Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Ascendant

The conjunction of composite Mercury and Ascendant signifies a relationship in which communication and shared ideas are very important. You like to talk with each other, and communication between you is clearer than it is with many couples. Your ideas stimulate each other.

By the same token, this conjunction also improves communication with others outside of the relationship. Therefore this is a good aspect in the composite chart of persons who are working together in communication or in any kind of commerce, especially involving transportation of goods.

Fortunately, you are not likely to fall into rigid patterns of behavior in this relationship. Mercury is a restless planet, which means that you are always looking for new challenges and experiences. the two of you will seek as many varied experiences as possible, but you will tend not to go into any of them very deeply.

Shallowness is the most negative characteristic of Mercury, although it is not a terribly serious defect. You will not do things thoroughly; although you may cover a lot of ground in your experiences together, you often only skim the surface. In this way you lose much of the richness that is encountered only when you live your life in depth. This is particularly true at the emotional level. Do not let superficiality deprive the two of you of deep emotional experiences together.

Composite Mercury conjunct Composite Ascendant: You are quick to speak your minds. The two of you can show remarkable poise in the midst of stressful circumstances. Speaking and writing skills can be displayed. There will not be too many dull moments, as you are a couple always looking for new growth. Creating options is a way of life. Adjusting to change is usually not too difficult. People probably perceive you as either witty or intelligent. You can incite others to put their minds to work. Figuring out solutions to problems can be energizing. Worry will deplete you. Don't dwell on what you cannot change. You are happier when you both live with a sense of eagerness and anticipation.

Composite Mercury sextile Composite Ascendant

Mercury sextile Venus in the chart of your relationship makes communication between you much easier and more pleasant than it might otherwise have been. You both regard your relationship as something beautiful, and you want to keep it that way. Consequently you try to avoid unnecessary disagreements and petty arguments. Just be sure that in your desire to avoid unpleasantness you do not back off from the real confrontations that are necessary in any relationship. Sometimes the affability of Venus causes people to shrink from saying anything unpleasant, not so much from cowardliness as from a simple desire to avoid anything distasteful. But this should be a minor problem and not a source of great difficulty.

On the plus side, this aspect confers an easy ability to express your feelings for each other. If this is a personal relationship you will probably be quite affectionate with each other. This aspect also favors relationships that are motivated be literary or artistic interest. You both will have a strong love of beauty and good times, and this attitude will be reflected in the ways you express yourselves to the world together.

Composite Mercury sextile Composite Ascendant: Energizing each other's minds is a given. Exchanging ideas is stimulating. You don't like being pinned down to one option or one way of doing something--do you? Ingenuity is a by-product of putting your minds together. Changing directions suddenly is not that big of a deal for you two. Doing more than one task at a time is exhilarating. If you start dropping what you are trying to juggle, more focus may be needed.

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Composite Mercury square Composite Ascendant

The square of composite Mercury and Ascendant is a relatively easy square to handle. It signifies that the two of you discuss what overall purposes the relationship will serve in your lives. But you keep these discussions to yourselves more than other couples might. As with all aspects of composite Ascendant and Mercury, communication between you is quite good. Just careful not to get so wrapped up in yourselves that you neglect communication with others. While you are a unique pair, so is every couple, and the experience of others can help you too.

The square between composite Mercury and Ascendant indicates you are unusually concerned about what you are doing together. You are very involved with analyzing your objectives. But do not over intellectualize, and try not to let analysis become a substitute for simply experiencing life as it is. Avoid spending too much time conceptualizing the meaning your relationship. The analytical side of Mercury can be quite destructive to a personal relationship, because the all-important emotional experience becomes secondary to intellectual analysis, which is a substitute for real understanding.

Composite Mercury square Composite Ascendant: Worry and more worry over details is aggravating. You need to get good at accepting life's ups and downs. Turning your attention to more exciting things breaks the trance of anxiety. Focusing your energies on the attainable is rewarding. Including each other on big decisions cuts down on tension. You don't need to agree on everything. Listening lessens friction. Accelerating the speed of each other's daily lives is predictable. Pace yourselves. You can offer each other refreshing points of view. You are a couple preferring to be left to their own devices when making decisions. Following through on plans tends to align your hearts.

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Composite Mercury trine Composite Ascendant

The trine of composite Mercury and Ascendant is a very good aspect in any kind of relationship. It has the good effect of increasing self-understanding and mutual understanding between the two of you, and it allows you to communicate meaningfully. You can easily express the important feelings about your relationship that people often have trouble saying to each other. You both know how to say the right words at the right time. Insofar as it is possible to express the deeper feelings that arise in a personal relationship, you are able to do so.

At the same time, this relationship will have a broadening effect on the two of you. By coming together you will be exposed to many new experiences, and you both will benefit through greater understanding and awareness of the world around you. You will become more tolerant of the differences between you as well as between yourselves and others. You will come to see that such differences are only challenges to your understanding and not real threats to your way of life, which is how many people regard such differences.

It may well be that intellectual concerns such as education and philosophy will become important in this relationship. In these areas your basic mental and intellectual affinity will enable you to achieve much together. Even if this is not a working or professional relationship in any way, shared interests will play a very important part in bringing you together and keeping you together.

Composite Mercury trine Composite Ascendant: You raise each other's clarity a notch or two through clear perceptions. Being able to look ahead with calm reasoning powers makes for smooth sailing. Carrying out joint plans can be done with a minimum amount of tension. Your communication prowess could open exciting doors that lead to greater potentials. A confident demeanor attracts the results you hope to attain. Say what you mean. It's usually right on the money!

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Composite Mercury quincunx Composite Ascendant

Composite Mercury opposite Composite Ascendant

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