Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Mars

With Mercury conjunct Mars in your composite chart you can be sure that you will express your feelings to each other with vigor and that you will react strongly to each other's words. The effect of this aspect can range from petty irritations with each other to constant fighting. It is this second effect that you must learn to control.

It is possible that the two of you may actually enjoy fighting, at least on the verbal level. Certainly you will let off quite a bit of steam this way, which may help preserve the relationship. It is unlikely that you will repress your resentments and brood upon them, but if you feel tempted to do so, try not to. Let your emotions out, or they will destroy your relationship. Repressing anger is always destructive, of course, but with the energy of this aspect it is especially dangerous.

On the plus side, this aspect indicates that you will stimulate each other intellectually and uproot each other from your mental ruts. In the long run this can be quite beneficial, although the disagreements it causes in the early phases may appear at first to weaken the relationship.

Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Mars: Words. They can be sweet; they can be sour. There is a hot bite in some of your conversations. You have a way of hitting the nail right on the head, which can cause angry responses. People may find you a direct couple. Your friends need to possess a bit of mental toughness, or they are apt to get rubbed the wrong way. Listen to each other's opinions. It makes communication more peaceful. Don't let a little agitation bother you. You need to be worried if you never argue. Your partner may be encouraging you to think courageously. Think and act with patience. Easier said than done--isn't it? The two of you need to live active lives. You are doers!

Composite Mercury sextile Composite Mars

With Mercury sextile Mars in your composite chart, you will be able to hold your own verbally and intellectually better as a couple as a couple than you could separately. Your minds seem to complement each other and make a stronger and more aggressive whole. You will also stimulate each other intellectually and become more active mentally than you have been.

You are likely to express your feelings to each other quite forcefully, but not necessarily destructively. In fact, this forcefulness will cause you both to say things that ought to be expressed between two people but often are not. Unexpressed feelings can cause a relationship to break up, because they turn into negative psychological energies that can undermine the bond between you. Expressing your ideas and feelings openly will be one of the strong points of this relationship. Neither of you is likely to feel put down by the other, and you will be able to strike a balance between you.

In a business or professional relationship this aspect signifies competitiveness and the ability to stand up for yourselves in any commercial activity, particularly the communications media.

This aspect also denotes people working together in shared effort. It is excellent for any enterprise that involves a good deal of mental work.

Composite Mercury sextile Composite Mars: Ideas travel back and forth with great speed. An enterprising energy is always in the background. It is fun to tackle a problem together. Showing your mental poise in coming up with solutions is natural. You are a likeable pair. A feisty way of handling yourselves radiates an air of confidence. You attract ardent supporters for your most heated ideas. Things that can be accomplished quickly appeal to your fondness for immediate action. There will be occasion for you both to stop thinking in order to move ahead with a plan.

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Composite Mercury square Composite Mars

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Composite Mercury trine Composite Mars

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Composite Mercury quincunx Composite Mars

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Composite Mercury opposite Composite Mars

The energies of Mercury opposition Mars in a composite chart are somewhat difficult to deal with. This aspect is an indication of verbal disagreements and disputes that can be quite damaging to the relationship if not handled correctly. There will be times when arguments arise between you not because of a real issue but simply because something in each of you triggers the other's argumentative instincts. In such a situation, both of you must learn to count to ten before flying off the handle.

If your relationship has other good qualities, it will be worth working this problem out. Try not to take yourselves so seriously when you get angry. Recognize that most of what sets you off is trivial. If necessary, when you feel this anger coming on, leave the room for a moment or two.

One good point about this type of Mercury-Mars energy is that it's effects do not last long, unless there is really something serious at stake. In that case it is best to get it out into the open and deal with the problem. Above all, do not deal with your anger by suppressing it. Either employ some kind of cooling-off technique, as described, or have it out. Suppressing this energy can be quite destructive, for when the energy finally emerges, as it eventually must, it may very well destroy the whole relationship, regardless of how good it is otherwise.

The two sets of tactics you should concentrate on in dealing with this aspect are first, getting a better perspective on your irritability, and second, getting the anger out into the open when the issue is important.

Composite Mercury opposite Composite Mars: Talking can be a real adventure. Sharing your insights can incite bold new thinking in your partner. You can spontaneously communicate in ways that either excite or agitate. Forethought may head off angry interactions. The two of you can be strong supporters of each other's ideas. You are at your best when agreeing on a course of action. Waiting for others to take the lead is probably not your first thought. You will make each other anxious with criticism. Your relationship is more fun when you acknowledge each other's intelligence and mental strength. People may not wish to debate with you, perceiving your competitiveness.

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