Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Neptune

Mercury Neptune in the composite chart is a strange combination of planetary influences. Mercury represents the principles of the rational mind - precision, orderliness and logic - while Neptune represents the mystical and spiritual principles of the universe, with all their paradoxes and illogic. The effects of Neptune on Mercury are twofold. On the one hand, it can totally neutralize the logic of Mercury, leaving only confusion, self deception and unclear thinking. On the other hand, it can bring to the intellectual perceptiveness of Mercury a higher knowledge of the universe, with which Neptune is ultimately connected.

The first effect brings chaos, the second great sensitivity. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict with certainty which potential will be brought out in a relationship; the two possibilities are equally accessible to you.

It will not be easy for you to determine precisely what you are to each other. Self delusion is one of the great risks of a Mercury-Neptune combination. Usually it takes the form of overidealization, of confusing what you would like with what actually is. When you eventually confront reality and discover the facts of the matter, you may be extremely disappointed.

The best way to approach the situation is to live in the present in your relationship. Do not anticipate and idealize. If you keep your antenna up and become aware of what is happening, the positive effects of this aspect will be brought out. Neptune can bring you an understanding of the truth only if you keep your attention on the present situation; living in a dream world of future anticipation will only lead to disappointment.

A business or professional relationship with this aspect should be avoided whenever possible. Such relationships demand straightforwardness and honesty, or at least a clear head and a definite sense of where you are with respect to each other. Possible exceptions are creative or artistic associations in which imaginative creativity is very important to the success of the relationship.

Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Neptune: Do you feel like you can read each other's minds? There is instant access to your partner's thoughts. You have ideals that energize one another. A shared fondness for movies and other forms of entertainment is likely. Your perceptions about situations have a wave of intuition behind them. Your emotions could cloud your clarity. Be sure to talk when this occurs, as it tends to clear out the confusion. A vivid imagination runs through your mental energies. A joint faith can pull you through tough challenges. Your idealism is strong. Make sure you stay realistic in what you expect from life and each other. Your thoughts have a romantic intensity that captivates each other.

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Composite Mercury sextile Composite Neptune

Mercury sextile Neptune in a composite chart indicates that the two of you are seeking some intellectual or mental ideal within this relationship. At its best this aspect can bring about instantaneous nonverbal communication between you, a direct intuitive understanding of each other's mind. At its least productive, this aspect can mean that one or both of you is overidealizing the relationship rather than experiencing it as a reality. Even though the reality may not be that bad in itself, it is not taken for what it is.

However, this is not a particularly difficult aspect to handle; even in the most overly idealized fantasy, there is likely to be enough real communication between you to prevent crushing disappointment when the fantasy vanishes.

Idealism will always be a strong element in this relationship, even if you keep your feet on the ground about most things. There is nothing wrong with your idealism, because sometimes just believing in an ideal can help make it happen. This is a positive result that you can look forward to with this aspect.

Composite Mercury sextile Composite Neptune: Idealistic thinking pulsates through your minds without much effort. You bring out faith in one another. There is a quiet acceptance of each other that confirms your closeness. Helping your partner tap into their inner resources is a mutual benefit. Your joint imagination inspires you to travel and escape in any way possible. Romantic sparks are exhilarating to light together. Your highest beliefs will probably never be that far apart in meaning.

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Composite Mercury square Composite Neptune

With Mercury square Neptune in the composite chart, the two of you must keep yourselves firmly in touch with reality. Otherwise the effects of the Mercury-Neptune square will probably be quite devastating.

To begin with, this square makes it very likely that unconscious forces will have a great but hidden role in shaping your experience of this relationship, so that to an unusual extent you will see what you want to see rather than the truth. It can even get to the point that instead of experiencing the other person as he or she really is, you experience some image you have in your mind.

The second effect of this aspect is to cause extreme confusion about the purposes and goals of your relationship. For example, as association that should be concerned with business might get mixed up with personal matters, or vice versa. Or a friendship may be hurt by efforts to make it a love relationship.

Another problem that can result from this aspect is unclear or willfully false communication between you. The lies may be intentional or unintentional, to yourselves, each other, or people outside the relationship. Needless to say, when you eventually confront reality, it can be quite destructive.

If the two of you succeed in keeping your realities sorted out, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this combination, which are acute sensitivity and awareness of each other's being and the ability to communicate without words. Otherwise, this could be a very disappointing relationship.

Composite Mercury square Composite Neptune: It isn't always easy to talk about your differences--is it? It is agreeing on the details that can be testy. You become stronger when working through difficult issues. Your ideals or beliefs may cause tension with each other. Being tolerant of individual needs is wise. When you do get behind the same idea or cause, it brings you to fall deeper in love. A shared interest in art or music can occur. You push emotional buttons in your partner quite easily. Expressing feelings creates greater intimacy. Romantic escapes do good things for being together. Clear communication will require patience.

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Composite Mercury trine Composite Neptune

Mercury trine Neptune in a composite chart provides for a highly developed sensitivity toward each other and the ability to communicate nonverbally and intuitively. The two of you will have to say less to each other than most couple do, for your minds seem to operate in an instinctive harmony. You know what the other feels even if you are apart.

In addition, you are idealistic about your relationship, so that it appears to you more beautiful than others think it is. This is not a romantic idealism, but idealism based on intellectual and mental harmony. You may be realistic about each other's foibles, but you share an ideal of how things ought to be, which is one of the factors that keeps you together. The experience of this relationship may stimulate your poetic tendencies. Both of you will look at the world with heightened sensitivity and awareness. The only warning that is necessary with this configuration is to keep in mind the truth as it is at the moment. Do not confuse your ideals with present reality, but keep them in mind as a goal to work toward. If you do this, the effects of this aspect will be very beneficial in the long run.

Composite Mercury trine Composite Neptune: Imagination plus! The two of you can fantasize about the ideal life. You may sometimes feel like hopeless romantics when sharing your daydreams. Don't forget to make the effort it will take to realize your hopes and wishes. Staying free from stress is likely a mutual desire. You can be a true friend for one another by readily lending a listening ear. People may observe you to be a couple with few problems, whether you are in a season of bliss or hard rain.

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Composite Mercury quincunx Composite Neptune

There is vagueness and indefinity in communications within the relationship. Although you could find each other quite intriguing at first, mistrust could develop over time, as Neptune's response to Mercury's pressing questions and statements could end up being deceptive or roundabout. One partner might try to be what the other partner perceives they want him or her to be. Misunderstandings could plague the relationship if you are not deliberate and careful.

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Composite Mercury opposite Composite Neptune

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