Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Pluto

Mercury conjunct Pluto in a composite chart combines the mental and intellectual functions of Mercury with the powerful transforming qualities of Pluto. These planets together indicate that this relationship is likely to have a strong effect on the way you both think. Within your relationship you will analyze aspects of yourselves and how you work together that in previous relationships you simply would not have bothered with. This aspect is an indication of acute psychological awareness, which is very helpful in a relationship if it is not overdone to the point that little issues are distorted and magnified out of all proportion.

But there is a more difficult side to this Pluto-Mercury combination that you must watch for carefully. It can give rise to mental power struggles between you; that is, one of you tries to totally dominate the thoughts and opinions of the other. It is not possible to tell from this aspect alone which person is the domineering one. Actually both people often do it to each other, with one being dominant in an obvious, overt way, while the other uses passive, more subtle techniques, such as maneuvering into a position of being the apparent victim in order to gain sympathy from outsiders. Either party may use either tactic at various times. This is not an inevitable result of this aspect, but you should recognize the possibility and avoid it.

Another possible effect of this aspect is that its energy may be turned outward. When this happens, the two of you may find that you are to influence other people's opinions and ideas. This aspect would be especially useful in the composite chart of people who have to influence public opinion, such as those in advertising, public relations, or politics. Here the influence of this aspect is a powerful tool that can be used for either good or bad, whatever is intended.

Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Pluto: Radar-like perceptions can penetrate through anything you set your minds to comprehending. Only fools will try to outflank the cross hairs of your precision-oriented thoughts. You don't like to waste your ideas on deaf ears. Getting what the two of you want from life is usually within reach. Be honest with your partner, and intimacy is a guarantee. Your loyalty is your strength. Share your money and power with each other, and you are a couple with a forceful intensity. Business decisions will be simple when you have the same desires. They will ask for your diplomacy when you are pulling in different directions. You can't force ideas down each other's throats. The resistance and fallout will not be worth the victory. Passion and love are more the result of win-win ideas. Your communication can reach the deepest of levels, shedding light on the murkiness of each other's fears.

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Composite Mercury sextile Composite Pluto

Mercury sextile Pluto in the composite chart provides the two of you with deep psychological insight and a grasp of the normally hidden forces that operate within a relationship. Mercury rules the rational mind, while Pluto has to do with hidden transforming forces, so that the two of you can actually deal with them on a rational level, instead of simply feeling their effects and not knowing how to handle them.

At the same time, and partly because of this quality, this relationship will change your ways of thinking about life; through it you will experience different aspects of human psychology that you may not have encountered before and therefore have not understood. This experience is not likely to damage either of you, and you will probably derive great benefit from the new understandings.

This aspect is an indication that the two of you will forge an intellectual bond that will bind you together in a creative way for some time. Even at the worst, this aspect will enable you both to benefit from the relationship, even though you may not recognize it immediately.

Composite Mercury sextile Composite Pluto: It can be exciting to see your ideas getting results. Your minds can show a great compatibility. Staying out of each other's personal reasoning power makes joint decisions more accessible. Communication points you toward ways to enhance your personal happiness, and even directions that increase your cash flow. You can enjoy participating in each other's daily routines. Being able to analyze what is in your best interest is a natural talent. You activate heightened enthusiasm in your partner.

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Composite Mercury square Composite Pluto

The square of composite Mercury and Pluto poses some challenges to any relationship, the greatest which is learning to tolerate each other's ideas. Somewhat like the conjunction, but with fewer easing factors, this aspect implies intellectual power struggles as each of you tries to impose your own thinking upon the other. But one of you may very well weaken or destroy the relationship by forcing the other to make a fight for freedom in order to escape the tyranny of the Mercury-Pluto effect.

If you are aware of this problem, however, there is another effect of this planetary combination that can be used favorably. If you can enlarge your own views enough to encompass your partner's, you will have the capacity to truly understand that point of view and include that perception of the truth in your own perception.

Here again, as with the conjunction, the energy may be turned outward, so that the two of you are always trying to influence other people's opinions. Here also there is a danger that you could provoke a damaging response; other people, instinctively fearing domination, might fight back against your ideas. here again the remedy is to enlarge your own point of view sufficiently to encompass the views of others and make those ideas part of your own understanding.

