. You accelerate each other's thought processes. Your shared perceptions reflect a unique outlook. A sharp, objective awareness of situations is indicated. There is little you are not aware of in your immediate surroundings.

Your communication has no real patterns. You both like to say what is on your mind. It can be fun to discuss new trends. Learning to make use of new communication-oriented technologies is a delight. Express support for each other's goals and you have a friend for life. There will be more breezy insights in your conversations than deep feelings. Your ideas travel back and forth as quickly as lightning shoots across the sky. Pay attention to the little things each needs to be happy, as well as the big ones. The more you hear, the greater is your closeness.

You are fond of people with innovative ideas. Individuals without mental imagination do not excite you. Progressive trends capture your attention. The two of you can enjoy reinventing yourselves every now and then.

You love to brainstorm new plans together. Your friends can find you stimulating to be around. A group can benefit from your way of looking at things. Shocking others out of their limited beliefs is fun. The two of you don't care to follow in the footsteps of others. You can't really lead one another for too long a distance. Letting each other think as an individual does wonders for your working together.

Find the ways to walk together without stepping on each other's toes. Learn to disagree without discounting your partner's insights. You are two lovers that don't always want your partner to know your next move. This is your way of keeping life a magical journey featuring new discoveries about each other.

Composite Mercury in Pisces