Composite Mercury square Composite Pluto: Conflict occurs when you refuse to talk about what's really bothering you. It can be hard to pull out the real issues. Hidden agendas need to be revealed. Grudges serve only to cause distance. When you do confess your points of contention, the air begins to clear of debris. You are a powerful alliance when joining forces. When you are on the same team making things happen through the magic of your ideas is an everyday happening Power struggles might be the result of you each wanting more say over a situation. Communicate clearly about financial decisions, as this could be the root of most problems. Turning your most intense differences into winners is a boost to your intimacy. Don't let heated debates worry you. It means you have passion. There is a ferocious loyalty that finds birth when you listen to the depths of your partner's thoughts.

Composite Mercury trine Composite Pluto

Mercury trine Pluto in a composite chart can grant the two of you a deep and subtle understanding of what your relationship is about, which can be very useful. Your relationship will not founder because of lack of insight. The Mercury-Pluto trine grants understanding even of the hidden psychological forces that are normally not accessible to people involved with each other.

This relationship will strongly affect your way of expressing yourselves to others as well as your ways of self-understanding. You will encounter new aspects of your own inner lives that you were not aware of, and you will be enriched by these understandings if you truly acknowledge them and do not resist them.

The awakened awareness that should come about through this aspect will also stimulate your interest in exploring new dimensions of the world around you, as well as the world within. And this transit will greatly enlarge your views of the world.

Composite Mercury trine Composite Pluto: Your minds travel in the same airspace when it comes to marketing your skills. Bringing out the best in one another is a bonus of together. You make each other feel confident when making tough decisions. An atmosphere of allowing for ideas to be expressed, even if going against accepted societal thinking, promotes enlightening communication. Shared perceptions can pierce through the veil of any challenge. Common sense in pacing yourselves is stabilizing.

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Composite Mercury quincunx Composite Pluto

You are inclined to tell each other exactly what you're thinking without considering the consequences. This can be healthy to a degree, but often not! This is because the words we choose to explain ourselves are not always reflective of how we are actually feeling.

You're looking to one another for mental stimulation and exciting exchange or verbal rapport. You might frequently challenge each other's ideas. Whether this inspires you to think more sharply or degrades into mental sparring and one-upmanship is entirely up to you. Conversations are certainly lively between you, but can often lead to arguments if you are not careful. Avoid trying to force an opinion onto each other, or attempting to one-up each other on a mental level. Scoring intellectual points might be fun in a debate, but it can hurt feelings and cause unnecessary conflict if either of you doesn't take it as a game. Different points of view can turn into full-fledged arguments all too easily with this combination. Words may be sharp and impatient.

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Composite Mercury opposite Composite Pluto

The opposition of composite Mercury and Pluto will create very intense conflicts between you if you make no effort to enlarge your consciousness of this relationship.

A typical situation is that during an argument one of you will start to psychoanalyze the other and will present a very plausible case, supposedly in the interest of bringing out some foible and examining it objectively. However, what is really happening is that at each turn the truth is subtly distorted so that the one being analyzed becomes the loser in the battle. The so called analyst also tries to force the other into his or her own ways of thinking.

The process is all the more devastating in that the truth, slightly amended, is used as a weapon, which makes it even harder to fight. Finally, however, a crisis point will be reached, and the victim of this procedure will strike back and make a break for freedom, even though this seems to violate "common sense" as the other partner sees it.

However, since at least one of you thoroughly understands the truth, it is a pity not to use it to create more understanding instead of using it to dominate. This in fact is the way to handle the negative consequences of this aspect. Use your understanding of the truth to get at more truth, not to win over your partner. And the same goes for your dealings as a couple with people outside of the relationship, since this aspect also gives the two of you power to influence others.

Composite Mercury opposite Composite Pluto: Your minds can cut right to the chase! A probing tendency, to the depths of each other's secrets, is either admired or feared. It can be amusing to discuss your observation of others. The psychologist and detective within you are never that far out of sight. Investigating why people act the way they do is stimulating. Your intellectual interests probably intersect on fascinating learning highways. You like individuals unembarrassed to discuss societal taboos. There are those who may even fear your way of sizing them up accurately. Be careful in how you approach sensitive topics with each other, as your accurate insights can hit the nail right on the head. Business savvy is better than most. Advising each other on how to better market your skills is in high focus. Acquiring the things that make each other happy is a heartfelt desire. Your mental tenacity can lead you through the most daring challenges.

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